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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 25, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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dose johnson and johnson vaccine what new data reveals about the effectiveness of its covid-19 booster shot then evacuation flights out of kabul are continuing but it's not clear for how long we'll have the latest on the crisis in afghanistan as the conditions there continued to worsen as we approach next week's deadline to pull out then you're having a pizza and there's ashes landing in your pizza caliber fire continues to be closer to south lake tahoe will take a look at the impact on businesses there and why people are being told to stay away the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach johnson and johnson is releasing new data about the effectiveness of its covid-19 vaccine as a booster shot this is vaccination rates increase across the country. jonathan serrie as the story. johnson and johnson reports a booster dose of its covid-19 vaccine generates a strong immune response the drugmaker says
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people who received the additional shot saw a nine fold increase in antibody levels compared to one month after their first dose j and j says it's in discussions with the fda and cdc about the need for offering a booster of its vaccine. public health officials are currently developing a booster strategy for americans who received fighters or moderna's facts. in. we will mobilize the unprecedented level of federal support we have provided states pharmacies and other partners the announcement comes as more people roll up their sleeves to get their initial shots the white house says daily numbers of americans getting their first dose increased 70% since mid july vaccination rates also rose in states that were lagging behind, such as alabama arkansas and louisiana the vaccines are still protecting against death and hospitalization. in which you are seeing a rise of both. there is a renewed urgency to get people vaccinated as the
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delta variant spreads hospitals in larger cities say they're pulling in patients from other states overwhelming covid wards and intensive care units it's still hard. anyone got i mean, i have no doubt we're gonna survive this. we're going to keep going. but yeah, it's hard here in georgia governor brian kemp sent members of the national guard to assist hard hit hospitals in atlanta jonathan siri ktvu fox two news, san jose city leaders approved a controversial ordinance that requires anyone to show proof of vaccination before entering a city owned facility for an event ktvu azenith smith shows us the tension inside the room leading up. to that vote no mandates no dangerous vaccines outside san jose city hall opponents of the mayor's proposed vaccine mandate came out in droves taking their frustration inside
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city hall chambers, most refusing to wear masks once inside the chambers. chaos unfolded. yeah as chance of a recall erupted the mayor and city council retreated to safety as police escorted the crowd out of the building. audience capacity was capped to a few dozen i certainly appreciate and understand that people are frustrated. we're all frustrated this pandemic has gone on so long the mayor's mandate visitors and staff of events of 50 or more people must show proof of vaccination at city owned buildings like the s a p center the mckendry convention center and center for performing arts, the mayor, calling it the right thing to do. we've got to follow the data we've got to follow the science make the best decisions to protect our residents that data shows and santa clara county since last week new cases are up. 29% 10 new. deaths the mayor says the spread of the delta variant is too risky it is not your decision to tell me what to do
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with my body more than 100 speakers spoke during public comment in person and virtually most against the mandate, citing their own personal freedoms and religious beliefs i do honour your authority your position but when you cross the line and that's what you're doing with people in the first amendment you guys got to study the constitution it's amazing it's amazing thing. you all are raising a sleeping giant. we will not take this anymore we are pushing back despite the pushback and contention jimenez yes umbrellas yes and a unanimous vote city leaders voted to move forward with the mandate i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news beneath is now the only city in solano county with an indoor mask mandate the beneath a city council last night approved a measure requiring people to wear face masks inside public buildings within the city, regardless of their vaccination, stat. yes, solano county is the only bay area county without a countywide mask mandate. the
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council realized that, uh the county was never going to adopt a mask mandate and there was sufficient community concern about that. the way i heard from a number of people. why didn't you do this earlier? why it takes so long to get to this point the mandate takes effect immediately it applies to everyone ages four and up six days left until the august 31st deadline in afghanistan and the talent band says it will ensure safe passage for americans as long as they have passports reporter trey yingst as the story hey, the situation in kabul remains tents as thousands of people wait at the airport, hoping for an evacuation flight but time is running out president biden says he's sticking to his august 31st withdraw deadline claiming the u. s can get all its citizens and allies out on time. we're going to stand shoulder to shoulder. of our closest partners to meet the current challenges we face in afghanistan last week, the white house said. more than 11,000 americans were still in afghanistan and yesterday the
