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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 18, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> 24 newsroom. these are the latest world headlines from paris. she was convicted of carrying out one of the biggest intelligence breaches in u.s. history, but thanks to an order issued by president obama, hassea manning's sentence been shortened and will now walk free inmate. national assembly agrees to allow younger version made to stay in office of further three months with a state of emergency in place.
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the ruling comes in place day before he was meant to hand over power to the opposition leader adamma barrow. central italy is once again rocked by a series of three very strong earthquakes, the aftershocks of which have been felt as far as rome, where schools have been closed and the metro system evacuated. first, it is outrageous and sets a dangerous precedent. that is the reaction from republican senator john mccain to one of barack obama's last acts as president. he has granted commutations and pardons to scores of inmates, among them, 29-year-old former soldier chelsea manning, who was jail for leaking
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classified documents. she will be released this may. >> after spending seven years in prison, chelsea manning will be freed. the former military analyst responsible for the biggest intelligence breach in history saw her 35-year sentence commuted by barack obama tuesday. she is set to be released may 17. formerly known as bradley manning, chelsea manning leaked over 75,000 documents and diplomatic cables while working for the u.s. army. these included details of prisoner abuse, confidential information, videos showing helicopters indiscriminately firing at civilians. manning was charged with treason and espionage and sentenced to 35 years, the longest punishment ever for a leaked conviction in the u.s. julian assange tweeted his thanks for those who campaign for manning but made no mention
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whether he now plans to surrender. wikileaks said assange would agree to u.s. extradition it obama grants manning clemency. manning was one of 209 people that's on their sentences commuted. but that did not extend to edward snowden. he has leaked thousands of documents to the present since 2013, nonetheless, thanked obama for manning's commutation from russia, where he has been living. >> just to update you on the performance u.s. intelligence he hasdward snowden, been given the greenlight to stay in russia for a further three years. that is according to his lawyer who also said he has every legal basis to receive full russian citizenship soon. hasformer nsa contractor
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been harboring in russia since news of those leaks broke in 2013. his finalarries out duties as president, the preparations are well underway for the inauguration of the man set to replace him at the white house. the two days before go ceremony, a scandal is coming back to haunt him. he is being sued by definition for one of the women he allegedly sexually assaulted. she says she has been left with no choice but to sue the future president. her.portedly harassed slapping the president-elect with a defamation suit. contestantprentice wants donald trump to admit that he kissed her and rubbed his genitals against her in 2007. he continues to dismiss her story as an absurd lie. >> he has left me with no
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alternative other than to sue him in order to vindicate my reputation. i want mr. trump to know that i will still be willing to dismiss my case against him immediately for no monetary compensation if he would simply retract his -- statements about me and a knowledge i told the truth about him. she was one of the dozen women who accuse trump of sexual harassment leading up to the election. many came forward last october after this video was leaked. >> i am automatically attracted to beautiful women. like a magnet. and when you are a star, you can do it. you can do anything. trump apologize for the comment saying it was just locker room talk. he hit back at the sexual assault accusers, saying they were out to get him and his campaign.
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zervos and others will attend a march in washington a day after the inauguration. the u.n. say at least 33 people have been killed and several others wounded when a vehicle packed with explosives detonated at a military camp near the northern mali and city of gao this morning. earlier this morning, we spoke to our correspondent on the ground. there is not a lot of information right now because the explosion happened just two hours ago in the north part of mali. we can see some pictures on social network, dozens of bodies just covered with green blankets . the united nations tried to secure the area.
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right now there are a lot of hospital,the gao according to a nurse i spoke with. there are soldiers around the camp. this explosion, we do not know the exact circumstances yet, but this explosion caused a lot of casualties. at least 30 people killed. next, he first accepted his defeat at the polls to a adamma barrow, but then the ongoing gambia president yahya jammeh says he will not but from office. now the country's national assembly has symbolically ruled that jammeh can stay in power
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for a further three months. he has declared a state of emergency in a bid to prevent a power vacuum from forming. dutch and british travel agencies have also begun evacuating thousands of tourists from the country. gambia's parliament allies behind president yahya jammeh. the resolution extended his reign by three months. the move comes hours after the ruler was supposed to vacate office. declared a jammeh state of emergency to avoid a power vacuum, criticizing west african leaders have supported his rivals since the election. >> this declaration is less attended by, one, the unprecedented and extraordinary amount of foreign interference and the unwarranted hostile affairs threatening the , peace, security,
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and stability of the country. >> the president was clearly referring to regional blocs which have threatened the military force if he refuses to leave power. jammeh initially conceded defeat to obama barrow but later changed his mind, saying he would not step down before a court hears his election challenges. barrowying in senegal, asked his spokesman to send of this message. >> i am aware of the ongoing illegal military and security officers by the outgoing president. i utterly condemn this egregious act. i demand the release of all persons unlawfully arrested or detained. >> fears of violence and unrest have prompted thousands to flee gambia in recent days, causing an exodus to neighboring senegal. news, ther world
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underground transport network in the italian capital has been evacuated this wednesday and parents have been asked to collect their children from schools following three large earthquakes in the center of the country. those tremors measured between 5.3 and 5.7 on the richter scale , according to the u.s. geological survey and hit within one hour of each other near on the church a. -- amatrice. for the very latest, let's go to rome where our correspondent is standing by. can you tell us at this hour about these three earthquakes this morning? you mentioned, the metro has been evacuated and closed. authorities are trying to thereby whether it is safe to restart services. schools and classrooms have been evacuated as a precautionary measure. that was already in place after those quakes last year. i have to say, the entire
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experience was really frightening and nerve-racking to have three quakes in under an hour, to see the lighting fixtures in homes and offices swinging from side to side, items falling off shelves. immediately, my thoughts went to those closer to the epicenter, about 110 kilometers north of brohm. that particular area, of course, had been hit by 36 hours of continuous snowfall as well as below freezing temperatures, so the people there are having to deal with extreme weather conditions as well. most of those affected by the quakes last year have been moved and containers homes, but in the towns close by, people in their homes are scared of the tremors, but at the same time, not being able to leave, because they are covered in snow fall, the roads outside. this is particularly scary for the elderly.
