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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 14, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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we are one week from the inauguration and this is big and it's going to get bigger, like titan atlas bigger. watch this space. that does it for us tonight. see you again on monday. good morning, everyone. i'm at msnbc world headquarters. it's 7:00 a.m. in the east and here is what is happening. ice storm, a wintry mix sweeping across the country create being scary conditions. details on its path. casting doubt, fallout from a leadingbeing scary conditions. details on its path. casting doubt, fallout from a leading congressman calling president-elect trump not legitimate. that reaction ahead. a step closer. house makes a move that paves the way to repealing obamacare, but it might n be as quick as republicans think. and what is in a tweet? a closer look at the words donald trump uses in his messages. you may be surprised which he
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uses most. first breaking weather news. freezing rain paralyzing 15 states. 40 million people are in its path. overnight icy roads triggered this 20 car pileup in wichita, kansas. another problem, heavy ice snapping power lines because of the extreme weight. residents forced to stay home. >> we've seen winter storm in the past where people were without power for a long period of time, several weeks. >> the weather is also impacting this weekend's nfl playoff schedule. forcing the league it dlat game between kansas city and pittsburgh because of the threat. joining me now, bonnie schneider. good morning. it's crazy out there. >> and this storm will ramp up today and tonight and into sunday morning. for kansas, this event will ramp up this afternoon and the evening. let's take a look. the main threat oklahoma and
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kansas today, downed trees and power lines and of course the very slick roadways. the freezing rain will mnuchin to the north on sunday, significant icing. this could be a crucial situation for days across parts of oklahoma and kansas. by monday, the snow and ice works its way toward the upper midwest and the threat will diminish in the afternoon. so three days of this. temperatures in the 20s in oklahoma city, tulsa just below freezing. and we're really he seeing temperatures at different levels of the atmosphere and that's why we're seeing the ice. we have warm moist air coming up from the golf. cold arctic air collides and what happens is the warm air overrides the colder air an eventually when the rain comes down, the air stays warm in the middle of the atmosphere. but keep in mind at the surface, it's cold enough to freeze. so whatever that rain hits, freezes over instantly to ice, whether your car, the roadways, or even your driveway. so please be extra careful. even a thin sheen can cause major accidents. accumulations across western
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oklahoma really dangerous. and when we might be it, you might think a quarter of an inch, that's not so bad. this is when we start seeing hazardous roads, the departmentss that you saw unfortunately i think we'll see more of that. but this particular ice storm has called for more widespread area of half an inch or greater. this is when the tree limbs snap and we see widespread outages. also an inch, this is when it's really severe and hopefully we will see that in a limited area. but again, we're watching for a duration of an event that will last several days and that is why anyone that loses power really wants to make sure that they are prepared now because when you have an ice storm, you can see the power outages for a long period of time. so st. louis also looking at the freezing mix happening. you heard about the nfl game for kansas city moved to the evening on sunday night. temperatures at game time should be above freezing, but it will be close. so we'll watch that very carefully. >> bonnie schneider, thank you. overnight the senate
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intelligence committee announced they would investigate possible links between the campaign of donald trump and russia. the bipartisan effort will also look more broadly at any russian intelligence activity impacting the united states. in a statement the committee's leaders promise to, quote, follow the intelligence wherever it leads. with less than a week to goo the inauguration, civil rights icon and congressman john lewis of georgia is sharing his misgivings about donald trump. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. i think the russians participated in have help helping this man get elected and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it will be the first one that i miss. you can not be at home with something that you feel that is wrong.
