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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:26pm MST

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his family and police ng for he go out at the dakota pipeline protest because the same storm that brought us cold and snow is headed that way. >> i feel we need to take a look and say what are we doing to our county? >> many people live there because it's far away from city life. what's happening now that the c out hiwin ?last night and s
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the wind died down. the flames are much less intense than a few hours ago. in the last containment increased quickly from 40% to 90%.
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roadblocks police set up. they said they've ced fire dang this before. they didn't know exactly where to go. we spoke with e get all of her car. she did not get an evacuation notice but said seeing everybody else panicking made her follow suit. >> we have our social security cards, birth certificates, some clothes, their backpacks, their favorite stuffed animals. i don't know what else to pack. >> reporter: right now we are standing on ohio avenue which is one of the many roads that have been reopened. so a lot of these evacuees who were at a local middle school can get back home. the fire is at 90% containment. firefighters hope to get it to 100% within the next half hour. in lakewood dan grossman, 9news. >> thanks, dan. reminded a lot of people what we saw on green mountain
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in 2008 was in august in the middle of day. kathy sabine has been watching the weather impacting the firefight. >> fire managers monitoring the winds very closely tonight, winds gusting northwest and west up to 35 miles per hour but now decreasing considerably. this is terrific news. we also have a little moisture coming in from the north. the winds which are dying down along the front range are quite blustery over the foothills. tomorrow they'll increase as early as 3:00 or 4: northwest and could blow 20 to 40 miles per hour between
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of snow already recorded in the past 48 hours. temperatures heading into the 20s tonight. it's going to be a chilly day tomorrow. we are headed into the deep freeze a few days. we're on the fringe of a blast of cold arctic air. ?#uj wheno we break out of it and another chance for snow later in the week. no one disputes the fact we do need more snow or rain. very dry. nditions are still colorado splo latest snowfall for e season ever. the mountains have finally started to put down a decent layer of snow.
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police closed the highway to clear the scene and look for evidence in that hit and run. no one was seriously hurt. harsh weather expected at the site of the dakota?p?3 pipe an order of evacuation there. the governor is asking people to leave immediately and take all their possessions. cold and snow is expected to move in tomorrow and last through the end of the week. the governor said it did not coordinate the evacuation order with engineers. they plan to close the protest area december 5th but will not forcibly remove protesters who remain. the family of a 77-year-old man stabbed to death in denver last week is using the internet with hopes someone comes forward with information. 9news reporter victoria sanchez spoke to the im's granddaughter about the man who raised her. >> denver police is searching for the suspect and using crime stoppers. lewis east areday's fell is
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the hope is someone will see his picture and share information to police about what happened tuesday night. officers were called to east 13 and north marion -- east 13th and north marion street around 7:30 for a report ofa bleeding man. easterday was taken to denver heth where he later died with multiple stab wounds. his family did not out until three days later because they say authorities didn't know who he was.
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her what happened. crime stoppers is offering a $2,000 reward for any information in this case. callers can rema anonymous. clas scheduled tomorrow after this morning's attack on the campus of ohio old artan, a studt at ohio state drove his car ?linto pedestrian campus police officer.
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jalwini was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and police officers say they wouldn have found the cocaine in his wallet if he hadn't been punched out by his teammate christopher hill who was arrested for assault. lawini has been suspended from all football activities and coach mc intire says hill will not play in friday's championship. what we don't report with regularity is how the character of some communities. 9news reporter dan grossman shows what's happening in elbert county. >> you know, we've moved out here because we like this lifestyle. >> reporter: elbert county is a dichotomy of sorts. >> it's a very mixed county. >> reporruled by ranching. its western counterpart sprawling suburbia and sandwiched in between the two is a town of 1,300 people
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divide it wants to reside on. >> they want smart growth. they want growth that is in conformity and if it's with our lifestyle -- and fits with our lifestyle. >> reporter: elbert county's population was little more than 1/3 of the 20,000 people it is today when julie moved rethem c having that space, too. >> reporter: the families that could move into this open space zoned for the newest development. >> if you're going to do that, why don't you live in highlands ranch, parker, douglas county. why do they need to creep into it's a battle groups continue to fight within the confines of planning commission meetings. >> i think we need to take a look in the mirror and say what are we doing to our county? >> reporter: elbert county's
