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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 2, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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thanks for watching this hour. "msnbc live." i'm richard lui in for tamron
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hall. i'm chris jansing in new york. the president-elect plans to reveal things that other people don't know in the coming days, deepening the disconnect over russia's role in the election hacking scandal. search for the suspect, new images released of the suspect in the slaughter of 39 innocents at an iz tan bull nightclub. isis claiming responsibility and the gunman is still on the loose. live report ahead. and enter the new washington, 18 days to inauguration day, how will the new congress work with the new white house in the new year? the president and first family are about to arrive back to the white house after a two-week vacation in hawaii and the. the has big plans for his final days in office. this morning the white house announced president obama will host his farewell address next week in chicago. ron allen is outside the white house with more. always good to see you. what do we know about the plan for this big public address? >> reporter: we know it's in chicago next week at the
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convention center there, a huge celebration. the president says it's an opportunity to thank everyone for the amazing journey, as he calls it, the last eight years that he's been in office. and certainly he'll try to accentuate the passive. we suspect he'll talk about the things that he feels he has accomplished, like reducing unemployment rate in half and bringing jobs along historic streak he says of job growth in this country, of the affordable care act and bringing health care to 20 million people, of bringing hundreds of thousands of american troops home from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, although he did not end the war in iraq as he wanted to. there's certainly a mixed record as well to look at what the obama years have been objectively. one big problem of course is that the republicans are firmly in control of congress now, both branches of congress and the white house soon and so many legislatures, state legislatures around the country, governorships have been lost during the eight years of the obama presidency, but chicago will be a chance to go home, a chance to be greeted by a huge crd, i would think,
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celebrating what the president has done here, and of course, during the final 18 days that he has the white house, the president as he has for the past couple of weeks before in hawaii on vacation trying to do things to seal his legacy down to essentially make things, put things in a place that donald trump will have difficulty reversing. we heard him issue those sanctions against russia. we heard the tough talk about israel and the settlements and we know going forward there are other issues on his agen ka like health care, gitmo, reforming the prison system and more commutations and pardons. >> this is not someone who is going to coast into the final days of his presidency and planning to go to capitol hill. tell us re about that. >> reporter: this is all about obamacare and all on wednesday. he'll meet with house leaders to devise a strategy to try and continue the fight to protect as much of obamacare as possible and the central issue here is what's going to happen to the 20
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million people who now have coverage who didn't before ob a obamacare and also about various regulations that are obamacare like the ability of people to get health care who have preexisting conditions, like the provision that allows young people to stay on their adult policy, these aspects of obamacare central to what the health care law is beyond coverage for 20 million people. this is what president obama will fight for now and during the final days of his presidency and afterwards because it will take some time for republicans to repeal and replace this massive complicated health care law. >> ron allen at the white house for us, thank you so much, ron. president-elect donald trump in 107 publicly skeptical there's proof russia tried to influence the presidential election. meeting this week with intelligence leaders about hacking and russia. mr. trump's incoming white house spokesman discussed his boss' point of view this morning on oday." >> what we're really trying to figure out is how certain are
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they of the intelligence, number one, and number two, how proportional is the response to what happened. what he's not going to do is politicize intelligence before he has a complete picture of what's happening. >> kristen welker is live outside trump tower. i see the rain has started. so the president-elect was pretty clear about his feelings on hacking and computers in general on new year's eve and i want to play that for everyone. >> we have something really important, ride it out and have it delivered by courier the old-fashioned way because i'll tell you what, no computer is safe. i don't care what they say. no computer is safe. >> so he's skeptical of hacking. he doesn't want to use computers. he doesn't even have a computer in his office in trump tower behind you. what does this mean for the briefing this week? >> reporter: it's creating more tensions between the president-elect and the intelligence community. chris, he is again questioning
