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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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that the two parties enjoy now one. and so if you create the ability for people to go through a competitive process, and to develop the name recognition they need to compete, what you are going to do is attract many great americans who refuse to run as democrats or republicans but would be delighted to run if they thought they could compete on a level playing field against republicans and democrats, and we only have two choices as you were saying, and right now the american people are not pleased with the democratic or republican parties as being the only sources of choice we have has president. >> all right, we have to leave it there. we appreciate you guys coming. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good luck. that does it for us this morning. stephanie picks up the coverage right now. >> good morning. breaking now. a showdown on the hill. president obama arriving on capitol hill this hour to rally
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democrats, and democrats only to save obamacare. >> repealing the affordable care act will not work. >> while mike pence is arriving now to prime republicans to gut it. we are live as it all unfolds. a battle over the briefing takes place. president-elect trump with a stphaoeud tweet overnight for delaying the investigation on the russian act. and dill and roof back in court. the jury must decide will he get death? we have to begin with something rarely see on capitol hill, the out going and incoming administrations making duelling
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arguments to congress. mike pence encouraging republicans to kill obamacare, and obama making a push to save it, and we want to take you to kasie hunt who has the latest on the president. what is happening on capitol hill? >> reporter: you are seeing lawmakers walk back and forth in the hallway behind me as they head into this congressional auditorium and we are in the basement of the capitol visit visitor's senator here, and they are waiting to hear from president obama's whose legacy on health care is going to be on the line as the republicans take over government and the white house and already up here on capitol hill. remember, this is his signature accomplishment. he pushed it through congress the last time that congress was unified with the white house, democrats back in 2009 had the white house and congress, and they pushed this legislation
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through, and they paid a political price for it, and losing term elections in 2010 and 2014, and now at stake are 20 million people that did gain health insurance from this law. think of this as a strategy session from democrats to figure out how to throw up roadblocks as republicans try to repeal and then replace this law. republicans have issues of their own. mike pence, the vice president-elect will be up here strategizing with republicans on how to take the law down, but it's a lot easier to take it apart than to put it back together, steph. >> thanks. we will talk about that. how will they put it back together? i want to turn to hans nichols on the hill covering mike pence's upcoming meeting with republicans. what is mike pence up to? >> reporter: you are seeing lawmakers coming in and this is the start of what they hope to be a funeral procession for the affordable care act, for
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obamacare. i don't want to go as far to say these are the last strikes, and they clearly want to dismantle the law. talking to lawmakers coming in this morning they note the irony of president obama starting off the term working with his own party and he is over talking to the democrats, and the irony is, mike pence, they are taking the same approach, and that is not being bipartisan when they are trying to dismantle. everybody acknowledges dismantling it is possible and what do you replace it with and how do you have all the moving pieces. and it's an attempt to get back on track after yesterday. you won't find a congressional lawmaker that will privately acknowledge that yesterday was a good day for them. they had a bit of a fumble and today's attempt to get back on the same page with their new ministtion. >> we will see how that works out. i want to bring in my guests for the hour, and the author of "why
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wall street matters." what is president obama going to do and say here? he's only meeting with democrats and one would guess the democrats are already on his side? >> yeah, but do you think the republicans were going to meet with him. they are talking about obamacare. it's the most polarizing issue there is when it comes to republicans and democrats. it's an odd moment for president obama, and if you look back eight years ago he used an enormous amount of political currency to pass obamacare and loft things he couldn't do later in his presidency had to do with how much of that currency he spent and now he's watching it be taken away and it's the cruellest and most fascinating twist of fate. you have seen really aggressive attempts to get democratic messaging fally honed and chuck schumer talking about the chaos to come, and they realize they had horrible messaging during the campaign and the results are the republicans have
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all the levers of powers and they want to win the argument. >> and joe biden, i want to share a bit of what he said. >> i love these guys. ran against affordable care act and how terrible and we are going to repeal it, and go ahead and repeal it, and repeal it now, see what happens. >> i mean, he's smiling saying, good luck, boys, you have never been in government and you don't know how this party works. >> well, we are going to miss joe biden, aren't we? he's absolutely right. he obviously knows how difficult it's going to be. why would you repeal something? i understand the political grandstanding and it's great political theater but you have something that 22 million people actually like or have gotten benefits from. i assume some of those 22 million people may have even voted for donald trump, or even
