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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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6:00 p.m. eastern. follow me. "hardball" starts right now. it is trump presidency legitimate? let's play "hardball." good evening. war of words,esslated into public dispute into the martin luther king holiday weekend. when mr. lewis questioned donald trump presidency. >> here what he told chuck todd on "meet the press."
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>> i don't see this president-elect as legitimate president. >> you do not seniconsider him legitimate president. why is that. >> i think help get elected and destroy the of hillary clinton. >> lewis as well as congress -- fixes and helping district which is in horrible shape and falling apart whether or not falsely complaining about the election results. what trumps tweets infearated, along start martin luther king in the '60. he lead the march in selma where met
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with tear gas and billy clubs. they do not plan to attend donald trump inauguration this friday. according to nbc news 30 plan to skip the ceremony that's as of tonight. andrew young tried to diffuse it's tension. lewis is a saint and disinlugsed with the results. he kind of disinlugsed but he will come back. i'm joined by maxine waters. there's two issues here. is president going to be president united states or not or are there questions about what roll russian played in this
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election. i think they are separate questions. >> absolutely not. when john talked about him being ill legitimate, he talk about the fact about whether or not the russian did play a role in determining what happened in our elections and also i think john was talking about there are going to be more investigations to determine whether or not trump or his advocates people associated with him on the campaign, whether or not there was some collusion, exchanges of information and strategyizing together that's what he was trying to describe. other people are trying to talk about this democracy and whether or not once you question whether someone a legitimate that you are questioning whether or not the democracy works. people, you know don't want it to be that
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you're deciding that somehow the electoral system doesn't work, et cetera, he talking about this unusual occurrence where the russians played an important roll and they tried to support mr. trump and they tried to make sure that hillary clinton didn't get elected so. think that's a legitimate discussion. >> let's talk about where that leads to. you raised a good point. if we find out that somebody on behalf of donald trump was on the phone or e-mail relations with somebody in russia or ambassador from russia and there was some sort of collusion, does that make trump subject to impeachment. what do you mean by the term if there's connection, collusion, your term. >> if we discover that donald
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trump or advocates played a roll in helping to devise strategy if they came up with crooked up, with hillary, and the way he dedescribed her in the campaign, i think that is something that would put the question squarely on the table whether or not he should be impreached. >> you think you could have impeachable offense before you take office. >> i think investigation discovered and can confirm do you mean any of that that they had a roll in helping to strajize and attempting to determine the outcome in many ways that they used the information that they got dnc when they hacked into our e-mail, et cetera if that was used against hillary clinton in some ways, yes, i think that's
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impeachable. >> if trump did nothing, then what. >> i have to respond to that -- go. >> go ahead. >> apierce to the russian coming up with crooked hillary i don't care about that. >> they were running propaganda that hillary clinton was impyred paired. >> the only thing there's accusation at all is that russia was able to hacked into the democrats and release information they did not want voters to know. that's not going to change the election. we can't say there's ill legitimacy to this election. john lewis is a great american, i would never
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criticize his character. he showing terrible judgment by saying he di agrees with this president and go to boycott inaugural because he is legally the president of the united states. that's not a principle position, that is political position. >> you accept donald trump as next president, at legitimate president? >> absolutely. he has won the election according to the electoral system. he going to be sworn in. i do not accept that we stop investigating one has been most unusual circumstance in the way election was cubinged in the way he dealt with the -- both in the primary. he worked for and served as the campaign manager he also worked ukraine
