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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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they realize internally that they are probably going to have no honeymoon and the runway is very short. >> earnest hemmingway of twitter. >> what about you? what do you think? >> on this day i would ask that everybody think back and read to their children about martin luther king's wife. he's an example about how one man and one person can do what bob kwi kennedy said in 1966. in capetown, south africa, how one person can change the world. they can create and hope people hear the story of martin luther king and do the same over the next 50 years. >> that does it for us this morning. we go live to capitol hill right now.
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>> thanks. those are some great points on this major day. martin luther king day and where are we? live from washington, d.c. overlooking the nation's capital. in four days, donald trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the united states. this morning, there's some fighting going on. fighting an icon. congressman and civil rights warrior john lewis set to speak out for the first time since trump attacked him on twit over this. >> president-elect as a legitimate president. >> as a growing rift as members of congress announce they're boycotting his swearing in. the head of the inauguration committee joins us live. health care for all. the president-elect in a brand new interview overnight promising to repeal obamacare but keep health care for everyone while across the nation massive protests to protect obamacare taking place. and the game of spy blame.
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the head of the cia criticizing trump. >> i don't think he has a full appreciation of russian capabilities, russian intentions. >> accusing him of leaking materials to the press. the rift could put america at risk. we'll begin today here in the nation's capital with that feud going on between president-elect trump and civil rights leader and icon john lewis. we're expecting to hear more from the georgia congressman later this morning. in the meantime, nearly two dozen of his fellow democrats are now saying they will follow his lead and skip friday's inauguration full stop. we have the best team in the business here to cover this and a great panel as well. i want to take you first to kristen welker in new york city outside trump tower. kristen, this is not letting up. john lewis speaking later today. this back and forth between he and president-elect trump, this could keep going and it could
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get worse. >> reporter: the tensions are only mounting. there's no doubt about that. of course it's coming against the backdrop of the market luther king jr. holiday and we're just learning that president-elect trump is going to meet with martin luther king iii as a separate issue. it will be likely that this flap with the civil rights icon could come up in that conversation so where did this all begin. this began over the weekend on "meet the press." take a listen. >> i believe in forgiveness. i believe in trying to work with people. it is going to be hard. it's going to be very difficult. i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> so that sparked a firestorm. congressman john lewis saying he doesn't see president-elect trump as a legitimate president because of russia's attempts to
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meddle in the u.s. election. let me read you one of the tweets that the president-elect sent out over the weekend. he said john lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner cities of the u.s. i can use all the help i can get. that in turn sparked backlash from democrats that say president-elect trump is going to be president in just four days. it's up to him to really reach out to congressman john lewis to invite him to sit down and talk with him and try to resolve cea these differences. congressman lewis saying he won't attend the inauguration along with more than 20 democrats. that in and of itself is unprecedented. president-elect trump will hold more meetings here at trump tower today as there's renewed scrutiny on his plans for health care. he told "the washington post" that he's close to finalizing his plans for replacing obamacare. not getting into a lot of
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specifics but saying his plans would include coverage for everyone. that's something that's raising eyebrows for democrats and some republicans, steph. >> all right. kristen, i remind you in 2017 anyone who says unprecedented while we're on air has to pay me an hour. i'll drain your wallet quickly. i want to bring in a special panel this morning. michelle benard, founder and ceo of the bernard center for women, politics and public policy and former presidential candidate and former cia operative evan mcmullin. good morning to you both. michelle, i want to start with you. john lewis full stop this man is a civil rights icon. but to call the president-elect an illegitimate president, is that going too far? he knew a firestorm would ensue. >> he knew a firestorm would ensue but it's how he feels, and if john lewis said it, i believe this is man who chooses his words very carefully, and one
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can't argue against the arguments that he made. was their russian involvement in our election? yes. donald trump is the president-elect but john lewis is entitled to his opinions. have you ever seen the pictures of what was done to him during the civil rights movement? you know, it's ironic that today is -- happy martin luther king day, everyone. we're sitting a few blocks away from the new african-american museum, which donald trump was supposed to visit today and now has we're told a scheduling conflict and won't be there. but if you go to the civil rights museum and you take a look very closely at what has been endured in the united states from day one and to the present and everything that john lewis stands for and did for this country, he is entitled to his opinion, and he certainly to
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be attacked the way he was by donald trump on twitter with statements that frankly were incorrect but harken back to a stereotype of the black member of congress that represents a black district that is crime infested is horrible. if you take a look at the facts, his district has a higher degree of bachelor's degrees than the rest of the state. what donald trump did, i think, was horrific. >> evan, what's your take? sean spicer's response on the "today" show was john lewis started it. john did but, well, he started it is one of the arguments that one of my children use every day. >> it's always a good one. it's a gigantic deal to question the legitimacy of an american president or president-elect. i don't think that congressman lewis did that without understanding what he was doing.
