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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 14, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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nearly far enough. we are confident these vaccines incentives have worked, and that's why we want to continue in that spirit. it's a spirit of california can do. we're not done. this is not spiking the football tomorrow. it's not mission accomplished tomorrow. this virus is not going away tomorrow. this pandemics not behind us tomorrow tomorrow, 10 lucky californians will be randomly drawn to receive $1.5 million each. then on july 1st, california will draw for what's called the wind, california. dream vacations giveaway. six randomly selected vaccinated california's will receive one of six different luxury vacation packages for four to anaheim palm springs, los angeles, san diego or san francisco plus $2000 to offset travel expenses. but wait, there's more. anybody that gets vaccinated will get a $50 gift
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card. uh not in the mail, but on your email. or on a text message. the governor says incentives need to continue because the level of vaccinations very wildly throughout california's 58 counties there places like lassen county that have last i looked about 26% of their population that county vaccinated. you're over 80% here in san francisco, 88 plus percent in marin 83 plus percent in san diego tomorrow will not be anything goes, especially at businesses or other private venues. businesses can require verification businesses can require mask wearing and it will mostly be on the honor system. if you haven't been vaccinated and your public or you're in a large indoor setting, we encourage mask wearing, newsom says, because of strict health policies. california is outperforming rivals florida and texas. the economy in the state of california did not contract as much as those states and we had
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better health outcomes. right always and he says that last month 38% of the entire nations job growth as well as 41% back in march came from nowhere else, but california tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. alright tom. thank you. as for those vaccine verifications, the governor says the state expects to announce details in the coming days on an electronic card that people can use to show they are fully vaccinated. governor said today. having it will not be a requirement, but it will allow people to have an alternative to the paper vaccination card from the c d. c california is now closing in on 19 million residents being fully vaccinated right now the state is at 55% of peop. anothe7 million people have one dose. that's 11% of the population. the state has close to six million doses on hand, while business owners are happy that california has finally fully reopening, there are still plenty of concerns, especially
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in the hard hit restaurant industry. san francisco chef david may felled owns the popular k fico restaurant in san francisco. he told us earlier tonight on the floor. he's hopeful for a quick recovery, but he's also worried overall about restaurant owners taking on debt to survive. he also says he believes rising prices will play a big role over the next year or two. we want to pay people more. we're going to have to charge more. we're going to see a fallout from that guests are not universally going to be accepting about. chef nay, feld says he has added dining in surcharge of 10% for people who eat inside the restaurant, he says so far the majority of his guests are supportive. officials at san francisco international airport are reminding people that mass are still required at the airport, even if you're fully vaccinated, and this despite the state reopening tomorrow, the transportation security administration also says vaccinated people will have to where mass on buses, trains and other modes of public transportation under federal rules, which apply to everyone.
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over the age of two. it is mid june, but some for some some students in san francisco today is the first day back to school, ktvu christien kafton toured one of the city summer together programs that the mayor says the goal is to get students back on track after a rough year from the outside. it may look like a tech company, but inside it's a summer high school hub campus, part of the city's summer together program, educators say when students showed up for their first morning they got to work right away in the mornings from about eight a.m. to one. we're in summer school classes, so students are on computers. they're signed in for their classes. we have academic coaches, um, on site who assist students with who need any extra support. getting over there at the mayor was on hand touring the facility, she says the aim of the program is to help make up for lost time and lost educational opportunities due to covid 19. they have instructors. they have counselors and peer support, so they're going to have a great summer and the summer. or is
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really about getting them ready for school in the fall. i would like to start off with my experience. uh an interview and see, some teens say they need educators and city leaders to hear their concerns over the very real obstacles students have faced over this last year from sexual assaults to homelessness. not a lot of adults really today really take in what you have been through. i also think another issue that is has impacted all you know throughout. zoom has been mental health issues. students here are still attending school online, but with the critical element of having adult educators available to monitor their progress and help out when needed. some of those attending, saying this program will help them catch up. it was a bit hard for me for the first semester. i didn't catch up as quickly as other people, but, uh, this season like learning program, i guess is helping me make up some of my credits. the mayor says the program is just one step toward turn to in
