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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 12, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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follow me on twitter @greta. "hardball" with good matthews starts right now. trump verse cia. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. trump calls this spy agencies nazi, they feel the need to share news about them that's the way trump sees it. the president-elect public dispute has given wedge between the communities.
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as trump indicate he is not ready to call it truce. multiple times he says they can be responsible for leaking information into the press. they compared those tweets to na nazi germany. >> that nonsense released by intelligence agencies, who knows. it would be a tremendous blot on their report if they did that. >> i think it is disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed apy information that turned out to be false and fake out. it's a disgrace. i say that and i say that. that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. >> after a conversation with trump last night, james clapper release statement to deny the responsibility for the leaks.
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35-page dossier demonstrated by anti-trump republicans. i emphasize this is not intent product and i do not believe it came from within the intelligence community. intelligence community has not made statements that the document is reliable. "james clamber called me yesterday to denounce the report, phony facts, too bad. >> dang -- i'm joined by leon, the former director, what do you think of the decision by the
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intelligence community, cia and the others and distribute the chairman of the committees but the political leadership of the both sides of the hill to dwibt that widely. this two page widely information gathered by research operation about trump. was that wise to distribute that widely? >> well, chris, i think the standard that usually is followed here is that based on the briefing that they gave the president of the united states and then the brief willing they gave to the president-elect, the intelligence community is obligated to then present that briefing to the key leadership on capitol hill both republican and democrat. so it is standard procedures to
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present whatever briefing was presented to the president and president-elect to that group of leadership on capitol hill. >> the actual intelligence they gave them in terms of the russian engagement was the intense they gave them. they added two-page document. why did they hasn't it to trump on the side or give it to his people. why did they distribute it. somebody was going to leak it, somebody in the republican or democratic party going to leak it to somebody in the press or unless you believe the cia leaked. somebody leaked it. your thoughts. >> as we know from your experience that kind of thing gets leaked. i don't know all the reasons that were involved in having that document accompanied full
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brief with regard t the russian hacking. i suspect that because it involved sensitive information even though it was unfair -- unverified and not substanated because it was sensitive, they felt they had an obligation to present that to both the president and the president-elect. normally, you do provide that kind of information if you have an unsubstantiated report, even if it is unsubstaunated. information that you believe could very well ultimately be proven true, then usual even in intelligence briefing that kind of information is provided with the condition that it is unsubstaunated and not verified. >> who do you think -- that
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would include, or the hill where do you think it would come from, those eight on the hill or the officials in langley. if you were trump who would you think is your enemy in. >> all of them hated when anything is leaked, president clinton was that way. president obama was that way. things get leaked. it's frustrating and it's angry as to who did it you don't know. i believe jim clapper that it was intelligence kplunt that did that. if there are lot of staff members present then it becomes vulnerable to some kind of leak. >> the confirmation hearing mike pompeo took hard line on putin.
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this is looking forward mr. director, let's watch. >> there are unsubstantiated media reports contacts between trump campaign and the russian if confirmed will commit to exploring the questions refer the information that you discovery to the fbi. >> i promise to pursue the facts wherever they take us. the intelligence agencies has that function you'll have my commitment ill do that with respect to this issue and each and every issue as well. >> mr. per nel, i think that's a tricky question, one of the parts of your book you talk about one of the reason, city out of the city, to keep the spies away from washington and the political fiction.
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is it going to be tricky to have the cia investigating the guy -- mr. mike pompeo about his right malicious involvement with the russian before the campaign over. was the engagement by him with the russian that helped his campaign. that's a fruitful area of investigation. how do you do that while the president is in office? >> you do it very careful. the reality is the fbi would be run of those agencies to investigate those allegations and at least according the director is appears they may have an investigation on that issue and obviously, the cia might conduct a similar investigation. you would hope that hoes efforts would be coordinated. but the reality is that when it
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it comes to investigating, something that may involve a violation of law, the white house really does not have much authority to be able to shut those investigations down. normally had happens at the justice department. while it could be frustrating for a president, the reality the justice department is free to conduct that kind of investigation along with other agencies. >> you worked with agencies -- officials in languageley, the people that risk their lives, they go into scary frighten situation, what does that do to the moral to be called nazi by trump. those were his words. >> i really regret that.
