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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 31, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> it is 1:00 p.m. here in the french capital. the headlines in the u.s. -- more protests. in the early days of the trump presidency, he fires acting attorney general who questioned the legality of his so-called muslim band. far right politicians charge of the killing of six people at a mosque in the canadian province of quebec. the right-wing contender for france plus presidency rejects accusations he misused public funds.
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investigators carry out a search in parliament in paris. also coming up this hour, the german bank court and often billion dollars in a russian monitoring lauding that russian money-laundering scheme. you are watching "live from paris." welcome. democratic lawmakers are adding their weight to protests against the trunk administration. the rally on the steps of the supreme court in washington, after the president fired acting attorney general sally yates, who questioned the legality of travel restrictions on people from several muslim majority nations. here is alexander aucott.
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alexander: and extort narrow clash between the u.s. president and the defiant active attorney general. sally yates orders the justice department not to enforce the president's executive order. hours later, he fired her, saying she betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect u.s. citizens. landthis land is your this land is my land ♪ >> on the steps of the supreme court, democratic leaders joined protesters. >> we will fight donald trump in the courts, we will fight donald trump in the congress. we will band together to fight donald trump as he tries to put himself above the law. has done is give
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ammunition for jihadists all over the world. saying that we the people of the united states hate them. we do not hate the muslim people. >> democratic lawmakers have -- theced legislation to inspired barack obama to wade back into politics for the first time since leaving the white house. a spokesman for the president says he fundamentally disagrees with discrimination targeting people based on religion. human rights lawyers and government officials also vowed to fight the travel restrictions of the executive order. we take a closer look at some of the lawsuits filed against
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donald trump and what might come next. >> cheered like rock stars after the american civil liberties union won their first legal battle against donald trump on the immigration ban. they were greeted like heroes. donors have raised over $20 million over the weekend. that is seven times more than their annual contributions in 2015. the civil liberties union says support his final -- is vital for the legal fight ahead. >> we are gearing up for a big battle. we have no illusions that the white house will not fight it hard, so i think it will be a protracted litigation battle. >> the aclu is not the only one suing the president. the council on islamic relations has also filed. -- it isawsuit american traditional values of
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openness, human dignity, and respect versus donald trump. >> washington state has also filed a lawsuit against the president. >> in a courtroom, it is not the loudest voice that prevails. it is the constitution. that is why we are a nation of laws. >> the washington lawsuit is being backed by the government and by big businesses. amazon, microsoft, and expedia say they are all helping the lawsuit. tech companies have also chimed in. they will likely -- it will likely take time for the wave of lawsuits to move through the u.s. judiciary, with chances that one or a few of these suits and up at the currently incomplete supreme court. the united kingdom, thousands are taking part in demonstrations against theresa may's invitation of donald trump for a state visit.
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may is standing firm on that decision, and made anger from opponents in a visit to washington. amid trump's trouble restrictors. after sunday's deadly mosque shooting, prime minister justin trudeau joined a vigil, calling for peace and unity. a student was charged, known for his far right political views. our correspondent has more. >> as the city of quebec comes to terms with the shock of sunday's mosque attack, police charged the murder of six victims. he had also been charged with five counts of attend the murder. prime minister justin trudeau addressed parliament on monday and vowed that terror will not
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divide the people of canada. >> this was a group of innocents targeted for practicing their faith. make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack. it was an attack on our intrinsic and most cherished values as canadians, values of diversity, freedom of religion. >> people gather for prayers as he is -- at the islamic cultural center. many of the injured are receiving medical treatment. quebec -- the prime minister of unity.urged >> this is your home. you are welcome here. we are all quebecers. >> security has been reinforced around the country's mosques. police have yet to provide a motive for the shooting.