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but this is the very reason why we need to make sure that we don't have foreign powers influencing our elections because these kind of questions come up. now, i still think even in that situation you must be very, very careful about it. it's ironic that donald trump also questioned the legitimacy of a president, of an african-american president. here he is taking office now being questioned for other reasons but the legitimacy still being questioned. where i think donald trump went wrong is attacking john lewis as a man. as a man of action or lack thereof which is totally untrue. i think that's something that all americans have to stand up and say also. that's unacceptable. >> all americans want to know is he a man of policy and what those policies are going to bring in. i want to bring in robert costa. you have a great interview just took place with the president-elect. i want to share a quote that stood out to me from donald trump. "we're going to have insurance for everyone. there is a philosophy in some
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circles if you can't pay for it, you don't get it. that's not going to happen with us." clearly we're talking about repeal and replace of obamacare. how is donald trump going to do it? >> it's still somewhat unclear. he says he's nearly finalized a republican plan. one of my big takeaways from the conversation that he's been watching closely what's been happening at the capitol. he understands that democrats are very critical of republicans. they say the 20 million people who are currently covered under obamacare or through medicaid through the exchanges could lose their coverage and so his political antenna is up in the air. he's starting to frame an argument in our interview about how republicans have to say everyone is going to have insurance. maybe not through federal coverage but he knows republicans need to articulate what he called universal access. how he does that is complicated because it's very tough to lower costs. he has some kind of curveball ideas such as negotiates with the pharmaceutical companies over drug prices. >> negotiating is what donald trump continuously says.
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i'm a great negotiator. whether they are his business friends, his business opponents, they said negotiating is his jam. how about details? is he actually working with leaders of congress? how close are they to penning this and making it happen? >> he says they're very close. it's down to the final strokes. >> do you believe him? >> how much does his plan echo the republican plan? trump is not driven by ideology. he's not a traditional conservative. as you said, negotiating is his jam. how much is he willing to bring in some democratic ideas? how much does he really cater to the conservative in congress? can he roll them. he said he may use twitter and bully pulpit to get his ideas across. >> and then you also ran for president. you were very critical of obamacare and said i'm up for a pro-market. maybe look at tax credits for consumers. is there a plan nearby that could work? >> there are multiple plans in congress. multiple plans that the republicans have and just they lack the agreement around those
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plans in the better way agenda way that paul ryan and house republicans introduced there were more specifics. one question i have for robert is about whether president-elect trump intends to use the bully pulpit to advance the legislation through congress or is there actually something more substantive there that will allow him to advance it because the big problem is going to be cost. if he claims universal access, then cost is going to be an issue for house republicans perhaps unless he's just going to brow beat them into passing it. >> one of the first things he said to me because he knew i wanted to talk about congress, you're going to ask me about paul ryan. he's very much about talking about his relationship with mcconnell and ryan and saying they're working together. at the same time, he wants to use the power of the presidency to make sure it's his plan and his ideas. he's not falling in line with republicans. yet, at the same time he's engaged with them. that's something that will be tested almost every day up here. will it be trump's plan?