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it's not a good situation. for our country, chris to have president of the united states and soon to be commander in chief having this kind of contentionous relationship with the intelligence community. it's not good for our national security, it's not good for the country. it sends the wrong message to the enemies that we don't have our act together. it really does impact the credibility of the information that they are going after. as you point out, it impacts the moral of those involved. these are not republicans and democratless these are good americans working hard to provided the best intelligence possible to the president. as you said they have to put their lives on the line. they are risky operations when it involves resource going out
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to try to get intelligence, russian, in iran, in isis, in north korea, some troubling areas and they put their lives on the line and if they believe that somehow the president of the united states don't trust what they are presenting, make no mistake about it it's going to in pact the quality of swellin intelligence that we get. >> thank you. i'm joined by -- let's talk about this strange fight. the question i put to panetta there, was it smart and fair for the intelligence community to release this dossier of unsupported charges against trump on a wide loop to give it intelligence community members and ranking members, leadership on both sides with the
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possibility that something going to give it to report and somebody did. >> i think it's important it get the sequence right. the first decision that clapper, director l to make was when this dossier is out, it's been out for months, reporter have been working on it. >> nobody has put it into print until now. >> but it was out. it was in the hand of the fbi. he gave it to the fbi on december 9. clapper decision was giving this in briefing the president-elect doesn't i need to tell him what's out there. >> why do you tell all the other people adversarial to him. >> when you're briefing the president-elect that you brief the leadership, the gang of aids as ewe call it. if you didn't do it, you would claim you violented --
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>> you saw what happened. it was ha catalyst for them. okay you're going to give it a two-page attachment, we'll show the hole 30-page dossier, that's what happened. >> it's appropriate to brief him on -- inthe people who leaked i damaged him. you have to distinguish between the cnn story which said the facts that he had been given this described investigation by former british intelligence officer into possible contacts between trump and russian campaign. unredacted
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unredacted sa laborerous detail are not the same thing. >> is there a possibility -- first of all, why do you think trump given wiggle room to putin. he doesn't want to charge putin with anything. is it reasonable to assume we may improve our relation with russian. is that reasonable goal. >> i think trump believes that it's important to improve relations with russia. it's hard to argue that point. our relations have been poisonous. when you have russian jets -- what's the price of that -- a lot of people say they need to change their behavior. second, is it real histic to do it. yes, i think it can be done. whatever russians may have
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intend have made difficult to get to where they want. there's a big impetment also swearing that regoing to be hard liner on russia -- we handle that probe into hillary clinton e-mails. investigation now want to know whether his decision to send that letter to congress about what he was looking into the anthony weiner stuff. plus marco rubio is in a position to get revenge by taking down trump's pick for secretary of state. he can do it. that's ahead and the "hardball"
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msnbc andrea mitchell sat with joe biden. this information and intel briefing. >> was it mistake for the inintelligen inintelligence whunt -- two page addendum. >> we asked that question.
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and their argument was that this is something that the press already had. not just here in the united states but other places that it would be -- they would be, they didn't use the word der lick but it's obligation to inform the president-elect that it was out there so it did not come out of the blue. >> more on biden and president's decision to award him with the medal of distinction. we'll be right back. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated?