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pentagon said only 4000 have been evacuated a growing number of allies now say they're unlikely to complete their own withdraws by the 31st but staying behind isn't an option if the u. s military pulls out, leaving the airport. defenceless i don't believe we should leave bagram airbase while american citizens are still there, that's a really important aspect not a unilateral withdrawal you know, within days with our tail between our legs. for now, the taliban is extending its control over kabul and the surrounding area telling afghans outside the airport that their safety is guaranteed and they should go home but the u. s and nato partners still control air traffic in and out of the capital. and they're insisting they won't leave until the job is finished and they've actually absolutely being committed to the task um, always set through to end the taliban rejecting any extension of the military withdraw saying they will allow commercial flights out of kabul after the deadline in doha tree angst ktvu fox two news now to the wildfires, winds are pushing smoke from the cow door fire
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right into the tahoe basin air quality index readings are ranging from very unhealthy to hazardous the cow door fire group. five square miles overnight it is now at 197 square miles containment remains at 11% more than 2500 firefighters are working to keep flames from populated areas such as pollock pines kippers and wineries in amador county. the fire spread has slowed a little bit, but it's still spreading very fast and spilling spreading in very difficult country so we have the heavy resource commitment on that west bend in there to help mitigate some of that threat to the structures to the communities to the agriculture to all those things that are still out there, firefighters are also keeping an eye out for those spot fires cow fires said just last night that it contained a spot fire that had started just north across highway 50. the calgary fire is leading to closures and cancellations in the tahoe area reporter britney hope has a look at the impact this is having on business and tourism driving through south lake
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tahoe and across the state line the usually packed area now a ghost town filled with smoke from the kaldor fire you can't really describe it to someone from where we're from that you know you're having a pizza and there's ashes landing in your pizza is that mine? this new york family making the best of their vacation by sticking on masks and playing cards on this quiet patio we are from ecuador, south america um we had planned this like some months in advance this couple was going to be in tahoe for a few nights now they're headed to yosemite where wildfires are further away. the few people in south lake walking around with masks on tight. as the area bears down a long term closure due to the wildfire smoke. take a look here. heavenly is going to be closed for the remainder of the summer that means all of its attractions are not happening you can see that made clear here by all these red dots the gondola's at a standstill the u s force service shut down the tahoe
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national forest and the lake tahoe basin management unit. because of the extreme fire conditions state, federal and some private beaches are also closed a bit inland. the end of the day. it wasn't even a question we just had to do what was right the myers mountain market will not happen and was canceled last week as well. organizers say the event brings in over 40 vendors and around 4000 people weekly. if you have a market, people come. and you don't want to be the person who hosts the market and people are coming out and 405 100 a q. i. down the road the owner of fres kana mexican bistro says his business is struggling because of all the smoke it's impacted as tremendously whereas contemplating every day to stay open to a close tim kaine has lived here for nearly 50 years it's a problem he says, is sadly becoming a yearly ordeal. unfortunately august seems to
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be the month of the smoking taro for the last five years. six years britney hope reporting we have much more on the wildfires across california on our website head to ktvu .com slash wildfires helping people affected by fires in lake county more on the recovery center now open for those who lost homes in the cash fire and how the new approval for a major disaster declaration will also help the victims plus, we're three weeks away from the recall election here in california and those supporting the gun. julie haener as well as those looking to unseat him are hitting the campaign trail we're going to take a closer look at the efforts being done right here in the bay area and one more day of cooler temperatures and then a warm up is on the way we're going to check in with meteorologist mark tamayo has the forecast
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off to u c. berkeley sky fox has given us this live picture over campus u c. berkeley p d sent out a tweet a short time ago, saying people are being told to avoid the area of say either gate until further notice this is on the southern entrance to the u. c. berkeley campus protesters as you can see here currently blocking the gate holding a sign that reads defense people's park we are told that these protesters have agreed to allow disease. old students with mobility impairments through the gate,