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person instruction for all students. next academic school here we all have a lot of questions, and we're trying to work closely with the school district to get those questions answered, according to our superintendent, schools will open fully in the fall in all 26,000 students, almost half of san francisco's student body are attending summer together in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news. today is youth civic engagement day in the city of oakland mayor libby shaft making that announcement or proclamation this morning at the rainbow recreation center on international boulevard. the city is working in partnership with doordash, which is given out $15,000 in community credit gift cards. they're going to be going to oakland youth who participate in civic or community engagement events and activities. we must do a better job as adults in uplifting and empowering our young people. they have solutions. they have the energy and they will
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inherit what we leave behind. the doordash gift cards are redeemable at oakland restaurants. firefighters have fully contained a fast moving grass fire in san jose. cal fire says it was started by a set of balloons that caught some power lines just before noon at silicon valley road and basking ridge. it quickly spread to 35 acres. helicopters and air tankers were used to help stop the forward. progress of the fire and a bulldozer was used to carve fire breaks. one structure was threatened, but no evacuations were ordered. police in san pablo need the public's help in identifying an armed robbery suspect. investigators released security video of the suspect seen in a parking lot where police say he robbed to talk real worker last week, his alleged accomplice, 19 year old tyrone ratliff, of richmond, has already been booked for robbery and conspiracy charges. investigators say the two were seen driving away in a silver suv after the robbery. anyone with information about the case is asked to call san pablo police president biden wrapped
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up a visit to nato today as part of his trip to europe for the g seven summit. fox news benjamin hall tells us the 30 country nato alliance focused on how to handle security threats posed by russia and china. nato stands together. that's how we met every other threat in the past, president biden reaffirmed the united states' commitment to nato on monday. his comments came after a meeting with nato countries where they addressed climate related security challenges and the growing threat of russia and china were facing a once in a century global health crisis. the same time the democratic values that undergird our alliance are under increasing pressure. both internally and externally. russia and china are both seeking to drive a wedge in our transatlantic solidarity. in a lengthy message, nato allies called on russia to drop its designation of the u. s and czech republic as quote unfriendly countries. they also committed to provide funding for the kabul airport and troop withdrawal in afghanistan. as for china, the
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alliance declared the country as a global security challenge leaders agreed that we need to address such challenges. together, asked alliance. and that we need to engage with china to defend our security interests. monday's summit is one of several meetings leading up to president biden sit down with vladimir putin on wednesday in geneva. the two are expected to discuss recent cyber attacks against american companies. the russian leader dismissing allegations russia was behind the attacks. we know it well. we have been accused of all kinds of things. election interference, cyber attacks and so on and so forth tomorrow, president biden will participate in the first us eu summit. 2014 in brussels. benjamin hall, fox news, maryland based biotech company nova vax released data from its phase three trials showing strong effectiveness against covid-19, the ceo of nova vag says the study showed that 90.4% overall efficiency against the virus, including the many variants now spreading
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across the country. this announcement comes as the number of people getting vaccines is starting to slowly decline where you are averaging about a million shots a day in the united states, down from a peak of more than 3.3 million. novak says it plans to apply in the u. s for emergency use authorization of its vaccine this summer and is on track to manufacturer about 100 million doses per month in the fall. more normal summer for kids heading off to camp coming up tonight at 5 30. these experiences are in high demand as organizations welcome back big groups of campers for the first time in more than a year, and with the statewide opening plan for tomorrow, some cities are going to have to decide what to do with all of those outdoor spaces and road closures that have popped up in downtowns across the bay area. palo alto. may possibly lead the way the tough decision the city is debating right now, plus more bay area cities crackdown on water usage as we head into the dry months, the city telling its residents lawn sprinklers are now off limits for everyone and a significant
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so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ street dining and resuming pre pandemic traffic patterns as ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us the implications stretch far beyond silicon valley. this staple of dining out during covid-19 roads, closed in favour of tables and chairs could become a crucible for what comes next. we've got 15 cities and towns here in santa clara county alone, and probably something like 100 cities and towns around the bay area who are going through the same conversations. t on if strt
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dining stays or goes as communities emerged from covid palo alto city council will next week consider reopening closed roadways around university avenue and california street. initially the plan was to keep this new normal until october, the covid fuel change allows patrons to dine outside instead of inside. it's been a lifeline for many restaurants struggling to stay in business. it is expensive to rent and buy and the umbrellas and the heat lamps. yes, it's a big, big deal, but it's also a big hurt for establishments missing out on vehicle traffic to ferry customers to their front doors, some experts say societal evolution may dictate the next direction where it became coming more of an urban area and less of a, uh sprawled out driving area. people don't think about the difficulties involved in that strategy. management professor dr robert chapman. woods says it could come down to positioning and street placement in the battle for renewed post covid success.
