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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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diplomacy side of the house, when there's disagreement, defining the area where we can't make progress or where we captain get closer to each other, what i think capitol hill is going to be looking for specifically the senate foreign relation committee is to hear a dose of reality because there's been so much inflated rhetoric i math we are out of time. thanks. have a great weekend. be sure with greta van sus rern. this is "hardball."
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good evening. before we get to the shooting down in fort lauderdale. i want to give the report put out earlier today by u.s. intelligence agencies. it states that vladimir putin set out to tear down hillary clinton personally. when it looks like she was going to win he decided to undermine her presidency crippling from the start as election as rigged. when the race got close, he did whatever he could to hurt hillary clinton chances. rt intelligence was part of the operation pushing stories that she had full mental health, physical health. why did he do this. he blamed hillary clinton for inciting mass protests against him in 2011. we'll get to that powerful
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report in a moment. we begin with breaking news out of the fort lauderdale after a lone shooter walk into international airport and opened fire. >> shortly before 1:00 p.m. today we had an active shooter inside of terminal two. the active shooter shot at least 13 people. eight people are in area hospitals being treated. i done know the degree of their injures. five have sum succumb to their wonders and are dead. esteban santiago he acted alone and was taken into custody without incident. it was too early to discuss a motive.
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a second -- brush to a second site at the airport with weapons drawn. the airport remains closed now. late this afternoon we learned that president obama was briefed lisa monaco. president president-elect tweeted just spoke to governor rick scott. thought and prayers to all. >> we will to the tolerate evil acts, whoever is responsible willble held accountable to the full extent of the law. >> carry sanders is standing by. some moment there for a while we thought there was more than there was. there was another shooter. >> the reason for that is the chaos people thought they heard
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g gunshots in terminal one. but not true. squad to respond. as it it turned out it was more of the chaos here. passengers told to shelter in place. we have a change taking place. over in terminal two they are telling the passengers, that they will soon be able to leave the airport. but their process of getting out is going to be complicated. they are going to beess skorted from terminal one two term two. they have to walk from term two outside up to terminal one. many people were separated from their luggage.
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the parring garage has been swept and there's no threat there. the authorities went through with bomb sniffing dogs. so it took quite sometime but they believe there are no dlaetdlaet threats. locals will be able to go to their car and leave the airport. this is going to take hours upon hours. all the way on the other side of the airport, there were passengers who were inside terminal two who had to flee when they plead, they passed tsa security they were inside at airside. they ran out of the terminal out on to the tarmac where the planes park. they ran across the runway and all the way over there to the i'll step out of the way, way
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over there where the passengers are because it's dark they are not going to be able to walk back they have to work a bus shuttle system to brek them from there back over here. the real question is where did this happen and how to the authorities react. those who saw the gunman say he seemed depraf and tindifferentl the way he loaded gun, a clip that can go in to regroupon the story, he flew in rebelieve from anchorage from indianapolis, changesed planes went from fort la lauderdale. he went into the bathroom with his luggage, took the pistol out, came out and began firing.
