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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 2, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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incoming press secretary still questioning the intelligence. trump promising in the next 48 hours to reveal, quote, things that other people don't know. that's his quote. we'll discuss how long the president-elect has to make up his mind about this. authorities are turkey on the hunt for that gunman who killed dozens at a new year's party. isis claimed responsibility. we'll go live to istanbul for a report. winter weather has made travel back home for some have made it difficult. let's start with nbc's kristen welker live outside trump tower in manhattan. >> reporter: that last part still remains a question, ali, but the bottom line is, he continues to question the verse
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as veracity of u.s. intelligence officials who say russia was behind the hacking of top dernlgs the dnc, during the 2016 race. that's something president obama has levied more sanctions against russia for. he says he has this information. when he was pressed on what specifically the information is, mr. trump said he would give more details on tuesday or wednesday, after he has an intelligence briefing. here's what we can say. this is potentially setting up a big battle with congress, including members of his own party, senators, john mckarngs lindsey graham saying they believe u.s. intelligence officials who say that russia is behind the hacking. his incoming press secretary, sean spicer was pressed on this on "morning joe" earlier today. take a listen to that exchange. >> of course he's open to it. the question is whether he's open to it or not. it's whether or not the intelligence suggests that it is and whether or not the response that this administration has given is proportional to the axe activities it's taken.
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>> reporter: so, what could happen next, that still remains an open question. but members of congress are saying that there is bipartisan support for more sanctions against russia if mr. trump moves to reverse the sanctions that president obama slapped on that country. a lot of members of congress also calling for investigations into exactly what happened. >> as we've seen, he may be up for a fight with john mccain and others like that. i want -- i want to change gears on you here. a number of tweets that have come out from donald trump very recently. he says, various media outlets and pundits say i thought i was going to lose the election. wrong. it all came together in the last week. and i thought and felt i would win big easily over the fabled 270, and then he puts 306. that's the number of electoral votes he got. when they canceled the fireworks they knew and so did i. sean spicer was actually asked
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about the fact that donald trump is going to sort of keep on tweeting. that's how he's going to get his word out to everybody. >> reporter: right. and the president-elect himself has said that he believes it is an effective form of communication. but when i go out to events with the president-elect, when i was with him on the thank-you tour, a number of his supporters say they would like to see him tweet a little bit less and remain focused on the issues and policies at hand, but at this point in time, there doesn't seem to be any indication that the president-elect is going to stop tweeting any time soon. >> good see you. kristen welker outside of trump tower in manhattan, where that rain won't stop. have i to get off air at some point and leave. it won't stop. stay dry. >> reporter: bring your umbrella. >> brendan boyle is a democratic congressman from pennsylvania. congressman, good see you. thank you for being with us. you're going to as a congress
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have access. donald trump's incoming press secretary said it's irresponsible to commit a response before the intelligence committee releases its report on the 2016 hacking, which is less than 18 days away, obviously, because president obama wanted it before he leaves office. why not wait and see what in report says? >> first of all, happy new year. thanks for having me on. i don't think it's accurate to say there's somehow any sort of doubt remaining as far as what the origin was of these tax. there is no question whether it's fbi, vooi or other dozen or so intelligence services that this did originate with russia, specifically at the very top. attempting to somehow portray this as there's any doubt is really misleading. it's also -- i never thought -- regardless of democratic or republican, i never thought in my lifetime i would see a republican president-elect who
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is soft when it comes to russia and a russian dictator. it's a really bizarre situation we're in. my hope is congress will be able to react in a bipartisan way. we've already seen that with the hearing senator mccain said he's going to have just this upcoming week on thursday. i would like to see the house do that as well. >> this is the first time you're seeing lindsey graham on the screen with john mccain. both saying they want congress to do more. this would be the first time you've seen republicans come out contrary to what the president-elect is saying. what kind of juice do they have to get anything done? >> actually, they have a lot. between the democratic members in the house and senate, and if enough republican members want this, we'll be able to pass with a very large majority, policy even a veto-proof majority, tougher sanctions. that's important especially when it comes to the sanctions that are placed on russia because of their takeover of crimea and other actions in eastern ukraine.
