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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm MST

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this is 9news. here in the parking lot matched the description of the van that was reported associated with three missing people from the douglas county sheriff's office. >> and sadly, those missing people were a mother and her two young sons. douglas county officials have just confirmed that the three
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the mother identified as jennifer laber and her two sons, 3-year-old adam and 5- year-old ethan laber were reported missing from highlands ranch early this morning. officials say they never expected this to end in such a horrific way. 9news reporter victoria sanchez is live at the sports authorities at c-470 at quebec and lone tree with more on this story. >> reporter: police say that this was truly a shock. they didn't expect this missing persons case to end up the way 12 hours after jennifer laber's husband reported his family missing, someone spotted the family minivan here at the former sports authority parking lot. the douglas county sheriff's department says that 36-year- old mother took her young sons out of school early yesterday. that's the last time anyone saw them. this morning just before 8:00 police found 3-year-old adam, 5- year-old ethan and their mother inside the minivan. >> there was no indication that it would come to this horrific ending.
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there were no indications that the amber alert process was needed. >> reporter: police say that the husband is cooperating with authorities but also say he is not a suspect and they do not have any suspects, also adding that the public is not in any way in danger at this time. the investigation is going to continue here at the parking lot at least for the next few hours. it could be all day as they try to and police are saying that they are not releasing how the three people died but, again, a tragic ending to this missing persons case that started about 15 hours ago. >> victoria sanchez reporting in lone tree. thank you. president-elect donald trump says the presidency is, quote, far more important than what he calls his great business empire. he tweeted the documents are in the works that will take him completely out of business operations. trump has been criticized for potential conflicts if he kept
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trump says he and his children will hold a news conference on the subject in the next two weeks. >> i think the american people are seeing the leadership and the energy that our president elect is going to bring to the white house on january 20th. >> meanwhile two more people confirmed they have been offered cabinet positions, goldman sachs alum and campaign finance chair steve mnuchin as treasury secretary, and billionaire investor wilbur ross as a commerce secretary. still up in the air the secretary the running for presidential candidate nominee mitt romney. the two had dinner last night. >> the people he selected as members of his cabinet are solid, effective, capable people. >> candidates and advisors are swarming trump tower, president- elect trump kicked off his thank you tour in ohio tomorrow. he's also set to visit indiana to announce 1000 factory jobs staying in the u.s. switching gears to our weather. looking live over vail pass on
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sunny over the metro area right now but see more snow by the end the week. -- by the end of the week. becky is in the studio. a lot of people are excited about this. >> they are. a couple of systems have moved through. at this point it doesn't look like it's going to be a lot. still a couple of days out and still a little bit early to give you exact numbers but know it's going to happen in the afternoon and at this point it looks like it's going to be on the minimum side. we will talk more about that we wrapped up the snow in the mountains and over the last 24 hours some locations like winter park got 7 inches of snow, most other of the central mountain locations two to four more inches of snow on top of what they already saw. steamboat a new 5 inches in the last 24 hours. a new forest falling around places like snowmass and aspen and down through the southwest mountains, the southwest san juans near wolf creek, a new 9 inches of snow has fallen. all the snow is off the radar
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now where it's going to cause major problems down across the south. we've got tornado watches and tornado warnings that are in effect for those states still at this hour. very different picture here for the denver metro area, we are nice and sunny, temperatures in the middle and upper 30s, gradually make our way to the low 40s today. it will be a little bit breezy from time to time. windy in our foothills and of >> if you're inside looking out it looks like it's probably pretty nice out there. the wind has a bite to it for sure. >> really does. we are going to stay cold through this week and more on that snow coming up in a few
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reportedly told crew members the plane ran out of fuel. >> once that recorder is read v will become apparent if this is a fuel issue or a range issue or if the airplane experienced some other type of mechanical problem. >> heavy rain and steep, media conditions -- muddy conditions hampered rescue efforts but six people from that flight were saved. in the wake of a tragedy an outpouring support from the soccer world, teams in europe, south america paying the douglas county sheriff's office book 49-year- old gary postell on suspension of three counts of -- suspicion of three counts of sexual assault on a child. he was being held at the douglas county detention cent