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but any other student being turned around people are being told to plan and alternative route to reach their classrooms or halls on campus if that's their final destination sky fox again giving us this live picture right now over the cal campus protests underway as some students are not being allowed to enter campus through the say their gate will continue to follow this developing story for you cal campus as we get more information, of course, we'll bring it to you were now three weeks away from the recall election, and the campaign is heating up, a group of local democratic leaders including the mayors of oakland and berkeley, gave their pitches to white voters should keep governor gavin newsom in office. ktvu demagogues has the latest as both sides bring their campaigns here to the bay area. no worry with 20 days left working class families teamed up with local elected officials to urge voters to vote no on the recall the election is estimated to cost $276 million wasteful spending say democrats how incredibly wasteful. for the state how
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much would we be able to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars at taxpayers are having to pay for this to fight wildfires to invest in public safety to invest in real permanent housing solutions polling data shows a close race among the pack of republicans running to oust governor newsom. but conservative radio host larry elder has emerged as the frontrunner elder has claimed. if elected, he'd repeal the state's mask and vaccine mandates when you vote no on this recall. you are voting no on eliminating a minimum wage you are voting no on taking away choice you are voting no on taking away life saving health orders like wearing a mask former olympic gold medalist and reality tv personality caitlyn jenner has called for elder to drop out of the race after elder came under fire for his comments about women his ex girlfriend is also accusing him. which he denies
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that he bridged a gun at her. jenner calls herself pro vaccine and says she's gotten vaccinated herself but opposes the government mandate we are free people in this country that decision should be made between yourself. and your doctor that's the only people not government republican candidates kevin faulconer and caitlyn jenner are both campaigning in the bay area today, and vice president kamala harris will be campaigning for governor newsom in the bay area this friday reporting in oakland emma goes ktvu fox two news, san francisco's stern grove is now closed until further notice because of a water main break both stern grove and pine langer closed while crews work on the ruptured water main on slow boulevard video from citizen. app shows the scene here you can see a geyser and water covering the grounds of stern groves from monday the department of public works said the pipeline had to be emptied to repair the break recreation and parks department has not
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yet said of flooding from the rupture will affect the stern grove concert planned for sunday featuring tower of power and too short let's get you outside because today is going to be the last mile day mark tamayo temperatures are taking up very soon, aren't they? yeah, that is the weather headline bike and gaziantep richer as a training up quite it, but you'll notice that change tomorrow but the heat really builds in as we head into friday and saturday so graphically been trying to kind of describe the changes this week and kind of had a break from the heat over the past a few days basically for over a week right now, because see what happens temperatures slowly going up a bit today not much but then in the thursday and friday that's when things will be heating up around here looks like as we head into the weekend the hottest locations will be approaching. maybe, uh, 100 degrees, so yeah, we are expecting the heat. they will come back into the picture not across the entire region the coast in the sixties to the seventies around the bay mid seventies to the eighties and learn neighborhoods on track to reach 93 98 degrees could be flirting with 100 degrees as we
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had into the weekend checking out the satellite once again, unfortunately were shown you smoke plume out toward the cow door fire which is drifting into a lake tahoe once again this afternoon in fact there's her idea of what's happening with that smoke plume and unfortunately as a sign of more fire activity, more fire growth and unhealthy air toward the entire tahoe basin at least our quality for us right now we are okay and the yellows and the greens you can see the unhealthy air out in the sierra of those reds and purples showing up once again this afternoon. current numbers out there after somewhat of a cool morning temperatures are recovering nicely in a few spots for wall that creek and conquered in the seventies. san jose 68 oakland mid sixties and sant santa rosa 61 degrees here's a live camera it's like it's going in and out but you get the idea here. we do have some fog back in the picture right near the immediate coastline and still a bit of some hamza paying us a visit once again it is a nice to warm
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wednesday we're kind of showing you the upper level wind pattern as well. so with those winds. that fire the fire is burning out out the dixie firing the called or fire you just get an idea here that windt is pushing all the smoke out of the bay area pushing it out to the east and to the north and east for us, though we are expecting that hot weather pattern to build as we've been talking about for friday and saturday near 100 degrees well inland this weekend of course we have to keep an eye on the fire danger for today. more sunshine some areas of coastal fog partly cloudy skies right around san francisco and no major heat. for today we're just thinking some sixties seventies and some eighties later on this afternoon here is look ahead your five day forecast warmer england for your thursday you see temperatures at least into the upper nineties maybe going with 100 degrees by friday and saturday and then we'll bring in some slight cooling by by the second half of the weekend and into next week, so at least we're not talking about an extended period of hot weather but definitely temperatures heating up by friday and into
