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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 3, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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that's going to wrap up this hour of msnbc live. big news at this hour of course, paul ryan, speaker ryan once again. speaker paul ryan. >> he is going to be making public comments. good the so you craig. have a fantastic afternoon. good afternoon, everybody. today's top stories at 2:00, day one for the congress as craig just said with republicans in control breakg this hour, the speaker-elect will address the floor any minute. this comes just hours after his house gop backed off of a vote to gut an ethics office. here he is walking in right now. you are looking at him getting applause from his fellow republicans on the floor of the house. walking toward the front of the house to address this. this will be an unusually interesting discussion because the decision was taken to gut that house ethics office without him being on side. he did not agree with that. and somehow that decision was
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changed. the ethics office remains untouched. we wonder whether paul ryan is going to touch on that in his comments. but he's got a lot to address, including whether or not they are going to tackle obama care on day one as promised because this is day one for the 115th congress. or whether or not they have got another option. he is also surely going to talk about tax cuts. something he has been trying to get done for some time. another promise that the republicans have made about coming into office and dealing with almost immediately. but there is tension between the house gop and the president-elect. he didn't like what they were doing on that ethics operation. so we are going to talk about that, too. before we hear from house speaker paul ryan as heoves to the front, nbc's halle jackson is where the action is. she has been at capitol hill all day. and here to help us make sense
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of it, steve kornacki. halle, let's start with you. speaker ryan about to make his address. it's not quite the triumphant return he was expecting. headlines eviscerating his party and his leadership today, now the house is backing off after a tweet from donald trump about the ethics move that they made. wh's going on? >> reporter: a couple of thing here. i don't know that 36 hours ago you would have had people predicting in fact the headline coming into today would have been flip, flop, flip, if you will, on this independent ethics office maneuvering. so i think that that sort of caught republicans offguard clearly given the fact they have reversed their position on it. it is not necessarily the headline house republican leadership wants to see. i do suspect wn speaker rn addresses the rest of congress and addresses the house he will be talking about what the priority is for house republicans. that is repealing the affordable care act. that's going to be key. you mentioned this tweet from
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president-elect trump. remember, ali, the president-elect didn't hit what republicans were doing, simply hit the timing of it, saying why is this the priority, when you could be working on tax reform and health care, et cetera. even going as far as calling the house of ethics unfair. ing intereg dynamic here at play with president-elect trump. one thing is clear, both groups, republicans in both congress and the white house have made it explicit that they want the repeal of the affordable care act to be top priority. we heard from josh earnest, the press secretary, taking a bit of a jab at congressional republicans. listen to what he had to say. >> i'm confident we are going to see congressional republicans do the work of their donors on wall street to try to gut wall street reform that allow them to escape accountable for a bunch of financial transactions we know
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are not in the public interests and actually do put taxpayers at risk and put taxpayers on the hook for bailing out those big banks. >> reporter: clearly the white house is not escape -- it is not escaping them this is the first day back in business for the 115th business and hoping to get their digs in, too. >> there he is. paul ryan taking accolades and greeting members of the congress. halle, stand pipe i want to go to steve kornacki. the office of the congressional oversight came after an member of congress was convicted of corruption. here he is. >> donald trump said he is going to drain the swamp in washington. >> this is not what they want to be doing. they want to not only keep that kind of office in place but they have serious things the congress has to do to make reform in washington and in fact to clean up the government. don't they realize what the
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election was about in november? it was about that americans are sick and tired of what goes on in washington. >> steve let's talk about ear ryan. the fact that the passing of this amendmentn the first place was seen as a rebellion as we await his remarks. he'll probably say something about this. bad sign. first day back on the job and having trouble keeping his caucus under control. >> you think of john boehner before him. john boehner left the house of representatives, the job of speaking because of a rebellion basically that was only getting worse, causing more problems among republicans. that's how paul ryan got the job in the first place. one of the theories was ryan had more trust among some of the rank and file members. that is true in a lot of ways but look how this played out. this happens paul ryan, basically over his objections last night. then donald trump, the incoming republican president, puts out a
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tweet saying hey guys this may not be the wisest time or the wisest way to do this. then the republicans back off. it calls into question -- this is a dynamic we will be revisiting because there are a lot of issues where donald trump and paul ryan as they head into the trump presidency this month there are a few number of issues where they are not aligned. if there is a clash does raise the question of -- >> who's the boss. >> trump or ryan. >> we have a separation of powers, who is actually running the show here. you can see the bottom right of your screen, the senators who are being sworn in in the senate. on the main screen you see nancy pelosi minority leader introducing house speaker paul ryan. this morning, members of congress were interviewed about how on earth they defend the idea of weakening the congressional watchdog. what was the argument. >> reporter: from those who supported those move, the argument was that essentially the committee, the office of
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congressional ethics was overzealous. overaggressive in looking for possible wrongdoing, and that people's names in their view were getting dragged into the mud when they necessarily didn't need to be. that accusations were being made but not backed up. the point made by some republicans was, hey, there is smil going to be oversight. i think the concern from a lot of people and why you saw the flip back, were people simply not buying that necessarily. as one ethics lawyer put it, it was like the sort of fox guarding the hen house at that point. the lawmakers whore supposed to be sort of watch dogs by this committee in charge of that committee, if you will. i tell you, ali, that came from conversations i had with ethics lawyers on both sides of the aisle not just democrats. >> the foxes guarding the hen house. we are awaiting paul ryan's address to the beginning of congress. it is the new congress. he's getting a standing ovation.
