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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 16, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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upcoming decision surrounding a mandate that would affect any student 12 or older. plus i just see this water gushing down our block. i'm like, what the heck is going on cleanup underway in san francisco neighborhood after water was sent pouring down the street and right into homes, and it's not the first time this has happened. the growing frustration from homeowners and a homicide investigation now underway in the city of san jose. what we're learning about the shooting and the teenager who has been arrested the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. all right. good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian. we'll start with the big step in protecting children from the coronavirus that would have parents making a choice. next tuesday. the west contra costa school district is expected to approve a resolution requiring covid vaccinations for all students, ages 12 and up the education news website ed source reports students would have until october 3rd to get the first dose. and until october 31st
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for the second students who don't comply would have to enroll an independent learning rather than attend in person classes, according to the mercury news. this proposed mandate would also apply to teachers and staff. those with valid medical or religious reasons would be exempt from the mandate but would have to be tested regularly. oakland unified school board introduced a similar resolution last week, but it has but has not voted on it. yet the fda could grant emergency approval of the find her vaccine for children under the age of 12 as early as next month, moderna. also expects to have approval for emergency use of its vaccine in children before the end of this year, and both companies say they could have vaccines approved for children as young as six months old by early next year. health officials here in the bay area say we have not had a surge in children's covid cases. but one doctor at ucsf says there are plenty of benefits to children getting vaccinated, including possibly being able to go to school without a mask. what we know and what the
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science tells us is that as soon as we can get as many people as possible, regardless of their age level, fully vaccinated, that that's going to make, um such a difference in terms of how we operate and what mitigation strategies will be necessary. marin county's office of education is already preparing for children's vaccines to be approved. it's already set a tentative date for young students to get those first vaccines that clinics on october 30th. and then the second dose would be given on november 27th. the city of millbrae considered making it mandatory to be vaccinated if you wanted to participate in outdoor activities and events, but as of this afternoon, that plan will not be moving forward. ktvu is a man who can. tana is live for us in the newsroom this afternoon and a man of some members of the community really not fans of that plan. no, they were not the city got some pushback from both business owners and residents last night. this is one of the stricter proposals that we've seen in the bay area to include both indoor and outdoor dining, exercising and entertainment. but councilman as agreed. this
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proposal needs some work. i believe contra costa county just implemented a regulation um los angeles county san francisco here. i don't think we should be overreaching. there has to be some consistency for people to follow. this proposal in millbury isn't consistent with what other cities are implementing. i've spoken to a lot of seniors and you know, a lot of them are still concerned about the delta area, even though they're vaccinated. um, and they're afraid it'll sound better. councilman anders fung introduced the idea wednesday to require vaccine proof for anywhere where people linger and have close contact like restaurants, salons and gyms, whether they're indoor or outside while he thought it might help struggling businesses, some owners feel the opposite. we've invested in outdoor dining. we've invested in safety measures, and i think there is a limit as to what we as restaurant owners can be expected to do and my staff as
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well. was. me we're not very comfortable with imposing vaccine mandates at the door, especially for outdoor dining council members also questioned which businesses would be included in this, but i want to be specific to the public. you know, i'm concerned with things like restaurants. when we talk about our basket, and robbins. i'm concerned about restaurants. we talked about starbucks who serves a sandwich and who would be there to police people let a festival or exercising outside in the public park. so where does that boundary go? i guess i'm with the vice mayor. i have more questions than i have answers for on that. many residents spoke out against the idea as well. the mayor also mentioned that the california restaurant association wrote a letter to the city, saying outdoor dining should be exempt from this mandate, according to an infectious disease expert at ucsf studies show very low transmission outside so experts don't believe that requiring proof of vaccination for outside events is necessary. right now live in the newsroom.
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amanda quintana ktvu fox two news. you have no information on a shooting at least 10 jose that left one woman dead. police say a 15 year old who was related to the victim has been arrested for last night's shooting. officers responded to reports of a person shot on story road and colmar drive around eight pm and found the woman suffering from at least one gunshot wound. she was pronounced dead at the scene. her identity has not been released. the 15 year old was arrested at the scene and booked into juvenile hall for manslaughter. the motive is still under investigation. meantime at 25 year old man has been charged in the murder of a 72 year old man in san jose. police say sherman smith tied the victim to a chair and stabbed him several times. before drowning him in a bathtub. the killing happened on monday, september 6th at an apartment on east santa clara street, right across from city hall. fremont police have released new details and video of a deadly confrontation in which an officer shot and killed a suspect. before we share the video will warn that some of it some of it is graphic and difficult to watch.