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2005. in it are warnings of growth problems dozens in the county echo with each mention of a new development. >> these big developers don't look at you. they don't look at us as the big dogs. they look at us as a bunch of hicks standing in their way of making money. >> reporter: today elbert county is eight times larger than it was 40 years ago. >> let's not recreate, you know, the suburbs out here. >> reporter: with a geographical size it knows growth is inevitable. >> i think so. i think people are willing to accept that. >> reporter: it's just a matter of where along the divide it wants its identity to lie. >> we're kind of like suburbanites living on a little bit bigger pieces of property. >> elbert county leaders declined to speak with us about its growth trends but did say it does stand with the master plan. they'll meet with residents after the new year to revise
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vice president-elect mike pence says get ready for some announcements this week. pence is leading the transition for donald trump and today another possible pick for secretary of state visited trump tire, retired general david pet -- trump tower, retired general david petraeus. he was found guilty for handling classified information. trump will talk to mitt romney again tomorrow and then there is the president-elect's lingering claim that millions of pe >> these allegations and accusations of millions of people voting illegally in california and other states are unfounded. unless mr. trump has evidence and if he does, bring it forward. >> perhaps proof of this mass voter fraud will turn up in the recounts which are opposed by the trump team. one recount will happen in wisconsin. green party candidate jill stein raised the money for it. the wisconsin elections commission today said the
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december 12th. the electoral college will cast its votes a week later. a customer claims a clerk used slurs at him while shopping. management is now taking action. >> nearly two dozen complexes are on fire near america's biggest park in tennessee. >> public outrage at a theme park over what was put beneath a new ice rink. >> colder temperatures settle in for we're watching for snow along the front range. >> reporter: and jordan norwood crosses pads with aqib talib again, this time in the
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there is a mrs. sieve wildfire burning in the great smoky -- a massive wildfire burning in the great smoky mountains in tennessee near weeks with scattered brushfires all month long. a worker has been fired after a confrontation with a customer led to social media outrage. james collin stopped with floral decor with his husband and son. he claimed during this recent visit an employee used a gay
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facebook page that impeach is out of a job. -- that employee is out of a job, apologies have been made and the staff will go through sensitivity training. a theme park had to shut down an ice skating rink because of complaints about what was under the ice. thousands of fish were frozen into the skating rink, actual fish. the fish were dead bought from a fish market. it was the design meant to give people a feeling of skating on top of the sea. anger from to close. there are plans now to redo the ice. the park said it will hold the memorial for the again already dead fish used in the rink. >> and no sushi restaurants nearby. parking at cherry creek mall is still free like always, but that will change after the new year. the parking machines are being tested this month with the system expected to go online mid-january. parking is free the first hour
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gr?v??een -- hong f?;?>?or moiin
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accumulation, mostly cloudy much of the day. no issues for the morning drive. the snow in eldora and idaho springs, grand lake and the i- 70 corridor, but overall travel much improved tomorrow across the state. 21 the low in greeley, 23 pueblo. high temperatures tomorrow cold in the high country and chilly along the front range. less wind tomorrow night in idaho springs and grand lake, but winds increase tomorrow. there may be areas of snow. city forecast tonight, less wind, cloudy skies, low 23. cold start to your tuesday, below 40 much of the day. we can get the sun out a while, we might touch flurries. friday the coldest day of the week, chance for light snow, high of freezing, lows mid- teens ahead of a nice weekend warming trend. you got to love that.
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drew is in next with sports.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. what if aqib talib had pushed derek wolfe or tj ward better yet von miller instead of jordan norwood? thera?ve would have scale fistfight on the broncos sidelines. talib apologized to norwood for national television with that z? forceful shove. aqib was upset that the punt was muffed up because he's perfect except for the tihe intentionally poked an opponent in the eye. >> you got to be in passing helmets to understand what's going on at the time.
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>> me and aqib sat down one-and- one and talked a little bit. he's an emotional player and he wants his team to win just as i do. >> it's football. we're brothers. we argue. we fight. we go to war together and sunday we're going to war together again. >> for the time he allegedly shot himself in the leg. best part with gary kubiak ?= working in denver is we never have to worry about the broncos finishing a game in ties are stupid. kubiak proved he thinks so by sending mcmanus for a 62-yard game winning field goal. mcmanus missed it ?8 the other team in good field position. kub doesn't regret it because it made sense at the time. >> we're going to try to win. i've seen him do it many times in practice. it's on me. i gave him a chance, thought we could do it but didn't get it done. give him the credit.
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all. in the bigger picture brcowould been better off punti late in overtime sunday taking chiefs.
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going to be chilly tomorrow, chance for flurries, low 40s wednesday and nurse and
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there. >> look at that, 14 degrees. >> i didn't nt you to see that. 32. an


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