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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 14, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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good day. i'm sheinelle jones at msnbc world headquarters in new york at 1:00 eastern. here is what's happening. following a civil rights rally in washington, d.c., with at least 17 civil rights groups participating. hans nichols is there at the march. hans, explain to us what's happening now and why all of this is really taking place. >> reporter: hi, good morning, or good afternoon now. it is pouring down rain and the
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animating principle, the feeling of this rally all day has been about criminal justice reform and the immediacy and frankly the velocity with which a donald trump administration is going to hit washington, hit the folks here and the issues they care about. the reverend alsharpton, his group is organizing this, he was speaking earlier. he's an msnbc contributor and what he said is that the fight will continue. listen to how he put it. >> you may switch presidents but we're going to switch legs and keep on marching. we won't back down. we won't be trumped. >> reporter: i'm going to have my cameraman pan out and look at the crowd. it's been pouring for about the last hour. you can see a fair number of people there leaving now. i would say the crowd is about 50%, maybe less what it was when this it all started. should also note that we still have a lot of speakers left to
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go on stage. they are under cover. we are not now. producers wanted more context on what's happening, no doubt respected reporter there has done a lot of these events and what we should note a lot of people are staying and talking to them. the affordable care act, the importance of that, economic and social justice, civil rights and what you're going to do about police brutality and criminal justice reform that seems to be the biggest crowd pleaser here, the biggest applause getter here, talking to some folks just mingling around here, that's what they want to hear about. we have heard from the mothers of trayvon martin. a lot of focus on that. what is the civil rights community going to do and how will they counter what they suspect will be some dark years in the donald trump administration. guys? >> hans nichols, thank you. we will continue to monitor the
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r rally. donald trump from icon john lewis. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. and they helped destroy the capped daes of hillary clinton. >> lewis added he won't attend the inauguration. it'll be the first time he's skipped the event for 30 years. thank you for joining me this afternoon. >> thank you. >> can i start with the news of the day? i'm interested on the congressman's comments. do you agree and how significant is it to have a capitol hill veteran, a man like john lewis questioning the president-elect's legitimacy?
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>> at this legitimate as we approach inauguration day president-elect trump will be president trump. regardless the congressman also understands that he has to be worked with particularly on things that we agree with. there may be a lot of things that many do not agree with but the things that we agree with certainly need to be embraced. the goal has to be to bring america together. >> i was reading your op-ed on voting rights, taking a view that might surprise some people. can you explain what you're thinking? talk to me about what you wrote. >> what we stated was one of the major provisions is an i.d. what had been proposed was an executive order by the president
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to actually say voting pictures could be put on social security cards as one example. and everybody has a social security card so could have their picture done. 6,000 or 7,000 where that could be done. certainly president obama challenged us in one of his last speeches. he still has others perhaps to make, about the issue of fixing the voting rights. i think with president-elect trump he has the same opportunity. he says the system is broken. this is one remedy that at least gives everybody an i.d. >> you see commonality here. listen, we may not agree but there are some things we can agree on and try to move forward to get something done. >> absolutely. it should be easier to vote than xhaleninging. many states, and we haven't seen all the information come out yet
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but probably states where rights were suppressed because they did not have the proper i.d. to vote. i think this is something that needs to be addressed. we need to make it as easy as possible for individuals to vote. women and men gave their lights so we could have that right. >> something that's been bothering me for a couple of days and i just decided to bring it up. one of my friends is a die hard republican, if you will, and he tweeted after president obama spoke in chicago, look, politics aside, i may not agree with everything president obama says but he's a good man, a good father, a good husband, a decent guy. that was his tweet. can i tell you the reaction was brutal. i could not believe -- he was attacked -- people called him all sorts of names. i thought, they don't even know
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him. he's a big-time republican. it was just he said president obama was a decent man. that's all he said. it was so visceral and so mean. i was scrolling through it and it was almost heartbreaking this is where we are that we can't say politics aside this is a decent person. they wouldn't even give him that. >> well, that, unfortunately, is where we are. the reality is that what he said was something that needed to be said and more and more people need to say something as opposed to people being silent. technology gives us a way to hide from who we are today, unfortunately. many things people believe that they are saying through technology so that's a good thing that we know where people are. >> i don't feel like i'm naive but i didn't realize -- i don't want to sound naive in saying i didn't realize there was so much hate but we're walking past folks, our kids are playing
