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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live, set your dvr. this show is exciting. follow me at twitter too @greta. "hardball with chris matthews" starts right now. investigation. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matt this in washington. sometimes the decision to investigate changes the climate. before that senator full bright's hearings on vietnam or the water gait hearings. as way of popping out information we did not have but have a right to have. inspector general is about to begin a serious investigation of fbi
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director james comey to expose election day before candidate was still under active investigation for possibly mishandling of classified government investigation information. the man who won the election donald trump up at dawn tweeting a storm of protests. based on the information they had she should ner e -- lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. the fact that trump is fired up about it he recognizes the danger here comey decision to send bombshell letter to congress 11 days before the election. it place major role in trump's closing
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argument. >> they are reopening the investigation into crooked hillary clinton. the fbi would never have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most eagreeingous criminal offense. hillary broke the law over and over and over again. we can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. i will continue to address and expose the criminal corruption of hillary clinton and it's threat to the survival of -- >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> that's the election, clinton and her team left no doubt they put the blame on cocoa me. here what hillary clinton told
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supporters last month. >> swing state voters make decision in the final days breaking against me because of the fbi letter from director comey, i believe that that letter most likely made the difference in the outcome. >> does trump have something to be worried about here. what does it do the political world going into the inaugural. let's go along the line, you first ruth. have you big picture looks at things. this starts small, a federal government an ig you never hear of these people, p make decision this too big to let go go and carry out what could be a relentless
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investigation as to what went on in the justice department and fbi that shook this election campaign to its feet. this changed everything. >> it's a very difficult moment. a fragile moment for our democracy because it's not just ig investigation it's also a congress or whoever decides to do an investigation of what happened with the russian hacking. we have two situations. you cannot rerun an election but we have a situation where a chung of the country is suspicion of whether the outcome of this election was a fair outcome. you have a president who instead of wanting to heal when bring everybody together can't stop relate gaiting it.s very unfortunate and volatile situation. >> we will have a smooth
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transfer. but there will be strange electricity in the air. >> what built political base for donald trump. it was questioning legitimacy of barack obama presidency about the birther discredited birther accusation. there's a third which is that he lost the popular vote. you see donald trump being sensitive on all three issues and still litigating them even a week before he going to take office. >> this is united states government in the shape of inspector general a non-politician investigating and using his office to investigate the behavior of his department, the justice department. this isn't some weird guy in russia,
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had is about us investigating what happened in this city, maybe what happened in new york office about why this decision was made by comey. >> it's a remarkable thang that's happening and something start small when end up being bigger, if we find out that comey was political reason why he took these steps, i was out in swing states, i went to the north carolina it was on all voters minds, people were early voting with the idea his letter had come out, they were people supporting donald trump this moved me to the polls this was the straw that broke the camels. back. there's russia, all the other things that went on, i think it's a big deal and something i want to follow up
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on. >> north carolina being the example, the republican governor gets beaten. it's not about her. watch exchange by comey and angus king this week. >> mr. comey did you answer senator's question there's investigation under way between political campaign and the russians. >> i zn say one way or another especially in public foreign wre we never deny in a public forum. >> i cannot avoid but i will move on. >> he did make his point. today with only one message for the press. let's watch. >> can you tell us anything
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about the -- >> no it's classified we can't tell you anything. i can tell you the fbi director has no creditability. >> that's it. >> that's the situation it is. comey find himself a man without a country. he has a few enemies in the back room, too. >> sometimes in washington you say if everybody is complain about you, you maybe doing something right. that may not be the situation in this case. we have going to have people saying he has to creditability, you had john lewis, renowned congressman questioning the new president's legitimacy. you're going to have months -- >> let's not play naive here.