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can he compromise with them at times? >> before we go, michelle, i have to ask. people can be offended by donald trump and his ways every day. what if these policies work? what if he makes it happen? >> the devil is in the details. if they work, that's wonderful. health care. we're going to hear a lot of talk, i suspect, about health savings accounts. if you are at the poverty level or below the poverty level, you don't have the income to put into an hsa. so we're going to have to watch and see what he says, what congress says and what they actually do. providing for health savings accounts for every american looks nice on paper. but it's really not going to move the ball forward. we'll see a lot of people with a lot of problems and then what's going to happen to the justice department, a whole other ball of wax. >> open our minds and hearts and be optimistic and hold them accountable. hopefully work together. we'll take a break. next, another rift. the rift between donald trump and the nation's intelligence community is growing even
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deeper. i know you want to talk about it. the president-elect directly accusing the head of the cia as possibly being the leak. plus, they started rehearsals for the inauguration day parade over the weekend and now new questions about not only the performers but lawmakers who might not want to attend. the head of the inauguration joins us live next. and i got to share this. it's monday. you know we're going to talk about "snl." they had some fun. >> who is excited for my inauguration day? >> whoo! >> thank you to those people over there who i definitely did not pay to do that. hold on to your [ bleep ] because we have got three doors down. from "america's got talent" jackie what's her face and the one rockette with the least money in her savings. hey there, starting your search for the right used car? i am! you got it.
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i'm going to tell you it's cold out here in our nation's capital, but the public feud between donald trump and the intelligence community is heating up. with outgoing cia director john brennan charging that mr. trump lacks a full understanding of the threat russia poses to the united states. check it out. >> do you think that mr. trump understands the threat from russia? >> i don't think he has a full appreciation of russian capabilities, russia's intelligence and actions that they are undertaking in many parts of the world and that's what the obligation and responsibility of the intelligence community is. >> mr. trump reacted via twitter. "oh really. couldn't do much worse. look at syria, red line. crimea, ukraine and the buildup of russian nukes. not good was this the leaker of fake news.
6:18 am
wow. that's full on right there." i want to bring in former chief of staff at the cia and department of defense along with my panel, evan and michelle still with me. that's a wow. what's your take? >> he comes into office with tensions not just with our allies in europe who he's going to need to defeat isis and take on russia, he comes into office with tensions with the intelligence community and also now with congress. the folks in the building behind us are going to investigate his own campaign's ties. he's going to really have to try to manage this crisis even as he takes the oath of office. >> for president-elect trump to call him out as the leaker, what does that mean? >> it's fundamentally wrong. it's inappropriate. he's going to need intelligence professionals to keep our country safe. >> i want to share a little bit more about what john brennan said about mr. trump. >> if he doesn't have confidence in the intelligence community, what signal does that send to our partners and allies and our
6:19 am
adver adversa adversaries? he has to recognize that his words have an impact. they can be positive or undercutting of our national security. >> how do you work together after this? >> i think it's hard. i think there's a fundamental underlying reason here that goes beyond just the war of words. i believe that the intelligence community continues to have deep concerns about donald trump's continued alignment with vladimir putin even at a time when they tell them that vladimir putin is actively undermining our democracy. donald trump has other national security ideas that put him at fundamental odds with the national security community at large. >> it's not necessarily donald trump alone. i want to share what mike pence had to say specifically to your point about general michael flynn who is sitting alongside donald trump in his ear reaching out speaking to the russian ambassador on december 29th. take a look. >> the conversations that took place at that time were not in
6:20 am
any way related to new u.s. sanctions against russia or the expulsion of diplomats. >> i'm sorry. stop this. on the 29th of december. what's your take? >> on the morning of the 29th, the white house informed the trump team that they would roll out sanctions. a number of conversations happened in the ensuing hours. of course the conversations were about not just that issue but the overall approach to russia. i think the signal that was sent was hang on there until january 20th. we're coming into office and things are going to be better. >> you're calling mike pence a liar? >> he may not have been part of the conversation. i'm not saying i know what he knows. i'm just saying the conversation was about russia policy. that's established. >> it was not about a new year's eve artichoke dip? it might have been. >> it should have been. we would all be better off if that's what it were. look, mike flynn has a close relationship with the russian government.