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republicans, and why would you repeal something that has obvious utility to the people who have benefitted from it? >> because they have to. they boxed themselves into a corner. they have spent years now making obamacare the great government bogey man. >> here's another plan, and they knew obama woulday forget it? >> we are not going to see for a while what the real affects o obamacare going away are because it will not be repealed in full for a while, and right now it's a communications battle if anything else. >> until now donald trump has not had to deliver policy, and after president-elect trump met with president obama, he said we will get rid of the bad parts and keep the good parts and how do you not continue to balloon our debt, which president-elect trump said i'm not going to do that? >> how can we walk you through
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the math when donald trump can't walk you through the math? >> when donald trump has not thought about the math. he said we are going to cut taxes and repay treeit overseas profits, and cut the debt from $20 trillion down to something more management, and then it's going to be $27 trillion by the time it's over. >> we will find out in a few weeks, and it not going to be we are going to stop and it's going to be time to deliver. i want to bring in my friend kristin welker, and she's inside trump tower. why is trump picking a fight with the intelligence community? chuck schumer himself said the intelligence community could screw this guy six ways from sunday. what is his motivation here?
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>> reporter: well, look, he basically saysskeptil of the intelligence. i think he is partially wrangled by the fact that russia mangling the investigation, and the president-elect tweeting, the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday, and perhaps more time needed to build their case, very strange. he's also siding with julian assange said a 14-year-old could have hacked podesta. why was dnc so careless? also said russians did not give him the info. this is an unprecedented rift between an incoming commander-in-chief and his intelligence community staff,
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and some warn it could undermine national security. >> president-elect trump came out and said they were delaying the briefing, and maybe it was because they were not ready and had to make their case, but a senior u.s. intelligence official with direct knowledge told nbc news it was always planned for friday. what is going on here? >> that's right. that's right. the two stories completely desrde sr desrur skwrupbt. and the fbi and cia were always scheduled to brief trump on friday, adding the intelligence community sees his tweet as disturbing and adversarial. the president-elect has been at odds with the intelligence community for months and these twee are only adding tensions to thatdivide. it will be string to see what actually happens, if only you could be a fly on the wall on friday for the briefing because no doubt some of the briefers are going to go into that
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meeting feeling very frustrated with the incoming command commander-in-chi commander-in-chief. >> i have to ask my panel about this. i don't want to set my hair on fire every time we say this is crazy, why is he doing it, and he's over the edge. what donald trump is is a strategic beast, or at least steve bannon is, and why truly do we think, do you believe, that donald trump is antagonizing the intelence community? >> he's trying to discredit them in advance and trying to get the upper hand on them. if they come out with revelations or a report that says the russian hack of the election was extensive, he is looking at people saying you were elected with the interference of a foreign government, and in some senses it delegitimizes your presidency and he's trying to get ahead of it and saying these people don't
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tell the truth, and that's the very strange exclamation point, and that's what he's doing. >> nobody said we are going to take the presidency away from you? he won the election, whether he won it in a cheap way or whether he won it -- >> he won the electoral college. >> i think it's about thin-skinned tphau thin-skinned tphaursicism. >> i would like to see somebody tell trump to stop using twitter, and it has become a propaganda tool for him, and i think jack dorsey, the ceo of twitter should shut him down and not let him use twitter. >> wow. >> it's not an abridgement of his first amendment rights. >> that's going to play out -- >> you need to put your banker hat on here. jack dorsey might be a great american, and this has been great -- he was not invited to
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the summit, but guess what? jack dorsey had his name in lights for a couple days, and it was a great american, great company, and no chance he will do that. >> talking about having your name in lights f. he said to donald trump, you can't use twitter anymore, his name would be in lights for weeks, and increase -- >> you are being unrealistic why. >> this battle with the intelligence community is part of a larger story, and it's about letting his vanity come before national security, and that's the larger picture and that's what is ary. does trump care about america or how big donald trump seems? >> the word is bigly, and not big. >> i apologize. and making duelling pitches on obamacare, and we will bring that to you live as it happens.
