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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 19, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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we discussed the challenge of taxation. >> watch events unfold on "france 24" and "> welcome to the "france 24 newsroom. i am molly hall. it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. john got john day -- jammeh ends as the president ignores calls to give up power. troops are on standby to intervene. dozens are feared dead as an avalanche buries a hotel in central italy. rescue teams are searching for possible survivors. final preparations are underway in washington for donald trump's
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inauguration. across to the u.s. capital for an update. ♪ things for joining us here in the newsroom. today is barack obama's final day in the white house after eight years in power. he is handing the keys to the oval office to donald trump. the president-elect's inauguration is set for tomorrow, starting at 11:30 a.m. local time here at final preparations are underway in washington. let's get the report from our reporter who is following the events. i understand that trump arrived in the city last night. what is he up to today? reporter: he arrived last night. the sun is rising behind me over
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washington, d.c. it is open on a's last full day in office. we expect donald trump to speak, potentially, later on this morning, around 10:30. it is a voices of the people concert being held here. event herek at that later on, he will be attending a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. then there will be this make america great again concert. the inauguration is being .escribed as uniquely american that is what his advisers are describing it as. we will have to wait and see if donald trump does make an address today. looking at the u.s. newspapers this morning, it is interesting, particularly this headline in
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the new york times -- trump entering the white house unbent and unpopular. it cites wholes, saying donald trump will make history by being the most unpopular incoming president, with 40% approval rating. that is compared to obama's 60% approval ratings when he was in coming for the first time. but donald trump appears to be unscathed by that. he is confident as ever, it would seem, saying that people will be turning up at his inauguration. but it does not seem as though there will be nearly as many people as for barack obama in 2009, some 1.8 million people attending that inauguration. officials here say that we expect about 900,000 people for the inauguration on friday. but many of them may be
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protesters. another interesting fact is that donald trump going to be the oldest ever u.s. president to be inaugurated at 70. 69elieve ronald reagan was when he was inaugurated. molly: as you mentioned, this is the last full day then for barack obama in the white house. do we know what he is doing? reporter: barack obama, i expect, will be preparing to move out, to move out on friday. begins -- the staff will come in at 4:00 in the morning, apparently. this is a ritual on the friday morning, and they start making preparations. the move begins officially at 10:30, and then it is all wrapped up with the new atsident arriving sometime around 3:30 in the afternoon. so it is a chaotic transfer of
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families, as it is called. obama gave his last press conference yesterday, and he was very genteel. he did not criticize donald trump at he did not even mention the fact that a lot of his major threatments are under really, because donald trump has promised that from day one, which will be monday, he will already start eating down to business and taking action -- start getting down to business and taking action on health care, climate deals, cuba them all of the great achievements. he was a very genteel and measured it he did give a warning to donald trump, saying essentially if you go out and attack the press, then you will be hearing from me. he said he was looking forward saying he was, looking forward to not hearing his own darned voice so much. molly: all right, we will be checking in with you throughout
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the day tomorrow. jessica reporting from washington. political turmoil continues in gambia. regional leaders are trying to convince the president to step down. officiallyh's term ended at midnight, but he refuses to hand over power to adama barrow. the president-elect will go ahead with his inauguration, according to facebook and twitter, and he will be sworn into office later today at the gambian embassy in senegal. while the situation is tense as senegalese troops are on the gambian border, they are ready to intervene. i spoke with our international affairs editor earlier for more on the situation. reporter: senegal does not want to intervene alone because of the complex colonial past and a difficult relationship with gambia. e go watch is the regional body,