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that having been said police responded to a 911 call last month about a shooting at a mobile home park. the victims survived a short time later, the suspect was seen on video in a nearby backyard officers then spotted him on auto mall parkway, pushing a stroller, the fremont police chief shawn washington, says police dash cam video here shows the suspect reaching into the stroller for what was identified as a ghost gun and pointing it at the officer. the suspect suddenly dove towards the stroller and again reached into the seat. the suspect emerged with an object in his hand and pointed it at officer hartman. officer hartman noticed the object. the subject retrieved was a handgun, and the suspect was now pointing it at at officer hartman while motioning as if he was pulling the trigger. chief washington says the shooting was justified. the man who was shot and killed has been identified as 22 year
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old kevin johnston of hayward. police say he was wanted for a number of crimes, including carjacking and drug possession. an early morning fire badly damaged a home in lafayette and as ktvu is elissa harrington reports, firefighters had a difficult time making entry. well the fire completely gutted this home on golden gateway in downtown lafayette. i got a chance to speak with some neighbors who told me that a woman lived here with her cats. they say that she often left out food for stray cats and sometimes brought them inside. now we know that nobody was hurt. firefighters say the occupant of the house did escape. the fire was called in just after midnight here on golden gateway and second street in lafayette. large flames were seen tearing through the bottom story of the building when cruz first arrived, firefighters say. they they had trouble making entry because there were so many items stacked and cluttered in the entryway. fire reported downstairs with the occupant out front, uh during fire attack, there was a heavy fire
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load inside the building. uh due to an excessive amount of personal items inside, uh, started collapsing on my firefighters, so we had to move defensive for their safety. firefighters had to take a defensive approach. they thought the flames from the outside. the fire did quickly spread through both floors of the house, and i'm told it took more than an hour to get this under control. a second alarm was called in to protect an auto shop located next to the house. now that auto shop is okay, it is back open today. the cause of this fire remains under investigation in lafayette. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. now to san francisco, where crews spent hours cleaning up after a water main break caused flooding near homes. some people say about a foot of water entered their basements. as ktvu jana katsuyama reports. they say this was the second time that street is flooded because of a broken pipe. it was a shock to neighbors a sudden burst of water flooding the road from brunswick down to
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pope st. i just see this one gushing down our block. i'm like, what the heck is going on water from a broken pipe was flowing past parked cars and right into people's homes. one of our elderly neighbors, her basement got flooded completely. so then we decided to help her get a couple brooms, you know about the waters, firefighters and public utilities crews rushed to the spot, shutting down the road and bringing in heavy equipment to reach the pipe underground. the gushing slowed. black but neighbors along the 200 block of pope street were left with a mess, sopping wet floors, possessions in basements and garages soaked and needing to be cleaned from the mud and debris carried down by the water. i own up party rental companies to all my tables and chairs that are inside. they all got a little bit of water damage. jackie's our menu says her family had just had their basement redone. they had about a foot of water inside here when i got here earlier it was up to here. this is the second incident after stirring. grove was flooded with water last month and sfp you see, spokesman says the
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stern grove case was a broken air valve, he said. in this case, it appears the brunswick street incident was due to aging infrastructure. but 12 inch water main broke the water. main is from 1933, and we don't have an exact cost, but it's an old water. main residents say it is the second time this street has flooded because of a broken pipe, the same corner where we had to break before there's something that needs to be, i guess surveyed and make sure that. it's the problems don't become. even worse. crews say they replaced an eight ft section of cast iron pipe and they plan to be back with a pavement crew to repave the street and the sidewalk will ane whether more of this transmission line needs to be replaced in san francisco. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. no one knew in the justice department unsealed charges against dozens of suspected gang members, including some right here in the bay area. this is all part of an operation, which the justice department calls the most significant law