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next, what will the republicans actually replace it with? a member of the trump transition team joins me.
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you are watching msnbc. you are looking inside capitol hill live where democrat and republican lawmakers are arriving at this moment. president obama will be rallying democrats to save obamacare, and
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mike pence arriving and rallying republicans to kill it. good morning, anthony. we have heard repeal and replace for eight years, and repeal could be happening. what is it going to get replaced with? >> good morning, stephanie, and happy new year. i think we have to wait for secretary tkez eug knee price to layout the plan for the american people, but i do think what we have seen over the course of our economy, our moderate economy, as we deregulate things like the airline industry or deregulate telecommunications, what typically happens if you get greater efficiency and lower costs and easier delivery to the consumer. i think there's going to be a lot of market-based ideas in the reform package. >> will congress wait -- just so i understand, will congress wait to repeal it until they see what the new plan is? >> listen, i want to leave that up to vice president pence and
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secretary price, and speaker ryan and senator mcconnell, but i do think that the package, when it arrives, it will be a market-based reform package and will lower costs and improve the efficiency of the delivery of medicine. good news for awful us, we are moving from the age of chemotherapy into the age of immuno therapy, and you will see the s-curves take place where you will get a lower cost of delivery over the next five years. if you and i were having this conversation 30 years ago, and we were talking about oil, and college professors were saying we were running out of oil and because of technology, we have an abundance of oil and the fracking process, so what is happening in medicine, which i think the new administration wants to take advantage of is how do we make it more cost affective and efficient and more market based with the insurance
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companies competing in more states and how do we put an element of tort reform in there. this is the package that will be delivered, which will, in our opinion, be better than the affordable care act. >> to your point, there is mike pence, moments ago heading to the capital. when you talk about technology, and why is donald trump being antagonistic with the intelligence community, and the briefing was not delayed according to intelligence officials and what is his motivation here? >> i listen to the whole tweet interpreters you had on before the break. listen, i obviously see it totally different than them. twitter is a great resource for the president-elect -- >> i am not talking about twitter. i am saying why is donald trump antagonizing the intelligence community? >> i understand that, and i am explaining why he is using twitter, because he wants to
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hold the intelligence community and myself and other people from the transition team accountable for what it is we are doing, and what the president-elect would say, we have gotten things wrong as it relates to the intelligent community over the last decade and i am not saying this is wrong, and if it is wrong, you will be surprised at his reaction to it once he has all the data assimilated and makes his decision, and why can't we allow him to meet with the telligence community and get all the information and let him formalize a response -- >> that's a great idea. that's a great idea. why humiliate them before that and doubt them and -- hold on a second, please. anthony, you and i love to talk about great americans, patriots, those that work for our country, and intelligence officials do just that, yet donald trump via
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twitter seems to be siding with a wanted man who put americans at risk, not just wanted here, but wanted in countries like sweden, julian aassange over hi own team? walk me through that? >> that's not true the all. he has a enormous amount of respect for the intelligence community and he's a great patriot and loves the country, and made an enormous sacrifice to be the american president and it's a great honor to be the american president, and i don't get it why you get so upset when he tweets. >> when you say you guys, who do you mean? >> the media. you just talked about having your hair get on fire in the last break and i mentioned that to you before.