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all throughout the campaign, president-elect and people as part of his campaign, have made dangerous suggestions we would weaken or even remove those sanctions. that's why it's important republicans specifically in the congress put country first, trump second, and make sure that we continue to have a foreign policy that stands by ukraine as well as our other nato allies. >> you heard the conversation we were having about obamacare with dana milbank. let me play you what trump said saturday night about obamacare. this was he just released this morning. >> all i can tell you is we'll do a good job, okay? regulation are coming off. we're going to get rid of obamacare. >> a little hard to hear. for our viewers, i'll read that. all i can tell you is we're going to do a good job. we're going to do a good job. in fact, regulations are going
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off. we're going to get rid of obamacare. he and others have consistently said it's job number one for the new congress and for his first day in power. 3 democrats have very little power in this new washington. what happens? >> first of all, i was really struck bait mazing specificity of his comments there. all throughout the campaign his position has basically been obama is terrible, it's awful. he's going to replace it with something great and wonderful. and that's the extent of his plan. let's not forget the other begin of obamacare, it's the republican alternative to the republican-backed plan which was extending medicare and medicaid. the reason republicans have a tough time coming up with their own alternative because essentially obamacare is a republican alternative, a market solution to expanding medicare. i think once we get into the details and weeds of repeal and
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replace, especially when we have right now in america the lowest number of americans uninsured we've ever had in our nation's history. are they going to throw 20 million americans off health care? >> what's the solution? he said on "60 minutes" to lesley stahl he wants to maintain the ability for children to be on their parents' policy and make sure people with preexisting conditions can get insurance. once you have those two in place, what alternative do you have other than to have a mandate so that everybody subscribes or everybody pays, and that's obamacare? >> well, i would love to have all of the good parts and then not have to worry about paying for it. unfortunately, as we know, that's not the way life works. as dana milbank was mentioning earlier, it would be great to have dessert all the time without eating our vegetables but we know we can't do that. likewise, we can't say to the market, we're going to make sure that no one with preexisting conditions is discriminated against in the health care
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system without saying that we knew everybody in the pool. it is impossible to do one without the other. barack obama in 2008 campaigned against hillary clinton saying he was against the individual mandate, and then once he came into office, he recognized that the only way to get one-half of that to work is with the other. >> congress brendan boyle, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. happy new year. back to our microsoft pulse question of the day, although i think we should abandon this. senator john mccain has branded russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election an act of war. do you agree? to make your voice heard, go to we'll reveal where the results stand later in the show. let me tell you, those who disagree are not doing too well on this one. we're following developing news out of turkey where a group claimed responsibility for killing dozens on a bar attack on new year's eve. volunteer for meals on wheels. we had an instant connection. what was that? i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food...
