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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 21, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we just learned from police about the investigation and the eight people who were shot plus more gunfire in the city of oakland. what we're now learning about a shooting during the juneteenth celebration that killed one person and injured several others and new concerns about the delta covid variant as more businesses start to reopen the warnings from doctors. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach i'm ali rasmus in for garcia mckay. alien police are investigating how a party announced on a facebook page ended in violence. three people were shot and killed at that house party in richmond overnight. several others were hurt. ktvu is james torres is live in richmond this afternoon with the latest information from police. hello, james do and started shooting. notice how ali officers say this was a guatemalan style party advertise on facebook. it brought out about 80 to 100 people to just this house alone. many which, who didn't know each other than at some
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point, more than one person walked up with a gun and started shooting morning sun shows a violent crime scene boxes and bottles of alcohol as well as chairs crushed and pools of blood all over the party was advertised on facebook, and that's how most of the party goers found out and actually attended. so it doesn't appear that, um, this is a family event or anything like that, or. been friends, richmond police say about 100. people attended the party, possibly celebrating a piece of guatemalan culture. they say shooters walked in without argument and killed two men on the scene. a third man died at the hospital. five others were covered with minor injuries. when officers arrived, they saw cars speeding away. we suspect the cars fleeing the area to be going to area hospitals and also avoiding police contact, so not all we're headed, uh to the hospitals, they were avoiding police contact. one man on the scene earlier today. asked not to be identified,
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says his uncle was one of those killed trista, i'm sad, says this family member. there's nothing else we can do. just pray to god. what happened? i don't know. it's my uncle. so i have a big pain in my heart and no one can take that pain away only got this past week, richmond city council voted to redirect $3 million away from the police department, though those changes haven't happened yet. officers say they were forced to deploy most bilingual officers because victims only spoke spanish. i don't think we're going to have a problem at all investigating this. we have everybody that we could possibly have on scene on scene, police say, since many of the attendees didn't know each other, it's hard to tell a motive for the shooters. there's no indication that the suspects were at the party at any time. it does appear that they did walk up on scene and then get into a. the nearby car, police say alcohol likely played a part here since they were so much of it left here on
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scene. you can see the boxes the bottle, several cans scattered, not just in front of the home, but out on the lawn, some on the street as well. right now they do n you anyone f you know anything about the shooting this case to give them a call reporting live in richmond. i'm james torres ktvu fox two news. thank you, james. oakland police chief will give an update on the deadly shooting at lake merritt later today. the weekend shooting did kill one person and injured several others, including a vendor who was selling items there at the lake ktvu is elissa harrington has been following the story today. she joins us live right now, and melissa howard city leaders responding here leaders this morning. well. oakland mayor libby schaaf thanked police for their quick response. they were able to take two people into custody. she also said her thoughts are with the victims. family and friends. meanwhile some city council members who covered the lake merritt areas say that they are advocating for holistic solutions to end violence. extremely heartbroken
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interview, oakland city council member carol fife called the deadly shooting at lake merritt, a reckless incident of violence that overshadowed what should have been a day of celebration. this is not emblematic of who we are as a city. the shooting happened during a juneteenth event when thousands were at the lake. one person was killed at least six others injured. vendors described chaos as crowds scattered to find safety. why would you do it? with a crowd of people like there was kids out here like this is a festival like it's june team. like, why would you do that? in the crowd? some vendors say they were victimized as well. when they were finally able to return. some found their cash box is missing and other supplies gone. it looks a mess, but it was not. our intention is to leave it like this at all. oakland police did arrest two armed suspects who they saw fleeing the scene. officers are still trying to determine if they are responsible for the shooting card. stopps and opd
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or information that leads to an arrest. five set. city council members are also working on several violence prevention measures to keep the community safe. we are building partnerships. we are, um strengthening coalitions and doing the work that it takes. to make sure that our young people are safe and our families who are the victims of violence don't have to continue to experience that. the person killed has been identified as a 22 year old man from san francisco, but police have not yet released his name. the other victims are all young. they ranged between the ages of 16 to 27 reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news, right, elissa. thank you for that. update. santa clara county is updating its covid-19 health orders this morning, county officials announced that santa clara county is phasing out its last public health order, which was issued in may. this is due to the states reopening guidelines. lines and cal osha's new workplace
