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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 28, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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pfizer and what's next when it comes to getting that age group protected from the coronavirus? also mountain lion spotted in one daly city backyard by fish and game decided to end the search after the big cat was nowhere to be found, and the warning that's still in place. plus all in person classes canceled at san francisco state university today what we're learning about a threat that led to campus police stepping up enforcement. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian i'm sal castaneda inform mike mibach covid vaccine for kids came a step closer to becoming reality fighters have been a data from its vaccine trials for kids age 5 to 11 years old this morning and plans to formally ask for emergency use approval in a matter of weeks. ktvu is allie rasmus joins us live to explain what's next in the process. and how several bay area health departments are already making plans to make it easier for these kids to get these vaccines alley. well sal,
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what's next? is that if the fda grants emergency use approval, the vaccine could become available for kids 5 to 11 immediately, so that could happen in a matter of weeks. and likely before halloween bay area health and education leaders are expecting this. they're already planning to offer these vaccines to kids at school sites next month. we want to start getting those younger kids vaccinated. we know that their parents wanted schools wanted and it really is important to get us back to, um, something more approaching normal that we all know and love about our schools everyday alameda county office of education overseas 22 different school districts, as well as all private and parochial schools in the county. they've asked schools to submit interest forms to let them know if they would like to host covid vaccination sites for kids ages 5 to 11 as soon as they're authorized. that's the first step for school districts is if they want to host a clinic. get that in from interest forman so that we can get them scheduled with public health so we can get a truck
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mobile backs unit. um we can set up a clinic at their school sites. santa clara county health department is also making similar plans in a presentation to the board of supervisors today. health and education officials outlined plans for mobile vaccine clinics at 42 different schools sites between now and november in anticipation of the pfizer vaccine being authorized for younger kids. and in an email to ktvu contra costa county also confirmed its plans to quote offer clinics to school age children and their families, adding that they're working with schools and healthcare partners on those plans. and marin county in san francisco, have plans to host covid vaccine clinics for kids to ages. 5 to 11 years old next month. they've already announced those plans. marin county's clinics already tentatively scheduled for the last weekend in october, gaussian south back to you, ali rasmus, live in our newsroom. thank you. fish and game officials have called off the search for mountain line that was discovered in someone's backyard in daly city. early this morning, homeowner gave us this picture of the mountain
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lion lying there on the patio. this was on callen boulevard right near the intersection of warwick street near skyline boulevard. efficient game officials came to the scene. they used the heat sensing drone to search for the mountain lion. people were told to stay inside their homes and keep their pets inside as well. we spoke with one woman who lives in the home where the mountain lion was found. that's beautiful from the photos. it's quite beautiful. i love cats. but maybe. um not such a cut for household debt. after searching with the drone, fish and game agents didn't find the mountain line, and they called off the search people still being told to be on the lookout for that mountain lion, all in person. classes at san francisco state university are canceled today. university police are investigating and anonymous, non specific threat that was posted on social media and later deleted. out of an abundance of caution in person. classes were cancelled today, but remote instruction and work will still continue as planned. students living on campus are being told to stay indoors
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until they're told otherwise. university buildings, including the library will stay closed at this time, so you can imagine there is an increased public safety presence on campus today as police investigate whether or not the threat is credible. campus police are expected to give us an update later this afternoon. new at noon. governor newsom is in oakland, taking a step to help increase the state's affordable housing supply. just short time ago, the governor signed 27 housing bills approved by the state legislature. the bills expand and streamline affordable housing production. the bills also strengthen accountability for local governments. governor newsom says this is part of the state's unprecedented comprehensive strategy. to tackle the housing crisis. this is unprecedented in u. s history, no state. has ever endeavor to invest these kinds of resources no state has ever. committed to investing these resources with an actual strategy and plan to back it up. governor newsom says the bills will create 84,000 units
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of affordable housing across the state. the oakland unified school district will hold its second online vaccine information meeting. ktvu james torres reports. the session is meant to get parents more comfortable with the idea of getting their children vaccinated. oakland unified is now preparing to set rules for a vaccine mandates something accepted by its board a week ago. but tonight the discussion becomes more broad really came from a place of wanting to provide a space. 2 to 4 students and families to be able to be heard. chaz garcia represents the oakland education association. she also helped coordinate tonight's virtual meeting. she says the discussion isn't to address the district's mandate. but to answer any questions, parents or students may have about the vaccine in general originated after a safety panel, which i sat on and district one with sam davis. and some of the students didn't feel as though their questions were addressed. she says many questions so far. how come up about equity meaning equal access to
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vaccines for everyone, regardless of race or income level. the point of the conversation is to promote parents and students to get the shot. the point of it is to really address misinformation. um and so, you know, ultimately, it would be great if folks are able to land on getting the vaccination in oakland. the vaccination rates are high for those with at least one dose of the vaccine. from 12 to 15 years old. that's about 82% 16 and 17 year old nearly at 84% citywide, about 90% of the population, 12 years and older have at least one dose of the vaccine. ktvu spoke to the state secretary of health and human services about where we stand on a statewide vaccine mandate. the right now at the state level, where watching how that unfolds in some of our different districts across the state and determining what's right for the entire state, but with as with everything we have continued to lead by the data and the science, considering