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whooil authorities have him esteban santiago in custody, there's no answer as to whether he is answering any of their questions. that's the homicide detectives, as well as fbi, the leading question is why. lots of information. why would somebody do this. pete williams right now. nbc correspondent what do we know about the suspect. about this guy. >> born in new jersey. the family moves to puerto rico. he joined the national guard there and was deployed briefly overseas. he served there ten months. came back five years ago discharge from the political tear two years ago. he is somebody that had mental problems. i should emphasize that the investigator see no signs of
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terrorism. authorities tell us esteban santiago walked into the anchorage and told them he was hearing voice, that the voice from from the cia and they were telling him to watch isis video. many of the remark were incoherent. they could not understand what he was saying. we need to take you for mental health agreement. and he agreed to do that. we talked to relatives that live in new jersey this they he seemed to be the fine after he got back from iraq he was having mental problems. so the question is why but in addition why today, why fort lauderdale. there's no florida connection. he is from new jersey, born in
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puerto rico. why fort lauderdale. we don't know. witness have said he got in an altercation in one of the flights that he took. he got on a flight from anchorage to indianapolis last night flew again from fort lauderdale to today. it wasn't serious that the airline didn't do it. questions detans and charges them, that didn't happen. i would know that many people may not have heard of it it's legal to check a gun in check bags on airline. gun owners and enthuist do it all the time. you have to declare it. as far as they know they followed procedures with the handgun. everything was legal until
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ebegan shooting. >> right. >> i'm joined by mark lee in the baggage area. give us a picture as you stood in baggage claim. >> after we got our flight coming from indianapolis we were getting ready to walk outside to get our transport to the hotel and i heard three quick crack what i thought whats fire cracker going off after the first one i turn in that direction which 80 to 100 yards away from me. i saw the shooter that he was done, he paused briefly continue to shoot as he was walking up on the baggage claim care ya. he continued to shoot.
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there was no rhyme or reason to what he did, how he did. he was not yelling or screaming, he did not say a single thing. he was a point and shoot. he was using 9 millimeter. he had brief interlewd between changing magazine he did two dozen shots. all of this took place over a course of 45 seconds. quick quickly happening. once first shot went off people were panicking screaming, the people by the baggage claim carousel were diving up against it for protection. he walk up and shoot from point-bla point-blank range it was pretty hectic. >> you described him as being
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calm and cold. >> yes, very kol calm he did not say a single word. >> did he single out an yip one or random killing. >> he was random point and shooting. anything that was in his way he shot. >> what were the rang -- >> was he shooting people at poi point-blank how did he get so many people dead and wounted. >> when you have three magazine that hold eight rounds it's easy to crack off a number of rounds. so he opened kept walking around shooting until out of ammunition, once he was out of ammunition -- tfrsz arouit was carousel, so many people he shot
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in shoulder and everything else, it very surreal sight to see. i was coming um watching where he was to see if i could get people out lady had falling, i went to make sure my wife was out i i was 50 or 60 feet away while he was still shooting, once he got done, he dropped firearm down, walked back to the area, when he got close to the door three in baggage claim, he dropped the gun, made couple steps, laid down, spread agenea waited for the deputy came up and behind him waiting for the deputy to come, i followed
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deputy up to make sure he was alone down there, down on that main level, by after he secured the shooter, i step on the firearm to make sure i could slide was back, i stepped on it until it was secured after deputy secured the shooter, a half dozen deputies came back number and secured the scene, and i ended up rest of the time comfort willing a lady from council fluff through and through from the shoulder he was other side of her husband who died on the scene next to the other guy shot in the face, i was frying to console her and minimize her from going into
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shock from what she was already. >> thank you mark lee at the event itself. the suspect remains in police custody as they continue their investigation. joining me now bill bratton, and fbi sean hen ton. commissioner, we live in a country with a second amendment and you're now allowed to carry firearm with she clips, as as long as you keep clip away from your luggage it's legal. >> it's always been a reality, hunting weapons move through baggage. that's face it he could have easily at anchorage had that gun and started shooting people there. it reinforces the idea of the availability of guns in america. there's no the a cop in america,
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no the a police chief that will not tell you there are not more incidents like this if this individual was dur ranging and it was factor in this shooting. we have hundreds of thousands of people dealing with mental illness we have 300 million weapons in this country. the reality is america today you cannot prevent everything. today the actions of one man who was seen the chaos that one individual caused km the temperamenti tragedy and deaths that he caused. >> what can we do? because we live in a free country with a second amendment and we live in a country like human race with people with mental illsness, it take a gun