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through the gatlinburg, tennessee area hit by wildfires. still officials say it u)is not enough to stop them. there are still active fires burning in the area. the gatlinburg area got up to an inch of rain overnight and is expected to pick this afternoon. during wildfires monday evening many buildis in were burned to their foundation. three people were killed. the fire destroyed at least 150 buildings including iconic homes and a resort. at least five people are dead, four children in critical outbreak struck several states in the south overnight. among the hardest hit areas, the northeast, alabama, tennessee border. that's where reporter tim phan has more. >> reporter: a flash flood warning still in effect in several counties in tennessee, a tornado ripped through the southeast destroying many homes and businesses, right now we are in a community that's at a stand still, power is out everywhere in been ton, tennessee -- benton, tennessee where this convenient store got
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the roof was torn off and thrown across the parking lot. debris is blocking several roads and shutting down some major highways. we spoke withthe benton chief of police. he tells us the majority of the damage is near the the acoby refer. right now a shelter is open for those displaced from the tornado at the local high school. the national weather service says that they expect the flash flood warning to last through ea >> reporter tim pham for us. get ready to be greeted by the sound of bells during your holiday shopping. the salvation army is kicking off its red kettle campaign and local celebrities are there to help and i'm sure you're going to recognize these ones. it looks like snow could be headed our way this week. becky's full forecast is coming
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welcome back. lots of sunshine out here, occasionally we are going to see some wind that might make it feel a little bit chilly out here today but the storm that hit us mainly our mountains is out of here and it's the midwest and the deep south. let's go ahead and take a live look outside at our weather, which, again, is blue, sunny skies, those flags very calm in the front of the building here at speer and logan. that's good, it means that 39 feels like 39. 38 currently in greeley, 37 in ft. collins. we've got middle 40s so quite a bit warmer on our eastern plains. mountain areas, leadville is at a cold 13, but it's 30 in cremeling while -- kremmling
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here in the 9news back yard, lots of sunshine. temperatures are at 36. so it's a cool day. it's going to be chilly like this through most of the week this week and gusty for some locations, right now we've got 43-mile-per-hour gusts up near sterling, 31-mile-per-hour gusts around laramie, 23-mile- per-hour gusts for salida. breezy at times here in town. our strongest winds will be out to our west over our foothills today in that 20 to 30-mile-per- hour range. all of our snow from the midwest where it continues to churn out over parts of the dakotas and minnesota but the biggest impact this storm has been having has been down across the south where tornados have been reported. we've got tornado watches that are still in effect for parts of mississippi -- well, actually now alabama heading into georgia and a strong line of storms which has already produced a water spout earlier this morning along the coast.
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story. we are going to continue to see calm conditions with maybe tomorrow afternoon in our u47?q northern and central mountains befoig changes at will snow specifically for our southern mountains but also here along i- 25. at this point it looks like it's going to be pretty light snow in the afternoon friday here for denver and that those amounts are going to be kept to a minimum. we are going to continue to watch this to see if we need to tweak any kind of numbers for you as we get closer to friday the front range, upper 40s on our eastern plains, still teens, couples and a couple -- 20s, and couple of teens in the mountains. winds at five to 15 miles per hour. overnight tonight we drop to 15 for a low, then tomorrow more of the same, 40 the high, 34 chilly friday with that chance for light snow in the afternoon. we are back to 40s and 50s as
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tomorrow, december 1st is world aids day. when hiv and aids were first talked about back in the 1980s, it was thought of as a virus and disease that only affected gay men but since 1985 the number of cases among women has more than tripled and women account for one in five new hiv diagnosis. right now i have andrea with the local nonprofit empowerment
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coralyn jones, i understand you have been living with hiv for a good portion of your life. >> 31 years. >> 31 years. >> i was tested positive in 1985, september 1985. >> and i'm sure that you were told all sorts of things and you are here now able to share your story through this new documentary staying positive. and i want to talk a little bit about this documentary. you're with the empowerment program. >> yes. >> what is that? >> so we have been a local nonprofit that's been open for around 30 years. we serve all wo income and homeless but we do have specialized programs like the women's aids project that does specialized medical case management and mental health and substance abuse services for women with hiv. >> and i understand you two connected through the program and now this documentary staying positive, you're one of 10 women that are profiled. you say you're the best. you have the best stories. >> she is the best. >> talk about your involvement with this documentary and has
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with it for so long, i have lived with hiv longer than i have lived without it, so doing this story was important to me because just getting the message out that living with it is not a death sentence and it was very empowering. >> absolutely. and this documentary features, again, about 10 women and what will people gain from watching it? >> sure. so we are hearing aids day and the point of these stories and the whole thing tomorrow is to reduce stigma and kind of have people realize that there are people still living with hiv and it is still out there and it does still affect people and we really want people when they come to see it to understand that we are not here to judge. these people are the same as everyone else and they have stories to tell and the amount of courage and bravery to do that, we just want to showcase this.