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i know there were many opinions expressed by people not part of the investigation including people in government. opinions are irrelevant and they are -- because we did our investigation the right way. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was fbi director james
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comey. the director came under intense krut knee for that. a letter to congress e-mails relating to clinton's case continue. the inspector general announced he is launching a review of that. in statement. in response to request from numerous chairman oversight committee, various organization and members of the dpogovernmen department of justice and the federal bureau of -- director come me refused to comment on the case. comey had this interesting exchange with angus king of maine. >> in a public foreign we never confirm or deny a depending
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investigation. >> the irony of you're making that statement ki not avoid but i i'll move on. >> me did a few days before election about hillary clinton. this isome me. i'm grateful to the department of justice inspector general for taking on this review. i hope share conclusion and observations with the public. i'm joined by josh gur steen and gloria, thank you. this fascinating story. the fact that the ig is able to say i'm look at the way that's handled and i'm get ago lot of heat and we're going to investigate this. how do you discern whether it was political or not without
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recording that say i'm doing this so say i'm doing this to screw hillary and to help trump. >> i think it's going to be difficult to prove he had political motives. i don't want -- >> written policies? >> yes. you're not supposed to take investigative steps to draw little campaign -- in danger of getting hurt or something along those lines. so he went counter to those policy. he said there's an exception here for cases of national import or extreme public interest. the best argument against he did, once you start talking
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about your rationale and go up to the hill and say he i did this part, i did that part, you feel the need to correct the record and go on and on. >> it comes out that come me was co me was in this does bring all kinds of thing into question. >> the announcement of the investigation by ig is adding to this cloud that's hanging over the new -- the healing the wounds that the campaign opened. to make your point, i was talking david, he tells me that
4:25 pm
the investigation by the intelligence agencies, that's still open that investigation. we have two vying probes going on. one looking at kconnections to the russian and comey situation. >> we're talking about hillary's e-mail and russian hackings months after the election day. >> it helps her argument. >> and one thing we know, he sensitive about his is legitimacy. he tweets. >> that's not weird. >> he tweets every day, hillary would have done this, i would have done that. he reliving the election every day. >> let's talk about his power, every government official has
4:26 pm
political appointment in the entire u.s. government all around the world, everybody and every agencies has been told to clear the desk get out january 20th by noon. how about anybody investigating the intelligence agent, can get rid of them. >> this investigation could depending on how it comes out help give him cover to help fire him. comb me is upset over the course of the narrative -- >> new e-mails relating to clinton's case. here he is. >> i have to give fbi that was bad what happened originally and it too guts for director comb me to make the move he made in light of the opposition he had where they are trying to protect
4:27 pm
her from criminal prosecution. you know that. it took a lot of guts. i was not his fan, i tell you what, what he did he brought back his reputation. he brought it back. he has to hang tough because there's a lot of people want him 20 do the wrong them what he is it was the right thing. >> you saw the date mark on that october 31, a week and a half before the election. there's trump saluting comey. >> they are for or against him. >> i like you today. >> to have him poking around among your adviser, remember comey went up about the influence the election, must really feel like he has a wild card in his mist.
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>> i think the spy agencies will be good at that. >> i think there's a question of the fbi's own integrity or the competent that the american public had which is why part why ig is looking into it. >> we will see how powerful inspector general can be. >> thank you. up next revenge of little marco. remember him. donald trump mocked him for his height for drinking too much water and sweating too much. this conty mon chris stow. right after this. this is "hardball." r. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar.
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i'm todd, here is what's happening. cuban migrants will be subject to removal. previously those that reached were allowed to stay. fiat used software that allowed emissions in 100,000 vehicles. flooding thatouther ains, snow, ice and power out ages. back to "hardball."
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would you advise the president-elect repeal order in 2016 elections. >> i would support that what's required is a come prehencive assessment of our policy. >> all the executive order says cyber actions against united states. you need to examine whether that's a good idea or not; is that correct? >> yes. former exxonmobil rex tillerson. oppose tillerson it would take one republican to derail this nomination. r rubio could be that republican. >> many of the answers were concerning to me.
4:34 pm
we'll go back and everything. i'll read through it and make a decision soon. >> i wouldn't character it that way. >> have you made decision to vote against himt him, are you prepared to be one republican to vote no. >> i'm prepared to do what's right. >> blocking the administration would be a body blow. republican toying with the fate of president-elect nominee. was down right ugly. let's watch. >> the guys total mess. i joked represently about can you imagine -- i never seen a human being sweat like this guy. >> the man with the worst tan in america. have you seen his hands, they are like this.
