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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  January 16, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. that does it for us, "andrea mitchell reports" live from the capitol. chris jansing is next. >> thanks, andrea. good afternoon, i am chris jansing live in washington, d.c., where in four days donald trump will be sworn in as president of the united states. never give up, congressman john lewis speaks about fighting in justice in his first public
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comments since his public dispute with president-elect donald trump as the number of democrats who say they will join lewis in boycotting friday's inauguration rose. then divisive rhetoric. the growing backlash to trump's criticism of lewis and america's inner cities burning, crime-infested? what's the real story? plus allies on edge, the president-elect's controversial new remarks criticizing german chancellor angela merkel and the european union, and nato. let's start with the powerful mlk day message from congressman lewis, delivered just a short time ago in miami and his feud with donald trump. so here he is telling a crowd that included republican senator marco rubio that to be moral means never to be quiet. >> never give up! never give in! stand up! speak up! when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to
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do something, to say something, and not be quiet. [ applause ] >> on friday lewis spoke loud and clear telling my colleague chuck todd he doesn't consider trump a legitimate president. the next morning trump fires off two tweets arguing lewis should "spend more time fixing and helping his district" which he claims is in horrible shape, and he called on the civil rights icon, he called him "all talk, talk, talk, no action or results, sad." today trump tweeted that people should celebrate mlk day and "all the wonderful things that he stood for." let's get to our reporters, kristen welker in front of trump tower, and mariano atencio. his message for standing up for what you believe in was crystal clear. what's the talk about this ongoing battle? >> reporter: you're right about that, chris. it was the first time we heard
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from congressman lewis after this feud with donald trump erupted over the weekend. even though the congressman did not address the controversy directly one of his staff members telling me he didn't do it out of respect for this event, this mlk memorial breakfast. he did talk about standing for what you believe and the power of the vote and everything he's done in his lifetime to protect that power. hour flfr congresswoman fredry ka wilson also in attendance did not mince words. she was very blunt telling me john lewis has earned the right to speak up about the issues. we can't have a president-elect in her opinion commenting on all these things on twitter. she said the president needs to have a strong backbone. shame on donald trump for attacking john lewis on twitter. >> so kristen, there's a lot of parallels being drawn between this and the attack on the cons,
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things of gold star families people say you never go there, a civil rights icon you never go there. what's trump's response been to criticism of his online attack against congressman lewis? >> reporter: president-elect trump digging in, but his transition team choosing their words very carefully today. chris, you had incoming white house press secretary sean spicer on the "today" show saying look, this is a feud that congressman john lewis started. vice president-elect mike pence stressing that he respects congressman lewis, his civil rights record, all that he fought for, all that he stands for. still, he said, these words are hurtful. take a listen to what he had to say earlier today. >> i was just so disappointed in a he would make the statement that he made, suggesting that president-elect trump is not a legitimate president. for one of john lewis' stature to lend credibility to the
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baseless assertions of those who question the legitimacy of this election is deeply disappointing. i hope he reconsiders it. >> reporter: chris, of course this comes against the backdrop of the martin luther king jr. holiday and underscores some of t the challenges president-elect trump has had in reaching out to the african-american community. he talked about the need to unify the country, so how will he really begin to do that in earnest? that question remains unanswered. we know he will be meeting with martin luther king jr.'s son here at trump tower today. martin luther king iii, who just arrived here. so we're hoping we'll get a readout of all the topics they discussed, undoubtedly unity will be one of them >> so curious to hear what he has to say and mariana we mentioned this happened in miami and you talked to senator marco rubio today including about this public feud.