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enforcement action to disrupt gang activity in decades. 55 people were arrested across several jurisdictions up and down the state. some of the gang members were allegedly operating out of six california prisons. the unsealing of these cases signals the culmination. of investigations targeting members and associates of violent criminal enterprises, their criminal activities and those who facilitate these crimes in our communities across the state of california. the suspects are facing a variety of charges, including federal racketeering, a meeting tomorrow surrounding the safety of booster shots. why the issue has medical experts divided plus a person of interest is named in the search for missing florida woman gabby petito. i'm jonathan syrian north port, florida. i'll have details straight ahead and i'm keeping an eye on our chances for rain this weekend. we'll talk about that and also our air quality,
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which is degrading a little bit today, so i'll show you where you need to keep a heads up going on. by an fbi agent arent
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release. surveillance video of the incident loved oneast night outside the fruitvale avenue store where monday's shooting occurred. plainclothes agent
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who is part of a us marshals task force shot cortez. the fbi says cortez was armed. cortez is sisters argue he should have not been shot. this is somebody that was basically my twit. he uh okay. all right. he was a good person he was always smiling. the fbi declined to say whether the task force was specifically looking for cortez. his family says he was on parole for a drug related conviction and was currently working at a supermarket and supporting his three children. police have now named a person of interest in the search for gabby potato who disappeared last month while on a cross. country trip with her boyfriend. reporter jonathan siri brings us the latest from north port florida. police now naming the boyfriend of missing 22 year old gabby petito interet investigators say brian laundry is lawyering up and refusing to answer any of their questions
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were conducted on missing person investigation, and two people went on a trip and one person returned. and that person that didn't return his gabby there's only one other person that was with her 23 year old laundry had been traveling out west with petito. but quietly returned alone to his parents' home in north port, florida 10 days before his girlfriend was reported missing police in utah releasing this body camera footage showing an emotional potato with laundry on august 12 officers were responding to a 911 call reporting a domestic incident between the two. meanwhile authorities in gabby's family are urging laundry to cooperate with the investigation, but so far he's refused heart wrenching. oh, we can't. i got nothing that you know. that's my only daughter, you know, and i can't right now. i can't give her a hug. i know she needs it, and she needs help. and she's nowhere to be found. i don't know, you know. where do you
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begin? gabby's father, joe petito, expressing his frustration with laundry. one person who's supposed to be leading the charge is sitting home and his lazy boy chair, you know, not talking anybody. gabby pitino was last seen in grand teton national park in wyoming. investigators are asking anyone with information to contact the fbi in north port florida. jonathan siri ktvu fox two news. livermore police say they have arrested a high school student for making threats against the livermore high school campus. the superintendent says someone turned into student yesterday, police work through the night and made an arrest the students still in custody. police say they're confident that any possible threat was stopped. school and all activities is going on as normal today, but there is an increased police presence there on the livermore high school campus time now to check in with meteorologist kylie grogan review felt what i felt at last night as well as this morning that drop in temperatures. yes it is a little chilly out there, and i also had a little mist on my way. in shield as i was driving in this morning, but you know, since we're on fire season, i have to say i have a real appreciation for this cool weather right now. i find it a
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little comforting that we have a little extra moisture happening because our marine layer has deepened. i wanted to start though, with a look at our air quality right now, because i've noticed this morning you can see that one orange dot there that is the san rafel sensor that has dropped into the orange, meaning it's unhealthy for sensitive groups. so just a heads up. that means that the air quality index has gone above 100. there now you can see we're doing just fine in san francisco and oakland, still in the green dots, their conquered as well, livermore, too. as we had a little further south. we do get into the moderate air quality and redwood city. you can see also in san jose, but we are under that air quality advisory again today, expecting again the moderate air quality like we had yesterday so it shouldn't be unhealthy. but again if you're a person who has asthma or any respiratory issues that sandra fell sensors saying to be very careful today, here is a look at storm tracker to we're suing that doing that same son layer kind of disappeared before our eyes. but it did get to about 2000 ft this morning, so certainly a nice, deep marine layer that brought in a little bit of that