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with a guy defective mentally, it's mathematically a more lick likely than its happened. >> it's unfortunate, ironically i understand reported the law that is voting on a law that would allow carrying of firearms in airports. i don't know if they are going to enskrien it with a law down there. it would be interesting to see what happens with the florida legislature whether they are going to allow guns on campus in spied of what happened in flori florida today. >> thank you for coming on. thank you for this. it's not terrorism, it's this other thing, human malfunction,
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human anger. >> you said it earlier. as this point in the investigation, the authorities are going to be looking a the what the motivation it. they are going to be look at social media accounts, search warrants, subpoena, residents, et cetera, any communication he's had with others. what caused him to do what he did. >> in a negative way, to think about mental incapacitation. here is a guy, he knows how to get guns, line them up and department departments and follow you law, he knows how to find his way in that moment and behave horrorly. i. that's right. the mental health issue is at staggering pro portion. we have seen this incident
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before. the right for people to carry weapons how do eseparate those who are mentally income pass stated. those who seek to do harm to law abinding citizens. i think there's has to be a review of that as we see what happened here in the last -- >> are we a more violent society, sane or not sane. i was in india for two weeks, people don't blow horns at each other. they are courteous. we are a violent society. >> there's a study that look at video games where there's this per misiveness this is norm yam. when they are playing a video game this is part of the game
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and life is not a game in that regard. when you talk about what is the environment that enenables people to operate in an irresponsible way could be contributing factor. >> like old days whether the mob sters begin to ak like the guy they saw. i think part of the free society. the fall of the free society occasionally people are going to do this kind of thing. it's a grim night. we're going to cope up with the develop development. there's a political story. the heads of the country's top agencies brief donald trump. the day of reckoning arrived today. it was putin's personal, and it was political, and it was pew
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welcome back to "hardball." for weeks donald trump question the evidence that russia interfered with election. a declassified version of that briefing was release to the public. vladimir putin order influence campaign in 2016 aimed at united states presidential election. process denigrate secretary clinton and harm her elect ability and potential -- developed a clear press conference for president president-elect trump. joined by nbc ken. that could be stronger or more
4:24 pm
clear. >> to answer to the question, what was the motive. in the reporting about what exactly was motivating putins russia was to let trump intelligence community concluded by the end they wanted trump to win. >> they wanted to make hillary clinton look so bad she would be crippled as president. >> rt, russian television. pure and simple, propaganda weapon. >> this lays it out black and white. how many russia spends on rt. they talk about how they collaborate with wikileaks. le went to russia -- let ask you
4:25 pm
what stunned me was the rt -- i don't watch it, rt specifically target hillary clinton for charges of mental illness, a screw ball problem, they pushed that story because putin wanted it pushed. that's staggering. >> his role in this is also surprising. he had a hand on the tiller here. he was driving this. >> she said nasty things about him. >> russia going to use this as blueprint unless something changes. >> how do we know. >> that's about this report. doesn't layout of the evidence. how do we know in the future, they pick out politician they think is anti-russian. how do we know it was them.
4:26 pm
>> they know the malware, contract -- are they going to tell us. >> if your joe blow you don't know who going to attack you, nsa have to tell you who is after you. >> i hope so. >> thank you sir. just hours before the meeting, donald trump told "new york times" attention focused on this issue was a political wish hunt. afterwards trump described the meeting construckive. people consis stently break through the infrastructure -- democratic there was no affect on the outcome of the election include the fact there's no famili tampering with the voting
4:27 pm
machines. that's statement put out by whoever works for trump. former u.s. ambassador and david cornell, mr. ambassador, tell beabout your experience with the russians. they are spies, and he are relentless at this. your thought. >> of course. they have capability. we have reason to believe tla a government sponsored agent is trying get into your e-mail they have not stopped because the sanctions a few weeks ago. we all do espionage, we all gather intelligence. putin used that intelligence he stole for political purposes. ki not think of a time ever in american history where you have a foreign policy involved in the
4:28 pm
outcome of the presidential election. >> this hatred of hillary he is pad at her because she dised him. what can you read in that report? >> i have been with them together, i have been with mr. putin when he talk about our former secretary of state. the thing that bores him after the election in russia, that was growsly falsified that the election monitor she criticize that election that his party did poorly in. and he was extremely upset about that statement when he made it known no the president and to many people in the government and that's -- there are other issues bus that's fundamentally the source of the personal v vendetta. >> what do you think.