6:21 am
he was paid through rt america, russia's cable propaganda network in the united states. >> this isn't new news though. >> it isn't. >> donald trump was elected with people knowing or fearing these ties and he was still elected. michelle, is there an argument to be made while clearly our current administration isn't working with russia maybe there is some wiggle room. >> i think there are people who believe that there is an argument to be made that changing the relationship with russia is important, but i also believe that as we look through everything that's going on on twitter and comments from the president-elect, we've got a more serious problem in the sense that i believe americans really are beginning to have even a deeper distrust of government and how our governmental institutions work. what we're watching unfold i'm not going to say unprecedented in the real sense. i won't put a dollar in your cookie jar. this is terrifying. the world that we live in and
6:22 am
you have to have faith in the office of the president and in our national security agencies. we live in the age of terrorism and all of this as we watch it unfold cannot in any way give the public comfort that we are secure. >> i just think he is going to need those intelligence professionals. he's going need the national security community. at the very hour he stand behind us and raises his right hand and takes that oath, his intelligence professionals are going to be at the watch centers. they're going to be all over the world waiting to see what al qaeda does, what isis does, what russia does, what china does. he's going to be tested early by north korea and a number of adver adversaries and need our professionals. >> pregame over on friday. it will be game on. a lot more to cover. in a string of foreign interviews, president-elect trump talks about why brexit will be great for britain. we'll get reaction from around the world. first, the list of democrats
6:23 am
boycotting the inauguration grows. i'm going to speak with the man in charge of planning friday's events about how big of a deal their absence really is. top barrack joins me live. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan,
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. welcome back. live in washington d.c. why am i here? because in four days, just four days, the inauguration of donald trump is taking place. before we get into what's going to be in store this weekend, i got to give you your morning primer. all of the news you need to know to get your day started. we begin where 30 people are dead after a turkish cargo plane crashed into a village leaving a trail of destroyed homes. no cause has been determined yet. initial investigations is pointing to pilot error. to mexico where there are reports of a shooting at a club. video posted on social media show wounded club goers outside. in south korea prosecutors
6:27 am
hope to arrest the vice chairman of samsung group for paying over 36 million bucks in bribes. the investigation is investigated to a public corruption scandal that led to impeachment of the country's president last month. nbc news has confirmed the u.s. will transfer ten detainees from guantanamo bay to the government of omam. and we have to talk about sports. it was a thrilling weekend. let me take you first to the dallas game where after a tiptoe catch along the sideline led to a long game winning field goal for green bay. while an afc kicker booted steelers to a victory with six field goals leading the steelers to an 18-16 victory. back to d.c., we're just four days before president-elect
6:28 am
trump's inauguration. the city of washington, d.c. is gearing up for hundreds of thousands of trump supporters and scores of protesters trying to crash the party. on sunday, a dress rehearsal was held for the swearing in as well as the parade down pennsylvania avenue. not everyone is looking forward to friday. at least two dozen democratic lawmakers have said they will not attend the inauguration and i want to bring in my friend, tom barrack. welcome. you have a lot of work to do or have been doing. tell us, what is in store? >> what is in store is that the greatest peace time partisan transfer of power in the world so as i sat here in and out for the last two months and watched the last week and controversy and the hopes and expectations and frustrations, the answer is god bless america. where else could we have this dialogue? that's what it's about. the inauguration isn't about the man. we have three of the greatest
6:29 am
celebrities in the world without inviting anyone else. you have president obama. one of the greatest celebrities in the world today. you have president-elect trump, for sure the first on everybody's list of what to talk about. and look behind us. you have washington, d.c., which is the embodiment of 200 years of the dialogue that all of you are leading so to me it's not about the banter back and forth are democrats coming and entertainers coming, it will be the greatest display of entertainment to a global viewing population with a dialogue unheard of anywhere in the world. i love it all. all i say is show up. protestors, come. this president-elect is the greatest supporters of the first amendment known to mankind. with the women's march, come have a dialogue with him. i'll arrange it. >> it's show up. what if his response is shut up.