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>> will youlewis says he believ trying to work with people, but he admitted with trump it will be hard. trump is making history with the rowest popularity of any incoming president in recent memory. just 41% of americans approve of his handling of the transition while 55% disapprove. in contrast, president obama enjoyed more than 80% approval in the week leading up to his first inauguration. trump tower has hosted a stream of unexpected visitors in recent weeks including kanye west and leonardo dicaprio. and add to the list steve harvey who says he was invited by both president obama and president-elect trump. harvey trump critic said of the meeting -- >> we've got to team up and see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities which i felt was my only agenda and he agreed and he
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wants do something. and he realizes that he needs some allies in that department and he seemed really sincere about it. >> joining me now, senior politics editor and our political senior new york reporter. great to have you here. thank you so much for coming in. beth about, i want to start but. the john lewis comments, how unprecedented are they for a congressman to say our president-elect is not legitimate. what effect might that have? >> it will have an affect because john lewis is john lewis. he's an eye conic figure. he's a civil rights hero. he is the leader in many ways of the black caucus in washington and congress. so for him to make that comment is quite significant. and it really harkens back to the fact that so many african-americans and democrats frankly across the country were so frustrated with donald trump's attempt to delegitimize barack obama by suggesting that he hasndn't been born in the united states. so that it seems to smack of that anger. clearly there are very big questions about the russian
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hacking of hillary clinton's campaign e-mails and the dnc. not too many people have gone up to the point of saying that is tee legitimized trump's win. most democrats will say look, he seems to have won fair and square, although there was clearly interference. for john lieu toys take that next step and say that he's not a legitimate president could mean that other african-american members of congress follow in his way. and then we have a very racially polarized environment coming in for this new president which is regrettable. >> and the congressman says that he won't attend the inauguration. how big is this movement going to be? >> we've seen a few others saying that they won't attend. i haven't seen a widespread flood of democrats saying they won't attend. but john lewis is very from you sh influential. >> so democrats reportedly confronting james comey. but nobody said anything about russia.
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what happened? >> so basically comey went in there to answer questions and a lot of democrats left frustrated. and what comey had said previously was that they don't comment on ongoing probes or investigations. and he tried to explain that when he had announced that they were reopening the probe into hillary clinton, it was because he had closed it earlier, reopened it and that change is what prompted all of the fallout that some people say helped elect donald trump. and now the irony is you have donald trump being protected by not having a probe earlier, not having it discussed and hillary clinton got cleared, everyone thought it was good. but having closed it seem stod have led the way for comey to argue he can now update people and have an impact on the election. >> so how much is comey's job security in a job that's deally would not be political but is being tied to how nice does he have to be to trump now with in new administration coming in. because some of the democrats are calling for his resignation. >> sure. and back in the summer when he have he refused to prosecute
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hillary clinton for her e-mail server, many republicans were calling for his head, too. the fbi director serves a ten year turn term. he would have to offer his resignation. it's not something that he could be easily fired out of. so it's up to james comey whether he wants to continue in the job and see if he can build a relationship with the new administration. but he's been pretty much on the hot seat for democrats and republicans alike for you fnow and there is real legitimacy to the frustrations that democrats might feel about him now, that he would kind of stone wall around the fbi investigation of these russian hacks. but be extremely open about the tenuous new revelations of e-mails right at the end of campaign that hurt hillary clinton. >> and if you're a democrat, just imane your position. you don't like this geico any oig and if you try to get rid of him, the guy who replaces him is
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donald trump. >> and the senate intel chiefs both gop and democrats are promising that they will follow the line and find out what is up with these allegations. is this actually going to whet the appetite of the republicans to investigate trump on this front? >> here's the thing. chairman had announced that they will do this investigation had previously said it is not within the injujurisdiction of our committee do that. that probably would have led to a bipartisan commission do that. mcconnell said no, the committee can do this. this can happen. that puts the ball back into the political realm. how much are democrats going to appreciate the report and find credence with it if it's being handled within the senate a political body rather than independent body. >> and yet we see no sign from any of the leadership of the senate or house that they would be inclined to create sort of an independent or bipartisan special committee to do this
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work. so the fact that the senate is planning to do this is a pretty big step because the house especially the house which is much more politicized for republicans has shown no such inclination to really dig deep into this. and so for the senate to do it is a step of independence. >> and all that being said, what the reaction from the trump camp on this? >> i think they want to get off this subpoenas possible and donald trump has conflated thes do dossier that his cam page had any contact with russia and he is trying to pit the media against itself, call it all fake news. but i think the ultimate goal is to move off this as soon as pob possible. he wants to talk about health care and jobs and the more he talks about putin, the less it's good for him. >> and what about this investigation? it's all sort of percolating and all in information is coming out. how much damage will it be doing into the incoming trump administration? >> we've seen the polling.