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what did he tell you? >> reporter: senator rubio told me how unfortunate it is that we're headed into this inauguration with what he called this dust-up. let's hear it. >> i do hope congressman lewis will reconsider and attend the inauguration because it's not about president-elect trump alone. it's the peaceful transfer of power. >> reporter: do you think donald trump was right in attacking mr. lewis, that tweet that he sent out? >> no, i don't think he should have done that, but that was the decision he made. >> reporter: so chris, one of the things that keeps coming back and really reemerged after this feud with congressman john lewis, is the fact that donald trump in many people's opinions and marco rubio certainly can't just keep bringing up these issues and commenting on twitter. chris? >> thank you so much, mariana and to kristen welker as well. one of those who will not attend friday's inauguration is arizona democrat congressman raul
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grihalva on the phone. why won't you be there? >> i chose not to attend the inauguration. i really feel that since november 8th, there are no signs that trump is rising to the mantle of the office of a president. on the contrary, there's been no efforts of reconciliation, the attacks on representative lewis is a prime example, and in a sense that many americans have that there's no understanding about the continuing divisions that we have after the election in this country, and the anxiety, the anxiety that you feel in this country, whether it is people concerned about their safety net, where there's people concerned about any of a variety of issues in which there is a market philosophical difference between the trump transition and cabinet appointees and what the
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american people are talking about. to me it's a question of respect and so i don't disrespect the democracy. i respect the office of the presidency. i understand what elections mean and don't mean but at the same time i think the highest position in the land and in this world has to carry with it an understanding that you're representing all the people, and the rhetoric that was part of the campaign continues to continue, you is ait at the press conference, with the tweet on john lewis, and this is not against the transfer of power. eight against legitimizing an attitude and rhetoric that should not be part of the conversation. >> is it fair, do you agree with congressman lewis, to question the legitimacy of mr. trump as president? do you agree with him, that trump is not a legitimate
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president? >> i agree with john lewis the legitimacy is in question and the person most responsible for the question of legitimacy whether it is john lewis' or mine is donald trump himself. his rhetoric during the election carried on afterwards failing to understand after an election one of the biggest responsibilities of a president-elect has and incoming president has is to reassure the country that the transfer of power with it is going to come a full understanding of what recognize silg is needed among the american people. he doesn't understand that and if there's any question to his legitimateiest whether it is the hacking by the russians, international, whether it's domestic that question and that john lewis has and i have and other people have has been brought about by his xormt and
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no one else's. >> thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> and earlier today, congressman chris collins had some harsh words for mr. lewis. let's take a listen. >> john lewis is pouting. he lost, it's like a spoiled child and we've seen it with the others, they can't get over the fact they lost and what do spoiled little kids do, run around and throw a tantrum. >> now this is a member of the transition team, let's go to more morreale, former mayor of new orleans. always good to see you. good morning. >> good morning, good afternoon. >> this has gotten pretty nasty very fast. let me get your general reaction to this grog battle over congressman lewis saying he doesn't view donald trump as a legitimate president. >> all of this discussion we're missing the essence of the issue, the russians' involvement
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in the last campaign cycle. so the issue at hand, and what else certainly spurred congressman lewis' statements and he's a great american, is concerns that are legitimate, raised by the intelligence agencies, that somehow the russians and vladimir putin himself were involved in the last election. it matters not whether it affected the outcome. what matters is, was there an effort by foreign power to impact our presidential election? that's got to be thoroughly investigated, and if there are people who are responsible, who are within the reach of our laws they ought to be prosecuted and held accountable for what they did. that's the essence, so anyone who comments on the comments should comment on the issue. >> but even if you go back to the issue, is there, if there is a question still about what impact this did have on the election, is it appropriate to boycott the inauguration which
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even some democrats have suggested is bigger than all of this. bigger than this argument, bigger than the question about russian involvement. it really is about the peaceful transition of power and showing that to the world. >> look, i think each member of congress has a choice these will not be the first members of congress who do not go to a president's inauguration. we have a choice. you've seen people boycot joint sessions of congress or state of the union addresses. that's a choice. what this reflects chris is the continuing friction and and tension over the new presidency. i hope on this martin luther king day the new president would recognize he's got a responsibility bigger than anyone in-to-heal the nation, bring the nation together and build the working coalition he's going to need to be able to lead