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guidance on masks. the key under these cal osha regulations is that to be considered fully vaccinated, the employer must have documentation of your vaccination status. callous has explained an f accuse on its website that you can obtain that documentation through means such as a self attestation, just like was provided under the counties may eight. 10th order 80% of all eligible people 12 and older in santa clara county have received at least one of their doses of vaccine. 72% are fully vaccinated. that's the highest vaccination rate of any county in the united states, the court system and contra costa county will relax its rules on masks and social distancing. starting today, people inside county courtrooms will no longer be required to wear face coverings if they are fully vaccinated. the strict rules previously about so distancing are now
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gone. these courtroom changes are in line with state guidelines. the former head of the fda says the nation needs a new strategy to get more people who are reluctant, vaccinated for covid-19. dr scott gottlieb says the biden administration should make the vaccines more readily available at community centres at schools and doctor's offices, he says it's especially important now that the more contagious delta varying accounts for 10% of all new covid cases in the united states. dr gottlieb says the state with the lowest vaccination rates clearly face the greatest risk. connecticut for example, or i am shows no upsurge of infection, but mississippi, alabama, arkansas, missouri show very substantial upsurges of infection is based entirely on how much population wide immunity you have based on vaccination. a recent study showed that for people who are not vaccinated, the delta variant is associated with nearly doubled the risk of hospitalization compared to previous strains of the virus. bay area businesses were able to experience full capacity
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over the weekend for the first time in more than a year, and as ktvu candese charles reports, the lifted restrictions are giving the businesses. much needed financial boost. it's the first weekend since california officially reopened, and the staff of high scores arcade hasn't seen a crowd like this. in months. they was actually the first day that we hit our capacity. the popular arcade was close for the last 18 months, finally opening its doors on friday, so many people were coming in and like telling us how glad they were that we were back and it just it just warmed my heart. now, with covid restrictions, loosening and officially reopening high score is back to doing what it does best. putting smiles on people's faces very so excited, especially these guys. this being closed was one of the big things that made covid feel so you know, so closed down businesses like this being gone, so being around right now is really making us feel like things are starting to get back to normal. a little bit reminders of the pandemic or
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still visible along park street in alameda mask were on hand sanitizer was out and plexi glass was up. across from high times at high scores, empty storefronts. what for businesses like safari toy store getting back to normal a little bit is a relief. it's been fabulous. um people are coming out in family groups, and they're really starting to. it's an event. tucker's didn't have its usual line around the block, but management got creative and keeping the crowd coming and going, so we've always been an indoor type of store, so we had to shift to outdoor where we order at the window, you pick up duckers ice cream plans to reopen indoors on friday and hopes that more customers will return at sunday afternoon rolled into sunday evening. park street remains filled with happy patriots me sharing this special experience by visiting an old favorite. it's really cool to find tucker's open. total whim had to pop and others sharing new experiences. feels great. um, please let him go outside. and,
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um. at the stores instead of doing online shopping, and i'll get the experience making the first weekend. the state it's open all the more special you have to say, officially reopened on tuesday, june 15th mask and social distancing is still encourage but is required for those who are not vaccinated for now reporting alameda candese charles ktvu, fox two news covered california is launching $1 health insurance plans for hundreds of thousands of people across the state. it's available for any californian who received unemployment and sure its benefits at any point this year covered california says the american rescue plan is helping to make health coverage more affordable. those who are eligible will get the highest level of coverage. the exchange offers. it includes $5, copays and outpatient services without paying a deductible. these savings are big, and they're making a big difference in californians live the american rescue plan is new. the savings are new and bigger than ever
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before, which means for many californians. the checked last year or even this last open enrollment period. they need to check again by going to coverage. cia .com. the next deadline to sign up is by the end of this month and covered california says a record of nearly 1.6 million people are enrolled right now still to come in noon concerns over the state's power supply. what steps california energy regulators are taking to prevent rolling blackouts like the ones we saw last summer, plus a weekend of severe weather, leaving behind destruction across the u. s i'm jonathan, syrian east brewton, alabama. i'll have details coming up and a big cool down for some bay area said he says. we give you a live. look at it. the golden gate bridge we're going to check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo who's going to have the forecast