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how we in california wrap the thickest strongest blanket around our populations so that we're safe and protected tonight to me. will be over. zoom starting at 5 30 parents save your mandate questions for later. more specific details will come out from the district superintendent next month. in oakland. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. the deadline is fast approaching for san francisco employees to be fully vaccinated that includes emergency workers. ktvu christian captain says more than 200 police officers are requesting waivers so they don't have to get vaccinated. the countdown is on for san francisco city employees and high covid risk categories to be fully vaccinated by october 13th or risk losing their jobs more than 90% of city employees are already vaccinated, but more than 200 of the city's 2800 police officers are applying for waivers. the mayor says that flies in the face of public safety and the fact is, you know, i've made it clear that our expectation and asking
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people to get vaccinated has everything to do. with trying to keep not only other city employees safe, but keep the public safe. the mayor, saying she will go ahead with the vaccination order. despite the threat of losing officers we have in our budget, more academy classes. we are going to move those forward a lot probably quicker than we end anticipated to try and get. new officers trained and out on the streets. san francisco state senator scott wiener also speaking out, saying those officers have an obligation to vaccinate in order to protect and serve if you have a police officer. or a firefighter or a paramedic who decides not to be vaccinated. that person is putting the entire public at risk, as well as other police officers. other paramedics, other firefighters, the city's human resources department said it will work to educate city workers hoping they'll get immunized only severing them from city employment as the last option to police chief bill scott last week, saying the city would be going ahead with disciplinary action.
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against eight employees who failed to disclose their vaccination status in august urs to get vaccinated. we're in a global pandemic. people have lor lives. we all have to do our part. and again, you know our leadership, the mayor. has been very clear on what she wants to see from all of her departments are we have reached out to san francisco's police officers association and in a statement, president tony montoya said quote the san francisco police officers association is meeting and conferring with the city on the impacts to officers. stemming from the vaccine mandate, and this includes religions and medical exemptions and the process to grant or deny them. we believe the best solution is for employees to either test weekly or get vaccinated. those discussions are ongoing. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. all state employees going inside
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california prisons now have to be vaccinated or haven't approved exemption. the judge who made the ruling said that several prisons vaccination rates among prison officers around 30. inmates who want in person visits or who work outside of the prison also have to be vaccinated. more than 50,000, california inmates have been infected with the coronavirus and at least 240 have died. since the pandemic began. a private memorial ceremony was held this morning in santa rosa for lieutenant in the sonoma county sheriff's office who died of covid-19. 40 year old bobby travelstead had been with the sheriff's office for 14 years, he worked his way up from jail guard to watch commander that sonoma county's main detention facility. he was infected with the coronavirus in july. following an outbreak at the jail. still to come at noon. the search continues for the boyfriend of gabby petito, why efforts have been scaled back and what her family said during a news conference this morning. bus i believe i was at the right place at the right time, and it's just instinct. i
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just. i had to do it. san jose police officer jumps into action how he was able to save a man from a burning car and get ready for warmer weather across the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has your full forecast coming up. sph
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and the manhunt for her boyfriend, who police say is a person of interest in this case. after nine days, the fbi has scaled back its search for brian laundry at a florida nature preserve. gabby potatoes. parents say laundries family isn't giving the fbi much help in locating him. they also say they hope something positive comes from the death of their daughter. laundries did not help us find gabby. there sure is not going to help us find brian. for brian. we're asking you to turn yourself in. to the fbi or the nearest law enforcement agencies. we need positive stuff. to come from the tragedy that happened. all right. we can't let her name be taken in vain. we need. we need positive stuff. all right, so. anything that we can do to bring that up and help people. that's what we want to do. social media did play a big role in raising awareness and gabby potatoes disappearance, her father says, quote this type of heightened awareness should be continued for other missing people to rookie san
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jose police officers being called a hero for a dramatic rescue that was caught on camera. ktvu com reporter henry lee tells us the offers that had been on the job for less than a year and shows us what happened as he rescued a man from a burning car. this is video from san jose. fire truck showing a car on fire on highway 11 near six city on sunday. that's rookie san jose police officer pedro garcia running up to the car behind the wheel. a man is drifting in and out of consciousness and clinging onto the car. hey, bro, just just let go, bro. your car's on fire. the officer put his hands underneath the man's armpits and dragged him out as i was dragging him. conscious again. i'm just dragging on my explaining it to him. you know you're gonna be okay. well you're gonna be okay. they're gonna check you out. the officer says it didn't matter that fire truck was right there, or that the chp has jurisdiction on the freeway. in this situation. i feel like. seconds matter, so i didn't. i didn't want to spend any more time and time could have run out later on. i found out by the fire department. his shoes were melted down to the floor board. i believe i was at the right place at the right time.