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>> i'm not naive. >> if you're down, you know who your enemies are because they jump you. washington has a chance to jump comey for their own reasons, right. >> my point is this situation is not healthy for the country. we are going to have a bunch of inquiries about the popular vote. what happened the inspector general come out with a report does that solve anything for us? >> why so long to wait. why until the week of the inaugural to announce this. >> i have been asking that question because i think it's important. >> one reason to doing now to get a launch before the investigation is over. he could be replaced as inspector general it's possible in the new administration to -- it's an
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independent operation but there are things the administration can do. i don't think jam comey did this for political reason. >> i think the great investigation question is what mote voted him to announce that hillary clinton was under investigation. anthony weiner had and his wife had the information on the same desktop, was that enough for a reason or was there politics in the new york fbi office or did juligiul have something in this, i don't know. i find it fascinating. all the agents are saying you have to do something, you have to do
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something. and you promise to announce this that's institution impairive which is not -- >> what does the report sew show. that he wasn't mote vote the by the sense of duty and he felt like if he had come out afterwards and hillary clinton had won, we are going to be look at anthony wiener's e-mails, it's hard to figure out -- >> it took him about a day to look at the e-mails. they could have looked at it and realized there was nothing there and made no announcement. >> or we don't make announcements about investigation. >> one reason is to avoid exactly the situation we have. >> that may be all that comes out of this. hiring all of these
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people and they come and say political sensitive of certain week of an election and they violate it. >> people don't like people that lose for a while. hillary clinton wasn't trump's twitter comment today. mr. trum said today totally made up facts by sleaze bag russia says nothing exists, my people will have a reporting hacking within 90 d s days. >> why is intelligence always in
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quote. >> ruth, will this report by the inspector general by the believe will have a lot of drama to it will it lead to indictment of comey the way he did this. >> critical or political. >> let's call it ethical indictment. >> he was not mote voted by political desire. he was motivated to help himself. it will end up criticizing his judgment on a number of different fronts and we are going to say can't rerun an election -- >> nixon had a tape recording-. that changes things. it pops
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when you put prush pressure on it. >> it it comes out there's any way he was politically motivated. >> politically or part -- >> part motivated. >> think about how hard that is to prove. >> we are here, susan, we have had a great friday start. donald trump picked on the phone with russian ambassador here at the same time obama was considering sanctions for hacking. that's raising a lot of suspicion. u.s. john lewis says he doesn't see trump as legitimate president because of
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xfinity, the future of awesome. welcome back to "hardball." with 7 days until donald trump takes the office. future presidency civil rights hero and georgia congressman john lewis said today he thinks russian's influence made donald trump presidency ill legitimate. >> i don't see president-elect has legitimate president. i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> as donald trump said he
4:20 pm
strongly rejects that. >> if putin likes donald trump i consider that asset. because we have a horrible relationship with russia. >> also today jam clapper had contentionous briefing with the russian hacking. i'm joined by two in the hearing today. >> it was tense. clapper was the main spokesperson. it was chilling to know what russia had done and their intent to destroy our democratic principals and make us look bad. and so they
4:21 pm
were produced. the idea that the trump campaign seems to pair lel the parallel the same -- >> what do we know the fact the trump people did to be accessories to this russia getting into our campaign. what did trump peop-- this something needs to be ascertain i hope there's an investigation to see what the connections were between the kremlin and the trump people and i asked that question because that's a major import. we do note that trump's message about wick leek about the crookedness of hillary clinton that russia was putting out and propaganda. >> was he --
4:22 pm
>> it was consistent. it was the same message. >> what do you know? >> well, i would agree with representative that the russians for a long time had a favorite candidate. when i was in russia in may or june, if you turn on tv it was about hillary clinton was wor belonger and kbg to start a war with russia. >> i look at the campaign by the way, i don't think hillary was looking for war. she is much more hawkish than trump i. was that a global look or go to war are russia. >> it was not a candidate they wanted to see win the presidency. she is hawkish towards russia and vladimir putin has a issue with her. they were pro democracy protests that broke out and she called him out
4:23 pm
on it publicly. he was angry and upset about that. he said she sent the signal to the protests -- >> she also made fun of him. >> let's get to the law her. if it -- let's find out for political reasons. if one of his people was working hand and glove with the kremlin, why don't you look into this, trump did announce, i wish the rush russian would dig into her e-mail. what would be criminal, what would be negotiations as not as part of the administration. >> i think the logan act would be apolitic --
4:24 pm
>> in hacking the e-mails knowledge of that and encourage such and using that information like aid and abetter and can accessory over the fact it would be subject to the impeachment hearing. this have to be the once to initial impeachment. >> it's hard to see both house of congress who need republican to affirm agenda that they would bring this forward. >> we have them on last night. learned that trump's national security adviser conducted talks on the day that president obama sanctioned russian and expel doemts from this country. he wrote. according to several times on december 29 that day the obama administration
4:25 pm
announced the expullion of 35 -- from negotiating from foreign government having dispute with the united states. press secretary sean spicer told before the sanctions were announced. let's listen. >> i would like to give you a call, may i. he took that call only the 28 and the call centered around the lo gisic of setting up a call with the president of russia and the president-elect after he was sworn in and exchange information on how to initial that call. that was it.