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the country. i think it would be important for him to demonstrate that important mantle of presidential leadership to talk about how you bring america together. >> the people in atlanta took exception strongly to something that donald trump tweeted. he actually set off a firestorm when he wrote that congressman lewis should focus on the burning and crime-infested inner cities and i'm sure you know that in the past, donald trump has called inner city neighborhoods war zones where people struggle to get by on food stamps. he also added, when he tweeted, "i can use all the help i can get." i want your reaction to his statements and whether or not you believe the black community should offer their help. >> well the first thing we've got to do is educate the president-elect about what black america is, go what urban communities are. atlanta is a great american city
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that's been strengthened by its commitment to civil right and diversity. it's a corporate headquarters. it's the place of great universities. it has a thriving economy. it's got a great number of elected officials, but like every american city, does it have some challenges and some problems? this painting pictures of cities through stereotypes is an indication that there needs to be some education, some exposure, some travel, some visiting, some engagement with people who lead those cities, and i think that would be very important for the president. i'm willing to help share with the president my perspective on america's cities, the choolenings they face, the assets they have, why they're important to the future of the great nation that we are. i think there's a lot of work to be done to get a good understanding, but you can't build bridges by throwing out stereotypes about elected
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officials every time you pick up a piece of criticism from them. you're the president. you're going to be criticized. you got to have tough skin. you got to have a great deal of, if you will, patience in order to deal with it or you could spend every hour of every day of every week in your presidency responding to those who might say something about you that you don't care for. >> has he reached out to you at all? >> there was a meeting, chris, between amarosa and a group of trump transition and representatives a number of civil rights and african-american organizations about a week ago. i think it was a break the ice meeting, and it remains to be seen what will happen next. i want to say for the record, look, we believe we have to resist the policies that could damage our communities but the door is always open for discussion about what works and what is real.
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i'm not one who likes photo ops but real conversations is something i would be a part of. >> as we celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king jr. and john lewis gave that very inspirational talk this morning in miami to a group of scholarship winners and he talked about how much more important love is than hate. how do progressives, how do democrats get past this or does this remain through the course of at least we're talking a lot about the first 100 days, a very divisive and difficult situation that you don't see in any way people coming to a meeting of the minds. >> so much depends on what the president-elect's early proposals, his policy proposals. he is suggesting he's got a plan to provide coverage for even more people than the affordable care act.
10:17 am
he's talked about a plan for america's inner cities, talk about a combination of big jobs and infrastructure initiative and significant tax cuts. there's going to be a lot in terms of how we will be reactive to and want to engage with him about some of his proposals but this is going to be difficult. look, president obama, there was an effort to undercut him for eight years. you can't take away the fact that this is an election where the electoral college winner was not the popular vote winner. that's the law. that's the way it is, but that leaves a lot of tough feelings and the fact that the rhetoric of the election was probably as difficult as any in modern american history, but i think this is an opportunity for the president-elect when he becomes president to send the signal that he wants to make america great for all, that this is not just a game of "let me take care of my supporters but let me lead
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the nation." on martin luther king's birthday i think that's what is so important. i wish the president-elect would pick up the phone and call john lewis. i think that a conversation between the two of them would send a positive -- that's not going to change the difference of opinion that they may have about the election, but i think what it does is, we have to be able to engage with each other as americans. we can't turn america's domestic politics into what we sometimes see in america's foreign affairs, where we talk to this one or we don't talk to that one or we cut off dialogue or we open dialogue, and somehow this is one big massive game of chess, and negotiations. we've got to be able to have conversations with each other, even if we disagree, even when we disagree, even if the policy differences are real and meaningful. >> mark morial always good to
10:19 am
talk to you thanks so much. >> thank you. today we're asking you this microsoft pulse question. do you think it's disrespectful for members of congress to boycott president-elect trump's inauguration? go to and make your voice heard. we'll take a look at your responses a little later in the broadcast. president-elect trump is rattling u.s. allies with new comments about germany, nato and the european union. that's next. and then later, the press corps facing possible eviction from donald trump's white house?
