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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 22, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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their homes due to a fast moving wildfire. the damage caused to several homes and why it's being blamed on fireworks. plus, the firefighter is recovering after getting hurt in a fire that destroyed two homes in pleasant hill, the biggest challenge cruz faced as they work to bring it under control, and the clock is ticking. the push by california lawmakers to extend the state's eviction moratorium. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon and good afternoon to you. i'm claudine wang infer gasia mikaelian and mike mibach right now. highway 37 is closed in both directions while crews worked, declare an overturned big rig that is loaded with gasoline. this accident happened just before six o'clock this morning on west 37 near the solano sonoma county line. we're told that a tanker is filled with 8400 gallons of gasoline. you can see just how many people there are on scene trying to make sure that the big rig is safely removed without spilling any fuel into the nearby creeks that feed
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right into san pablo bay. the chp is asking people to avoid highway 37 this afternoon. fourth of ju of a fire in solano county, the 10 acre grass fire forced the evacuations of a number of homeowners in valeo ktv is james torres. reports on what one homeowner discovered just hours after that fire was put out. this is what the hill look like the morning after it was only a fence that separated the fire from people's backyards. but in some cases, the fire actually breached the fence coming just a few feet away from this homeowners backdoor. this massive fire was the wall. i can't see anything. just yellow bright dread fight around nine last night, mary brown was getting ready for bed. she randomly had an urge. to make a smoothie. when i was in the kitchen, i was stand by their by the glass door and the fires right there. it's right there a fire, burning her fence and backyard she called 911 and evacuated immediately, taking
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her daughter to a friend's house for the night. that's here, of course, is like you know, today. i'm not going to die today. now brown came back this morning and could still smell the smoke in and out of her home fire investigators on scene looking at the damage and determining their cause. their hunch, a set of five fireworks, which are illegal in vallejo. we see it all the time. where fireworks start. you know about a month before the fourth of july, and it continues to get busier until the fourth of july, according to city code setting off fireworks can cost you finds up to $250 for the first defense and up to $750 for repeat offenses. they really think it's funny. the five walk is not it's life threatening. brown calls it a miracle. her home is still standing. she credits the minimal damage to good firefighter work, and maybe some divine intervention at nine o'clock. i'm not even be down here because it's my bad time when i go upstairs. so just for some reason, you thought to make a smoothie for some reason. nine o'clock
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outburst, it's yeah i'm james torres, ktvu, fox. two news. well firefighter is recovering from burns he suffered while battling a fire that destroyed two homes in pleasant hill. that fire started along. lorenzo drive off of contra costa boulevard west of the 6 80. 2 42 exchange, sky sox was over that two alarm fire yesterday. strong gusty winds did make it difficult for firefighters to knock it down. flames spread from one home, then to a neighboring house and even entered a third home, but it was saved. at one point. firefighters were concerned that there may have been people trapped inside those houses that were on fire. we we had a report that was three or four people there and someone else said no. there's more than that. and as a result we brought in cadaver dogs and made sure that there was no one else inside. firefighters at one point did have to pull back as the houses were in danger of collapsing on them. flames were also close to power lines. the cause of that fire not yet
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known, and tonight a vigil will be held at lake merritt in response to saturday's shooting that left one person dead and seven others hurt. city council members nikki fortunato bass and carol fife will lead that lake merritt vigil for peace at six pm organizers are calling for more funding for violence prevention and mental health support in the oakland budget. police say they believe saturday's death deadly incident involved gang members from san francisco. the state's eviction moratorium is set to expire at the end of the month. and as ktvu christian captain reports lawmakers right now are working on extending the protection to help thousands of people stay in their homes. even though california's economy officially reopened june 15th many around the bay area and around the state are still reeling from economic impacts of covid-19. for many, that means difficulty coming up with the rent. the state has a deal in place to prevent evictions for those who can't pay. that deal expires june 30th landlords also learning that they'll be made whole if their tenants can't pay, but so far a deal hasn't been worked out for what happens. after
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july. 1st assemblyman david chiu says he's pushing for an agreement to be reached soon. and from my perspective, it would be potentially catastrophic if we were not to extend them. um we still have countless californians who are in severe rental debt. uh and if evictions were to start on july 1st we could see a massive wave of evictions. san francisco lawmaker is chair of the assembly housing committee and says right now billions of dollars are still available. to make sure that landlords get paid and renters can remain where they are only a small fraction of all californians who could apply for this money have applied for it, which means we literally have billions of dollars sitting in government coffers waiting for struggling tenants and landlords to fill out the paperwork to apply. state lawmakers are hammering out a deal on how long the protections should remain in place at the same time, cities also have their own eviction protections. san francisco's land use and transportation committee held a hearing monday to discuss the city's plans to