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saturday we'll make it through mark tamayo. thank you. still to come at noon. triple shooting turns deadly in east contra costa county will have the latest on the investigation underway, including condition of the two people who survived house speaker nancy pelosi pushes the president's budget priorities forward despite the fallout over afghanistan i'm lauren blanchard on capitol hill i'll have more on the key votes still ahead, coming up. isg
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that left one person dead and two others injured in an unincorporated area near brentwood. deputies responded to a report late yesterday afternoon of gunfire at a home on brentwood boulevard they found two gunshot victims in front of the home and the body of a third person was inside the house. the two survivors were taken to a hospital for treatment no word yet on their conditions or the connections they might have to that third person a woman has filed a lawsuit against the solano county sheriff's department accusing deputies of knocking her unconscious. is during a traffic stop obviously card, please. okay but get back in the car. tape our transferred back to your head really my right king, six stars and 30 him. back. put your hands. mind your back put your hands behind your back, not missing. you're being detained so the deputies say the woman was pulled over for driving a vehicle with two different license plates they say kia porter got out of her
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vehicle right after being stopped and then went to the passenger side and right back to the driver's side of the vehicle that's when two deputies say they tried to handcuff for in all three struggled. his officers came in with guns drawn without cause and took her into custody and beat her up without cause in front of her family she hopped out of the car was non compliant refused to get back in the car. stomach woman's attorney says this was unnecessary force after porter was punched by deputies the sheriff's office says that porter slipped out of her handcuffs and hit a deputy in the face before that officer struck her. the house of representatives is one step closer to passing a bill to fund what it's calling the human infrastructure projects lauren blanchard is on capitol hill to explain what it would pay for on this vote. the ayes at 220 the nays are 212 the resolution is adopted the house narrowly approved the democrats plan to draft a $3.5 trillion bill with social priorities
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like child care medicare expansion and climate crisis funding. we're a step closer to truly investing in american people president biden began his remarks on afghanistan tuesday first praising speaker nancy pelosi for bringing together house democrats it was a team effort for us to win the vote moderates were concerned the senate's bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill was being shelved speaker pelosi has committed to voting on the traditional infrastructure package by september, 27th. and passing both bills by october. 1st the steam that was in our caucus was to get this done for the president for the american people, but republicans are angry over the combined price tag of the bills and that congress and the president aren't fully focused on afghanistan he was wasting precious time this week burning the phones up, pressuring democrats. to vote for a $5 trillion spending bill and tax bill that's what he was wasting time on. speaker pelosi wants lawmakers to figure out how to
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pay for the $3.5 trillion bill and noted whatever they pass has to fit within the rules of the senate on capitol hill, lauren blanchard ktvu fox two news still to come in noon the flu shots starting to roll out here in the bay area we take a closer look at the concern about this upcoming flu season especially with more people back at school and work plus. we haven't had any major impacts obviously, the vines struggle a bit and more in drought years harvest season underway for some wineries in livermore valley what owners are saying about. with thousandss
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trying to leave the country still, us secretary of state antony blinken just said as many as 1500 americans are waiting to be evacuated from afghanistan before next tuesday's deadline 4500 have already been flown out more than 10,000 more people are still at the kabul airport waiting to depart, and now there's an isis threat to attack crowds outside the airport. we will continue to evacuate needed populations all the way to the end. if. we have to, and we need to if uh if you're an evacuee that we can get out we're going to continue
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to get get you out 31st right up until the end. we know there are a lot of desperate people who want to leave, and that's why we are working as fast as we can. the taliban has extended its control over kabul and the surrounding area the united states and nato partner still control air traffic in and out of the area and are insisting they'll continue evacuations. beyond the deadline if needed. bay area man is at home this afternoon after evacuating afghanistan ktvu is amber lee has his story this is video key. hamadan safi says he took as he was walking towards the u. s military plane at the kabul airport. once on board a military service woman through earplugs at him and the hundreds crammed inside the plane that was flying them out of afghanistan well, people were associate the crying the they lived the family behind they worry about what's going on in the country safi says. he immigrated to the us 10 years ago after serving in the afghan national army the bullets right