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together, and it's so much hate. >> i have to believe there are far more people of goodwill than people of ill will. ill will probably exists but there are far more people of goodwill. i think that's what we have to tune into as a human race. >> the confirmation hearings for jeff sessions. your mom wrote a letter against his appointment as federal judge. would you stand by that or does he deserve a chance to show that he's changed? >> i think everybody deserves a chance. what i'm not able to evaluate is if there's really been any change. in relation shship to who he wa and the things he said then. hopefully it will all evolve. hopefully there's been evolution and hopefully there are individuals who support him, wouldhallenge him in times when he may feel going in one
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direction or another may be wrong for some. >> this morning president obama delivered his final weekly address. i'd like to play a piece of that for you now and then talk. >> it has been the honor of my life to serve you as president. i am even more optimistic about our kcountry's promise and look forward to working along your side as a citizen for all my days that remain. >> what do you see as the key parts of president obama's legacy and what do you think we'll be talking about or will still be affecting us 20 years from now? >> 20 -- wow. i'm not sure that i have looked out that far -- >> how about tomorrow. >> what i can say we've got to look at where president obama started. the worst economy in the world. the whole world economy was about to collapse and he was able to get fund iing through congress to actually bail out wall street, to bail out also the auto industry.
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i think what people are challenged about is why people were not able to be bailed out more. and when you look at health care, which is huge, regardless of if it changes names, the the reality is that is going to be something that has to be put in place, health care. when you look at lgbtq rights and marriage equality, that is the kinds of things people will be saying is a significant legacy. >> we're two days away from honoring your father's memory. what do you want people to remember? >> well, what i want people to remember perhaps more than anything else is that the work is not complete. people say celebration. i say observe. i don't know how we celebrate when women still make less than men. i don't know how we celebrate when 50 million or 60 million people live in poverty.
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i don't know how we celebrate when violence is at epidemic levels in communities not just colors but in communities all over americ i don't know how we celebrate wh we are denigrating each other as opposed to finding ways to embrace each other. we have to find a way to extract the good out of individuals. my father may have looked at somebody and said that person may be 80% bad. i'm not going to focus on that. i will focus on the 20% good. that's what i'm going to work to extract out of that person. that's what we have to do, extract the good out of americans because americans are good people. this is a great nation. and that's what i believe my father would want to see us working together to create the beloved community. >> moving forward as we count down to inauguration day would you say you're hopeful, optimistic, cautious or how would you describe how you feel? >> i would always -- always must be -- i would say cautiously
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optimistic and, again, only because being negative doesn't achieve anything. the fact of the matter is for the next four years and the next two years before an election takes place, two years and the next election, people need to be organizing like never before at the grassroots level to truly understand. i mean, as a democracy we're one of the worst participants in the world in terms of voter turnout. if more americans had turned out perhaps there would have been a different outcome. people still are not voting. why are we not voting or understanding that you don't have a vote to lose, that people gave their lives so we might embrace and have the right to vote. >> i could talk to you for the next three hours, my friend. it was a pleasure talking with you. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> still ahead, republican
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more than a dozen civil rights groups are gathering. the rally started near washington monument. the goal is to preserve and protect americans' civil rights and the underlying theme is criminal justice reform. the number of congressmen boycotting donald trump's inauguration has risen to 11 today. the news tweeted last hour alongside with had this, a picture of congressman and noted civil rights activist john lewis, making waves today for telling my colleague chuck todd
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he doesn't believe trumpa legitimate president. he responded on twitter calling lewis all talk no action. this morning jennifer holliday canceled her performance at trump's inauguration. citing pressure. the "dream girl" star said she didn't realize the appearance might be seen as an endorsement of trump. president barack obama delivered his final weekly address. he offered thanks. >> whether we've seen eye to eye or rarely agreed at all. my coveringses wi conversations you at farms and on factory floors, at diners and on distant military outposts, all are what you made me a better president and a better man. >> political reporter for the "los angeles times" and molly hooper for the hill. good afternoon to both of you.
