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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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give you last word. >> anti-war candidate he criticized iraq and afghanistan war. he was reluctant to get into another war. >> he won the nobel peace prize for all of his efforts. >> thank you for joining us. thanks for watching. hard ball starts right now, chris matthews. the coming of trump. let's play hard ball. back in washington the start of a busy month. in 18 days donald trump will be
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sworn in like it or not as the 45th president of the united states. today president obama returned from vacation in hawaii with the goal of trying to protect his legacy which is an endangered political spe sees. address last week interest chicago. president-elect trump returned from his vacation. he tweeted. 2,762 this past year. he criticized what he called media outlets for suggesting he himself thought he was going to lose the election. we'll talk to newly appointed kellyanne conway. what is donald trump know that we don't what does donald trump know that president obama and
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the u.s. intelligence community doesn't know. over the weekend president-elect trump interfeud with the what he might refuveal about na topic ts week. let's watch him. >> i want them to be sure. it's a serious charge. i want them to be sure. if you look at the weapons of mass destruction that whats a disaster and they were wrong. it's unfair if they don't know. a know a lot about hacking and it's a hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. i know things other people don't know. they cannot be sure of this situation. >> what do you know that other people don't know. >> you'll find out tuesday or wednesday. what is he referring to coming tuesday or wednesday. i'm joinedy kellyanne conway later on the show.
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did we have indication that trump going to make good to show and tell tomorrow or the next day what he nows that no one knows about the possibility of russia i i assume not being the ones who hack in our political situation this past election? >> that's what he is saying. we know he is going to have intelligence briefing there week. we are going to keep asking. you heard the reporter pressing him for more information when we spoke to him over the weekend we have been pressing his top officials for more information but they continue to make the argument that he wants to be sure before making a final assessment that it was russia. the take away you have an incoming commander in chief questioning his intelligence community. you heard him pointing to the weapons of mass destruction that gets under the skin of
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officials. members of his own parties, who are calling for more sanctions who are saying they believe spellings officials when they say russia is behind the hacks during the 2016 race. senator john mccain will hold a meeting on the matter. it's setting up a situation where president is trying to move along from the party, not laeting it go when he takes office in 18 days from now. >> from that experience, has heard trump say he has private investigators out learning president obama's real birth. we have been through this situation. what is trump -- he is good at creating ra bitting for us to clays this week. what is trump going to do to
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focus media attention. to we know yet? >> i don't. earlier this evening he tweeted about north korea and fact he prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon. he tweeted about violence in chicago. we didn't see a lot of him today. he was indoors. trump tower was quiter day. but again, bottom line he did make that statement that he is going to produce more information. certainly the press corps is going to hold him to that. >> we're waiting for that. thank you for doing that. get in from the rain. donald trump praised vladimir putin -- trump tweeted the following. i new he was smart. today trump's incoming press
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secretary sean spicer suggested he was shooting from the shut. let's watch him. >> this report that every one see as taking gospel truth is not final. so there are questions as to why ewe are taking the actions without report being finalized. the president-elect is going to wait until information is final, what he is not going to do is politicalize intelligence before he has complete picture of what's happening. i'm joined by the panelist. trump reality, he --
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>> what he does what the impact of that is. i think this is going to require some discipline on the part of journalist to cover what he does as opposed -- >> how can you avoid chasing the rabbits? >> you have a bigger responsibility to focus on the subsfa substance of what he does and the impact it has. that's what matters. >> every time he lambaste the intelligence community by saying they have it wrong, no one said saddam had nuclear weapons. so the -- it's not right for trump to keep saying the cia was wrong about that don't trust them about the russian hacking.