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op-ed in "the washington post" calling for free voter i.d. for all. we may hear from both king and trump in just a little bit. we'll keep our eye on trump tower. we're getting more insight today into what parts of president trump's foreign policy might look like, in an interview with "the times of london" the president-elect is ready to trust vladimir putin and germany's angela merkel, but that merkel made "a catastrophic mistake allowing more than a million migrants into germany." hans nichols, that wasn't all the president-elect was also critical of nato in the interview, he's been critical before. what more can you tell us? >> the interesting thing about nato, chris, it diverges from mr. trump's own secretary of defense's choice james mattis told congress, you need to preserve nato and strengthen nato. in some ways what mr. trump was controversial on that and other ways wasn't that controversial. he's talking about nato members spending more money, 2% of gdp is the required threshold, that
10:24 am
is a line we've heard none other than from president barack obama. he said it in europe, i know you've been on some of the trips. he said it in canada where he stood in the well of the canadi canadian parliament and said we need more canada, we need canada to up their contributions to nato. in some ways controversial but in other ways a continuation of what president barack obama has been calling for and that is a morrow bust nato. one final of this, you haven't heard from the pentagon but heard from senator marco rubio. he's been critical on trump, that's significant because rex tillerson, trump's nominee for the secretary of state he could come up somehow caught in the crossfire on this. rubio not indicating which way he'll vote on tillerson. >> the real question is what the role of nato is and whether or not it's a relic. so how are the president-elect's comments being viewed by european allies, and at the
10:25 am
pentagon? >> we haven't had official reaction from the pentagon and i suspect we won't get that until we have a new secretary of defense. we've heard from secretary kerry a little bit critical on trump. the german media are questioning what trump is saying on the idea of having a 35% tariff on autos. you had a senior german official saying earlier, look, the u.s. simply needs to make better cars. one note on a lot of german manufactures and autos, also manufactured in the states. one of bmw's biggest plants in spartanburg, south carolina. >> hans, thank you so much for that. we have some breaking news right now, the wife of orlando nightclub gunman omar mateen has been arrested in connection with the mast shooting. we've got those details next.
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10:29 am
correspo correspondent. what can you tell us? >> it's been seven months since this shooting at the nightclub, the pulse nightclub in orlando and ever since then a big question has been how much did the wife of omar mateen, who ka areried out the shooting, how much did she know? today fbi agents arrested her at her home in the san francisco bay area that's where she's from, you may recall they got married there and we're now told that the charges include obstruction of justice, that is to say impeding the investigation, and aiding and abetting by providing material support to a terror organization. so what we're told by officials in essence she knew more than she led on initially when the authorities questioned her, after the shooting last june, and that she knew he was planning some kind of attack. it's not clear to us at this point, we've not seen the charges. they've not been unsealed, whether she knew precisely what he was going to do but the authorities have said that she was with him when he drove past
10:30 am
the pulse nightclub, she was with him when he bought ammunition at a walmart store. she had told investigators and had said publicly in a long interview in the "new york times" which talked to her exclusively after, sometime after the shooting that yes she went with him to buy ammunition but after all he was a security guard and the ammunition was cheaper there at the discount store where they went. she's always claimed both in her own statements and through her lawyers statements that she had no idea what he was up to, did not know anything about it until he called her from the pulse nightclub, one of the many phone calls that he made. in any event she'll be appearing in federal court to face these charges on the arrest. she'll appear in the bay area first of all enthen i'm sure they'll begin the process of getting her back to florida to stand trial. >> pete williams, thank you so much for that update. again the wife of omar mateen now being charged in the pulse
10:31 am
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major security preparations in full swing with four days until the inauguration. peaceful transition of power for the 28,000 security officials who will guard over 100 square blocks in downtown d.c. they are expecting close to a million people on the treats of washington friday. joining me is cal perry. what measures are you seeing out there? zbl >> reporter: we're half way between where you are and the white house. this is the parade route where president donald trump after he's sworn in will walk to a
10:35 am