4:35 pm
you know what they say about men with small hands. you captain trust them. >> policy question for you sir. >> let's see if he answer it. >> i will. don't worry about it little marco, i will. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> he would be deciding vote on tillerson, will abstain orall in line with his party. our political analysts are here. i want to start with you. revenge is a dish best served cold. le here is a guy that could get even for being called little marco for all those days. >> marco knows he is the driver
4:36 pm
seat with regard to tillerson. >> is trump sweating? >> no. i think marco rubio will do what he told to to by the party leadership. >> what is this opera about. >> you said, opera. it's drama, i can be guy tla coming at you if you don't play it right. marco at this moment, understand the position he is in. i think he going to use it to his best advantage. >> ron, is this revenge story, or show profile encourage, which is it. >> i don't dispute anything that michael said. let's remind ourselves that marco rubio early on started being revealed, he counselled his republicans not to make use
4:37 pm
of him. it's democrats today, it could be us today. it's wrong in principle. i i'm willing to give him creditor maybe offended by being confronted with rex tillerson, even impose harsher sanctions on russia. it involves genuine feelings on his part. >> what's wrong with putin trying see if it's possible that ewe can get together like we -- we fought second war on both sides. we got along with bres knack, gosh chef, it is possible to work with the russians.
4:38 pm
why should we not keep trying. lou do we rule this. >> is it that putin is no damn good. >> he is no damn good. but that we're used to that that's run of the mill stuff. he messed around with our election and that out to have consequences. president-elect behavior has been bizarre. it's strange for the president for the united states to liken our intelligence service to nazi while commending the thug who runs russia. why is he behaving in bizarre behavior like that. >> you're suggesting that he somehow on the hook. >> the tail here he is not behaving like he does. he smart enough to know best interest served by taking tough
4:39 pm
line with putin, he is not dng that. why is he not behaving like himself. >> how do we answer that? >> i think something comes out of the intelligence. whether at the end of this current administration or beginning of the new one that there's a little more going on here than meets they. i think ron is exactly right about rubio in his position with respect -- >> do wonder about his secret motive. >> yes. if you act like something's up, something's up. there's concerning to a lot of republicans here. >> it's quacking. >> he said the quack, i didn't. >> ron, it's great to see you.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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welcome back to ha"hardball" president trump showing no signs of changing his tweeting. including intel, including the cia. >> i think it was disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed information that turned out to be false and fake out that's something nazi germany did do. >> not you, can you give us a chance. >> you're attacking -- >> i'm not going to give you. >> you are fake news.
4:44 pm
>> as far as buzzfeed is fail part of garbage, they suffer consequences. bbc news, that's another. have you few sitting in front of us. so they are very dishonest people. >> trump did little to put it to rest questions about his views on russian, business conflicts, how he will repeal and replace obamacare. no president in memory come to inauguration with smorgasbord with doubt. >> i'm joined by political analysts. pick your favorite, why is he
4:45 pm
fighting flee-prong fight. >> it got him elected, didn't it. the press is unpopular. >> he said we were good except for cnn and buzzfeed. you like that pat on the head. >> don't treat it like that -- he loves the press that compliments him, if you don't you're, failing. even while walking, he talk to "new york times" about not running the story. he was not prepared to win. he was on the campaign trail promising the world. now he has to fill in the details. this is -- >> he is not doing it, is it. he not doing blind trust. >> no. if he want to put into rest i'm
4:46 pm
dp to call na investigation the leaking of this dossier, but no. he doesn't want to say anything about putin. >> why do you think that's the case? >> i think at least, he likes putin. they have similar styles, they are strong men governors. this is not a compliment. >> do you think he likes strong men. do you think he that kind of guy, he seems to like them. >> you have to go to greek me tholg here. that's who he wants to consort with. he mention, he doesn't drop things, he hurls them into the conversation. jack ma the guy from china, the
4:47 pm