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their assessment that rusa is behind the hking that we saw during the u.s. election of the dnc and other top democrats, and he also again pointed back to some of the intelligence failures over weapons of mass destruction in the wake of september 11th, nothing infuriates intelligence officials more than pointing back to that, because they say look, they've made a number of improvements and changes since that lapsed. so it's creating really an unprecedented situation where you have a president-elect who is creating a real break with his intelligence community. it's also potentially setting up a big fight with congress, including members of his own party, who say they believe u.s. intelligence and if mr. trump moves to reverse some of the actions that president obama has taken he's slapped stiffer sanctions on russia, they will be prepared to impose stiffer sanctions, so creating up some real battle lines here, chris,
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as the president-elect prepares to take office in 18 days from now. >> you have some of the most prominent members of the senate saying they want stiffer sanctions. on the other hand, you have donald trump saying and sean spicer, not so sure. i mean, i'm wondering how concerned the white house is that the sampgss they just imposed including those 35 russians who landed back on russian soil today might be rescinded. >> reporter: i think there is some concern, not only about that, chris, but about the president-elect reversing a whole host of actions president obama has taken and currently seeing the current commander in chief trying to solidify that legacy in his regard. he's called for stopping oil drilling in a number of different areas and he's called for moving a number of detainees from guantanamo, really trying to solidify that legacy when you have donald trump saying that on day one, he's going to try to reverse a lot of what president
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obama put in place, take a listen to what he told some of his party-goers at a party in mar-a-lago over the weekend. >> all i can tell you is we're going to do a good job. okay? we're going to do a good job. [ cheers and applause ] the taxes are going down. regulations are coming off. we're going to get rid of obamacare, because -- [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: so you have him reiterating some of those key campaign promises to repeal obamacare and as ron was just discussing, president obama is going to be meeting with congressional democrats this week to strategize about ways to keep that in place, but there's no doubt, starting on day one, president-elect trump is going to try to reverse what the president has put in place over the past eight years, chris. >> kristen welker outside trump tower thank you. tomorrow a new congress with republican majorities in the
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house and senate sworn in with russia presenting a big foreign policy for lawmakers. jackie spear joins me now. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> let me ask you about all of this, what seems to be a disconnect, disconnect between the white house and donald trump, even a disconnect between donald trump and john mccain, lindsey graham, some prominent republicans. do you think there is something donald trump knows that we don't that will suggest to us that maybe all of this concern about the russian hacking and deliberately trying to get involved in our election was overstated? >> i don't think there's any question that the hacking took place. you've got 17 intelligence agencies making that statement. unanimously now. if he knows something he's heard it directly from putin himself or one of his underlings, and that would suggest greater emphasis on the fact that they, the russians did interact with
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the electoral process in the united states. my big fear right now is that he doesn't appreciate that russia is a threat to this country, that it is not just this fuzzy, warm relationship between he and putin, that putin is a polar bear. he will eat him up, because he's a kgb operative. he's been tutelaged in this issue of espionage his entire life. and he will use all the psychological warfare to try and address and create havoc in the united states. >> but do you think there's a chance that the president-elect, given that every president who goes in, realizes the enormity of the job but also starts to get a lot more information than they ever had before? do you think there's a chance he'll change his tune and some senators who feel as lindsey graham and john mccain do could be influential in that regard? >> i certainly hope so. his job is not to be focused on
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himself, but on the 325 million people in this country, and to keep us safe. i think his reluctance to agree to the hacking has more to do with his feeling that somehow it would reduce the success of his election, and i think he's got to get beyond that and realize that the russians have been hacking into the united states for over 20 years, and that we have got to redouble our efforts internally to make sure that we have the kind of cyber security that's in place so that we don't have our electric grid going down, we don't have our financial service industry brought to its knees. it's a very serious problem. >> what do you make of the fact that he says, well, i think that one of the answers here is just to use couriers, and not use email? >> he is no longer going to be in trump tower where he can hire a courier to run across town. this is a large country with diplomatic embassies all over the world. you can't courier information by