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missed that i saw on my windshield this morning, and that's making things a little bit more interesting for us. but the blue skies are on the way and certainly if you're inland as we take a look at mount diablo, and you can see here right in front of it. we're taking a look at walnut creek. it's going to be a pretty nice day out there so 60 degrees right now in santa rosa, about 58 in san francisco. that's where the clouds still are oakland as well about 64. but livermore where the sun shines rolling in 70 degrees right now for you in san jose sitting in the upper sixties, so i mentioned that the marine layer again was pretty deep this morning about 2000 ft. so that's what's going to keep these temperatures relatively cool today about a degree or two cooler than yesterday. so out of the coast, just low sixties around the bay will look at about 70 and you know, upper seventies too low eighties inland so very mild day on tap here is future cast. let's talk about about that chance of rain this weekend. as we see this pattern change here's friday night. i can see it makes its way into the pacific northwest. by the time we get to saturday morning, it's up in eureka. and then the question is, how does it hold together for us, as it makes our way to the bay area, and
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there it is, kind of overnight saturday into sunday looks like it will likely be less than 1/10 of an inch of rain in most spots. north bay will get, you know the heaviest because it's going to come in kind of northwest to southeast. but we'll take it any rain we can get. i am all for it unfortunately, on the backside of this as we get into monday and tuesday, this pattern change also sets us up for an offshore wind event. now, this would be the first one of the season and that is when we do have that dry air that rolls in that can increase fire danger. so again, that is monday into tuesday. that is the offshore flow. you hear us talk about. and so far, we don't have any watches or warnings that but we're going to keep an eye on that for you. as we had through the weekend and again that would be monday into tuesday. i'll be back in a little bit with your extended forecast for nelson it back to the desk and just a bit. thanks, sky. let's still to come this noontime restaurants selling cocktails to go. it was new, long created during the pandemic, and now restaurants wanted to stay. what we know about the two bills now sitting on the governor's chiefs of staff. a nuf
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lawmakers are calling for general mark milley to resign after excerpts of a new book by washington post journalist was released, they say during the final months of the trump administration, general milley reached out to his chinese counterpart to ease fears of a u. s attack and going so far as promising to give advanced warning to china. in the case of an attack. the pentagon says the calls were not secret in that civilian leaders were aware of what happened. i don't
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see anything that's undermining, uh, civilian control of the military. it seems to be pretty much in sync with what we're used to seeing. if it happened, he should be immediately related his duties and court martial. some members of congress have asked for millie to confirm or deny the reporting in the book, general milley is already set to testify on capitol hill on september 28th a rally to support people facing criminal charges tied to the capital riot on january six, scheduled to take place on saturday. new fencing is now installed around the u. s. capitol building fencing will also go up around the supreme court. the rally is expected to attract hundreds of people to the capitol. capitol police have already requested national guard support if the need arises. president biden delivered remarks at the white house this morning as he continued to push his build back. better plan. the president says economic recovery will be as difficult will be difficult as we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. on top of that u. s jobless claims have
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picked up to 332,000. that's up 20,000 from just last week as the delta variant ways on the economy, as i said, for a long time. coming out of this economic crisis as deep as the one we're in, was never going to be easy, but we're doing it and we can continue to do it covid supply chain issues. bad actors seeking to profit off the pandemic are all contributed to the challenges we're facing. president biden says his build back better plan will ease inflation and stimulate the economy while lowering costs for working families. new alcohol laws that went into effect during the pandemic could give a boost to restaurants in california. two bills on the governor's desk would continue to allow restaurants to sell cocktails to go and allow drinking an outdoor park. let's this needs to get papered into d process, and this bill was critical for that. and so this
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is a huge huge thing for our restaurant and bar industry to go drinks could not be delivered. they'd have to be picked up as part of a food order. also the michelin guide is back to awarding its fame. michelin stars to california restaurants. the coveted awards were paused in california during the pandemic. the ratings will be announced september 28th taking a closer alert at the return of commuters right here in the bay area, what trends transit agencies are noticing out there on the roadways. plus if you're a parent, you're really in a bind one. you don't know if your kid has it, too. you don't know where you can get the test to get it done. and then three, you know, once you find it, you're still going to have to wait anywhere protecting children from covid-19, especially those who are not eligible to get vaccinated white education and health officials say rapid covid test.