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and it was just instinct. i just. i had to do it, but he says he shouldn't be singled out as a hero. anyone else in this department? if they're in this situation, the same situation i was, they would have done the same exact thing. officer garcia is the sounds a native who has been on the job for only eight months and just completed his field training his dedication. lead to his work. but his community is, uh, is amazing. police chief anthony modeste says it's never too early to save a life to have him have his training kick in like it did. it was just amazing, and i'm extremely proud of his his courageous acts. law enforcement runs in the family for officer garcia. he's got two cousins in san jose pd any third cousin and a sister in the academy. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. well there's never been a prettier tuesday afternoon. and wouldn't you know? ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is in one of the prettiest backyards in the bay area high mark. either gaseous, in fact, still some yard work to do later on this afternoon, but it is a nice day. today
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after the rain cloud you may have noticed a few sprinkles and drizzle even a few light showers yesterday they have cleared out quickly, leaving us with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. now in terms of rainfall can expect a lot in the month of september. but as you can see here, take a look at the numbers. it's actually nice to track a few drops out there, especially along the north bay coastline. fort bragg, 0.39. mill valley, 0.18. san francisco even get into the action 0.4. now we have this at fire. danger is up. as you can see for today until eight o'clock tonight, a red flag fire warning for all the areas in red. you can see how towards solano county we have those winds picking up around 22 maybe 25 miles an hour it's also a dry pattern as well. in fact, there's a chance we could have an increase in the fire danger as we head into your wednesday, especially wednesday evening. also offshore if you've been looking at the waves over the past day or so, you probably know if the waves at least the swells picking up and as a result, we have kind of a hazardous surf advisory. it's not. it's not a high surf advisory, but still ways were up there around 8 to 12 ft. a
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lot of energy being kind of pushed toward our coastline that northwest well, so just the extra careful right near the immediate coastline. satellite in september. it's actually nice to track a little weak system moving into northern california. you can see it's kind of a cleared on out that cloud shield moving out to the south and to the east and right now we have mostly sunny skies, a bit of a breeze kicking up out of the north, and that is also the warming wind direction that be the headline this week. warmer temperatures right on through thursday and friday, even into the weekend, still mild to warm right now. temperatures san francisco 68 degrees we have some seventies for santa rosa conquered 71 in san jose in the upper sixties. here's a live camera, checking out the view looking out toward sfo with lots of blue sky up above. we had some cloud cover here, even though some drizzle out toward at least out toward the coastline yesterday, but not the case. for today, things have cleared out as this system. this produced the monday showers kind of moving on out of town being replaced by a big area of high pressure offshore and this will warm us up. now
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we're not talking about excessive heat, but still temperatures, lots of seventies and eighties and a few spots could be getting close to 90 degrees. you'll see those changes coming up in the five day four cast, so it is a warmer. and a dry weather pattern, setting up for today, mostly sunny and breezy temperature is warm spots in the upper seventies, close to 80 degrees out toward fairfield inn, santa rosa, oakland 72. san francisco 66 degrees as we take a look ahead here your five day forecast, we will have to keep an eye on the fire. danger we do not have a red flag fire warning, but i've seen those winds picking up especially wednesday evening wednesday night into early thursday morning, especially for the berry hill's, especially with the north bay. so let's keep it on fire danger because he temperatures responding by going up close to 90 degrees inland by thursday and friday and still fairly warm to the weekend could be just a little bit cooler. but it looks like we're locked in this mild to warm weather pattern right on through the week. all right, mark, thank you still to come at noon and controversial housing development in san francisco, the opposition from neighbors
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over plans to preserve historic san francisco diner.
