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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. behind a horrific attack at a nightclub in turkey still on the loose this morning. an act of terror at the dawn of a new year leaving at least three dozen dead. good to be with you on this new year. i'm frances rivera at msnbc world headquarters in new york. and here are the headlines. on the first day of 2017, turkish officials are describing the scene inside that nightclub as a massacre. eyewitness footage captures the immediate aftermath of at tack and the panic that follows. some bodies seen laying on the ground, at least 39 people were killed, 70 others injured. the attack happened around 1:15 a.m. local time, when a gunman
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opened fire and hundreds of revelers during a new year's celebration. officials believe the assailant was dressed as santa claus, but left the nightclub with different clothing. local media describe people panicking to get out of the club, some jumping at a nearby waters to escape the attack. the white house has condemned what it called a horrific terrorist attack and offered u.s. help to turkey. want to bring in matt bradley following the developments from our london bureau. what information do we have this morning? >> thanks, frances. for istanbul this was a horrifying way to ring in the new year, a terrible omen for 2017 and in many i wways a fitt end to what was a terribly bloody year. it was the fourth major terror strike against turkey in a month. 180 turks were killed in terror attacks across the country. nearly half of the dead were actually foreign nationals.
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police say there may have been as many as 500 people inside this nightclub in the center of istanbul's most crowded party districts. the dust appears to have largely settled on the crime scene and you're seeing some of the pictures of that here. but the killer remains at large. now how hard could it be to find a gunman dressed as santa claus? well, some of the cctv footage from the nightclub that surfaced on social media shows the man who is believed to be the killer quickly changing clothes. those images haven't been confirmed by nbc, but istanbul police are saying they believe the assailant did indeed change out of his santa costume to flee the scene. so the suspect is still at large and the subject of an expanding manhunt across turkey. there has been no claim of responsibility at this early hour, suspicion is likely to focus on islamic state, known as isis. but turkey sits in the middle of multiple geopolitical cross currents. it is surrnded by ees and as i mentioned, it haseen battered by multiple terror
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tacks over the past few years. turkey's facing off against islamic state, in neighboring syria, a stubborn kurdish separatist movement in the mountainous east and even a left wing political movement that is somewhat active. and turkey's president made so many enemies within the ruling political and military elite, he still is reeling from an attempted coup last summer, that nearly succeeded in unseating him but did a lot of damage to turkey's economy. in response, his securit forces killed hundreds and he later arrested thousds ia sweeping purge. so if you were a turk celebrating the new year last night, you might have gone to a nightclub or party like reina, like the one you see here, thrilled to see the end of such a bloody and disastrous year. but scenes like these from istanbul don't auger well for a peaceful 2017 in turkey. >> a country already on edge to end the year and the case just started. matt bradley, thank you. i want to bring in msnbc
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contributor and editor for the daily beast, conflict di. you have the nightclub owner who reportedly said that security had been increased over the past several days after american intelligence officials warned about an attack in turkey. for basically a -- for us here at home or anybody else in europe, for that matter does this mean even if you are alert and taking precautions you're still helpless if someone is going to carry out something like this? >> i think what we have to say is particularly if this was the so-called islamic state, they are under a lot of pressure and will hit any soft target they can. matt was talk about some of the earlier attacks by other groups in turkey, those were aimed at police, even though they killed civilians, or in some cases aimed at kurdish activists. this kind of attack against a nightclub, a soft target, is
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something hard to avoid. there were policemen -- one armed guard at the entrance of the reina nightclub last night. but he was shot dead by the man who shot -- fired his way into the nightclub. >> we were looking at the timeline of the past attacks we have seen and as matt mentioned, we're talking about the fourth attack in less than a month, over 180 dead from this year alone there. so we're looking at this particular kind of attack, compared to the others. where does it fit in? is this a new -- a new realm we're seeing now with this now we see as many as 500 people in that club targeted? >> sure. i think we're going to see -- i think this fits into a pattern we have seen identified with the so-called islamic state and other places. recently in berlin, where christmas market was blasted through by a truck driver. or the nice attacks here in france. or the pulse nightclub attack in
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orlando, florida. these are all super soft targets, you can't put police around all of them, you can't put those concrete obstacles around everything that happens in the world and when you can recruit people over the internet or with a minimum of training in places like syria and iraq, and then send them into europe and into the united states, it creates an incredibly dangerous situation. >> when it comes to soft targets we saw increased security with new year's celebrations here in the united states after this attack. i want to talk about the interior minister, says 15 of the 39 people killed were foreign nationals. do you believe the fact there are people from all different countries here at this club that that may have been a motivating factor in this attack or why this gunman specifically chose this nightclub? >> well, very likely i think we saw that to some extent with the pulse nightclub attack in orlando, we saw it with november 13th, 2015 attacks here in france and paris where there is a whole lifestyle under attack.