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doves to europe or asia. >> you know, i think you just gave people here in the studio a vision of carrier pigeons but we'll leave it at that. i want to ask but domestic policy. you heard that clip from donald trump and there's a lot of executive orders that he plans to rescind, obamacare is at the top of the republican list. now the president's going to be coming to washington. he's going to be talking to all of you, but given the numbers, given the reality of a republican president, a republican house, a republican strategy, what strategy could stop him to do what he's promised to do. >> i think the best thing we can do is educate the president through the public, how devastating the repeal of the affordable care act would be. now you can't keep the great things you love about the affordable care act the ability
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to protect those with preexisting conditions and keep your kids on the policy until they're 26. you can't do that without having an individual mandate. you have to have a large number pool of insureds to be able to provide those kinds of benefits so you can't cherry-pick what you like and get rid of what you don't like under that kind of a setting. so i think he's going to have a couple of rude awakenings and i think the democrats are going to do our level best to make sure that the communities of interest, and there are millions, 20 million people who have insurance today that didn't have insurance before at fordable care act. >> congressman jackie speier thanks so much, always great to see you. dylann roof is back in court for a second competency hearing. the judge wants to know if he' mentally fit to represent himself at theenalty phase of his trial that starts tomorrow. in december it took a jury just
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two hours to find roof guilty of 33 counts including hate crimes in the killing of nine black worshippers at the historic emmanuel ame church in 2015. coming up, show of force, turkish police launch a dragnet to launch a man they think was behind the dead lie light number attahing in istanbul. north korea's leader says he's ready to test a missile capable of hitting the west coast of the u.s. what we know coming up. this inbc. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. i'ts your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t,
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developing now, turkey's deputy prime minister confirming eight people have been taken into custody in conneion with the deadly new year's aack at a popular nightclub in istanbul but the gunman is still on the loose. earlier today turkish authorities released new photos of the suspect and now isis is claiming responsibility for the attack that killed 39 people and left dozens of others injured. among those hurt, american jake raak, a defense contractor from pennsylvania who was shot in the leg. he's been released from a hospital in istanbul where he talked with nbc's richard engel. >> i was shot in thehip, the bullet was lodgein m knee. i was probably the luckiest person in the whole thing. i find myself very fortunate. i was with dying people, seven of us were shot. >> nbc's kelly cobiella joins us from istanbul. let's start with this intense manhunt that's under way and these reports that eight people have been detained, what can you
9:19 am
tell us that's new? >> reporter: well, chris, just a little while ago the country's deputy prime minister told repos,fter a weekly cabitefing that they actually have the fingerprints of the gunman and a very good description of him as well, and that they are working very hard to identify him and then of course track him down. they released pictures to turkish media, there are screen grabs from security video, a little bit grainy, they're sort of difficult to make out any defining characteristics of this suspect, but this is the man they say opened fire on the nightclub an hour and 15 minutes after midnight new year's eve. there was chaos. witnesses described people running for the exits, people falling over each either, people on the ground being shot, once they had already fallen and were trying to hide. in that chaos the prime minister said the gunman managed to use that sort of as cover and to
9:20 am
escape the nightclub but he left his gun behind, that may well be the source of these fingerprints. however, that hasn't been stated by any sort of official that's purely speculation. at this point, they do have those eight people in custody. they've been detained. they have not been formally arrested from what we understand, they're being questioned in connection with this attack, but what is that connection, is there a connection, and is this the work of a wider sell as you mentioned, isis has claimed credit for this, but they haven't really given any proof as to a link to this attacker, whether they actually directed this attack or whether he was simply inspired by the message from the terror group to attack western targets over the holiday period, chris, but the manhunt continues, an intense manhunt as you can imagine. >> do they have a sense or did they say when they had this briefing do you think he's still in the country or could he have gotten away?