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company,
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recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. fawn fire up near reading crews say lighter winds and cooler weather helped them increase containment to now. 65% governor, newsom declared a state of emergency in shasta county due to the fire, which has burned through more than 13 square miles, and at least 144 buildings, including some homes. we're now hearing more about a palo alto woman is
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accused of setting the fund fire, according to court documents. alexandra supernova told police she'd been hiking to canada and got thirsty. so she tried to make a fire in order to boil water from a puddle to purify it. she was arrested last wednesday after she walked out of a wooded area near where the fawn fire started, reportedly carrying a lighter workers at a nearby corey say they told her she wasn't allowed to be there. they say she ignored them and walked into the forest officials say supernova is being investigated for potentially starting other fires, both in chester county and in other parts of california. today, a senate committee heard from top military leaders on the end of the war in afghanistan. reporter lauren blanchard has more on the questions surrounding what lawmakers call a chaotic military exit. was it perfect? of course not. for the first time since the end of america's longest war, defense secretary lloyd austin, chairman of the joint chiefs, general, mark milley, and the head of the central command general frank mckenzie,
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answering questions in the senate armed services committee on the withdrawal from afghanistan, that's all 120,000 evacuated but left americans and allies behind. it is clear it is obvious. the war in afghanistan did not end on the terms we wanted general milley also addressing criticism he's faced over calls he made to chinese counterparts. i know. i am certain. that president trump did not intend to attack the chinese. and it is my directed responsibility. and it was my director responsibility by the secretary to convey that intent to the chinese lawmakers in both chambers have been critical of the chaotic withdrawal where 13 service members died. this was avoidable. everything that happened was foreseen our thrall this summer and the events around. it did not happen in a vacuum. america's top brass also facing questions on whether the administration's handling has opened the u. s to
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terrorism threats and how america could leave afghanistan in the hands of the taliban. we've heard over and over again. you don't negotiate with terrorists. and now it's required on wednesday, austin, millie and mackenzie will all testify before the house armed services committee in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. knew it knew. and in san francisco, officials from the city and state are showing their support for a bill. addressing the methamphetamine crisis, which is awaiting the governor's signature. the bill is authored by state senator scott wiener. it would address the city's overdose and methamphetamine crisis it would provide drug sobering centers and treatment. when they're at this meth, sobering centre. they're just not going to be at this sobering centre sitting alone by themselves. there'll be people there to provide moral support to provide counseling to provide alternatives and to try and help them get back on their feet. there's no word on whether or not the governor plans to sign the bill into law.
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the san francisco board of supervisors will vote next week on a controversial housing development. let's get this building up, don't you think? yeah city planning commission approved plans in july to renovate the grubstake diner on pine street near polk. that project would include constructing 21 units of housing above the restaurant owners that her neighborhood condo complex are appealing, saying the building will impact their light and views. the owners at the austin all scientists closures that stated the grubstake would be developed. and that light air and views on the eastern side of the building where the light well exist would be impacted. the grubstake diner has been a gathering place for the lgbtq community since the sixties. the owners say the new housing units will bring in new revenue that will help preserve the historic diner. still to comment noon. an attempted robbery in the middle of the day at the stone, which mall in pleasanton when a woman says three sweat suspects demanded
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and how police were able to find the suspects, plus. the clock is ticking for congress to get together in a budget and raise the debt ceiling. i'm comef
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thousands are behind or unable
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to afford rent. ktvu brooks jarocz tells us there are still millions of dollars in rental relief available for those who need it. applying for rental assistance is the best way to protect yourself against being the victim of final push by the state to pressure those struggling with rent to take action, california cannot afford. low income working families from falling up to clip being a victim. california's eviction moratorium ends september 30th. but beyond that emergency rental relief is still available so far, $650 million has gone out to 55,000 households just applying can keep renters from getting kicked out this. will pass the objection proceedings. this is very, very important for everyone to know. the state says it has received 300,000 applications, but estimates close to 700,000 homes need help. but sometimes getting the