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he is being introduced by nancy pelosi. she is still going. as soon as he starts talking we will cut to him. in the bottom of the screen you can see the senators who are being sworn in across the capitol in the senate chambers. let me just ask my producers what we're -- all right. i want to just -- while we are waiting for paul trooin start speaking i want to bring in ron naehring. he was ted cruz's national spokesman during his run for president. and chris cofien as is a democratic strategist and former chief of staff for joe mansion. guys good to have you here. fair warning, when paul ryan starts to speak we will a cut to him. ron, let me start with your reaction to the news former president george w. bush will attend the inauguration of president-elect trump despite the president-elect's nasty
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election run against his brother jeb. >> reporter: donald trump has been able to unite t republican party, overwhelming majority of the republican party following the primary contest one that myself and my former boss ted cruz were involved in and received a good amount of the brunt from donald trump. but republicans aligned behind him. that's a very, very good sign for him, for the country, for the party. i'm pleased to see it. >> chris, senate minority leader has had tough words for president-elect donald trump saying tweeting flattery to putin is not a foreign policy strategy. also said america cannot afford a twitter presidency. now though the president-elect seems to be controlling the debate. how do democrats do anything about that? >> well, it's a real challenge. what donald trump has clearly figured out is that you can use a tweet to define a lot of the media coverage and press coverage going forward. i don't think you can -- you are not going to win a twitter
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battle with the president of the united states specifically one like trump. democrats i think have got to come up with a very clear agenda, oppose trump passionately and vigorously on areas that they have to, especially ones that impact hard-working families when you are talking about gutting obama care. you have got to go out there and aggressively do that. but i think this is about us being smart about how we oppose him and when and where with the smart and right message instead of trying to get into a social media battle with a president that seems clearly to love to tweet. >> ron, what's the achilles heel right now? is it the sff wh russia where donald tru seems tbe at odds with senior members of the republican party, including john mccain and others? or is it obama care and whether they are going to come up with a replacement that is going to do what donald trump says he wants it to do, be able to keep kids on their parents' coverage and not kick people with precysting
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conditions off? what's the achilles heel and what's the solution? >> it's hard to keep crack the of the number of democrat elected officials who lost their seat as a result of obama care and defensing it. the republicans are going to repeal it. what the replacement looks like, that's more complicated. the achilles heel -- >> ron, you just glossed over about the most important thing there is. what they are going to do with it is another issue. what are they going to do with it. >> if i'm on obama care and i'm one of the 20 million people getting it or i live with my parents and i get that care or i've got a preexisting condition i actually want an answer. i don't want a we'll figure it out. president obama didn't want a mandate and the mathematicians told him you can't have this without a mandate. >> there is a diversity in the party at this point. we are a big party with different ideas. rand paul saying it's important to do repeal and replace at the same time.
