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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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what is coming in behind it is what is coming in behind it are ifer laber shot herself and her sons. they were found together in a minivan yesterday in douglas county. a family spokesperson says they have been blindsided by this. community members set up a memorial in the parking lot where the bodies were found. of life for the colorado state trooper who was killed last week. the service begins at 11:00 in the morning near colorado and hampton. if you see emergency personnel on the side of the road, please slow down and move over. two little girls are going to grow up without their daddy and there's just no good reason. law enforcement officers drove home that point today.
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driver who chose not to move over and put officers' lives at risk. it was on i-25 on the south side of town. one officer would a driver for speeding. during another traffic stop, another would watch for drivers not moving over. greenwood village officers stopped every person they could they said who didn't move over or slow down. >> primarily goal in law enforcement is safety. that includes our safety as much as anybody else's. and, by getting the word out and educating people and getting them aware of this, we will incompetent prove the safety of our officers and the people we're attending to on the side of the roof. >> commander schmidt says that two officers from the department have been struck by vehicles this year. they survived. colorado law says that drivers must move over at least one lane for emergency vehicles with light on. if you can't get over, there's traffic, slow down.
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tickets and 70 warnings to drivers. >> my apologies. i misspoke. half a dozen people with disabilities are suing in court over access to red rocks. they say they are denying people in wheelchairs access to red rocks. >> reporter: it is the place to come if you're visiting or live here. >> i moved out to colorado in that i wanted to do. >> reporter: a favorite for many like frank mango. until three years ago, frank could sit anywhere that he wanted. >> i was preparing my home and i fell through the -- from the seco story wn to the deck below. >> repoer: red rocks unique structure only allows two wheelchair accessible rows, one in the front and one all the way in the back. >> it isn't a great view.
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and row one is almost always sold out. but then available at inflated prices on third party sites. >> i'm not going to ski or roller blade or go hiking. it turns out that things like concerts are my new passion. it is frustrating that it's almost impossible to get front row. >> reporter: to get the front row tickets one ticket site warns you're being accessible seats. >> people are buying them fraudulently. that is one of the concerns, >> the city is allowed to ask them if they have a disability that requires them to be in those seats. >> reporter: disabilities rights organizations say red rocks could, should and must do more. so they're suing the city in federal court. >> we're not asking for money. we're asking them to make the necessary changes. >> reporter: they want clearly marked accessible seating and
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ticket in another row for row one. which would require staff to ask about disability needs and moving them, which is allowed by federal law. >> a lot of self policing would happen if everybody understood that was the accessible section. >> what the real problem is people knowingly buy those tickets knowing that they are for accessible patrons. >> reporter: red rocks says starting next year, the tickets will be better marked. >> when you buy the tickets, you know take somebody's accessible seat and whether you're willing to do that. >> reporter: and the city is willing to mark the rows as accessible. >> you know, if that helps, then we're happy to do that. in my gut, i'm not sure that marking those has handicapped seats does anything except change the semantics. >> reporter: for frank and others with mobility challenges, that could if nothing else shame able-bodied people to buy any of the other
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of a federal judge who could decide if the city is doing its best or not enough. an fascia bolton -- anastasia bolton, 9 news. >> all of the fires are no one was hurt and no homes were damaged. investigators have ruled out natural causes for monday's fire and the four others in november. and they don't appear to have started by accident. each of the fires started sometime around dusk. investigators are asking for help to find out who may have set them and to prevent maybe another one. they're asking people in and around green mountain to watch for anyone who looks or acts suspicious. hikers and mountain bikers on the trail this afternoon were surprised to hear that somebody could be setting the fires.
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this is supposed to be a place that we can all come and enjoy. and it's just sad. i don't know why -- if it was started by a person, i don't know why they would do that. >> all of the regular trail users will do a good job of keeping an eye open to see what is going out here on the mountain. >> lakewood police and the atf are helping in the investigation. west metro fire has set up a tip li the screen. the mystery began shortly after the body of a homeless veteran was brought to the coroner's office in casper, wyoming. the coroner had a name but little else. this week, that mystery inspired an unexpected and massive response. >> reporter: he died on a thursday. not that anyone outside of
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steven, homeless, a vietnam veteran. a man so anonymous that the only photo we could find came off of his driver's license. >> i've been in office since 2009. >> reporter: the county coroner took him in and immediately starting asking who. >> in steven's case that was a challenge. >> reporter: who needed to know. and yet in the least populated state in the country where everyone seems to know everyone else, no one seemed of a world war ii veteran. >> it is humbling. >> decided to do what she knew she needed to do. >> steven deserves nothing else. >> reporter: word gets around wyoming faster than the wind that scrapes its land. still, there was no way to know just how far the word might spread. >> they will be here in ten minutes. >> reporter: the patriot guard said yes early.