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and it is seeking authorization for the un security council military intervention. -watch is eco concerned, president yahya jammeh is already illegitimate. as far as they concerned, he is no longer president and can be ousted, but they need this cover from the un security council. so i gather there is going to be a meeting in new york on this later on this thursday. so this is all putting the pressure up on jammeh. he has got nigeria, the military watch isse, and eco- contributing most of the trips to this regional effort, as i understand. senegal has a particular interest, actually, and getting because theh, relations between the two countries during his many years n pretty tenseee
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for many reasons, a rebellion in southern senegal which is allegedly backed by jammeh, although he denies those accusations. beyond that, there has been concern in senegal about the proliferation of drugs from gambia. so certainly you would imagine senegalese officials would welcome a new chapter in relations between the two countries with a new president who would be adama barrow. they are not framing it that way. they're talking about the constitutional process, and seneca wants to be part of a broader effort here. molly: that was from earlier onset. next, a deadly building collapse in tehran. least 30 tv says at firefighters died as they battled the blaze. at least 75 people were injured, many of the firefighters, they were trying to put up a massive fire for several hours before
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the iconic high-rise collapsed. let's get the details. collapsedthe tower just as dozens of firefighters were battling a blaze engulfing it. the occupants at a shopping center were asked to evacuate, but according to state media, some 300 people are believed to have been inside when the building crumbled. parkire got on one of the forest around 8:00 a.m. and quickly spread to the rest of the building. >> for now, i cannot say what exec we caused the fire. electricityworn at wires inside could have potentially caused it, but we're still trying to find out the source. reporter: some 200 firefighters are mobilized and battled the fire for several hours before the building came down. the head of the fire services said he repeatedly alerted authorities about safety shortfalls in the old building.
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a gas explosion caused by the fire may have been to blame for the collapse viewed officials have ruled out terrorism. the tower was an iconic presence in downtown tehran, built in the early 1960's, the oldest structure in the iranian capital of the time of construction. molly: next, an ongoing story out of central italy. emergency rescue operations are under way after a hotel was buried by an avalanche. up to 30 people believed to be in the building when the wall of snow hit. william hilderbrandt has the details. william: these are images from inside hotel rigopiano. overnight, it was devastated by an avalanche. rescuers are scrambling for survivors. least 20 guests and seven staff were believed to be in the building at the time. hotel rigopiano is in abruzzo .he region
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four earthquakes hit the area in just four hours wednesday, the most powerful up to 5.7 striking 18 commenters west. hours later, the wall of snow and debris hit the hotel, leaving only the roof of the four-story building visible from above. said theews reports some guests send text messages to emergency numbers saying they were trapped inside your early morning thursday, two people were found alive outside the building. they were taken to the hospital, one suffering from hypothermia. but efforts have been hampered by the unusually severe winter weather. one official said up to five meters of snow had fallen in recent days, blocking roads and making it this far impossible for ambulances to reach the hotel. molly: the france socialist party is holding its final debate tonight before the first round of primary voting on sunday. let's get more on the candidates vying to replace outgoing
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president franãois hollande to lead the french left. reporter: he is the man to beat, announcing his candidacy in december, former prime minister manuel valls has had to put up candidates hot on his tail. they are now know and you can with valls. at a gathering, he said he is proud to have brought issues like universal basic income to the debate, and moving it away from what he sees as negative traits. >> we had to be the leaders in regard to identity, security, ,nd to embody, if possible attitudes like this. reporter: this is him that valls was quick to snow but a meeting in central france. >> it is easy to promise the impossible when you know deep down that you will never be in charge.
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for another candidate, he pushed his anti-austerity manifesto on wednesday night. >> yes, we will decide to bring to austerity and we will do it in france and will convince the rest of europe to do it. reporter: the stakes are high for the candidates as they try to gain momentum before sunday's vote, and enthusiasm they will have to keep up even after the primaries. the socialist party winner will have to face challengers from the right, including marine le pen, and on the left. if all goes according to plan, this will be the last day of the epic sailing race. for 74 days now, captains have been navigating solo to win the everest of the seas. let's give the story.