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>> good afternoon. >> seema, i'll start with you. something went awry on russia's involvement in election hacking. a number of democrats said they lost faith in fbi director james comey. what happened? >> this is a story that will continue to grow. we've seen it and the hearing for rex tillerson, the president-elect's appointee to be secretary of state. questioning russia's role in the election. vladimir putin's direct involved. i think this will continue to grow. he was such a central figure in the election. he spoke publicly about hillary clinton's e-mails but not the other things coming up now, the dossier we don't know whether it's true or not but some alleged controversial behavior. he didn't talk about that during the election.
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>> molly, what was the fallout of the meeting? >> this is the first time you had the democrats and republicans in the same room with the heads of -- you had director clapper, comey. all briefing on the russian hacking. debbie wasserman schultz was then head of the dnc. remember, she lost her job once the e-mails came out basically showing she was kind inform cahoots with the clinton camp. so debbi wasserman schultz according to our reporting gets up and just goes after comey saying if the russians were hacking -- if the russians were hacking dnc websites and our e-mails why didn't you come to me. you should have come to me. comey said we went to the right people. she kept press iing comey and h
10:22 am
would only give his standard answer. democrats were furious he was sort of toeing the line and did a great disservice to the democrats but not going directly to debbie wasserman schultz. >> i was reading he was nonjudgmental until the last 15 minutes and i thought you know going into this what this is about. i was surprised how angry everybody was. what happened? >> the other thing is they wanted to know if comey was investigating trump ties with russia. other incidents that happened since then and he wouldn't say. comey would not say if he's investigating ties between trump and russia. that made them very upset saying there is a double standard and made comey look like he wasn't fit to hold the position. >> i see. let's talk about the confirmation process.
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marco rubio grilling secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. >> is vladimir putin a war criminal? >> i would not use that term. >> let, let me describe the situation in aleppo and perhaps that will help you reach that conclusion. >> i understand there is aody of record in the public domain. i'm sure there's a body in the classified domain and i think in order to deal with a serious question like this -- >> it is in the public domain. >> fully informed before advising the president. >> it is never acceptable, you would agree, for a military to specifically target civilians which is what's happened there through the russian military. your ability to cite that is globally accepted. >> is tillerson at risk of not getting confirmed despite a gop majority? >> i think if anybody is at risk, he is at risk. we'll have to see where this goes.
10:24 am
senator rubio certainly put down a marker there. he strongly questioned him. is vladimir putin a war criminal. if senator rubio decides not to support this, that would perhaps allow some other republicans to perhaps join him and follow suit. >> keep in mind. >> you see the scrum of people asking questions. a number of hearings went on. we he would talk to senators like lindsey graham. a former rival. also we talked to, you know, various other republicans who were skeptical. mccain wouldn't tell us whether he would vote for tillerson or not. lindsey graham was concerned about tillerson.
10:25 am
rubio, graham and mccain and all the democrats vote against him, he's not going to get in. but what's been fascinating to watch is the senators like lindsey graham, ted cruz, and even john mccain who had stakes in the fight and how they're going after and asking questions of donald trump's nominees. that's one aspect to keep an he eye on. >> it's a good point. get your popcorn, my goodness. i like the way you're talking about it. if i had the volume down i would think were you talking about movies. >> i love my job. >> it was good talking to you. >> the signature accomplishment of his administration but did president obama fail to convince americans that obamacare is r l really working? that's ahead. and we'll keep an eye on the civil rights rally in the nation's capital where speakers
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are sounding a warning about the incoming trump administration.
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at least 17 civil rights groups are participating. organizers are concerned about how a trump presidency will impact issues that matter most to them. >> we are being tested right now. whether or not we have courage enough, hope enough, fight enough, loud enough to do what is necessary. >> furious democrats let fbi director comey have it. a member of the house intelligence committee will join us. also the trump tweet effect. what do americans think about his twitter outbursts? ♪
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welcome back. i'm sheinelle jones here in new york. it at the half hour here is what we're monitoring. members of the house finally received their confidential briefing on russian involvement in election hacking yesterday. but some democrats left the room shaken and furious over what they learned about actions taken by fbi director james comey. >> can you tell us anything? >> no, it's classified and we can't tell you anything. all i can tell you is the fbi director has no credibility. >> my confidence in the fbi director's ability to lead this agency has been shaken. >> everybody's buzzing about that today. joining me now is california congressman swallwell of the house permanent select committee on intelligence. thank you for talking with me on this saturday. >> good morning. thank you for having me on, sheinelle. >> you attended the briefing. tell me what you heard there.