4:29 pm
>> well, that's what the intelligence community is concluded it certainly looks like that. >> it was desighive. >> what donald trump say, it has no impact on the outcome of the election. throughout end of the campaign, donald trump again and again was siting wikileaks. he used the ammo that this operation produced well and repeaed lly for him to say later had it had nothing to do with anything was a false statement -- >> head table when he came out and made fun of hillary clinton say he is not catholic that's exactly what came of the wikileaks, he cited the
4:30 pm
wikileaks -- it shows -- >> so he used this. you had roger stone, stay tweeting out, wait for the wikileaks that's going to change the election. they have used it, they cited it, after the fact and it turns out it came from putin, they say forget about the it has nothing to do with the outcome of the election. >> u.s. intelligence picked up senior russian celebrating donald trump win. president-elect toast of moscow right now. mr. sbrambassador what do you m of that. to what kind of peanut gallery section was this, do we know?
4:31 pm
>> fas tasic clee enthusiastic about this. they had a preference for him not only pause what we talked about before, because president-elect trump supported many policy that mr. putin sporsport supports. when he says looking in kri mae ya you done need phd in russian study, to figure this out. they had preference for president-elect as least donald trump that spoke as campaign candidate. >> according to the same report, which is credible now, one of the motive for putin was he wanted the united states and
4:32 pm
russia to be part of the international colation to get isis, that's a good goal. >> it's a good goal. as we speak today, russia is pulling out the syria. so again, i published a piece today in foreign policy that say if we can coop cooperate with national interests that's a good things but that does not excuse them in meddling in our election, those are two separate things. they are going to have this same capacity in 2020. it's not like technology is going to slowdown. >> the report made clears to this annesslation if what the russian have been doing. recontinue to follow the
4:33 pm
shooting in fort lauderdale, five dead, eight wounded. we'll have the latest when we return. >> and we were talking getting something to eat, we heard, bag, bag, bag, ran out. we got separated my wife and two daughters and people were running. just running for their lives. st. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic. this is literally throwing your money away. i think it's over there. that way? yeah, a little further up. what year was that quarter? what year is that one? '98 that's the one. you got it! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. let's get out of that water.
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welcome back. shooting at international airport left five people dead. security has been heighten around the country. we got new pictures of esteban santiago scene into custody. i'm joined by nbc tom costello who is at reagan international airport. the second amendment is -- >> no, you're absolutely right. with you check a gun legally. the way is happens is you have to have had lock in hard shell case. you have to declare that to the airline. there are many people who check a weapon or hunters.
4:38 pm
you have gun enthusist who legally check a weapon. mentally deranged individual get off the plane, get weapon, load it and start shooting people. tonight the issue being discussed is do we have a whole new concern about the public area that ewe presume were safe in an airport now we have not thought about introducing weapons in this fashion and it greats dynamic. it's a big concern. >> it's interesting how we evolve what the second measurement means for example, it does not allow you to carry a gun on an airplane, right? where is that a place you cannot carry one but you can carry one
4:39 pm
in the baggage area. >> post 9/11 alto you will have some called federal flight offers, a pilot allowed to license and carry a weapon that's post 9/11 to this second amendment argument there's another dynamic. i believe i heard you talking about it, new york is considering whether to allow people to carry weapons on college campus in government meetings and airport terminals this come up and it's died in committee because the committee chairman has was not keen, and he has changed and advocated for allowing more open carry. so this is up for a vote in committee next week, we'll see how that goes. >> gun smoke is not just a old
4:40 pm
tv show. >> thank you senator nelson, i'm trying to figure out where does this go, every since bobby kennedy was shot, what we're going to do something about this, everybody moves on to something else and checking the football scores five minutes later and thinking about something else. are we going to think about this or move on? >> you don't want to penalize people who have uses for guns such as hunters taking gun on the airplane, special kind of luggage for the gun. this tells us, this is a reminder of how vulnerable masses of people bunched together in small places.
