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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 2, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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alcohol content beer without license for it. boug bought. picking up covering from "30 rock." good morning evening. watchi watching msnbc live. also manhunt for a killer, the search for a man opening fire and murdering 39 people if turkey. president obama going home to chicago for farewell address. we go inside of that speech what to expect and whatnot to expect. >> we begin tonight with a new
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year the same donald trump back in new york and back on twitter attacking the media, various media outlet going to lose the election. wrong it came together in the last week and i thought and felt i would win big easily over the 270, 306 is what he ended up getting. they new and so did i. it's that election that is at the center of a heating international controversy. 17 intelligence agencies concluded that russia was behind hacking the election with vladimir putin personally involved because of a ven detective cyber hearing thursday saying this was an act of "war."
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the trump team sl disputing a different point whether it's clear russia is bep hind the attack. incoming press secretary saying this. ke a listen. >> the question is whether he open to it it's whether whether or not intelligence suggestion he is the response the administration has give is in response to what it has taken. >> he knows more about this than others. take a listen. >> i want them to be sure because it's serious charge. and i want them to be sure. if you look at the weapons of mass destruction that was a disaster and they were wrong. i think it's unfair i they don't know. i know a lot about hacking and it's hard to prove. i know things people don't know they cannot be sure of the situation. >> what you do know that other
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people don't know or know? >> you'll hear tuesday. >> 17 intelligence agencies have confirmed that russia was behind the hacking. they are not disputing that. let's get a lot more on this start with nbc's ann. good to have you with us. you heard the presidential elect and incoming press secretary still skeptical. what are you hearing around the transition team about what the president-elect might know when he say he may not a lot of people don't know. >> whatever he knows they are keeping close. trump -- officials and perhaps the president-elect himself but he did so out of the sight of
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reports and cameras so there was no chance to asking the vice-president elect just what the president means he knows things that other people know. the president-elect is skeptical of the information from the intelligence community. why is he skeptical. he pounts to the weapons of mass destruction were the reason we went to war against iraq and we went to war and there were no weapons of mass destruction. what will he tell us wednesday we do not know. and nobody is telling us. >> do you get an idea of this announcement has he cleared that up. forget about the content let alone the timing of this? >> no. we don't. we don't know if the timing, if
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what may happen tomorrow or wednesday is tied to alg intelligence brief we don't know what will spur his coming forward and explaining what information he has had. -- he does have about the lacking or the allegations of hacking that the russians did involving the election. which have no timetable at all from the trump campaign from this. >> good to have you with us this evening from trump tower in new york. let's go to white house nbc ron is there. good to have you with us. the president not responding to the skepticism about russia. are we execing to hear from president-elect trump about this -- have they spoken since last week president-elect and
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the president? >> i don't think we're going to hear him challenge the president on this issue. they are certain in their minds that the russians conducted this hack. the agencies said there back in ob to ber there are those that were sanctions levied last week and t singling out of the leaders in moscow. i think the administration would argue they would not do that they are not certain about the things they have. we are execing what's been called a review about the
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intelligence community dating back to eight years or so. the hope and expectation is that somewhere in that review there will be more information released that will provide information about the evidence that the united states has that ties the russians to hacking in the united states and elsewhere over the years. so there's the hope that this review may produce more information but again the administration has said so much of this information is confidenceal i doubt we're going to get a smoking gun. something that will move this discussion down the road. i don't think there's going to be a moment where president obama is going to say here, donald trump you have to look at this. it's not going to happen that way. president obama has been going out of his way it talk about how to make this a smooth
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transition. after the round of conversation last week that it went smooth that the conversation was cordial and things were going we well. i want to bring in former ambassador. i want to start -- i want to ask you serious question. we don't know what donald trump is referring to when he says i know things that people don't knee. could it be something he is being told from the intelligence briefing or open sources or is his team vising him that the intelligence community is not privy to? >> i don't know. >> what would you say out of those three scenarios that you think it is? that we don't know about that the meeting is taking place.
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>> you're right, to speculate there are lots of alternative theories about how wick leaks obtained data or the inside person gave them the data or it wasn the russians that would muddy the water. there's something called intelligence. we spend a lot of money tens of thousands of people work to gather intelligence to protect the american people. on occasion they make mistakes or that intelligence get politicalized that they talks about with respect to iraq. on many thousands and tens of thousands of instance they do their job well and he needs to respect the fact that he needs to work with these people to be president of the united states. >> let me play sound byte. talking about president obama's response to what we know about
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the russian hacks. take a listen. >> there are questions pro portion that we are without report being finalized. it's not a question of if. the president will be briefed by the senior leader this week. response was proportional to the actions taken. >> he brings up a good point. the report he has order has not been issued we are taking these measures in terms of sanctions against russia. why is this happening been we have the final report. what would you say to that charge. >> i work with president obama for five years. he is not a decision-maker that takes decision lightly or in a speedy process. i have no question that the
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evidence must be overwhelmingly for him to take these measures. the president trump should be briefed and aware of these things and on january 20 he should make his policy. right now president obama is the president and i applaud what he did. i think it's right thing. maybe it should be more. there should be other sanctions it sounds to me they have the data to conclude they need to take the action now. >> a lot of serious communication happening between yourself and wash soington. i want to play this sound byte and i'll get your reaction to it. >> if you have something important, right it out have it delivered by courier.