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other people say we should put obama care on the offramp and give time in order to develop what the replacement of that looks like. it's clear, if american people -- if there is any issue the republicans ran on overwhelmingly, it is the repeal of obama care. that's why it's clearly going to go. you asked what the achilles heel is, republicans have to deliver not only on repeal and replacement. but also on tax reform and securing the southern border. those three issues defined the republican party. now there is no democratic in the white house with a veto plan who can stop republican plans. they have to actually deliver. >> is there some danger of picking a fight with leslie graham and john mccain over this russia stuff? they spent their new year's eve in ukraine and in the baltics telling these folks we support nato and we are going to push back on russia. is this a fault line that could become quite serious for the republican party? >> i think the smart move here
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is for the administration to let congress take point in terms of doing its investigation. we have seen interest in both the house and the senate and commitment from both sides to conduct investigations here. they should allow the finalized report to come out from the intelligence services. let congress investigate and the white house focus on other issues. that i think is the smart thing to do. we have to be able to do more than one thing at a time. we can repeal obama care, enact tax reform and investigate the violation of american sovereignty that took place at the hands of the russian government. we can do those things at the same time and we need to. >> chris, one of the first items -- it's hard to keep track of what the first thing congress and the president are going to do. before i go to you, i want to go to halle jackson. she has breaking news. >> just fixing my microphone. >> we had her. i will let you know as soon as -- have we got you. >> i'm here. >> how could you havic teaen
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your mike f? >> last hour we brought you formation about president george w. bush and his wife attending the inauguration. nbc news confirmed another former president will be attending. that is not just bill clinton but donald trump's former rival this year, hillary clinton. both of the clintons will be in washington on january 20th for the inaugural proceedings. this is something one of our producers has confirmed via a source who is familiar with these plans. this is going to make for some interesting let's call it political theater, ali, or political doing. you saw president bush, the former president say along with his wife they wanted to witness the peaceful transfer of power. we don't have a statement yet from the clintons. but given how -- i keep going back to the word bitter. what a long and divisive campaign this was between hillary clinton and donald trump. it is certainly going to be a remarkable moment, i think when those cameras pan, you know the west front and see hillary
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clinton and former president bill clinton there. donald trump getting sworn in as the next president of the united states. really interesting stuff as we sort of mark the beginning of the new year here on capitol hill with the new congress as well. >> all right. ron, what's your take on that? >> you know, i think that this is going to be great, great fun to watch what happens on inauguration day. both -- you know, both on that platform outside of the capitol as well as the maneuverings that take place inside of the capitol in terms of moving this agenda forward. i go back to the earlier point, that is that republicans unified control in washington for the first time in eight years. no more excuses, no more barack obama going to veto something. republicans have to deliver. that's what base wants. that's what the country wants, ultimately that's what's going to have to happen. >> we are watching nancy pelosi hand that gavel over to paul ryan symbolically, obviously because he was the speaker already.
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he is taking the podium to a lot of applause from his congressional colleagues and a standing ovation from the republicans you can see on the right of your screen. let's listen in to house speaker paul ryan of the 115th congress. >> thank you. thank you very much. father. [ applause ] >> i'll be relatelybrf. i want to thank madam leader. you know, i stood in this spot very, very many times. today, though, feels a whole lot different. part of it has to do with all the new faces in the house. you look at all the proud spouses, these beaming children, at their best. [ laughter ] people's parents. it's hard, if not impossible to
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resist this rush of enthusiasm. there is no sense of foreboding in this house today. there is only the sense of potential. it kind of reminds you that no matter how long you have been here you haven't seen it all. and so i just want to say, to our new members, and to their families, thank you, congratulations, and welcome. [ applause ] to my own priest, father paul, thank you for being with us here today. >> appreciate it. [ applause ] >> and to my center, my family, jana, liza, charlie, sam, thank you for all that you have done to make this all possible. thank you. [ applause ] there is another reason for timism. that is what we've already achieved by meeting here this
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moment. just months ago our country held a great electoral contest. at times it was a little intense. as you all know, when you are in the heat of it, in the heat of the kind of campaign we had you start to wonder, will the tempers ever cool? will the system still hold? does our old, rich tradition still have that magic? well, it turns out it does. the clash of opinions, the hue and cry of campaigns, the ranker and the dissension in the end, they all dissolve in the silent and peaceful transfer of power. [ applause ] and so in just a few weeks' time we will welcome a new president who offers us yet another new beginning, a new chance to work toward a more perfect union.