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money out has been slow setting up the nation's largest rental assistance program has taken many months. 140 organizations now racing to get it to those in need. we have an acute problem of homelessness. we cannot afford getting. that program any bigger the cost of housing in california. will make difficult for people who are addicted to find the housing stability they once had. but the money is there a second round of $1.5 billion in federal funding is expected to help californians affected by the pandemic. that rental assistance available now through march of next year, the program continues to remain open. we're going to continue to be making payouts. so if folks reached that point where they fall behind any time between now and then, or they believe they're about to fall behind, they can still come into the burger and still receive assistance and still receive payments so the dates are important to understand. when certain rules take effect, but it doesn't mean that you you have to apply by that time
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or you can't receive assistance. right now. the state is paying out 65 week but is rapidly trying to push that to 100 million to keep tenants out of trouble. state officials say you should apply for rental assistance sooner rather than later and let your landlord know to avoid starting the eviction process in the newsroom. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. a man was arrested accused of a deadly shooting saturday night outside a bar in santa rosa. police say the sheriff's swat team arrested 29 year old folk osha full of santa rosa yesterday morning. he's accused of shooting and killing 27 year old kenneth mcdaniel in the parking lot outside the whiskey tip on sebastopol road. police say mcdaniel had been listening to music inside the bar when he walked outside as many as nine shots were fired. we knew that there was some type of altercation leading up to the incident. um there's multiple information that detectives
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have received that they are following up on right now. police say they think there are other people involved in the killing. $2500 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and east bay family is dealing with two tragedies in one month. the chp is still investigating the highway death. the 55 year old john kahn, the father and husband, who was killed in a multi car crash three weeks ago on highway for in antioch. investigators say that khan was not at fault and that another driver may face criminal charges. somebody's rushing on the freeway. i don't know where they had to get to what their emergency was, but it was negligence. that deadly crash happened less than a month after the khan family home in discovery bay was destroyed in a fire family shared this video of that damaged home with us. sheriff's deputies say the body of a missing 17 year old boy in santa cruz county has been recovered cash. ebright disappeared the evening of september 20th while body surfing at laguna creek beach.
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a search team organized by the family and friends of the team found his buddies his body sunday afternoon. a bright is the third person to be swept out to sea along senator cruz county's coast this month. police say three teenagers were arrested in an attempted robbery in pleasanton. police responded to the stoneridge shopping center about 10 clock yesterday afternoon, a woman told him three suspects approached her demanding her purse and car. she said. one suspect grabbed her arms. another pointed a pistol toward her face. police say the victim pulled away and yelled for help, and the suspects ran off, they say with the help of part police and mall security, three juveniles were arrested pleasant and police released this photo. of a gun they recovered. prosecutors say former point pinole police officer has been charged with a felony for recording himself having sex with a woman without her consent. 24 year old anthony vasquez is accused of recording the encounter using a hidden camera in his bedroom at his home in hercules. prosecutors say vasquez was
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employed by the city of panel at the time and has since resigned from the police department. investigators believe there may be more victims. anyone with information should call the contra costa county district attorney's office to santa clara county. now we're fighter booster shots are being offered at seven vaccine sites. people who are over the age of 65 or are in long term care. as well as people over the age of 50, who have underlying medical conditions are eligible to get a booster shot as long as they had their second vaccine dose at least six months ago. santa clara county health officials are urging anyone who's eligible to get a booster. what we know is that the immunity or our bodies protection? um uh, it does begin to decrease over time. and so if you're at particular risk of getting really sick from covid you want to get that booster shot to boost your immunity back up to a higher level. appointment hours vary by location. democrats are back at square
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one after republicans blocked a bill that would fund the government as foster porter alexandria, half reports. time is running out. victories with the steak. it's do or die time for congressional democrats trying to push ahead with president biden's domestic agenda, but republicans aren't making it easy. the gop blocking a bill monday night that would have funded the government through december and increase the debt ceiling, averting an unprecedented government default. we could have passed a bipartisan continuing resolution last week. but the democrats attached it to the debt limit. even though republicans were clear we opposed tying these two votes together when the republicans refused to cooperate on this. they are jeopardizing the full faith and credit of the united states of america, which is guaranteed in the constitution. and that's just one of three major pieces of legislation being squeezed in this week ahead of the fiscal year's end. house speaker nancy pelosi is now moving to unlinked, a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to the $3.5 trillion federal