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it is also affecting rescue efforts and the fire department trying to get to the area to assess the damage. what we know so far is there have been no casualties. >> thank you. a scientist have forecasted our planet will have 10 viewer days of mild and dry weather by the end of the century due to global warming. huge findings come as a cold spell continues to cause havoc over parts of the u.s. and europe. authorities in paris have already raised to help the most honorable, including the homeless migrants. residents in a northern neighborhood have been doing what they can to provide a hot breakfast to those sleeping out in the cold. the room that is here between cart: 30 and 9:30 is called tier solidaire. >> the group helps migrants who
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sleep on the streets every night. since november, around 50 parents of primary school children in northern terrorist get her each morning to hand out hot coffee with bread and jam. >> this morning as you can see, it is very cold, a way to prove to ourselves and our children that we do not accept this. >> this morning, they set up just outside of the children's schools, but the groups vary location for various reasons, to cover more ground, avoid problems with authorities, and to bring awareness with neighbors. over.ganization takes another grassroots organization that came together naturally. >> one way to secure a presence on the run with refugees if you do work like this.
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the more professional organizations have more trouble. they have to cover a huge amount of ground and it's impossible for them to do the kind of work that we do every day. between 2400 and 3000 migrants arrive in paris every month. half of them sleep on the streets. inexcitement is building guinea as the national football team gets ready to take part in the first ever africa cup of nations. this wednesday, they take on cameron following a draw against gabon in the opener. >> qualified for the africa cup of nations for the first time, wave.-bissau is riding a the team's opening match in a tournament saw them face post gabon. , enough tocore, 0-0 give the inhabitants of this western african nation some hope. >> we want to do the best game possible for the country and
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then after that, qualifications we will see. asthe squad is nicknamed they look real term -- creole terms known as the jackals. now they need to be two more teams in the group to reach the final stages. in our group, we have cameroon, burkina faso, both great teams. for us, it is the first time. our limitations, but that does not stop us from dreaming. we will try to do our best. hampered by political unrest for decades, the former portuguese colony is banking on football to change its image. with little in the bank, the team is relying on partnership, donations, and t-shirt sales to keep the dream alive. latest business news,
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we go straight to the swiss else where the world economic forum is taking place. kate moody has been following the events for us. she joins us live now from davos . >> one of the biggest attractions of the world economic forum this morning was joe biden's speech, his last as u.s. vice president. he extended the values of three trade and globalization, warned that russia was trying to undo the european project and said the u.s. and europe should lead the fight for democracy and against isolationism and protectionism. almost everything he touched on was a not-so-subtle rebuke of donald trump, the incoming president who has now unveiled plans to undo some of those scenes, different policies in those areas. hasincoming administration been on the minds of many of the howicipants here in davos, he plans to lead the world economy is one of them big
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unknowns that leaders here are thinking about. among the questions is how president trump will deal with issues of climate change and renewable energy. to talk about that, i am joined by the director of the global green growth institute. they give for speaking to us. are you worried about with the trumpet administration may do, may he tried to undo some of the progress made toward fighting global warming? can cancelt trump the paris agreement. the obama administration was hugely influential putting a and thenther, countries signed up and became international law last november. we would miss the u.s. government if they did not participate, it would slow things down, but he cannot cancel the deal. >> your organization focuses on green energy, green growth. what areas of the world are key for that at the moment? >> almost all of them but
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particularly asia. i believe whether the paris agreement will be successful has a lot to do with whether we can convince asian governments no longer to build new coal-fired power plants, but to shift to renewable energy. we are very excited that the changes in the market and technology are making that possible. >> is it the public or private sector that should be doing more to lead that kind of advancement? >> they badly need each other. governments need to at least get out of the way, no longer have also fuel subsidies, help these new risk areas, renewable at energy in the countries where there has that been any before, in cambodia and fiji, is risky. government needs the right policies and they need to help make the private sector first investments attractive enough. globally, the economy has been picking up rather slowly over the last year. how do you make the case to
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government you speak to that green energy is really compatible with their goals for economic growth? when we look out the window at home, you often see smog. delhi, beijing, the argument is made by the environment. air pollution, poor health as everything to do with clean energy. we believe government will invest, in part, to live up to their paris climate change agreements, but also for the immediate impact on the health of their citizens. i think that helps to make the case in a powerful way. >> as we head into 2017, what is the biggest risk to the environment? you have already indicated populism in europe, new elections. if we get many governments that do not want to live up to these commitments, that would be a serious risk. we have seen what the refugees did to the debate in europe. we sometimes forget that these people came because they did not
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have a future where they came from. they need growth, jobs, inclusive models of growth. we think we are working to prevent the next wave of refugees, which is what governments should keep in mind. >> thank you for speaking to us on france 24. quick check on the markets, european indices trading mixed midway through the session. the footsie and decks are trading slightly above the flat line. we will be checking in later on from. post about the team through the week. >> thank you. it is time for our daily press review. time for a look at what has been grabbing headlines around the world in the press. for that, i am joined on the set.