6:30 am
the spirit that you're talking about is extraordinary. it's the true american spirit. you have 24 democratic lawmakers who are saying i'm not coming because of that man. >> right. look, the democratic lawmakers need to do what they need to do for their own political careers. i view it and i respect them and i respect their constituency but it's not a great comment on the american system, right? we have a debate. we have an incredibly contentious election cycle. and now it's time for everybody to start pulling together behind one president. we can never be attacked from the outside. we're only attacked on the inside. they need to do what they need to do. it's not going to affect the inauguration. they can show up or not show up. it's not going to affect that. >> do you believe the president-elect is taking the advice that you're giving? when you talk about what we can do within, many people just in the last few weeks have said i feel like donald trump is closer to vladimir putin than he is to
6:31 am
the american people. some people said they feel like he gives vladimir putin the benefit of the doubt and not his own intelligence community. >> i can tell you that i'm not giving him advice. he's giving me advice. his advice is the stinconstitue he has he knows. he's going to do what he said on the economy and health care. he wants to reach out to the constituency who didn't support him and say talk to me. i'm going to talk to you. it's not about supporting vladimir putin. it's about sensibility. if you have a dialogue with somebody, we're going to have one of the -- we're talking about policy implication. we're talking about the criticism of tweets. 144 characters. let's all ban behind this man. for or against. if you're a protester, show up.
6:32 am
we'll give you cookies and kool-aid and whatever else you need. it's a great opportunity to express what your frustration is. if you support him, show up. most importantly, if you support america, if you believe in the american system, just be here. just be here. it's the greatest event in the world. it doesn't happen like this anywhere. >> someone is not going to be here. jennifer holiday. it wasn't a surprise that super big name celebrities, the beyonce and bono of the world were never coming. they were always in hillary's camp. when you saw a performer suddenly say, you know what, my fan base, the lgbt community just can't accept if i perform. does that lead you and the inauguration team wondering what kind of message is president-elect trump sending out right now that an agreed performer would say this is too much for me? >> i have great respect for her. she's a sensational entertainer. my heart goes out to her for whatever trauma she undertook.
6:33 am
president reagan underwent the same thing. he was a celebrity. hollywood was scared of the change. when you look at these monuments, the reason they engineered a change every four years was because we have to adapt. we have to retrench and push through our comfort barriers. president obama did the best job he possibly could. it's not easy for one man. you have 534 plus a supreme court that all have to come up with this tapestry of what is america going to be? i have great respect for her. she needs to vote with her feet on what they think as does everyone. celebrity is america. if we get in our head that this fabric of us testing it is a good thing. it's not a bad thing. that's what this president-elect says. he's not upset with celebrities or elitists and royalists on
6:34 am
both ends of the country. he's trying to say, the worker, the average person that got me here, i'm going to do what i said. >> you don't think he takes it too far are his rhetoric? this is a celebration with the country comie ining together an doesn't feel that way right now. >> it's martin luther king day. what a man. what an unbelievable era. and this debate of what's going on behind one of the greatest stars of that era and the president-elect of the united states is unfortunate. but the banter back and forth of the president-elect is just doing what he does as a man. so i've been listening to the dialogue and who started and who didn't start it. in a way, it represents what martin luther king stood for. let them banter. both are great men. both stand for something incredible. and in the process of his dialogue will determine what it is. it's not meanness or boldness or
6:35 am
not that it's unthoughtful. it just is. you have a president who is going to do it now. he reacts. he's strong. he has leadership. he listens. he's got a point of view. you have a congressman who spent a lifetime dedication to a cause. he's a hero for sure. they're both entitled to do what they want to do. if he can say i don't think this is legitimate president, it's just his point of view. >> i have to ask, soft and sensual is how you describe the affairs. what exactly does that mean? when i think donald trump, neither soft nor sensual comes to mind. >> you know that's wrong because he is both. >> he is? >> he absolutely is. if you walk to the basin and stand at the lincoln memorial and you look toward the washington monument and capitol and you're not intoxicated by the moment, as you read and paraphrase what those founding fathers had in mind and diplomacy and trauma they went
6:36 am
through, there's something wrong. you don't need celebrities. you don't need a dialogue. you need to just sit and inhale. i encourage everybody to show up and inhale it. i promise you it's spiritual and it's sensual. >> extraordinary. a lot can happen just four days from now. good luck. a lot of work to do. up next, donald trump talking to overseas newspapers and making them headlines praising brexit, blasting nato, how is the world reacting? we'll take you overseas next. [ crowd noise ]
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. just take a minute. look how beautiful this is. i'm here in our nation's capital four days away from president-elect trump's inauguration. and reaction is pouring in from around the world after this weekend he spoke to quite a few newspaper organizations overseas revealing in a new interview with the "times" of london that the president-elect suggested ending russian sanctions in
6:40 am
return for a nuclear arms reduction deal. we have reporters monitoring the reaction from around the world. let's go to bill neely in moscow. what's the reaction there? >> hi, stephanie. right now the kremlin is letting donald trump do all of the talking revealing his proposals and saying very little. the kremlin spokesman saying this morning let's be patient. let's wait until he takes office and then we'll pass judgment on his initiatives. but remember, in december, putin and trump talked about not reducing nuclear arsenals but enhancing them and on sanctions wr , we would like to get rid of them but we didn't impose them. linking these two issues together in some kind of grand deal almost unheard of. one is about nuclear war. the other is about economic punishment, sanctions, one thing though the kremlin is very clear on, we agree.