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here that he says a bullet is still lodged in his neck from an ambush that killed two of his brothers after his debilitating injury. he says he became a security chief working with the u. s military safi says he returned to afghanistan in july to care for his father who was ill it's my father he says his father also works with the u. s government now, saffi says he's concerned for his safety and other relatives who haven't been able to leave afghanistan my father's work shoulder by shoulder with us army, so why should lose my father? for what a bomb has severely damaged his father's offices? saffy tells me this is video he took of a taliban member striking a friend as saffy and that man tried to make their way to the airport saffi says it took days before he finally got inside with a u. s passport but without his relatives i have a strong pain inside it's going to hurt me inside back home here in san
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leandro as of friday with his children savvis daughter tells me she's grateful for her father's safe return and that she's in the u. s. if i were like still in afghanistan in i won't know nothing never, like had a great life like inside of a cage. safy is contacting us lawmakers to try to help relatives escape. i'm american citizen i have a good life so what about me? i can't i can't do anything because of my family. can't go to bed. i can't sleep safi tells me he's getting support from a us military commander he befriended while they worked together in afghanistan he hopes to get special visas expedited for his relatives in san leandro amberleigh ktvu fox two news san mateo congresswoman jackie speier is supporting president biden and his decision to get out of afghanistan the congresswoman says she believes the president is doing what he has to do to meet the deadline that has
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already been extent. it from its original date back in may for all concerned about the likelihood of isis or al qaeda to provide some kind of a. an actionable, um warlike activity that could injure or kill american soldiers so, um it's a very tough situation right now. congresswoman spear also said the taliban and showing some of the brutality it was known for when it previously ruled the country pointing to the fact that taliban forces now say they will not allow any more afghans to go to the airport in kabul to be evacuated silicon valley congressman ro khanna says his highest priority is getting us citizens and afghan partners to the us safely. we still have a number of cases i mean that, uh you're just heartbreaking one american citizen kidnapped in uh in in afghanistan whose son i spoke to just hours ago. and uh cases
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of people whose uncle is their cousins are there i mean there are a lot of people so we have to get out. but the congressman held a town hall meeting on afghanistan last night telling his constituents his office will keep working past the deadline to help families escape. we are still going to be working with the state department and we're not going to think that just because our military isn't there, that somehow we're writing off people who are still there who need to get out the congressman is urging people to reach out directly to his office if they have loved ones who want to leave afghanistan johnson and johnson announced its tested the use of its single dose vaccine as a booster for people who've already had one dose of the j and j vaccine. the company says it's seen as strong immune response for eight months after the first immunization and says people who had a second dose eight months after the first had a very strong response johnson and johnson reports the antibody rate increased nine
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times as much as the number produced after the first shot with the second the company says it carried out the tests in case boosters are needed later. delta airlines will add a $200 monthly health insurance charge for all unvaccinated staff members. it's the first major airline to take this step to encourage its workers to get vaccinated the new policy was outlined in a company memo sent by the airline ceo earlier today. it takes effect november 1st delta will also require weekly testing for employees who are still unvaccinated starting september 12 firefighters are getting a better handle on the dixie fire. it has burned more than 700,000 acres has been burning now for 42 days, but it only grew. 2.5 square miles overnight crews are strengthening control lines around the fire and containment rose to 45% in plumas county sheriff deputies are escorting people to their properties so they can assess the damage today. the city of clear lake is opening up a recovery center for those who lost property in the cash fire there in lake county the center the clear lake community center will
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offer information on debris removal including hazardous material clean up that fire destroyed at least 60 homes this new center will also offer help with get replacement driver's license a car registration local food resources an emotional support the center will be open through friday president biden has approved california's request for a major disaster declaration california leaders requested the support on monday to help the state battle these fires the declaration allows people in affected areas to get help with housing with counseling and medical services it also helps local governments with the cost to fight the fires. the request approved yesterday is specific to the dixie and river fires san francisco schools may spend nearly $3 million to put air purifiers in classrooms ktvu christian captain says wildfires burning across california make this effort even more urgent with more than 50,000 students of pandemic and wild fires burning throughout the state, san francisco's school board is poised to vote on purchasing as many as 3700