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police in turkey say they're close to identifying the man responsible for shooting up an istanbul nightclub on new year's eve. police are released bulurry images of the gunman. they are securing the border with syria amid fears the shooter will escape. kelly cobiella live with the latest. if the shooter were to get to the southern border of turkey and syria, it's very porous, and
11:14 am
the border is a place you can cross. >> reporter: it is, ali. turkish officials made efforts to secure more of it, but as you understand, this is very large border, a very long border. and if someone wants to get across, and they have the right connections, they can. having said that, the turkish authorities are really going above and beyond trying to secure as much of this country as they he can, and in this very intense manhunt. they say that they have some evidence, some details, some clues, including fingerprints of the attacker and a very good description. that information coming from the deputy prime minister. yesterday the prime minister said that the gunman actually left his weapon behind in the nightclub. that very well may be where those fingerprints came from. they also have released -- police have released a couple of pictures you mentioned. these are screen grabs from
11:15 am
security video. they've released them to the turkish media. and they have said these actually are pictures of the man they're looking for, of the man they believe is the gun marn. on the other front, there have also been security operations throughout the city both yesterday and today. we understand from the deputy prime minister that eight people have been taken into custody and are being questioned in relation to the attack. in addition to that, local news paper has reported just in the past hour or so that four more people were brought in this evening. nbc news has not confirmed that, but that report is out there. we are hearing reports of security operations in the city. spotlights -- >> that's what i wanted to ask you about. it's a city of 14 million people. would you usually get around quite easily. is it visible to you there are security operations going on? does it feel locked down? >> reporter: it doesn't, ali. i mean, it's a very busy city, a
11:16 am
very active city. it has appeared as normal throughout the day today. we've seen people out on the -- the basra straits, having tea, going to cafes. lots of traffic, usual istanbul traffic. you don't get that sense of a city under lockdown. you certainly don't get the sense you did in paris after the attacks there. it's very much an active city and very low profile presence. hear from people we work in other parts of the city that there have been a few security operations and security presence in certain neighborhoods. >> we'll check back in with you. kelly cobiella for us in istanbul. a national security fellow, and before that was director of iraq at the national security council during the bush and obama administrations. this is a guy who knows a lot about the region. doug, good to see you. measure for us turkey's
11:17 am
stability right now. 16 separate attacks in the last year. several of them hitting major tourist destinations. in july a failed coup. president erdogan has kurdish separatists out for him, isis terrorists out for him. he tries to tighten his grip, starts to become a bit of a police state or a dictatorship, and they are america's ally. >> they are. was there a question in there? >> make sense of it. on one hand, how does this work in the battle we're trying to get done in syria, how unstable is it turkey going to become? >> turkey is certainly a complicated place, as you've laid out. they have an isis problem, clearly. isis has claimed this attack in istanbul. of course, our thoughts are with the victim who appears are very cosmopolitan lot. only a quarter of turkish citizens and the rest were from the region and some from overseas, including one israeli, to give you the sense of the
11:18 am
cosmopolitan istanbul is. they have a minority pkk terrorist problem. not all turkish kurds support the pkk, but that terrorist group is very active in turkey. then they had their coup, which we can't underestimate the importance of, how that's really changed turkish politics and frozen people in place. made the hard-liners, everyone, more hard line in their position. so, it's a difficult place to work with right now. >> the turkish prime minister is headed to iraq this week to prove ties. obviously the problem, we were just showing this on a map from turkey's perspective,there are kurds, the yellow area in the middle,there are kurds in turk y there are kurds in syria, there are kurds in iraq, there are kurds in iran and armenia. they would all like to take this area and make it into kurdistan. something turkey is not interested in it. >> turkey is not interested in. appears none of these countries
11:19 am
named are particularly interested in it. that's the problem. kurds are the largest nationality without a state, the largest ethnic group without a state. and some groups within these places continue to push very, very hard. particularly in turkey's place, they push back very, very hard against that. >> in the case of syria and iraq, the kurds have been militarily successful and have been allied with strategic. this puts kurds at the opposite side of some folks we have working on the ground in syria. some of the people we've got working on the ground in iraq. i mean, without the kurds, we not have made the inroads you're seeing being made in iraq right now. >> in iraq, the turkish government has very good relationships with iraq's kurds because they're governed by a different faction. but the turks see the kurds in syria as being at least idealogically aligned with, if not just a part of, they're own pkk separatist movement. so they see the syrian kurds as
11:20 am
a terrorist group and their tolerance for having a separate kurdish homeland inside syria will be pretty minimal, i think. >> and you're right to always point out it's complicated because we call them the kurds, but there are many, many groups -- >> lots of factions. not a u.n. tear actor. >> mosul, probably about 50% in iraqi forces hands now. isis still in there. once they're out of mosul, are they on the run in iraq? >> in iraq, that's certainly the case. i think it's a little less than 50. the news today is they have 60 for the iraqis, 60% of the east side of the city. so, let's call it a third. even so, considerable progress inside mosul. and this really is just a matter of time. there a estimated to be only a few thousand, estimates range from 3,000 to 8,000. isis fighters inside mosul. they're surrounded by 50,000 or 60,000 troops of various kinds perform iraqi army, iraqi
11:21 am
police, the peshmerga, the shia militias. this is just a numbers game that may be over in a week or two. they could collapse tomorrow. that's unlikely. this may stretch out for months. the eventual outcome is no longer in doubt. mosul will fall. once that happens, mosul no longer controls a major urban area inside iraq. in syria, the news is different, they have iraq raqqah and sever other cities. >> thank you. snow, sleet and now tornado watch for part of the south. we'll check on the forecast after this break. so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe. a photo of you opening the safe.
