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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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reporting sites we're at 63 degrees in allentown. 70 degrees in philadelphia temperatures at this early hour in the middle 60's. the down the shore our 24 hour temperature change we are in the positive numbers especially in the poconos about 11 degrees warmer then this time yesterday morning, 5 n and also elevated or dew points, they tell us about that muggy factor. not significantly but we are not positive numbers in the the last 24 hours and we will note that is muggy factor as we head throughout the day to day but other than that a pretty nice day again, bright and sunny heading in the 9:00 o'clock hour. 76 degrees. nice to get out there on your lunch break 85 under mostly sunny skies. as we head in the afternoon hours high temperatures will top out warmer today up to 89 degrees. more humid. could feel like 90's, lower 90's heading in the afternoon, meisha but will that humidity stick around in the weekend? we will hope not. we will talk about that coming up. >> sound good, thank you so much, everyone, happy thursday.
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looking outside construction 309 north bound between stump road and route 202 that right lane is still compromised we still have that for those in the wood. also the vine was closed overnight looking at schuylkill ramp to the vine right now that is all cleared. overnight construction on the vine west and eastbound side we are looking good. quick preview as well, we are moving in the east and westbound sides looking good there. some of the early neighbors out the there but overall holding steady. this is where we have our first serious accident of the morning, let me back out of the way, west ridley park car and a pole involving injuries macdade boulevard at fair view road. for those it might slow you down depending on how long it takes the crew toss get that cleared out of the way. also another accident in blue bell penlynn blue bell pike at stenton avenue just a head up on this as well more minor accidents. it will not slow you down too much f this lingers out there around 5:45 that will hang you up a little bit. a water main break in norristown route 202 near east johnson highway off to the shoulder. jim and brooke, back over to you.
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updating our breaking news suspected drunk driver runs down a philadelphia police sergeant in manayunk, and driver kept going. >> police say he didn't get very far. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at einstein medical center with an update on the officer's condition and how police say they caught the suspect. good morning, justin. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning. police say sergeant was thrown some 15 feet in the air by the sheer force of the crash. he is now here at einstein, suffering from a broken collar bone and bumps and bruises. police say it was an alert tow truck driver who saw this crash happened and helped them fine this toyota rav4 driver who hit that sergeant and never stop. lets take you to video of what police are calling the striking vehicle. this is a 2008 toyota rav4 found thanks in part to that tow truck driver who saw the main street officer, and 21 year-old male driver. suv was found about 1 mile
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from the wreck scene on main street, that crash impact reported so strong, it knock that uniform sergeant reported to be in the 50's from both of his shoes and hats. police say, he was standing, actually able to talk during his trans port to einstein but was dropping in and out of consciousness. just before 1:00 a.m. rav4 hit the fifth district sergeant an inside side a mad river par in sure lane in manayunk. we are told that sergeant and another officer were standing near a cruzer with his lights on during a reek will investigation involving a stopped car. then, that rav4 came speeding down on main never stopping and now that driver is in police custody ape facing serious charges. >> in addition to the drunk driving arrest now he is looking at aggravated assault, reckless endangerment of another person and leaving the scene of an auto accident and not rendering aid to someone who is injured. so, we're looking at not only
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aggravated assault but aggravated assault against a police uniformed officer who is working. we are told northwest detectives are looking for the suspect trying to find where that 21 year-old driver was before the crash and what he was actually doing. meantime that sergeant is here at einstein in stable condition. we are told with that broken collar bone. he will be kept here overnight for observation. we are live outside einstein i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brooke and jim, back inside to you. new this morning police are investigating a double shooting in north philadelphia. this happened, just after 11:00 they say on the 5900 block of north 21st street. police say that someone fired six shots into a home, hitting a 28 year-old woman in the arm. she is in stable condition, there were seven other people inside of the home at the time including five, children. they were not hurt. police say a five three-year old male was found on the street, shot in the leg, and he is also in stable
