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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 4, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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of loose ends. put it that way. >> all right. thank you so much. kristen welker, dan, michael, you just made the case for a one hour show. that does it for this edition. hardball with chris matthews is up next. barely. trumping the media. let's play hardball. >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington on what was a very busy day on the capitol. president obama and vice president-elect mike pence were both on the hill today meeting with their respective parties. mike pence held a pep talk focussing on killing obamacare. the president huddled with democrats and strategizes to safe the health care law. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump continued his
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assault on the u.s. intelligence committee over the intelligence briefing on so-called russia hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time to build a case, very strange. of course even as he promised to hold a press conference next week. first and last july. trump tweeted somebody hacked the dnc, but why not have hacking defense like the ravens and why have they not responded to the terrible things they did and said? total double standard. media as usual gave them a pass. even quoted the hacker julian assange calling america media coverage very dishonest. more dishonest than anyone knows. by an american president to
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undermine the press. how does accountable work? good question. david is washington borough chief and msnbc political analyst and frank is a columnist for the "new york times." and i want to get their opinion, frank, it seems that what he's doing is replicating poout. . he wants to diminish democracy in this country so he won't look so bad. >> no. >> and this guy's tries to silence or mute credibility for the media so people will listen to trump. >> what you have with trump is a blend of narcissism and authoritarianism. he believes he is never wrong. although he has been called out for lying or statements by the fact checkers. he doesn't want accountability. at the same time, he's trying to undermine this institution we have, the free press, which president's often find inconvenient, to preserve his ability to say whatever it is that pops into his head and that he tweets. he doesn't want to have a check for narcissistic reasons and aauthoritarian reasons. >> frank, it made sense for a president, right wing or left
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wing or somebody in the middle or whatever trump is to challenge panz in the media. that's what they do. and that's what he did when pat wrote his lines, a tactic was liberal commentate percent this. guy's not attacking commentary opinion, he's not criticizing somebody might disagree with me, he's challenging the facts of what the hard news is producing. the wire services, the networks, the newspapers. what is that about? >> he doesn't engage the facts at times, chris. one of the thing he's doing to an extent we have not seen is he is going to so far in describing this as utterly biassed, utterly untrust worthy, despicable people and he doesn't have to address the specifics of a given story. and we saw that toward the end of his presidential campaign. someone would come out with terrific reporting on the way his charity operated or something like that. and he would never really rebutt the exact charges because he
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would put it all under the umbrella of oh the dishonest media, they hate me, never trust him and he moves on from there. >> they pick up the times. they read a football score. do they think that's questionable? and the movie starts at 7:00. they believe that. at what point, at what point are people being told, trained if you will not to believe the facts? >> this is the problem we have. alternative realities on climate change is a good example or other issues, he's just taking it to the next level of saying the fact that are presented by experts, by the media, by other politicians are not even real facts. what you're reporting that what the experts are saying. what the statistics show are not true.
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and the only reason you're doing that is because it's an agenda. he's taking this to a new level. >> bottom line, what's he want? >> the ability to not be questioned or challenged by anybody. >> attacking the media was a staple. >> even our enemies back there, look at all that press. among the most dishonest people in the world. they're bad and dishonest. they don't tell the truth, they don't write the truth. i love it. we just took the press credentials away from the dishonest washington post. crooked cnn. cnn is disgusting. the "new york times" is disgusting. the good news is it's failing. it'll be out of business within three years. >> it is a failing newspaper. bad people. bad people. sick people. >> there's something happening. they're not reporting. katie, you're not reporting it
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it, katie. but there's something happening, katie. there's something happening, katie. i don't respect her. i don't think she's very good. highly overrated. she gets out and starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. and, you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her -- wherever. >> so, there's nowhere lower to go than this, frank. i keep thinking of that guy that was weird enough or naive enough to go on the golf course down there so that trump could throw him off the golf course. is trump going to throw the media out in the press room if they disturb him? i mean, if there is sort of a aspect to this. >> absolutely. and that reel was great because it showed all the things he's done and is doing that go beyond what other politicians who have had an adversary relationship have done. taken away people's yes den herbals. demonized and gotting into shouting matches with individual members of the media.