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you said it earlier, that no president-elect has ever come into office with this little public support. so it's not good. and it's probably a combination of many things. the probe of the hacking is one thing. trump's tweeting. we know from polling on many, many voters including those who support trump say they want him to knock it off. he's an impulsive guy and it probably helped him get elected, but it makes him look a little unstable. and i think that is contributing to this low polling number and certainly the investigation if this goes forward can't help as ozzie said, he wants to move on to his agenda, not talk about putin. >> beth, ozzie, thank you so much for being here. appreciate your input. well, still ahead, the grekt message congressman lewis has for young activists after saying donald trump is not a legitimate president. and later, fighting with the press. the growing concerns about the president-elect playing favorites with journalists.
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democrats have long aired their grievances about donald trump and the election process. but there is an opening to establish better relationships when trump takes office. here is more from chuck todd's exclusive interview with john lewis. >> you have forged relationships with many presidents. do you plan on trying to forge a relationship with donald trump? >> you know, i believe in forgiveness, i believe in trying to work with people. it will be hard. it will be very difficult. i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him a
4:17 am
legitimate president. why is that? >> i think the russians participated in having this man get elected. and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it would be the first one that i miss since i've been in the congress. you cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong. >> that will send a big message to a lot of people in this country, that you don't believe he's a legitimate president. >> i think there was a conspiracy on the part of the russians and others to help him get elected. that's not right. that's not fair. that is not the open democratic process. >> you're a man of action. you have been your whole life.
4:18 am
you believe this president is not legitimate. what would you tell young folks, young activists to do? >> i would say to young people and i continue to say it today and i'll say is it during the next few days as we celebrate and commemorate the birthday of martin luther king jr., that when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something. you cannot afford to be quiet but to be silent. >> so what should nancy pelosi do, what should chuck schumer do, what should barack obama do? >> we must not be silent. we must act. >> you can watch the full interview tomorrow on "meet the press." kelly o'donnell is outside trump tower this morning and kelly, any reaction from trump or his team on this? >> reporter: well, as you would expect when you have a figure who has the wide respect and admiration of both republicans
4:19 am
and democrats like john lewis, his use of the words that we just period there saying that donald trump is not a legitimate president are already having repercussions and reverberations because of the standing that lewis has in american life and in politics. so it is already a ccern for republicans who say while the criticism of how the election unfolded, democrats not being happy with the result, questions from what influence the russian hacking may or may not have had on how voters were thinking about the election are legitimate to have. but to use words like delegitimizing and not a legitimate president does raise concerns. we heard that in particular from roy blunt. here's what he had to say. >> the idea of constantly looking for ways to delegitimize the results of the election no matter how unhappy you are about it isn't the best example we
4:20 am
set. the best example we set is understanding that there is a democratic process that you go through, there is a unique process in our country where states still matter. and mr. trump won that election handily. >> reporter: and so that's what you'll hear largely from republicans trying to turn forward, to look about what comes next with the new administration. but clearly the feelings that many democrats and others have about the sort of unsettled aspects of the election, not the vote count, not the tally, not the electoral college which has clearly resolved the donald trump won quote fair and square, but the atmosphere and the political environment of 2016 still echos in to the new year as the president-elect gets ready to go to washington on monday. it will be a day trip. he will be working on some of the things for the inauguration and his new administration. not yet making the big move. but you get a sense that there
4:21 am
are certainly concerns about how the election uolded that ve not resolved. >> and how can we gauge the concern about how concerned they are about the true nature of trump's relations with russia or what the campaign's relation was? >> reporter: of course that has been an ongoing question and we know that the senate int intelligence committee will launch an unexpected and many say welcome investigation into the russian hacking. the trump transition team says that there were no improper contacts with russian officials. they do acknowledge that the incoming national security adviser michael flynn had some phone communication with russia's ambassador to the u.s. but they say that was purely the normal business of transition. and we saw in a new interview, print interview with the "wall street journal," donald trump is quoted as saying if russia can help on issues that the u.s. has a common interest with, things like fighting isis that type of relationship, that why would