viewing area. we spent the morning talking to jeffrey carroll, helping to oversee some of the security measurements. he talked for a while about the long tradition that the d.c. police department has in securing these large events. >> the metropolitan plrmts ainvolved since 1865, so we're proud to be a part of this inauguration as well. we've been involved in planning inaugurations for a long period of time. we are definitely prepared. >> reporter: chris as you laid out, this is the facilitating an inauguration that's being very well, we choreographed out there's a lot of people that move freely around the city and looking at the protesters all of which compounded by saturday when we're going to see hundreds of thousands of people marching for women's rights. chris? >> this kind of a two-fer, in other words they are set up, the security is in place and it will just continue. is it a much smaller security presence for saturday? >> no, they're saying they're pretty much going to keep folks on. we asked some of the motorcycle
10:36 am
police, how long will your day be on friday? they remarked it will be more like from thursday evening until saturday evening, so a lot of double shifts, chris. >> cal perry, thank you so much. more than two dozen democratic members of congress have now said they will not attend the inauguration, over mr. trump's tweets about congressman lewis. i want to bring in democratic strategist jamal simmonds and bruce lavelle executive director of the national coalition for diversity for donald trump. there does appear to be a longstanding trend about twitter being the communications device of choice for donald trump. the current secretary of labor tom perelle said going tweet to tweet with mr. trump is like going to a knife fight with a spoon. so as a democratic strategist, how do you work this? >> well i think we have to sort of get over the outrage of the day, because if everything is nothing becomes an outrage. democrats have to focus on the things incredibly important. one of the things i think about
10:37 am
with this thing with john lewis, congressman john lewis is on one hand you've got congressman john lewis speaking up saying he doesn't think donald trump is legitimate. on the other hand donald trump appointed jeff sessions to be attorney general and we're not talking about that because we're talking about john lewis and jeff sessions is someone who has stood against all the things that john lewis fought his entire life. >> you're saying democrats have fallen for his diversionary tact tactics. >> we should talk about an attorney general nominee who does not want to expand the right of americans to participate in society. >> one of the things that the president-elect has said quite openly when he's been involved in these controversies is, that people must agree with him. he hasn't paid a price for it, talks about standing in the middle of fifth avenue and shooting someone and nobody cares but his approval rating his preinaugural approval is way below the half way mark. showing 40% approval in
10:38 am
comparison obama had 78%, george w. bush 62%, bill clinton 66%. should that be a warning to the president-elect to stop as bill kristol put it, popping off that way? >> well no, i disagree. i'm going to tell you why, chris. thanks for having me and happy mlk day in atlanta. >> happy mlk day. >> thank you. here's the deal, president-elect trump is, once again you can't take a traditional old school generational playbook and try to apply it, even now, and during his administration. this polls you know what they are, still a silent majority that are extremely favorable for president-elect trump and his administration, so i would say it's unfair to try to throw polls to his approval ratings. i disagree. you can't take historical old school playbooks and apply them to this new administration. >> i would agree but isn't an insult an insult whether it's a full length book or tweet of 140 characters? >> well you know, like the
10:39 am
gentleman said earlier about representative lewis. i live here in atlanta. i know john lewis well. he's a great man. my uncles amarch with him in the civil rights movement i'm well aware of that. i will tell you this, from a constituent a voter, i vote my congressperson, male or female, to congress to fight for my districts to bring jobs to help my constituency. i don't want my congressman, republican or democrat, to get in a fighting match with the incoming president. i want a graceful transfer of power. the other thing, too, in relation to that, to go on prime time and "meet the press" to say that there's a russian conspiracy on the election is totally false, meaning here's the reason why, because you can't sit here and say that russia was part of this or whoever. i know about the i.t. world, the cyber businesses, and i will tell you this, that we're not really sure, so to paint a brush to say the russians are part of it is totally false. >> that's not really true. you don't actually believe that.
10:40 am
you've got all these intelligence agencies that are saying this is something that's occurred. >> i do. >> you got the president of the united states who just this weekend went after one of our allies in germany and said that he would give putin on the same category the same shelf with angela merkel who has been our ally for the last six years. so i don't understand how this administration could and how republicans even could stomach the fact that somebody's going to come up and defend russia. >> one of the things that is clear, when we, and you talk about this new media age and things move so fast in this 24-hour cable cycle the importance of checking the facts has maybe never been more critical, and yet i have not heard a trump official deny that they're talking about moving the press corps out of the west wing, and i want to show you how a fictional white house staffer dealt with that same issue, of course this is an episode of "the west wing."