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no computer is save. i have a ten-year-old boy tla can do anything with a computer. write it out and have it sent by courier. >> can you tell us if this is feasible at the speed and rate that you can communicated by writing thing down and sending them back to washington by courier? >> of course, not. i look forward to the day when the president-elect is fully briefed and understand our systems. some computers are safer than other than and he will learn about those levels. there's a way to encrypt communication between him and ambassadors around the world. we do need to take appropriate efforts to make our systems more
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secure. on that i agree we found out tragedily that we did not have that capability. i think going forward he needs to focus on how to make us resilient against the cyber attack. the ability to hack is getting better. we need to meet that challenge. >> thanks for joining us. trump's meetings with intelligence officials what proof might he see. manhunt, more details.
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. i know a lot about hacking and it's a hard thing to prove so it could be somebody else. and i know things that other people don't know. they cannot be sure of the
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situation. >> what do you can know that other people don't know ivlgs you'll find out tuesdays or wednesday. there it is. trump will get intel briefing and he could come face-to-face with some of those 17 agencies that have concluded that the russians interfered with the elections. this morning on the today show matt lawyer asked exactly about that. take a listen. >> has she shared this information with the cia with the rest of the intelligence community because le would be talking about information that would be vital to national security if it involved the hacking of our national election. is it holding out there like a tease for a reality show? >> the president-elect is briefed security team by current
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security people. he does know things that's where he is the president-elect. joining me now is jack rice former cia officer. jack, i'll begin with you. you're take on it. >> i'm very concerned about this. matt's point is a good one. if he has raw intelligence that's necessary for the united states to defend itself he needs to share it. this needs to be distributed. the point of having information so we can react. there's is carrying something in your pocket because you can. this is about figuring out who to do with it. president-elect trumping acting like he running for president rather than being president and that's coming in days.
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>> you know trump well, what do you think is the strategy here. >> i think what we have seen from donald trump from the very beginning has been the president-elect, candidate trump saying things sometimes because he felt like saying this and they are not a grand strategy behind it. at this particular case is very alum native members of the intelligence community and the president-elect i think based on our reporting there's a sense there are members of the intelligence community who wants to see how he would be in 18 days. this has potential to create a rift for him. frankly members of congresses
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who are not seeing eye-to-eye on this. >> we're trying to get a sense of what that presidency may look like. we just got there tweet in. i'm not sure if you have seen it or you're seeing it now. it says north korea stated it's in final stage of developing weapon. it won't happen again. donald trump using this social media platform. what's your take on that when he says that. do you see that as a threat or indication on how he may prevent that from happening. >> it's a provocation on one side and the other. the problem we seed there's a lot of intelligence that's house there and i don't know that the president-elect has heard all the of it directly. to shoot from the hip when in
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fact you lose the opportunity to have a real impact down the road, ones you learn something. a lock of information a lack of intelligence, ignorance is not bliss is something the president-elect doesn't have the benef benef benefit of. >> this isn't the first time he has weight on foreign policy issues. he is now saying it won't happen with an exclaim mags point. how do you interpret it? >> i think that one of the things up mention this is not the first time he weighted in on
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foreign policy via twitter. back to how many days ago when he had that other tweet that he sent out about thu clear weapons that -- it stunned a lot of experts in the field that president-elect would make a comment like this this his team tried to walk that comment back a bit. but i think that the question moving forward, 18 days, there's nothing for any of us to think that donald trump is going to stop tweeting on matters of foreign policy. >> the scary thing about it is the leader of north korea is not the most rationale when it comes to reading these tweets.
3:23 pm
but in the case of north korea they may read this is feel this is enough of a provocation. >> kim johning yun has not shied away from international provocation. that's a question mark, too. >> go ahead. >> we have to come template when the president steps upswing withing in this manner. there's people op the ground that can die as a result. it's good whether you're a leader of a game show but people die if things go south. he needs to remember that. his people need to sit him down and realize this is about something far bigger than he. he is the president of the united states and he needs to start acting like it.