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after severe weather left a lot of damage behind jonathan serrie shows us some of the problems after a tornado touched down near chicago and a tropical storm hit the gulf coast. a weekend of wicked weather across the u. s has storms in the southeast and midwest leave behind devastating damage the national weather service confirming a tornado touched down near the chicago suburb of woodbridge sunday night, leveling some homes and leaving debris strewn across communities. reports of
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nearly a dozen injuries coming monday morning. with many now assessing the damage to their homes and businesses. meanwhile in the southeast, claudette regaining tropical storm strength as it heads for the coast of the carolinas, this after the storm caused the deaths of at least 13 people and is being blamed for an 18 car pile up on interstate 65 in alabama. it claimed the lives of 10 people, nine of them children. eight of those children traveling in a van that belonged to a youth ranch for abused and neglected children. the ntsb is now investigating the storm also responsible for the deaths of a 24 year old man and three year old boy who were killed when a tree fell on their home just outside tuscaloosa. it lasted for about 10 seconds and then zakariyah claudette also bringing several suspected tornadoes to the area dozens ofn florida's panhandle and another hitting a trailer park head on. i was asleep when they felt
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like something grabbed the front of my vehicle and pushed it and next thing i know i'm hearing glass shatter all like a tropical storm warning is in effect for parts of the carolinas has claudette moves towards the atlantic. packing winds as high as 40 miles an hour in east brewton, alabama, jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news, i let's check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo now and the weather here in the bay area, and we saw that live picture from the golden gate bridge. it's a short time ago, and you can see that the fog was kind of lingering on the coast there. yeah, the marine layer has grown to about 2000 ft. mike, and with that, we've got a nice cool down that continues for your bay area monday also happens to be the first full day of summer outside our doors at this hour, a mix of sun and clouds has noted just a moment ago. we've got some cloud cover still along the coastline close to the golden gate bridge there, but this look at sfo and you can see blue skies here over areas of our inland cities enjoying the sunshine as well. storm tracker to their for showing you the system the
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trough right off our coast line there that is helping to provide us with that cloud cover a deeper marine layer the onshore breeze, all of it. adding up to cooler weather is especially for inland cities and boy. what a relief right after all those days of heat here's a look at storm checker, too, and a good idea where we're seeing some of that fog there. we've got it over the north bay coast all the way down to santa cruz. partly sunny, partly cloudy skies for today, the onshore breeze blowing through the delta, transporting some of that cool pacific air all the way into sacramento valley this morning and early on 24 mph right now we do have conquered reporting, 17 and napa reporting. 14 mph common nevado, but gus at times to 14 that's kind of interesting. don't see that very often. here's a look at the temperatures outside right now we've got 59 degrees under partly sunny skies for areas of half moon bay. so a bit of a cool one there 64 in san francisco a lot of sixties for the east space shore low sixties in berkeley to upper sixties in hayward, and then we go inland, and it's a mild one over livermore 75 for you there 77 in brentwood into the north
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bay mid sixties in santa rosa and santa rosa, eight degrees cooler right now, from where you were 24 hours ago, keeping in mind we have been watching as temperatures have been falling over the last few days. we started that cool down over areas on friday more so on saturday more so yesterday and continuing to drop today 10 degrees cooler this afternoon in livermore. the future cast here shows you as we get into the second part of the afternoon and early evening hours, the clouds moved back across the bay, even noting some blue in there indicating the possibility some patchy drizzle, perhaps along the coastline. in our hills, maybe over the east space shore. in addition to providing us with some cool weather, bringing back some humidity to the area. that's always great news, especially this time of year. and then as you take a look some of that fog cover transported all the way into the sacramento central valley, which is a good indicator that that onshore breeze is going to continue to blow. the future cast here pulls back and we will see a repeat of the morning clouds. the afternoon sun and temperatures cooling
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off more. so for today, here's a look at the afternoon highs compared to where we were, yes. yesterday. 76 expected for you today. santa rosa yesterday it was 82 conquered. you're dropping off eight degrees, so you'll feel that difference there mid seventies for redwood city upper seventies in san jose, just a smidge cooler than yesterday afternoon. i'll have a better look at these afternoon highs and how long this trend is going to continue all the way into your weekend coming up in just a little bit. thanks. rosemary still to come at noon. amazon prime day is now underway. we take a look at the deals and the competitors that are also offering steep discounts.
