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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 4, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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at 11:00, a car slams into the side of a philadelphia home. tonight that driver is under arrest >> the story behind this selfie. how a philadelphia girl's determination got her this photo with the presidential candidate. first, another atlantic city casino shutting its doors.
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the taj mahal closing for good. good evening, i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. the impending closure is another blow to the struggling resort town, david spunt is live in atlantic city with reaction tonight. david? >> reporter: jessica, tough news for these employees here in atlantic city. i have to tell you that the employees that work here, tell me they just want to get paid. they want to make sure they get their health care, but the people that run this building, tell me they can't afford to deal with the strikers anymore. the tension on the atlantic city boardwalk seems to grow by the minute >> we're a community >> she's been on the picket line outside the trump taj mahal for weeks and is devastated the building is scheduled to close. she started working the day it opened now she's striking because her company won't offer health care. >> i have four children, we cannot support our families without health care and we don't want be on subsidized living.
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>> when it opened in 1990 it was a proud moment for donald trump. but over the years, the property has had its share of problems, the prop is now owned by trump confident carol icon, strikes began last month, on thursday it will be the longest casino based strike in atlantic city history. >> there's a sad day, there's a lot of people that will get hurt >> roger gross is a publisher and is an expert on the atlantic city casino whoas, next month's expected clash is casino five. atlantic club, showboat. religion gross says will bounce back. >> i believe we've had some really good results from the four casinos closing. the remaining casinos have stabilized revenue, they're not losing money hand over fist as
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they were. >> reporter: the president of tropicana entertainment that runs the taj mahal says icon enterprises saved the tropicana and has lost all $100 million trying to save the taj mahal when no other party, including the prior equity owners who put it into its recent bankruptcy was will be to invest even one dollar to save it. the taj mahal is losing multi-millions a month and with the strike we see no path to profit ability. >> and roger gross said it's a possible that carl icon could close the building, fire the employees and rehire them next year with a new union. of course, there's no indication that is going to happen. reporting live in atlantic city david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, david. new tonight, a car slams into a house in the 6400 block in the oxford circle section. a man traveling lost control of his car and drove up the lawn and into the home. he had minor injuries was
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arrested for dui. police tell us there was a woman at the home. but she was not injured. a former philadelphia catholic church official released from prison yesterday is headed back to court tomorrow for a hearing. this is video of monsignor william lynn leaving the prison near scranton. he was convicted of conspireing to protect pedophile priests. his conviction has been overturned twice, the parent of abuse victim shawn who died of a drug overdose are furious he's free again >> it's an insult, a slap in the face. my son was abused because of his decisions. >> a trial date for lynn is expected to be set at tomorrow's hearing. a new twist today in jerry sandusky's fight for a new trial. he could take at the stand for
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the first time. a judge ruled sandusky lawyer's can file the paperwork to let him testify. sandusky is currently serving a 32 to 60 year sentence for sexually abusing ten boys but a judge agreed to hold hearings to see if he deserves a new trial. sandusky did not testify in his original trial. he's expected back in court next friday. that's august 12th. septa says regional rail line train cars a pulled from service for repairs will start going back into service later this month. more than 120 silver liner cars have been out of service since july 4. fatigue cracks were found, once testing is complete. tony car as a week will be introduced back into service starting later this month. of. >> there were design issues. but on top of that, there was manufacturing issues as well. >> septa projects it should be back on a normal weekend schedule early october. prosecutors have brought the
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first ever case of federal terrorism against a u.s. police officer. nicholas young a washington area transit authority officer was arrested for allegedly sending codes for mobile messaging cards to an undercover federal agent in the belief they would be used by isis fighters overseas to communicate. authorities say young has been on law enforcement's radar since 2010. in campaign 16 a divide in the gop, more republicans are distancing themselves from presidential nominee donald trump. hillary clinton is gaining momentum and national polls. >> people close to donald trump say his campaign is in chaos. but the gop nominee insists everything is ok. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> on wednesday, trump own running mate, indiana governor mike pence split from trump and endorsed house speaker paul
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ryan. >> i strongly support paul ryan endorse his reelection >> about the family of a fallen muslim american war hero has some allies concerned. newt gingrich gingrich told cbs news he's making himself unacceptabling next to hillary clinton and has to become is disciplined or he runs the risk of losing reelection. some have defected she announced on facebook she will raise money to help elect clintons. begin gingrich is down playing talk of a possible iritis invention telling cbs news the ideas of an intervention would work on a 70-year-old billionaire confident in his ways is ridiculous. clinton toured a tie factory in colorado questioning why trump brand ties are manufactured overseas >> if he wants to make america great again, he should start by making things in america >> the clinton campaign had its own challenge, several party officials resigned over an