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make sure protections are in place after july. 1st supervisor dean preston, saying the state needs to act quickly. in the meantime, i think we are doing. the most we can do locally on eviction protections. um but that should not obscure the fact that that in some ways, this is a mess of the states making and it has left us all scrambling, uh in cities and counties across the state, but many property owners are expressing concerns about blanket protections for renters. landlords saying they value their tenants, but in some cases, the eviction protections are being abused. so that's it just. hoping that there could be some kind of differentiation between people that really need. the protection due to financial burton. and tenants such as squatters and nuisance tenants. a deal could be hammered out soon and could be signed by the governor. by the end of this week. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. contra costa county
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supervisors are debating whether or not to extend an eviction moratorium to the end of september at their meeting underway right now, the supervisors are expected to look at two versions of an ordinance the first would continue protections against eviction through september 30th, including a pause on certain rent increases. the second proposal would also extend a prohibition on evictions of small business tenets through september 30th. but the san jose city council is scheduled to vote on a proposed development project plan for the current site of the san jose flea market vendors have staged a hunger strike in protest of that project. ktvu is candese charles joins us now live from the newsroom with the latest on the controversy. candace, the association says they won't back down until they come to a reasonable resolution. council member david cohen, who represents the district, the market sits in says he's working towards a positive solution for all parties involved. we are going to go on a hunger strike an indefinite
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hunger strike until we are able to ensure that every single person here will be able to continue their businesses. it's only been a day since the berryessa flea market vendors announced their hunger strike, a result of a proposed project that would shut down two thirds of the flea market site, the 430 vendors who are largely immigrant and family operated vendors have relied on the operations of the market since it's open more than 60 years ago. the proposed bear yes. bart urban village calls for the development of offices, apartments and retail businesses at the site. it's unfortunate that they feel that the solution that we were able to come up with was not adequate, but it hasn't changed our level of urgency at all. council member david cohen represents the district. the flea market sits in spokesperson. lamb win says they've worked hard to come up with a positive solution. working with the bum family, who owns the land to get at least five acres for the vendors. the original entitlement for the land use itself does not require the
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bone family in any way to have a flea market space at all, because the space is private land when says they really don't have any leverage in getting more acres, but the vendors say five acres of land and at $2.5 million relocation budget is just not enough to keep the markets culture and san jose nor that enough to keep the vendors afloat. they're offering $2.5 million split up between 452 500 vendors. it would be roughly 4000 preventer that wouldn't get us through. i don't even think two months of business interruption. i completely understand the frustration. and if i were them, i wouldn't trust the city, either. both council member cohen's office and the vendors agree on this avengers voice was not included in this process. the vendors are now callingor a 90 day delay in tuesday's vote to provide more time for negotiations. and they say they won't back down until that happens. it's not just me and my family stall that that's there. it's thousands of families that work there.
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thousands of families that go to the market every weekend to have a good afternoon, and that's who we're fighting for. and that's who. the bum family has promised not to evict any vendors before the current flea market closes and to give families a one year noticed before they're expected to leave. cohen's office says he intends to vote yes on the proposal at today's city council meeting. yes or no vote should be delivered in the next hour. for now, we're pointing live in the newsroom. i'm candese charles ktvu, fox two news. all right, thanks, candace still to come this noontime covid related desk dropping nationwide, but there are new concerns that delta varian could lead to another surgeon cases will have more on the push to get. people vaccinated, especially younger americans, plus came out with pride and not not. no other athlete has really been able to come out in the way that he did historic announcement by an nfl player and how he hopes to inspire young lgbtq athletes across the country. and tonight sunny one day for much of the
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ask your eye care professional about restasis®. now to trick out these lights. visit to learn more. ♪ continues to threaten the progress as steve harrigan reports. this comes as public health officials are trying to get younger people vaccinated. america hits another milestone