10:41 am
>> hey. >> you got my note. >> about moving the press room to the oeob i did. >> and? >> don't let anyone ever know that you wrote it and don't ever mention it again under any circumstances. >> moving the press roll room? >> you mentioned it. >> no i didn't. just the oeob across the street. we can get much needed office space and put a little physical distance between the press and the president and we can put them just across the street in the state-of-the-art facility. >> by state-of-the-art? >> a room with electricity. >> the press doesn't want distance from the american president and the american people would prefer the president doesn't have physical distance from the press. we can't exile the press. >> it's 100 yards. >> sends a signal we're trying to hide things from them. >> bruce, is that a valid point, fictional character or not? >> i don't believe in that. here's the deal, chris. one thing i have to say, i'm 52 years old. i've been involved in the process back when i was 18 stuffing envelopes for ronald reagan volunteering. i am extremely excited and
10:42 am
elated. one of things, too, here is the fact that the transparency that the president-elect trump administration's going to bring to the american people, that's not going to slow down, whether down the hall, down the street, wherever they're going to be, there will be absolutely breathtaking awesome transparency as it relates to communicating to the american people, unlike any president has ever done. i'm extremely excited. excuse me, can i finish this? >> sure go ahead. >> also the fact that our communications team, when we were working with the coalition, with the campaign, sean spicer, brian lanza, kellyanne conway one of the best communications i have ever witnessed and seen in my life. i'm so elated he is in that position that president-elect trump has him there with reince priebus. this is a transparent very open dialogue -- >> chris, here's -- >> i'm happy about that. >> here's the truth. the president-elect has not given us returns what he promised to do. he's note had a press conference in a long time and not been transparent. i was in the clinton
10:43 am
administration when george stephanopoulous and others tried to close the door between the white house press area and the staff. when the obama administration went after fox news and got brushback you cannot go after reporter this is way and be president of the united states. we have freedom of the press and first amendment. >> i want to interrupt you for a second. martin luther king iii, mlk jr.'s son, oldest son, and donald trump, the president-elect, who just had a meeting, we're hoping to hear now from mlk iii who, by the way, over the weekend, as we're seeing donald trump go back, i believe, into the elevators there the doors go, over the weekend, he had an op-ed in "the washington post," where he talked about wanting voter i.d., free voter i.d. for all. we assume that was part of the conversation that they had. let's see if he's going to come over to the cameras and make some comments. he seems to be just heading out. looks like he's going to be heading out. but this is one way, we will say
10:44 am
this. when people come and go, they have the opportunity if they want to, to talk to the press. having said that, this is something that obviously is of great concern to the white house press corps, but are we navel gazing, looking at 1600 pennsylvania avenue do the american people care? >> yes, both things are true at the same time. you need to have a press corps that's involved and close enough to the action to be able to follow it and hold the administration accountable. >> all right, well thank you both. are we actually hearing now from mlk iii? okay. well thank you both, bruce, jamal, good to see you both. we appreciate it. >> thank you. we want to see what you're saying about our microsoft pulse question today. do you think it's disrespectful for members of congress to boycott president-elect trump's inauguration? well, here's where things stand right now, let's take a look at the numbers, 13% of you say it's disrespectful, but a resounding no, it's not, from 87%.
10:45 am
keep voting, and up next, donald trump says he's going to build a great wall. now people on both sides of the border with mexico are waiting anxiously to see whether trump's campaign promises turn into policy. we'll be right back. a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. th...oh, baked-on alfredo?e. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through... your toughest stuck-on food. nice.
10:46 am
cascade. live at trump tower mlk ii let's listen. >> we just had an xro aerd naerl constructive conversation about how to carry forth the legacy of dr. king and most importantly make it easier for everyone to vote. as martin put forth in a "washington post" op-ed just yesterday, we're 138 out of 172 democracies when it comes to voter turnout, and president-elect trump has committed to us to work with us to once and for all make it easier for all people to vote. the trump card is in "the washington post" story and as martin will tell you, it is every president, part of the clinton through barack obama who
10:47 am
said the system is broken, and this president may well have the unique opportunity to finally live true to the voting rights act, and once again make it easy for all americans to vote. >> let me briefly not just reiterate or state that we did have a very constructive meeting. the seminole right of the modern civil rights movement was the right to vote. my father fought so diligently for it, certainly congressman john lewis and many others, jose williams fought for as well. it is very clear that the system is not working at its maximum, and through an op-ed that you may have seen, we provided at least a solution to begin to address a broken voting system. that was the dialogue, most of the dialogue that we talked about constructively. we believe we provided a solution that at least will give everyone an i.d.