9:21 am
>> reporter: chris, it was a very quick briefing with reporters. there were no details given on the arrests, on who the people they arrested were. no details whatsoever on the manhunt and whether he might still be in the istanbul area or if he's in the countryside or in another country. they're being very tight lipped on the status of the manhunt and where the suspect might be. >> kelly cobiella in istanbul thank you. >> christopher dickey who joins us live from paris. you and i have been on the scene in the last year actually on a number of attacks. what is your sense and what are you hearing about possible isis connections? >> well i think it's pretty clear that isis is behind this for a number of reasons. first of all, isis has a grudge against erdogan and against turkey at the moment. remember, chris, if we were
9:22 am
talking about this in 2014 or 2015 we would have been talking about the way turkey was being used as a rear base by isis, people from europe going to join isis, went through turkey all the time, almost free passage through turkey to syria, to join the ranks of the islamic state. that started to end about a yearniyear ago and in the last few months finally the turks moved their military force against isis in its strongholds particularly around the now besieged city of al baab in northern syria. isis sees this as a betrayal. they see this as erdogan going back on whatever agreements they had with him, so they are taunting him. we haven't talked about it much, but just a few weeks ago just before christmas they released a video of two turkish soldiers who had been fighting around al baab being burned alive with the narration that taunted erdogan. the declaration of responsibility for the istanbul
9:23 am
attack, the nightclub attack, calls him a defender of the cross, as if he's not a muslim, but somebody defending christians, and it's said that the people who were in the nightclub were probably christians celebrating a christian holiday, although actually most of the people were turks and arabs, most from muslim backgrounds so that is all about taunting erdogan and this is going to get worse and worse and worse. in terms of the people who are likely being arrested, i'd say almost certainly they're from central asia, probably very much like maybe even connected to the people who carried out the attacks on attaturk airport last summer who turned one was kergiz, one uzbek and one a ruchruc russian chechen. >> gains have been made in the war against isis, it's been stripped of a lot of territory and resources in iraq and syria, a lot of its lieders have been killed and in a place like
9:24 am
turkey they've had numerous bombings, other attacksn 2016 and the failed coup attempt. you wonder what is the status of isis now and what does turkey do? >> well i think they're tremendously vulnerable. there's well over 1 million muslims in turkey. so there are a lot of syrians, a lot of iraqis, there are a lot of russians and a lot of chechens in turkey. that automatically makes it vulnerable, but you also have a situation where if isis was as we know it was using turkey as a rear base of operations, only a year and a half, two years ago, then they have whole networks in the country, some of which were
9:25 am
rolled up when they started carrying out terrorist attacks, and some of which were not, because remember, also, that the big terrorist issue for erdogan is the kurds. it wasn't isis. that's why he was reluctant to fight isis. when he moved in to northern syria, he moved in to stop the kurds from consolidating their opinions as the fight against isis. it's a complicated situation and one that is dang ruls for tdang for the turks. coming up, weather woes. 2017 starts off with a rough round of wind, hail and dangerous conditions. what you need to kno next. this is msnbc. knowow busyour li. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield
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north korea's leader says his country has reached the final stage of testing an intercontinental ballistic missi missile. the nuclear capable country tested missiles at an unprecedented rate in 2016. kim jong-un threatened to boost his country's military capabilities early unless the u.s. ends war games with south korea. such a launch a state department spokesman said would be unacceptable and there would be consequences. severe weather is delays flights throughout the country. blizzard-like conditions in the plains and northwest may bring 20 inches of snow. janet shamlian, how is it looking at dallas-ft. worth airport? >> reporter: difficult in the south dallas and houston. video from houston where lightning strike sparked a house fire doing significant damage.
9:30 am
there was something like 6,000 lightning strikes within one hour in houston this morning. we had similar bad weather here in dallas, that weather system prompted ground stops at both of these airports and they're both major hubs for american and united airlines. while the system has moved out of this area and to the east, places like alabama, louisiana, mississippi, we're still dealing with the aftershocks of what happened this morning, and as you mentioned, that means delays all over. we're seeing, we saw a lot of rain in dallas, and that was a big problem for people trying to get out of here, they are catching up now, but this is a day of heavy loads when most of these flights are 100% full. i also want to show you the snow they got in north dakota, it was significant, causing some delays up there as well and in new orleans as the system moves east look at the rain we're seeing moving into that area. the airport there is a
9:31 am
significant hub as well for southwest airlines and other carriers so that will likely cause delays on what's being called the first or second busiest day of this holiday travel period. chris, it just as soon as the weather clears as it has on it in dallas it doesn't clear up the system here. the misery map showing problems in the south and if you're in a place where the weather is beautiful if your flight is coming from here you could have an issue. >> i have been and i'm sure you have been in one of the situations and they rebook you on a flight two or three days later. is there a sense there yet, janet, of how long it might take, given in other parts of the country there's still bad weather, how long it might take to get things back to normal, whatever that is around the holidays? >> reporter: not really. 4:00, 5:, 6:00, we're seeing toado warnings in mississippi and alabama so that will impact not just flights in the states but florida to houston, flights in that air space if you will.