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government there. i want to know what roll he played or his people played in working together -- >> we're going to investigate donald trump based on this. we're going to say we have to go back and investigate hillary clinton on the e-mails -- >> is it relevant? >> yes. >> oh, yes. >> the american people hear this, say this is washington speak for politician -- >> no, not at all. let me tell you this, i'll repeat, i do believe that if he wrapped his arms around putin so tight and defending russia and putin is killing innocent children and family in crimea if he defending
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him and calling on him to further deal with hillary clinton's e-mail, remember he told -- furthermore, let me say this, trump said if i don't win the election, i'm going to challenge it. that's what he said. now that i have won, it's okay. don't try and pretend that he has not had a roll in some of the things i'm describing to you. this has been unusual and strange and extraordinary experience that we've had. >> it's not -- this another time where forn foreign policy -- iran's leadership held them through election day to inflict damage on then president jimmy carter. iran delayed -- at that
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released him immediately. jimmy carter punish as much as possible. we have had foreign people get involved with our elections before and it's awful. largely because the humiliatings right up into inauguration to say they screwed him up to the election and they did it. >> i don't think 60 million -- >> if donald trump had found out that hillary clinton was in bed with the russians and they worked together to make a fool out of him, would you think that's corruption? >> i would be saying the same
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thing now, if you have proof, fine, bring it forward. >> we know the propaganda campaign was out. >> that's not collusion. that's a completely different argument. >> you were saying they were using the same language. >> there was no proof there was any relationship. why don't have a good relationship with russia and china and start out -- >> that is is not a good argument. this is an argument that donald trump has come up with. we don't have good relations with russia. he is saying that he is going to deal with the sanctions that we put on, he going to wipe them out because they is his friend. that's that is unacceptable. putin is a man that participated in the killing of innocent families and civilians and syria, this is a man that is not
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a friend to the united states of america and for trump to come in and disregard the intelligence agencies and wrap his armed around him and claim him to be a friend. i don't buy it, the american people don't buy it, we're going to investigate him and find out what is this real connection that he's got. >> you can grab my attention had you came out of that briefing with james comey. do you believe trump is being held hostage by vladimir putin because of information on his behavior. is there anything you want to know more about? >> i do want to know more about it. imte'll tell you why. in th information about the dossier that has been collected by the man in london on him, it tal
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about some things that appears to ringing true based on what we have learned about trump. remember when he talked about how to get a way with grabbing a woman in her private parties, et cetera, et cetera. we need to know more, we have dig deeper, we have to investigate. there is something that put tin is holding over his head. >> what in that dossier resonates? >> what i have heard about the dossier, it's about his involvement with woman, it's about pros statutitutes involve he has sounded that way. he has acted that way, it gives reason to think maybe something is to
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this ask we need to find out more. >> we have ridiculed by most news source, we are saying let's take something somebody wrote when start an investigation. >> there is not just an old body who did the report. this is a respected -- this is respected intelligence agent that did the report. you can't just bush it aside and say there's nothing to do. let's do the investigating that's needed to be done to find out whether or not we're putting a man in office and the most important office in the free world who may be held hostage by russia. >> thank you for coming on. coming up donald trump tells
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robert cos ster obama plan is all about finished. we'll find out more robert costas joins us. bringian williams will take us to obama challenges over the white house. the obama years at 11:00 here on msnbc. all good of the obama presidency. this is "hardball," where the action is. ♪ look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens we make it easy for you to seize the day by helping you get more out of life and medicare part d.