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in its fight against covid-19, the country's daily death toll dropping below 300 for the first time since last march. the vaccination rollout also seeing progress with 150, million americans fully vaccinated, but states are struggling to vaccinate younger americans. cdc analysis finds a 80% of older adults have been partially vaccinated compared to just 38% of 18 to 29 year olds from april 19th to may 22nd the percentage of people from that age group getting vaccinated dropped from about 3.5 to less than 2% per week. doctors say younger people could further spread the virus as states fully reopened. there is that risk just from. travelling that it could be in one corner of the world one day and then next door the next daye slowing down. alabama arkansas in louisiana are among those states were 20% or more of
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older adults have not gotten the shot. public health officials are racing to vaccinate more americans as the delta variant spreads the genomics firm helix analyzed about 20,000 samples of covid-19 tests from across the u. s researchers found evidence cases of the variant or growing faster in counties with low vaccination rates, like the delta variant is becoming more and more prevalent. there is a large group that is still unvaccinated, and they are going to continue to be at risk of severe disease. the cdc says that delta variant now accounts for about 10% of all new cases in the us in atlanta. steve harrigan ktvu fox two news. well, the american academy of pediatrician says doctors should now screen all children for conditions americans under f 25 die of sudden cardiac arrest every year, but many younger children are not screened until
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they begin playing sports, the new guidelines say that all children should be screened whether or not they take part in athletics. if the child is not get athletics. um, they maybe get screened. efficiently maybe 25 to 50% of the time. the screening consists of some medical tests and a series of questions, including whether the child has ever fainted or passed out or had chest pain. after exercise. a lot of children right now in the summer camps as we check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo, and i know they're probably pretty happy. it's not triple digits like we saw last week there. oh yeah, so yesterday baking out there this week or actually say last week and this week? well, we're looking blood first few days of a summer and temperatures feeling quite nice, even a little bit below average, giving you a live look. outside our doors and across the oakland estuary, where we do have make that sfo where we have a mix of sun and clouds out there at this time, the clouds are slowly clearing, and i think we'll have a partly
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cloudy skies for the afternoon away from the coastline along the coastline will remain partly sunny to mostly cloudy. there's a look at the low, just spinning right off the coastline, providing us with this unseasonably mild weather. i move in a little bit closer. you can see the clouds. they're up against the coastline and inside the bay, even in the north, based still struggling a little bit to clear out of the way and the onshore breeze has been nice and strong all the way through the delta fairfield still reporting wind gusts to 25 mph likely to increase once again as we get into the second part of the afternoon, early evening hours. the onshore breeze in oakland. 10 in napa reporting 14. so these are all indicators of a nice smile pattern and a pattern that also brings us a bit more humidity. so that's also so good news this time of year 66 degrees right now in san francisco, we have low seventies outside oakland and in the energy space 75 livermore in the north based 62 over santa rosa. we're struggling with little bit of cloud cover their 74 in the south bay of san jose. we've got some sunshine san jose down
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by a few degrees from yesterday at this time. santa rosa, also doing the same, meanwhile are inland east bay conquered. you're a few degrees warmer. so the takeaway for today feels a lot like yesterday. within a few degrees is where we expect to land for the second part of the day as well. here's a look at the future cast when it comes to the cloud cover, it will redevelop and moved back across the bay getting into the evening hours back into the north bay, and that little bit of blue out there, indicating patchy drizzle once again very similar to what we had this morning. afternoon highs for today. 74 in san jose, a good nine degrees below the seasonal average for you there. san francisco right on track at 67 74 in oakland, 80. degrees livermore. san jose upper seventies for you there, temperatures won't change much. getting a debate area wednesday. i do see will warm up, though in time for the first full weekend of summer. better details coming in just a little bit, rosemary. thank you still to come this new time travel picking up. once again nationwide. covid restrictions are lifted. we're going to take a closer look at why the cost
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for a vacation might end up costing a hit and run driver, ofs
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say a white infiniti suv hit a woman at beach in columbus around 50 clock last night and then took off. the woman who was hit was transported to a hospital and is expected to survive. police say they believe the suv was also involved in auto burglaries in the fisherman's warf area before the hit and run his license plate numbers right