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new details on a pair of massacre. this is aftermath of an attack on market in baghdad. it did leave 36 people killed. a suicide bomber drove through with a truck packed with explosions. isis has claimed responsibility for those. it also claimed responsibility for attack in turkey. manhunt on the way in istanbul.
3:28 pm
the blurry photograph confirm to be shooter by turkish police. still no information on who he is, or whether he in fact has ties to islamic state or even in the country or fled somewhere else. american man was among the survivors. >> i feel like i was the lucky person. >> you were pretending to be dead. >> everybody was. when he shot me i didn't move. >> chief correspondent has more. >> reporter: -- we didn't have that tape there from richard eng
3:29 pm
l. he specializes in and author of dancing with the devil michael great to have you with us. i want to ask you, in the early stages isis was not going after turkey. it seems with the killing of russia, turkey is becoming an isis target. what has changed in the calculations. why is this happening. >> this is blow back the pa pakistanians discovered. july 15 coup about 17,000 professionals have been fired and rotated around. perhaps what the president has done is purge so many of the
3:30 pm
adversaries that he doesn't have an wrun left to mind the gates. >> you talked turkey -- taken place across security branchs, i understand there was one security guard at the nights of the attack. security would have been beefed up at -- did you get a sense that was not the case from your contact from your situation. >> absolutely. every time i have been to reina when i talked to turkish police, the policeman only had ten months experience. he symbolize the new generation.
3:31 pm
this is one of the reasons why the regime has cracked down on reporting inside turkey because they don't want all of these facts expose. we can talk about it here but inside turkey you're going to get arrested if you bring up questions like this. >> i wan want to ask about the climate. the leadership is shifting away from secular. in no way shape or norm is it allowing for attacks to terrorism attacks to happen but talk to us about the overall climate in the atmosphere in that country between the government and the secular nature of that country historically. >> turkey is a deeply polarized
3:32 pm
country. 50 percent of the country that despices the man. the recorder without boarders prison for journalist in the world, they tend to tell him what he wants to hear and so what we have is a possibility of what we are seeing in turkey is product of that incitement 7 years old when he came into power he product of turk irk education system could this be the really, the end of the beginning rather than the beginning of the end. >> it's innocent people paying the price with all of the terrorism attacks being committed on turkish soil. >> thank you. donald trump tweets north
3:33 pm
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. we're back with that new donald trump tweet fired off at the top of the hour. north korea stated it's in the final stage doefrling nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s.
3:37 pm
it won't happen, he wrote. >> here to talk more about that. political contributor director for ted cruz's presidential campaign. let me start with you. diplomacy by twitter a warning that north korea will fot develop weapons capable of reaching u.s. your thoughts? >> it's not like we have two sober leaders of countries who will think things through and talk to their partners. we have crazy v. crazy in a way. we act as though it's the new normal that we -- we're getting the announcements via tweet. he has not had a press conference. this is only way to communicate.
3:38 pm
>> i feel that way about some of his silly feud tweets. this is different because there is news. i think we're right to talk about it to put it out there because it's scarry. >> i want to ask you about your opinion on this. if he is president on january 20 this is matter of policy. today he is the president-elect it play not carry the same weight. what's your action on this statement. >> i'm fine with it. it's a new vehicle and he using it it effectively and continue to use it. it would be policy as you say. he speaks the language of a
3:39 pm
madman. kim john young doesn't have a weapon capable of reaching u.s. his policy would not to allow kim yon young that's been our policy. >> that's why it's such a weird thing to say. it's intentionally inflammatory. >> i find it reassuring. >> i find it not. >> he tweeted this out. i'm asking you to put yourself in the shoes of someone reading this tweet and think this is provocative statement. >> only the -- >> to do what. what are they going to fire
3:40 pm
anything that's going to reach the united states because they don't have capability of reaching it. they have no ability to do so. we can have a missile to them in short order and he knows that. it's not like it's going to happen. it's not a rethat's going to happen. >> it's a different -- we can go back to the old days where we sent out pamphlets to each other. he doesn't communicate that way. he communicate by the most popular -- >> we know u.s. accounts someone like the -- so we know that twitter accounts have been hacked. are you not concerned his
3:41 pm
account could be hacked? >> sure. his courier could be interseptemberinte intercrepted on the way -- diplomacy is something we do, we are calm. sometimes we have secrets. >> is changing. >> if you look at the world today where you're calm, who going to rebuild aleppo? >> the russias are not going to rebuild aleppo. >> do we do it by tweeting? >> no, i'm saying -- who
3:42 pm
theorize about how to bring peace and it hasn't worked. >> are you going to blame the -- >> i'm not blaming anyone. >> i'm saying diplomacy hasn't worked. >> let's talking -- switching gather gears. let's talk about the first 100 days in the republican controlled congress with then president-elect. repealing health care is that going to be get done within the 100 days. they made it clear they want it to be their priority. >> what i think was not is how they do it and whether they replace it it. donald trump did not run on dear town obamacare. he ran on repeal it and replace it it. they are not going to do that.