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severe storms sweeping across the country making travel headaches for those trying to return home from the holidays. let's get to dallas/ft. worth international. ich is worth noting, even if you're not near dallas, it's a major hub airport. if it has cancellations, you'll feel it all over the country. >> reporter: that is absolutely right, ali. also in houston, the hub for united airlines, we are seeing its spokes, dallas, chicago, newa, because of what happened there and this morning where we had lightning and severe storms move there. they're now moving to the east. i want to give you a look at the updated misery map. if you have to go back to work or school tomorrow, hopefully you've already traveled or you don't live in theouth because right now the system that we saw is moving through baton rouge. there are tornado watches in that area. also some for atlanta -- i'm sorry, the misery map is showing problems at the atltairport as well. and so the whole south, the gulf coast, is in the target zone over the next few hours. as you indicated, that's not
11:26 am
necessarily an indication that you're in the clear if you're elsewhere because there are other ripple effects from these flights going and coming to various parts of the country. and it's hard to reschedule right now. most of these flights are running full. people are standing by, so if you miss a connection, you may not get home till tomorrow. we have seen the rain move through new orleans. we have seen snow in the nortrn plas and north dakota, in the seattle area. but the biggest problem seems to be here in the south. with so many people traveling and the business travelers starting to get back into their routine, for one of the busiest travel days of this holiday season, it is a mess out there. i don't know if we have those pictures from houston where we saw the lightning earlier today, but you can see it's a very dangerous situation. >> yeah, we got them. >> sparked a house fire in the houston area. significant damage there. something like 6,000 lightning strikes, ali, in a period of houston earlier this morning. we had lightning here as well. the storm now moving east.
11:27 am
>> wheel check in with you later. janet at dallas/ft. worth international airport. let's go to our meteorologist for a look at the forecast. there's weather all over the country today. >> that's right. just pick your choice. we have thunderstorms in the south. i would say that's the biggest problem right now. those storms are impacting places like new orleans, where they're affecting atlanta. i would expect in areas like hartsfield intertion to be a ground delay or ground stop promise. that means basically all flights are suspended temporarily until the storms move out. we'll be dealing with this situation through the evening hours. now, we do have a severe threat with this afternoon's storms. that comes from some damaging wind and some hail and possibly a few tornadoes. i've sifted through some reports. we had 33 reports of severe weather today. none have been tornadoes. fingers crossed that we don't get any tornadic activity later this afternoon. where are the problem spots on the map right now? philadelphia with low cloushgsdz ghrain. it's a crummy day. you areoing to be up and
11:28 am
down the east coast here for today, make sure that you hav the windshield wipers working. give yourself extra time. you don't want to be stressed out in this kind of weather. delays in the west coast. that will be the big story for tomorrow. another system comes in here, putting down 1 to 2 feet of snow in the sierra nevada. heavy showers and storms continue for the east coast. i think the severe weather threat is through this evening and then eventually just turns into some heavy rain overnight tonight. that rain much needed across the southeast. >> no kidding. steve, thanks very much. check in with you later. back to russia. the hack and retaliation from the obama white house with just weeks to go until donald trump takes over. will the new sanctions remain, be removed? could donald trump align with his own party and double down i the debate next. be sure to fw me on twitter @alivelshi. [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops.
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a massive manhunt is under way in turkey for a man who open fire at a new year's celebration. 39 were killed, dozens injured. authorities are following leads in an effort to identify the suspect. turkey's state-run media say eight people have been taken into custody today. local media are saying the possibility of another four taken in as well. this is in connection with the attack. they're being questioned. an american who was wounded at the nightclub says he survived by playing dead. isis is taken responsibility for the attack.