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for all of our arguments and all of our differences, we are all yew nig united by a deep abiding love of our country. it is this slender but sturdy thread that holds us together of we always seem to forget this. but it has never failed us. that is why when the votes are counted and the people have spoken, we all accept the verdict. we comeack from the campaign trail, we pack up the yard signs. and today, today, as one body, we pledge allegiance to one flag, the red, the white, and the blue. [ applause ] that's not the only thing that we have in common. i don't care what your party is, find one person in this house who doesn't want the best for america. find one person in this house
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who does not want to see help given to the unemployed or care for the sick, or education for the young, or honor our troops. here -- who here among us does not want to open wide the door to opportunity? who here among us does not want every american, every creed and every color to cross the threshold? you cannot find one person in this building, not one. and that, that is a true cause for celebration. [ applause ] we have a lot to build on. but that being said there is no time to rest on our laurels, but to redouble our efforts. it's no secret that millions and millions of americans across this country are deeply dissatisfied with their current situation. they have looked to washington
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for leadership, and all they have gotten is condescension. for years, they have suffered quietly, quietly amid shuttered factories and shuttered lives. but now, now they have let out a great roar. now we, their elected representatives, must listen. so i want to say to the american people, we hear you. we will do right by you. and we will deliver. [ applause ] we will honor you because you have honored us. we take this sacred trust seriously. you know, it's not enough to say that the condition of your birth should not determine the outcome of your life. no matter how much we mean it. in a few year's time, i hope
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that the people will say of this 115th congress that we didn't just pay lip service to this beautiful american idea, that we made it a reality for everyone. we are not here to be. we are here to do. we are here to improve people's lives. grow our economy. keep us safe. improve our health care and our infrastructure. fight poverty. restore self government. friends, we've got our work cut out for us. as your speaker, i intend to keep this place running at full speed. when i came into this job, i pledged to restore regular order. get that committee system working again. hold regular house and senate conferences because only a fully functioning house can really, truly do the people's business. [ applause ]
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we've made some pretty good progress on that front. take our work on finding cures for deadly diseases, or beating back that opiod epidemic, or our work on mental health. these are all things that we should be very proud of. these efforts were directed by the committees, and drafted by our members, all through regular order. there is still a lot of work to do, like having a fully functioning appropriations process, for example. [ applause ] and so to the minority i want to say this. we've never shied away from our disagreements. and i do not expect anyone to do so now. but however bright of a contrast that we draw between us, it must never blind us to the common ground that we share. we must never shy away from making progress for the american
11:24 am
people wherever we can. and so as your speaker, i promise to uphold the rights of the minority. i promise to hear you out and let you have your say. if i had to sum up, it would be this. agreement whenever possible. but at all times respect. and to the majority, especially to our returning members, i want to say this. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. this is the kind of thing that most of us only dreamed about. i know because i used to dream about this a lot. the people have given us unified government. and it wasn't because they were feeling generous. it was because they want results. how could we live with ourselves
11:25 am
if we let them down? how could we let ourselves down? i have for many months been asking our members to raise their gaze and aim high. now, today, this congress, let us not be timid but rather reach for that brighter horizon and deliver. and so this old chamber, this old chamber might look the same, but in the hushed whispers and the whirl of activity you can feel the winds of change. and as i stand here next to that portrait of good old george washington i'm reminded of a line from one of his favorite plays. tiz not for mortals to command success. but we will do more. we will deserve it. and so, my dear friends and colleagues, i say to all of you, good luck and god speed. thank you very much.
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>> paul ryan giving his initial comments. you can't really see it it's covered by that box but the democrats are not all giving him a standing ovation. there are some that are getting up now. on the right side you have got the republicans giving him a standing ovation. he did say agreement where possible but always respect. i want to bring in halle jackson, ron mayoring and chris coconvenientas, chris, a democratic strategist, do you take anything from paul ryan's words, is that meaningful, the idea that he witnesses respect and some sort of workmanship with his democraclement colleag the minority party? >> it is nice of him to say but there are profound differences between republicans and democrats on some of the most fundamental issues. whether you are talking about tax reform, health care, the environment, regulations. i mean, there are a number of