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e-mail hacking controversy. rallies in virginia, trump said harrisburg looked like a war zone from the window of his plane, he was headed to mechanicsberg for a rally. some leaders in harrisburg want to let set the record straight >> we would respectfully disagree with candidate trump >> david black, says the area is growing, gaining residents and unemployment is lower than the state average. a special honor in philadelphia for vice president joe biden. "eyewitness news" at the height of the bellevue where the world affairs council presented its atlas award to the vice president, it's in recognition of the leadership on cancer moon shot 20/20 an effort to rapidly
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develop new treatment for disease. it was one of the topics i discussed with vice president tonight i had the privilege of talking exclusiveively after the reward. a large part was about donald trump >> i have a lot of friends, republican senators, they are perplexed at what seems to be the constant self infliction of wounds. they don't understand why would he take on a gold star mother and father, why would he be not endorsing the republican leader of the house paul ryan, donald trump some of the things he says he is clueless on some of the foreign policy issues, >> the vice president talked about hillary clinton and what he plans to do once he is out of office. we'll hear more from the vice president in my exclusive interview tomorrow right here at 11:00. they were a fixture of the dnc but now the donkeys around
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town are leaving few weeks earlier, the host committee northeast democratic national convention made that announcement today and the reason is the donkeys are high maintenance, they require a lot of upkeep. now that the dnc is over, the volunteers who took care of them are gone of the most of the donkeys are going home two their respective states >> 52 of the 57 delegateses have signed up to take their donkeys home. donkeys will be taken off the streets on august 23rd. >> they're made of fiberglass and each one was hand painted by a local artist. and at base scavenger hunt encouraged people to find as many as possible. re. a 10-year-old philadelphia girl proves determination is the key to success. >> i just thought that it would be really cool to have a picture of myself with hillary. >> she got the picture but it wasn't necessarily easy.
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still ahead, the story behind this selfie with the presidential candidate. why the photo almost did not happen. it's being called the miracle in dubai, a plane crashes upon landing and burst into flames, how hundreds escaped that in just a matter of seconds. and enjoying cool comfortable weather, especially at night. and another nice day on the way tomorrow, we're tracking the return of heat and humidity and with that, the threat for storms part of the weekend. i'll tell you how that can impact your outdoor plans coming up. nursed back to health. see the moment a once injured owl flies back into the wild. we'll be back after this.
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. video tonight from dubai where a jet liner full of passengers crashed and caught fire. the empty rate flight came to a
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sudden stop on the runway on its belly and burst into flames. video posted online shows the bogey 707. a firefighter was killed all 300 people on board the plane, including six americans were quickly and safely evacuated in about one minute. >> you know something is burning, smoke was coming in. immediately. we are >> exactly what went wrong is unclear tonight. we've learned there may have been issues with the landing gear, planes are moving at dubai's airport after lengthy delays. a set back in the fight against zika. crews will try again tomorrow. meantime today, florida governor rick scott announced zika tests for protect women will be free at any county health department state wide. scott also said the state would
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provide additional lab services to handle the expected increase in insured results are processed quickly. to a story starring a determined little girl and her mom from philadelphia's northern liberties. as "eyewitness news" trang do tells us tonight, they weren't about to let a photo op with a presidential candidate slip away. >> reporter: they say a picture is worth 1,000 word, this picture tells the story of a photo that almost wasn't. >> very, very nervous that we weren't going to get it. i knew that my mom was very upset, the chance for me meeting or getting a picture were very slim. >> reporter: picture a crowd of hundreds pushing to get a glimpse of the woman who could become the first female president of the united states. they were all the way in the back in the last row of seats as the rally ended, harper saw her chance. >> i decided that if she was going to shake people's hands,
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that would be my best shot to go to her and so i started running down the steps and my mom was like what are you doing? i was like i have no idea. >>. >> reporter: with grit, determination and a little blowing, re she made it within earshot >> she turned around and walked towards us >> after a hug, happier asked hillary clinton for a photo. mom was ready but in that motel her phone stopped working. help came from an unexpected place? a secret service who we guess is a secret service person walked up and said, you can use my phone and i'll send i to you later. of we used had us phone. >> the story doesn't end there. when the learies never received the photo, mom marian took to facebook and twitter for help. >> i got a lot of shared and retweets and a lot of people saw it >> including the hillary for pa campaign. two days later, they received the now famous snap. >> i was determined seeing how
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determined harper was to get the picture with hillary -- there was no way i was not going to get this for her >> it reminded you of something it is, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? strong family of women, and hillary is a strong woman, who we're supporting. >> yeah. definitely runs in family. trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> they will be telling that story a long time. a very big day for a screech owl rescued at the barnes last march. the baby outline was discovered about five months ago by staff the day after a storm. his wing was stuck in between two broken tree brangches, the outline was taken to the wild like rehabilitation center where the wing was fixed. tonight albert was released back into the wild. happy trails. >> happy trails albert. kate joins us with our forecast. we're up the summer stretch.