11:33 am
dylann roof says his competency hearing will be closed to the public. roof is defending himself in the penalty phase of the trial. the judge said opening the hearing to the public could hamper roof's right to a fair trial. president-elect trump is speaking out on the staggering murder rate in chicago this past year. tweeting, chicago murder rate is record-setting. 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. if mayor can't do the job -- can't do it, he must ask for federal help. trump's comments come after the chicago police department released the figures calling them unacceptable and laying out plans to decrease the violence. it's something many people wish they could do once they leave for work for the day -- disconnect. a new law in france is making that dream a reality. the new measure went into effect yesterday. it gives employees in the country the legal right to ignore e-mails sent outside of
11:34 am
typical work hours. for more on the law, we turn to nbc's keir simmons in our london news room. >> well, the motivation is that the french say studies show, and there is evidence -- there are studies to suggest this, that when you use your cell phone for e-mails when you're not in the office, when you're supposed to be relaxing, it increases your stuff. one columbia study says even expecting e-mails, the sense you're going to get an e-mail when you're not in the office, leads to more burnout, makes it harder for workers to be creative and to recover in a way they need to so they can be fully active when they are at work. it does seem quintessentially french, doesn't it, to say, okay, well, we think there has to be time when you're not working, when you need to spend time with your family, so we're going to legislate. the law is working like this, and it starts now.
11:35 am
any company with 50 employees or more must say how they're going to -- when they're going to insist their employees just don't look at their phone. >> keir simmons, thanks so much from our london news room, looking jealously across the channel to france where he doesn't have to check his e-mail after work. senator john mccain has branded russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election an act of war. do you agree? so some of you didn't agree stepped up to the plate. now it's just 90-10. 90% think it's an act of war, 10% say no. that's up 2 percentage points from an hour ago. you have time to weigh in. go to coming up next, an in-depth look at the hack by russia and a blow-back from the president's response. what it could mean for the
11:36 am
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...if you have signs of ketoacidosis... ...which is serious and may lead to death. i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga... ...and learn how you can get it for free. president-elect's team says it's irresponsible to consider a response to russia's hacking. they want to wait until the report commissioned by the white house and due before the inauguration. jimmy wilson, hogan, good to see both of you. listen to what donald trump said
11:40 am
on saturday. >> i know a thing about hacking. hacking is very hard to prove. itould be somebody else. i know things other people don't know, so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> hogan, this is a guy who at one point talking about hacking during the election said it was a 400-pound sitting on his bed, a guy with a secret plan to defeat isis we haven't heard about, and a guy you actively campaigned during the republican nomination. what do you make of this? what is this i know things other people don't know? what do you make of it? >> well, i mean, look. donald trump is the president-elect. he's receiving some security briefings. i'm pretty sure he knows things we don't know. some liberal sources like the "rolling stone," one of the most liberal publications on the planet, says this story has been weakly sourced, smags of the wmd salesman job. they try to tell us those weapons existed when it didn't. if this government has hacked our country and they have a smoking gun proving it, then
11:41 am
shutting down two facilities and sending back 35 diplomats by president obama seems fairly weak. the dnc said that. senators that jimmy and i know very well. lindsey graham from south carolina also said it was weak. this is extremely confusing. we don't know for sure what occurred here. until we know that, it's going to be difficult for donald trump to make an au.s. isment and come out and has to be inaugurated, too, to come out and tell you what he's going to do because we don't know everything at this point. >> let me ask you this. if president obama knew about this ahead of time, he knew it was going on, that argument that it's weak does hold some water. why didn't he do something earlier? did he wait because he assumed hillary clinton would become president of the united states? >> i think everybody assumed hillary clinton would become president of the united states. sadly, she did not. but, guess what, he did impose sanctions, said the democrats when they led the congress back in 2014, they imposed sanctions,
11:42 am