4:41 pm
remember last year brus els airport shieting that wasn't down in baggage claim but outside ticket counter where people were queueing up to go through security. whether you have these it's going to be soft target, make train stations, seaports and tragedily as we saw in or lland in a crowded nightclub. in a constitutional amendment it's twing to take three quarters of the state to change it, what's in the middle between doing something and outlawing guns to mitigate against these kinds of situations, these kinds
4:42 pm
of tragedies? >> what has to be in the middle is reason to check. common sense in this instant case, if this fellow had a mental illness and it had been identified, people with mental illness are not supposed to have guns, so how can you police all of that to make sure that they don't. that's difficult thing to do. in the case of going if buying a gun, if we had the background checks that was mandated, mental illness having been a judge, mentally ill, that is one of the things that would not allow them to buy a gun. >> if a guy like this, we don't know the facts, he was identified by some physician for example are agencies official but if he had not been
4:43 pm
adjudicated by a judge as mentally deficient he would not have been on the list. >> that makes it difficult. you take orlando shooting, he had been on the terrorist watch list he had gone off of it. if you have a law that says if a person purchases is gun that has been on the terrorist watch list, the fbi should be notified so they can double check. should he go back on the terrorist watch list if that had been the law, he would have never gotten that high kal ber weapon that he killed 59 people. >> we have to keep trying. thank you, so much. i respect you a lot. bill nelson of florida. >> thank you. weeks from now in terms of the president-elect the intelligence report on russians
4:44 pm
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welcome back to "hardball." as i mentioned the declassified report that -- the report of the intelligence community calls russia's meddle bold. it says operation signals a new normal in their effort to target america and others around the world. later he talked he learned allot a and declined to say whether he accepted the report. correspondents are with us.
4:48 pm
let's go this way, imagine, i'm going to imagine, suppose hillary clinton had gotten help from the res ski from the old come my himself and gotten help of any kind in this election what would be white wing be saying? >> they would be talking about it we thought the end of the cold war happened two decades ago we see the intelligence community saying vladimir putin tried to change our election and did succeed in picking our candidate. details that how it happened. >> benefitting from alliance
4:49 pm
with the commonist. imagine in donald trump had lost electoral college and won the popular vote by three million. >> they called her crooked hillary during the happened, her ticket would not have made it to january 20. there's a problem here, he said if this was during reagan era would be turning over in his grave about this. >> it was in the -- >> this would never happened during the reagan era. this is leading us down the path that's counter productive. >> vladimir putin is not going
4:50 pm
to stop kisy poo, he loves this guy. >> as a rivalry between the socialists and the communists. >> sure. you get the idea of what the oppo would have looked like. already people were saying oh, bernie sanders he honeymooned -- >> what's trump going to do? how many days where he's going to say i'm not going to deny this anymore. he'll change the subject. >> he got close to that i would say. if you look at his statement, he finally did not -- he stopped attacking the intelligence. >> when is he going to do his de-birther comment? >> that's exactly where i was going to go. if it took him years to do that, it will take him years to do this. >> we're going to governor scott in florida. >> i talked to some patients and they are in good spirits.