6:23 am
you get your hair sets on fire every time he tweets something that you think is presidentially inappropriate and i don't think they are, and it's a measured tool that he has been using for the la 18 months to deliver messaging to his base and he is going to hold people accountable for what they are doing. i think the american people love that about him. when he tweets out that ford motor company is going to put the plan the in detroit and not in mexico -- >> can i ask you -- >> the blue collar community loves that. >> i have to interrupt to let our audience know mike pence just arrived on capitol hill. and what i would love to know is when you sit there in trump tower, when donald trump talks about this, ford, gm, chrysler, fannie, freddie, he's surrounded by his all-star cast, one of which you are a member, do you trade on any of that
6:24 am
information? you are professional investors, and it's all about timing, and all of the companies we have mentioned, are you personally invested in? >> i have not done a personal trade in ten years. >> how about professionally at sky bridge? >> no, because remember i am a hedge fund, fund to funds, and we allocate the appear actual out to managers and we have no say what they are doing in their portfolios and they get no information from us, and i can only speak for myself, i put all the money in my own fund to use a warren buffett expression, we have to eat our own cooking so we can get that sense to our clients, and people need to respond to it to you the way i just did. >> unfortunately i have to end
6:25 am
because mike pence just walked in and we have to go to capitol hill. i appreciate it, and happy new year to you. >> thank you, stephanie. i will take you to live where hans nichols is standing by, and we are looking at mike pence and reince priebus, and i see kellyanne conway walking in just behind them. hans? >> reporter: we believe they are in the room, and the focus, everybody says, it's repealing the affordable care act, obamacare. you see the gauntlet of reporters that will shout questions, and they chose the wrong exit, and one of the crucial things about capitol hill reporting getting the right entrance and exit, and we will be able to get all the lawmakers coming out of here and getting a read of what the vice president said. >> all right, hans nichols, thank you so much, standing by as mike pence makes his way in the door. we will take a quick break. we have a lot to cover.
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welcome back. you are watching msnbc and you are watching on your screen chuck schumer is walking in to capitol hill, and next to him, nancy pelosi and president obama making his way in the building
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in a rare visit to capitol hill where he will be meeting with democratic lawmakers to make his case to save obamacare, what many people call president obama's legacy achievement now in question as mike pence is meeting with gop lawmakers that want to repeal and replace. lets go to kasie hunt who is standing by. >> reporter: president obama just walking past me in the hallway and asked whether or not democrats should help republicans replace this law, and he responded by saying, uh, happy new year to you, too. so clearly not ready to answer questions about that, and it's pretty easy for republicans to take it apart and harder for them to put it back together and at stake are 20 million people getting insurance from this law, and the question for democrats is going to be partly, do you
6:30 am
help republicans try to put it back together. privately democrats say no way, no how, are they going to tell republicans they will help them fix a mess they might be about to create, and there's some chaos on the republican side about just what the right strategy is for approaching this law, whether it should be repealed and replaced right away, and whether there should be a longer timeline and what the political implications might be if it falls apart, and if americans do blame americans if they lose their health insurance. there's so much at stake for president obama's legacy, and nancy pelosi was the speaker of the house when he pushed the law through and she played a significant role in helping him do that in convincing democrats to get onboard, and they ultimately passed the law with no republican support, and that has been something that has followed democrats for the last eightyears, they lost
6:31 am
mid-term elections in 2010 and 2014, and now the president, what is likely his last visit to capitol hill, a little bit full circle trying to save that achievement. >> who is going to be in that meet stphg we heard earlier joe manchin saying on "morning joe," i am not going to the meeting because the fact that president obama is only meeting with democrats, and joe manchin said it's the problem, only republicans on one side and only democrats on one side. >> reporter: it's not a meeting for republicans, you are right. and there is, i think, lessons to be learned from what happened in the wake of forcing through this big law with no bipartisan support. typically the biggest achievement landmarks in washington happens because both sides from the aisle come together and agree and that means both sides of the aisle are invested in its success, and
6:32 am