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budget. a vote on infrastructure had been expected on monday, but has been delayed until thursday. so moderates and progressives can work on the larger bill, which republicans have criticized as pushing a progressive agenda through spending. but some progressives also say they won't vote on infrastructure until the full budget passes, making any republican support. highly unlikely. the focus is now on the split within the democratic party, with a number of moderate holdouts, saying they can't vote on the $3.5 trillion budget. until it's trimmed down. there are disagreements around what the size of this package looks like. we understand that that's what the discussion is, in part about the federal government officially runs out of money at midnight on thursday. in washington. alexandria hoff, ktvu, fox two news. vote by mail is now a permanent option in california elections, governor gavin newsom signed assembly bill 37, allowing the state to mail ballots to all registered voters in all elections, whether requested or not. california secretary of
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state said that both by mail has significantly increased participation by eligible voters. the governor says making vote by mail permanent will help to increase voter access and expand voting options. he's made mud is expected to vote on implementing a new ordinance for customers who use too much water. the new ordinance would start finding customers in a stage to drought. that's where most of the state find itself right now. if approved, customers would be given a warning and a chance to lower their usage before their find. every household would be allowed to use about 60,000 gallons of water in each billing period. before being found $2 for each extra 750 gallons of water used. the meeting starts at 1 15 this afternoon. well the golden state warriors get ready for the new season. there was a lot of attention on forward andrew wiggins and his vaccination status during yesterday's media day. last week. the nba denied wiggins request for vaccination exemption, leaving him ineligible to play home games. the nba is not forcing players to get vaccinated, but san francisco's vaccination policy
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requires anyone entering chase center on game day to be vaccinated. for years, general manager bob baier said he's optimistic everyone will be eligible to play yesterday. wiggins refused to say if he intends to get vaccinated and says his back is against the wall. mr o'keefe fighting for what i believe in. weather is one thing or another. get the vaccines. you're not getting vaccination. who knows? i'm just gonna. keep fighting for it. i believe in what i believe is right. i'll stick with what i what i said. dealer as far as my expectation. hope is that come our first game. we're all here. head coach steve kerr is hopeful that the vaccination issue will be settled in the next couple of weeks, and visiting teams at chase center are exempt from the vaccination requirement. tonight the san jose sharks are playing the la kings, and it's the first time in more than 18 months. that team will host a game at s a p center without capacity restrictions in more than 18 months. the team has sold about 10,000 tickets for tonight's
12:40 pm
game. as of yesterday afternoon. the peace enters capacity for hockey games. is about 1700 or 17,000. pardon me 600 people fans headed to tonight's game must show proof they're vaccinated against covid-19 due to a city mandate put into place earlier this month. master also required unless eating or drinking a warning for some bay area beaches. the increased risk today and why people are being urged to stay away from the water and a warm up his headed for the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has your full forecast coming up. are leading a broad selloff n
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wall street, putting the s and p on track for its biggest drop since may at this point, the nasdaq is down almost 2.5% the treasury yields or climbing. we see that the dow jones a minute ago here was down by about 450 points. al that's right. looks like a tough day earlier this year, investigators say, the ex wife of an east bay man fled the country with their two young children. the father went to africa to try to get them back, but failed because of complicated laws around family abduction. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky talked to the father and tells us why such cases are more common than many people realize that often so difficult to resolve. this is the true nightmare guy. avian was in a two year custody battle with his ex wife. he had the kids three days a week and pick them up every day from school. i told my son, you know. no matter what i will,
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you know, fight for you and i will take care of you. but things took a troubling turn in april when his six year old son and three year old daughter vanished. i was beyond panic. he works two jobs as an in home care provider in antioch. he said his ex wife forged his signature on travel documents and then flew to ghana with the kids. she hasn't been back since. first thing went through my mind was, um you know? how does happen? how can i get them back? what's the necessary steps? who can i contact but even after getting a judge to sign an emergency order granting him temporary, full custody, along with a locate servant recover order from the district attorney. nothing vianne is just one of thousands of parents stuck in one of these complicated family abduction cases that are often difficult to resolve, while stranger abductions get much deserved attention. nearly all
12:45 pm