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a blessing really. the goal, maybe a dozen people or so. send him off right, connie thought. >> he deserves nothing less than that. >> go ahead and get set up here. >> reporter: and had that been it, it would have been enough. >> here they come. >> reporter: but enough wouldn't do. not now. not here. and so by the time the day rolled around and the procession rolled up. ?[music]? >> the community is truly a community. it really is. >> reporter: a mile's worth of strangers crammed its way into the cemetery's lot. ?[music]? >> where is your victory. where is your sting. >> reporter: stephen reiman struggled in life and died at the age of 63. >> he led a solitary life. >> reporter: 63 years.
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>> reporter: lead to this. >> i want you to look around and see that there is a community of people who love and support and care about you. >> reporter: a chapel so full that the concept of standing room only extended well outside of the room. even the nurses who cared for him in his final hours were in there somewhere, filling the inside with outsiders to reiman's life. >> this is ever imagined. >> reporter: sitting in the front row. >> golly. >> reporter: reiman's sister diane. it made its way to her home in california as well. >> she was able to be here which was a godsend. >> this is just amazing. amazing. and i'm so grateful to everybody. ?[music]? >> reporter: she hadn't heard
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now. >> a special place in my heart goes to the nurses from the icu who came to this service to tell me that they were with him when he died. i'm a nurse myself. and it just meant so much to me that they would take the time to do that. >> reporter: sailor, a brother, and a man thursday in obscurity. >> i have always said just because someone dies doesn't mean i stop taking care of him. >> reporter: leave it to the coroner to conclude the value of a life. >> i'm overwhelmed. >> reporter: extends far beyond the moment of death. >> it was a good day for diane. it was good for both of us. >> reporter: 9 news from wyoming.
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vets on a regular basis. the people who attended this said there was one in recent memory that brought out more people. on world aids day, coloradans are sharing their stories, hoping to fight the stigma of aids. after a little bit of snow tomorrow, the cold will settle in. next week could bring a bigger storm. and we've got an exclusive interview with cu's mike mcentire on the day that he wins the highest honor in his
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>> today is world aids day. right now one in six coloradans living with hiv don't know that they have it. a woman in denver who has hiv is sharing her story and the role that our community can
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>> reporter: there are some days. >> so april 15th, about 10:30 in the morning of 1992. >> reporter: that are simply impossible to forget. >> shock. and disbelief. >> reporter: for shannon, it was a diagnosis 25 years ago that changed the course of her life. the day she learned she was hiv positive. >> who do i tell and when do i tell? and how do i tell? do i have to tell my work. >> reporter: at 26 years old, she had just learned cheating. she broke up and she got tested for hiv. when she got the diagnosis, she was shocked but he was not. >> and i said i don't understand. what are you saying? and he said, yeah, i've known for a few years. i and was hoping it wouldn't happen to you. >> reporter: it did happen to her as it has to millions of people around the world, including 11,000 currently living in colorado who have
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become her death sentence. instead she used her voice to shatter the stigma associated with hiv and aids. >> the biggest obstacle is stigma and the shame that comes with it. >> reporter: and encourage everyone to get tested. it is the goal of the paris declaration or 909090 initiatives. >> 90% of people living with hiv of that 90% will be in care and on treatment. and 90% of those will achieve viral suppression. >> reporter: hancock joined the global initiative and colorado is achieving the first two major milestones. for shannon, it is a step in the right direction. but she knows -- >> we look at this and see it as a health issue and not a behavior issue. >> reporter: there is still a
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against hiv. in denver, christine noel, 9 news. >> there are free hiv testing facilities around the metro area. you can find them in the article on we're a week out from -- a week from thanksgiving. if you didn't get your holiday decorations up, you missed a great opportunity. >> it was fantastic. temperatures in the 50s. we will have a repeat of that this weekend. we have one storm system pushing in tomorrow, brng little bit of snowfall. but then the weekend looks fantastic. today wasn't bad either. a stunning end to our thursday afternoon. out there in pegosis springs, there is half a sun dog directly ahead. fantastic views out there. one of my favorite spots. greeley at 40. hit 50 in ray. much cooler out to the western slope. 20s and 30s this afternoon. 26 right now out at the
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east/southeast. only 7 miles per hour. but that makes it feel a little cooler. 18 is what it feels like out there. in the 9 backyard, we're in the upper 20s on our way to the teens late tonight. you can see the storm coming in on hd doppler 9. it is already building in. a couple of light snow showers in parts of utah and wyoming. you can see the storm system really isn't organized that well. it will be diving into the desert southwest over and spin up a little bit of moisture, especially towards the san juans. you can see a few isolated flurries out in the foothills. we had a couple of small showers pushing in larimer and weld county. capturing this awesome shot downtown. steamboat springs with the flurries coming down. a nice coating out on the road too. in the metro area, about 17. mostly cloudy skies. and the wind should remain
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and 4 degrees tonight in alamo. everyone looks to be above zero this evening. high pressure has been around for the past couple of days, keeping us nice and dry. this will be the game changer for tomorrow. you can see the storm system takes a deep nose dive into parts of new mexico by tomorrow afternoon. we will be watching for a bit of an upslope flow. so that counterclockwise motion pushing from the east. however, it is so south that it actually is just the san juans for the majority of the day. you can see the rest of tonight is pretty quiet. tomorrow morning, much of the same. this is around 8:00 a.m. the drive into work or school, wherever the day takes you, no problems there. it is the early afternoon. if you're headed to the south toward pueblo, it might be tricky and dicey. icy spots to. heavy snowfall coming in tomorrow morning. a couple light flurries
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afternoon. that's really about it. you will notice the clouds as well as the cold tomorrow. by 10:00, the storm system begins to fizzle out and we are well on our way to a wonderful and warm looking weekend, relatively speaking. a trace of snowfall in the metro area. higher amounts towards castle rock. areas to the south, one to three inches. up in the mountains, a little more. this certainly isn't a blockbuster kind of storm by any means. wait until you see next week. then we might be talking. 34 tomorrow. we bit of light snowfall here and there. it won't really slow you down at all if you're in the city. perhaps if you're driving along i-70. 20s up in the mountains tomorrow and in the 40s for the far northeastern plains. 33 in boulder and arvada. it will be a cool one and festively chilly night. we're watching the temperatures for the parade of lights in the mid-20s for step-off.