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condition, police also say right now there are no suspects. meanwhile in new jersian eight year-old girl is fighting for her life after she was shot in camden. police say that the little girl is caught in the cross fire of bullets while standing outside of her home on eighth and spruce at 8:30 last night. she was shot once in the head and then taken to cooper university hospital. police chief scott thompson says that they are looking at several possible suspects, but no one is in custody. >> this is an all hand on deck, lying in the sand moment. we're pulling out all of the stop to pull in the cords that opened fire on this city block. >> reporter: police are reviewing nearby surveillance video anyone with any information should call 911. investigators believe that more victims may come forward as they hunt for a sexual assault suspect who uses a by sick toll getaway. police say that this surveillance video shows the suspect who ride up behind his victim in center city and south philadelphia and
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inappropriately touches them. they believe he has done this at least four times between august 6th and 13th. the suspect is described as a man with the stocky wild between 5-foot four and 5-foot six. it is day two, of the frantic search for survivors, following a massive, earthquake in central italy. >> more than 250 people are reported dead and many other are injured. cbs news correspondent tina krause is standing by live in amatrice, italy with the very latest on rescue efforts, tina? >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning. nearly 200 of the victims killed in this quake came from here in amatrice and in nearby towns. rescuers hearsay they are targeting homes where they necessity that people were last seen alive ape they are hoping to reach them in time. the rescue teams and earthquake ravaged italy work throughout the night and day break using search dogs and heavy equipment trying to find people buried a live under
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mounds of debris. armored tanks are joining the effort in hard hit towns like toronto, yesterday, crews there carefully pulled a girl named julia to safety. she had been trapped for 17 hours. the scene did little to comfort this fire fighter. julia is being taken to the hospital and that is good news, he says, as far as the rest is concerned the imaging speak for themselves. the powerful quake struck wednesday leaving hundreds dead and many of the victims came from here in amatrice which is pack with tourist this time of the year. several guests of the damaged hotel roma lost their lives when the quake hit including an 11 year-old boy who was first found alive in the ruble. many amatrice was set to hold a annual food festival this weakened and now thousands of those left home less by the disaster have set up cam in tent cities in the devastation wondering how they will rebuild from here.
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jim and brooke, i'm seeking quietly because we have been asked, these are moments that they have been waiting for and they think they have found someone in the ruble at this point so i'm being quiet so they can listen for any noises, they have sniffer dogs inside, they are trying to locate survivors they hope of this quake. i'll send it back to you, you candy side when to come back. >> thank you so much, we will hopefully check in later in the broadcast and keep our fingers cross that had they have found someone in that debris. >> what an amazing moment rescuers still out there, wow. more devastation a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck central myanmar in southeast, asia. officials say four people there were killed. quake damage nearly 100 anxious buddhist and tremors were felt as far away as
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bangladesh, india, tie land. now to the latest on campaign trail hillary clinton is in nevada after days of private fun raising. democratic nominee broke her silence yesterday defending her ties to the family's charitable foundation during her tenure as secretary of state. rival donald trump sharpened his attacks against clinton calling her a bigot who only sees people with color with votes. well, still ahead a massive fire destroys nearly 30 school buses. >> we will tell you what officials are saying with the school year right now. also ahead cell phone video captured moment that the tornado toppled over a star bucks. we will have the latest on the damage left behind in indiana. and as the park service celebrates its 100th anniversary there is word that the washington monument will be closed much longer then expect. we will have an update just ahead. >> ♪
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back on "eyewitness news" with the fire that destroyed nearly 30 school buses, it happened yesterday outside of tacoma, washington, eyewitnesses report hearing explosions. right now investigators are trying to figure out what spark the fire which spread to a nearby building. school officials warn this will impact the start of the school year. national park service is celebrating its centennial anniversary. the washington monument could be off limits to visitors for nine months. park service officials say that the elevator needs a major renovation. the elevator has broken down frequently over past two years. park officials say problems
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may trace back to an earthquake that damaged the monument five years ago. state of of emergency is in effect in indiana where people face a big clean up job after series of tornado went through their communities. eight funnel cloud were sported north of indianapolis yesterday but it is not clear how many touched down. thousands of people are still without pour, there is, considerable damage and about a dozen people were hurt. >> i mean look at that, a star bucks in kokomo indiana was destroyed in the storms. authority confirmed at least 1ef3 twister hit that town yesterday afternoon with wind of 165 miles an hour. luckily no customers, no employees, were hurt, republican vice-presidential candidate and indiana governor mike pence left campaign stop to check on damage across his home state. we've got good weather here. fortunately for us.