maybe not everybody but usually a couple people that will get out there and defend it and that's not the case with this health care law, and keep in mind, manchin himself is in a situation where he is up for re-election, and he is in a state with counties that voted most over wewhelmingly for dona trump, and lot of coal miners rely on the health care law and we can't deprive them of their health insurance. that's the conundrum they are facing here. a lot of voters that backed donald trump do rely on the health care law, and they may not know it or may be angry at the president for other policies and that's going to be the challenge for republicans going forward. >> i want to bring back my panel, michael, let's start with you. you said in the book, you
6:33 am
highlighted one of president obama's biggest accomplishments has been the affordable care act, so right now in this moment, in this meeting, is he just desperately tryg to hang on to his legacy? >> i also think he understands this is a hard thing to take apart, so much of what the president did in his eight years was carefully constructed and driven by data, so if you create the structure that is only now sort of fully taking shape, and getting into gear, and then all of a sudden people want to just eliminate it, and i think he may be sitting back thinking let them try, and he also must have an investment in the american people having health care coverage, so i am sure there's some strategy being discussed about how to preserve the best parts and let the republicans live with their destructive acts. >> what do you think is going on in the meet stphg the joe biden smile, like, good luck, boys, have at it?
6:34 am
what are they doing? >> i don't think they are in a panic because in a lot of ways they could come out of it looking good. they are not the ones casts with finding solutions here, and are they going to help republicans figure out what to do and there's a lot of disagreement in the democratic caucus saying you break it you fix it or do you collaborate in a way where you see the american public. democrats lost congress after two years in large part because of the partisan overreach in obamacare, and if republicans go too extreme here and have no solutions and do something over party lines they could pay the price heavily in two years from now. >> what does obama do three weeks from now? is he out thereiving speeches about the affordable health care act? is this what he continues to have as his narrative?
6:35 am
>> i think he promote a progressive agenda, and building the democratic party in the way he failed during his presidency. progressive democrats they consider him to have neglected that part of his duty, so i think he may be engaged in rebuilding the progressive agenda, and the democratic party, and even addressing these parties of injury man during around the country. now, they struggle in state legislators, let alone congress. >> so the county fairs is where he is headed? >> i already miss president obama. >> he will have more free time. >> i will help him write his book. i already miss him and i wonder why he didn't do more of this during his presidency? he had eight years and i wish he should have spent more time
6:36 am
going up to capitol hill. he is who he is and he did what he did and he got this legislation passed and now he's trying to save it and protect it and i don't blame him and it's his legacy, and if he had better relationships up on capitol hill, he might have more support for trying to save it. >> the problem there is that gathering right before he was inaugurated. on the night of his inauguration in 2008, the republicans determined that if he says americans should breathe air, we are against it. if he comes out in favor of water, we are against that, too. >> this is going to be -- this is going to be a fascinating post presidency, unlike any other. normally somebody leaving office tries to strike a balance between letting your successor have his ground, and i don't think it's going to happen here because i think trump is such an unusual president who won the election in a way that so demonized obama that i don't think barack obama will feel as
6:37 am
obliged to bite his tongue and it's going to be a very interesting post presidency. >> trump said during the campaign that there are things about obamacare he likes, like keeping people up to 26 years old on their parents' health care plan. that's a good thing. he mayind he has common ground, heaven forbid, with donald trump. >> liking popular things and executing it are two very different things? >> i agree. how they are going to keep what they like, as you said at the top of the show, and keep what they like and get rid of the rest -- >> they never provide answers. we are having this conversation in the absence of any real details from the republicans and at some point the details have to be filled until and i don't think they are going to add up neatly. >> they are not going to. we are going to have 20 million people who have coverage under obamacare looking at what am i going to get next. if it's a catastrophic care
6:38 am
policy where they have to pay a $7,000 deductible to get any benefit at all, we are going to see the equivalent of the tea party in congressional offices this summer complaining about why are you taking it away from me? >> both men, is it possible they could get along in any way? >> what i thought was interesting, after he was shocked by his own election, trump sat with obama and he almost seemed needy. he said three different times, this is a very good man. this is a very good man. i think obama has some influence there. >> and then he contradicted that, when obama said i could have beaten him. trump is like a windshield wiper. >> he is profoundly insecure. >> but he is the president-elect. welcome to 2017. michael, congratulations. i am not letting you go. you want to read the book "a