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emergency planning for kids. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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shots. as griff jenkins reports, the debate continues really over whether a third dose is actually necessary. an fda advisory committee meets tomorrow to vote on whether or not a fighter booster shot is safe for the general population. the meeting comes as the biden ministrations makes a push for boosters with plans to roll out a campaign as early as next
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week, but the issue is dividing health experts. this week, a group of international. scientist including two top fda vaccine. regulators rejected the extra shots for healthy individuals there's a small benefit and reducing severe illness or hospitalizations. if they're over age 60 under age 60 is really not very clear. and of course, there's that group of people who never got a good response who were even know suppressed. federal health regulators say they need more time to review moderna's booster application, the drug company releasing new data showing its vaccine is effective in preventing severe code. did. from new variants, but researchers say efficacy decreased over time. those who received the vaccine more recently had a lower risk of breakthrough infection. ifand ga second moderna. theories just because you feel like it's substandard. meanwhile more vaccine mandates are going into effect in los angeles county customers and employees at
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indoor bars, wineries and nightclubs will soon have to show proof they've gotten covid vaccine initiative goes into effect next month. not everyone just making it such a partisan issue, making it more of a human issue health issue, but today florida will start handing out $5000 finds. two businesses that require covid vaccine proof in washington. griff jenkins, ktvu fox two news. a new report puts new numbers on how deadly the coronavirus pandemic has been. johns hopkins university report finds about one in 500 americans has died from covid and that there have been more than 664,000 covid deaths nationwide. more than 10% of those deaths were here in california every day across the country, there are more than 139,000 positive covid tests. more than 90,000. people are hospitalized because of the coronavirus bay area. school districts are searching for
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ways to keep everyone safe until vaccines become available for young children. ktvu erasmus says the reason rapid covid tests are a big part of the solution. this is going to be the future. nine marin county schools are now part of a pilot program from the california department of health to send covid antigen test home with every student and staff member. we're going to see, um the use of, um rapid antigen testing as the answer to helping our community stay open families feel safe. anyone with covid symptoms can take the test at home and get the results in 15 minutes. the california department of health invited marine county to lead the pilot program that could become a model for schools statewide, marine county started sending home 6000 rapid tests two weeks ago. some students and staff have already used them 167 tests. so far in our pilot, and we have had one positive. many schools across the country are using rapid tests as part of a policy
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called test to stay or modified quarantine. if a student comes in contact with the positive covid case, they can stay in school. as long as they don't have symptoms. you test the child on a frequent basis. to assure that that child's uninfected and keep him or her in school that day without rapid tests, kids are sent home for an automatic 10 day quarantine. they can come back sooner if they can get their own test showing their covid negative. but that takes time. if you're a parent, you're really in a bind one. you don't know if your kid has it, too. you don't know where you can get the test to get it done. and then three. you know, once you find it, you're still going to have to wait anyway. the san francisco parent told us that his second grader missed five days of school, waiting for her test results to prove she was covid negative, and not all barry a school districts have rapid tests to offer. we would love to incorporate rapid tests are antonin test. we haven't been able to get those from the state. despite having ordered those last spring. last week president biden announced a plan to utilize the defense
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production act to make rapid test less expensive and more widely available to that many parents say yes more tests more testing. get him in the hands of parents make our lives easier. help us help everybody. marin county office of education superintendent mary jane burke says she's optimistic these tests will become more widely available soon. the plan in marin county is to expand the pilot program to families and all public private and parochial schools. by november. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news commuters across the bay area are emerging from the pandemic and slowly returning to the buses to the fairies barred and community on those highways. ktvu is tom vacar reports. the metropolitan transportation commission keeps an eagle eye on barrier transportation data. in real time. very broadly speaking, we are now running at about 90% of pre pandemic levels of traffic on the bridge is it took more than a year to
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come back, with some bridges and roadways still in recovery. we made measure this. this resettling of traffic patterns in years rather than months or weeks. but since the state officially reopened on june, the 15th there have been no additional volumes of traffic ever since people got back on the freeways first now they're finding their way back on transit that, said bart, the crown jewel of the bay area transit system. was down more than 90% when the pandemic hit, but it's still off by 75% and our ridership is slowly starting to pick back up. you know, both during the week and then on the weekend, our ridership sexually picking up quicker, smart train still down by two thirds ace train's still down by 80% bus operators are beginning to see a pickup in ridership. since school reopenings have put many students back on buses so just within the last couple of weeks,