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france investigated a carrying out of a search in parliament as they probed fake job allegations against francois fillon. it comes from a newspaper. his wife is -- accused of being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds for a job she never did. runner,the front scandal-hit francois fillon is lagging behind in the tight race for the patch presidency -- for the french presidency. the accusations some say were designed to hurt his campaign. in a positionntly to win the presidential election, so he is a target. the attacks are coming from all sides. >> it comes after the french satirical newspaper claimed
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paidope fillon was 500,000 euros for a job that she never carried out. french businessmen and billionaire -- a french businessman and billionaire has also been caught up in the probe for his magazine is said to have employed her during the show of allegations during the -- during of allegations. his ratings have slumped in the week of allegations -- in the wake of allegations. the right-wing platform has been cutting spending and adding jobs. his troubles do not stop there. it is reported that he pocketed funds normally reserved to parliamentary assistants between 2005 and 2007 while senator. --is: the united kingdom
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lawmakers are set to authorize a bill to start talks to leave the european union. ministers are hoping to push the bill through parliament within weeks ahead of the march. the government says it will follow through with the will of the people in the wake of last year's referenda. the opposition labor party says it will amend the bill but not lock it. -- but not block it. there is a 10 million u.s. dollar bounty on the head of the suspect in the mumbai bombing. >> a surprise arrest after almost eight years of inaction, pakistani authorities arrive to
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place the leader of this organization and quach are men under house arrest. before being escorted away by police, he blamed india and the united states for his arrest and vowed to keep fighting for independence. think this can push the kashmir cause back, it will never happen. god willing, our movement will continue until kashmir is freed. >>'s group has long campaigned against what it sees as the occupation of cashmere. -- of kashmir. but he is blamed for crist rating the 2008 terrorist attack in mumbai. 166 people were killed after 10 gunmen went on a shooting and bombing rampage, targeting commuters and tourists. india accused pakistan of sponsoring the attack through the group.
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pakistan rejected the claims. he was put under arrest in 2008. six months later he was released due to lack of evidence. his continued freedom in pakistan has infuriated india for years. despite denying his involvement in the attack, washington in 2012 put a $10 million bounty on his head. rebels have posted footage in yemen they say shows an attack on a saudi warship that killed two crew members. they control the capital of soanaa. the u.n. has repeatedly sounded the alarm of increasingly dire humanitarian conditions. morocco is to rejoin the african union after 32 years of isolation, following an agreement in addis ababa.
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mororocco left the continent in 1984 after a dispute over the western sahara. for details, here is our correspondent. the african union summit in ethiopia, and much of the conversation has been about the readmission of morocco back into the african union block after an absence of nearly 33 years. the majority vote that took place late on monday night has by all the supported heads of state that i have managed to speak to. the librarian president is saying that african -- the liberian president is saying that all of the countries needed to be of one point and part of one block. however, there has been some concern raised before the vote was taken. there was some intensive corridor diplomacy, i could say, trying to delay that. but notably from diplomats from algeria and south africa.
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talk,r, also during this there have been further afield with events in the united states with acting president unit -- acting president donald trump and refugees applying for visas from a number of african countries. libya, sudan, somalia among those. i spoke to the african union's new president, and this is what he had to say. , and it isproblem very important for us. able to say yet. we will talk about this. >> there is a sense that the heads of state want to develop and keep their close ties with their american allies, but there aua sense with the new chairperson that he will be looking to reinvigorate this lock to make it one that -- this
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block to make it one that can support itself diplomatically, with the number of au activities going on across the continent. chris: spain's most celebrated director is set to leave -- to lead the cannes film festival. the 67-year-old who made a string of black comedies describing himself as grateful, honored, and a bit overwhelmed. the festival gets underway on the french riviera on may 17. inthe u.s., more protests the early days of the trump presidency he fires the acting attorney general, who questioned the legality of the so-called muslim band. there has been an arrest in the killing of canadians in quebec.
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investigators carry out a search of the french parliament. business news now. i am joined by stephen carroll. starting with deutsche bank, which has been fined by the u.k. and u.s. authorities. million over a russian money-laundering scheme. the bank admitted numerous opportunities to detect, and investigate, and stop suspicious trade to stop $10 billion illegally moved out of russia over a four-year period. >> another legal dilemma for beleaguered deutsche bank. it is willing to cooperate with u.k. and u.s. regulators and pay over $600 million in fines for its connections to alleged money-laundering in russia. $425che bank will pay million to you race regulators and $204 million to u.k. regulators.