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battles that will come. and in what i think -- the part to me that was very significant that i take away is -- i mean, paul ryan and the republicans clearly see this as an opportunity, no surprise there. but they are n going to be hesitant. i think that's the challengeor democrats. this is not going to be a party that i think is going to kind of walk through the tulips. they are going to be very aggressive on multiple fronts in multiple areas. >> and what we were just watching by the way while you were talking, chris, was paul ryan actually taking the formal oath of office. he gave his speech first. he is now officially the speaking once again. halle, what did you hear there that caught your attention? >> you know, there are a couple of interesting things with paul ryan coming in named officially speaker of the 115th house. i think that he addressed specifically the minority. you heard him say that, specifically addressing the democrats. but i do think that when you
11:28 am
look at sort of what paul ryan has been doing and his focus they are trying to push the idea of republican unity. so you have top aides to paul ryan talking publicly about how he received more votes for speaker this year than in prior years that every member for example, of the house freedom caucus voted for him, portraying this perception there is a unified republican party ready to move forward on what is an ambitious agenda for the republicans. it starts with the repeal of the affordable care act. but there is much more on that list including tax reforms and that would have the support of the president-elect. >> ron, did there -- he sort of talked about the fact this is a gichtd, something he has been dreaming about for a long time, the idea they have got majorities in both houses and a republican president indicating that he is going to move quickly to get things done. what message does the republican caucus have to put forward to the american people so they don't step on any land mines including thisset ethics
11:29 am
discussions we just had over the last 24 hours? >> i -- when republicans lost control of congress in 2006 i think there was a sentiment among people that the party was out of fresh ideas and we had held the majority since 1994 and the like. that's not the case now. this is a very engine ethic republican party that has a lot of new ideas that have come forward in a dynamic political environment that we have now with president-elect trump setting the agenda. as a result that my democrat frand is right that you are going to have a very' aggressive republican response. those battles are not going to be fought in the house. the republicans are goi to get what they want in the house. the battles are goi to be fought in the senate. the minority in the senate has a lot of juice and it takes 60 votes to get things done over in the senate. that's where the action will be. certainly, republicans will move on repealing obama care, tax reform, and they have to work on
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securing the southern border. that's an issue that is very important to many marries. that is that's what republicans said, elect us and we'll move forward on that. >> what do you think, ron, about some difficulties that some are projecting that some of donald trump's cabinet appointees might have, particularly in the senate? >> i have taken a look at the list and i have seen that the democrats are targeting some of donald trump's cabinet appointees, jeff sessions, rex tillerson and the like. i don't think they will have any luck in terms of defeating any of them. what i do think they will do is create a show and they will use the committee hearing process in order to create a show that will placate some of the internal audiences within the democratic party and try to look tough and the like. but i don't see anything so far that is really going to jeopardize any of these appointees. i'm not in the predictions business but i think every single person who donald trump named so far is going to wind up being confirmed. >> halle jackson, you heard the
11:31 am
comments that paul ryan made. it's not clear what he isoing too differently. he did sayespe for the minority, but when he came in, he already tried to reset relations between the democrats and the republicans in congress, things that john boehner couldn't get done. part of the problem for john boehner and part of the problem that paul ryan inherited was an intransgent very conservative winning of the republican party that did allow him, his predecessor to go forward with certain things they wanted to do. >> i think there is going to be a continued tension in washington. i think the dynamic to watch is the win not between the wing of the republican party that resisted some of the calls to action by its leadership. most notely last night when you saw leadership not supporting that move to gut the office of congressional ethics. instead, the members of the conference voted for it. and then today switching again because it was clear that it had very little support. that's one example of that
11:32 am
dynamic playing out. the other is between paul ryan and donald trump. we have talked about it frankly the last eight months, every since donald trump became the prumptive nominee. by all accounts the two in communication, they are talking frequently. we know paul ryan communicates with reince priebus, who will be pruz tremp's chief of staff. look that the the tweet he sent out. i think it was probably overstating it to say that donald trump's series of treats on the independent ethics office was the reason why you saw house republicans sort of switch their perspective on that. but i do think that he lent his voice to the outcry and that had an impact with some members. >> halle, thank you. we'll come back to you later. ron naehring, thank you so much, and chris cofienas.