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unfortunately for those folks, the sun seems to be continuing, correct, lauren. >> quiet week making it easy on the weather department. sunshine has taken us through our workweek and we will have another round of sunshine for today but we will start to notice a difference in the humidity, nice big break so far this week but it will start to creep up as we head in the afternoon hours. temperatures are more mild in most areas then this time yesterday morning sitting at 69 degrees in philadelphia, 63 right now in allentown. 63 degrees in mount pocono after starting off in the 40's early this week in the poconos, and temperatures right now down the shore are cool spot 57 degrees, kind of cool in cape may, might need a light jacket. sixty-five stone harbor. big difference, in temperature looking toward ocean city 71 degrees is the current temperature. dew points they tell us about that muggy factor that humidity factor. whether he they cross that 60-degree threshold you do start to notice a hint of mugginess in the at months tear but not until we will get to that 70-degree mark that we
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will feel oppressive humidity and unfortunately as we head in the day tomorrow that will be the fact as we head into the afternoon hours. dew points will near that 70-degree mark but thanks to the cold front that moved flaw late day tomorrow humidity levels will drop on back down in the upcoming weekend. not too bad. storm scan three is showing us quiet conditions. we have a cold front, at this point that will be slow moving but it will fill through the area as we head in the day tomorrow and could generate an isolated thunderstorm but we are quiet across our region. not the same in the tropics. of course, we have gaston not an issue for u.s. mainland but this area of undeveloped tropical activity right now is starting to get its the act together. national hurricane center giving the system an 80 percent chant chance of development as it becomes hermine in the next five days. right now located near hispaniola but model projections potentially impacting florida as we head into next week. something that interests in that area we will to have keep
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a close eye on. for us keeping an eye on sunshine. a few more clouds heading in to our friday. high of 93 degrees. more humid with a chance of the isolated thunder shower in the afternoon. meisha, upcoming weekend is looking a okay, pair of 89 degrees high temperatures for saturday and sunday with a lot of sunshine. >> look at that, beautiful. good morning everyone happy thursday. so glad you are here looking at a disable vehicle schuylkill eastbound near girard avenue block ago this left lane. you can see surrounding this disabled vehicle there is not the a lot out there we are still looking good on our interstates and highways. i-95 north bound at bet thecy ross bridge we have activity here pulled off to that right shoulder. not slowing you down. we will get a gaper delay but not slow you down just tap your breaks passing by it blue route so bound at mid county pushing in the southbound direction, not too shabby. now in an area i want to call your attention to where we have a serious accident at west river park. car hit a utility pole and it is involves injuries, macdade
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boulevard at fair view road. also another accident in blue bell penlynn blue bell pike at stenton avenue. then we have construction out there as well in new jersey route 42 northbound at route 130. three lanes blocked until 6:00 . another point of construction route 70 and 38 at cropwell road two. rains blocked until 6:00 a.m. so lingering for the next 45 minutes or so. jim and brooke, back over to you. thanks, meisha. time for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> on the front page of the times hurled, norristown police officers are done using rubber band. they received 57 hand held and 14 mobile radios replacing a set that has been falling apart. on the front page of the burlington county times, faa has awarded a $354,000 grant to the new jersey department of transportation, the study of runway upgrade in south jersey regional airports. officials hope to widen the runway to bring it up to federal standards but the dot
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says that the proposal is not intended to attract larger lanes. from the front page of the intelligencer governor chris christie warns new jersey drivers that they will eventually to have pay higher tax when buying gas but he was adamant they won't have to pump it themselves think time soon. new jersey banned self service gasoline in 1949, and is the only state where it is not permitted. that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. welshing still ahead ative rent kind of travel trouble for team great britain we will show you the problem they had at the airport coming up. also ahead u.s. soccer goalie hope solo will not be playing for a while. we will tell you why she has been suspended for months, when we come right