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you are watching msnbc and we are back with our breaking news from capitol hill as both president obama and vice president-elect mike pence meet with their parties. at stake, the fate, the future of obamacare. kasie hunt and hans nichols
6:43 am
covering both on the hill. kasie hunt, take me in that room, and let me know where that woman brought that extraordinary red sequins cowboy hat because i want one? >> fredricka wilson, and he's a congresswoman from florida. there's a new one pretty much every day. and she and other democrats are here in the -- basically underneath the capital in the capitol visitor's center and auditorium, and meeting with president obama in what is likely to be his last president on capitol hill as president before the inauguration of donald trump, and the question is how to preserve the health care law that democrats worked so hard to push through and did it without republican support in 2009, and it was his first priority as president and democrats have been paying the political cost for it ever since, and the question for
6:44 am
today is do they do anything really to help republicans put this back together if in fact the republican party does go through with this repeal, and takes apart kind of the building blocks, if you think about the health care law as a jenga puzzle, and using the senate to pull some of the bottom pieces out and the whole market collapses and they can't put it back together with some of the votes in the democratic senate, and compromise, and the question is do you work with them on that and it's interesting to hear what they will come out of here saying. and we are hearing make america sick again, and it's something shuck schumer has said as the new incoming senate minority leader, and that's the way they will publicly fight back against the health care law. >> the most painful part of jenga after all the pieces fall apart, putting it back together
6:45 am
again, and i want to take you to hans nichols who is covering mike pence, and we know the vice president-elect will be speaking. the affordable care act was pushed through without bipartisan support, and mike pence is now speaking to republicans after donald trump won the election without many of those people supporting him? >> reporter: that's the fundamental irony of today. you have duelling meetings on how to strengthen or dismantle a law that in some way defined an entire presidency. talking to lawmakers coming in, they are still in the meeting behind me expecting to get a readout here shortly, and what is remark blg is the extent to how they are looking to the vice president-elect, mike pence, one of their own, for leadership on what to do on the affordable care act. one thing is that clear is this house republican conference is willing if not to take orders from the new team, from the new
6:46 am
white house, they are at least to take direction, and there's a difference between take orders and direction, and that could be one of the defining aspects of whether this congress and white house is going to be successful. you talked about jenga, and i have to be honest, i always thought you were more of a twister. >> that is my jam. they are not playing twister on capitol hill but this could be a historic day. any minute now vice president-elect pence will be speaking, and we will take you live. but next we will take you to south carolina where the sentencing phase for dillylann f has just begun.
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6:51 am
dylann roof is likely to be giving his own opening statements right now. what is the sentiment? who is in that room? >> stephanie, the jury just walked into the courthouse. the judge is giving both sides instructions as to where to give these opening statements. dylann roof is going to speak after the prosecution. and dylann roof has also said he'll offer this opening statement but doesn't plan to bring forth any witnesses in his own defense. he's representing himself after he was deemed competent to stand trial and to self-represent this past monday. what was also unusual on monday is the judge in a one-paragraph order limited dylann roof's movements during this second phase of the trial. effectively keeping dylann roof on a tight leash in this sentencing phase. in this order, the judge basically set forth a series of restrictions stating that dylann roof is restricted from approaching the bench, from
6:52 am
approaching the jury and from approaching the witness stand. if he even wants to introduce a document, he has to get a court staff member to do that for him. and what is unusual about this and has been criticized by some death penalty experts is the fact the prosecution isn't being held to those same limitations. as you mentioned, dylann roof will be in a position to cross-examine these witnesses. 38 witnesses at least the prosecution plans to bring forth. and this will definitely be a very emotional couple of days ahead because of that. emotional and historic if dylann roof does get the death penalty. he'd be the first person in america to get the ultimate punishment for a hate crime. >> joining me is paul martin, a trial attorney. when i hear mariana say unusual, unprecedented, historic. one concern is those could lead to appeal, appeal, appeal. was it the right decision for the judge to allow dylann roof to represent himself?