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this is the home depot. gun control measures in 2019. and now mayor sam liccardo is working to finalize those reforms. while there's renewed urgency after the veta railyard shooting that killed nine people last month, mayor liccardo says the plans aren't just about preventing mass shootings but stopping everyday gun violence seen on city streets. the 10 point plan includes a ban on assault weapons and also requires gun buyers to buy liability insurance and pay an unspecified fee to offset damage by gun files. which mayor liccardo explained today on mornings on to ensuring that there's a there's an insurance mechanism in place to help those who are suffering at the same time that taxpayers are being compensated, i think is one step forward. it's also a way to actually incentivize safer behavior, and we've seen insurance do that in the
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context, for example of driving in many other ways. in which we reward with lower premiums. those, for example, get gun safe and trigger locks and take gun safety courses. the city council has already approved part of the mayor's plan. that part will require all gun sales to be recorded on video, and that's in order to crack down on straw purchases. that's when someone buys a gun in their own name for someone else to use after a week on the world stage, president biden is now turning his attention back to a post pandemic recovery for the economy. sitting down with the country's leading financial regulators as bipartisan negotiations continue over infrastructure. caroline shively as the story from washington. we just had to hire a full time recruiter to help us with bringing great talent onto the team, as some businesses scrambled to find workers and pump up the page, a lure them in. there's another worry in washington inflation. you've been cooped up in your house for over a year. you can't take a family vacation,
12:24 pm
you know, to disney or somewhere else because gas prices are through the roof, not to mention everything is going up. what we're seeing is demand outstripping supply, which is to be expected as the economy reopens before the labor market has fully been able to shift into a ah into a reopening mode on monday, president biden is sitting down with regulators for an update on the country's financial system. meanwhile, members of congress are negotiating with the white house over an infrastructure deal. but i think the question here is what can we agree on democrats and republicans so far? not much. 21 senators, including 11, republicans are working on a plan that would cost 1.2 trillion over eight years. its a quarter of what president biden originally proposed and 1/5 of what liberal democrats are now working on in the house. but it's the only deal with bipartisan support president biden if you want an infrastructure deal of a trillion dollars. just there for the taking. you key event te head of the federal reserve is
12:25 pm
set to appear before congress on tuesday, and lawmakers have plenty of questions in washington. caroline shively, ktvu fox two news back here in the bay area, the contra costa county board of supervisors will soon consider establishing a ban on evictions a statewide eviction moratorium will expire at the end of this month. the board of supervisors will consider extending a ban on no fault evictions of residential tenants through september. 30th supervisors will also discuss whether to ban small business evictions in some circumstances now, if approved, the moratorium would apply to cities and unincorporated areas within contra costa county. right now, online shoppers get to take advantage of amazon's famous prime day deals an estimated two million items are discounted for amazon's blockbuster sale. retail analysts expect beauty, home goods, travel gear and back to school supplies to be hot sellers. but shoppers who are looking for the best deal are reminded to compare amazon's offers with competing retailers
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pay attention to price trackers like camel, camel, camel a or keep to they're going to monitor deals every day every week throughout the year to make sure that prime day is really your best bet, amazon says. it's two day event is so big. it surpassed black friday and cyber monday combined. 2019 this year. amazon says it believes its sales will be up 17% over last year, prime day will continue through tomorrow. amazon isn't the only website offering deep discounts target wal mart, kohl's wayfair and best buy have also jumped into the race to offer up competing deals. still to come this room time new information surrounding a 94 year old woman stabbed in the city of san francisco. we take a closer look at her road to recovery. plus we continue to follow the latest developments out of richmond, where eight people were shot the details. we're learning from police about the party that was being held when party that was being held when the gunfire
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the insurance company wwasn't fair.hit my ca this isn't just diy. this is the home depot. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. investigating a deadly shooting last night at a party. three men were killed, five others were injured. police say the party was advertised on facebook and about 100 people showed up. many, though, did not know each other. at least two people walked up with a gun and started shooting and then got into a nearby car and left. no arrest has been made and a
12:30 pm
motive is not yet known in just minutes from now. oakland police chief is expected to give an update on the deadly shooting over the weekend at lake merritt. the shooting killed one person and six others were in including a vendor who was selling items at the lake. that shouldn't happen during a juneteenth event when thousands were there at lake mary. police did arrest two people who they saw fleeing the scene. both were armed officers are still trying to determine though, if those two individuals are responsible for the shooting, crime stoppers and oakland police are offering up $40,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. a 94 year old woman in san francisco is resting at home after being stabbed right outside her apartment. nonpaying taylor was released from the hospital yesterday after she was stabbed in an unprovoked attack wednesday morning. she still does not have full use of her left arm and remains disoriented 35 year old daniel cow, which is charged with attempted murder, battery and elder abuse in this attack, he entered a not guilty plea friday and is being held without bail. hundreds of
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firefighters in monterey county are still battling a wildfire that's now been burning for nearly five days. the willow fire started thursday night in a remote area between carmel and big sur. the u. s forest service says it has now grown to more than 3.5 square miles. that fire has forced the evacuation of dozens of homes and a number of popular campgrounds and firefighters explained some of the challenges they face containing this fire. its terrain is just incredibly steep and difficult to get to what areas that they can get to, um you know, there are some significant challenges to safety wise is that we're always looking for, you know places for them to retreat escape if needed. and so, so far, that's what we're encountering. so far. there are no reports of any injuries and no homes have been lost. there are concerns about power outages throughout california after a heatwave last summer strained the state's power grid. ktvu is tom baker looks at why the power supply is so thin. ktvu viewer, frank san