child abductions are perpetrated by family members, and many are dismissed by authorities as messy family situations. family abduction is much more common than stranger abductions. the predominant kind of deduction. david finkelhor is the director of the crimes against children research center at the university of new hampshire. he said most cases of child abduction involve custody disputes that escalate, according to the justice department around 156,000 children are victims of serious parental abductions each year. but only 30,000 generate police reports and just over 9000 cases are opened by prosecutors that those kinds of family situations are very toxic for children. science case is one of the outliers. antioch police took a report. and the contra costa county d. a s office is investigating and according to an internal report, charges are pending. but because his kids are in
12:46 pm
africa, things are even more complicated, brian said. he even flew to ghana this summer, hoping to get the kids back. he took these videos from his trip there. authorities there said he didn't have enough documentation for them to get involved in. stay apart was, you know coming back to the states. with. my kids closed. i was going to have them where when he came home, but. it didn't happen. ktvu spoke to the mother on the phone from ghana. she denied abducting her children and said she hopes to resolve the dispute. in a statement, she said, quote i no way shape or form kidnapped my children. i was not served papers so i could show up in court to defend myself for my children. unfortunately this is a situation mr vianne has vindictively blown out of proportion, finkelhor said. the best course of action in these situations is for the parents to figure out a resolution. international family child abductions are particularly difficult to resolve. it often
12:47 pm
is difficult to get the support of. the justice system to a resolution. ghana is a place where a lot of poverty. lot of struggles, you know, and i believed up fruit kids who are american. to that country is it's not right. brian said he will keep fighting to get his kids back and hopes other parents don't wind up in situations like his something at least happen better. to not allow this to happen to any any other parent in antioch. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. that old beach hazard alert just issued by the national weather service force in bay area coastal areas. it covers beaches, including ocean beach, montara state beach, marina state beach. it's in effect right now, through 11 o'clock tonight, and on days like this mark tamayo island were so. to see some sunshine. it would be great to head to the coast. but remember, never turn your back on the ocean. yes that's really good advice, gosta. even on those small days as well. even a small wave
12:48 pm
could could be a little bit of a surprise factor for you. but yeah, that's swell has been increasing the s and hazardous conditions offshore. this is not a high surf advisory, but still an increasing swell does warrant that advisory in place. so take a look at the overall setup here as we take a look at the graphics, we have that northwest well. moving in from the pacific and that kind of peeking for today, so we're talking about a high surf advisory. we could be talking about ways around 15 to 20 ft. this time ways right around 8 to 12 ft. but there's a lot of energy being pushed right toward our coastline. so just be extra careful out there. for today as we have that beach hazards alert now onshore. we have an increase in the fire danger. in fact, all week long. we're talking about elevated fire danger with this setup for today, though, until eight o'clock tonight all the areas in red, including solano county, that is a red flag fire, warning. it's a dry wind. and it's still a bit of a breeze out there which could be topping 25 miles an hour satellite. remember yesterday we have the cloud cover and even a few showers, especially with the north bay, even some
12:49 pm
measurable rainfall and san francisco that system has moved out of town. and right now, we have mostly clear skies across the region this tuesday afternoon, we'll check in on the 12 o'clock numbers beginning to warm up as you'd expect sixties in san francisco, 72 santa rose up. seventies out towards walnut creek and liver more in san jose at the airport reporting 67 degrees here is the sfo airport with lots of clear skies. so yesterday we had the overcast things have been clearing out quite a bit and as a result, lots of sunshine in today's forecast. also a bit of a breathe take a look at some of the current wind speeds. there's fairfield. you can see gusting to 20 miles an hour, so it's that's a northerly wind, which we typically link link up with the with fire danger, and that's what we have. for today. hayward you can see a westerly breeze at about 16 miles an hour so today will be breezy to windy, especially coast side as yesterday system. it's kind of scoot on scooting nine out of town. the series high pressure offshore is building in and justice placement orientation with the wind pattern that will
12:50 pm
warm us up for wednesday thursday. even remaining fairly warm right on through the weekend, so mostly sunny skies a warmer forecast this week. we'll have to keep it on the fire danger, especially say by wednesday evening, wednesday night. we do not have a red flag fire warning, but those winds will be accelerating out of the north. by that time frame. take a look at the numbers for this afternoon, san francisco will bump you up into the upper sixties santa rosa 81. fairfield 80 and san jose. 76 degrees. mostly sunny and breezy for today. temperatures trend up a few degrees in your wednesday forecast and still warmer for thursday, close to 90 degrees inland and then just some minor cooling, but it is still a warm weather pattern right on through the weekend, so it is fall. it is feeling like fall here, at least by bay area standards right on through site. perfect thank you. mark still to come at noon. lottery fever is heating up as the powerball jackpot continues to climb will take a look at how much is at stake for tomorrow night's drawing. permanently expr