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there on your screen. seven m j. j 084 anyone with information about the vehicle or the driver was asked to call san francisco police three judge panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals has remain in place during the appeals process. lasturt grantet for a stay by the state of california, a federal judge in san diego overturned the 30 year old ban earlier this month. in afghanistan. taliban forces are launching attacks to regain a foothold in the middle east. jackie ibanez has details on the u. s response and the possible impact on the withdrawal process as american troops leave the region. the taliban is gaining more control in afghanistan as u. s efforts to withdraw from the region continue causing military officials to re examine the pace that they're leaving the middle east. that schedule could fluctuate and changes as conditions change to president biden, originally setting a final withdrawal date of september, 11th and the pentagon says the defense
12:23 pm
secretary is monitoring the taliban continue to um, to conduct these attacks so far since the us began withdrawing a few months ago, the taliban has begun stepping up efforts to retake more than three dozen afghan districts, inflicting casualties on the local afghan fighters trying to push them back as families caught in the middle are preparing to escape. the situation in condos is very bad. it is insecure. there are so many wounded victims in hospital. i'm going to circle to get my family out of there and go somewhere where it is safe, but the pentagon suggests tell ban resurgence won't impact the overall u. s withdrawal, suggesting two things are very clear when it comes to leaving one. we will complete, uh, the withdrawal of all u. s forces out of afghanistan, with the exception of those that will be left to protect the diplomatic presence, and to that it will be done before early september as per
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the commander in chief's orders. afghanistan's former president recently said it's best if all u. s troops leave. the pentagon says the u. s. aims to still support the kind financially once a withdrawal is complete. jackie ibanez fox news. what it's primary day in the race to become the next mayor of new york city. 15 candidates are in the running to replace the city's current democratic mayor, bill de blasio. they include former democratic presidential candidate andrew yang. the final results of today's primary will likely not be known for weeks, and that's due to a large number of absentee ballots and a sweeping voting rights bill is expected to fail a key test vote in the u. s senate later today. that bill would block states from required ieds to vote make election day. a public holiday. and require 15 days of early voting supporters say the bill is necessary in light of restrictive voting laws passed and many republican led states republicans call it a partisan power grab. republicans claim they're making it easier to vote in the harder to cheat in
12:25 pm
an election. in reality, they're making it harder to vote and easier to cheat in an election. this is an extraordinarily sunako bill. in my opinion, even by washington standards. democrats will need 10 republican votes to overcome the filibuster, which requires 60 votes for most bills to advance. a number of democrats, including california senator alex padilla are urging the party to get rid of the filibuster. but moderates say that would they would block that idea. with more than 100 and 50 million americans now fully vaccinated. many people are looking forward to traveling once again, but the demand has also led to skyrocketing prices. spike is being seen and everything from airfare to hotels to car rentals, and at the same time, american airlines was forced to cancel hundreds of flight. states due to labor shortages. rental car companies are scrambling to meet the surge after they slim down their fleets earlier in the pandemic. travelers excited for that long awaited vacation are trying to avoid the high prices. i think the economy is trying to catch up on what they lost throughout the pandemic, you know, so at
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the end of the day, they're just trying to make money and we're just trying to go vacation. we're going the airbnb so because the hotels are expensive, we're going to air baby. we traveling as a family. the auto club of southern california advises travelers to book trips early book rental cars before even getting those plane tickets. use a travel advisor or get a package for a possible cheaper price and also be flexible on where you stay, and when you travel still to comment noon, a warning for pet owners in the south bay after a cat is attacked by coyote we're gonna hear from a neighbor who helped come to the rescue. how many shots were fired? at least 10 or 15, and people were screaming over there. chilling new details about the vita railyard shooting the newly released audio showing the released audio showing the moment diy means having the right tools.
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in both directions and you can see on your screen why crews are working to clear and overturned bigwig big rig. it is loaded with gasoline. this accident happened just before six o'clock this morning. this is on west 37 near the salon, a sonoma county line. we are told that the tanker is filled with 8400 gallons of gasoline. the chp is asking people to avoid
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highway 37. at this point. we do not have any word on when that road might reopen, not far from there. in valeo investigators are looking into whether or not fireworks started a 10 acre grass fire that forced a number of people to evacuate their homes. last night, the fire started just around nine o'clock. near narbonne street and swansea court. fortunately, no homes were seriously damaged and most people were back inside their house by 11 o'clock and fire investigators are on the scene there this afternoon working to confirm the cause here, as one homeowner show does the fire burned right up to her fence? that this is all it's a it was this massive wall firewall. it's just like he is so real. homeowner was among many who told us that she heard fireworks right before the fire started. one firefighter did goo burn out of control near big sur in monterey county containment remains at 0% for