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a flurry will make it look magical. for the weekend, low 40s on saturday. the skies start to clear. we're looking at sunshine on ?u sunday. low 50s. then game-changer a huge drop nto measurable snowfall, several
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>> from colorado sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. the avalanche lost again tonight. now they have the worst record in the national hockey league. peat inby the columbus bluejackets. nick trickled one in off of the glove. and then he made much more
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avalanche lose 3-2. colorado head coach mike macintyre received a pre stegous award. >> reporter: the boss will enter the pac-12 championship game with the national coach of the year. mike macintyre was given that honor after turning the 1-8 season into 8-1 this year. tonight at the team hotel, the head coach deflected some of the credit. >> it is nice to have the honor but it goes to our assistant coaches, the hard work they have done. very honored. that shows a lot for our program and where we're headed and we're excited about tomorrow night. >> are you ready to call this season a success no matter what happens tomorrow. >> i think we made big strides. i think we put colorado back on the map. it gave us an opportunity to build a program like it wants to be built. and so that is exciting. but our main goal is to win the
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success. there are levels of success, right? so our goal is to get this done. i think if we do that, it would be an exceptional year. >> reporter: the opponent washington has scored the most points in the pac-12 this year and given up the least. in terms of the odds, they are not expected to win on friday. then again, they weren't expected to be here at all. >> it is thursday night and the broncos don't know who will play quarterback this weekend. trevor siemian has a boot on his inre increasing the likelihood that paxton lynch will start at jacksonville. lynch has been patiently waiting for another chance since he lost his nfl debut 7 weeks ago. while the broncos are trying to make a plan for three days now, mike klis already has the rest of the season figured out on the pages of his notebook. >> reporter: the schedule says trevor siemian picked a perfect time to have a foot injury.
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trevor siemian sits out this week against jacksonville and next week at tennessee. that way the broncos can get a good look at their kid quarterback, packs tin lynch. >> paxton loads it up. >> reporter: even if lynch makes rookie mistakes, the broncos should be able to beat jacksonville in tennessee. and then you put trevor siemian back out there against the new england patriots, kansas and oakland to finish the stretch run. perfect. the broncos get draft pick in lynch and get trevor siemian fresh and ready for the difficult stretch run against the pats, chiefs and raiders. the broncos can both make their serious run at the playoffs and get valuable playing time for their prize rookie. mike klis, 9 news. >> tiger woods played his first round of professional golf in 15 months and earned a
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night. ?[music]? we are going to play drew's clues. ?[music]? >> include number one, born december 1st, 1966, he is celebrating his 50th birthday tonight. et he won three batting titles and a place on the hall of fame ballot. the answer is larry walker. >> walker is what we called a five tool player. which means he hit for average, he hit pore power. he was a tremendous defense player. he also could throw the ball well and run the bases exceptionally well. you would think all professional athletes would do
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it is rare. this guy great front 9 and collapsed in the last holes. >> 4-2 player who be what. >> tiger. >> i'm trying to follow what you're saying. i'm trying my best. >> speaking of tools. we'll be right back.
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>> we hope you can join us for the parade of lights. it starts at 8:00. that one is televised. kim christian son and i will be bundled up and be your hosts. saturday's parade which is not televised starts at 6:00. we will be there for that one too. bundle up. >> like are we talking about the hat like danielle. >> no. it has to be a certain threshold for that to come out.
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this year. >> so cold that you can't speak which happened one year. >> that is every year. >> it will be in the 20s. that's cold enough. >> that's cold enough. >> festively cold. >> bundle up.
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