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dining at restaurants across california. a group of state lawmakers held a news conference this morning to discuss changes to a state law to allow for more outdoor dining and to support neighborhood restaurants. supporters of the bill say that outdoor dining options during the pandemic have helped to prevent many restaurants from closing permanently. in san francisco. it is truly been a lifeline for our small restaurants and bars are too many closed permanently but without elsewhere, dining and the flexibility that the state granted. um i we would have just many, many more restaurants and bars permanently closed down, which would have been so damaging to our economy. into our neighborhoods. the bill has been passed in the state legislature is currently awaiting governor newsom signature. now, of course statewide look as a growing
12:55 pm
number of california parents with young children are packing up and moving to other states. new census bureau figures show. every county in california has seen a sharp decline. in the number of children in the past 10 years, california has gone from the 11th highest youth population in the nation in 2010 to number 26 last year. the research found many california parents with young children simply cannot afford the high cost of living in this state business owners on the peninsula so they are losing business because pg needs safety sensors are causing several power blackouts. ktvu is. tom baker spoke with the winemaker who's having power outages at his winery and tasting room. last july pg made its many many automatic fast trip sensors more sensitive in high fire threat areas. how these sensors shut the line off whenever they detect something that might make the line spark or fall into vegetation. since then there have been some 350 power outages on planned on announced instantaneous
12:56 pm
blackouts. this is the automatic tripping that's happening right now. john benedetti is founder of the santee arc. angela family wines and aramis were san benito, monterey and santa cruz counties meet his weekends only tasting room is up in pescadero are tasting room in pescadero has been down. i want to, say 4 to 5 times out of the last two months. the weekend of the 18th. he says he had some large groups scheduled in p genie without notice. cut our power at 11 a.m. so five minutes before large groups that had booked weeks in advance, drove all the way out to pescadero. we had to cancel their reservations. fortunately benedetti was able to obtain a generator for his winery. that's long had outage problems were down right now as we speak. um they went out on sunday. no yes. sunday night at about eight o'clock, and it's still down. pg and e says the system is being readjusted to
12:57 pm
minimize the number in length of outages and cause far fewer fires we've seen in approximately 50% reduction in cpc reportable ignitions. compared to the three year average, further tweaking called optimization should yield even better results. the post optimization outages are coming in smaller in most cases. and just by that there's less infrastructure to control. which then speeds up the restoration efforts of the outage. when pescadero goes out, the whole town loses business as well as internet and cell service. one thought have pg and e, bringing one of its fleet of generators to power. the town of 200 folks, plus its infrastructure. at least until the heavy tourist season ends after thanksgiving. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. a new blood donation center in san francisco is asking for more minority donors. the blood and platelet donation center
12:58 pm
opened yesterday on market street near 12th mayor london breed and state senator scott wiener were at the opening and say the new centre will provide opportunities for eligible donors of all races and ethnicities to give blood or platelets to increase the diversity of the blood supply. also helped increase the number of blood donors who are black to help patients with sickle cell disease. really thrilled also that increased focus on sickle cell disease, which is one of these very a lot of people don't realize how how destructive this disease is. the red cross says every two seconds, someone in the u. s needs a blood transfusion, including people battling sickle cell disease. people fighting cancer and trauma patients, arts programs and san francisco are getting a $12 million boost. the funding is part of the grant for the arts program, a citywide initiative that provides funding to some 250 local arts organizations annually, including those organizing and participating in parades and festivals. mayor london breed announced the
12:59 pm
funding yesterday and says the city is working on ensuring the money is spent on art organizations that serve diverse communities. well, the powerball jackpot continues to grow. no one won last night's drawing worth $549 million will pop the winning numbers up on your screen anyway 21 22 39 44 60. that powerball 12. the next drawing is tomorrow night worth some $570 billion. keep in mind. you're that winning the jackpot are one in 292 million. health officials say the recent bottle rock music festival up in napa county was not a super spreader event. 120,000 people attended that festival over the labor day weekend, they were required to provide proof they've been vaccinated or a recent negative covid test. health officials in both step. sonoma and napa county say they did not see any increase in the number of covid cases in the 14 day period. following the music festival. maybe just maybe we're beginning to get this right may be all right. well, thank you
1:00 pm
for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download. ktvu app. we'll see you again at four dot their i's starts now. oz. >> the leads are pouring in and pouring in. >> as a massive manhunt for brian laundrie continues. dog the bounty hunter joins the search. >> we're going to catch this guy. dr. oz: why dog thinks he might know where he is. >> then -- >> how the heck did that guy get out of the house? >> john walsh unleashing his fewer over the handling of gabby petito's murder. >> this is so dispickable. dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. shocking updates oth


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