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>> there was slam dunk phrase used. >> nuclear is the middle of the road people say let's go to war with iraq because they did this weapons. >> for sean spicer to accuse media of playing politics, it serve donald trump interests to intimidate every one around him and keep them at divide and at war. he putting intelligence community on notice in public, you screwed up before i done believe you, he is trying to discredit. >> why? >> it's a method of control for donald trump. >> you have military people out
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there -- how is he -- >> like richard nixon. >> dot is putting them on the defensive people like michael who used to be key figure in the bush era -- right now late today donald trump tweeted north korea stated it's in the final stage of developing nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of u.s. it won't happen. kim yun un, the guy with the strange haircut, he building a
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nuclear weapon a missile capable of reaching seattle. what's to stop that finger from pushing a bottom? >> he is able to be provoked and has a history -- >> which guy? >> the guy in new york or -- >> he has a history of doing provocative things. >> kim yun un may try something. >> you're president-elect, you're surrounded by newcomers. have you to go to people that have going to tell you what are my option, do i call the leaders in china, you have to warn him, if anything like this happens,
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it's not about trading nuclear weapons, it's about this guy quick tragic end on this plan planet, how do you get this message to this numb skull? >> donald trump from from what i can tell i have studied him for longer than that, believes in his own circle of people to tell him what to do. one of the people is henry kising jer. donald trump wants his own people you talk about somebody who may be surrounded by people who wrant to tem him what to hear, we're talking about both places. >> i have been into politics
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long enough to know when someone is sick with a disease, they don't go to best friend, they go the smartest people they know. that's the situation trump is in he needs to find a specialist to deal with kim unyoung and what he just announced. >> this is a risky period. because they don't have the kin kings worked out. it raises a lots of ncerns. it's oneeason to have a smooth transition as possible so if there's a crisis you can call barack obama. >> i would hope so susan raises a good point. despite the public handshaking that president obama and
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president trump did in the oval office, we have a thing going on where presidency is competing here. i have never seen anything like it. the last time it happened was richard nixon and lyndon johnson. it's an entire array of thing. >> donald trump new year message for his enemy this weekend. he tweeted. they don't know what to do. love. >> susan, was that ha statement of unity? >> aren't his opponents his enemies. we're all-americans. >> you said it with a little bill clinton, he doesn't have note to his voice these days. >> you can see what kind of
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president donald trump is going to be in addition to the campaign by the tweets he puts out. what he is doing unprovoked is sticking his finger in the eye of the people he's beeten throubeaten through the presidency. he is laying down markers of how he is going to run the country and if he has to intimidate people. >> he did show during the campaign discipline. he showed when he was down in the dump when he thought he was a loser. he did discipline himself. there's controls on his control panel. he can say no tweets for three or four days. >> he won the nomination, we didn't think he could do that. you have to say that we haven't
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seen the effort to reach out to the people who didn't vote for him. >> they have 51 votes and 50 votes in the senate is enough. they are going to use reconciliation, the legislative kind. >> if there's a tradition rule he won't follow it. >> that is a co lossal statement. >> thank you. i'm going to ask trump senior counsel kellyanne conway about this russian hacking. coming up on hard ball kellyanne conway. what does putin wants and how he expects to get his way with trump. those are questions that will ship the world in the next four years.