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air purifiers to distribute to classrooms throughout the city parents say they've been waiting on the district to take this step. it was shocking to me too. walking to school this year to see that there was no mitigation besides open windows that there were no air purifiers in the classroom the city's school reopening policy says classrooms have to provide adequate ventilation to help prevent covid transmission the district currently has about 700 air purifiers in about 10% of the classrooms so in most schools, ventilation means simply opening the windows tonight we're going to the board of education to request $2.9 million to buy another huge shipment. a portable air cleaners that will again use for both wildfire smoke but also to continue our covid-19 prevention deployment if the board approves the new units would come in waves but the first wave installed in some classrooms in about two weeks the district saying it understand that there may be frustration but that has been working hard to reopen schools safely we are a school just
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strike that has we've had intense deadlines and limited resources and we needed to make very strict priorities in our priority was covid-19 prevention. and compliance with department of public health guidelines sf usd says it had to work out those reopening details then research which units would work well enough to clean the air and not overtax schools electrical systems other districts including fremont mount diablo and oakland have already made the move to either install filters or purifiers in their schools one of the things the school district is trying to avoid is a patchwork network of air purifiers purchased by well intended parents the district says those units can be expensive and impossible. to maintain instead, they're urging parents who want to help out to contribute to spark sf public schools a non profit aimed at channeling charitable efforts and making them work for the city schools in san francisco christian caftan ktvu fox two news smoke has been a concern for many wineries, and today it was actually the first day of harvest for some wineries in the livermore
12:39 pm
valley as ktvu is elissa harrington reports workers around the vineyards before sunrise. we spent the morning at the last post status vineyards here and liver more for the first day of harvest winemakers tell me they're excited about this year's variety of grapes but the drought and wildfires. have posed some challenges. great pickers got to work before sunrise at the lost pacy does vineyard in livermore. they used small hooks to cut bunches of grapes from the vine and loaded them into a crate. these are vered elo grapes used to make a white wine they were sorted and pressed and in about 10 months from now will be available for sale in a bottle words dumping out the bin into what's called elevator or conveyor that takes the whole clusters up to a machine called a december what that does gently knocks the berries off the stems. the berries fall into the pump which then goes to our press. this is what we
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look forward to all season long the vineyard manager said. the harvest started about a week earlier than usual this year, while conditions were mostly favorable they did have to make adjustments because of the drought the drought has really changed how we irrigate and with the water restrictions um, we have to judiciously time napa irrigation with the stage of the mind. there are a lot of. spectacular wine regions in northern california but winemakers tell me the livermore valley is pretty special but there's something about livermore that just has this beautiful humble quality to it the community is just amazing everyone is so supportive i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. still to come at noon. updated guidelines when it comes to diabetes screenings the new age health officials say that you should start getting tested for diabetes and how doctors are hoping this change will help save lives then one more day of these nice cool temperatures then a warm up is on the way ktvu meteorologist mark miles up
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next and he
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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year, the cdc reported the mildest flu season on record as most people were still staying home during the pandemic this season there are more in person events children are back in the classroom, where workers have been returning to the office. health experts are reminding everyone to get the flu shot in hopes of preventing a surgeon both covid and flu patients
12:44 pm
which could overwhelm hospitals for the first time in six years, doctors are issuing new protocols when it comes to screening for type two diabetes. marianne raft. pretty as the story health officials releasing new potentially lifesaving guidelines for americans at risk of developing type two diabetes according to the us preventative services task force, overweight and obese people should be tested for diabetes earlier than ever before starting at the age of 35 instead of 40. this advisory comes as the nation continues seeing a dramatic increase in obesity levels with three and four americans now considered either overweight or obese and obesity is a major factor in the development of this disease so if we can control the body weight that we can definitely improve the diabetes the centers for disease control and prevention says more than 34 million americans currently have diabetes but medical experts say a growing number of younger americans are being diagnosed with the disease.