4:26 pm
>> russian ambassador that the u.s. trump administration would easy or roll back -- >> for the loss of life that occurred of the military choir and commit to establishing a call after the inauguration between the two leaders. >> on december 27, the day before he made the call, wa "washington post" said it was eminent. sanctions. >> there's a lot of smoke and it needs to be investigated. i would like to say this about james comey, i called for misresignation when he leaked information about the e-mail. >> i think comey is the only guy if he finds something to connect
4:27 pm
trumps to the connection that he would have backbone to stand up make national issue. if trump does fire it, it would be richardson it would be -- >> by the way, they let it out of the bag today. "the wall street journal" is upset they get them to investigate that's what they are mad about. by the way i'm with comey on that one. thank you congressman on that one. up next, trump himself took during the campaign. a lot of them are at odds with issue like russia, the muslim band, torture
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and iran deal. who are be supposed to believe, the cabinet or whatever, this is "hardball" where the action is.
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are accused of covering up that problem. thousands without power. repeatedly used excessive force when not necessary. now back to "hardball." welcome back to "hardball," several of donald trump's cabinet took the stands for confirmation hearings. doesn't quite scare with what the nominees are saying. let's watch. >> the tpp is a horrible deal it is a deal that is going to lead to nothing but trouble. so i say it's a bad deal. should not be approved. >> do you opposition that tpp? >> i do not oppose tpp.
4:33 pm
>> donald j. trump is calling for muslim entering the united states. >> i have no belief do not support the idea that muslims should be denied admission to the united states. >> when mexico sends its people, they are bringing drugs, crime, they are rainest and some are good people. >> i would never characterize an entire population with any single term at all. >> we are going to build a wall. >> physical barrier would not do its job. >> i never belief wikileaks was a credible source of information. >> i would have recommend that the ukraine take all of its military assets it had available put it on eastern border provided access with defensive
4:34 pm
weapons necessary to defend themselves announce that the u.s. going to provided them intelligence either nato or u.s. provided air surveillance over the boarder. >> this was looker room talk. >> is grabbing a women without her consent that sexual assault. >> yes. >> we want them to be themselves and say what you want to say. don't worry about me. and i'm going to do the right thing, whatever its is. i said be yourselves. >> let's bring the roundtable tonight. let's start jason. if you voted for trump and you voted against trade and for the wall, i go through the list,
4:35 pm
everything is being vitiated by the nominees, at least during the hearing. >> i can shoot somebody and these people will vote for me. i thought he was going to shake-up the supports at all. this is not going to effect his voters at all. >> it doesn't matter what they say. they is going to talk to reince priebus and decide what he is wants to do or. >> jared kushner. >> or jared kushner. >> these are rock of jabralty. you have a guy saying the wall won't work. >> i talk to the supporters,
4:36 pm
does it matter that the mexico -- they voted for shake-up in washington. as long as they feel like washington is functioning again, it gets a pass. >> do you buy that? >> i would love that to be the truth. i think that he believes this stuff, a lot of supports is it. there's going to be sense of mass disenlugsment. >> i think the election was cultural and class. >> yes. >> i think they may not like that. >> they may not like it if it's wrong kind of celebrity. >> kid rock, those people. i done think a lot of trump supporters care if the works better, they want someone to
4:37 pm