12:32 pm
ciotti wrote. please investigate the lack of power generation in california, and why not? one word has been said about spending some of the $72 billion surplus voting new power plants. we put that question do u c. davis haas energy economist, professor james bushnell. the challenge that the states facing is the fact that we're trying to transition away from. fossil fuels and trying to meet these aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals, building more natural gas fired power plants only puts more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and not retiring the older, less efficient fossil plants only worsens that at the moment, non polluting nuclear plants are not in favour. three of the most plentiful non fossil fuel electricity sources are hydro, electricity, solar and wind. hydro requires lots of water in reservoirs not available in the drought. we have plenty of wind all power when the wind is
12:33 pm
blowing and plenty of solar when the sun is shining, the reliability issues we've had have all been post setting sun on really hot days. peak demand can last hours beyond the sunset, creating the shortages that cause flex alerts, power warnings and possible rolling blackouts. if we cannot import power from other states. the most likely time for that will be from now through september, we run into another west wide record setting heat wave. we could once again be in trouble. one expensive solution we'll all pay for is to store electricity in giant non polluting power plants full of high energy batteries. by august, california will have installed enough batteries to supply power to 1.3 million homes. but the batteries only last about four hours. which may not make the state's power reliable for multi day heat events, so we'll probably need four or five times that amount just to be protected from
12:34 pm
rolling blackouts unless we do a much better job of conserving power. when asked tom vacar ktvu, fox, two news and the drought may soon have a major effect on the power supply, specifically in view, county engineers say the dry winter in northern california has caused the water level in lake oroville to drop dramatically. and that may force the closure of the reservoirs hydro electric power plant for the first time ever. the shutdown would put a strain on the power grid during the hottest part of the summer, when the demand for energy is at its peak. construction begins today on the russian rivers, inflatable rubber dam right near forest ville. the inflatable dam creates a pool of water that fills several ponds where water is filtered and then sent to customers in sonoma county. because of the drought, the water levels would have been very low, so the decision was made to replace the 26 year old dan. voting access will be closed throughout the summer during the construction work more than a year after the state's pdd offices started getting flooded with
12:35 pm
unemployment claims. the backlog continues to grow. and just last week the number of delayed claims went up now in an effort to be more transparent about the delays, the e d has been posting claimed data on its dashboard for the past 18 weeks. the bay area news group says that. june 12th number for claims requiring more than 21 days to be paid or rejected. that group was almost 17% higher than the average number of claims since that data has been reported. the e d d has been under fire for ongoing delays and a flood of fraudulent claims. vice president kamala harris is in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, for what's being called child tax credit awareness day as part of the american rescue plan, the child tax credit has been expanded to $3000 per child six years or older and $3600 for children five and younger while speaking to parents in pittsburgh this morning, the vice president said, seeing the american rescue plan become law has been her proudest moment in office through tax credits and food assistance and housing assistance and health care coverage. and direct checks the
12:36 pm
american rescue plan and here's the drum roll. the american rescue plan will lift half of america's children out of poverty, vice president harris says the child tax credit is one of the most important and impactful components of the plan and says the new credit will help 39 million households. cover ongoing expenses. house speaker nancy pelosi held a virtual event with parents in san francisco this morning, also promoting the child tax credit in california. nearly 90% of children will benefit from this credit with over half a million children. in our own state lifted out of poverty. in san francisco, nearly 60,000 kids will benefit with an average of $2400 per family. well over 3004 families experience in poverty checks and direct deposits will be sent out starting july 15 families eligible for the full credit include couples making less
12:37 pm
than 100 and $50,000 a year along with individuals making less than 75,112 heads of household. the covid-19 vaccination rate among public safety workers in the city of los angeles is below the state average, according to a survey conducted by the l a times roughly 51% of los angeles firefighters and 52% of the city's police officers are at least partially vaccinated 72% of adult californians eligible have received at least one dose. health officials say they're concerned that the reluctance of some officers and firefighters to get vaccinated could become a public health risk due to their interactions with vulnerable populations. the mass vaccination site at levi stadium will shut down later this week more than 350,000 doses of the covid vaccine have been administered at levi stadium during the past five months. it's been one of california's largest vaccination sites provided more than 12,000 shots in a single day at its busiest point, back in april, the site will close on thursday due to the dramatic
12:38 pm
rise in vaccinations in santa clara county. there are discussions underway about mills college in oakland, merging with northeastern university in boston. but as ktvu demagogues reports many staff members who work at mills worry. about losing their jobs. save mills college, a coalition of students, faculty, staff and alumni, aggressively fought to keep mills from its pending closure in 2023, but many coalition members say merging with northeastern university is not a better outcome. so far, a lot of people who have a lot of great ideas have been shut out of the decision making process, and i think we're seeing. the results of that, and you know these series of surprise announcements that come down. and this is the latest in that series. in the email announcing the merger with northeastern university mills college president elizabeth hillman stated that subject to future discussions a significant number of mills, faculty and staff would be offered opportunities for continued employment, either on the mills campus or an other northeastern university campuses, many on staff represented by a union.