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it does seem premature to end this program, i would think, at least through labor day would make sense for the restaurants with what they've invested. it's a tough call. you know it works for some restaurants because they're on the right street where the closures have work to their benefit and advantage. others aren't on the right street. the city council will be the final arbiter, perhaps returning to traffic and ending the outdoor experience as early as july in palo alto, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. in san francisco, a 40 ft tree fell and toppling over this morning and crashed through a house in the west of twin pikes, west of twin peaks neighborhood. thankfully no one was hurt. firefighters responded to edgehill way shortly before nine this morning and worked for hours to remove the dead tree. the tree topple caused heavy damage to the homes deck and a limp punctured the roof. a city building inspector was called in to assess the overall damage, more cut bags on water usage in the north bay. residents of healdsburg are being told they can't use more than 70. four gallons of water
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per person per day, and no one at all can use their sprinklers. ktvu magus has more on what's being done to conserve water during the drought. lawn sprinklers in all forms of irrigation are now off limits in healdsburg as the city implements a 74 gallons per person daily limit on water, use the strictest measures so far as more of the bay area grapples with the drought emergency. let's do all we can. to save our water. a mandatory 15% water reduction is now in place for santa clara valley water district customers and in the greater livermore area, the tri valley water agencies are asking for voluntary reductions, noting that the bulk of residential water is going towards outdoor landscaping. lys nursery in livermore has survived seven california droughts. the owner tells me this is the year more people are switching out their lawns for this proper mulching a good thick mulch around plants will conserve up to 50% of the water,
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she says. customers are coming in daily seeking lawn conversion advice. multiple times a day. i think it's well worth it. zone seven water, the agency serving the greater liver more pleasant in dublin and san ramon area offers 100% cost rebates on lawn conversion for pre approved projects. evey mud and valley water pay up to 2000. dollars in rebates for homeowners who swap out their lawns. we've had so many droughts that it just doesn't make sense to have these green lush lawns. i wish it would cause they're beautiful, but it makes more sense to have, um, dropped tolerance type of garden. oh, and we are tracking the weather out there. we've got some heat in the forecast. it was about the same today as it was yesterday. but as we get into thursday, we're going to see heat advisories excessive heat warnings in parts of the bay area and in the central valley as well. the big story. i mean, the overall overarching
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story here is going to be this big high pressure. you see where it's centered down around the four corners area that's going to blow temperatures up in las vegas in phoenix. they're going to see numbers in the 1 21. 25 degree range. so what happens when you get this kind of heat bubble if you will couple things first, we're gonna get hot in our interior valleys, but you're also going to see the power grid. take a hit because you got big cities involved in big heat for 2 to 3 even four days in some cases, so that's what i'm thinking about. so right off the bat brown out the kind of nut brown house but some kind of power changes could be in stores we get into thursday, especially so the plan will be. be for us tomorrow to be a lot like today. but then as you look at this, you'll see the temperatures begin to go up and they're going to grow rapidly to the point that on thursday up here, we could see temperatures in the bay area, 100 and 203 something like that. maybe 100 and four. but you drop jump over the hill. you get into the
5:19 pm
out towards red bluff reading drop into the valley in sacramento, fresno, buck 10 bucks. 15 bucks. 17 we're looking at potential records. in some cases, all all time records in parts of the state of california. that's the overarching story in our situation. we still have a sea breeze, which is sort of interesting. this is not an offshore wind event. fire danger will elevate, but it's not an offshore wind event that's changing around little bit. it's more of a heat and high heat, low humidity event and so fire danger will come up due to that, but it's much better when you don't have wind which we do not we're just going to have a lot of heat. and as i've mentioned before, these are the current temperatures, as i mentioned before heat is the day most dangerous weather event we have right. more people die from heat. more people have issues from heat because you're covering in this case as he was going to cover millions of people on the in the southwest, united, southwest united states and up into the central valley and in parts of the bay area doesn't happen tomorrow. starts on wednesday, but thursday is
5:20 pm
the day you go. wow it's hot. and if you're in specific up, you're going to say it's not that hot at all right? terrific. i think there'll be some fog at the coast specifically to stay in the low sixties temperatures today running a little cooler. tomorrow is very similar to today. see that sea breeze and the sea breeze is going to stay. it's not going to go away. it's just going to get it's gonna just be able to impact the coast because it's going to be fighting the heat coming out of the valleys and so these these areas in here, kind of no man's land around the bay. we're going to see eighties maybe low nineties, but the big heat is going to be east of the east bay hills as you know, and that starts on thursday. big time on thursday starts on wednesday, but big time on thursday. i'll see you back here with the full forecast. a lawsuit over an employer requiring staff to receive covid vaccines has been thrown out by a federal judge. i'm ca