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reporter: a fight to the finish for these two. solo sailing in the around the world race, the french and welsh sailor is set to make history, shattering a record of 78 days, two hours, 16 minutes, set back in 2013. in a western town, spectators are gathering and are eager to celebrate the finish. aroundidea of adventure the world in a boat on absolutely giant seas, i am so in awe. i do not know what to say. stretch, in the home one of them widening the lead over thompson. it seems likely the frenchman will take the globe. on the pier, the two sailor's families are watching closely. >> we're sleeping at it.
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it is not easy. the stress is pretty intense. >> so excited that so stressed also. not having much sleep. my heart is racing. so, so proud. every time i think of him crossing that line, i very emotional. reporter: tens of thousands are expected to turn out for the sailors'arrival later in the afternoon. now for a business update to it for that, we had to the swiss alps are the world economic forum is taking place. our business editor is following the events for us there in dave rose. -- in davos. the worlds of been on economic forum here in davos this morning. they are following the 12-point brexit plan, and not much more details were given. it is said that the u.k. is open
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for business, and they are a customto establish plan with the european union. business leaders have welcomed clarity, but political reaction has been much more chilly. many european leaders saying the u.k. should not expect to get a really good deal once it is no longer a member of that insiders club. a tension here will begin turning to friday's inauguration of donald trump. i am joined by the chief think, a of well tower health care infrastructure company in the united states, and governor of the world economic forum health care industry group. the headline for the moment is the pending repeal of obamacare. president-elect trump wants to make that one of his top priorities. what state does that leave the health care industry and in the united states? there are still a lot of questions because we are still operating under the ascension of repeal and replace. i am trying to because as the
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optimistic. couple of things -- if we listen i wouldrump's rhetoric, expect to see less regulation and more competition. so that actually might drive down health insurance costs, which is a good thing for the population. so i think we're going to also health carethe burdens shifted to the individual in the future, and well tower focuses on providing wellness care to an aging population, which is a private hay business. so we think we're almost a model for what health gurneys need to look like in the future. does the u.s. health-care system compared to other industries around the world? what have you been hearing here in davos? the themes, at least with the health care governors, is the concept of value-based health care, so how to lower health care costs and improve outcomes.
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that is a mandate that is shared worldh of the developing in the developed world. reporter: one an announcement released recently by the world economic forum that suggest that wasted money is one of the biggest problems in the sector. how does that get fixed? how do you improve that situation? >> let's talk about it with respect to health care. i think you need to shift the focus to wellness, which is good nutrition, hydration, physical mobility. and social engagement. these are leading factors that promote good health and well-being. takef we can particularly our aging population around the world and maintain wellness in their lifestyle, we have a great shot of significant lead lowering health care costs because they are the biggest consumers of those costs. reporter: aging is certainly a
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problem in populations around the world. what is the most cost-effective but still compassionate way to you with an aging society? compassionate way is to, number one, recognize that they are a force -- this is not a population that needs to be in the shadows. one thing you have heard at davos, is, for the first time from the 65 and up top elation is growing faster than the 15-year-old and below population. we're entering the silver economy, and that is going to provide many challenges across all industries, particularly health care. so we need to recognize that aging people are still vital members of our society, and we need to keep them well so they can bring all of their energies, intellect, and experience to improving the world. reporter: briefly, as we head back to the u.s., we look at the
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next four years at most people, regardless of affiliation, agreed there needs to be some kind of reform to the health care sector. what do you think would be the best solution? >> well, i am optimistic that having a secretary of health and human services nominee who is a physician is going to benefit policies with respect to health care out of washington. i think that we can start to focus on the individual versus regulation. that should benefit all of us. reporter: thank you for speaking to us on "france 24." a quick check on the markets desk mostly negative but a fairly muted trading session for the european market. investors are focused on the meeting of the european central bank in frankfurt. a stimulus program will be defended if necessary to bolster growth. we will bring you more from on in the molly: thank you very much for
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that report from davos. time now for our press review. ♪ studioi am joined in the by our reporter for the world's grabbing headlines to talk about rising global temperatures. >> 2016 sizzled with record high tumors pot set on nearly ever -- high temperatures sit on nearly every confidence, rising by one degree, quite a lot. toan activity is definitely blame, it is reported. it explains why we saw mega wildfires, coral reef reaching, and heat waves across the world must year. the last on the earth was this warm was 125,000 years ago. molly: indeed. human activities contributing to the decline of species. it is affecting the ecosystem.