12:39 pm
believe they won't have a job post merger. we would like to see transparency around what it is that the administration intends for the future of the school. how are the students that have been served here going to be served in the future? you know our staff and faculty going to be retained in a meaningful way students currently enrolled at mills will be able to complete their degrees or transfer at no cost to northeastern and president hillman noted that future degrees would be conferred under the name mills college at northeastern it appears. you know for the students and the current students and faculty that this could be a really hopeful thing that current students now don't have to transfer that the credits they have accumulated at the college are going to be worth something. nadine dixon, a mills college alumna, added that she's also skeptical for why the merger has to happen at all. after reviewing public financial audits going back five years, she says, the shrinking endowment and lower enrollment numbers are not significant enough to justify abandoned.
12:40 pm
mills as an independent college. we don't have evidence from them that there's a need for this at all. we believe that we can turn whatever is wrong with the school around. and if you don't think so, then show us the documents. that tell us that emma goss, ktvu fox two news. well, the bay area is seeing a boom in summer school enrollment after a year of distance learning. the east bay times reports that the san ramon unified school district has around 4000 students enrolled in one program alone. some families say they were hoping to get a last minute spot inside a summer school classroom but were wait listed in fremont and santa clara. enrollment has nearly doubled for the summer. meanwhile san francisca 0 million initiative. called summer together to provide free in person summer school classes were still to come at noon. as we celebrate pride month. the lgbtq community is calling for more to be done when it comes to gaining equal rights up next, the laws that advocates say are
12:41 pm
standing in the way, plus say goodbye to triple digit heat. we are seeing a cool down for the bay area. ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo will have your full forecast coming up.
12:42 pm
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pride mind lgbtq advocates are battling against states looking to curb trans rights. the human rights campaign calls 2021 the worst year for anti lgbtq
12:44 pm
legislation. our political reporter greg lee, takes a closer look at the issues and what advocates are doing to fight back. in 2021 so far more than 250 bills targeting lgbt q. people have been introduced in state legislatures across the country. 17 of them already signed in the law. those numbers are from the human rights campaign, an lgbtq advocacy group that says 2021 has set a record for anti trans legislation. and most of those bills are anti transgender bills that do a variety of things, but at his core, these bills are looking to erase. l g b t q people, we believe that it's very important that that the integrity of those competitions are preserved that these opportunities are protected, and i can tell you this in florida, you know girlsy sports on the first day of pride month. florida governor iran to scientists recently signed a bill barring transgender girls and women
12:45 pm
from playing on high school and college female sports teams more than 30 states have introduced bills to do the same. hrc president alfonzo david said. this legislation looks for problems that don't exist when these elected officials are asked, what is the actual problem that you're solving by banning. transgender people from participating participating in sports consistent with their gender identity. they are unable to answer the question other bills aimed to prohibit transgender youth from accessing gender affirming medical care and prohibiting transgender people from having access to restrooms or locker rooms consistent with gender identity, even though some of these bills have died on statehouse floors, david says transgender youth are still feeling the mental impact. because these young people are seeing bills introduced that tell them that they don't exist that they should not be protected by law that the gender affirming care that they're receiving should be denied. transgender americans watching at home,
12:46 pm
especially young people so brave i want to know your president has your back. president biden responded to the push from some states in his address to a joint session of congress. urging congress to pass the equality act, which expands protections for lgbtq. americans hrc is also fighting back with bills affirming trans rights we have now 24 bills that have been signed in states across the country, the human rights campaign recently announced that we're going to be suing the state of florida and governor de santas. the california legislature has stood up for lgbtq rights, including allocating funding for cultural competency training and borrowing, state funded travel to states that discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity, david says is critical for all people to stand up for lgbtq rights. wherever they live. we will never achieve equality unless we fight for equality as one community, greg lee ktvu, fox two news. rainbow colours
12:47 pm