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the sf bay ferry fleet is still hobbled by half pre democrat ridership. golden gate has less than that. however weekend passengers are coming back strong. there's no question that the workplace itself has changed. many employees are resisting going back to their offices out of fear that public transit raises their risk for covid flu and colds. yeah, i think it's covid related. um first and foremost studies show that ride sharing services are also luring passengers away from public transit. as a safer alternative to transit and better than commuting in their own cars. we are making a rational, reasonable recovery, and the signs are encouraging indeed, but there is a long, long way to go, mtc says speaker nancy pelosi was responsible for providing major pandemic aid. to transit
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systems. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. it may take a few days before recovery crews can pull up a vehicle that went over a cliff south pacifica, killing the driver. the driver was heading south when he went off highway one over that cliff and landed on the beach below. this happened just south of the tom lantos tunnels. authorities used a drone to locate the driver who was ejected from the car. they recovered the body yesterday, chp telling ktvu that highway one did reopen last night after the south, um and was closed for hours as part of this investigation. actress allison mack has begun serving a three year prison sentence in dublin for sex trafficking crimes. in july, mac pleaded guilty to manipulating women into becoming sex slaves within a cult like group in new york. at her sentencing, she apologized and renounced the cult's leader reported to the federal prison yesterday, more than two weeks before her scheduled date to surrender governor newsom back at work after defeating that recall attempt again some ktvu is greg lee reports on the governor's next big fight. still a return to business as
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usual for governor newsom hours after beating back the recall, he visited oakland's melrose leadership academy to tout the state's school reopening policies. we want to keep our kids safely back in person instruction. it's critical to get more people vaccinated, and it's critical that we have face coverings and masks. the governor also spoke to students about the importance of voting tuesday night, californians voted for him to keep his job the no. one recall winning by old land. slide. the newsom campaign nationalized the race but covid-19 at the center, they got help from national democrats like president biden and used the ground game led by labour groups. millions of personal contacts were made, uh through the courts of this election, and, in fact, those personal contacts turned the tide of this election. labor and community leaders celebrated the win and their part in it. for republicans, the result doesn't temper any of their frustration. what the state's issues. what's
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important here is that the problems california faces weren't solved by this selection. almost snus crime high gas prices wildfires, we wake up the next day committed not interested in addressing all of these pre existing conditions and challenges that the state faces and doing so head on with the special election behind us, it's hard not to look ahead to the 2022 gubernatorial race. the california gop i don't really think as as a singular face. candidates have become and gone. it's still a party that needs to focus on presenting solutions to voters instead of just complaining about the democrats. loyola marymount professor jessica levinson says the recall results put the incumbent on a clear path. all of the basics indicate the governor newsom will be able to fight off any challengers who would want to, you know, quote unquote primary him. a lot of that isn't necessarily because people just absolutely adore governor newsom but because of
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the math. in california and because of the policies that he embraces. in oakland. greg lee ktvu, fox two news still to come at noon, hundreds of pgd customers losing power once a week without any warning what pg and e says is to blame and we have a shift in our weather pattern, meaning that we have the possibility of little rain this weekend and an offshore wind event next week. we'll talk about that in your extended forecast coming up. of g
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pg any accusing the utility of being responsible for starting that fire. cal fire was investigating the cause of the dixie fire. california's single largest wildfire pg and e has told regulators that a tree leaning onto one of its power lines may have started the dixie fire. it's burned through more than 1500 square, miles and butte lesson to hama, plumas and shasta counties. it is 86% contained more than 1300. homes and other buildings have been destroyed. frustration in the north bay, a town there is losing power on average once a week without any warning. pg and e says it's part of safety measures to deactivate some lines if they're disturbed, but ktvu deborah villalon tells us one business owner says it is making it very hard to run his business. boring jones opened his market wednesday but locked up soon after when the power went out, and this is the sixth time in six weeks that they've
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cut the power on announced. lagunitas is a small town in west marin, where day long outages started in august, often 700 customers at a time, schools, homes and businesses all knocked out and so we had to put everything away. jones always rushes to get his perishable, safe and a generator running, preserving the food. but it can't power the store, so employees go home. customers are turned away. revenue lost your heart just sinks. you just go oh, god, and you don't know when it's going to be back on. people figured pg and e maintenance or tree removal was to blame. we'll be open in the morning, okay, but are learning selected lines in their case. a circuit about a mile from lagunitas have been recalibrated and will deactivate if disturbed, actual causes of the outages. whether it be a bird or squirrel. they all vary but the frequency and duration is you scum that we've implemented. the utility has sent customers emails about the