4:22 am
anybody want sanctions. that is curious because of course many are wondering will the new administration keep the punishment imposed by the o outgoinged administration attempted interference. so he leaves that door open about rolling back those sanctions. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. well, some frightening moments that we'll tell you about what happened to the driver of this truck during the ongoing ice storm. ♪
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4:26 am
the safety concern becomes that as all of this ice builds up, it becomes so heavy, it can topple large trees and power lines. this morning aresh coating of ice across parts of the midwest in the midst of a three day ice storm. overnight in kansas, emergency crews responded to this pileup outside wichita. it followed a day of slick roads in missouri, as well, where cars were sent sliding off the road. in springfield, the start of this ice storm left kendra williams and her family without power. >> water everywhere. and ice. and no heat. so, yeah, we were all having to bundle up and try to keep all the heat we can in the house. >> reporter: the potentially crippling ice storm is impacting sunday's nfl playoff game in kansas city, the chiefs set to take on the steelers. kickoff had been set for 12 chlt 067895, but it's pushed back to
4:27 am
7:20 p.m. kickoff to give the storm time to pass. >> i think if you look at the weather, you look at the patterns, the information we've been provided by the experts, this is the best window to not only play the game, but to commute to and from the game. >> reporter: out west where the storm began more than 3 feet of fresh snow has piled up around lake tahoe. the truckee river is swelling. in utah, officials are sharing this terrifying video of a snow proce plow sliding 300 feet down the hill. the driver is recovering. this portland, a commuter train slid off the tracks friday. blow torches had to be used to melt the ice. with more freezing rain, concern about just how much ice these communities will get. blake mccoy reporting from st. louis for us there. well, still ahead, here is a word cloud associated with president-elect touchdown. we'll tell you what it's all about up next.
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welcome back. i'm dara brown. here's what we're monitoring. breaking news, the nation's midsection bracing for a winter storm. expected to produce thick ice that already has glazed roads. grounded flights ap knoknocked power. in kansas, the national guard are patrolling key roads and help drivers stranded by icy conditions. and to the west, heavy snowfall is making driving dangerous in utah. poor visibility led to this accident. police say the driver has serious injuries after rolling several hundred feet down an embankment. prominent civil rights leader congress than john lewis will not be attending the inauguration of president-elect trump. his first to sit out since he took office in congress in 1987. the georgia congressman told nbc's chuck todd in an exclusive interview on meet the press that
4:32 am
he feels the circumstances of his election are, quote, not right. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. i think the russians participated in having this man get elected and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> joining me is president and ceo of the national urban league. mark, thank you so much for coming. >> good morning. >> so first question, do you agree with congressman lewis? >> john lewis is one of the great americans of our generation. he's a personal hero. he's a friend. he's someone whose opinion i would not challenge. but what his statement underscores i think, and this is a point, is whye need a select committee, a bartisan effort, a complete examination of the
4:33 am
role of russia in the last election cycle. because it's dangerous and people have missed the point. the point is not simply did it have an impact on the election. the question is did they attempt to have an impact on the election. and if they did it, then it constitutes espionage, it constitutes something that all americans should be concerned about. any interference with our election process. so the air needs to be cleared and it's not going to be cleared unless there is a thorough examination. either a select committee, bipartisan commission of citizens with the full power to examine all of the facts and in a public fashion. >> there are just days before the inauguration. does donald trump deserve the opportunity to go into the office without being a could th accusations? >> i don't think that you can just drop the issue with russia simply because there is an
4:34 am
inauguration taking place. certainly the president will -- the president-elect will become the president. he simply is going to have to govern. what i think would be good is if he would embrace the idea of a full and complete examination, indicate that he's going to fully cooperate with it. because it's a bit of heho protested too much, i think by continuing to protest -- and i feel one might feel that they're trying to delegitimize his prz. b prz city. but this is bigger than donald trump. whether our elections are elections that americans participate in. if we don't, if you will, air all the facts with respect to russia, what we are going to face in the future is not only russia, but other nations having if you will campaign offices inside of the american democratic system. that is unacceptable. is that not what we want.