9:32 am
it's just not an ideal day to travel when so many people are trying to get home. that says nothing of people trying to drive through the areas. so a healthy dose of caution on the second day of the new year. >> janet shamlian, good to see you, happy new year. >> reporter: you, too. mpgts coming up, get up, stand up. chicago residents marched down the magnificent mile to remember the record number of people who were killed in 2016. this is msnbc. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility?
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chicago, the city is marking one of the deadliest years in history and just now, seconds ago the president-elect tweeted this, chicago murder rate is record setting, 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. if mayor can't do it, he must ask for federal help. this weekend hundreds of protesters carried crosses bearing names of people killed. now police are releasing a plan they hope will curb the violence. ron mott is live in chicago. you look at the statistics, i've seen them multiple times before and they're still startling. what did chicago police have to say, what is the plan to try to reduce violence in their city? >> happy new year, chris. one of the reasons to look forward to a new year in chicago, reseptember the counter. 2016 was a violent year, a topic everyone is talking about in chicago. new months ago the police announced a new hiring mission. their plan is to put more bodies
9:37 am
patrolling some of the harder hit areas, almost 1,000, 970 is the net number they'll add to the streets and the hope is to try to change this ul can tour in the streets and the perception police have stopped. to be their jobs. whom sides went up 60 year over year. the police chief is talking about one of their bigger challenges the proliferation of illegal guns. they took 8,300 guns off the streets in 2016 and they say the laws, sentencing laws for folks who are carrying illegal weapons simply aren't strong enough so they're asking the legislature to help out. here is the police superintendent eddie johnson. >> we have to send a message to these individuals to not pick up a gun in the city of chicago. if you do pick up a gun and you use it, you'll be held accountable and right now we don't do that.
9:38 am
>> some of the sentencing laws, the minimums here are one year for illegal possession in cook county but what the authorities here in chicago are saying that the judges are handing out too light sentences and most people are not serving their full sentences. so that's onish auto you that they're going to try to attack here in 2017 working with lawmakers to increase penalties. >> just last week the police announced that all officers are going to be equipped with these body cameras and that they were going to move it up. how much sooner will they get the body cameras on the officers? >> they hope they will be a year ahead of schedule. one of the challenges they have to overcome these are manually activated so there's a chance in an event where a police officer has to use force that the police officer may forget to tn off the body camera so they'll work around details all is to drive the transparency issue into the
9:39 am
communities. there's still a high level of distrust in some communities against the police department. >> ron, thanks so much, appreciate that. we want to turn back to politics now. president-elect donald trump's most anticipated meeting this week is with intelligence leaders, topic one, russia's role in our 2016 elections. i want to bring in nina krusheva, also good to see you, happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> 17 intelligence agencies basically agree about what happened here, about their role in the election and hacking. do you think he gets a sense how broad this is, how much intelligence officials agree he might change his tune? >> perhaps, but so far he's been very,ery firm that we don't know what happened, and weapons of mass destruction also happened and the intelligence community was wrong and it's wrong now. it's computers you cannot trust and you have to use a pingon to transmit information and whatnot so i don't really think that he
9:40 am
will change his mind. i think he also said that he knows things that nobody else does as i this i in the summer he mentioned that he knows about isis more than any generals do, so maybe it's the same kind of knowledge, but i do think he actually -- i don't think it's a secret that he probably agrees with the intelligence community. i think for his particular specific president-elect reality tv reaso he really needs to stay on putin's side and i think that's more of a conversation we need to have than whether it was right or wrong. >> i want to ask you about that. because it is causing a lot of discomfort in republican circles by some people who are among the most prominent republicans we see. we saw the dozens of russian diplomats who got kicked out of the country, landed back on russian soil, and now he's praising vladimir putin for essentially slow playing his response to it and saying i'm not going to do anything about it right now. what do you make of this
9:41 am
relationship? >> and putin himself is an intelligence official and as well jens official he's very clever, so when barack obama, who putin does not have a good relationship with says we are going to punish you and we are going to expel your 35 diplomats, he said you go low we go high. over christmas is plays incredibly well in russia. there was a whole twitter was lit how great putin is >> and putin statement i'm going to invite the american children to the kremlin for new year's. >> also those 35 families are invited to the kremlin so maybe they're going to be hobnobbing with those americans, but it is an interesting relationship, because it's also interesting relationship between not just trump and putin, but the russians and the americans, because i'm watching tv, on tv, seeing putin here more than i see putin on russian tv. i now know every single wrinkle that he has, and i think it is kind of an interesting
9:42 am