will light up the california state capitol to celebrate pride month. tonight's lighting ceremony will include speakers from the state and lgbtq community. the building will be illuminated nightly throughout the week to celebrate not just the lgbtq community but also the goals of diversity and inclusion. well, today is the start of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. and one of the most popular places to visit today is stonehenge in england. it was overcast this morning, but they did not stop a lot of people from gathering to celebrate and welcoming the solstice. when the sky is clear the sun's rays shine directly through the stones, which are lined up with the sun's path. your solar being in the solar system and they've got a temple align with the sun and you want to give thanks for everything the son does for you, then rock up and come to your nearest own circle. it's aligned with the sunlight, but you're aligned with the sunlight anyway, so just keep shining your light, especially
12:48 pm
in these dark times. and here in the bay area, we are looking at close to 15 hours of daylight today. that's five more hours of light compared to the winter solstice. the sun was up at 5 47 this morning and the sun is expected to set at. 8 35. what a gorgeous picture and i'm keeping an eye on that fog bank out there because rosemary at that's what's keeping things a little bit cooler noticeably cooler compared to the last few days. yes so the first full day of summer and what do you know? one of the coolest days in several we are looking at temperatures. even falling below average. hello, ellie and mike. hello to all of you out there. we are with an onshore breeze. that marine layer has deepened about 2000 ft. easy visible from that camera. live shot. we showed you a moment ago. here's another view sfo with the blue skies there, so we are settling into this cooler pattern that is going to last at least a few days before we begin to rebound once again. here's a look at storm tracker to and you can see, we've got cloud cover pretty much along the entire california coastline. and if i shift inland just a little bit. you can see that trough. this kind of creating
12:49 pm
the counterclockwise circulation. that is what is providing us with the onshore breeze and the deeper marine layer and bringing those numbers down. so the winds right now not too bad half moon bay reporting a wind gust about 20 mph, and we are seeing winds through fairfield travis air force base to about 25 that onshore breeze really helping our inland cities out even in our hills. we do have a bit of a breeze out there but take a look at oakland north, relative humidity 81. that's another great thing about this cool pacific air. it carries so much more moisture with it and really helps us out, especially this time of year when we're worried about the fire danger so moving into today sixties at the coast a lot of seventies around the bay and our inland cities mid to upper eighties, falling below the average as i mentioned a moment ago. here's a look at some of those numbers out there. we have 64 degrees right now in san francisco upper sixties and walnut creek in the north based 65 in santa rosa, your notably cooler than yesterday and we were cooler the day before that. in the day before that, so this has been a
12:50 pm
gradual change we have seen over the last few days. below the seasonal norm in santa rosa at 76 66 of san francisco, 70 degrees in oakland will go 84 for livermore, right on track for this time of year, and 78 expected over san jose. a better look at some of your numbers along the peninsula 75 in redwood city for the inner east bay, one of the hotspots today, 88 expected in antioch. we won't see much change as we get into your bay area tuesday for our cause. list of scholars are based like communities, we pretty much the bottom down our inland cities may drop a little bit more on tuesday, more so wednesday and then on thursday looks to be one of the coolest days before we rebounded in time for the weekend upper eighties by friday for inland communities back into the nineties for the weekend, meanwhile, around the bay low eighties expected sixties at the coast back to you, thank you, rosemary still kayakers fao hawaii how much it reportedly cost cruise to rescue.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
county, who was trying to become the first person to kayak from the bay area to hawaii by himself. 44 year old cyril d. eramo, was rescued by a coast guard helicopter earlier this month about 70 miles west of santa cruz. he was just six days into his trip when he ran into rough conditions, lost his gps signal and his kayak started taking on water, according to the san francisco chronicle. the rescue cost the coast guard more than $42,000. the coast guard has about $1 billion budgeted. every year for search and rescue missions. the u. s supreme court issued a major victory for college athletes. the high court ruled against the akp and blah i in part of the ways it compensates athletes, the court says. colleges can no longer be banned from providing athletes
12:55 pm