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>> yes. >> a message that everyone should hear? >> yes, especially because hiv kind of is -- has gone under the radar lately because there's been so many advancements in technology but it still does affect people out there. >> sure. absolutely. so folks that want to see this, it's airing tomorrow, 7:00 p.m. at the sie film center off of colfax. >> yep. >> and how can people get tickets to it or -- >> so people would need to go our -- and rsvp so we know exactly who is coming. >> coralyn, you keep fighting the good fight. >> thank you. i will. it won't kill me. >> we will have more information on how you can see this documentary online at
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'tis the season, taking a
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city, the big night is nearly here. the tree will be lit at 5:00 our time. and just a fun fact for you, the first tree at rockefeller center was put up by construction workers back in 1931 and the first official tree lighting took place in 1933. it's going to be beautiful. this will certainly add to your cheer, tarhonda and colleen are at the king soopers on colorado boulevard in denver and they are certainly in the spirit of gi pers >> reporter: oh, boy, do they sound good and it's all thanks to danielle grant, who is their coral director for the original dixins carolers, we were at colorado and yale at the king soopers ringing bells for the salvation army. you're going to see these bells and these red cat els -- kettles through the holiday season and we want you to donate. that's why we are out here trying to raise money for the salvation army. colleen ferrara is here too.
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this bell. >> $1 million is our goal today because people need help here in colorado and across the country. i want to bring in lieutenant colonel daniel steer from the salvation army. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> the red buckets have a great history. >> this is their 125th year in the united states. >> where does the money go every year? >> the money stays here in colorado and goes to help men, women and children throughout colorado and throughout metro denver. >> reporter: this money that you're donating right now obviously goes to a good cause but beyondth too? >> we are going to feed people the day after christmas and put people in the shelters the day after christmas so this is our annual appeal at christmas to help us throughout the year. >> reporter: thank you so much for being with us today and giving us the chance to help out our awesome community. >> thank you for your help. christmas. >> christmas. getting it started early today. danielle, you did a great job directing them. >> yeah, something luke that. i think they are the ones with the true talent around here. but this is fantastic, you
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come down to the king soopers and help out the salvation army this year. no matter the size of your donation, we appreciate it. a penny or $100, we will take it around here. >> get the piggy banks. >> out here until 1:00 so see you here. colorado at king soopers. >> colleen, tarhonda, danielle all hoping to see you. go over and say hi and spread certainly awesome. talk about the perfect combo, firefighters and puppies, the new calendar is on sale just in time for the holidays and it's all for a
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do you still have gifts to buy for the holidays? >> yes. >> i do too. how about the 2017 fire rescue dogs calendar? >> it's a calendar filled with firefighters from all over the
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the calendar was created as a fundraising project for lifeline puppy rescue. the shelter rescues over 1500 puppies each year from high kill shelters. a few of the featured firefighters even adopted the puppy they were photographed with in the calendar. i could find myself doing that. i got to keep the puppy. the calendars are selling for $20 on amazon. everyone knows they've got someone in their life that will love this. >> yes, at least one person. >> at least one. >> all for a great cause. we love that nice out there. nice to see the sunshine. >> it is. as long as we don't have a lot of wind we are okay. we will see breezy conditions from time to time. high today in the low 40s, dry day, snow is still in the forecast for friday. looks like friday afternoon and it will be light snow. we still may be tweaking some of those numbers a little bit but it doesn't look like we will get much in the way of accumulation. this system is gone by the weekend. we are in the 40s and 50s for highs on both saturday and sunday and then back to the 40s
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becky, thank you so much. >> yeah.
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brad pitt's thanksgiving alone on celebrity hideaway island. >> why he was thousands of miles from the kids now on ?"extra". "extra" ? "extra" ? ? ?"extra" "extra" ? brad pitt's lonely holiday weekend holed up in a night private villa. did angelina ban him from seeing the kids? the kelly ripa connection to his island escape. is kanye a danger to himself? kim by his side. in a deeply paranoid state. keeping up with kardashians shut down again. shannen doherty, how she's


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