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and particularly a lifestyle where you have a lot of people from secular muslim backgrounds who are enjoying themselves, getting along with their lives and living good, wholesome, fun modern lives and that's the kind of thing that the islamic state hates, if indeed this was the islamic state. so, yeah, somebody in turkey, i think one of the officials said this is an attack on lifestyles and absolutely it is. >> all right. msnbc contributor and foreign editor for the daily beast, chris dickey, thank you for being with us. want to turn to presidential politics and president-elect donald trump weighing in on the latest news of alleged russian hacking. this time, in malware found on a laptop at a vermont utility company. facing reporters' questions as he walked into his new year's eve party at mar-a-lago, he still raised doubts about intelligence reports that suggested russia hacked the u.s. election. >> i just want them to be sure. because it is a pretty serious charge and i want them to be sure.
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and if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster. and they were wrong. and so i want them to be sure. i think it is unfair if they don't know and i know a lot about hacking, and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i also know things that other people don't know. and so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> what do you know that other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> also, new today, the department of homeland security is backing the vermont utility company's assessment that there is currently no information indicating the power grid was penetrated in the cyberincident. neither the white house nor russia commented publicly on the malware code. let's go now west palm beach, florida, and kelly o'donnell. happy new year to you. want to ask you, did anyone expect the president-elect to stop and take those questions? >> well, happy new year to you as well, frances. good morning. it was a surprise in a sense that it had not been planned. the guidance we had been given
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is there was an opportunity to get some pictures of the general scene of the new year's eve party. over time, we have seen that the president-elect will take questions, especially in this sort of a setting where it seems informal. this is very different than a formal press conference which he has not done since the election. but from time to time he does respond to questions and there were some pertinent questions asked that do help us to understand a bit more of where he stands with respect to russia an the hacking, though as you heard his answer is a little murky as well. he indicates that next week he'll have more to say. we know he's going to have an intelligence meeting that is scheduled, where he will get from the tops and the agencies of intelligence some direct information, new sort of maybe the whole state of play with respect to this hacking issue. it is curious that he suggests he knows something that others do not know, you heard one of our colleagues following up on that, asking what that would be. we don't know if that means that something that came from some previous briefing that he had,
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that gives him some perspective. is it something that one of his own advisers is sharing with him, he's getting a lot of briefings from people who are working for him, which is separate than the official intelligence briefings. so it was, from a reporter's point of view, we welcome a chance to ask him questions, but it was not planned. >> certainly not planned and also kelly, when it comes to the information that he knows that we don't know, promising tuesday or wednesday is when he's going to reveal it. i know you just mentioned maybe for some of his sources, i bhowg this nugget of information is? >> there is really no way to expand beyond that. he's possessing classified information that is something he with not be in a position to legally provide or make public. it is interesting. it did seem to indicate to me he is willing to accept the possibility that russians are responsible for the hacking, which is something the obama administration says is very clear, plain, and abundant evidence to prove that.