great people from silicon valley, those are the people he thinks decides everything, he going to prove that he is superhero by taking them all on at the same time. >> what about this bromance, this guy riding around on a horse with shirt off. i think he wants to be a movie star. >> trump as well. i don't think we can discount the relationship trump was trying to have with russian and what they think he -- >> he said in the press conference, no deals, no loans -- >> that's not true. they made efforts to do the investment and -- >> he said i'm doing you a favor, i'm not taking the $2 billion i'm going to be your president. he said he was nices to me today. >> it was a lot of talk about how do you cover this guy,
4:48 pm
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there's a surprise guest spotted at trump tower today. t anti-immigrant national front party is in new york. just four months before the french presidential election. le pen called donald trump a sign of hope for anti-establishment politicians in europe. we'll be right back. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. nice shorts dad...keep his wheels spinning. this is what the pros wear. that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran
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we'reack with the "hardball" round table. clarence, tell me something i don't know. >>well, i always have these stories that are too long but you know that controversial ferguson painting in the capitol which republicans have taken down and black democrats have put back up again. speaker paul ryan weighed in today. he thinks it's -- i can't remember the word. it was something like deplorable. >> the painting is deplorable. >> student painting. >> and going to move to have it
4:53 pm
taken down. >> howard? >> the appointment of michael flynn to be head of the national security -- my understanding is that they're going to surround him and you won't hear much from him. >> they'll layer him? >> the betting is he won't be there that long. >> that's news. >> democrats are not as upset about losing the filibuster as you think. they think actually the -- i talked to claire mccaskell about it just the other day. they're fine with letting him pick his team but they're ready to vote against his team when they want. >> what about supreme court justice? will we get one with 50 votes? >> oh, geez. >> you don't know? >> i would not be surprised to see that remain empty for a long time. >> you said they're getting rid of it. >> they're not sorry they gave up the filibuster for lower level positions. >> thank you very much. when we return, let me return with joe biden whom president obama awarded the presidential medal of freedom with distinction. you're watching "hardball."
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let me finish tonight with joe biden whom president obama today awarded the presidential medal of freedom with distinction. >> for the final time as president i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. [ cheers and applause ]
4:58 pm
for the first and only timely bestow this medal with an additional level of veneration, an honor my three most recent successors reserved for only three others -- pope john paul ii, president ronald reagan and general colin powell. ladies and gentlemen, i am proud to award the presidential medal of freedom with distinction to my brother joseph robinette biden, jr. [ applause ] >> it's been a warm affectionate eight years between the two leaders. joe biden somehow through the
4:59 pm
passage of terribly partisan nastily political years managed to deepen his humility. he acts less like a big shot than public figures with less achievement under their belts and a whole lot lesser claim to our moral respect. in 2008 when he stood on that stage in springfield, ohio, the home of abraham lincoln, and accepted the vice president nominati nomination, i was struck emotionally at seeing a regular guy -- someone who grew up like most of us in this country -- recognized for this extraordinary honor. ever since we have watched him serve in one of the most difficult positions with loyalty and dignity the two standards the office of vice president quires from its best, standards that it is uniquely difficult to combine. but biden did it. like so many of us, i love president barack obama's farewell, it echoed for me the excitement and hope of his campaign, one i truly loved to cover. his personal, affectionate salute today to his running mate, to his white house brother was just in its own way as moving and well it should. i thought from the beginning this cool president was smart to pick a warm guy like joe biden to be his partner, his buddy in
5:00 pm
the political fox hole. he was cool to pick an irish american from that seat of irish americans scranton p.a. and that irish guy from the coal country returned the honor. he made a very cool president, a guy who we could see day after day hanging out with a regular guy like us. to me, joe biden will remain the regular irish american guy who put the apostrophe in "obama." that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" --" >> does president putin like what he sees so far? >> i have no doubt that yes. >> new reporting, new denials, and so many more questions about the president-elect, the intelligence community and russia. tonight what we know and what we don't. then, investigating comey. breaking news on a justice department investigation into the handling of the clinton


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