so did the entire eu community. republicans in congress say they have to do more, the president should do more. really? i find that fascinating because they there-r a co--equal package of government, they could pass sanctions, which they did. back when democrats held both houses of congress. they haven't done that. it's enough to sit around and complain, why didn't president obama do this? congress, if they want to do something more, should just go do it and shut up about it. i'm tired of -- >> lindsey graham and mccain might do that. the fact is, to our allies in the baltics, this is very serious. i want to just have you listen to what some senior brass from the u.s. military said. let me read it to you from general raymond thomas, head of special operations command. he says, quote, they, meaning the baltic states, are scared to death of russia. they're very open about that. they're desperate for our leadership. so, this business, hogan, of donald trump not taking it
11:43 am
seriously, interesting and political for us, very serious to our nato allies in the baltics. >> right. but i don't think he's not taking it seriously. look, this is a pattern under president obama. we've seen red lines crossed, nothing done about it. jimmy mentioned the hacking in this russian incident. it was a weak response. >> i hear you, but i don't dispute what you're saying, but i think this is donald trump sounding like he's not taking it seriously. saying it could be someone else, talking about 400-pound guys on their beds. to us, it's funny. to our allies in the baltics, the front line, nato front line to russia, they do think that sounds like he's not taking it seriously. >> right. but i don't feel that way at all. i think some was just tongue in cheek. when the president talks, the worllistens d they rct to what he says. so, in this particular instance, donald trump is going to get in there with his advisers. he's going to get in there with the intelligence community, find out exactly what they know. he'll learn pretty quickly. as soon as he opens his mouth, as soon as he sends out a tweet,
11:44 am
that impacts global markets, it impacts the security and concern of our allies, and it also impacts how feared and respected we are across this world. across this globe. and i think in the upcoming days and weeks, before the inauguration, he'll get some information, he'll assess it and he'll make some comments that bolster the protection we'll have for our allies. >> clearly, hogan knows something we don't know, jimmy. i want to ask you about new congress, as we move on to the new congress starting tomorrow. republican majorities in both house. everybo tripping over themselves to tell you how fast they can get rid of affordable care act. what on earth could the democrats do about this? >> nothing, absolutely nothing. it's remarkably simple. the republicans can use exactly the same tool called reconciliation to get rid of it, which the democrats used to bring it in. so, this -- consequences -- elections have consequences.
11:45 am
when president of the united states is going to be donald trump. republicans will control both houses of congress. they can easily pass a resolution that has reconciliation instructions in it and dismantle obamacare instantaneously. if they do, have you 20 million something people without health insurance. that will be a rude awakening for people. hey, you know, you want to be majority and take aware health care for 22 million people, go for it. i think it would be fantastic. >> hogan, to all those people on obamacare, the people with pre-existing conditions, donald trump says he doesn't want them thrown off, kitdz, he doesn't want them thrown off but they don't want a mandate, which causes everyone to have to pay for it. what's the answer? >> i don't know the answer because i'm not a policy expert. jimmy hit on something appropriate from the political aspect. that s you try to take 20 million people off health care, we'll have a problem on our hands as a republican party. for me, i've receiver several different proposals. the one i like most, don't get rid of obamacare. instead, create something new with similar planks in it and
11:46 am
give individuals the right to write off payment for health care. people leaving obamacare, it's already crushing itself under its own weight as people jump because of high premiums, soaring costs, the doctor pool shortage. people leave the program and you leave about 3 million people who have some really serious, catastrophic problems and you can shift them to medicare and call it a day and you haven't had to kick anybody off anything or dismantle obamacare. it will fumble -- it will crumble under its own weight because it's a horrible bill. >> jimmy, go ahead. >> here's the problem, how do you pay for that? if you don't pay for it, you add to the deficit. i'm totally okay with that. that's fine with me. >> hogan, let me ask you this and i'll put it a different way. there are a whole lot of people in congress who don't want an increase in the deficit. everybody's math, including mine, when studying donald trump's -- all sorts of thins donald trump wants to do, means a bigger deficit. his infrastructure stuff, i think, is a great idea. it's going to call for a bicker deficit.