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what we are saying to the republicans if you want to improve the affordable care act let's work together. but if you think you're simply going to throw millions off of health insurance you have another guess coming. >> it's cold out there where he is. senator sanders. organized
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safe the affordable care act. interview with "the washington post" robert costas said he close to unveiling the plan. trump said we're diagnose going to have insurance for everybody. people under the law much less expensive and better. he did not offer how he planned to cover everyone. i want to be able to take care of people. when people ask how to get the plan through congress, trump said i think it will get approval, i don't tell you how. you see what happens in house in recent weeks. joining me now robert costas -- >> do you have an sense he has
4:21 pm
an idea how to get something paid for. 87% of the people didn't have the obamacare get subsidies from the government. without making people participate through some kind of somewhat attempt individual main dating it, how do you pay for it? >> as many republican hills. he through a popular curve ball, he said i'm going to go after pharma, he think he can do some things beyond creating a new replacement plan that will lower costs. he didn't share any details. >> the minute this plan goes into affeeffect, why would not y country have for everybody if
4:22 pm
there was no cost factor? >> during the campaign, he continue to say, he not going to let "anybody die in the street." he knows democrats are making the case again the republican. he has the political antenna up in the air. he didn't articulate that way. that's how the house speak speaker paul ryan talkings about it. that's not government coverage. >> access is not word you have to pay. obviously, people who are moderate income, above the medicaid level, they have to decide whether to eat or buy food. that's the trouble with having market health care. >> what we have seen is the r n
4:23 pm
republicans is trying take us from the approach that the obama was trying to do is move us closer -- fdr and johnson society, something to be on free market trading, in that capitalist approach. there's going people who can't afford to purchase it. >> i grew up in pennsylvania, you can be pro-life person in the world, you can be philosophy, you want to know social security check, you want medicare gauaranteed because yo love it, it's something he could ask for at age of 62. here in the question, do the trump people want to see obamacare
4:24 pm
dump? >> the trump people spot on. the trump people want to keep it benefit as it is. they want to keep social security. there's negative view of obamacare and lot of pressure from the right from the trump people to get rid of it. trump knows a lot of people in the rust belt, are you going to go after medicaid, he say he will not. no details. he want to be doing a lot of things here. how do you that with the costs involved, very difficult to envision. he don't want to cut long-term spending on entitlement programs. he want to navigate but not a lot of details right now. >> i grew up with all kinds of people, they are scared of russian taking over europe. we
4:25 pm
don't need nay nto. that's beenr best move we made, saved europe from commonism. >> we need russian in this war on terrorism, we need nato more than we need -- what are the explanation, maybe they have this -- on them. >> they were glad to see the troops go in there the other day. robert costas, i want to know more about that interview. you did get one, that's a tough one. whethn we come back, i'm gog to ask the chairman what trump going to do to try to unify the
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here is what's happening turkish authority say a man who opened fire killing 39 people has been captured. the wife of omar mateen wife's was arrested.
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as stro naught gene cernan passed away. back to "hardball." i'm here because donald trump is one of my closest friends for 40 years. i have nothing negative to say about hillary, i have amazing things to tell you about donald. because this man is good enough he is tough enough, he smart enough and he well versed enough to do on his own merits. we don't need to do any place else. >> tom bare rack speaking, to oversee the production of the 58
4:31 pm
presidential inauguration from now. he joins me now. to a large non-partisan thing you are trying to do. what the theme. here you have the president-elect with the hair, beautiful wife, sitting in the car with president obama who has been a gentleman about accepting the transition. is he going to do anything unique, he going to dance for inaugural ball. anything new? >> if you think the moment, what is this about, forget about the stuff, the stage is the only partisan change of power that transacts itself and two minutes
4:32 pm
of one unbelievably powerful celebritiory prosecute from one to another and hand on the bible. the free world is hopeful, is curious, and gets the first glim p of what this president going to do. it's a tribute to democracy. it's not about the man. the president obama has been terrific. >> you have been work with the obama people? >> yes, they have been first class. absolutely. president obama is doing a great job no matter what political persuasion you have. he rocked the country if both of his elections and it's not all on his watch. you
4:33 pm
have 534 individuals -- >> i think this is stirring moment in our democracy, this has been going on since 1780s. we don't call them off because of the crisis because of depression, we have an election no other country can do this. the french have had five republicans we have one. that's why i worry about the terms legitimate or ill legitimate. they get into people's head the wrong people. the head of secret service, with carter and reagan, he walks alongside the president. that's a moment when our national security apparatus is saving the guy of one guy. how is the security going to be that day? >> emens. not because of the
4:34 pm
man -- the people responsible for doing the swearing in have done a great job. you have this president-elect anxious and ready to get to work, whatever the debate is, we have a lot of wounds left, it's time to get over it. >> will trump help do that. >> absolutely. >> thanks for having me. donald trump eska lates his war. i don't think so. you're watching "hardball" where the action is. american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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dan rathers, cbs news. mr.