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donald trump moved closer to that position, but not fully embracing it. there is a little area of a danger for him as well, to go back to the weapons of mass destruction issue which goes back to the start of the iraq war. yes, there were failures in intelligence assessments in the united states and other countries. but to criticizehe intelligence comnity at the eve of becoming president is perhaps not something that will build his relationships with people in that community. but he does seem to have a good working relationship with barack obama. he, again, last night, talked about -- someone here is wishing us all a happy new year with that. he again indicated he has been speaking to barack obama, so we have a little bit of that where you can hear how he thinks things are going with himself and barack obama. >>e'll see in the days to come as this transition takes place. kelly o'donnell, thank you. and not all of donald trump, what he said in his impromptu remarks. later, we'll hear from a journalist who was at mar-a-lago and get his take on what
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breaking news out of turkey. police are on the hunt for a gunman who opened fire on hundreds of revellers at a nightclub in istanbul. an estimated 39 people are dead and dozens more injured. you can see from this video here, a live look, investigators were outside the club now, most of the victims identified so far are foreign nationals. the attacker's identity is still unknown at this hour. there has been no immediate claim of responsibility. for more reaction to this massacre in turkey, let's bring in ambassador alan pincus, former consular general of israel. thank you for starting the new year with us. i want to get your thoughts on
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this horrific attack in turkey. do you think in the estimation of this kind of attack, is this what you expect will be the daily life in the region, the new normal? >> unfortunately, frances, happy new year, unfortunately for people in turkey it is not a happy new year. and what you saw and what you actually reported in the last segment, this is an attack on the style of life that turkey is known for. that being said, i do think unfortunately tragically for the turks that given their geographic location, their involvement in syria, their relationship with iran, and what is going on with isis, this is going to be something that will be repeated in turkey in the next following years, yes. >> certainly, something repeated, but also a fear and a sense of really, you know, just overall being scared out there when it comes to going about your daily life, not necessarily
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just in turkey, but we saw it in berlin, we saw it in france, throughout europe here. in the united states. you consider that security had been heightened in the major sniz tu cities following the attacks. you're talking about police officers on duty in istanbul alone. why do you think the measures weren't enough to prevent this? >> obviously not. apparently and evidently not, but, you know this is a nature of the beast here. isis is transnational, not a state actor. it crosses borders. it defies the laws of warfare as we know it and what it necessitates and requires is a very comprehensive and very tight and very credible and reliable network of intelligence exchanges between all the countries involved, which, by the way, includes all the countries, frances, you mentioned. the u.s. and france and spain and turkey and israel and egypt
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and for that matter kenya and australia. and anyone who is subject to this threat of isis, which, again, is amorphous. we don't know where it is or where it will strike and there is this phenomenon of copycats. >> i have to say, there has been no immediate claim of responsibility, but you're bringing up isis. do you believe that isis is behind this attack? >> i don't know. i mean, obviously if it is not isis, it is an isis franchisee or isis copycat, isis may take -- assume responsibility for this at a later date. it may be another group. but we're looking at the same phenomenon. i mean, does it matter to the victims? does it matter to turkey? does it matter to spain or any other country what the identity of the organization that is responsible is? is it isis?
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i don't know. it is a copycat, identical kind of organization? >> i want to ask you also about secretary john kerry's speech on middle east -- on peace in the middle east and get your reaction to that. here is what he said on wednesday after the united states abstained from the u.n. security council resolution, condemning israeli settlements. here's what he said. >> if israel does he goghs down the one state path, it will never have true peace with the rest of the arab world. and i can say that with certainty. the arab countries have made clear that they will not make peace with israel without resolving the israeli/palestinian conflict. >> mr. ambassador, your take on what secretary kerry said. >> let me put it this way, frances. 50% of israel agrees with the content of what secretary kerry said. if you remove the name secretary of state john kerry, and if you remove the date, a lot of people would sign off or subscribe to
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the contents of that speech. this is a speech that former prime ministers of israel have been enunciating for a long time. yes, there is an issue of the timing. why wasn't this speech delivered two years ago, a year ago, six months ago, rather than in the interim period before a president -- a new administration comes into office on january 20th. but that said, and that -- and his speech saying what it did, i think that the speech was laying the parameters in text forum for years to come into what america or how america sees any future, any viable israeli/palestinian settlement. >> as we look ahead to that, we have israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu react to the abstention from the vote by saying this and we'll talk about it. >> israel looks forward to working with president-elect trump and with the american congress, democrats and
6:21 am
republicans alike, to mitigate the damage that this resolution has done and ultimately to repeal it. >> so we do have this inauguration coming up here. how do you see this changing at all when president-elect trump becomes our president? >> well, obviouslyr. netanyahu and president obama had a contentious and confrontational relationship for the better part of the last eight years. so i can almost sympathize with mr. netanyahu when he's looking forward to a different administration. what i cannot sympathize is he thinks by virtue of another administration coming in, reality will change. the fact of the matter is, frances, a new administration, even if they really want to, cannot reverse or cannot overturn a u.n. security council resolution. what i can tell you, knowing very little about mr. trump's, president-elect trump's plans or ideas in terms of the middle east, i doubt -- i doubt, i very
6:22 am
much doubt that he will have the patience, the patience or the energy to invest in these israeli palestinian issues. whether you construe this as being good news or bad news for isra, frces, is obviously in the eye of the holder. if i were prime minister netanyahu, would not be looking forward, so enthusiastically, to a trump administration. certainly not with the level of cooperation that seems obvious with the russians. >> ambassador alan pincus, we appreciate you being with us on newi year's. thank you so much. >> thank you. still ahead, the president-elect's comments about hacking to the press last night. we'll hear from a reporter who was at mar-a-lago and get his impressions. that's next.