10:48 am
>> representative lewis still has the scars from the march on selma. were you offended by the president-elect's tweet that representative lewis is all talk and no action? >> first of all i think that in the heat of emotion, a lot of things get said on both sides. and i think that at some point, and i am, as john lewis and many others are, a bridge builder. the goal is to bring america together and americans. we are a great nation, but we must become a greater nation, and what my father represented, my mother represented through her life, what i hope that i'm trying to do is always bring people together. >> reporter: you know many african americans are very concerned about a trump presidency. woman came in here last week and told me he's going to have black people up against the wall, both literally and figuratively. did he allay your concerns that he'll be a president for all people, black and white? >> well certainly he said that,
10:49 am
that he is going to represent americans. he said that over and over again, and i think that we will continue to evaluate that. i think that the nation supports -- i believe that's his intent, but i think also we have to consistently engage with pressure, public pressure. it doesn't happen automatically. my father and his team understood that, did that, and i think that americans are prepared to do that. >> sir, if i may follow up, isn't there something that cuts to your core when you hear the president-elect refer to john lewis as "all talk and no action? is" nothing could be further from the truth, isn't that right? john lewis is not all talk and no action. >> no, absolutely i would say john lewis has demonstrated that he's action. as i said, things get said on both sides in the heat of emotion. and at some point, this nation, we've got to move forward. we can't stay on -- people are literally probably dying. we need to be talking about how do we feed people and clothe people, how do we create the best education system. that's what we need to be
10:50 am
focused on. >> what do you think your father's message would be to president-elect trump? >> this is the final answer i'm going to have because i'm going to reiterate what i just said. my father would be concerned about the fact that there are 50 million fact there are 50 or 60 million people living in poverty and somehow we have to create the climate for all to be lifted. in america, $23 trillion economy, it's insanity we have poor people in this nation. that's unacceptable. when we work together, we know we can roll up our sleeves. there's nothing we as americans can't do. thank you very much. >> martin luther king iii on the day that remembers his father's life. no criticism for president-elect trump, but clearly wants to work with him on a voter i.d. initiative after a year when many people would say across 2016, where in many indicates t states the rights of many people were restricted. he's part of an organization
10:51 am
called up. saw with him a lawyer, whose father was an adviser and a friend of martin luther king jr. they have been working. you saw him hold up that i.d. that's exactly what they want people to be able to get for free. an identification that allows more people to vote. so, he said the system is not working. it is broken. and he had what he called a very constructive meeting with president-elect trump. meantime, the president-elect's plan to deport undocumented immigrants, one of his signature campaign issues, all this week msnbc's jacob is taking a look at the real world implications of trump's campaign promises as part of his new series "what next, usa?" he joins me from the u.s./mexico bored in san diego. jacob, what's going on? >> reporter: as you said, donald trump's perhaps most famous campaign proposal was not only to build a ball like this but also to deport as many as 11
10:52 am
million undocumented immigrants from the united states back to their home countries. the vast majority of them would go here to mexico. we visited tijuana just on the other side of this border wall to see the reality of what it's like to be deported from the united states of america and what that might look like under a trump administration. take a look at this. this is casa del grande, house of my granteds. if you want to know what a mass deportation in donald trump's america looks like, you start in a place like this. how long had you lived in the united states? >> 29 years. >> reporter: how long have you been in mexico? >> three weeks. >> reporter: three weeks only? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you speak spanish? >> a little bit. >> reporter: a little bit? your father english is far better than spanish? >> i speak spanish as a second language. >> reporter: they're watching american tv. what did you do? >> i got deported four months ago for a misdemeanor, public in public. >> reporter: your second deportation? >> yeah. i've gone back a few times after that due to the fact that's the
10:53 am
world i know. >> reporter: donald trump is known for his tough talk on immigration, but more undocumented migrants have been deported by barack obama than any other president. 2.8 million. mexico receives the most deportees of any nation and the vast majority end up here, in tee what that. many new deportees seek help at a shelter like this. next door solutions could be inside any office park in the united states. the way it looks outside and what's going on inside, but if you take a look around this neighborhood, you'll see we're in the middle of an industrial area in tijuana. inside is a booming company only made possible by deportees. what's going on in here? >> mostly sales for internet. we are trying to americanize the operations. >> reporter: this customer service and telemarketing call service. how did you end up here? >> deported. >> reporter: what happened? >> got into a little confrontation with an older brother of mine and that was it.