10:34 am
we knew what was going on when you went in, and then people came out so angry. what was the straw? >> well, people are starting to look at the evidence here, and the fact that the russian government, all of our intelligence agencies believe was responsible for trying to influence our democracy. at haseen gned off on. it was ordered by vladimir putin and it was intended to help donald trump. and then you're starting to see more and more reports like came out today the trump team was talking to russian officials two weeks ago when president obama ordered sanction ts against them and you have the trump team that will not the release any information that our president-elect has about financial dealings with russia. and so we all want to make sure there are answers to the questions about donald trump's relationship with srussia and h can do that by just showing us his taxes and global financial holdings. we want to make sure that's investigated by our intelligence and law enforcement community.
10:35 am
>> do you have confidence in the leadership of fbi director james comey? should he resign? >> i have confidence in james comey that he will investigate this. i believe that he just like republicans and democrats in this country want to make sure that we have a president-elect who has not been compromised. i say that because if only it was true that he spoke so favorably about russia and wanted to lift sanctions and wanted to unravel our nato partnerships that would be concerning if only it were true that someone tried to influence and help donald trump that would be concerning and if only donald trump did not release his tax returns and tell us what his financial holdings are, that would be concerning. all three of those are true. there's a lot of questions we are going to need our fbi team working on to look at whether our president has been compromised. >> david korn, an msnbc analyst, and mother jones nbc washington bureau chief, christopher steel
10:36 am
wrote the memos being roefrd to as a dossier on trump. when asked about what's come of that contact since news of this came out, here is what david korn said. >> he has not made contact with people who i know, people who put me in touch with him, and i assume that ep has gone into, if not hiding, he has tried to get away from the public eye. >> that memo was unverified. congressman,o yothink heas reason to worry about repercussions? >> again, i don't want to comment on something unverified but i can tell you, again, my former prosecutor hat is on here. russia tried to influence our democracy. they clearly tried to help donald trump and he won't tell us or show us what his tax returns are. that certainly leads all of us to wonder what is going on between donald trump and russia, and that's the duty of our
10:37 am
investigations into criminal justice community to solve. and i think all americans are counting on the fbi to get to the bottom of this and also if nothing was going on we should hear that, too. >> i was going to ask you, there are viewers wondering how much stock do you put in the information contained in the dossier? do you buy it or reject it? >> i just look at the public report that was released about what russia did and how they sought to benefit donald trump and donald trump won't show us his taxes. to me he could clear all of this up and take away all of the clouds that are going to be hang ing over his inauguration next friday by just showing us his taxes. that would clear it up pretty fast. >> the director of intelligence james clapper says he has not -- the fact this even needs to be a point of discussion how does it look to our foreign counterparts this is a conversation happening, as you just mentioned? the president-elect takes to take office. >> it it will be the responsibility of our law enforcement and intelligence
10:38 am
community to get to the bottom of what is alleged as well as anything that else that may be going on. and that is something that republicans and democrats, i think, should hope for. it would destroy our credibility in the world if we had a president who had financial dealings or collaboration with another country that tried to help him win an election. >> i want to ask you about an interview with "the wall street journal." president trump says he will likely keep recent russia sanctions in place unless russia cooperates on fighting terror and other key issues. i know you've expressed concerns over the relationship between trump and putin. does this it ease your mind at all? >> no. i think that is donald trump again saying one thing and showing he'll do another and the story that just broke today that donald trump's senior advisers were talking to russia the day that president obama issued the sanctions back in december tells me everything we need to know that there are side dealings and that there are likely side
10:39 am
dealings before the campaign, before the election that were going on between the trump team and russia. the american people deserve to know what those were and what russia has, if anything, on donald trump. >> have to leave it there. california congressman eric swalwell. donald trump's frequent use of twitter well documented at this point. the ripple effects of the social media habits seem to be growing wider. msnbc's savannah sellers is here with the latest. savannah, what can you tell us? >> sheinelle, the president-elect is using social media in response to those comments congressman lewis made during a "meet the press" interview calling the congressman's district crime infested and tweeted criticism of lewis calling him all talk and sad. and lewis supporters are using the #istandwithjohnlewis. this is not the first time the soon-to-be president has taken to twitter to express his feelings. and we've seen real effects from his social media habit.