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what kind of questions will you be asking at your intelligence briefings that you arranged for next week? >> normal questions. but everything is going to work out very well. and hopefully we're going to
6:26 am
have great relationships with many countries and that includes russia, and it includes china. >> that was the president-elect at his new year's eve party last night. to talk about it, want to bring in jonathan alan for roll call, and kevin surelli who covered the president-elect's party and i'll start with you on this new year's day. you were at the party. you may be a little tired after being there, kevin. you were there when the president-elect made those impromptu remarks and those comments. what was your take when he said that? and what do you interpret as the most new thing from what he said? >> well, frances, happy new year to you. let me just say we were not expecting the president-elect to make these comments. it was impromptu as you said. and i think perhaps what was most newsworthy was that trump said that he would be making additional comments on tuesday or wednesday, following those intelligence briefings that he will receive regarding the
6:27 am
hacking and russia. i would also note that a follow-up question that i asked him was how important cybersecurity will be in the new administration. and what he said is no computer was safe. and that the best and safest way to avoid cyberhacking is to avoid using these types of technologies altogether. so clearly i think from a broader standpoint, both the -- the outgoing obama administration and incoming trump administration are having to redefine cybersecurity policy in this new digital age. >> questioning the trust of a computer there. i want to talk more about what he said with the hacking and russia, let's take a quick listen. >> i also know things that other people don't know. and so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> what do you know that other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> jonathan, i want to bring you in. what could he possibly know that we don't know, given the fact that if it is classified, he can't share that anyway. >> first, frances, happy new year and happy new year to kevin
6:28 am
and everybody watching. if i knew, then donald trump wouldn't be able to say i don't know. i think it is fair to say the intelligence communities, agencies know more than donald trump does about this particular subject. he's skeptical of the information he gets from the intelligence community. he remembers some of the information that ended up being bad surrounding the iraq war. he's playing on that at the moment. but i suspect we would not have seen sanctions against russia unless there was pretty strong evidence that there was russia doing the hacking. we'll have to wait for tuesday or wednesday to find out what it is donald trump thinks he knows that will be spositive that is different than what the obama administration knew. >> and, kevin, you know, it comes to donald trump, he was talking about this, especially with president obama in referencing the phone call chat. let's take a listen. >> i spoke to him yesterday, he's been very nice on the phone. we have a very good relationship. look, we have to ptect israel.
6:29 am
israel to me is very, very important. we have to protect israel. and i disagree with what he's done with israel. i listened to secretary kerry's speech, and i tnk it is very unfair to israel what happened. >> so he's talk ing about that with president obama. what more do we know about how much he actually talks to the president and why does it seem they're often at odds, kevin? >> well, frances, they have spoken several times since election day and they have met obviously at the white house. and, of course, they were engaged just the other day in that tense back and forth, of course, with president obama saying on a podcast that he would have been able to beat trump should he have run for a third term. and, of course, trump responding on twitter that that would not be the case. so, you know, both competitive politicians and engaging in that back and forth. but for the most part, this has been somewhat a peaceful transition of power. the other point that i would
6:30 am
make is that perhaps from a policy standpoint, on the issues of the affordable care act as well as foreign policy with israel, very important u.s. ly, trump has reay taken a staunch position against obama, and, of course, this back and forth with the united nations last week with trump really signaling strong support for israel as the new administration is about to take over. of course, a stark contrast with what we have seen from the criticism of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu with the outgoing administration and with obama. >> a lot to watch and, jonathan, we're talking about donald trump's meeting with intelligence officials this week. there are reports of the russian hacking and he seems like he's going into this grudgingly. is that the case? can we expect anything to change his views? he's talking about ht comes to hacking, tough to even prove. will we see more of the shift? >> i think it is hard to predict what donald trump is going to
6:31 am