make congress feel uncomfortable. >> a lot of his -- theality right like that. he said there's we're not go to do it, outlaw muslims. why did mr. sessions feel, the guy from alabama look like he has a race problem. >> that's exactly. >> only the voters -- >> elected president. >> i'm going to follow your theory, i do if he can produce jobs for infrastructure, i'm for it. they took the deep minors to dig subways that would be brilliant. you can tell people to mo of to milwaukee total has
4:38 pm
see and they may do it. i'm going to end depression by cutting the number of government employees. i'm going to reduce the deficitment he comes in expands the role of the government and got elected three times. it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do it. >> the other thing he came and discussed and promising to not to get us into the war. he had to bring the country with him. does trump know how to or does he want to bring the country with him wherever he goes. >> i'm moving the embassy. that is the slap to the -- there's a upside to it and scary downside
4:39 pm
to it in terms of war. >> there's a governing part and retail politicals part. the contradiction between him and the cabinet -- >> long after the administration, he going to be married to ivanka, his daughter. >> this is -- >> we don't have that yet. this is not exactly a team of rivals. i don't get -- trump is going to run his white house like he ran his campaign which is impulsively. >> mad dog versus flynn, who is going to win is this. >> mad dog. >> roundtable sticking with us. it's a lively friday. you're
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back with "hardball" roundtable. jason, tell me something. >> oldest historical black college this week they going to perform at trump's inauguration. they have used this in a creative way. the school raised over $300,000 from white wing organization. a lot of people that's the reason why they said they are going to do it. >> i spoke with -- >> make your move. >> i spoke with jason this afternoon who shows -- i asked whether he cared he still owned his asset and be conflict of
4:44 pm
interest. he said all we care about is the law. don't you care about inviting conflicts. no, just the law. what about the emoluments. no. his answer, nos necessarily. >> jeremy, the stuff you know. what john lewis did, could be a stroke of sheer jennous. it's going to glblow up and going toe smart play on the democrats. >> he has amazing history of
4:45 pm
taking the hits for civil rights. >> he was the freedom rider, he is the real thing. thank you, to the panel. up next, as we watch president obama say farewell, george washington, since 1796 when he first made the words. this is "hardball," where the action is. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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we learned today president obama will hold last press briefing next wednesday. it will happen sometime in the afternoon. meanwhile, lester hotel for a special presentation. dateline nbc coming up tonight. we'll be right back.
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4:50 pm
defense warning two centuries ago. washington farewell. makes george washington's departing message applies as much today as in the beginning of the republic. "washington understood that utopian dreams often turn into nightma nightmares. he hoped to create a document beyond partisanship to unite the nation." >> in his own farewell address, george washington wrote that self-government is the underpinning of our safety, prosperity and liberty. but from different causes and from different quarters much pains will be taken to weaken in your minds the conviction of this truth.
4:51 pm
so we have to preserve this truth with jealous anxiety that we should reject the first dawning of every attempt to alienate any portion of our country from the rest or to enfeeble the sacred ties that make us one. >> i'm joined by john avlon editor-in-chief of the daily beast and author of "washington's farewell, the founding father's warning to future generations." i'm sometimes overwhelmed by history and here we have the first african-american president quoting reverently from the first president who was a slave holder. it's one of those things that shows how things change for the better in our history. let me ask you about washington. what is the core of the washington message on leaving the presidency? >> the core message, chris, is that he's sending a message to future generations, a warning about the forces he felt could destroy our democratic republic.