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new fast trip setting postcards also explain how the lines are more sensitive now for safety. we don't want the line to self correct itself and possibly spark a fire. so we made these adjustments on dozens of circuits and high fire threat areas across the bay area. what's tripped. a patrol has to come inspect and repair, but sometimes no malfunction or causes found realizing the outages are intentional and ongoing. jones wonders about the future of this century old store. well, how am i supposed to run a business like that? how can i run this place? no doubt, people would rather lose power, then burned down. but unlike the public safety power shutoffs, whether need not be a threat, and. there's no advanced notice the polls control themselves and they're gonna turn themselves. off that will. you don't even have an answer for that. pg and e plans to return high risk lines to normal when fire season ends in west marin, deborah villalon ktvu fox two news san francisco
12:46 pm
mayor london breed is issuing an executive directive to improve integrity and transparency in the department of building inspection in the order issued just today, mayor breed said an independent review of the department revealed quote unacceptable pattern of miss conduct in systemic failures, end quote. the executive directive includes several reforms, including providing more information for staff and the public on the city's whistle blower program and also the creation of a compliance team to identify risks and fight fraud and abuse within the department. let's see if we can't get you outside, perhaps the light jacket at least required right now, kyla grogan. yes indeed, i would say, because we do have a lot of grace guys still out there, although there are spots that are starting to see a little sunshine, and as the afternoon progresses, especially inland, we should see plenty of sun taking a live look right now about diablo. so you can see in the east bay. we're already starting to get a little sunshine out there. temperatures though they are cool. just 58 degrees right now in san francisco 60. in santa rosa about 67 wanna creek. that's right where we were just
12:47 pm
looking at that live picture and about 69 palo alto at this hour, so today will be a little cooler than yesterday by about a degree or two. but as i mentioned, we will get some really nice afternoon clearing going on. but all told temperatures cool to mild so probably topping out. you know about 81 degrees if you had all the way inland to antioch, or maybe down to livermore, but around the bay. sixties and seventies and in the north bay. you can see where they've had quite a bit of cloud cover this morning, not expected to get out of the seventies today, so all of this cool air is kind of courtesy of low pressure that's been helping to drive our marine layer deep in that marine layer. bring in that cool air. so today we will call it partly cloudy. and i think if you're out of the coast, you will be stuck with those clouds a little bit now as we get into the weekend, another low pressure system coming from the pacific northwest is going to deliver. a good chance of showers. for us. it doesn't look like an incredible amount of rain. but of course we will take anything we can get as we are still in drought conditions. so here is the system. i'm talking about tracks him from northwest to southeast. this is a real typical kind of fall
12:48 pm
pattern. and the first time we really seeing it, you can see it does start to fall apart a little bit, but we're hoping it's going to deliver the bay area at least a little bit of rain. looks like the north bay will likely get more than anyone else, and it might be about 1/10 of an inch. so it's not going to be a day lose, but a little something on the back end of that system unfortunate really? it does set us up to get some offshore wind and this would be the first offshore wind event of the season. so. that's when we get the northerly wind that's driven kind of over the mountains and down through into the valleys and that dry air can cause increased fire danger now. that will be monday into tuesday, again offshore flow that you hear us talk about here. this will be the first time this season that will be looking at it, and we'll be keeping an eye on it and tracking that for you right now. no watches or warnings up for that big and the timing for that is monday into tuesday. so tomorrow we're going to actually get just a little warmer as we clear out a little bit, and then we'll cool down as we head through the weekend and we get into that chance of rain. and then we go into monday notice temperatures going up again on monday. we look out for the potential of a little offshore wind and some
12:49 pm
fire danger guys back to you. alright, kyla, thank you for that. let's talk baseball here. the oakland a's still with a chance to make the postseason but they need to win. win more. and today they're actually up 4 to 2 right now inelp oakland bua big lead last night.but once again, the bullpen faltered. nearly let another game slip away. the aides gave up 17 hits and still won that one last night. they remain 3.5 games. back of that last wild card spot, the final game of the with this week's four game series between the giants and the padres just got underway there on the top of the first. out of the ballpark in san francisco, the giants trying to start a new win streak after their nine game streak ended last night with a 9 to 6 loss to the padres giants it for solo home run since positive but the pond raise at 16 hits, including a homer and six doubles giants remain a game and a half up on the dodgers in the n l. west. kevin gausman on the hill for the giants this afternoon. still to come at you, chase center in san
12:50 pm
francisco hosts its first concert in almost two years, but guests were greeted with changes what to expect if you plan to attack and an event at that signature. the inspiration r
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
crews successfully launched from kennedy space center last night. it is heading for historic heights. it's the first all civilian private crew that's had training to get into space. the crew will orbit 360 miles above earth circling the planet. every 90 minutes. the three days in space will be spent conducting experiments before returning to earth. it's going to be the highest that any humans have gone into orbit since the hubble servicing missions and in fact, there will be above the current orbit of the hubble and above the current orbit of the international space station. spacex and the civilian crew hope this flight will help promote the idea of space travel for people who never thought they'd be astronauts
12:54 pm