do. i think the more information he gets from the intelligence community, the more serious he's going to be about this. he's rejected intelligence briefings in the past. i think to his detriment and to the detriment of everyone since he's going to be the president pretty soon. so, you know, he'll hear more. he doesn't want to accept the idea that russian hacking helped him win the election. certainly doesn't want to publicly embrace that, which is why you heard earlier this week in a statement he was saying let's get past this. that's the statement of somebody who seems to be acknowledging that it happened and simply doesn't want to dwell on it because it is not good for them optically. i don't think he's going to want to dwell on it. if he's presented with cler and convincing evidence, it will be difficult for him to continue to say that it -- that there wasn't involvement of russia. the question for him isn't whether russia helped him so much as it is whether there was any sort of conspireing between his campaign and anybody that was hacking the democrats. that is something that you hear
6:32 am
democrats level that charge at times. there is no evidence of that at this point. but that's going to be a key question if there is an investigation going forward. >> certainly we hear from him, this news conference, it is going to be on tuesday or wednesday, and what more he'll are to say. so a lot to watch as we get this new year with donald trump back at it. to both of you, thank you so much. appreciate it. thank you for being with me on new year's day. >> happy new year. still ahead, reaction from the white house on the deadly new year's nightclub attack in istanbul. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper
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welcome back. at the half hour, here's what we're monitoring. breaking news of a manhunt under way in turkey for a gunman who killed dozens of people at a nightclub. this is a live look at the scene of the attack, where investigators are looking for clues. police say the shooter walked inside and opened fire.
6:36 am
it is estimated 39 people are dead, and at least 70 more have been injured. it happened shortly after midnight during new year's celebrations and so far no one has taken responsibility. nbc's hans nichols has white house reaction for us this morning and what more is the administration saying? >> the administration has been in contact with turkish authorities. here is a statement from the national security council that came out last night. it gets at the heart at the white house. they say the atrocity, such an atrocity can be perpetrated upon innocent revelers underscores the savagery of the attackers. you look at the white house and the relationships with turkey there are deep ties all across the government from law enforcement, also military, military basis. there is one caveat on that, though, that is since the coup over the summer, some of the officials in turkey that u.s. officials normally work with have been thin. that's been a challenge, that's been a problem. they're working around it.
6:37 am
secretary ash carter, secretary of defense was in turkey i was with him in october. they're making sure to make sure the erdogan government knows that the u.s. has their support. but here is the issue there. that was is that the serious strategy, what we're doing now, namely are working with the kurds in syria, take the city of raqqah, that is chafing at the turkish officials. they don't like the idea of a stronger kurdish force south of their border. potential pressure points as it relates to syria. we'll see to what extent counterterrorism operation continues. >> thank you so much. hans nichols at the white house. thank you. for more analysis, i want to bring in jim cavanaugh, retired atf special agent. jim, i appreciate your being with us this morning. when you hear about this, especially knowing that turkey has been at the heightened state of alert, had 17,000 additional officers there, what crossed your mind when you heard about
6:38 am
this attack? >> well, 17,000 officers, right, francis, not at the right places, though. if there was only one offir, at a nightclub that had a large crowd, very famous, you know, catered to celebrities right there, that was inadequate security from the police and /o the owner of the nightclub. there is so much unclear information about the shooter or shooters, where they are, who they're connected to, the police have a gigantic task now in istanbul moving forward. >> we talk ed about this way too many times, jim, it is unsettling for those in turkey, for those in europe, and here at home for that matter when you hear that, yes, it is a heightened state of alert with that many officers. but what you just said, not at the right place. we're constantly seeing these at soft targets, what reassurances can we have? can the public have as we hear about the attacks more and more? >> well, freedom, you know, freedom of movement in our
6:39 am
democracy, always going to be some risk. we don't want to live in police states. but look here, turkey even has cracked down heavily on its own citizens. it is a nato country, but has a lot of internal problems. and it can't keep a lid on terrorists or guerrilla attacks or asymmetric warfare. we have to deal with it going forward. this virus will be with us a while. but they have got to find this one guy, frances, one or two or more, we don't really know. it is so unclear. we really need some of the direct report iing. i couldn't tell you right now if i believe there is one or with or more shooters there. i don't zblknow. >> wouldn't you say that's the difficulty now with investigators knowing they certainly want to get the word out there and get the public's help, but have to be cautious of not tipping off -- to whoever i out there, whoer is responsible could use it to their advantage. >> well, that's right.