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time is 5:23. inter league play continues in chicago as phillies take on the white sox. >> sports director don bell has the highlights. >> phillies visiting white sox last night. before we get to the highlights we have housekeeping to take care of ryan howard and carlos ruiz have reportedly cleared wafers. that means both guys could betrayeded by the august 31st deadline. they are eligible now. howard and ruiz are last hold overs from the 2008 world series winning team. the as for the game itself on the south side of chicago, caesar hernandez, going opposite field. that looks like it will be foul but stays fair. phillies on top three to nothing. to the sixth, tommy joseph, wow, get up and get gone, it is a souvenir for a bunch of
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phillies fans out there one guy wearing chase utley jersey decided to go to the right game and it paid off. phillies get the win five-three your final score. to the pitch union on the road taking on columbus, in the seventh third minute union up one to nothing. corner kick and they can the not get it, and we're still tied. but in the seventh fourth minute the union, wow, sharing is caring pass ago this ball around and eventually keegan rosenberry, find the back of the net. silences the crowd and the union winning on the road, two-one your final score. hey that is all for sports i'm don bell have a great the day. don, speaking of soccer hope solo has been suspended from team u.s.a.'s national team for what they call unacceptable conduct, during the olympics in rio. solo has admitted she hasn't always said the right things and she was booed for her response to rio's response to the zika virus. she called swedish team a
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bunch have of coward. solo's six months suspension is effective immediately. well, team great britain brought home a lot of medals from the summer games and they brought home the same exact luggage. this could be a problem. athletes with team gb were sharing images on social media yesterday. it turns out they were issued 900 identical red bags. it is like where is waldo over there they were all in good fun. this is why i always buy ugly august ledge. >> i have had green, lime green with stripes. i have had a zebra print one. it was ugly. >> whatever i can find that is how bad it gets, seriously. coming up next on "eyewitness news" congress is getting involved in the cost of the peppy pens. >> the new report that could impact the markets. we will have a live report from wall street just coming up, justin? >> reporter: a philadelphia police sergeant is in stable condition as a victim of the
5:26 am
hit and run. aim justin finch live outside einstein where he is recovering. his condition and the witness who stepped up to help police. also ahead a with man falls 40 feet to her death from a zip line, it happened this is delaware state park and this morning we're hearing from the company that runs that attraction. and meisha is keeping an eye on the road this thursday morning, we will have an update when "eyewitness news" comes right
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a philadelphia police sergeant is recovering, investigators say a hit and run overnight sent him flying 15 feet in the air. we are live at the hospital with more on how police caught their suspects. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. information regard ago this sergeant is part of what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> hit with such force, that both of the shoes were torn from the feet. >> philadelphia police sergeant was run down by a car. >> police say that sergeant is lucky to be alive. >> this city needs to get itself together. >> eight year old girl in camden is fighting for her life. police say she was shot in the head standing outside her home. we now know that 247 people are dead in italy after the 6.2 magnitude earthquake.
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>> reporter: yesterday crew there is carefully pulled a girl named julia to safety as she had been trapped for 17 hours. >> hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail in nevada as democratic nominee broke her silence defending her ties to her family's charitable foundation. >> evidently donating to the clinton foundation gets you a sit down with hillary clinton to make sure i get that heating i will send her a letter and include a character reference from my good friend, abraham link on. >> i don't know if he will get very far with that. >> i don't think so either. >> lauren? >> i hear humidity is creeping back in that forecast. >> we have comfortable conditions. almost a fall-like preview earlier in the week but we will feel that muggy factor settle back in heading into the afternoon and temperatures more mild to start in most areas across the delaware


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