12:31 pm
the willow fire. it has burned more than 2800 acres. flames are spreading through dry brush and steep terrain of the ventana wilderness, the u. s forest service says crews are preparing to defend a nearby buddhist center that was evacuated on friday. parts of the los padres national forest are under evacuation orders or warnings. cruise in utah and arizona are struggling to get a handle on several out of control wildfires. while much of the west continues to bake under record breaking heat waves, jonathan hunt has more from los angeles cruise in the west are scrambling to contain an outbreak of wildfires, one of the hardest hit states arizona, where the backbone fire has now grown, prompting the evacuation of several towns. including strawberry and pine. elsewhere in the state. the telegraph fire poses a major risk because of dry, dangerous conditions throughout the area. we haven't had any rain my train to speak up for the last 23 years, so everything's going to be dry
12:32 pm
further north in utah, at least two fires are growing quickly being fueled by high winds in mountain areas. crews are working hard to keep the fires away from oil and gas infrastructure in the area, but it's no most of the west still baking under a record setting heat wave. we've got extreme extreme fire behavior. we've got the potential for large fire growth, and we're expecting a second major heat wave later this week with northern california and the pacific northwest, expecting triple digit temperatures through the weekend, prompting officials to warn folks to keep cool and stay safe. see how your family friends are doing anybody that's living alone or could potentially be. vulnerable for the heat, checking on them often and seeing how they're doing. forecasters say the heat dome, causing these high temperatures should dissipate by the end of next week in los angeles, jonathan hunt ktvu fox two news. well right now, the
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morago in the fire department is continuing its live fire training exercises and crews are out at camp elinda ridge. now they say residents of rain valley carol ranch, bella vista and buckingham drive neighborhoods may see or smell smoke. they are working with debate area air quality management district and the national weather service. try to minimize the impact of that smoke. we are seeing new video being released by the veta of last month's mass shooting at a south bay rail yard, the transit agency released radio and phone calls daca. managing those terrifying moments as employees fled to safety ktvu jesse gary tells us those employees are also warning co workers and alerting a law enforcement. we have shots fired in building b at guadalupe, the audio recording clips numbering nearly 200 tell of the frantic, fearful and fatal events may 26th an active shooter prompts veta supervisors to stop all light rail trains and call for help shooting suspect and vita employee sam cassidy is walking
12:34 pm
from one building to the next inside the guadalupe yard on west younger and north san pedro. he shoots nine of his co workers, others in harm's way, called the vita emergency line asking for police and sheriff's deputies. deputies are literally next door and police a few blocks away, 773773 what's going on? i think here in our building bucket beating someone of the gates said there's a shooter. that's right. okay so just let you guys know. yeah be safe now know where you're at. but be safe. don't go there. whoever's with used to cure the doors how many shots were fired? a at least 10 or 15, and people were screaming over there. light rail is halted in place with orders. no trains enter the yard workers still in the yard are told to get inside trains that aren't in service and shut the doors. this as first responders enter the rail yard to confront the threat. active shooter in the yard. yes i'm coming in new york. i'm arms. what water. 3 to
12:35 pm
1. okay, guys, okay. okay here upon whoever it is, is on the third floor. sheriff's deputies and san jose police officers enter the yard and begin the search for cassidy as instructions are relate to train operators and mechanics. shots are heard in the background trained 30 h. three and 31. that was 31st and 85. someone's shooting right outside the door here. ultimately cassidy sitting in a south side stairwell on the third floor of building b, takes his own life as law enforcement approaches him. eight employees died at the scene. one passed away in a hospital emergency room. cassidy is described by co workers as a disgruntled, angry loner. he had several run ins with his co workers, as well as trip to the hr officers. he has expressed hatred for vita. but what exact actually sparked his anger and set off the crime on the 26th is still a mystery. and san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. a pet owner in
12:36 pm
the south bay is warning others to be on alert after she says her cat was attacked by a coyote and nearly died. ktvu azenith smith has that story. was prepared to have to put her down, but i love her. i'm so happy that she's okay. shannon homes, beloved pet ginger is on pain meds and antibiotics, slowly walking and eating after shannon says the 16 year old outdoor cat was attacked by a coyote bewildered. i couldn't believe it at first, uh, they really don't belong around here. but with the heat and the drought, ray ochoa lives across the street. he was woken up thursday around 1 45 in the morning twist screeching found when he looked out his window. he saw coyote grabbing ginger by the neck. and i just, uh, ran outside as quickly as i could. just a chest off the coyote. he gave it to good shakes as i was approaching him, and i finally let go. a neighbor surveillance camera captured who is believed to be ray on his cell phone, calling 911 as the coyote headed down
12:37 pm