6:41 am
nato is a vestige of the past. russia would like to weaken nato and u.s. and european union. maybe here looking forward to the promise of donald trump's presidency. stephanie? >> president-elect also took the opportunity to blast nato during the interview. look at this. >> sure. i said a long time ago that nato had problems. it was obsolete because it was designed many, many years ago. number two, the countries weren't paying for what they're supposed to pay. >> let's go live to hans. what's the reaction? >> no official reaction from the pentagon, which isn't surprising because they're pretty diplomatic there. i would point you to what the
6:42 am
nominee to run the pentagon is saying. he takes an opposite view. the divergence on russia from mattis and pompeo was striking. one quick note, we heard from senator rubio this morning. rubio is saying the opposite that nato needs to be reinvigora reinvigorated. that's a challenge for president-elect trump because rubio holds the fate of rex tillerson, the state department nominee, in his hands potentially. one final note. i'm giving you two final notes. you'll allow me. what trump is saying on nato is not that different in terms of countries paying their share than what president obama is saying. he said it in europe. most recently he said it in canada. over the summer he says we need more canada. the idea that countries aren't paying their fair share has bipartisan support in washington. >> now that point was worth making. mr. trump had a lot to say about brexit in the "times of london."
6:43 am
check this one out. >> i thought the uk was so smart in getting out. obama said they'll go to the back of the line meaning if it does happen and it was bad statement. i think you're doing great. >> talking beauty of brexit. kelly is live in london. what's the word on these comments? >> stephanie, generally the reaction has been very positive here in britain particularly because of those comments on trade. the prime minister's office said today that theresa may welcome's the president-elect's comments on negotiating a trade deal quickly. it's a very important trading partner to the u.k. the foreign secretary echoing that saying it's very good news. but on the flip side, comments about germany's auto industry, immigration in europe, and the future of the european union not going over well with european leaders. the president-elect said that allowing refugees and migrants into germany was a catastrophic mistake and that he expects more
6:44 am
countries to leave the european union because of it. so today a spokesperson for prime minister theresa may says she doesn't share that view. she said she wants a strong europe. german chancellor angela merkel said mr. trump's views are well known. she'll cooperate with the administration but she also said europeans fate is in their own hands. stephanie? >> thank you, kelly, hans and bill. coming up next, a senior trump official is quoted as saying they're going to kick the press out. did you hear this? kick the press out of the press room at the white house. the president-elect's press secretary pushing back on that this morning. we'll have that story next. tsel? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next.
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and give boring weeknight meals, the night off. ♪make tonight a manwich night many members of the press corps are alarmed at the talk that the press administration may move the pressing room to another building nearby. a senior official said "they are
6:48 am
the opposition party. i want them out of the building. we are taking back the press room." incoming press secretary sean spicer talked about that this morning on "morning joe." >> right now our focus is on these briefings and how we can get more people access to them. >> there hasn't been talk or a discussion about moving the press across the street? >> it's not -- no, not in any substantive way. you can't just move them across. there is no work space right now for them anywhere but where they are. >> i'm not going to give an opinion. i'm not going give an opinion. i'm going to ask the panel. michelle, you believe they want more space for the press? >> well, i believe that they want more space for the nontraditional press and members of the press corps who have been favorable to the incoming administration. needing to move people out of the white house and the west wing i think is outrageous. it's one of the most basic principles of democracy in our country.