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dismissed a lawsuit filed by more than 100 hospital employees. those employees are challenging a mandatory vaccination requirement from their employer. their legal team is planning to appeal the ruling and take their case to the supreme court, if necessary. fox news casey stengel reports now from dallas. we simply wanted more time to wait till it's fda approved till the time tested. and that's really the main thing behind it. hospital employees in texas vocal about their opposition to a mandatory vaccine policy from their employer, houston methodist health system, more than 100 employees banded together and filed a lawsuit against the hospital, arguing their vaccine requirement is illegal. but on saturday, a federal judge dismissed their case. saying their claims that the vaccine is quote, experimental and dangerous, were quote, false and irrelevant. in his decision, judge lynn hughes wrote. this is not coercion methodist is trying to do their business of
5:24 pm
saving lives without giving them the covid-19 virus. it is a choice made to keep staff. patients and their families safer. judge hughes also said texas law only protects employees from wrongful termination if they refused to commit an illegal act. meantime hospital employees vowed to keep on fighting and appeal. if we don't stop this now and do some kind of change, everybody's just going to topple. it's going to create a domino effect. everybody across the nation is going to be forced to get things into their body that they don't want more than 100 employees missed the hospitals vaccine. deadline and have been suspended. they have until june 21st to get a jab or face termination. that's the latest from dallas. casey stegall fox news. and in a statement to the washington post hospital president and ceo mark boom, said the judge's decision meant the hospital can now put this behind us and continue our focus on unparalleled safety, quality
5:25 pm
service and innovation. coming up pent up demand to turn off the screens, get outside and see all the friends the post covid summer is shaping up to be a busy one for summer camps and counselors all over the bay area. a lot of kids wanting to come to camp and we're seeing a lot of adults, so want to come to camp, i think, like everywhere else. everybody just wants to get out of the house. the only downside these camps say, is that group size restrictions mean not everyone who wants to go is able to plus, uh, sigh of relief in the north bay with one county just an
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financing for 72 months on select popular chevy suvs. are back up and running, and with restrictions on how many can attend. some are actually already sold out. and as ktvu is maureen naylor reports, the camp experience is not back to normal quite yet, but. it is getting a lot closer from a game of indoor soccer to would you rather jenga summer camps are back because here, kids, you know, screams and laughter and, you know, you know, footsteps coming up and down the hall. okay, um, it feels like the good old days again. the boys and girls club of silicon valley monday kicked off its summer camps at 15 locations, including this one off cunningham avenue in san jose. those who run the camp say it's sad. some kids new to
5:29 pm
the program don't know what it was like before masks and the masks will continue indoors even after june 15th we have a lot of kids showing up today and tomorrow who have not been in person for 15 months plus doing anything, so it's a we're this is a this is a crisis moment that we're trying to meet. the boy scouts of america is also resuming its summer camps after a one year break because of covid 19 or we're all excited to get back out. get our youth back into nature. bruce lee runs camp high sierra near yosemite each week about 200 scouts will head to the mountains for hiking, sailing and rock climbing, but with limits on how many people can attend the entire summer is completely sold out. we're seeing. lot of kids wanting to come to camp and we're seeing a lot of adults that want to come to camp. i think like everywhere else, everybody just wants to get out of their house. kids will be able to go mask free outdoors, but masks will
5:30 pm
be required when they're close, and lee says vaccines are required for anyone over the age of 18. we've got a lot of requests for extra adults coming this year. and is that unusual? it's more than i've ever seen before that camp director says his biggest concern this summer isn't covid, but rather wildfires and says precautions are in place for both. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. health officials say for the first time in more than a year, there are no covid-19 patients at any hospital in marin county. the milestone is being credited to the county's high vaccination rate, which is one of the highest in california. health officials say 89% of eligible residents, 12 and older have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and 80% are now fully vaccinated and the mass vaccination site at levi's stadium will shut down on june 24th just 10 days from now as ie administered at levi's, which
5:31 pm
is one of the highest capacity sites in the state of california. nearly 12,000 people got their shots in a single day during the peak back in mid april. right now, kobe cases have slowed to less than two per day per 100,000 people and nearly 80% of santa clara county residents aged 12 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine. contra costa county, also looking at ways to reach people who have not received the vaccine. the county is now offering free mobile visits from the county vaccination van. any business organization can request a weekday visit within the county as long as five or more people want to receive the vaccine once they fill out the online request, the county says the van will come to their site. within a week. there is no limit to the number of people who can get the shots. more vaccines are on the way, with novavax announcing a 90% effective rate for its vaccine. but as fox news david lee miller tells us this comes as the pace of vaccines is slowing, and it's unclear how many skeptical people will sign up to get their shots. infections