6:40 am
you got to be careful about what information you do release, frances. that's critical. but, you know, they can overreact to. turkish officials could have a massive crackdown that can spur other attacks. so you got to get it just right. if you're too soft, they can get stronger. if you're too hard, they can get stronger. you knead need to get it just r. hopefully we'll see an apprehension of one or more shooters today. >> that's what many are hoping. jim cavanaugh, thank you. appreciate you being with me. the cold reality of winter is about to set in. we'll tell you where and when next. coming up at the top of the hour, "am joy" locks oks at the stories of 2016. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient?
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part of the california highway is back open this morning after it was shut down by snow. this was a scene about an hour north of los angeles, yesterday, after winter weather moved in. both sides of the highway were closed for several hours. for the latest on weather across
6:44 am
the country, turning to bonnie schneider, how are we looking this morning? happy new year, by the way. >> happy new year, frances. we're looking chilly. the windchill is in the 20s and 30s. this will feel like nothing, feels like warm in the days to come. big changes ahead for a new year for 2017. the cold air is plunging into the northwest. and it is going to spread across the country. you willeel the difference outside this weekn boise, seattle and into wyoming, where temperatures will drop down to the single digits bit middle of the week. it spreads eastward, across parts of the midwest and plains, also your temperatures are going down. that will spread even further east by the end of the week. lots of rain across the southeast, heavy rain coming in now. atlanta, you're getting clouds and rain. but it is more substantial if you start heading to the central gulf coast. this is where we're watching for flooding. poteial for floong as we go into tonight. a lot of advisories continue straight into monday afternoon. for flooding in low lying areas and southeast parishes of louisiana and new orleans.
6:45 am
be careful if you live in an area that is low lying. by the time it is said and done, you can see three to five inches of rain accumulate through the region. and further to the west, a threat for severe weather later on. looking for temperatures to be warm and comfortable, but unfortunately the risk for thunderstorms later on today and tonight, large hail is possible. elsewhere across the country, temperatures are still mild across the central and southern plains and the southeast. but here is that colder air, a sign of the times of what is ahead for january, 2017. >> msnbc's meteorologist bonnie schneider. thank you. almost 9 1/2 hours into the new year, here is what times square looks like now. like nothing ever happened there. here is how it looked at the stroke of midnight. >> an estimated crowd of 2 million people rang in the new year. revellers seemed to enjoy
6:46 am
themselves. 7,000 police officers helped to keep everyone safe. did you watch it? mariah carey ushered in 2017 with a -- she was lip-synching her hit song in front of the revellers when something just went terribly wrong. >> walk me down. happy new year! we can't hear, but i'll just get through the emotions. ♪ all right. we didn't have a check. >> makes you cringe watching it. she told the crowd she is going to let the audience sing. a representative for the singer cited technical difficulties, but carey was a good sport, took to instagram after the
6:47 am
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president-elect donald trump celebrated the new year in his estate in florida. before the festivities kicked off. he took a minute to weigh in on cyber security and the wake of the russian hacking allegations. >> if you have something reall important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old fashioned way. i'll tell you what, no computer is safe. i don't care what they say. no computer is safe. i have a boy whose ten years old, can do anything with a computer. you want something to really go without detection, write it out and have it sent by courier. >> i want to bring in carrie lucas, managing director of the
6:51 am
forum for forbes. and aolical analyst and author of the center holds obama and his enemies happy new year to both of you. as we talk about this, carrie, let's get started. you have the next president of the united states telling us as we just heard, no computer is safe, his ten-year-old could hack into that for any computer. how realistic is that for all of us to go couriering around our information? >> certainly the federal government ought to think about how to protect it's secrets. we've had so much attention in the last few weeks on cyber security. but this is not a new problem. the general accounting office has been warning the federal government and businesses about the increase in cyber warfare not just from russia, but particularly from china and has been urging the frochlt and corporations to take precautions. so, you know, i think we need to look at hardening our defenses, both on the federal level, but then also businesses need to be paying attention.