10:40 am
donald trump tweets often and early taking to twitter round the clock to share his personal thoughts on just about everything. before sun rise his tweets turn to policy. >> let's show you a twitter war that might be worth talking about, a war of words between donald trump and senator elizabeth warren. >> a tweet storm today from the president-elect. >> from meryl streep's acting abilities, calling her overrated, to "the apprentice" shaming newcomer arnold schwarzenegger, to fake news calling out crooked opponents. this is a look at some of the words he frequently uses on twitter, crooked, dishones weak, failing, all amongis top adjectives. as trump's visibility has increased, so has the impact of a single tweet. a recent tweet complaining about the cost of boeing's new air force one caused the aerospace giant stock to drop $2 per share in just one day. trump has nearly 20 million
10:41 am
followers on twitter, small compared to the likes of justin bieber or taylor swift. against other politicians and leaders, his audience is huge. trump's team says the tweeting will continue. >> it's free for you. you get information from him. the press doesn't like it because he does an end run around him. >> a new quinnipiac poll out this week shows nearly two-thirds of americans want trump to stop tweeting on his personal account. do you think donald trump should keep tweeting on his own personal account? >> i think he shouldn't keep tweeting with the amount of power and the position he hold, i feel he should tone it down a little bit. >> it wasn't appropriate before and it's not now. >> reporter: you like it? >> yeah -- no, i don't like it but it's like your first amendment. if he wants to do it, he can. >> i think he should continue communicating on twitter but avoid using it for sensitive subjects. >> reporter: most people we talked with who were tourists
10:42 am
from all over the country think trump should stop tweeting from his personal account. while he's still at it we can see ripple effects. some of his followers are weighing in saying the critique from congressman lewis that trump is not a, quote, legitimate president, goes too far and is unique based on certified election results. for others on social media who are using the #i stand with john lewis they are reminding his efforts to delegitimize barack obama's presidency with the birth certificate. >> it sounds like trump's tweets for now will continue. savannah sellers, thank you. the pictures that show just how dangerous it is on the roads even for the snowplows as a massive ice storm moves through the midwest. ♪
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happening now civil rights activists kicking off a week of protests and marches. this one is in washington, d.c. organizers of the we shall not
10:46 am
be moved rally are vowing to fight for equality and justice under the upcoming administration. now to breaking news on weather. millions are in line of a dangerous winter ice storm targeting the nation's midsection. overnight icy roads triggered this 20-car pileup in wichita, kansas. authorities are also worried about residents losing power because of ice building up on power lines and snapping them. to the west, heavy snowfall is making driving dangerous. look at this. this is in utah. poor visibility led to this crash when a tractor-trailer hit a snowplow. police say the driver has serious injuries after rolling several hundred feet down an embankment. joining me is bonnie schneider. it seems we're certainly in the thick of this. we sure are. so many people under an advisory, at least 24 million when you talk about freezing rain or an ice storm warning. let's break it down what we can expect today. the main threat oklahoma and kansas. look for downed trees and power lines.
10:47 am
only a quarter inch of ice can do that. the freezing rain on the move, significant icing is possible for western oklahoma and into western kansas especially in the dodge city area where we're likely to see some heavy ice accumulation and it could be a significant storm compared to others. by mon dap the snow and ice pushes into the upper midwest so we're not just looking at this as a plains event. i added highways for those of you driving, some of the improvements and not so great weather. you can see frozen precipitation coming through in and around amarillo and what's interesting is we're getting reports of thunder so you have thunder and freezing rain, like a thunder ice versus a thunder snow or a thunderstorm. that's what's happening in amarillo. be careful. th means vigorous storms. temperatures he warmed up above freezing in wichita but they will not stay that way. as we go to the evening hours we are expecting the surface to be below freezing or at freezing. why does that matter? well, this is the atmosphere and we're talking about being
10:48 am
stacked vertically with different temperatures. we have warm, moist air coming up, our cold, arctic air to the north. this time the warm air is overri overriding the colder air. and as that precipitation falls, we're watching for it to fall through some warmer air and then eventually hit a colder surface and wherever those temperatures are freezing or below, it falls in the form of ice. freezing on bridges and overpasses first as the wind wraps around them. accumulations will be crippling, at least possibly going forward into tonight and tomorrow for this part of the region into western ckansas and oklahoma. this is where we could see half an inch or more and, remember, even a quarter of an inch of ice can make a huge difference when it comes to breaking off a tree limb. imagine what it can do to power outages. light, freezing rain is falling in indianapolis and northern west virginia and even in and around parts of pennsylvania where we have winter weather advisories. accumulations will be light. areas in oklahoma and to kansas where we're looking at substantial ice forming. sheinelle?