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-- two u.s. regulators and $204 million to u.k. regulators. had numerous opportunities to detect, investigate, and stop the skin. by dfsstigation launched uncovered evidence of so-called mirror trades at the bank between 2011 and 2015. clients were buying securities in rubles at the bank's moscow office, then selling them for identical numbers in dollars. at a different branch. is said that they could have been used to facilitate money-laundering. deutsche bank has faced a series of fines and penalties in recent years. earlier this month, the bank paid $7 billion to the u.s. department of justice for its mortgages,-selling which contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. after that news, a
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deutsche bank settlement says -- obviously investors are relieved that the lurking issue has been resolved. european markets are trading up at lunchtime. news from her cotto. do.from mercac inflation rose to a four-year high of 1.8% in january. in france, economic growth rose to 4% in the last three months of 2016. for the whole of last year, the french economy grew by one point 1%, slightly lower than in 2015. the finance ministry is saying that the booster growth at the end of 2016 should continue into this year -- that the boost of growth at the end of 2016 to continue this year. the european --
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is inition commissioner dublin discussing the ruling which said the irish government had given apple illegal state aid in tax arrangements. apple and ireland are appealing the decision. >> what we saw working through the way apple was organized was that maybe for other tax authorities it would be interesting to review the activities by apple in other member states. the very principle as to how taxes are collected is that profits are being taxed, no profits are generated. and of course it is not up to us. it is up to authorities in other countries if we want to see if the apple operation has developed into profit generation that should be taxed in that member state. stephen: india press government
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has admitted that its move to pull majority banknotes from circulation have hurt the country's economy. a move was intended to crack down on corruption, but the finance ministry says the sudden removal of 85% of the country's cash knocked up to half a point off growth for this year. shell is selling off part of its oil and gas operation. it has raised 3.5 billion euros from an offshore oil asset in the u.k.'s north sea. the rest of the total is coming from a gas field in thailand. it all, shell is liquidating assets to illuminate 28 billion euros, trying to reduce its debt after the takeover of bt group last year. starbucks has pledged to hire 10,000 refugees, but it has backfired. hijackedtt was quickly
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by those who supported the coffee chain move. many said they would be happier to have smaller crowds because of the boycott. people are saying they will be happy to get there carmel maki otto a little bit -- there carmel macchiato a little bit faster. chris: thank you very much, stephen. it is time for the press review. joining me for a look through the papers is florence villeminot. i am going to start off with the mosque attack in quebec. flo: as you can imagine, lots of shock in the canadian papers. "the globe and mail" is paying tribute to the victims today. you can read it in article six, six men who sought better lives in quebec. details are emerging about the suspect. he is identified as a 25-year-old, alexander this and bissonette.ander
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he was known online as a troll expir inspired by an extreme right-wing group. he also stood up for donald trump online and was vocal about tong against immigration quebec, particularly by muslims. chris: donald trump put up cartoons about his so-called muslim band. flo: you might remember the prime minister, justin trudeau of canada, drew attention for tweeting after the ban was put in place pretty had a welcoming message for refugees, saying diversity is our strength. build a wall on the other t-shirt. globe and mail talked about a clash of civilizations we are seeing across the border between canada and the u.s. the statue of liberty is taking a beating in a lot of arab light which cartoons.
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you can see the statue of liberty stuck behind a barbed wire fence. from's various executive orders. there is also another statue of liberty -- these are from trump's various executive orders. you can see the statue of liberty there, crucified on letter t. chris: people are speaking out about what trump is doing, in africa. flo: the chief of the commission said this. you can see this quote in "the independent." "the very country where people were sold into the now -- ade, has
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a growing number of psychologists are starting to question donald trump's state of mind. up until recently, it was illegal for psychologists to assess public figures and talk to journalists about their findings, but the rules have changed and mental health experts are speaking out. you can see their analysis of trump's situation. he displays, according to a lot of psychologists, the classical traits of malignant narcissism. of trump'she wake victory, it is becoming increasingly unpredictable. francois fillon finds himself in hot water. flo: the so-called penelope gate scandal. we have been talking about it since last week. you might remember the satirical magazine that was behind the that francoisng fillon's wife was paid half a million euros for allegedly a fake job in the parliamentary
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system. the fillons were separately interrogated by anticorruption police yesterday for five hours. it is moving quite quickly. in this article, you can read about his entourage. they are bracing themselves for more leaks in the days a come. perhaps there will be more details tomorrow. chris: francois fillon is not talking to the police, on the offensive politically. flo: he's eager to go on with his life as normal. his troops were quite pumped up after his campaign rally on sunday. one quoted in this article says that he is rate to fight like a lion. it is interesting to look how party isrvative reacting to this scandal. you can read more about that today. the party is collectively holding its breath during the investigation. according to this paper, he is
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walking on a razor's edge, legitimate enough to pounce back -- to bounce back. crowdedhis is a very field, especially to the left of francois fillon. benoit hamon is the nominee after winning the primary on sunday. to unite his party, at least people on the left, "le opinion" is saying that there will be a clash. he has to back into which direction he will take the left in now that he is holding the reins. he can go more toward the left but then alienate people in the center, or he can choose a more centrist approach and alienate people on the far left. he cannot have it all, according opinion," and also the burden of francois fillon's legacy.
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it is depicted as an anvil that the president is trying to auction off. it says, "going once, going twice," but nobody wants to take it there. chris:qwueeewep@1@1pxxxxxñ
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