relationship that we are going to have, because both presidents, i guess now we have to say both presidents, are going to take as much out of the exhibitionism and that kind of outward relationship, either positive or they can tur negative rather quickly because these people are not, i don't think the relationship is about reality. they're much more about how they are perceived either for their own audience, for the audience elsewhere, and that's what we should be concentrating on, how they look, not how it actually, how reality is. >> what do you expect from russia and hacking in 2017? there are going to be a number of high profile european elections that are going to be going on, obviously in a couple of years, we'll have major congressional elections. how big is the ongoing threat do you think and especially with donald trump going in, what can the united states do to essentially say this is not okay, and we will make your lives miserable if you try to continue to do this? >> what does it mean when
9:43 am
lindsey graham and john mccain say we make your life miserable. what does it mean? russian life is very different from the american life. less amenities. their systems are not as advanced and connected as the americans. they often use ana log. what i've been arguing all the time as bad as putin may appear to the united states, the united states needs to talk to the russians, and i think that's what trump is going to do. unfortunately he's not going to do it for the benefit of the american people but for his own image, and that's where the problem is. >> always good to see you, thank you for coming. >> thank you. coming up, political favors, did president obama help the president-elect by taking action against russia over the election hack or did obama really box trump in? plus off the clock, but still at work. so many of us do it, email, text, you name it, all day, all
9:44 am
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welcome back. when the president-elect takes office, he now says email at least for the important stuff may just go away.
9:48 am
>> you know, if you have something really important, write it out, and have it delivered by courier. the old-fashioned way, because i'll tell you what, no computer is safe. i don't care what they say. no computer is safe. i have a boy 10 years old, can he do anything with a computer. if you want something to go without detection, write it out, and have it sent by courier. >> here with me now to break this down, steve mcmahon, democratic strategist and michael steele, republican strategi strategist. good to see both of you.. michael, let me start with you. already there is a lot of joking about this, people talking about carrier pigeons. there is a real threat, nobody is doubting that, but when you talk about changing the way that government not just government but every major business, every major government in the world works and going from technological advances to couriers, does that make any sense to you?
9:49 am
>> it will be a boon for the bike messenger industry. >> you're not going to bike to london to give a message to the prime minister. >> well in that case it will be a bit of a boon to fedex or u.p.s. or other messenger services. there's no doubt that electronic communication systems are not as secure as we'd like them be. i think that is not as vulnerable to the sort of electronic attacks that we've seen from hackers all over the world. >> steve, what do you think is going on here? >> it's ironic we talk about electron ache tacks from all over the world and the president-elect of the united states of america hasn't found himself willing to admit the obvious which 17 intelligence agencies have concluded that the russians did hack and try to influence the democracy that was occurring over here in america. and i think it's sort of surprising day to day the utterances that come out of
9:50 am
donald trump's mouth and the willingness of good and decent people like michael to defend him and the question for me and others at what point do people say he needs to stop doing this. he needs to begin to behave like a president andot somebod ooting and riffing from the lip all the time. >> michael, the skrut me involves t president sayg he knows some things that he's going to make known to other people regarding the hacking. you remember that i think it was over the summer, he talked about the generals and how he knew more about isis than the generals. what are the implications of that, and do you think he could possibly know something that the 17 intelligence agencies don't know? >> i have no idea. and i think there's going to be an investigation on capitol hill and i think there's going to be investigations in the appropriate agencies, and i think the truth will come out. >> but in the meantime, do you think for him to suggest that he knows more about these things than people who have been doing
9:51 am
it for if not years, maybe decades? >> i think that i have no idea what he's talking about in that case and that we'll find out when he chooses to reveal that. >> some democrats are suggesting with the russia thing, steve, president obama did him a favor by taking action and meddling, the cyber intrusions. i want to play what ed rehnand congressman adam schiff had to say and i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> if he had passed this on to donald trump all the information and said you make the decision, then trump's first decision vis-a-vis russia would have had to be to impose sanctions and he would have gotten off on the wrong foot with putin. here he can let the sanctions stand, say they were done by president obama, but president pew tip let's look ahead and build a new relationship. >> if the trump folks are smart or shrewd politically they would
9:52 am
say look, he took care of the reprisals, it didn't really throw off relations with russia in terms of how i'm going to start out my presidency. he cleaned the deck for me. if he's smart that's what he'll take. if congress we don't share that view. we think more has to be done. >> steve do you think that ed rendell and adam schiff have a point? >> i think they have a great point. i think the great president, president obama that is did the president-elect a great favor. something had to be done. if you couldn't have 17 intelligence agencies reach this conclusion and as the president of the united states not do anything about it. president obama is taking out the trash for donald trump and i hope donald trump sees that, understands it, and appreciates it, and doesn't try to get in and roll these back. for the looife of me i don't understand why president-elect trump wants to continue to cozy up to putin and the russians in a way that's so owsequious.