10:49 am
>> you talk about ice, we have to take that seriously. bonnie, thank you. as republicans push to dismantle obamacare, a look at what went wrong with the affordable care act. thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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it has been the honor of my life to serve you. i won't stop. in fact, i will be right there with you as a citizen for all my remaining days. >> president obama promising to stay involved after he leaves office, reflecting on his achievements politifact has issued its final report. he kept nearly half of the promises he made. 28% of the promises he needed to reach a compromise. he failed to keep about a quarter of his promises. it shows the most kept promise
10:53 am
ls dealt with foreign policy and health care including what is now obamacare and keeping iran from building a nuclear weapon. since the affordable care act was signed in 2010, opponents started calling it obamacare, something the president had no problem with when some of the more popular parts of the law took effect. but when premiums and deductibles went up and the individual mandate kicked in, obamacare was used to derive the aca and it stuck. we're asking the question, is the problem with the affordable care act or just one about branding? i should say my next guest is asking the question. joining us is olga casaan, staff writer with the atlantic. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> i saw this story on twitter the othether day. the headline grabbed my attention. i said i want to meet this girl. you wrote this about this for "the atlantic." you could probably explain it better than i can. talk about the premise, about whether it's all about branding. >> right. well, the idea is that a lot of people who are on obamacare are actually pretty happy with it.
10:54 am
and people aren't really as excited about repealing it without a clear replacement in mind as some of the republicans are. so the idea is what if we just kind of renamed it trump care, added a couple of amendments to maybe make it cheaper for people and sort of went on with our lives instead of just scrapping it and trying to come up with something new, which republicans haven't really coalesced around a clear replacement plan. so that's sort of the idea behind that. and the question is, you know, would people like obamacare better if it was just called something else. >> most republicans on that note want to keep the more popular parts of the law in place, like coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and so forth. what do you think the replacement will include? much of the same? since you're talking about branding, just in a new package? >> no. i think the replacements they're talking about would be pretty different. insurers would haven't to provide the same kinds of benefits that they do right now under obamacare. the tax credits would be pretty different. they wouldn't necessarily be tied to income. they would many likely be tied
10:55 am
to people's ages. and also people might be encouraged to get on health savings accounts, so get on a high-deductible plan with a health savings account so that encourages you to kind of shop around for your medical care. so that's pretty different from what obamacare entails. >> listen to what donald trump said at his first official news conference since the election and then we'll talk about it. >> obamacare is the democrats' problem. we are going to take the problem off the shelves for them. we're doing them a tremendous service by doing it. we could sit back and let them hang with it. we are doing the democrats a great service. >> so he's taking the problem off the shelf for democrats, repeal and replace has been a campaign mantra for republicans at every level of government. was that brand linking health care problems directly to president obama a good campaign strategy? >> yeah, absolutely.
10:56 am
so it was a great campaign strategy for trump because if people don't already like obama it kind of increases the chance even if they benefit from obamacare, they'll start disliking obamacare and want someone who will come in and tear it down. that was a great strategy for the republicans. it was sort of the strategy of the republicans for many years now. they were the ones who started calling it obamacare in the very beginning and kind of got obama to sort of have to reclaim it in around 2011 because they were already calling it that, so he was like, well, i'm going to try to make it so good that, you know, it will be fine to call it obamacare. >> right. so do you think then finally news of the rising premiums coming during the last weeks of the election was a mayjor facto for voters? >> absolutely. and people have legitimate criticisms of obamacare. it's too expentsive, premiums didn't go down like obama said it would. a lot of that helped, not just
10:57 am
the name. ? that was the water cooler talk. anything with obama's name attached people won't like. you desided as journalist to check it out. >> yeah, absolutely. >> olga, thank you for joining me on this saturday. >> thanks for having me. that'll do it for me. i'm sheinelle jones. ayman mohyeldin picks it up from here with reaction to today's civil rights rally in washington. the message demonstrators want president-elect donald trump to hear with six days to go before the inauguration. discover card.
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