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welcome back. 18 days when he is sworn in. how we deal with russian, the middle east and other major plash points. kellyanne, congratulations. you pointed out and somebody should advertise this you are
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one of three women who held position to president. >> all of them republicans. there's never been a woman with that title. >> which tells you? >> donald trump has been promoting and elevating woman, in the trump administration. it's who he is, it's what he does. >> i was in india, they have a good english language press over there, one thing that bugs me and scares me, a lot of this is back and forth, a lot of this can be fixed. how do you somebody was weird as
4:22 pm
kim yun un who sbround surrounded by fans and no one is going to tell him the truth, how do you step him from delivering a nuclear weapon to seattle. how do you stop him from doing that. you can punish him afterward what you can stop him from doing it. >> as you pointed out, the president-elect, has tweeted out the notice about north korea is about a year awa interest having this and he tweeted by saying that's not going to happen. he will confer with his generals. you don't do it by em bolding a country like iran which put the rest of the world in direct
4:23 pm
risk, that's why democratic senators were against the iran deal. the idea that we have been questioning north korea's is rich. lost the election and a guy who is going to be tougher on these issue the donald trump won the election. we you end like the plan, it puts them off in terms of their availability to develop a weapon. what would serve that purpose if you don't have a worldwide sanctions against them with the chinese cutting them off from any economic life, what do you do to stop them. you squeeze them and squeeze
4:24 pm
them, then what do you do in. >> you have so much money now and they are funding groups like hes ba la. the world is a dangerous place. we're not going to make foreign policy on your show tonight, this is a part of the obama legacy and i would be curious to see what the president will say in his farewell address. when you say the world is a dangerous place it didn't just happen. it's because of a lot of action and inaction and the fact that president-elect trump through his media platform is telling 44 million people on twitter, facebook and instagram combined
4:25 pm
that he intend to stop it and he will. >> i think that is wa a concern before he did it. he focus on the biggest concern we have. you say you don't want to make policy. he setting a different tone from obama with regard to russia and the allegation of russia's hacking into the campaign. let's start with that. here we go. >> it's interesting once they hack, if you don't catch them in the act you're not going to catch them. they have no idea who it is. it could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. it could be russia, i done tli it is. they don't know. and i don't know. >> last week the president-elect said we should move on. let's watch that. >> i think we ought to move on with our lives.
4:26 pm
computer has made it where no one knows exactly what's going on. we have a lot of other things, i'm not sure we have the security we need. >> donald trump suggested there's information out there that hasn't been revealed that could change the hole situation. >> i know a lot about hacking and it's a hard thing to prove and it could be somebody else. i know things other people don't know. so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> what do you know that other people doesn't know. you'll find out tuesday oar wednesday. >> is that still a -- >> the president-elect in addition to the comments he made, he has agreed to have an sbels briefing and he will have that here at trump tower this week and he will hear from our top intelligence officials it is
4:27 pm
expected what they know. >> what does he know? >> he knows that every president, who have intelligence briefs i hope they know a lot more than the rest of us know because they should. they are the president and commander, president of the united states and commander in chief. we don't want politics to interfere with intelligence. we are say we don't want intelligence to interfere with our -- to play into our intelligence efforts either. the fact is i think those who are talking about the hacking, they fall into two categories one the content of the information revealed. calling chelsea clinton a spoiled brat, a lot of unfor
4:28 pm
theble -- it waebt the intelligence it's what you just described now, the political sizing of the intelligence who never had briefing and the cia but dick chaney went after the -- george w. bush they lied they put the word out, they didn't have a basis. we have guy on the show say he briefed dick chaney but it was a good way to get us into the war. >> in fairness to
4:29 pm
president-elect trump he has been criminal of the iraq war. he is criminal. hillary clinton voted for it t. she ran down to the well and proudly cast her vote for it. president obama has said that he told vladimir putin to knock it over when it came to hacking. it's not clear he meant knock it off because you're going to interfere with the election or knock it off. you don't say to vladimir putin knock it off and think that he will. it doesn't make sense. people wonder why more wasn't done early was it because president obama and everything at the networks thought hillary clinton would win. is it democratic or political
4:30 pm
response. are we going to move our embassy to jerusalem? >> possibly. he would like to do it. the reason is very simple, when you show up at the israeli equivalent of our supreme court, you go to jerusalem. don't you want our embassy to be where the seat of government is. >> the iraq side is that jerusalem will be capitol of the new state. israel's exclusive territory and no u.s. has said that. it's a fact and it's going to cause trouble. when you say may happen, you're not sure it's going to happen.
4:31 pm
>> it's a priority for the president-elect, he has said it many times. his new ambassador to israel has said so. if there's no peace plan on the table and we're not close to have a peace process completed here, then why wouldn't we want our embassy there. >> because it would cause an explosion. it's a very dangerous things to do. >> i can't let that go about the explosiveness of the middle east. un resolution was a great was u.s. policy and certainly israeli policy. john kerry 72 minute speech was
4:32 pm
tyrant against israel. rejectionism why don't we have peace process, in other words this is a very complex issue but you're going to have a president there for probably eight years. we have one in eight days to do this on the way out to break with the long-standing policy is shameful. >> u.s. policy under both parties have been trying to find peace in palestine in that you are area to try to bring peace part of that has been two state solution by both parties to stop the settlements which cutoff the chance to have a political state. >> no one has succeeded and president obama didn't visit until beginning second term. >> it's politics.