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some signs now say primates are facing impending extinction. >> many primates are facing warning fromur, a scientists in this rather heartbreaking article from the independent, which reports that 60%primate species, over are threatened. there are declining populations. scientists say there is still time but we must act now. and are killed for meat body parts, but they're also kept as exotic pets, but the thing that is killing them the most is deforestation and len cleric for human activity. molly: british foreign minister boris johnson's comments to franãois hollande? >> johnson's comments have been defended in which he accused franãois hollande of wanting to "administer punishment beating to anyone who seeks to escape the eu and the manner of some world war ii movie."
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there has not actually been a lot of reaction to the french press to johnson's remarks, but he has been blasted by the british press. the mirror says boris should beat it. bumbling boris johnson should find someone to assault in an empty room. he is called a professional clown, wayward buffoon, and he is blessed for helping britain lose friends and elite the nation at a time when he needs them the most. molly: we're looking at franãois hollande, trying to see what the president has planned for after the election. >> what is hollande playing at? that is asked on the front page of a newspaper. the president is remaining fairly tightlipped about his plans after may. he is not running for reelection. according to the newspaper, hollande may want to follow in the footsteps of a previous french president by creating a think tank dedicated to social and evasion, but that would
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really only be a hobby, it is said. essentially, hollande's real ambition maybe the presidency of the european council. the current president's term ends at the top of the year, which is perfect timing for the president. molly: another outgoing president is, of course, barack obama. he held his last press conference on wednesday. >> nothing new came out of that press conference, the daily beast said, but it essentially served not to disturb the serenity of obama's exit on below we close of goodwill and a 60% popularity rating. the point was made of the differences between the incoming and outgoing u.s. presidents in this cartoon -- it is moving day at the white house. out goes class, dignity, and ethics, in comes megalomania, and then you see vladimir putin.
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's big one of obama decisions this week was to come you'd chelsea manning's sentence , and that was talked about at the press conference. >> obama essentially defended his decision to commute chelsea manning's sentence. chelsea manning is known as bradley manning at the time of the leak of 700,000 classified documents while an intelligence officer in the u.s. army. the new york times reminds us in this editorial that it was obama's overly aggressive justice department that actually gave manning that sentence. nevertheless, they hail this decision to grant clemency and say now it is time to show the same leniency to edward snowden. molly: tomorrow is the now -- the of donald trump inauguration of donald trump it many are wondering what the future first lady will be wearing. >> what and who are granola does the designers have decided not
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to dress her, like tom ford. but it appears, at least according to "elle" that ralph lauren and karl lagerfeld are working on outfits for melania trump. we know that ralph lauren tress hillary clinton the election with her famous pant suits. the decision of who dresses her is important because it sets the tone for the first lady. we know michelle obama likes up-and-coming designers. fashion pendants are wondering what kind of tone melania trump will set. molly: thank you for that at for more, you can head to our website, quickgoing to take a rate, but stay with us. you are watching "france 24 or cope -- you are watching "france 24."
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>> this next panel is--it's-- i think it's really important to me because it's so rare to find honesty in the environmental movement. not many p people are willing to confront the reality o of the situation we face. i think that's really understandable because that's a hard reality to face. but it's mymy belief that only by truththfully looking at the situation and moving through the process of grief can we come to a place of action. so with that said, i want toto introduce our panelists. this is guy mcpherson. he's a professosor emerititus from the university of arizona >> [applause] > shortlyly after earning a ,


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