11:33 am
i want to bring in representative jim hines. he is a congressman from connecticut joining us now. he is not a republican. lo at the look on his race face when i said republican. he is a democrat, in fact. any thoughts of changing parties of a that speech you just heard from paul ryan? >> i don't think so. they are going through here today with their, you know, opening day gambit to gut at the timics committee. i think i'll stay on my side of the aisle. >> what do you make of that? i think the issue has passed us by, but the concept that something almost happened that the speaker, who -- the reluctant speaker of the house, paul ryan, the guy who didn't really want that job, the guy who came in to pk up a mess wasn't in favor of? >> yeah, i mean i'm sort of staggered by it. on both substance, does it make sense to weaken ethics rules
11:34 am
when you are about to get into a bunch of fights that could cause you to lose a lot of friends. i keep hearing they are going the repeal the affordable care act. that involves throwing a awful lot of americans off of their health insurance. you would have thought if that's the fight they are going to get into they wouldn't have opened by saying oh, we are going to lynch some of the watch dogs overlooking whether we behave or not. and as a communications matter to on opening day say we are going to gut the ethics oversight and then to turn right around four hours later and 12 hours later and say oh, we were just kidding. my gosh, that is probably not conducive to the american people saying i really trust these guys. >> congressman in the bottom right of the screen the viewers can see the senate being sworn in. chuck schumer just a while ago spoke about the way that democrats would have to go forward. and he had a message for donald trump. listen with me. >> if you abandon change and simply embrace the shop-worn
11:35 am
hard right pro corporate pro elite policies diametrically opposed to the many campaign themes that helped you win working class votes and get you elected, your presidency will not succeed. >> all right. congressman, during president obama's two terms in office the party lost more than 1,000 seats at the state and the national level. he was elected twice. president obama enjoys a 55% approval rating. but elected members -- democratic members across this country are having some problems. how do you forward with what chuck schumer says democrats should be doing? >> wl i'm glad that senator schumer framed it the way he did. look, i think most of us here on the other side of the aisle from the president believe if he sticks to some of the things that he talked about, specifically a very significant upgrade of american infrastructure, our highways, our train stations, our airports, if he is really behind fixing an overly complex and probably anti-growth tax code,
11:36 am
he will find help on our side of the aisle. i think what senator schumer was saying, you know, if what we're really going to see is tax cuts for the top 1%, if what we are going to see is deregulation which makes our air and water dirtier but that somehow benefits corporations then he is going to face opposition from this side of the aisle. >> interesting op ed in the "new york times" that suggests democrats should take a page out of the tea party's playbook. it says the tea party's ideas were wrong but they understood how to wield political power and made two critical strategic decision. first they organized locally, focusing on their own members of congress. and second they played defense, sticking together to aggressively resist anything with president obama's support. what do you think of that? can your party energize voters to turn out in ways that the tea party got conservatives to turn out? >> i think the organizational idea in that statement is a good one. i mean, look, we need every
11:37 am
american watching what actually happens in the months to come. and you know, and form an opinion about it. i mean, okay, for eight years now -- or six years we have been hearing we are going to repeal the affordable care act. watch that closely. watch your neighbors. watch people in your town and see if that means they lose health insurance. if in fact that's what happens stand up and say something about it. if we are going to gut dodd/frank, put together in 2006 to prevent a meltdown of our fnl financial services, if that happens and we are seeing irresponsible behavior on wall street and bankingake notef that and say something about it. the thing i don't agree with is just say no to everything, if we don't get everything we want shut down the government that was the tea party. we all have a responsibility to help govern this country. if we say no we are not going to compromise it's my way or the highway nothing will move forward. >> congressman jim hims of
11:38 am
connecticut. confirming again you are going to stay a democrat, you are not crossing parties as i suggested. good to talk to you. ford motor company with a major announcement hours ago, plans not to open a plant in mexico and to invest millions of dollars in the united states. >> $700 million investment, and 700 new u.s. jobs. >> trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway retweeting the news with the hashtag america first. how much of the president-elect has impacted ford's decision. that's today's pulse question, do you think mr. trump is influencing keeping jobs in america? let's look at this. vice president joe biden swearing in members on capitol hill. in true biden form things got pretty colorful. >> i do. >> congratulations. god bless. a great-or working with you. >> you bet. >> god love you.
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breaking news regarding ford motor company and its anoipsment it will scrap plans to build a plant in mexico. ford instead will add 700 new jobs in michigan to build high if he can self driving vehicles as well as ford mustang and lincoln continental. president-elect trump retweeted that quote ford to scrap mexican plant invest in michigan due to trump policies. there after mr. trump blasted general motors this morning tweeting general motors is sending megs can made models of chevy cruze across border tax free from mexico. make in u.s. or pay big border tax. shortly after that gm responded general motors manufacturers the chevrolet cruze is a done in lordstown ohio all chevrolet cruze is a dance sold until the
11:44 am
united states are built in lordstown ohio. gm builds the cruze hatchback in mexico for the global market with a small number of them sold in the united states. i'm joined now by ford ceo markfields from the company's plot flat rock michigan plant. just so everyone is clear you announced ford will invest at the plant plus produce electric and hybrid vehicles including versions of the popular f-150 pickup truck, must trangs and a self driving vehicle. you said all of this had nothing to do with pressure from president-elect trump on the u.s. automotive industry but i was listening to your comments. you did praise him in your announcement. does he get credit for this or not? >> clearly we made this decision in the best interests of the condition. we look at a number of factors. one he have those is the more positive u.s. manufacturing business environment under president-elect trump. we are looking at some of the
11:45 am
pro-growth policies he has been talking about. clearly this is a vote of confidence he can deliver on that. >> is there something specific you think he can do to enhance companies like yours manufacturing in the united states? fundamentally it can be more expensive to manufacture a vehicle in the united states than it is in mexico. >> well there is a lot of different factors that come into play. obviously labor costs being one of them. but when you look at some of the tax and regulatory reform proposals that have been talked about, that could be very positive for the economy here in the u.s. and to helppur a renaissance, if you will,f manufacturing here in the united states. and we've been very proud, ali, to do our part over the last five years. i mean we are the number one producer of vehicles in the united states. and we're the number one employer of hourly automotive workers. and we've invested over $12 billion and created 28,000 jobs over the last five years. with this announcement we are building on that.
