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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  November 27, 2016 10:30pm-10:48pm MST

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enjoyed ever since. stella artois. host one to remember well, they played 75 minutes of football. and it ended a little bit of pinball. cairo santos from 34. ricochets off one upright. and going off of the foul ball for the game-winner. we asked if it would be
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recall from october 1994, with joe montana and john elway of the broncos. it didn't have the epic dimension of two hall of famers dueling. but siemian and smith were very good. incredible performances, right down to literally the last second. kansas city wins it in overtime. here are your stars of the game. there were more than three. two of them will be interviewed but the three game balls go to tyreek hill, who is just a blur a return t.d., a rushing t.d. and a receiving t.d. alex smith, 26 of 44 for 220 and a t.d. and justin houston, just the second game back this season, had three sacks. smith and houston are with michele. >> thank you, bob. alex, you see the field goal attempt. it bounced off of the upright. what are you thinking? >> just looking for the signal.
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field goal from so far out? >> that kid has a big leg. they're at home here. must have felt good about it. >> this was a game that was dominated by defense in the first half. and then, suddenly, you found a way to put drives together. what changed? >> an ugly three quarters there. defense and special teams kept us in it. they're coming off of a buy. like i said, team effort. those guys, make the plays there at the end. you know, tie it up. the conversion there in overtime. found a way. >> enormous stakes in this game. the team mindset to get this win >> this division is really competitive. you go on the road. these guys are the defending champs. they're coming off of the bye
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pretty sweet. >> congratulations. let's turn to justin houston. in his second game back, three sacks. a dominating first half performance. i have to ask you first, physically, how the heck do you feel? >> i feel great. glory be to god. i have been through a lot this past season. that helped me get back and continue to get better. >> physically, what got you through this one? you were dominant in the first half >> mentally, through the whole process, i just knew mentally i was going to be all right. i kept believing. >> what about your belief in the way this team could finish tonight??x alexut togethea drive.?u get ino what you do.?z?w >> i love this team. we built off of it a lot. we have a goal in mind. and we're going to continue to do that. we know it's not going to be easy every sunday. every sunday, it's going to be a
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we did that tonight. >> you will see these guys on christmas day. congratulations on the win. bob? >> michele, thanks. here's a look at the playoff picture in the afc as it stands now. the raiders are keeping pace with the patriots. it's worth noting that oakland has to play at kansas city in week 14 and here in denver, week 17. we two to tony dungy. how do you think that gary kubiak will regret the decision to go for the field al >> it is very well could come back to haunt the broncos, bob. he's being aggressive. he believes in his kicker. he tried to win the game right there. but losing this ball game, and giving up the half-game, that would have ended up a tie, that would have been huge./$u on the other side of the coin, you have to think, this is a big win for the chiefs. they have beaten the broncos and the raiders on theoad.
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the raiders are playing lights-out. but kansas city has the edge in the schedule, with the two road wins in the division. >> yeah. kes sense. thks, tony. we'll go over to mike florio, carr said it was some of the worst pain he experienced in his life. but all indications are, he will be able to go next weekend. for the patriotsack injury. i'm told that the itial indications are, it's not serious. and he shodn't miss any time next week. but he was spotted walking
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involved. the ticket of the year up there. and you will see a lot of raw emotion in that building on thursday night.e do to the success that prescot and elliott had. tampa bay did a good job against seattle. the two teams that represented the nfc the last three super bowls. >> no earl thomas, made a difference in that seattle team. >> three games in a row. i'm done. al's back. yo you're the stud. it's been a blast, thanks. >> enjoyed it. >> kansas city, 30, denver, 27, 75 minutes. it was fabulous. 30-27. the team over the team that wears blue. coming up next on the west coast, your local news. thanks to bob, cris, michele, and the entire crew. mike tirico.
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nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national
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that did not just happen. that is not real life no. way do the broncos fight back from a scoreless first quarter, a half time deficit only to take a late lead, surrender a last-second tieing touchdown, trade overtime field goals, try a game winning kick from halfway out to golden, only to let the
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winning goal. no way did that happen. we will wake up tomorrow and laugh. final score, 30-27 chiefs. we'll hear from coach kubiak and the team in a moment. back to reality the weather is the other headline. the snow machine is on in the mountains and it's caused traffic problems. earlier tonight cdot periodically held traffic at the eisenhower tunnel. it closed i-70 east to veil because of heavy snow. the agency avalanche danger. the colorado avalanche information center has put out warnings for several areas. the center has put avalanche danger at considerable for e san juan mountains.cristos and are at moderate. winter weather watches and warnings are on right now in the mountains downhere in denver. we are headed for a cold week.
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so let's go back to the broncos. eight-point fourth quarter lead with a couple of minutes to go but the chiefs scored with only a second left, converted the two-point conversion, forced overtime, and then k.c. place ?k?6kicker santos drilled a game winning field goal that ?
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>> he es it all the ?utime in practice. he has no problem getting the l i know the percentages are not thgreatest, but i got a lot of confidence in him. we ha?tk?0d lost our time-outs that was moment for us. g+ we're going try to win around here. i mame. but i got a lot of confidence in brandon eporter: was it also confidence in your defense because you figured if you miss your defense has been
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sneak wynne a wild u are lookin other teams who are sec place
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just in se? >> that's one of th6kv?6
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like us. that'sunteristicof our thatwe'vgot to look at ourselves in the mior d sew we can fini?s???bsh the bet >> reporter: e games over. in fact,?vu/????the tough sizo
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. tn dn'tome throug your confidence dou leaders, von on thdefense, we've got keep guys?y
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room. let's ?listenin. >>s tough division. itself, tics show for . the angot our so that's what ust ke tt >> it's t a sitiyo
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thl we can do iswake up in morning and go broncos organizati andy beer. >> is it hard to rechar thisover?d?@time because guys in fact, at $oone point the ref said the game was over and you had to rechar. that was h buthat's the game of football. that's how it plays out sometimes. we had to twbattle back offensively, defensively. we didn't make ?the necessary plays. we've got to keep moving on.
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>> he was making a lot of plays. i'm extremely proud of trevor. he's making a lot of great plays, a lot of great throws. his arrow is pointed up. >> reporter: as the leader how do you keep?< the morale up? >> confidencon this team? are you kidding? confidence. e to worry it's a loss. you sit baand ck our butt kicked, but torrow in the locker room we'll be bac laughing, joking, and guess what, getting back to business and trying to a team is we gave it l. when you loo the film and u say, ?%man, $z5jweit our all, we battled, that's l you can do. we've got to keep moving on. >> guys back to you. >>he's right. this team will be just fine i think tomorrow in the locker room. however, we've become so accustomed around here to watching the broncos begin their playoff journey from a position of power after
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division titles. that's unlikely now although it's still possible. there's a lot of different ways to get into the super bowl. they'd be okay if they can just sneak in. >> there are super bowl winning teams that play the wild card. sometimes you use that wildcard game to continue the hot streak. sometimes taking the bye week off you lose the momentum. i think this team certainly is special teams were vurn cat, tries stick. trevor siemian as sanders definitely pointed up. very little protection. very clean with the football. >> we will be live in the locker room as long as there
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quarters strong but we didn't finish in overtime. we've got to get to the drawing board, get ready to play. we've got to get better at whatever we're doing and get ready for the xt you guys are t raiders, one behind k.c. this is a situation we're not used to seeing the broncos in.
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work. i know that we've got to be bert in the meeting rooms. that's what we're going to do. we're going to go to the mebody]?h! down the e game, en it comes down the, plays have to be made to w' secure the victory. weidt finish and ose plays. >> reporter: a lot of teamma the character in the locker


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