11:47 am
when is that going -- when is that rubber going to hit the road between the president and congress? >> well, it's interesting because it will probably cause a deficit unless there's no growth. and the assumption now is the growth goes along so slowly that it won't actually help reduce that debt and deficit. i tend to believe that when donald trump takes office and allows -- takes away some of these regulations, allows businesses to flourish and hire people again, get people paid so they actually make a salary where they can afford to put clothes on their kids' back and food in their kids' mouths, this country will soar again. it will be great again, to use a term from donald trump's campaign. you won't have to worry about debt and deficit because we'll eliminate -- >> we would have to grow at a rate like india or china to grow out of this deficit. >> 20% per quart sdmreer if we got to 3% economic growth, that would be a remarkable feat. >> some people say growth at 4 -- >> i would grow an afro before we get to 4.
11:48 am
you know what i look like. we'll leave it there. good to talk to you. jimmy, hogan, hope to have this conversation and others one like it many times in 2017. happy new year. just weeks to go until the 45th president is sworn in. what could he get done within his first 100 days and what chance does president obama have protecting his legacy? he's headed to the hill to try to do just that. we'll discuss it. hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. touches sticks with them. youri make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
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a battle over obamacare is
11:52 am
heating up as both the president and a republican-controlled congress return to capitol hill on wednesday. obama, who will meet with democrats, is determined to save his signature legislature, while the gop and president-elect trump are promising to dismantle it. nbc's ron allen is outside the white house. what is this meeting all about? what is the president meeting and what is he planning to do? >> he's meeting with congressional democrats, leaders, to try to devise a strategy to fight the efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. now, this is a fight that's been going on for a long, long time. it brings to mind that old adage that elections have consequences, frankly. with republicans in control of both houses of congress and the white house soon, obamacare is in the cross-hairs. and the president's going up to the hill. it's perhaps a symbolic gesture. we know the arguments for and against it. we think the democrats are going to try to salvage some of the
11:53 am
parameters, policies and imperatives of obamacare, pre-existing conditions, staying on a policy until age 26. these kind of things the president fought for that still leave in fate the 20 million or so people that have been added to health insurance since he -- since the law came on the books in 2010. but, of course, obamacare, health care s a very complicated thing. it affects so many people. obamacare itself, about 10% of the people in the country who receive health care, but in terms of the insurance industry, the hospital industry, there are so many aspects of this law that have ripple effects. this is clearly going to be a fight that goes on well past the 18 days that president obama has left in office. it's an example of how until his final day in office he's going to fight for the things he's been fighting for for the past eight years. we saw israel, we saw russia. there are other things on his agenda. he's a very engaged and involved president who's going to fight to the finish. and he knows that -- and even beyond the time he has in office, he's going to be here in
11:54 am
washington and he's not going off to his ranch in texas, as president bush did. he's going to be here in washington, nearby, and involved in the political discourse going forward after a brief period of time. >> good to see you. nbc's ron allen outside the white house. i want to bring in katherine, washington post opinion columnist, and ron allen, co-author of hrc -- i'm sorry, i messed that up. "hrc: state secret and it is rebirth of hillary clinton" but i got it out finally. good to see both of you. what do you make of what ron just said, the president's effort to go and speak to democrats on congress with 18 days left in his term. he knew the entire election was run on republicans saying they want to dismantle obamacare. that was central to their entire accusation of the disastrous eight years they claim he presided over? >> i think the central challenge for obama and the democrats is a marketing one. they believe americans hate
11:55 am
obamacare. if you look at the actual components of the law, most of them are actually quite popular with a few rare exceptions you discussed earlier in the show. so the issue is to help voters connect. the things they like with this law called the affordable care act. admittedly, though, they have been trying to do that for the last six years or so and have failed. the idea they are going to be able to convince voters this would not be in their interest or at least not in the direction of policies they support in the next couple of weeks is probably unlikely. >> interesting point because, jonathan, we've had the republicans we've spoken to on this show in the last couple of hours have said the same thing. that the republicans are going to have a pr problem if they preside over 20 or 22 milon people getting thrown off some sort of insurance. donald trump has already said he wants to keep people with preexisting conditions and young people on there. but there isn't a cohesive replacement for obamacare on the table.