4:35 am
we should not the tolerate any interference in our elections process. there is enough there to warrant i think a complete and full examination. and i think cooperating around the examination is in the best interests of the country. there has been suggestions that other countries may have sought to influence our elections process. if that's the case, let there be transparency. we deserve to know. >> i want to ask you about the l mlk march. what is it that you want the trump administration to do? >> i think a strong commitment to enforce civil rights law. whether the voting rights act and commitment not only to enforce the existing voting rights agenct, will you a willi nrs n ness to work on a fix to the shelby case. and also an opportunity for
4:36 am
innercity america. we've come a long way since the recession of 2007, 8 and 9. however, unemployment remains high. wages remain continuingly stagnant. i'd like to see a bipartisan plan, we're willing to work along with anyone who wants to put a plan together to meaningfully create job opportunities and upward mobility particularly for young people who reside in america's not the only urban communities, but i think the areas of poverty and distress and suburban and rural america. there is a chance here. so we would like to see a commitment around civil rights and economic opportunity. not only from the new administration and the new cabinet, but i think from both sides of the aisle in the congress. dr. king and his message went beyond politics. it went to justice and morality. this march today is a reaffirmation by all of us to the principles that dr. king fought for. and those principles have inspired so many of us and guided the work of many.
4:37 am
it's a reaffirmation, a time for recommitment. >> let's talk about this moving forward, though. you and other leaders have voiced your concerns about senator jeff sessions' past as it relates to allegations of racism. take a listen to one of his supporters what they said. >> if you disagree with senator sessions because of his political views, let's have a conversation about that. but let's do it on the facts, not on 30 years of innuendos and allegations that have been disproven. after 20 years of knowing senator sessions, i have not seen the slightest evidence of racism because it does not exist. i know a racist when i see one and i've seen more than one. but jeffessions is not one. >> so after hearing this kind of sentiment, what is the disconnect? >> i think the disconnects is it's not about, quote, whether senator sessions is a racist. it's about whether we can trust senator sessions should he become attorney general to be
4:38 am
aggressively enforce the civil rights laws, to use the power of the justice department to fulfill the mission of the justice department and the mission of the work that has taken place over the last 50 years. that this is not about personality, about whether we like someone or whether someone is polite or gentlemanly. this is more about the record. so i think that the hearings i don't think provide any of us with any additional evidence. and i think it's more than 30 years ago. i mean i know his vote against loretta lynch. i note the fact that he opposed retroactivity of the crack cocaine disparity reduction bill. those sorts of things raise important questions. for you, should he be confirmed? i think we'd like to encourage him to give strong signals to all of us that that justice department is going to tip.