10:54 am
>> reporter: that was it? >> that was it. >> reporter: just out of curiosity, had you ever been to mexico before you got deported? >> before the deportation, no. >> reporter: other than being born here? >> no. >> reporter: no vacations? >> no. >> reporter: no trips? >> my vacations were to montana or minimum. >> reporter: do you feel like an american living in mexico? >> that's how i feel. like a coconut. brown on the outside, white on the inside. >> reporter: trump said during the campaign, anyone that's entered the united states illegally is subject to deportation. not just those he calls bad hombres and wants to deport on day one. that's already happening. during the obama era, deportees with a criminal conviction only slightly outnumbered those who didn't have one. how long did you live in oregon? >> my parents took me when i was 3, and i was deported when i turned 27. >> reporter: what happened? >> the lawyer messed up my paperwork and they deported me. >> reporter: did you commit a crime? >> no. >> reporter: no crime? >> no. >> reporter: and you lived in america your whole life? >> my whole life. and i worked for the u.s. post
10:55 am
office. >> reporter: you worked for the u.s. government. >> yes. >> reporter: paid taxes? >> yes. >> reporter: everything an american does. >> everything an american does. i have two kids there. >> reporter: what would you tell them if they said, can you come back and live with us? >> they know i'm in a waiting process for a visa. they're just waiting. they're patient. >> reporter: would you be here without all the deportees coming from the united states? would this business be the same? >> no, no, no. these guys are the main -- the main label for the industry. >> reporter: ironically, donald trump would be creating jobs in mexico if he deports all the undocumented immigrants from america here? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: chris, donald trump will tell you that he wants to deport criminals from the united states before anyone else, but if he does ultimately end up deporting the 11 million undocumented imgrants living in the united states illegally, the ultimate irony is, at least here in mexico, tijuana, where this call center industry is thriving, he'll create a heck of a lot of jobs on that side of
10:56 am
the border. >> that is a wild story. jacob, thank you so much. a quick programming note. tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern, you are not going to want to miss the obama years with brian williams, an intimate look inside the political successes and challenges for the 44th president, including exclusive brian williams interviews throughout obama's presidency. we'll be right back.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." my colleague, katy tur picks up coverage. >> thanks for sticking with me. i'm coming to you live from the nation's capital where in less than 100 hours trump will be the new man in charge. the days out from his inauguration, the president-elect is in campaign mode, fighting his opponents via twitter, including congressman john lewis, who spoke earlier in miami on this martin luther king jr. day. >> power in the way of peace, the way of love, at dr. martin
11:00 am
luther king jr. said, hate is too heavy a burden to bear. and the twitter face-offs don't end there. trump takes on the intel community, undermines nato and appears to sing a different tune about repealing obamacare and what will replace it. we take you live to the national mall where we have a front row view at what it takes to protect the peaceful transition of power. let's begin this hour with trump battling congressman john lewis after the civil rights icon questioned the legitimacy of his soon-to-be presidency. the feud between the two men still hot the very day the nation honors the life of martin luther king jr. trump met with mlk iii who spoke to reporters moments ago before leaving trump tower. >> in the heat of emotion, a lot of things get said on both sides. and i think that at some point, you know, i am, as john lewis and many others are, a bridge built. the goal


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