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>> it's a good one, good forecast finally the end of july wasn't all that kind to us. august so far has been stellar. it's been great. we've had temperatures slightly below average, we have temperatures generally not above average after a long stretch of 90's and then a long stretch of humidity, we got a really enjoy this weather while we have it i do have one day of heat and humidity that features storms as well. let's start off with right now, with a clear sky, beautiful out there. good night to give the air conditioner a break, let fresh air circulate. tonight feeling great. there's a nice breeze out there. it's a great nice to be out and about in center city. stormscan 3 is clear as well. we got showers and storms, they're off to the south and west pretty much where they will stay, we're going to see them creep ever closer through the end of the week, as those storms creep closer, the heat and humidity will start to increase
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through the end of work week and saturday is the day to watch out. temperatures feeling fantastic, look at the 50's in mount pocono. 59 degrees, it's 67 in millville, we're at 71 in philadelphia. 68 degrees in atlantic city and due point wise, feels pretty good. the current due point is around 60 which actually when we look on the comfort index puts us in the humid range, close on the border with pleasant. i'm not sure if it's the heat and humidity we've been living through, it does not feel that thumbed to me outside, there's a nice breeze feels greatly future weather shows a few patchy clouds overnight. showers and storms miss us to the west tomorrow once again you can see we're looking at a mostly sunny afternoon. friday, pretty much the same story. few more clouds here there and. can't rule out an isolated afternoon thunderstorm to the west. most of these stay to the west and you can see they align along this cold front that will come through saturday. here's that front. starpts starts to move through,
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saturday looks hazy, very humid as we await the arrival of this front and possibly storms saturday. the good news is only one day of the heat and humidity and storms once we clear it out saturday evening, sunday looks beautiful again. here's a look at how it will feel humidity-wise tomorrow not bad much like today, friday creeps up a bit, saturday a major spike in the humidity due points back to the 70's. not feeling very comfortable at all. hurricane earl is in the process of making land fall in belize, will continue to move inland, downgraded to a tropical rain storm, could produce nasty flooding in portions but does not pose any threat to us here in the united states. overnight 66. tomorrow is another stunner at 85. in the city, down the shore looking good, low 80's with lots of sunshine, breeze off the water again, the poconos lots of sun as well at 78 and your "eyewitness news" weather seven-day forecast all except saturday looks good, saturday is the day everybody wants to be
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news, a lot of people have plans saturday. at least the rest of the seven-day is beautiful >> don is up next with sports >> is it over >> it is over >> did the phillies win >> you have to wait to find out. talking about baseball and the nfl the four letter word music to the eagles ears and donovan mc
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how did it go down there >> yelling in the newsroom like a bunch of kids. >> it's a kids game. looks like the fans played nice tonight. unlike last night the home plate umpire did not eject any fans. instead we saw another entertaining game between the phils and giants. take it up in the bottom of the 7th. ryan howard go opposite 15 of the season, three for four the. the phils on the board, cram
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cameron rupp center field and -- don't worry guys, i'm ok, fills trail 4-2. maikel franco, jamie is in, in comes say saar hernandez and we're tide at 4. we have of we have bonus baseball. bottom of the 12th, franco clutch had lee rbis of the game and that is a game winner, tommy joseph which is comes across the plate. 5-4 final score. aaron nola was sent to the disabled list, he has a strained right elbow, because they want to protect his arm, we may not see him again until 20's 17. nfl a four letter word starts with an l, ends with an e, the a
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word that makes every football player's heart player, live, that's what head coach yells before full contact scrimmaging. the eagles held first of all out practice four years, chip kelly avoided the practice out of fear of injuries but pederson -- it's a turn on the andy reid way of doing things, players are enjoying this. >> without being competitive and whenever you make it a live situation tackle it's as game-like as possibly guys are going to compete. emotions are flying, it was a lot of fun today. >> former eagles donovan mcnabb is not a fan of how carson wentz situation was handled. mcnabb was taken in the 99 draft. he talked to website billy and made these comments >> you find which was dumb, you sign sam bradford to a
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multi-year deal and give him big money then you trade to number two. that was dumb, nothing against carson wentz, but i mean, why would you do that? that's just a bad business decision on the philadelphia eagles. of >> two four letter words tonight live and dumb. going to be a
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the police athletic league have their celebrity softball game and there was familiar faces on the field. >> cleve bryan, pat gallen went to a bat in a softball game to benefit pal at citizens bank park. it was thrown by richard ross. of the car i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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don't miss out on the late show coming up next, the late show wi show with stephen colbert. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on on
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