shot. drive the coyote. you look like it was probably about 30 £40, probably two ft. long. maybe what 18 to 20 inches tall. cody drag your cat out about here into the middle of the street. shannon's dad showed us where gender was discovered the next morning under the bushes in a neighbor's yard. this is how that neighbor found ginger, motionless and dehydrated. shannon took ginger to an animal hospital and campbell and they found that the coyote. had broken her shoulder blade, her right shoulder blade. um, and she had two puncture wounds. injuries consistent with a coyote attack. ladies love primarily hunt small game such as rabbit for squirrels. caps um, aren't much bigger than that. state fish and wildlife says the drought may be partially to blame. not sure if the coyote came from the hillside or nearby ross creek. shannon posted the attack on next door, warning the
12:38 pm
community keep an eye on your pets, and she has just stay indoors for at least six months to a year. um but i'm not letting her back outside. azenith smith ktvu fox two news, las vegas raiders defensive lineman carl nassib is now the nfl's first openly gay active player. nassib came out in a personal instagram post yesterday, saying he agonized over this moment for the last 15 years. get views jana katsuyama reports on the significance of the announcement. what's up, people on carl nassib? i'm at my house here in westchester, pennsylvania. just want to take a quick moment to say that i'm gay. carl nassib, a six year nfl pro and defensive end for the las vegas raiders made history with his deeply personal announcement on instagram. i'm pretty private person, so i hope you guys know that i'm really not doing this for attention. um, i just think that representation and visibility are so important. nassib received support from the nfl commissioner and the raiders team leadership. he
12:39 pm
came out with pride and. not not. no other athlete has really been able to come out in the way that he did, joe hawkins recalled. glenn burke, a major league baseball player who helped pave the way glenn burke was blackballed for being. uh unapologetically gay. it's really a new day, and i think that there's so much hope and it wasn't just now sits own visibility that touched many people. his actions also spoke volumes. i'm gonna do my best and do my part to cultivate a culture that's accepting that's compassionate, and i'm gonna start by donating $100,000 to the trevor project, the trevor project, which provides suicide prevention and crisis intervention services for lgbtq youth. thank ktvu their reaction in a statement, quote. we hope that carl's historic representation in the nfl will inspire young lgbtq athletes across the country to live their truth and pursue their dreams. prison will probably raise a lot of money for them with that one post. jim brzezinski, founder of
12:40 pm
outsports com, says he's waited decades to celebrate this emotional moment. i sort of teared up when i called a friend who had played in the nfl. and what's closeted when he played and just to tell him was like this exciting news, and he had such a great reaction, and some fans say they're glad for the example. it sets for youth. being gay is okay and it's acceptable and it doesn't make you any less of an athlete, and it's great that the league is finally recognizing that and treating and treating them as equals. in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news and with pride month underway. we hope you're going to show your pride by sharing your favorite selfies and group photos just go over to ktvu .com slash pride to post your favorite pride memories. still to come at noon. cleaning up the damage. we take a look at the devastation caused by storms in the midwest and the southern states, as those communities continue, plus a sunny and warm day for much of the bay area today a live look at the golden gate bridge and all its
12:41 pm
glory this afternoon, ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo. we'll have diy means having the right tools. but at the home depot that means more than hammers and saws. search with images. that's a tool. renting tools with a swipe? that's another one. delivery's a tool. same-day delivery? that's a power tool. this isn't just diy. this is doing like never before. this is the home depot. how doers get more done.
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[ birds chirping ] oh. oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. enjoy family. enjoy. he looks smaller in person. i heard that. what if you could push a button and less carbon would be he loput into the air.rson. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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again tout the american rescue plan. this time the focus is on the expanded child tax credit. our political reporter has more on how much parents should be spending and how much they should be seen. these vital initiatives will help transform
12:44 pm
our economy by putting families firskers nationwide, touting the benefits of one of the american rescue plans, provision, dubbed child tax credit awareness day by the white house lawmakers promoted the money eligible families with children under 17 will start receiving on july 15th. it will be felt not only by children today, not only by children now it will be felt by families and communities and by extension, our country for generations to come. here's who's eligible for the full expanded tax credit couples who make up to $150,000 a year single parents up to $75,000. you'll get $3000 per child 6 to 17 years old and $3600 per child under six half of the money will be paid out monthly through the end of the year. the rest claimed on taxes next year. the irs estimates more than 36 million families are
12:45 pm
eligible will make a difference for families particular communities of color, helping children in need. putting parents. actually work and empowering our economy. i will have some financial freedom to make those best choices for them and for my family, if you file taxes in 2019 or 2020, the money should be on the way. the white house launched a website for low income families who are required to file a tax return. the american rescue plan passed without any republican votes. some gop members expressed concerns about the tax credit, citing issues of fraud. president biden wants to extend the credit through 2025 in the video, he pushed for his other big ticket spending plan. i ask you to support me and calling for this child tax credit to be extended for years to come, and that's what i'm calling to note if you receive the money in your situation this year has made it that you were no longer eligible. you will be on the hook to repay that to the federal government. so make