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president, are you running for something? [ laughter ] >> no, sir, mr. president, are you? >> do you have any knowledge of that. >> absolutely not. >> i'm sure there are a lot of other colleagues who would want it do the same. >> welcome back to "hardball." president yo-- exiting guest fo information. it wasn't until teddy roosevelt they were had space in the white house. to
4:39 pm
this day, those reporter are a stone throw away. you can look at the floor plan there and get the latest on any story. the magazine said trump administration is considering a plan to evict press and move them across the street. one told magazine the reason r to the room they have the opposition party. i want them out of the party. we are taking back the press room. they can held eisenhower across the street. they need special clearance to enter the west wing itself. when asked about the news here what rein priebus told chuck told. >> the only thing discussed about this is whether or not you want to take that room, that hold 50 people, which looks big, you want to go 50 feet to the
4:40 pm
eob and have for the first few weeks or month or so, the press conferences where you fit three four times. >> this not -- still reports going to report in the white house? >> it hasn't been determined, chuck. >> i'm joined by the roundtable. i have start with margaret, you're number two, it sounds like they are talking about moving the press area from above the swimming pool over into eisenhower building across the street. you have to get special permission to go up and be allowed in the west wing. this would be giting the press away from the president. >> they trying figure out what they want it do.
4:41 pm
>> what else are they thinking about? >> we don't know. it's important for the press corps to have access to the west gait. >> they want them them in the west wing. they said they are the opposition. >> first of all, they starting a war with the press that this they thing is to donald trump's advantage. when i look at recent ap polled it show that 6% of the american people have great confidence in the media. >> they don't care where they work. >> the trump people thinks going to be fun to play with -- by the way, reince priebus numbers are
4:42 pm
wrong. it's more than 50 feet. >> it's four floors up. why this -- i saw george steph nop louse, try to do this with the press conference. >> this current administration has done it as well. it's a radical invention if they do put us across from there. being on the site is important to see who is coming out. we have access to. people who meet president come out speak with the reporters. they have been trying to make the press the foil. >> they are not using it. >> putting you on the eob, you'll have run of the building. >> that may be siberia, chris.
4:43 pm
>> there's a lot of -- >> i would be happy to walk unfettered. >> that's not going to happen. >> the way it works in washington, territory reseated is never regained. >> we're stuck in the west wing and wait for the feeding time in sea world where you throw you something. >> it's beginning, there was tremendous interest in coverage a flood for the weeks. the president would call on anyone in that room. >> they won't be sent to siberia
4:44 pm
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4:46 pm
has turned into real race. >> who is obama behind. >> perez. that's what i hear. keith ellison favor in the end. >> i learned two fun facts. at least three president's boycotted in early history. did you know franklin's wife did not attend inaugust raul. >> who was the other one? >> andrew johnson. >> there's a winner. >> putin, trump summit. trump never met with him officially. >> trump going to meet him first, right. >> yes. >> thank you all. when we return looking back at president obama's challenges.
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ask your doctor about lyrica. we're back with less than four days from the official transition of power. 11:00 p.m. eastern, brian williams has a look inside with our country's 44 president. let's take a look. >> it's honor to present 44th president -- >> on 1.8 million people, the largest crowd ever. barack obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the united states. >> i was sitting overlooking the maul, and you can see were people. just throngs of people
4:50 pm
out in the cold to watch this moment in history. >> barack obama due constitutio >> the inauguration day was special for all of us on the campaign trail and who had worked so hard. >> you knew that he was entering office in such tough, historically difficult circumstances. >> i'm now joined by brian williams host of "the 11th hour." i guess we keep for getting what a big actual day it was in terms of the event itself. the amount of people that came out but especially the washington, d.c., area, the parts of the town that don't often show up to the public events at the mall. >> we'll be comparing the crowd that we see later in the week, chris and, yes, all presidents make history.