6:49 am
journalists need to be able to cover the white house. they need to be able to explain to the american public what's happening. and they need to be able to question the president and members of his administration about what they're doing and the implications for the country and for the global community. >> what message is this sending? last week jason with a shot to the ethics committee saying you may not want to question the president-elect. now the press may be moved out of the white house. is this sending a message we should be worried about? >> these are democratic new orleans and democratic institutions that undergird our democratic system that is responsible for protecting our basic rights and interests in the country. if the press move in a vacuum, not a big deal but donald trump has attacked the press for the past year and for that reason we need to be concerned about this perhaps decrease of access for the press. >> we, being whom? this is a change election. and there are many people you
6:50 am
could talk to who are sick of washington saying, guess what? it's time to change the norms because the norms weren't working. >> but democracy does work. that's the the press should be there. we teach access of the press. open press. if there's nothing to be scared of, why deny the access? >> these might be scary times but we're not scared. we're going to take a quick break. next, how is washington, d.c. preparing for the massive crowds and protests ahead of the inauguration? look where we are. this is a beautiful place!
6:51 am
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this week. major security preparations are in full swing this morning with just four days until the inauguration. some measures are obvious, others not so much. cal perry joins me now. what's it look like out there? >> stephanie, we're just about a mile away from where you are. the d.c. public works gentlemen are marking exactly a mile from the capitol. this will be where president donald trump after he is sworn in will march. he'll march to that viewing area. all of this will be double barricaded. there are 3,000 d.c. police on hand, 5,000 active duty trieps and 8,000 national guards, stephanie. >> as far as truck bombs go, that has so many people scared following berlin and nice. how do they prepare?
6:55 am
>> reporter: very simply, a 16-block radius, no vehicular traffic at all. that will start at 3:00 in the morning on friday morning. having done previous inaugurations and grown up in washington, d.c., that will probably start about midnight on thursday. the easy answer for that is they're not going to allow any vehicles anywhere near where you are all the way down to where i am. >> how about people. any about all the protesters coming this weekend. what are they doing about them? >> so that's going to be the biggest challenge. they don't have a good grasp of the numbers of protesters that that are expecting, somewhere between 800,000 and a million people roughly expected to come to the inauguration overall. keep in mind the next day, that saturday the day after, you're going to have a huge women's march. some of the police and many of the people we've been talking to, senior commanders, are wondering how many from that march will come the day before. the big unknown is numbers. that's why when you're talking
6:56 am
to many of officials here, they're not giving a full picture as far as security. they want to keep the upper hand, stephanie. >> important to know, that women's march, boys are invited, too. coming up, one of the more than two dozen democratic leaders boycotting the inauguration, congresswoman lee will be here. i can't have any doubts. especially when it comes to what i'm wearing... it needs to fit my body just right. looking good on stage is one thing. but real confidence comes from feeling good out there. try the improved fit of new depend silhouette briefs. get a free sample at th...oh, baked-on alfredo?e. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through... your toughest stuck-on food. nice. cascade.
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6:59 am
that wraps us up this hour. i am so lucky to be here on this day. thank you to my panel. but truly before we go, in a word, a sentiment, what would you want the takeaway to be on martin luther king day as we sit here in front of the nation's capitol? >> to me dr. king's message was one of quality, uniliberty and unity. and we need that message from president-elect trump. >> i'm thinking of my friend clarence jones, who worked with dr. king and is relentless in teaching us that we have to see the humanity in all of us.
7:00 am
>> there you have it. a special day. i will see you tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. now right inside the capitol is hallie jackson. >> hey, steph, good to see you in my city this week as well as we get ready for the inauguration. i'm live here on capitol hill where we are counting down to friday. but with just four days to go on this martin luther king jr. holiday, the president-elect is in a war of words with freedom fighter congressman lewis. >> congressman lewis set to speak any minute in miami this morning. we're taking you live down there. how will he respond? let's talk about the backlash to all this. more than a dozen members of congress joining a handful of their colleagues who were already planning to sit out donald trump's big day. i'm going to talk to


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