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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:25pm MST

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my ballot in weld county andk8?o i w?ant to meet carly and talk with her. >> reporter: since the election is over, she pulled up the information on her screen. >> we got your ballot on november 11 and we received it at 11:16 a.m. >> does the signature have to be exact? >> we have every signature you submitte on your current voter registration record. this was your 2015 signature. you can see we have multiple years of your signature. eally, like i said, see the progression of your signature.
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counted? >> reporter: you don't get updates after their vaify the sig nch-- verify the signature to protect how you voted. >> we have an audit log and trail and have to make sure all of our numbers balance and we have that cross check to make sure you are confident that, yes, your ballot has counted because ourr matches our end number. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i was very impressed witq?,h what happens with my ballot and i am going to do that. >> reporter: you can see that your?v ballot got he ?=)marked it your gnature, but you can never really know? that your votes got counted the way you intended. is that vh?frustrating? or do you feel confidentp! about
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anything, doesn't have to be process.
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changing all around green door furniture for better part of a decade. the see went sleepy, to trendy, that electic store stood still with the window full of so much stuff, so many random things you couldn't help but stop and look when you passed. all of tennyson stopped and looked yesterday when green door went up in flames. our byron reed takes us there. >> reporter: the changing face of tennyson street berkeley neighborhood... >> big high rises, restaurants. >> reporter:... has some business owners concerned. >> i don't see them putting in anything else other than restaurants or pizza. >> reporter: for shop owners like rude y, having a long running business on the street, you get to know who has been around a while. >> that was me from compass glass, green door, and chuck's barber.
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baskets, bicycle horns. >> reporter: that drew some attention from those passing by. >> i think everybody who walked by here went, that is kind of an interesting place. >> reporter: an interesting place that caught fire yesterday morning. >> i ran outside yesterday when i saw the car pull over there and i seen people running that way. >> reporter: denver fire said no one was injured when the fire broke out. the antique shop was still open for business. >> i took one of the first pictures of the fire when >> reporter: a fire that has some in this neighborhood thinking about what is in store for the long-time property, and its owners. >> they are up in age, most people when up in age kind of don't, you know, rebuild. but we have to wait and see. >> reporter: wait and see for all those concerned on the street facing change. >> it is real ainteresting that it-- really interesting that it burned down because it didn't fit into the neighborhood
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aren't ready to talk publicly. neighbors tell us it was one of the last hold outs resisting buy out offers from developers.
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forest hustle and heart award will recognize athletes that made a recommendation last night? that keeps steve staeger from lighting 6,023 himself. >> reporter: within an hour of the show last night, all of the volunteer slots were filled. so they opened a few more, those were gone within a half hour of that. tomorrow morning a group of 3rd graders from indian rej ilmentry will go-- ridge elementary will go on a field trip to the-- >> i have a mike, steve, try it here. tomorrow morning third graders
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the luminaries, 500 as the veteran's day project and for the next 3 nights, 5:00-8:00 you can see them each night. the manager said the response was overwhelming. >> as much as you have to do and my day job have to do talking about some of the bad things that go on, some of the disconnect there is in this world, deep in the heart of america, there is good. right? and when we get opportunities like this to show, it is a thing. >> i am back. >> reporter: rick says the sloterize full but if people-- slots are full but if people show up you won't get sent a way. we recommend you check it out, 5:00-8:00 p.m. tomorrow night through saturday. tree buildings in the tech ever-changing light and one question. 17 going on ceo working on a start uch with the goal of
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bargain, time for me to hold up
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if you have driven i-25 to tech center after dark you have no doubt seen them there. rhonda wrote to us wondering who lights up the three identical buildings along the interstate. great west financial, based in
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keepers of theve changing flame. during october the buildings were lit in haunter of breast cancer a-- honor of breast cancer awareness. 4th of july, red, white, blue. last week thanksgiving was the team, they plan to put up christmas colors later this month and they hope they will have reason for orange and blue during the nfl playoffs. what were you doing at age 17? i was starting my career here at 9 news. four young people in county, though, have us beat. photo journalist mike grady got up in their business, their start up. >> we say we look for coachable geniuses. >> we designed and created wearable device that allows paralyzed people to regain control of their muscles. >> you have got to meet these kids. >> ben is the cio. nate is our cto and sam is the cfo. i am nick, and i am the ceo, we are finishing our senior year of high school and applying to
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right now. >> by far the youngest team of entrepreneurs we have had in the program. i am toby and i am the executive director at boom town. >> boom town is an accelerator, they breng up start pup was in the early stages. >> put them through the taylored curriculum that fills in the gap. >> tech side comes easy to all of us, but knowing how to make the spread sheets and how to predict different things on the business side is what we are all new to. >> start-up company here. >> we worked with christina who, after a scar accident, became a quadriplegic, we put these electrodes on her thumb and forearm, when she thought about moving her thumb she was able to move it. we developed the system that brings together the user's input and contracting their muscles, to like go to somebody's house, somebody who isn't able to move
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>> i think these guys are one of the rare teams that will change the world in some way. >> the only person that will be stopping you is yourself. >> the guys from mionic technology hope to have a product for sale in 2018. our search for the smartest kid in colorado broughttuse cherry creek, 16 seniors earned perfect a.c.t. get perfect score. more than 58,000 high school seniors in colorado took the test. state wide, 62 perfect scores. and there were more tha a dozen at cherry creek. well done. ride t scholarship train, kids. we will keep searching. if you have a candidate, find us with the #heynext.
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tomorrow. the wife would actually keep it. on day. here is the deal. next viewers will decide what
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waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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it is a sign, and it came to us from next viewer david hardy, who spotted the sign reading "cyclists, travel at your own risk." i am thinking they won't even
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bayfield near durango, that would require fancy snow tires for your bike if you wanted to. it gave david a laugh. if you ever see a sign that catches your eye, tweet us eynext or e mail bronco fans enjoy winning, adult beverages, and aving questions like why the cup holders are designed for stuff other than beer cups at mile hive. next viewer was curious, and the cup holders? we did, the smaller hole is for pens, the broncosay for fans
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ibthe mountains. a little cool off coming our way friday, chilly with light snowfall. 1-2 inches, tops. and then a huge warm up in store for the weekend. 40s and 50s, plenty of sunshine, and, kyle, i would like to put in my vote. fu manchu tomorrow. >> fu manchu. your vote counts like anybody else's. once, not chicago. deer with fangs, like the nature channel meets a horror movie. there is a begins with politics, as so much does these days. our republican political analyst, kelly maher was in here saying her husband had gone deer hunting in oshkosh, nebraska, he shot a mule deer and when he got the skull back, look at the fangs. what is the deal with that? the taxidermist said it was only the second set he has seen on any deer species, we got in touch with an expert who says fangs on a deer are unusual but it is not like 1ane million rare.
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tell you that. but if we see one, i wouldn't have batted an eye. not too many people have taken the time to write something up with the teeth. i mean, it is rare. i mean, but it is not-- it is not that big-- like 6 toes in cats, you see it every now and then but you don't see much written about it. >> csu says the big fang -like elk. kelly maher said she might let her husband put that one on the wall. your division on my
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generosity has its rewards, boy were you generous during no-shave novemberaising money
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[cheering] f!u?d, the broncos huddle. as and to his left, bennie fowler. benny, saying before e show, you might be nervous to be on the show. >> i'm amazed at ?sthe cameras. >> you guys both scored touchdowns in the city game. great 2nd half, unfortunately, a tough end vdbto that game. >>


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