4:39 am
there are concept decrees in baltimore, in chicago. there is a police community initiative that is taking place under the obama administration. we like to see him continue that. we'd like to see him aggressively ensure that those cities that have made commitments to police reform carry out those reforms and it's not an effort to either undue those efforts, those consent decrees or to some extent weaken e power of the justice department in enforcing these laws. >> marc morial, great to have you here and we'll see you at the mlk march. now donald trump's frequent use of twitter. well documented, but the ripple effects of the president-elect's social media seem to be growing wider. savannah sellers is here with more. >> thanks. and that is exactly right. the effects of the trump tweet can be huge. just this week, a mobile app called trigger has added a
4:40 am
feature where users can be alerted when trump tweets about a company they have invested in. since according to the app an unfavorable tweet by trump could cost a company billions. but the president-elect is adamant that he will continue his tweeting sways. so is this xwofrnigoverning in of social media or should trump stop the twitter habit? he tweets often and early. take to go dwittwitter round th clock to share his personal thoughts on just about everything. >> let's show you a twitter war between touchdown and senator warren. >> tweet storm from the president-elect. >> reporter: from meryl streep's acting abilities, calling her overrated, to the apprentice, shaming newcomer arnold schwarzenegger. to fake news. calling out crooked opponents. this is a look at some of the words he frequently uses. crooked. dishonest. weak.
4:41 am
failing. all among his top adjectives. as trump's visibility has increased, so has the impact of a single tweet. a recent tweet complaining about the cost of boeing's new air force one caused the aerospace giant's stock to drop $2 per share in just one day. trump has nearly 20 million followers on twitter. small compared to the likes of justin bieber or taylor swift, but against other politicians and lieaders like hillary clinton, his audience is huge. trump's team says the tweeting will tip. >> it's free for you. you get information from him. and the press doesn't like it because he is it an end run around him and it's a democratization of information. >> reporter: a new poll shows nearly two-thirds of americans want trump to st teting on his personal account. >> dyou think donald trump should keep tweeting? >> i think he shouldn't keep tweeting with the amount of power and the position he holds, i feel like he should tone it down a bit. >> it wasn't appropriate before
4:42 am
and it's not appropriate now. sglu like >> you like it? >> it's like your first amendment. >> i think he should tip communicating on twitter, but avoid using it for sensitive subjects. >> so there you have it. and right here on rockefeller plaza, the majority felt he should stop the constant tweeting. about there have been real consequences. at the consumer electronics show in las vegas, it was reported that technology executives had actually altered their pr team's schedule so is that someone is keeping an eye on donald trump's twitter account at all times for fear of a mention and subsequent stock market impact. >> savannah, thank you. still ahead, did james comey take actions that might have influenced the outcome of the presidential election and what happens if the new internal investigation says yes? and coming up in the next hour, the mixed messages from president-elect donald trump on whether he will lift economic
4:43 am
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i think there was a conspiracy on the part of the russians and others to help him get elected. that's not right. that's not fair. that's not the open democratic process. >> that is civil rights icon john lewis weighing in on president-elect donald trump. joining me now, joe watkins, rick tyler, and zerlena maxwell. great to have you all this morning. >> thanks so much. >> how unprecedented is this to have such a high ranking congressman questioning president's legitimacy and what is the fallout from this? >> of course john lewis is a personal hero of mine. i mean what he did for americans
4:47 am
of color and for all americans back in the 1960s changed america. so i have tremendous respect for him. and him saying -- making these comments of course certainly has created the sensational news story that it is. i think that it's very clear to me that donald trump won the election. i mean, whether you voted for him or you didn't vote for him, whether you are a fan or a foe, he won the election fair and square. and no matter what role the russians may have had in the election, it's clear that donald trump supporters were enthused and came out in big numbers to support him and to make him president. >> and do you think democrats like john lewis should be trying to work with trump for the good ofhe country instead of taking this divisive tact? >> no, i actually think that he is taking a very courageous stance here and it goes along
4:48 am
with his long legacy. think about what john lewis bled for in the 1960s. he bled for african-americans to have the right to cast their ballots to be a part of this democratic process and to be full citizenship in a free democratic society. russian interference into that process is something that goes to the core of what he fought and bled for. so i think that it's very important for us to get to the bottom of what happened regardless of the actual outcome of the election. i think it's very concerning to have a deficit of 4 million votes and we're going to be swearing in someone who received fewer votes and has a cloud of succespicion because of russian interference. >> and we've learned this morning that the senate intelligence committee will be performing its own investigation into trump's possible ties with russia. rick, what kind of impact do those questions have if these are the not resolved? >> i think there is a certain iron any with john lewis talking about i will legitimacy of