with education related benefits like computers, internships and study abroad opportunities. the case does not determine though whether students can be paid salaries. well, we're just about a month away from the summer olympics, and organizers are finally made in a decision on whether or not to allow local spectators. this comes as japan takes new steps to speed up its vaccine rollout. benjamin home has the story. the stands won't be empty at this summer's olympics. tokyo 2020 organisers announcing monday that some local spectators will be allowed to attend next month's games venues will be limited to 50% capacity up to a maximum 10,000 fans, officials say. anyone who does attend can't cheer must wear a mask and go straight home. after an event can we will consider either cancelling or minimized in live areas and public viewing areas and, in addition, reassess related events that we can propose a new safe and secure way to cheer, but the decision goes against recommendations by japan's top medical advisor,
12:56 pm
who said the safest way to hold the games is without fans. japan's prime minister, adding the games could change its fan policy if conditions worsen. switch it to qanon. hands in order to achieve the games that give top priority to safety and security for the people. olympic organizers already facing their first test, a vaccinated members of uganda's team. tested positive for the virus upon arriving in japan on saturday. it marks the first virus detection among incoming athletes and raises concerns as covid-19 variance spread. japan has fully vaccinated just 6% of its population, thousands of companies and now vaccinating workers in the hopes of speeding up the rollout. it does have side effects, but it is a highly effective vaccine, so i would like as many people as possible to take it. olympic organizers say anyone who. violate protocol could be disqualified or even deported. in london, benjamin hall, ktvu
12:57 pm
fox two news, barry, a police officers took part in the law enforcement torch run this morning, which is the largest public awareness effort to and grassroots fundraiser for the special olympics more than 3500 officers in northern california take part in the event ahead of the special olympics. we caught up with some of the participants this morning also known as the guardians of the flame, just as fremont police handed the torch off to the union city. police department with everything that we've gone through as a community as a nation, it's great to get back out engaging with the community and raise money for this very special group of athletes run kicked off last monday in the flame of hope will travel through 36 different counties to arrive eventually, at the steps of the capitol on friday for a torch lighting ceremony so far, this year's event has raised $256,000 for the special olympics. for the first time since the pandemic began. a royal caribbean cruise ship has set sail the freedom of the seas launched on a test crews
12:58 pm
from port of miami last night. ships are required to undergo that tests before taking off on an official cruise about 600 passengers boarded the ship. they will help the company tests its new covid prevention protocols. if all goes according to plan, freedom of the seas will begin commercial trips from miami on july 2nd. last friday, a federal court in florida ruled that the cdc's covid regulations will continue to be in effect only until july, 18th. and then from there on they will become recommendations. florida governor rhonda santa's sued the cdc back in april in an attempt to resume cruises because they are a big contributor to the state's economy. the cruise lines have been shut down by c d. c for over a year and so i decided to do something about it, so we brought a lawsuit a couple months ago in federal court. we were told by the quote experts and people in the media that this was just a stunt that we had no chance. the judge ruled that the cdc's guidance is
12:59 pm
considered nonbinding and granted a preliminary injunction that begins july 18th, preventing the cdc from enforcing the conditional sailing order. he also ordered both sides to get back to mediation to reach a full solution. families across the bay area celebrated father's day over the weekend. fenton's creamery in oakland was a very popular spot to honor all your dad's many families told us the trip defendants was their father's day tradition and one data we spoke with, said he was happy to celebrate the big day without covid restrictions. we were able to actually go and eat outside fenton's last father's day, but it was definitely a much tenser time and it's really exciting to see so many people out enjoying the day father's day it was made a permanent national holiday when president nixon signed it into law in 1972 57 years after mother's day. was declared a national holiday makes you want to go out and grab some ice cream. where you go? yeah, we want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon in minutes. oakland police are going to give us an update on the deadly shooting at lake
1:00 pm
merritt over the weekend. there, you see live picture will stream it live on ktvu dot com indicated in the zap. comin. >> i need a woman.he zap. comin. i need someone with me. it is so hard alone. dr. oz: my exclusive with dog the bounty hunter. you are going to get goosebumps. the love he did not see coming. >> a miracle. dr. oz: his secret engagement revealed. is that francie laughing at your jokes? i want to see the person responsible for fixing my friend's health. >> ♪ dr. oz: what would beth say if she was looking at you right now, if she could see all the things you're going through, all the challenges you are feeling about just staying alive? >> well,


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