11:56 am
>> no, there's not. there is this huge political danger in repealing obamacare and not having something to replace it, without having key essential components of obamacare to replace it. the problem for republicans is obamacare is essally a republican view of how to provide health care for a lot re people. it was originally an idea that had become within a bipartisan fashion with some republican fathers at the heritage foundation and congress. so, that's one issue. the other issue is the -- is the logistics of getting this through congress. the democrats can't stop republicans but republicans may stop republicans. what i mean by that is, even if republicans use reconciliation, which is the fast-track process to try to do a repeal of obamacare, they're going to have to get a budget agreement in order to do that. that's what spawns a reconciliation bill. that takes a lot of time. it's hard for the house and senate to come to that kind of an agreement. and then enhen they get there, they're talking right now about repeal and delay. they are not even talking about trying to come up with the actual legislation that would
11:57 am
replace obamacare because they know it's too difficult -- >> let me just ask you this, then. to catherine's point, americans think they hate obamacare. if we come up with repeal and delay, and without something else, now we got a problem because members of congress are kind of always running for office. that's right. what you can expect them to do is attempt to delay it to the point it's most advantageous for republicans, but eventually that bill comes due and, you know, i think -- it's -- if there was an easy solution to this, republicans would have come up with it in the last seven years. >> john mccain has set a hearing on russia's cyber hacking for thursday. lindsey graham also thinks this is a very serious issue. we've been running an informal online poll for the last couple of hours and it's 90-10, people who think russian hacking is an act of war. john mccain is calling for a select committee to investigate the allegations. he is not the only republican to do so.
11:58 am
here, by the way s our poll. i'm putting it up now. it's 87% support the idea this is an act of war, 13% don't. again, an informal, inscientific poll. but this is a bit of a problem. it's i problem for donald trump only so far as other republicans join mccain and graham's cause. you've seen some republicans saying that, yes, they are very unhappy with the fact that russia attempted to intervene in our democratic process. paul ryan, for example, was supportive of the sanctions. but you've also seen a lot of other republicans in the house, in particular, saying, you know, sort of mealy mouthed protests about the sanctions themselves, even the idea that the intelligence community's consensus is accurate. and that why should we even care if russia intervened because the information they produced, we believe, is accurate. which is obviously a very dangerous road to go down to say, oh, well, ocourse, they
11:59 am
can hack us as much as they want, as long as they only produce information that's truthf truthful, to the extent we even know it's truthful. the real question is how many republicans on the hill will have enough spine to stand up for democratic values even when it's against the interest of their party? >> thank you for joining us. catherine and jonathan allen. and i guess that brings us to the end of my couple hours here on msnbc. i'm ali velshi live in new york. be sure to follow me on twitter @alivelshi. my great friend kate snow is here to pick things up. >> happy new year to you. happy new year to all of you as well. i'm kate snow. here are the three stories we're following right now. police in turkey releasing new images this afternoon of the suspected gunman in saturday's dead terror attack at a nightclub in istanbul that left 39 people dead. early this morning isis claimed responsibility for that attack. we'll get a full report live from our reporter on the ground just a moment
12:00 pm
donald trump is back here in new york city for meetings today after spending the holidays at his mar-a-lago club, as he's still casting doubt on russia intervening with the election. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. i also know things that other people don't know. and so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> we're following the latest on a very busy travel day for millions of americans. unfortunately, we have storms in the south, snow in the north. that's already delayed hundreds of flights. we'll update you on all the travel conditions a little later in the show. but we begin this afternoon with the trump transition. let's get right to kristen welker following the latest from trump tower today. i want to ask about the russian hacking, but before we get to that, we just had some new tweets in the last couple of hours, the last hour, about the election. what are we hearing from donald


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