4:49 am
donald trump when donald trump questioned the legitimacy of the last president barack obama is for nearly his entire term. i think the russian inquiry i said at the beginning has legs, it will have legs, and it will always provide people with an ability to say that his presidency is somehow illegitimate. i do think -- i agree with joe, i think he won fair and square. he got the most electoral votes. but i think this will always taint the election. >> and a congressional briefing turned adversarial with democrats questioning james comey o comey's handling of the hillary clinton e-mails. what can they accomplish? >> i think he nee to be held accountable because what did he a week before the election in october was really problematic and now we see when we're looking back to hisdon't-it's n
4:50 am
with his words saying i don't comment on ongoing investigations. it's almost laughable. that is serious charge to say you top of the have faith in the director of in the world in whi things are very dangerous and we need to have faith in that leader. so i think the investigation into comey's actions is important and i think it's a very serious one. i think the russian interference in the election is problematic regardless of the outcome of the election. i no, ma'am not in disagreement that donald trump won the election under our current rules. what i'm saying is that the interference by the russians stealing private e-mails, stealing john podesta's private gmail messages, is something we need to look into regardless of the outcome like i said. >> how long can the president-elect keep this feud going um with your nation's spy agencies? stay with us. we'll ask you how troubling it is. ever try something so good,
4:51 am
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4:54 am
in his first press conference as president-elect, donald trump lashed out at american intelligence agencies who he says publicized a dossier detailing his alleged ties to russia. >> i think it was disdpras fgra that the intelligence agencies allowed any informationhat turned out to be so false and fake out. i think it's a disgrace. i say that, and i say that, amend that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. i think it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public. >> a senior u.s. official told nbc news that fbi director james comey told trump about the existence of these unverified allegations in a private chat after the president-elect's official intelligence briefing. our political panel is back with us. joe, this was trump's first news conference in months. what's your take? how would you describe this?
4:55 am
>> well, it was very contentious, of course, and he had very strong words for the intelligence community. i have a lot of friends in the intelligence community so i know this is a difficult time for them. i think donald trump's choice of dan coats, former u.s. senator and ambassador dan coats to be the director of intelligence to work with the agency is going to have a soothing and helpful effect going forward. but right now it's very contentious. >> rick, trump criticized the intelligence agencies, the media. how long can he keep up this combative relationship before it becomes damaging to the country? >> it's already become damaging to him. what he says is an intelligence briefing released to the public was not. it was a campaign document and it was pretty much made public anyway. he calls it an intelligence document and now it's all a muddle and all very confused. look, somebody put that two-page summary of that campaign document into the presidents' daily briefing for a specific reason -- to embarrass him. and they did, and here we are.
4:56 am
ironically he used that whole event to deflect in his press conference from what he was even there for, which we're not talking about, which was his ability to not have conflicts of interest in ethics and he certainly didn't satisfy i think anybody's need or desire to avoid conflicts of interest while he's in office. >> zerlina, was it fair game for this story about so-called dossier to even be released in the first place? >> i think it's interesting you ask that given the fact we had the new york fbi laebing late in the election cycle. so i think that donald trump, who benefitted from leaks that hurt hillary clinton late in the electi cycle isn't the messenger to say that he's judgment set by any leaks right now. and as joe and rick mentioned in the previous segment, it is irpic considering donald trump spent five years with the
4:57 am
birther lie delegitimizing this president and he all these questions about his own presidency. perhaps karma coming back to bite him a bit. >> open questions. so many more. zerlina, rick, joe, thank you. that'll do it for me this hour. i'm dara brown. at the top of the hour, social media lawsuit. the family of an american student killed in the paris attacks takes aim at twitter, google, and facebook. the reasons why in our next hour. not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it.
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5:00 am
good morning, everyone. a congressman is blasting president-elect trump one week before he takes office. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate presid


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