5:32 pm
hospitalizations and deaths due to covid 19 are now at their lowest point since march of 2020. but the pandemic isn't over yet, and a new vaccine could soon be available to help contain it. novavax releasing data from its large scale us studied showing strong effectiveness against the virus, especially the many covid variants now spreading across the country. overall we had 90% efficacy, which is very high, particularly at a time when there are many variants circulating, in fact, mostly variants circulating during the trial. the announcement comes as the pace of vaccines is slowing. we're averaging about him. million shots a day in the u. s, down from a peak of more than 3.3 million cities and states are now creating even more incentives, including a new referral bonus program here in new york. community groups getting a donation of up to $100 for every person they sign up for a shot. they're going to use their reach to bring people in, they're going to get rewarded for it in a way that will then put resources back in
5:33 pm
the community, the climbing vaccination rate, prompting more americans to get out and about, the faa says on friday. they screened more than two million people, the most in a single day since the outbreak started, but they're also reminding travelers it's still possible to bring the virus home. even. if you're vaccinated only 50% of your trips start at your home airport. so when people are traveling, it's important to know what's happening at the city that you're returning from. the sous says they're screening about 75% more passengers than at the same time last year in new york, david lee miller fox news. the rental car shortage shows no signs of improving many travelers are experiencing sticker shock, with some spending as much, if not more on a rental car, then on airfare and hotel rooms. industry experts say the shortages due in part to high demand and rental car companies, having downsized their fleet during the pandemic. earlier today, we spoke with the transportation and tech
5:34 pm
columnist who advises people to either book early or consider other options. the car rental companies and other options that people don't consider when they're on vacation, such as mass transit. yes mass transit. it still works. it's still there and taxis. people are using those and get this to u haul people are renting u hauls to get around. chris elliott also says travelers should consider car sharing services. he predicts the rental car shortage to continue for a year or possibly more as israel's new government gets to work. benjamin netanyahu, the country's longest serving prime minister, vows to challenge it. i'm trey angst in jerusalem. i've got the details coming up, so they walk from the town of paradise all the way to san francisco with a message for senator dianne feinstein and house speaker nancy pelosi
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vote over the weekend, political opponents ousted prime minister benjamin netanyahu after 12 years in power as fox news trading reports from jerusalem. netanyahu says he is not going quietly. israel's new government is getting to work a day after sweeping changes to its parliament unseated prime minister benjamin netanyahu and in his historic 12 years of service in the role. naftali bennett or one time ally of netanyahu was elected to become the country's next prime minister and a razor thin 62 59 vote. the 49 year old immediately sworn into office, came to uphold the values of the state of israel and its laws to wholeheartedly fulfill the duties of prime minister this shifting 71 year. old netanyahu into the role of opposition leader saying he was cheated out of power, the longtime leader showed no signs of backing down, vowing to oust the newly seated governing coalition. we have a strong opposition united and strong to topple this dangerous left wing
5:38 pm
government. the fraud government will fall quickly. he's going to be very aggressive, very assertive, and his main goal was to make sure that this government is a very, very short lived one. israel's new government will not only be challenged by netanyahu, it will also face pressure on the global stage. especially when it comes to the israeli palestinian conflict, and the iranian american agreement. bennett opposes efforts to restore the international nuclear deal with iran. and in his outgoing speech, netanyahu blasted president biden for his plan to return to the understandings. let me call a prime minister in israel must be capable of saying no to the united states president on matters that endanger our existence and to back that up with massive action in the congress, the senate and in public opinion in the great democracy, which is the united states. president biden called bennett sunday night. to congratulate him and pledged his ongoing support to strong us israeli ties in jerusalem. tray angst. fox news, the justice department says it's going to make it more difficult
5:39 pm
to get records from members of congress. the decision comes after it was revealed the department under former president donald trump had secretly seized records from democrats and members of the media. the department's top national security official is resigning in light of this scandal. are questions, though, about what he exactly knew about confiscating phone data from house democrats. and reporters. it's the final few steps on a journey that took them hundreds of miles. the message, these young people and for lawmakers in d. c was an off duty delta flight attendant forces a plane to divert its route and make an unexpected landing. what that off duty attendant is accused of doing and heat is on the way. we talk about it when i see you next with the five day forecast.