3:43 pm
it's interesting they are ready to get out the gait. but the president-elect is nothing weighing inon some of the things going on. we don't know his feelings about le swore not to touch medicaid or social security, no one is forces him to answer it. >> take a listen. >> all i can tell you we're going to do a good job. >> regulations are, we're going to get rid of obamacare. >> so your reaction to that donald trump saying we are going to get rid of obamacare to a
3:44 pm
loud applause. is that going to get done in 100 days? >> obamacare is not a popular program. i think what the democrats will do, because they won't get -- they will be rebuilding what they have. they will be replacing the plan. the reason they need to get rid of it or repeal it because it's a lead airplane. so they are going to do things -- one called better way by speaker ryan. a bill and specieser of the house and head of hss who will be in agreement about what make competitive, lower cost at the
3:45 pm
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a young senator named barack obama made a major announcement in springfield, illinois. >> that is why in the shadow of the old state colonel where lyndlin lincoln called -- i stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> now nine years later he has 18 days left in the white house because he transition of power
3:49 pm
to donald trump. today relearned about his farewell address. he going back home. more on that and what he is promising, next. this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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president obama is going home for his speech in mccomic place in chicago. in a statement he wants to "celebrate the ways you have
3:53 pm
change the country for the better in the past eight years offer thoughts on where to go from here." >> there's not a liberal america and a conservative america, there's the united states of america. there's not a black america, and a white america and latino america and asian america, there's the united states of america. >> four years later he ran for president became first african-american president in u.s. history. >> i barack obama do slem knee year to execute -- faithfully the office of the president of the united states faithfully. >> his presidency was met with
3:54 pm
controversy. in his farewell speech giving health care to 20 million americans, saving the auto industry in detroit to finding and killing oe sam ma bin la din. joining me now professor alan from nbc. great to have both of you. you reported on barack obama from the very start. what are you expecting the theme to be? >> recount what you just recounted what he viewed his biggest achievement, certainly issue was the aca former care act, obamacare. it is controversial. that's going to figure heavily
3:55 pm
in how republicans replace obamacare which is a lot tougher than repealing it. same thing with the auto bail-out and other achievement of his career. it's important that he be able to stand there defend himself. he let his achievement speak for themselves. >> i want to play the sound byte from the first speech to congress. it's one of the most iconic movements. >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie. >> it's not true. >> you can hear it there congressman joe wilson, shouting out you lie. it became symbolic of this by
3:56 pm
vision between republican and president obama. how did that leave disdain on his -- over the nine or eight years. >> it could not have been more important, the republicans made it clear from the start they would oppose and obstruct anything that had barack obama's name on it. note, once the democrats lost control, the obama edition to stall completely of the republicans were in obstruction this lead to a bigger point that you eluted to earlier, that obama has been in many ways a policy innovator and let's not forget opening up cuba, for stalling arms raise in middle east with the nuclear agreement winding down of the wars but he has not followed what the iconic
3:57 pm
franklin roosevelt did. obama has not been a party builder he is not sold his policies to the american people the way a great communicator should. he came in with the democrats have the presidency, the house the senate. most governorship, most legislatures. >> clarence can i ask you about that point. do you think he was surprise about the resistance he faced from congress or does he share some of blame. >> i hi, he admitted some of that with david axelrod on his podcast recently. it's obviously, from his own proposals he wanted to bargain
3:58 pm
from the middle. he didn't push for single health care like many wanted him to do or promote the public option as much as he might have. on that debate as well budget begaits he could take a opposition as if he had just come from the lower regions of hell and that would stymie him on many occasions. we see max sign waters -- >> i wan to give you a chance to respond to this. what would have been the most frustrating or biggest failure of the presidency of barack obama. half million people dead. president obama said that the worst day of his presidency was
3:59 pm
sandy hook and not been able to pass gun legislation through congress. that frustrated him. i'm going to give you a chance to weigh on this. proffer lick man? >> i think in ferm terms of the tragedy in life, we tend to think that the president has the enormous power that somehow the president can clean up the problems in the middle east. these problems have been going on for over a thousand years. he is the most powerful person in the world but he can't solve all the of the world's problems. the people have to solve them and the problems run deem deep. they are economicic and -- i'll
4:00 pm
give you last word. >> anti-war candidate he criticized iraq and afghanistan war. he was reluctant to get into another war. >> he won the nobel peace prize for all of his efforts. >> thank you for joining us. thanks for watching. hard ball starts right now, chris matthews. the coming of trump. let's play hard ball. back in washington the start of a busy month.


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