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he's going well beyond what a politician who simply says the media's not trust worthy. he's going well beyond what we've seen so far. >> i'm thinking about accountability now. you look at what the people have benefitted from, watergate. i always say, it would have been much worse if they'd gotten away with it. it would have escalated from there for more dirty stuff. and the the same thing with the missiles going to iran under reagan. he seems like he's immunizing himself. he was on the phone one day fixing some deal somewhere when
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he's president, if that ever happens. >> well we know there are myriad conflicts of interest that have not been resolved. the "new york times," washington post have reported on, and he keeps ducking this issue. and now he's going to say that these stories and the stories about the foundation have no basis because the people writing them are sick, bad, disgusting people. he doesn't get to the details. he only talks in headlines and slogans that are red meat for his conservative basis. >> donald trump is quoting julian assange as his new hero. according to video by cnn today, wikileaks was a disgrace. that's what he said back then. it's changed. here he is in the old days. >> you had nothing to do with it. >> you think it's disgraceful. >> death penalty or something. >> death penalty for wikileaks. julian assange. someone else who seems to have a change of heart. sarah palin back in 2010 she
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wrote, assange is not a journalist and more than editor of al qaeda's new english language magazine is. not a journalist. anti-american operative. now palin, as of today has a different message with assange. here's what she says. exposing the truth regarding the left having been guilty is attitudes of which falsely accused others, hid what many in the left have been supporting and shocking. this important information finally opened people's eyes and operatives would not have been exposed were it not for julian assange. frank, the changing partners and dancing here is so fast. assange is now a hero to the trump world. >> you're a hero to trump if your message is something that dove tails with the self-interest. that's nothing new. we're in scary territory. i want to get back to something you asked about facts. it's not that people are having arguments about what is and isn't a fact.
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we have americans who are living an entirely different universes in terms of the fact they're exposed to. and live in these cure rated news environments. i worry like when we come out with some of the kinds of importants stories that you mentioned before. there will be big stories like that big investigative scoops during the trump administration. will there be a group of americans that don't see it because they're living in such a particularly cure rated news environment that's cure rated to be an echo chamber of their artisan believes? >> thank you. coming up, trump's not just at war with the press, but ratcheting up his fight with the intelligence community. we see him now siding with julian assange and dismissing our own intel experts. and that's got a lot of them really upset. that's next. this is "hardball," the place for politics.
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very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i also know things that other people don't know. and so they could not be sure of this situation. >> what do you know that other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> that was president-elect trump on saturday, saying he'd reveal new information about russian hacking by today. however, no new information has been forthcoming from the president-elect. and now trump is again taking aim at the u.s. intelligence community. publicly questioning their servitude when it comes to the kremlin's cyber attacks. after saying he plans to meet with briefers this week, trump last night suggested on twitter that intelligence officials needed more time to get their stories straight. >> take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from sunday of getting back at you. so, even for a practical, supposedly hard nosed businessman, he's being really dumb to do this.
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from what i am told, they are very upset with how he has treated them and talked about them. >> well today, trump further tweeted in defense of julian assange, who released the stolen documents on his website, wikileaks. quote, julian assange said a 14-year-old could have hacked podesta. why was dnc so careless? also said russians did not give him the info nap tweet earned a strong review from george little who said quote, let's stare this reality square in the face. the president-elect is pro-putin and believing julian assange over the cia. on january 20th, we will be less safe. that's strong. joining me now, minnesota member of the senate judiciary committee. i'm going to ask you why anybody whose about to be president of the united states would dump on, pea on his incoming team two. when he gets up in the morning
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to know what the north koreans are up to. what putin's up, what's going on in the middle east. this is the only way he knows more than the average person that his intelligence community. why would he dump on them? >> i cannot explain the reasoning of donald trump's tweets. what i do know is there are people out there putting their lives at risk every day in america finding out information for us. when we have 17 intelligence agencies coming out and telling us and it's real. and i just came back as you know from lithuania, georgia, and ukraine where they have seen russian aggression in a way that i don't think in our country question imagine. they've gone into about 20% of the territory in georgia. and the people in these countries, the leaders when senator mccain and senator
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graham and i visited there told us they have seen this movie before. it's not just the physical invasion. for decades, russia has responded to anything they don't like by cyber attacking. when iowa stone ya had the audacity to move a bronze statue to a cemetery and russia saw it as a diss. they cyber attacked and shut down a web access. lithuania invited members of the parliament from the ukraine from the crimea area -- so this is not just about, chris, one political party being hurt or one election in america or even one country. this is a moe distance op ran day and assault on democracy. especially when our own intelligence community it is telling us undeniably that this happened.