12:45 pm
with 14% of people 18 years end up confirmed as diabetic meanwhile another obesity related illnesses on the rise as the world health organization says hypertension or high blood pressure now affects 1.3 billion people. this is one of the most deadly diseases hypertension greatly increases your chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke. the most recent data finds roughly one in three people worldwide died from heart disease related issues including hypertension back in 2019 the w h o says diabetes and an unhealthy diet can contribute to hypertension adding people in less developed nations usually lack the resources to test and treat the condition marianne rafferty, fox news. community leaders in san francisco's chinatown say the air quality there is getting worse air quality regulators and community groups came together yesterday to discuss ways to improve the air, the city's chinatown
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district is the densest residential area in all of san francisco advocacy groups say families are often cramped together in small apartments with poor ventilation. with the advent of covid knowing that air and aerosols are the primary transmit transmission method of covid and, of course with the added impact of wildfires air quality has never been a more important topic 13 filter last year a regulator started an air monitoring program to educate young people about ways to improve air quality. they say young people can share the information with their parents and grandparents knew it knew the santa clara valley water district is releasing new images of its reservoirs as water levels reached historic lows. we'll pop them up here so you can see the stark difference from 2017 to now the reservoirs were considered full four years ago on average there now at 12.5% capacity the south bay water agency says the images show the extreme and exceptional drought conditions and what that's done
12:47 pm
to local water supplies the district already mandated a 15% water use reduction but says even tighter restrictions could be implemented. if the drought last into next year. it's a sitelity that we are living in here, mark and man, we need a big winner i think, obviously looking ahead. yeah absolutely yeah. and you know, it's always have to assume a drought will continue to see it to prepare for you to plan for it but but hopefully yeah, we can get things going this winter it's always nice to get those early season storms as well but kind of getting ahead of ourselves right now because it's still august we start to get through august september and some times in october we have seen a few us systems kind of moving to the bay area, so we'll be watching out on at least the storm to active safe that could deliver but of course here in the berry today we've been dealing with somewhat of a cooler pattern not only for today but over the past few days our live camera checking out the golden gate bridge where we do have we actually had some fog this morning clearing back to near the shoreline so the marine layer keeping the temperatures
12:48 pm
in check and our air quality has been improving somewhat as well as we take a look at the graphics right now though we'll show you this, and we're looking out toward that they liked ho area of course they're dealing with hazardous levels with with the smoke moving in in fact, just just sampling a few of the pictures from this morning across the sierra and they're all kind of tell the same story big smoke plume settling in over the tahoe basin and unfortunately air quality continues to be a big issue as they continue to watch the activity with the called or fire. here's the forecast the future cast right around the fire zone and you'll notice those winds do pick it up this afternoon out toward twin bridges the southwest could be over 20 miles an hour. here we are this afternoon and then as we take this into what your thursday you'll notice the winds each day. they kind of switch around you can see that window coming in out of the east in the morning and then gradually kind of shifting out of the west into the afternoon hours, so it's a typical daily thing and the sierra that's what we have over the next few days, satellite showing you this. we had the low clouds and
12:49 pm
fog, but it looks like we have some clearing near portions of the coastline this afternoon san francisco checking in 62 oakland mid sixties san jose 68 some seventies well inland we'll call it a nice to warm wednesday, this area of low pressure keeping our temperatures and check for one more day beginning tomorrow though, that will be the transition day for your thursday as we begin our warming trend, but the temperature is really heating up as we head into friday saturday and possibly into sunday as well, so it looks like temperatures definitely going up. by that time frame. today we get a break from the heat you can see only in the mid sixties in san francisco some seventies up in the north bay warm spots inland. no triple digits not much in the way of nineties were just thinking some low to mid eighties this afternoon here is a look ahead. your five day we could be tracking some haze once again, not only with the wildfire smoke but also just in general at this pattern setting up that kind of puts a lid on the atmosphere so all the pollutants get kind of trapped near the surface so that is some haze possible over the next few days, but definitely some heat. back in the picture
12:50 pm
for friday and saturday even into sunday, looks like we'll gradually cool things off, though into early next week, mark thank you the dixie fire in northern california has been burning for more than 40 days now and as firefighters worked day and night to fight the flames others are working to support those first responders celebrity chef and restauranteur guy fieri is one of the many people volunteering to help those firefighters on the front lines. he and his foundation are feeding crews assigned to the dixie fire up in lassen county and the santa rosa. we have asked our own south castigated to help him out so today on mornings on two, they told us all about their work in helping to feed some 2201st responders last night we sent a bunch of food off site there's a lot of first responders that can't make it to the base camp, so we sent it to fire lines we set it to a lot of the sheriff's departments chp that were out blocking roads. and then we had a huge group that came through here and it was it was. it was a great day for everybody. you caught up with the two as they were back at work handling breakfast for all those
12:51 pm
firefighters this morning they say it is nothing compared to the work the fire crews and publ s the front lines still to come a ruling by an alameda county judge that affects how many students can enroll at u. c berkeley. we take a closer look at the reason behind the new freeze and how the colleges new freeze and how the colleges respon this is an epic bbq barbeque burger. cannonball! ♪ ♪ what? nothing, you're good. face is good. face is good. your face is there. try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day.