11:46 am
>> i want to pretend we are not on camera right now, we are having a casual conversation. i want to get into your head a little bit about how the decision was made. ford was a frequent target of mr. trump on the campaign trail. here's a sample of how he slammed ford in the past. >> ford is building a huge plant, $2.5 billion. nobody does -- maybe we don't buy fords anymore. who knows, right? but -- but look. they are building in mexico a $2.5 billion plant. it started two years ago. and now, because nobody did anything like go to see them, find out what is happening -- nobody did anything. they just announced they are going to double down and build more in mexico. we want them to stay here. >> so that changed in november after donald trump tweeted, quote, i worked hard with bill ford to keep the linkon plant in kentucky. i owed it to the great state of kentucky for their confidence in me. mark, what influence did this kind of rhetoric have on your
11:47 am
decision making, if any? >> well, first off we have to put it into perspective. we make decisions in the best interests of ford. we work for our shareholders. clearly, first and foremost that's the most important thing. and at the same time as we said, there is a lot ofifferent factors that we looked at. u know the reason we are cancelling the pla in mexico, the pmary reason is the fact that our next generation focus was going to be produced there. and what we've seen literally over the past couple of years is a marked decline of demand for small vehicles in north america. we are actually going to produce the next generation folk us in an existing plant in mexico because we simply don't need that capacity anymore. for the investments we are making here in michigan the $700 million and adding the 700 jobs a lot of factors too look at. one of them as i mentioned is looking at the business environment and some of the pro-growth policies that the president-elect has been talking about. that's something that we take into account. >> one of the reasons we've seen
11:48 am
less demand for smaller cars is that we have had lower oil and gas prices. we are starting to see that normalize a little bit. oil prices getting back up there. when gas prices get up a lib higher are you going to start to so see that demand come back? in which case is mexico back on the table for more expansion for more cars? >> first and foremost we are cancelling the plant we had plan to build in mexico. clearly even in an environment of $2 or $2.50 a gallon for gas. fuel economy is important to customers. our goal is to be among the best in every segment that we are in along with the electric phi indication we have made. i think we will have appropriate capacity. people moves from exact cars to exact suvs. >> let's talk a little bit about jobs in the u.s. we've lost about 5 million
11:49 am
manufacturing jobs since 20 # 0. mexico has become a mecca for auto production, surpassing even canada. there anything that's likely to reverse that trend? i know you say it's not just waging. but fundamentally wanls are lower in mexico. that's why jobs are going there. who is the thing that the president can most do or that congress or that anybody can do to stop that trend? >> i think from our standpoint some of the policies we would like to be pursued is obviously free and fair trade agreements that put american products on a level playing field. tax reform. obviously, corporate tax reform is extremely important. we have here in the u.s. we have the highest corporate tax rate literally in the world and then finally, regulatory -- regulatory certainties and regulatory policies that reflect market realities. those are the types of things we would like to see going forward and that we will continue to communicate with the new trump
11:50 am
administration that will come into their seats on january 20th. >> mark fields, the ceo of ford thank you so much for that. let's see what you are saying about our microsoft pulse question, ford is.subcontracting plans to build a $1.6 million plant in mexico and adding jobs state side. do you think trump is already keeping jobs in america. so far 10% of you say yes, 90% say no. there is still time to weigh in. when we come back, space exmay be a step closer to gettings its rocket program off the ground for the first same since september. >> after a four month hiatus space excould 4ed back to the launch pad as early as this weekend. the company was forced to ground all rockets after one exploded in florida. the source of the explosion was a failure in one of the vehicle's helium tanks. the company says it identified
11:51 am
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another look at break news. hillary clinton and bill clinton will attend the inauguration of donald trump. sources close to the two say they were encouraged to attend
11:55 am