6:52 am
so we're never going t get rid of computers, but we need to be thinking about how better to protect this information. >> jonathan, what's your take on him saying yeah there's one thing to take better precautions when it comes to businesses, but donald trump just said, oh no, computers aren't safe. my son can hack into it. start couriering your sensitive information. >> well, i mean the idea that we're all going to snail mail and paper is not realistic. but we will make greater efforts to beef up security. i do think that this is another example of trump showing that he knows thousand change the subject, often brilliantly from what is a very big story. arguably the biggest scandal involving an election since watergate where we had a foreign power compromising an american election. and for people who think that's overblown, i would just ask republicans who might be watching, imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and if we
6:53 am
had evidence that russian agents had broken in to republican party headquarters and the trump campaign and stolen documents from those headquarters and otherwise tried to play mischief with the republican party. would they be upset? you might imagine that they would be. so for them not to be upset, not to be particularly conceed, wa to move on to quote donald trump from this situation because it applies to democrats, doesn't show a lot of leadership. >> then he's saying he's got this information. i know this information, you don't know this information, but come tuesday or wednesday, you're going to hear about it. i'm going to tell you about it. does it seem odd he's promising that meeting after that meeting with intelligence officials of this information? what is this information? >> nobody knows. and we'll see what he has to say, but i think when we have this conversation, we need to be careful because absolutely it's a big story if the russians were involved in releasing the dnc
6:54 am
e-mails, but we can't make it sound as though, i think some of the rhetoric you just used made it sound as if the russians were changing the vote totals. nobody is alleging that. and absolutely when we talk about security issues, one thing that everybody, whether it's the dnc, rnc, all of us at home, we should recognize that e-mails are not safe. and when john podesta or when the dnc is talking about trying to prevent bernie sanders from winning via the primary, that was a crazy thing to put in an e-mail. it was a crazy thing for them to be doing. the american people learned that information. if it was the russians who did it, that's bad and we need to make sure that we keep the russians out of our elections, and not -- >> we'll see with donald trump here -- >> i just got to jump in on this. if the russians were involved. this is what trump is trying to do. and that is to suggest that 17 or 18 u.s. intelligence agencies are wrong. now, if you start with that
6:55 am
presumption that it's if, it might be a fat guy on a bed as ump said, it could be the chinese. this has been trumps line. it's the russians. it's been established as much as our system is capable of establishing anything that it was the russians. so to continue to say, if it was the russians, introduce doubt, change to john podesta's, you know, not being sense nbl what he puts in e-mails. it's just changing the subject from penetration of our election. he didn't change the outcome. i'm not suggesting he changed the outcome, but it's very important as john mccain and others are doing to hold hearings to get to the bottom of this. and it's very disturbing that other republicans, other than john mccain and lindsey graham don't have the sense of principle to recognize that if the shoe were on the other foot, it would be screaming bloody murder about this. >> we'll leave it at this. i want to get to this too since it's the first day of 2017.
6:56 am
i want those predictions out there. we knew that 2017 was going to be the year, carol, what do you see as far as democrats, donald trump, and how we'll get started this yore? >> well, i think it's going to be an exciting first couple months of the year. we're going to see a lot of positive changes. you know, it's going to be interesting. president obama's so much of his legacy has been through executive order. and we're going to see how much of that can change in the first, first year of this presidency as though a president trump begins rolling back some of the executive orders that are relating to things like the cleaning power plan which are really expensive and holding up businesses. we're going to s the red tape in government start t get rolled back. >> kwkly jonathan, what do you think will be the defining issue. >> huge fight about obamacare. we'll see whether the republicans are able to cobble something together to replace it after they repeal it. right after, you know, january 20th. and then i think you're going to see vladimir putin and donald
6:57 am
trump kind of taking a victory lap together as they work against isis and claim a lot of credit for degrading isis, even though barack obama's already done so. >> oh, a lot to watch in the coming days and the coming year. to both of you, thaurng for being with us. and that wraps up our live coverage. up next, a.m. joy and i'll see you back at noon. happy new year everyone.
6:58 am
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good morning. and welcome to a very special holiday edition of a.m. joy. today we're going to take a look back at 2016, which, let's face it, was kind of the worst. this pags summer may be a diant me here in the chilly heart of winter, or maybe you're just tryinto forget the feeling of roasting in your own skin during what was literally the hottest summer ever. as if that wasn't enough, 2016 had us all paranoid


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