4:33 pm
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with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. welcome back to "hardball" after last weeks explosion worst level sense the 70s donald trump
4:37 pm
vowed to change that. the feeling is mutual last year in new years statement vladimir putin congratulated trump. acting in pragmatic matt we will take steps to various areas. not everybody is on board. >> here is a fundamental fact he is a kgb agent. >> friendship i'm joined by president and chief correspondent. chairman of the human rights foundation democracy leader, world chess companion.
4:38 pm
author that "winter is coming, the president must be stopped." what is putin up to and what political use he will try to make of trump? >> for the rest of his life today confrontation with the free world, confrontation has become statement of the prop gan ta. economy is falling apart confrontation is important element of justifying to stay in power. >> that sounds like castro did for 40 years. >> i think gary is right. there's no question that vladimir putin envisions staying in power. >> a lot of politician have a plan like this. >> i think his plan goes further than that.
4:39 pm
he wants to restore what he argue what is russia's historic sense of -- >> talk about that part. how is dumbing on us interrupting us, hacking us, how does that enhance russia? >> it's designed to degrade america's ability to project itself as united states has done as the indeexpenseble nation, you undermine the democratic institution, you run circle around barack obama, you world stage and pull down america's role. >> what does putin envy about the united states. there's something in his mind that resents our position in the
4:40 pm
world today. what is it. >> greatness in russia he must defy the biggest power in the world, the united states. he has to demonstrate democracy is function institute. he is sick and tired of playing window politics, he doesn't demonstrate that democracy doesn't work elsewhere. almost every major country supporting all groups trying to destroy the political status quo are creating a mess all over the place. >> if you were trump's friend what would you tell him that he may react to that had he is being played. that putin is using him? what would you say? >> look, i can offer advise to the president of the united
4:41 pm
states whoever he or she is they have to look learn something from history and it's clear that any attempt to negotiate with vladimir putin is a disaster by definition. the money you are at the bargain table with him, you concede interest of the united states and the free world. >> does he kill his enemy in russia? >> i look -- i mention that friend colleague, up in front of the kremlin putin is a dictator and he will do whatever to stay in power and creating chaos over the world is part of the his agenda and president-elect is seen by putin to spread it around. >> he does worse than throwing people off his golf course, i guess. >> neither of them expected to
4:42 pm
be where they are today. donald trump winner upset election last year. vladimir putin has been doing this a lot longer than donald trump. >> trgreat to have you on. buckle up your seat belt, u.s. congress is bent on burying president obama's legacy. you're watching "hardball" the place for politics. time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together
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welcome back to "hardball." a new congress comes to washington tomorrow and with it a sweeping agenda to kill obama's legacy. republicans are in control of the house. repeal affordable care act
4:46 pm
today. cut taxes for business, undue all kind of environment and financial regulation. let's bring in the "hardball" roundtable. just another republican strategist nothing more to say about him. i know you're thinking you can make changes in pennsylvania. in you got the house, your party and you got the senate, you don't have filler buster requirements you can get guys and women in the cabinet you can kill almost everything in the obama administration legacy you seed 50 votes, you don't need 60
4:47 pm
to break the filler buster. >> they did elect republican president -- >> it's at mandate. >> i'm not kulg a mandate. it's not like they were in love with obamacare. >> just say yes, nothing can stop you guys? >> nothing can stop us. i think we can get greedy. we should start with trade let's get some wins. >> you wouldn't kill obamacare in its cradle. >> that's what i argue. >> i heard that there's a replacement pea replacement piece. i asked someone coming into the white house with the president-elect, they said it's going to be replaced. we don't know if -- >> we didn't --
4:48 pm
>> 20 million who have not had insurance now have insurance when the other 10 million are people who lost insurance during the year and became part of the aca program. >> they have a replacement for eight years they have not been able to produce it. >> obamacare is like it's worst possible health care except for the others. if you keep the popular part and remove unpopular part it will fall apart. if they do what you were saying they can give tax cut for the wealthy deregulating wall street, this is not why donald trump was elected president. >> what would be worst they can do to themselves -- how what's
4:49 pm
worst thing republicans can do if they use their complete control? >> if they start with tax cut for the wealthy, every vote you have, think about some family and stew binville ohio in that have three kids, if it's something they're not talking about, it's not right. >> how to defund or repeal obamacare. they are going to try to take the tax incentive who help pay for those who cannot afford it. once you pull it it breaks apart. also it's going to cause the insurance agencies to skyrocket. >> 12 will won by trump.