4:52 pm
hyperpartisanship, excessive debt and foreign wars. and it's based on the understandings of his life and history, the sum of all his hard won wisdom and a prophetic document that has more applicability today than ever before. >> what about the two parties? we've had a good run. i used to like the two parties more than i do now because one would keep the other honest. if you thought one was cheating or somebody screwed up you could come in with the other side that was center left. they're all moderate today and that would work. now i think one party seeks to prevent the other party from getting credit to do anything. this they try to undermine each other. is that what mr. washington was thinking about or did he see the worst coming? >> he fund danger of hyperpartisanship which is the problem we're dealing with. washington was an independent president, not a member of any political party. the constitution doesn't mention political parties but what he saw was the danger of hyperpartisans hijacking the
4:53 pm
government, creating a dysfunctional democracy and that he warned could open the door to a demagogue with authoritarian ambitions. so he was very clear-eyed about those dangers rooted in his understanding of how democratic republics failed before. >> i think in high school public speaking we had that for two years, i had a dim memory one of the speeches -- i don't think it could have been this one because get t gettysburg address is two minutes. this was longer and it wasn't delivered, right? >> that's right. it was an open letter to the american people published in the philadelphia daily advertiser in september, 1796. it's over 6,000 words but there was a time it was standard operating procedure to teach in the america's public schools after the civil war as a way of reuniting the nation. it was more reprinted than the declaration of independence for over a hundred years so this was civic scripture. >> you know, i remember one of the key lines is that it was about avoiding entangling
4:54 pm
relationships, i think about russia and the arab nations, i wonder if a big party like us can avoid entangling relationships. we did have allies, we have nato. nato is pretty darn good. it worked. it kept the russians out of western europe it did work. entangling alliance. >> you have to remember at the time washington was doing this, the fact of our geography we are isolated by an ocean from the problems of europe and washington wanted to take advantage of that strategic asset and give us time to grow in military and economic strength so we could be an independent nation on the world stage but he never meant it to be isolation. it was simply saying we needed a foreign policy and independence, not to become its satellite and the point you raise about russia is resonating because he recognized that history was littered with examples where foreign powers came in and subvert it had sovereignty of
4:55 pm
other nations and by interfering in their domestic politics and god knows that's what we're seeing today. >> i want to ask you the big question when we come back. i never do this but i'm doing it for you. what would george washington think of donald trump? we'll be back with the answer with john avavlon, you're watchg "hardball."
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so we're back with john avlon, author of the great book "washington's farewell." so what would gw think of donald trump? >> wwwd? i think on a personal level washington is somebody who cultivated character. he cared about his reputation. he was a modest man. he believed in the strength of
4:59 pm
moderation as a governing principle and he devoted his life to civic purposes, whether it was being a soldier, a member of the house of burgesss or our first president. these are qualities that donald trump doesn't necessary cherish or value or reflect his own personal history, obviously. so on that front donald trump would be a different kind of man that washington anticipated. but there are aspects of what washington laid out in the farewell that even donald trump might resonate with -- foreign policy of independence, the idea of peace through strength in military. that's something that could resonate with trump and the virtue of this document is there are things that conservatives and liberals alike can take comfort from, even donald trump perhaps in some of his supporters. >> did it surprise you the president, president obama, mentioned washington's farewell remarks, he wasn't trying to help you sell books but he was talking about your book. that must have been marvelous to hear the president talk about what you'd been writing about all these months. >> that was a remarkable moment but, you know, it makes sense, the focus on citizenship, focus on national unity, the
5:00 pm
understanding that our independence is inseparable from our interdependence. those are things he shares with george washington just a moment. >> john avlon with a timely book, washington's farewell. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> an american icon takes a stand against trump. >> when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, off moral obligation to do something. >> tonight, the shock waves from john lewis and why democrats are fuming after another classified briefing with fbi director comey. plus, new questions about team trump's explanation for their phone calls to russia. >> the only conversation that general flynn had was one to wish him a merry christmas. why republicans are targeting the ethics office that will oversee trump. the


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