12:46 pm
sure you pay attention. the irs is it. will soon have a place on its website for people to opt out. greg lee ktvu fox two news. we're starting to see some new video out of illinois of the moment or tornado blew. right through a neighborhood like this is footage from a doorbell camera in a chicago suburb that shows 140 mile per hour winds throwing around backyard furniture basketball hoop in the front of that sam home, a car was seen being blown away a little bit, at least 130 homes were damaged in this e f three tornado. no injuries were reported. states in the southeast from louisiana to the carolinas are sizing up the damage caused by the tropical storm named claudette. it first made landfall in louisiana, but the most severe damage occurred in the state of alabama. several tornadoes also hit including a twister with winds approaching 130 miles an hour it destroyed several mobile homes and damaged others. i've never been a tornado yeah,
12:47 pm
i want to go to another one like that. larry in my life. the death toll from claudette is currently at 14, including 10 in a multi vehicle pile up over the weekend. eight of the victims there were girls who lived at a ranch that serves as a home for neglected children. the ntsb is investigating safety issues surrounding that crash. new satellite images show how severe the drought is here in california. these pictures were taking a year apart above the antilles national forest in southern california. so on the left side of your screen, you can see how green the forest is. and you can see water in that picture that was taken last june. then you get the image on the right. that was taken just this month, and you can see most of that grain has turned to brown and the san gabriel and morris reservoirs appear to be almost dry. all right, let's check back in with rosemary, and that last night picture of the golden gate, it did appear that the marine layer the fog was starting to pull back. yes, we do have partly cloudy skies around the bay area right there
12:48 pm
at the approach to the golden gate as well. you go out towards the coast and the fog there is lingering but a beautiful view there across portions of san francisco as we look towards the golden gate bridge in the marin headlands. amazing we had some extreme heat last week and, well, not the case this week, the first few days of summer feeling nice and mild. here's another look at sfo where our temperatures. this afternoon are very similar to yesterday. a mix of sun and clouds out there. we do have 62 degrees over areas of santa rosa senate rose is still covered in cloud cover and that icon there indicated we may even have a little bit of patchy drizzle still falling over areas of the airport 66 in san francisco, low seventies in oakland, mid seventies livermore in san jose, right now, 74 degrees that shot sfo a little bit of blue mixed in with the clouds. storm tracker to again going back to this slow that is just kind of sentence stationary, at least for the next couple of days, bringing us the onshore breeze and the thicker marine layer as
12:49 pm
well as the cooler temperatures getting in just a little bit closer here the winds in and around half moon bay 16 mph gusting to 22 we go inland. it's a week one, but it's there that west wendover livermore six and a southwesterly breeze over san jose at about eight. oakland north reporting, uh, 66 degrees right now and relative humidity is 70% so that's definitely something we like to see. of course, this time of year. we're always concerned with heightened fire danger, and in this case that relative humidity is up as this pattern helps us out in that away as well. future cast their showing you getting into the afternoon and evening hours, the clouds are back all the way into the east bay all the way into the north bay a little bit of blue out there, indicating another round of patchy drizzle will join us tuesday night into wednesday morning, and then as we get into the afternoon, it pulls back, leaving us partly sunny at the coast and partly cloudy around the bay. and this is something we're going to see. today tomorrow. we do get into a warmer pattern as we get into
12:50 pm
the back end of the business week as well as into the weekend before today, sixties at the coast a lot of sixties to low seventies around the bay and even our warm response inland in the low eighties and a little bit below average for this time of year in the north based 76 the afternoon high for napa for the inner east spain, 78 conquered and for our south based 78 over san jose around the bay 74 over oakland, 67 in the city of san francisco. your extended forecast their temperatures coming up just a smidge on wednesday, a little bit more on thursday and then friday into the weekend. we're looking at that warming trend continuing low sixties at the coast low eighties around the bay low nineties on saturday, perhaps upper nineties by sunday, so if you like it mild. enjoy the next few days back to you warm up on the weekend. all right, rosemary. thank you. a hacker access to bay area communities water supply, deleting programs at a treatment plant used to treat drinking water. northern california regional intelligence center, as reportedly not said, though, which water treatment facility
12:51 pm