4:50 pm
those are his voters. they are the people he relied upon. they may hate obamacare because it had oe became attached. >> which is a lot of people desperately need government the about we don't like the government. in the end it will matter. >> appalachia loves it. >> appalachia has always loved meals on wheels. the roundtable is sticking with us. up next they will tell me something i didn't know and i've been away, so that won't be hard. like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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breaking news now. the u.s. house of representatives will hold a vote on thursday to condemn the united nations security council resolution that called israel's settlements a fly grant of violation of international law. that passed 14-0. the you states abstained. by the way, that passage will occur this thursday. we'll be right back.
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muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. back for the "hardball" roundtable. andrea, tell me something i don't know. >> trump and putin's bromance has one goal and that's to undermine western democracy in western europe, and france is the key part. trump will be supporting the neofascist neofascists in france. >> oh, god. >> i told you mike pence went after j.c. wat krchlc. watts fo. it looks like the ag industry wants someone that looks like them. >> no. white? >> yes. >> more importantly, the super bowl's going to be the pittsburgh steelers versus the
4:55 pm
dallas cowboys which when they played earlier this year the tv ratings went through the roof and the nfl was thrilled and they're hoping for that rematch. >> they set these up for the ratings? >> i hope so. >> that's what my dad said about the nba. it's always eight games -- i mean seven games. they would like eight. thank you. we'll be right back after this. nothing intimidates janelle. not boys... not worms... not cancer. i want you on my team. ok. janelle's doctors turned to st. jude children's research hospital where we've helped increase the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to 80%.
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let me finish by filling you in where i've been with kathl n kathleen, thomas and caroline, two of our children. we've been to india traveling by
4:59 pm
rail, by a three-wheeled car known as a tucktuck and through the back water. there we are. a couple things about india. first, its long-rich history. the giants in the caves go back to 200 years before christ. the forts we toured to the time of the mogul empire. it's the huge number of people, of course, 1.2 billion. and the way they get along like in traffic, they actually know how to get around each other in these crowded scenes. it's the finesse they show in negotiating who goes first. they use their horns to toot, to signal each other, not to blast the other guy as a nerve rattling punishment like over here. i didn't see any road rage anywhere in india. another thing about india, i know we were only there two weeks, i couldn't help notice the dignity of the people, even the poor people. something about the way the indian people carry themselves, men and women both. i have a stronger, grander opinion of a country after i've
5:00 pm
seen where they come from. i like to see people all by themselves in the society built. if i were an immigrant to this country from india i'd be very proud of it. as for my family we couldn't have had a warmer, more generous welcome or adventurous look at that country and, by the way, the taj mahal is greater, more beautiful, more stunning as it stands before you than you can possibly imagine. built by a to honor his wife, it honors not just india but civilization and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> i know a lot about hacking, and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. >> 18 days until inauguration. >> i also know things that other people don't know. >> what does the president-elect know and when will he know it? >> what does he know, shawn? >> we'll wait until tuesday or wednesday. >> new reports russia hacked the u.s.


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