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let's begin in britain, where papers are reacting to theresa may's hotly anticipated speech yesterday about her plans for the brexit. in the pressr puns today. let's start with metro, don't call me maybe. a photo of the british prime minister. they say the steely prime minister plays hardball with the eu. the london-based paper goes with , it is my way or the highway. ministere the prime when they say no beer is better than a bad deal. you do get the impression that they are feeling some relief by some. bad news for them, but at least it is clear. market,ng to the single farewell to the freedom of movement for workers.
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pro-brexit papers are all thrilled. >> you can feel the jubilation in many of those papers. take a look at the sun. the daily mail and other tabloids talk about what a momentous day it was yesterday, applauding theresa may, the steel of the new iron lady. a pretty incredible cartoon, standing on the european flag looking quite proud, looking over the cliff, perhaps the cliffs of dover, tour the eu. the telegraph, they say her speech was excellent, applauding her into the sm, optimistic global outlook, and say her plan is ambitious and deserves to succeed. speech has been the talk of the town in davos. president from china
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delivered the keynote speech there, and he is the first chinese president to ever address the summit. >> the state owned media in china is thrilled with his speech. he was the star of the first full day at davos. he emphasized cooperation and opportunities. photos of his appearance there. a lot of papers are agreeing that she's in thing -- xi jingping appears to be the new darling there. take a moment at what is happening there. you have the president of china, the secretary-general who has declared himself to be an ardent free trader. he is a defender of globalization. essentially, this is the kind of speech you would expect from a u.s. president. it is clear that the roles are being reversed, the world is turning upside down. all of this could be a cause for alarm for elites at davos.
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take a look at a cartoon in the new york times. how to thrive in an anti-elite world. that is a panel discussion. looks like a popular one here at davos. yesterday, barack obama granted commutations to 209 people and parted to give for others. >> one of those people was chelsea manning, the u.s. soldier sentenced to 35 years for leaking classified information to wikileaks. this is one of the longest punishments ever imposed on a leak. can read the article in the new york times that says obama's decision is probably rescuing manning from an uncertain future as a transgender woman in a men's military prison. they remind readers that manning tried to kill herself twice last year. republicans are outraged by the commutation, calling it outrageous, saying it sets a dangerous precedent.
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that story is getting a lot of attention in the u.s. but there were other part is an commutations. one getting attention in the puerto rican press because it involves oscar lopez rivera, considered to be one of the longest held political prisoners in the u.s. he spent 36 years in jail, including 12 in solitary confinement. he was sentenced for essentially trying to plot against the u.s. are applauding the fact that his sentence has been commuted. you can see the article on el voeocero. were papers saying there tears of joy, and international victory. >> lets end on a quick word of something that the brits love to talk about, the weather. some of the lowest temperatures in recent memory. >> pretty chilly these days.
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not only on the weather, but what the weather feels like. that is what is interesting. the channel do not only to you what the weather is but what it feels like. you can see what we are expecting in the city of nimes today. -4 today but it feels like -13. about that to know difference in temperatures, there is a handy graphic to explain. if it is really -5 and the wind is blowing at 10 kilometers an hour, it will feel like -8. you can see the little guy getting toppled over by the wind. it is blowing 60 kilometers per hour, it will feel like -19 which is a sure sign that you should stay home. >> thank you for that. for more detail on any of the stories, visit our website. rance24/com/en.
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stay with us on france 24. more news and headlines, coming up. xxxxxxxx÷o÷o÷o÷o÷m÷m÷m÷m÷m÷mçñwp
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