the inauguration to help heal the country. george w. bush and laura bush will also attend. president obama stayed out of the 2016 race especially after his brother jeb exited the race in february. we can soon learn how donald trump plans to handle potential conflicts of interests with his companies. a senior adviser to the president-elect says he could hold a press conference as early as this week. >> i believe it was rescheduled for january 11th, originally. and if the lawyers and the compliance officers feel like we are ready then we'll stick to that date. it's really up to them. i know i talked to the president-elect today about the press conference and i know that's the current plan. >> donald trump has yet to separate himself from his massive empire. ethics experts are urging trump to divest from the businesses before inauguration day on the 20th of january. we have a former special counsel and special assistant to president obama. good to see you. donald trump vowed to terminate
11:56 am
any impending hotel deals he planned to open overseas but in a speech he gave on new year's eve he mentioned deals underway including construction of golf courses in dubai. this seems to be something he is not comfortable with. >> ali, i know worry all surprised that donald trump has said something that is not true. he has a long history of misstates, object fuss skagss and procrastinations when it comes to ethic. kellyanne conway says we are going to hear on the 11th. but we've heard that before as well. i don't think we can count on the donald trump plan until we hear it. and even when we get his plan to deal with conflicts, it's going to have, trust but verify for congress for the american people and for other authorities. >> ambassador, the only real option is congress. journalists have tried to verify. he will not release records. won't release tax records.
11:57 am
he won't hold press conferences of it's unway traffic from trump out to the american people. who can do this, congress right? >> it's not only congress. although congress has a very important role to play. of course we know, as improbable that it may seem that a congress of his own party will hold him accountable that they do respond to pressure. even today there was a huge public outcry about congress removing its independent ethics authority and they buckled under the pressure. so the american people, all of us have to keep the heat on congress. but there is much more than that. i know that lawyers all over the country and their clients are looking at actions now. you can't just have a man take office in blatant violation of the constitution which these foreign deals amount to, ali. he is taking money from foreign governments right now. that's a violation of the constitutional emodel umts clause, no foreign government
11:58 am
payments to united states presidents. if he persists in this kind of illegal conduct he is going to get sued and you are going to find that the courts as well as congress are holding him account, state attorneys general. >> who leads that charge? when you say he is going to get sued, where does this come from? >> well, you are going to see state attorneys general who have law enforcement activity. those of the opposite party were very active in suing president obama. you are going to see democratic state attorneys general leading the charge. but you are going to see good government groups like crew, the one i chair, taking a very hard look. is it really possible that the courts who are responsible for enforcing the constitution are going to allow a president to operate in direct violation of the constitution by taking foreign government payments on day one? i don't think so. so both congressional and court oversight. then there is state attorneys general all the others. >> all right. 'll see if that happens.
11:59 am
did it surpre tha that some of the pressure to backtrack on the house ethics committee came from donald trump himself? >> well, ali, it didn't surprise me. one of the blessings of the age of twitter and social media -- it is a negative, too. but one of the blessings is you are on the record. >> yeah. >> and i have joined those since the election saying hey if we speak out as one week push back on some of this stuff. lo and behold in less than 24 hours secret holiday weekend long weekend decision to gut that office of ethics that was coming up for a full vote today -- the people spoke out. there was a huge public outcry. overdonald trump got a whiff of the outrage that his voters were feeling and the house leadership pulled back. that shows we can do it if we work together. we can stands up for ethics. >> ambassador, good to talk to you. thank you for talking with us. also a fellow at the brookings
12:00 pm
institution. that does it for me, i believe. kate snow is standing by to take over. >> are you sure about that? it's true. i'm here ali. good to see you. happy new year. happy back to workday. i'm kate snow. there are three stories that we are following closely at this hour. the 115th congress has officially been gavelled into session. republicans in full control. moments ago paul ryan addressed the chamber. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. this is the kind of thing tt most of us onl dreamed about. i know, because i used to dream about this a lot. the people have given us unified government. and it wasn't because they were feeling generous. it was because they want results. how could we live with ourselves if we let them down? >> pictures now of house speaker paul ryan holding t


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