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history month mayor london breed signed the proclamation at his ceremony at city hall yesterday the date is significant as the anniversary of a riot against police harassment in the city back in 1966 san francisco has a long history of supporting the lgbtq community we are intelligent we are compassionate. we are creative and we are determined these sisters of perpetual indulgence started here in san francisco we are the home of
12:55 pm
the first ever gay men's chorus this is the first place right here. we're gay marriages were performed mayor london breed says the city's recent budget includes $12 million to find a permanent site for an l g b t q museum along with other initiatives nearly a million california residents have moved out of state over the past year and a half during the pandemic reporter actually sort solano has more from las vegas, where a lot of former californians are moving. yeah, ben malone and his dog coco are still getting settled into their new las vegas home. malone lived in san francisco for nearly five decades but after retiring he was ready for a cheaper cost of living. well, i moved here because of the california texas are high, and i'm retired now was making good money but when you retire, it's cut. more than in half he's one of the 826,000 people to leave california since 2019 that's according to exit california which helps people with the moving process.
12:56 pm
lilifelong california resident d gordon is another he bought a 23 100 square foot home in las vegas that costs around half a million dollars, half the price of what it would sell for in california that's just the start of his savings we saw about a 28% reduction and overall costs. so just by my. moving here so that that for us was really something to consider and everything else is just kind of, you know, icing on the cake top destinations include washington state oregon nevada arizona colorado texas and florida brandon roberts is a real estate broker and the president elect of las vegas realtors, he says the market is hot. we've got a lot of people selling in other states and moving here because of our tax note. state tax here. um but yeah, there's an influx of out of town buyers coming in and paying cash. actually, soriano reporting there in alameda county judge has ordered u. c. berkeley to freeze enrollment at existing levels until it has another environmental impact
12:57 pm
study the ruling comes after a neighborhood group accused the university of squeezing housing supply and city resources with more students the judge ordered u. c. berkeley to redo an environmental impact report on housing and academic building development before it can increase enrollment again u c. berkeley tells berkeley side that the university is confident it will be able to meet all the requirements in 6 to 8 months, serena williams has pulled out this weekend's usopen williams made the announcement on instagram saying she wants to give her body time to heal from a torn hamstring she heard the hamstring during wimbledon back in june and missed the olympics because of the injury. williams is a six time u. s open champion her most recent win came in 2014 a new study suggests that as long as proper health protocols are in place football games that happened outside do not pose a high risk of spreading covid-19 according to the study, conducted by harvard georgia tech. in the boston medical center outdoor football games are not super spreader events researchers found that with limited
12:58 pm
capacity mask wearing an open air stadiums there was no real spike in covid cases following pro football games families together and then once the families together, maybe sitting or party together and then you know, stagger after i think that would be comfortable seating and safer feel like outdoors is perfectly safe based off of all the studies. i mean i'm fully vaccinated so i'm very comfortable going to a game and if someone's uncomfortable or a masker don't come, but let the other fans go the study analyzed football games not only in the nfl, but also college games it compared games within person fans two games without fans, the 49ers said to hold three full practices this week as they prepare for their pre season match up against the las vegas raiders on sunday at levi stadium the 49ers have split their first two preseason games against the chiefs and the charge. the first regular season game is out there on the road, september 12th against the detroit lions and we cannot wait to share your passion for
12:59 pm
the 49ers this upcoming season if you consider yourself a super fan, take a video and tell us why and we may posted online and share it right here on ktvu fox to just scan that code right there on your screen, or you can visit ktvu .com slash red and gold and who knows you may even be showcased during 49ers game on fox to construction on the bay area's newest professional and recreation. sports facility is making progress it's for the sharks american hockey league affiliate the san jose barracuda when it's completed it'll be a 42 100 seat arena and will expand sharks ice at san jose with the addition of two recreational ice sheets making it the largest ice facility in north america. this is set to open in one year all this talk about baseball and football, you kind of forget that the hockey season is around the corner as well. another reason you love fall so busy a daughter's soccer season just started to that was fun good are you coaching this year? not coaching okay, he's like way beyond skilled like i can't. i can't coach at that
1:00 pm
level okay you're four or five. i can coach. you got it. got it all right. we got to go. next news guys coming up at four o'clock thanks for watching everyone. have a great rest of your afternoon. -- from no-boil pastas -- how do they make them often ready? to mike crow wave rices. my investigation into packaged foods that make them easier and faster. then we're revealing the chef's surprising secret weapon. jarred foods. the three biggest jarred saviors that will transform dinner time. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: when you're rushing to get a meal on the table, the last thing you want to do is wait for water to boil. right? who wants that? today we investigate the no-boil


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