this was, but the agency did say it happened back in january, when an unidentified hacker used a former employees username and password to get into the company's software portal. however report from the center did find that the hacker did not try to poison any of the water report went on to say quote. no failures were reported. as a result of this incident, and no individuals in the city reported illness from water related failures, officials say there is no threat. to public safety. today is the deadline for county officials to let california secretary of state know how many signatures have been drawn from the recall petition against governor gavin newsom. that recall is likely to qualify for the ballot because organizers have collected 130,000 signatures beyond the amount needed and the next step in the process will be the lieutenant governor, picking a date between 60 and 80 days out. some democrats have pushed for an election before mid september. but state election officials have said that would be a mistake because there might not be enough paper ballots still become this noontime exploring a possible move to las vegas. what oakland
12:52 pm
a's owner, john fisher, and team president dave cavill, have planned this week as they check out more possible sites for a new ballpark for allegedlyr
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
from the san francisco zoo. the fbi says 31 year old corey mcgill away was arraigned on a violation of the endangered species act. he is accused of stealing maki, the ring tailed leamer from the zoo in october of last year monkey was found unharmed at a church playground in daly city. the bay area news group is reporting that mcgill away failed to appear for a first court date. he was arrested in los angeles earlier this month, a program that would offer free munity service for three months in san francisco has been vetoed by the mayor, according to the chronicle. mayor. london breed vetoed legislation that would have allowed all san
12:56 pm
franciscans to ride immunity for free between july one in september 30th. the board of supervisors approved the program last month, but the m to opposed it. mayor breed released a statement that said she appreciates the intent to incur public transit ridership and said eliminating fares would increase the transportation systems woes. a ceremony in sacramento included the lighting of the state capital now illuminated in rainbow colors to celebrate pride month, organizers say the lighting concept glowing with pride celebrates not just the lgbt community but diversity and inclusion as well. assembly member alex lee of milpitas was one of last night's speaker. lee is the first openly bisexual member of the state assembly. the state capitol building will remain illuminated. every night through sunday, the legendary stonewall inn is banning certain brands of beer during the upcoming pride weekend celebrations. owners of the famous lgbt q bar in new york city are protesting anheuser busch's contributions to politicians who have supported anti lgbtq legislation.
12:57 pm
products affected by the ban during pride weekend will include budweiser ultra and stella. event, and whe customers are expected to spend billions of dollars, so say shipping issues could lead to some disappointment. reporter madeline rivera reports from washington. shoppers are expected to spend billions of dollars on amazon prime day, many looking forward to the to day discount bonanza, which kicked off on monday. cry members tend to spend double the amount of non prime members so this could be the largest shopping day we've seen even eclipsing 2020 cyber monday, but some say the event could be a disappointment, saying rising shipping costs and inventory issues could keep some sellers from handing out bigger deals. the global retail market, feeling the ripples from their shortages and price hikes caused by disruptions from covid-19. really, it's absolutely no surprise to
12:58 pm
supply chains were basically dormant for quite some period of time, and now they're white hot and there's a need for all this stuff to flow through the supply chains efficiently and effectively a recent rise in inflation 5% in may compared with a year ago. is likely to be an issue to financial experts say. i do think it's going to pinch the consumer. it already is. anybody who goes shopping now realizes they're going to spend a lot more, an amazon spokesperson says. this year's prime day will offer members with more than one million deals from small and medium sized businesses around the world and more than two million deals total over the two day event. and a lot of people say they're ready to take advantage of them, even if the savings are smaller, just simply open up your laptop. click of a button disorder, something many major retailers like wal mart target and best buy, are hoping to compete with amazon prime day, launching their own sales events thisla rr
12:59 pm
john fisher and team president dave gavel are in southern arizona or southern nevada, looking at possible sites for a new ball part as follows their visit to las vegas last month, where they met with city leaders to discuss the possibility of moving the team to town. the aids executives say they are ready to move out of oakland if their plans to build a waterfront ballpark near oakland's jacqueline and square are not approved. golden state warriors star stephen curry says he is not going to the olympics this summer. the 33 year old is prioritizing rest over the chance to do something he's never done in his career that's play in the olympics. curry did not play with the 2016 olympic team because he was injured. draymond green, though, is expected to suit up 14 usa when the tokyo olympics begin in just one month. a tough decision, but rest is important. i need the body, though. yes, yes. must be an important decision, but thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon. we appreciate you joining us the latest news and weather always available on our ktvu app. maybe with this beautiful
1:00 pm
picture of the oakland estuary. we'll see again at four. dr oz >> he was going to put her in the driver just like he did. dr. oz: explosive twist. the show's co-star who he thinks killed the millionaire. >> i think carole is behind the death of her husband. >> he knows something. he did something to my sister. dr. oz: coming up next. became e heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crimes.


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