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>> weird question been but i am taken with it. chuck schumer, he said you better be careful with what he's doing because the intention community has a way to whack back at him. that's sort of dishonorable in itself. how can they whack back or hurt trump? >> i don't know. i think that's kind of a new york way of talking in minnesota. >> was that just rhetorical? >> i will say they will stand up for their facts and findings. and i hope that that's what happens at this briefing that will occur this week and perhaps when the protect hears the fact that our own president has heard and will continue to hear, he'll change his tune. i think when you have senators like former candidates for president, the republican party like john mccain and like lindsey graham who are standing up and saying this isn't a partisan issue. this is about america's security. from the freedom of press which you just discussed, the freedom of assembly and speech.
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>> i wish there was a fly on the wall with mccain, i'd love to hear what they have to say about this president. the washington post, the washington post is today reporting that republican of california plans to bring a congressional delegation over to russia to meet with member of russia's parliament. quote, he said russian leaders are eager to meet with u.s. lawmakers to talk directly about the sanctions that many other lingering political tensions. the post also notes the congressman quote was coy when asked whether his group would meet with putin. i can't say he said after a pause and a half smile, it's possible. >> what is worse, hillary destroyed e-mails that were under subpoena and she destroyed them. what's worse -- >> and does that justify what russia did to.
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>> reporter: hacking them and giving us those e-mails? no, the destruction of the e-mails by hillary was a far worse crime against the american people. she's trying to keep american people. or whoever it was hacked in and gave people the information that hillary tried to destroy, more power to whoever. >> i don't know what he's talking about. anyway, what do you make about that. enemy of my enemy is man. if the russians take the side of a republican against democrats, then of course they're our new alleys, against the democrats with this is strange. >> i'm not going to relitigate the hillary e-mails right now. i want to look at et threat before us. and the congressman is welcome to go to russia and meet with whoever he wants to. that really wasn't an option for our delegation. i hope the congressman will see
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what we saw. when we stood on the front line with those brave ukrainian soldiers. they've lost 10,000 people. 10,000 people, since russia has come into their territory. and they've taken a ramshackle of group of just regular citizens, turned them into a functioning military, and are standing every day, up for their country. and up for their right to be an independent democracy. >> thank you senator amy closer. when we return, let me finish with tonight's trump watch. and this is hardball, the place for politics.
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trump watch. january 4, 2017, are you going to believe if he or your lying eyes? that was mr. gouch group ofo marks. now president-elect donald trump is saying this. are you going to believe me or what you're reading in the
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newspapers? he's telling his backers that they shouldn't believe what they read or get for the network news because it's not true. what he, donald trump, is saying that's what they should believe. well, this is really something different. made fun of political commentators on tv, the people who comment on the president's speeches. he called themming me iffivism or rather pat who wrote in his speeches. he was what pat wrote for it about. anyway, it's not who matters, it's what matters. trump said he'll hold a news conference this week. he'll invite the press. will he begin the exercise by calling everyone there disgusting? because that's what he's been doing. and why do you think? the same reason his friend over there is relentless dumping on our democracy. this is the competition. people think of less what they read in the papers or get from the evening news, there'll be a bit more likely to ignore it's criticisms of one donald trump. what russia has is not so bad afterall.
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nice tactic. what's hardball for now. thanks for being with us. be with us tomorrow at 7:00 eastern. see you then.
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tonight on "all in" -- >> we're united in our opposition to these republican attempts to make america sick again. >> democrats unite to fight for obamacare as the president-elect warns republicans over the risks of repeal. >> and as he said this morning in a tweet -- >> tonight, the fight to save obamacare has officially begun and democrats have a plan. plus, the headquarters of the resistance, california, hires a high-powered attorney. >> you don't want to go there, okay? inside donald trump's love for wikileaks as he escalates his fight with american intelligence. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. and from rockettes to marching bands to brand-name celebrities, donald trump's trouble attracting the star power he craves for his big day. >> you are not summoned to perform for the king or for the dictator. >> "all in" starts now good


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