4:51 pm
this president made more than most. and so many millions of americans sensed that moment and almost 2 million of them on the coldest day possible stood there to witness that history. >> i'm looking, as always we do, at the youth of this man who took the office eight years ago, how young he looks. michelle obama looks about the same. she's always looked great. he looks older. what do you think those eight years, when you put this together for tonight, told you about the wear and tear on this human being, barack obama. >> well, first of all, chris, we looked back, our long-suffering producer of this hour, jenna cline, looked back through 12 years of television and discovered, to our surprise, i had interviewed this young president 16 times over a dozen years. and in the crazy privilege of these jobs we get to have, imagine two kids growing up where you and i did, obsessed
4:52 pm
with the presidency all of our lives and then fast forward through life, you get to know actual presidents. you get to be around them and experience them. so you'll see clips of before he was president. you'll see first term, second term. you can see the progression. can you imagine the stress and strain? can you imagine the burden of office? it takes a very rare individual getting dressed in the morning, to look in the mirror and say, you know what, you ought to be president of the united states. that's why we're fascinated by these 45 people. >> i'm fascinated by any president who gets up in the morning at the white house and realizes, yeah, i'm president of the united states, i've got to brush my teeth, shower, shave, and then put on a suit, of course you get a valet, that helps. but what do you think he thinks about how he fits the job, how comfortable he is, or not, with being president in this early part of the 21st century? >> it's interesting. we draw no conclusions, of course, but i do make the point
4:53 pm
more than once in the hour, he's a thoroughly modern man. not all of our presidents have reflected the era they've served in. some of them are usually kind of on a taped delay. he was a thoroughly modern man. this was a thoroughly modern family. i think he ad libbed it like a jazz musician. i think he made it up as he went along. there's no way to anticipate what that looks like, especially with a model-breaker president that you can have any rule book to proceed you in the job. >> we're not minorities, but one thing i try to figure out is how he knew how great it was to do al green, how he just knew he could slide right into that part, sing this soul kind of music which is so smooth and so cool and he did it without any sweat. >> and he did it with a lot of courage. it takes a lot of guts to do that.
4:54 pm
and then later in his presidency, after charleston, after the shooting when he sang "amazing grace" to a stunned congregation, that is a moment that lives on in our hour as well. >> it's true resonance. brian williams, thanks. i hope everyone stays up until 11:00 to look at these extraordinary eight years. stay tuned for "the obama years." the intangible impacts of the obama presidency. you're watching "hardball."
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let me finish tonight. this martin luther king day on something important that's happened these past eight years. i want to speak briefly about the intangibles of this presidency of barack obama. peggy noonan along in the review section of "the wall street journal" wrote this weekend about the impact the obama presidency on children, including minority children. she wrote, "if you were 12 when president obama was elected, you saw him acting with careful, conscious dignity, with his intact family and his personal and maybe you saw him celebrating in whatever way we're different, that meant something, too. barack obama had dignity. as you watched over eight years, he did what a man does, taking care of his family, his wife and children.
4:59 pm
he didn't talk about it but he modeled it, represented it in his actions. this, in an increasingly less parented country was invaluable. you can strongly oppose someone politically, really think you're seeing bad things there but have a responsibility to see and note what good there is. he said that he's touched a rising generation. to some significant degree i have a feeling that will probably prove true." well, that's peggy noonan, a conservative columnist, writing about the obama presidency. and a progressive columnist speaking yesterday on cbs "morning news," i believe it's powerful, a powerful thing. i have three kids who have grown up and they have never known anything but a black president." when i read the words of these two figures i respect, i refuse as an american not to be an optimism about our country. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us.
5:00 pm
"all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> what john lewis is doing, he's pouting. he lost. it's like a spoiled child. >> team trump rebukes a civil rights icon. >> stand up. speak up. when you see something that is not right -- >> four days from inauguration, the growing crisis of legitimacy as the trump boycott grows. then -- >> i think he has to recognize that his words do have impact. >> why donald trump's ongoing alignment with vladimir putin has multiple continents on edge. plus, is the trump white house actually planning to kick reporters out? >> there are reporters every day going to work in the white house. >> well, that hasn't been determined, chuck. >> and an eruption of obamacare support across america. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> as donald trump floats a maga


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