9:53 am
this is a country that prides our self on our strength and end answer pen we need to continue to stand up to russia when they do thingthat are objectionable including hacking a democratic process of the united states of america. >> michael, what do you think this is setting up? congress coming back tomorrow and you have some of the most respected experts on national security who are republicans, john mccain, lindsey graham who think tougher actions need to be taken, direct opposition to what we're hearing at this point from the president-elect. where does this go? >> both of the past two administrations have sought a closer relationship with russia initially and that's runnto the cold hard reality president putin's interests do not coincide with the national interests of the united states. at the same time i think the president-elect and the congress are going to be focussed on a number of other issues, reforming the tax code, repealing regulations that are destroying jobs in the united
9:54 am
states, repealing the president's health care law which is raising costs. so i think there's going to be a lot of focus on this, but at the same time we can't lose focus on the big picture. >> michael steele, steve mcmahon, good to see you both, gentlemen, thank you. thank you. and up next, click ignore. did you ever want to turn off that work phone at home but felt like you might get in trouble if you miss a call? now there's one place where you can let emails just pile up. stay with us. so beautiful. what shall we call you? tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok? nice baby. let's go. here comes tom #5! nothing, stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. whoo! look out. ally. do it right. we're not professional liathletes...
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we love this story. new french law is giving employees the right to ignore work emails afterhours. the law says companies if they have more than 50 employees have to develop hours during the evening and weekened when workers are not to send or spobd respond to emails. members of the french parliament says this is to help the french people from feeling stressed and burnt out and help their overall health. keir simmons has been following the story, not practicing it, following it, tells us more about the law. >> hey, chris, happy new year. >> happy new year. >> seems so quintessentially french, doesn't it? you remember the movie "devil wears prada" she throws the cell phone in the fun dane. of course it's a french fountain in paris, the land of love, the place for long lunches. it's not the place where you enjoy getting an email when you're supposed to be at home
9:59 am
relaxing, resting. what the french say is that actually it gets in the way of creativity. it makes it harder to do your job and that it leads to kind of digital burnout so the digital disconnect in france is becoming a reality for companies that are 50 employees or more. they will have to say how they're going to make sure that their employees some of the time aren't always looking at their phones. >> the claim from parliament is it helps people's health if they're not constantly tied to this device which i won't go more than a few inches away even when i'm on the air and have my emails in front of me. is that true, though? >> right. >> is there any subtans to thstt claim? >> there are studies. columbia study says it does increase people's stress and you know, people recognize this, even just the expectation that you're going to get an email
10:00 am
when you're trying to spend time with your family for example is shown according to studies to increase people's stress, so it isn't just the french who think this, chris, it's just a french in that french way who are doing something about it. >> well, i don't know who is doing something about it, but the idea of stress and putting this under the table and try to pretend you're looking at your shoes instead of your email during simmer. keir simmons, good to see you, my friend. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm chris jansing in for andrea mitchell. ali velshi is up next. time is ticking for president-elect trump on russia. he's given himself a wednesday deadline to explain things and reveal things that other people don't know about hacking. also an intelligence report due in less than 18 days, we'll discuss how long trump and his aides can raise doubts about rus


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