and open up the field of science. it's an engineering to all. during this hispanic heritage month. ktvu is proud to highlight latino role models in the bay area. christian camarillo is what the san jose police department he was born in san jose to mexican immigrants, and he's now a sergeant and the media relations supervisor. also officer rita perez is a san jose native. she says she is living her childhood dream protecting the streets where she grew up. i love this job because we do have these moments where there are difficult moments and people need us in crisis. but then a lot of it's just speaking of people communicating deescalating, um, building trust. getting better hispanic heritage month was first observed in 1968 and runs september 15th through october 15th. seasonal tradition is underway in san francisco's mission district. ktvu is christian captain takes us inside the mission community market. in the middle of one of
12:55 pm
san francisco's densest neighborhoods. the mission community market is an oasis of fruits, vegetables and prepared foods celebrating the richness of the chicano and latino cultures. yeah brittle them and try them out how much emanuel galvin from barletta selling massa traditional ingredient for mexican cuisine will end up making tortillas where actually is. black hoyos to tell us other massive based food items, he says. selling here in the heart of the mission district is a way to share and celebrate his chicano food and heritage. that's why i chose to be. this market here specifically in the mission was because there is a latino audience. there's a chicano audience. there's also a lot of new faces here that you know, maybe chose this neighborhood because of its heritage. the blueberry in order flower tres leches. do you still have that? yes richelle goldman sells traditional mexican pastry with a modern twist, keeping alive an important tradition passed down from generation to generation. my experience with panda was like we were
12:56 pm
gathering around my grandmother's house in mexico city. uh and maybe in that time would come around. someone would run out to the bakery and bring back you know, a bag full of bamboo, and everyone would grab their favorites. now, she says the mission community market is allowing her her to continue that tradition sharing pandu say with those who want to learn and those who already know and love them, all the locals that you see coming through and people coming up and saying, like we're so happy to see pelusa here in the market because a lot of the bakeries have closed down during that time, so it just it helped me reconnect a lot of things that i think i was missing. customers say food is important, culturally and coming together to share those traditions and share them with others should be celebrated. this is our little par or our culture that we are so rich, you know, but basically what do you say? you know the food the drink the music, you know, it's a big part of our culture. and
12:57 pm
it's not just prepared foods. the market is filled with the smell of fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables. bali arena has been traveling from watsonville every week to sell his organic produce here for more than a decade, he says, while he routinely sells at other farmers markets, there's something special about the mission community market. this is how your neck market for us. i mean, it's like a family type market for you can see the kids with their parents or the kids. when they leave the school. they won't ah, it's just like your market on, and, uh we really enjoy it with all the fresh fruits and vegetables. the mission community market is seasonal, running from three till seven on thursdays from march through november in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news. san francisco's chase center hosted its first concert in almost two years. the musical group tame impala kicked off the fall concert lineup. all fans, ages, 12 and up have to show proof of
12:58 pm
vaccination for all big events that chase center masks are also required. jason will host several concerts in the coming months, including michael look, homes and the eagles. a new music festival is set to take place on mayor island this saturday. organizers originally to attend the mayor island dock of the bay festival, but they've downsized to 2000 attendees due to the corona. virus. it will feature three tribes grammy award winning artist oakland's own fantastic degree, too, as well as groups such as them vibes and newmont. soon there will be jazz and acoustic stages featuring local bay area bands. this could be probably the best year to experience this festival. and we spared no expense with what this festival is going to produce. you don't even have to drive a ferry will take people from san francisco marin county to the venue. general admission $75. you have to be vaccinated or show a recent negative covid test to get in a plaster county school is back open after a bear was spotted near the school will pop up some video. it's hard to see this bear up in a tree
12:59 pm
relaxing will push ints had to shelter in place. they auburn city manager says that animal sightings like this one are common, t, uh, right there in the middle of the day, usuay trees about that $1000 artificial christmas trees. that's right. it could possibly happen this season supply chain disruptions are making them more expensive. balsam hill in redwood city is a company that sells medium to high end trees online and in stores and, according to the wall street journal, it raised prices by 20 points. sent on average. where the list price pushing $1000 or more to buy one of their premium trees, now, part of the reason for the hiking prices that container shipping rates to transport the trees have hit the industry hard. no way in my spending $1000 on an artificial trade, but it really nice live one is the $100 right there and keep the artificial for 10 years and well about dollar cost averaging. i agree. it's the process taking the family and
1:00 pm
the rig and going to get it. there you go. thanks for our time is gone. thanks for joining us next newscast. is it for? it's there for a month, dr. oz: next "oz" --a month, >> i'm on track to hit 30 children this year. dr. oz: the spermi nator is back. he's got 93 kids and counting. you had over 100 of my viewers reach out to you to help fertilize them to have children. how many children will be enough for ari nagle. then, will prince andrew face criminal charges? how did guy rain maxwell get a black eye? the jeffrey epstein fallout continues. ♪ dr. oz: serial sperm donor ari nagle said it's his life


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