4:51 pm
this is clearly a traumatic experience for them but they feel blessed they're at this hospital. >> governor, you mentioned pu e pulse, this is the second mass shooting. what's your mind -- where's your mind at right now? >> well, you know, look, this is not the time to talk about politics. i'll tell you what we have to do. we have an ongoing investigation, we have to make sure we know exactly what happened. we have to hold people accountable. we have to mourn for those who lost their lives and according to law enforcement, five people lost their lives so think about those individuals and their families lives are changed forever. also v to pray for those that are still going through their surgeries, having life-saving surgeries done to help them. >> i'm sure you've been talking to the fbi. do we have a motive or anything yet? >> i've been talking to law enforcement, ftle, fbi, local
4:52 pm
sheriff's department. i've been kept arised all day. it's an ongoing investigation. i tell you what, everybody is working well together. i saw that after pulse, state, local and federal law enforcement worked together. we're blessed in our state, we're at a 45-year low in our crime rate. but this will take some time and i'm -- expectation all of us have is that as law enforcement puts out information, we'll find out why this happened. >> we'll take one more question. >> governor, can you clarify the numbers, please, how many were seriously hurt? >> according to law enforcement, five individuals lost their lives. eight individuals were shot. that's what i've been told by law enforcement but just remember there's an ongoing investigation. they're doing everything they can to take care of everybody. other individuals ended up coming to our hospitals to make
4:53 pm
sure they were -- if they had injuries, that they were taken care of. >> reporter: can you tell us more about your conversations with the president and the president-elect? >> sure. the president called me probably now 30 minutes ago. he, of course, said his prayers were with everybody that was impacted, said that anything we need to make sure i gave him a call. i talked to president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence earlier this afternoon. they basically said the same thing, their prayers are with us, any resources they can help with. that was -- i was talking to them while the -- no one was exactly sure exactly what happened and so -- but they were -- appreciate that both president obama and president-elect donald trump called and vice president-elect pence called and appreciate it when something like this happens. you know that you have the support of the federal government. >> thanks, everyone. >> thank you, governor.
4:54 pm
>> that's florida governor rick scott with the latest on the shooting death. we'll be right back after this. this is "hardball."
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we're back with andy, april and perry. debit those names sound great? donald trump is two weeks from assuming the highest office in the world and the middle of his ongoing feud with the intelligence community. today he picked a fight on another front with the man who replaced him on "the apprentic "
4:58 pm
apprentice," mr. arnold schwarzenegger. he tweeted adds follows. "wow, the ratings are in and arnold schwarzenegger got swamped, or destroyed, by comparison to the ratings machine. so much for being a movie star. but who cares, he supported kasich and hillary." this means donald trump, who has retained his executive producer title as well as a financial stake in "the apprentice" is now rooting against the success of his own show. arnold schwarzenegger later returned the favor on twitter saying -- this is good -- "i wish you the best of luck and i hope you'll work for all the american people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings." good for arnold. >> best two words in that? who cares. obviously donald trump. >> why would trump trash his successor on the show he's the executive producer. >> because his successor endorsed john kasich and hillary clinton. >> april, this is not even high school, it's grade school. >> it's low ball, that's what it
4:59 pm
is. >> is this one -- some people think all this is strategic. wherever trump faces a bad day coming -- and he knows today was the day that the cia will say "you're full of it" he puts out another rabbit for people to follow. do you believe in the rabbit theory? >> for donald trump, yes, because he always is smoke and mirrors, when something there's i'll do something bigger to take your eyes off of this. but i also believe something, too, he can the executive producer and guess what? it's a ratings push i believe as well. >> you think it helps? >> i think it helps. >> you buy all news is good for a show? >> i buy it but i tell you what, check mate for governor schwarzenegger. >> i thought he showed he was smarter than trump. >> i totally agree with you. i think it was a ratings play because now even i want to watch the show. >> you accept allies here. >> we peer in the tribe together, yes. >> finish your thought. >> i even want to watch the show now. it's like, oh, wow.
5:00 pm
that's interesting. >> my ep here, ann clank, has watched every single show for nine years. annie linskey, april ryan, perry, what wonderful names. thank you for being with us, "all in" starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> putin is a strong leader. >> ordered by putin. >> no puppet, no puppet. >> america's intelligence chiefs meet face to face with donald trump and tell him "vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign in the 2016 election and had a clear preference for president-elect trump." >> i love wikileaks. >> tonight, the jaw-dropping and now public intelligence report detailing russia's efforts to elect donald trump and why trump still refuses to single out russia for blame. plus, today's harrowing scene in florida. we'll have theat


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