6:53 am
>> it wasn't a decision of the judge. it was a decision of dylann roof. he decided he wanted to become a platform to speak whatever hate he has and he's going to try to defend himself by speaking that hate. so it's really not a decision of the judge. it's really a decision of mr. defendant, dylann roof. >> but doesn't it open things up that the judge said he is fit. he is fit to defend himself, but if we see him give these statements over the next day or so and he appears to be anything other than fit, couldn't that open the door for an appeal? >> a defendant need only show he understand the nature of the proceedings and can assist in his own defense. once he meets that criteria, he's able to defend himself. now the court will bend over backwards to give him enough leeway to provide a defense, but he's made it clear he doesn't even want to present a defense. he only wants to make an opening statement. >> he is defending himself. some of the victims and family members of victims who perished are in that room.
6:54 am
>> not only are they in that room, but the ame denomination will be watching all over the country. me, a pastor, also attorney, but pastor in the ame church, i understand that we'll all be watching what will take place in that courtroom. but again, this is a criminal proceeding. mr. roof will present whatever he has to say. and the challenge is for the media not to enable him to spew this hate but to get -- present this case in a way in which only the facts come out. >> spew the hate. so spew the hate and he can almost do that in -- i can't even believe i'm going to say positive, but we shouldn't be giving him a platform so others can look to him as -- >> that's my concern that we'll enable him. the court can keep him on a leash physically. but i'm not sure what the court can do to keep him from saying certain things in the presence of some of these victims. >> enabling hate is the last thing any of us should want to do. paul, thank you. this is an historic day across the board. d.c. to south carolina.
6:55 am
i'm going to take you back to d.c. any minute now, mike pence is expected to speak after the meeting took place with republican lawmakers this morning where they're talking obamacare. they want to repeal. what are they going to do to replace it? we're going to bring you that live. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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i have to go, but before we go i'm going to ask my panel, when i say confirmation, what do you say? >> ugly.
6:59 am
>> please fireworks. please, fireworks. i want a lot of fireworks. >> ugly but also illuminating. >> ugly, illuminating, please fireworks and he already misses president obama. it's a big day in d.c. that wraps us up for now. i'll see you at 11:00 a.m. and all day long on twitter. coming up now, more news with my colleague hallie jackson. >> hey there steph. good morning to you. we are where the action is live on capitol hill today. right now on msnbc, a series of showdowns. president obama and vice president-elect mike pence holding dueling meetings on the hill. president obama arriving to fight for his signature health care and mike pence leading the charge to tear it down. we're going to hear from everybody. pence and paul ryan are set to speak at that podium. we'll bring it to you live. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi
7:00 am
expected in the next half hour. we're talking about another clash, too. donald trump versus the intelligence community. he's about to lead apparently taking julian assange's word. in an extremely rare move, dylann roof representing himself and asking the same jury that found him guilty in the charleston church attack to spare his life. tons to cover today. we start with pleeks. our msnbc team covering all of the action. hans nichols and casey, kristen welker. hans, you're in the basement right outside where mike pence is talking with members of the republican conference. what are you hearing from inside the room? >> he started off and talked about the need for immediate executive action, repealing some of the things barack obama has done. those will be the defining moments of donald trump's first day. there's a long


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