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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-4:24pm MST

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traffic misdemeanors.
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little more accumulation of snow those see in snowpack at this time. not >> areas that have see most improvement other southwest in aree.nd north c ggng?he divide.
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teens in silverthorne this afteron!
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to snowboard. i surfed in san diego. >> but we don't have an ocean! you gotta go getup there! [ laughter ] >> yo so good. >> this is my winter. shooting out of the windows.
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ahead of the big flames. >> reporter: the whole mountain is pretty much destroyed. >> watching it on the left, the building burning to the ground. >> reporter: scott drove to his place of employment this morning, west gate resorts, what he saw was heartbreaking. >> total devastation. between 60% and to 80% of the building is destroyed. there were firefighters at the bottom of the hill. where i live, there's another forest fire. we thought the fire was initially in gatlet gatlinburg. >> reporter: it started to seem like a battlefield.
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heat, to melt an alum numb rim -- aluminum rim, it's just amazing. >> reporter: buildings have burned, but scott is thankful everyone got away safe. like to stand in 50, 60 mile per hour wind. it's dry and there's a fire, there's no stopping that. it's amazing the power of nature. >> 10,000 animals atipley's aquarium were in the line of fire. they are we to
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as flames got closer. in arizona today, a moorm was unveiled for the -- memorial wa their lives fighting ailfcire?? in 1913. the yarnell hill fire burned 8,800 acres. a passing thunderstorm created outflow winds that changed the it was the greatest loss of life in w??@ildfire sine 1933. the memoria features plaques with a photo a ato each. visitors can pay their respects at the site. in ohio today, three of the 11 people injured in an attack on ohio state university are still in the hospital. they're expected to recover. the attack
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went to the campus. it talked about the treatment of muslims around the world. there were no ecific threats, upon a plane that crashed outside of columbia monday night killed most of a brazilian soccer team on board. only six of the 86 passengers survived. the crew declared an emergency. the plane lost radar contact because of reported. heavy rain slowed down the rescue operation. one of the soccer players suffered spinal fracture, another has skull and chest injuries. a journal and i felt two crew members also president elect doochl madet today. a critic of obamacare is his choice to head the department of health and human services
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republican congressman tom criei repeal and replace obamacare. trump opposed medicare during his campaign. some democrats say picking price will result in undermining of the u.s. healthcare system. trump's pick for transportation secretary elaine chow is also being criticized because she is the wife of the senate majority leader. >> not the first to be appointed with a husband in congress. bob dole's wife also served. >> yes. >> it puts two new people in his cabinet today, still questions over the next secretary of state. >> of an honor for the coach of
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of people and manage the kind of things that need to happen in order for that to occur. >> democrat s have been trying to get an infrastructure bill through congress since time immemorial. republican in the senate and the house frankly have just prevent today from getting a hearing. no. 2, i want to know what all the drain the swamp stuff was. we're talking about congressmen in everyec position, politicians in bureaucrat. >> why are you making it about her? >> this drain the swamp mentality is complete nonsense. at every turn,tr donald trump hs put forward an institutionalized establishment republican of one sort or another to be in his cabinet. >> i've heard time and time again, about the senate majority leader being the husband of chow, does that make a difference? [ laughter ] >> i see it everywhere like
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is it? >> look,eopl competentry when i. nd"?e=?[ o ivitable. >> someone who is good at building bridges. i think that romney type is that, someone who is able to rise above, someone who was criticizing him put in that position. and i think it's more likely that we'll see more meetings with juliani. >> plenty of people in the discussion.
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it's hard to take the mitt romney thing seriously because of the way the election went. >> the same with petraeus. you want to talk about someone with some classified information problem, this guy is the sole proprietor of the information leaking scandal to his mistress/biographer of all people. and president twitter tweeted out today "great meeting with patreus." thought it would be, totally unpredictable. >> in your party, the democrats, there's a big shakeup going on there too. >> you bet. >> don't you see a change in power coming? >> i hope so! we suffered a big loss like this, and it's time for some self-reflection and evaluation. our state party chair announced he's not running again. so we're even having shakeups at the local level all over the country. and i think it's a good time to take a good
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stand for and maybe our tent big again so we can speak out to voter who is felt like we abandoned them in the last couple years. it's time to reflect and figure that >> so much coming before the new year, and for the upcoming trump administration. >> and you look rested. >> you do. [ laughter ] the state of washington is in some trouble over tax breaks. >> boeing could lose some big incentives to keep workers
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got the sniffles? we have experts from the pharmacy here
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when you're asking can i take this with this? >> i know. >> the lines are open till 5:30 tonight. >> about that time. there have been protests across the country today over minimum wage. workers in 300 cities and 20 airports say they deserve to be paid more. they're asking for a $15 in chicago some protestors were arrested. there were more in detroit. were protests were held in new york city. a world trade organization panel has ruled that the state of washington offered billions in illegal tax breaks to boeing. the ruling also says the u.s. government needs to come up with a plan to end it within months.
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the washington legislature stepped in to keep the triple-seven at home. >> it's about the future, an authentic partnership. >> we have had a group of legislators that buckled down on a bargains basis. >> reporter: it was the continuation of a tax break the state made to win another jet. $8.7 billion to all companies building airlines parts?(?. insidesl
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kick in until 2024 and he's not worried. >> this ruling is one step in a very long process.
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to other states. patagonia is making good on a black friday promisexf. they mromszed to donate 100% -- promis to donat?e 100%>?+?7?&f black friday sales?5 to?10illio. outsidend look around, see lights, metro aa could add to ithis week with a little! >> we could feel like we're
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too much. our storm system sitting across the northern plains, it still has been bringing in an isolated band of snowfall across the northeastern plains, a couple light noirz in the high country. this sysm ?fnis just about with u it's shifting to theast, make
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family, friend, relatives in town, getti out of town will be no problem 22 tomorrow in grand lake. the next couple of day, pretty typical. low 40s, sunshine, haze possible out there. and then the next friday.ushesnto t by inch oru?u less. toward the weekend, not too shabby at all low 40s on saturday, low 50s on sunday. that's gonna be the great day, if you haven't put the lights on the house yet.t?@ a little switch-up, temperatures, 20s daytime highs! possible single digits overnight. and we could be ing at atl snowfall early income week?c?t y and saturday.
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if you're going on friday,t wille so magil outhere. by 7:00,
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coach the year today. he to?' impment in nfq is the
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wearin whi.0 bowls ?>??y4 ge. so may be the buff will alsoavuck in ?uw>?< is fda??u for colorado. >> white's a good color. >> hey, guys, good afternoon! >> all thetuff you're down a notch. >> i know. you always manage to do that.
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in the ownership on the airplane. who owns -- open on
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hard hit this holiday season. burglars smashed a window to get into the level 7 games store in lakewood late sunday night. burglars smashed a window to get into the level sevens
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sunday. they stole about $1,500 worth of merchandise. the owner believes the burglars were familiar with the store because they seemed to knohe products were kept. >> empties our trash can, throws it on the floor and starts dumping the used games from our disk drawer into that. so that's basically all of our used products went in
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barely survived a crash that?/?? killed his colleague. he told


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