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degree temperatures all the stir up support for fighting climate change. the march began nearly three weeks ago in a town badly damaged by a massive wildfire. just a few years ago. ktvu rob roth spoke with the marchers about where they're hoping their efforts will lead all rise. the golden gate bridge was among the last few miles. marchers were letting their feet do the talkie in a campaign to combat climate change. some of the march began 18 days in 266 miles ago in paradise, the butte county community devastated by wildfires in 2018. my body is a little tired, but i feel so good and i'm so proud of everything that we've done lonely. guthrie was one of seven people who began the journey in paradise, and the hardest thing was probably the heat. we walked through a heat wave. the first week there were we were in like 100 and 8 degrees weather at one point, which was really hard, but it made the reason that we're walking like so much. more real
5:43 pm
15 miles a day takes a little bit of a toll on your body bianna la decima of san diego felt it was time to do something waiting for change wasn't working. it's time for me to really step up and do anything it takes to stop this climate crisis because we don't have time to wait anymore. launchers are part of an organization called the sunrise movement. another group is marching 400 miles from new orleans to houston. the activists are pushing for congress to pass president joe biden's american jobs plan, which in includes funding for a civilian climate corps that would create jobs in green energy and other sectors. time and time again. i've seen my leaders, especially democratic leaders that my generation helped elect, i've seen them promise that they'll fight for us, and we'll give us jobs and they'll stop the climate crisis and then they fail us again and again and again, the marchers stopped in front of the san francisco homes of senator dianne feinstein and house speaker nancy pelosi, urging them to fight harder. both elected officials support the plan. pelosi's office issued a
5:44 pm
statement saying quote the courage and resilience of the young climate activists marching for climate justice is an inspiration if i don't step up, and my generation doesn't step up and fight the climate crisis and provide jobs that we need to do that, then nobody will be. the marchers are also plenty. another demonstration this one in washington, d c later this month. they've also requested an appointment with president biden. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. some tense moments on a delta airlines flight out of los angeles that led to an emergency landing an off duty delta airlines flight attendant was wrestled to the ground by crew and passengers after he took over the intercom and told passengers to put on their oxygen mass. he also tried to open the door of the plane. it happened friday night on an atlanta bound flight. the pilot was forced to land in oklahoma city, a passenger on board flight described what happened. was at the back of the plane a long two minutes after that first announcement,
5:45 pm
the pilot made an announcement and said all able by men please come to the court. there's an emergency come to the front. i got about halfway up before we were told to go back to our seats. the situation was under control. members of the flight crew told police the suspect identified as 34 year old jamaar duncan claimed there was a terrorist on board the flight, duncan was first taken to a hospital and after being medically cleared, he was booked into a jail in oklahoma county. stock and woman is now reunited with their dog that had been stolen from her vehicle while she was in san francisco celebrating her wedding anniversary, jacqueline zavala lee and her dog leo were reunited yesterday outside police headquarters in san francisco. the dog was stolen from the woman's lexus right near fish. worf thursday night she had left leo in his carrier, and when she returned to the car an hour later, her window was broken. the dog was gone along with their luggage. she says she never plans to lose sight of him again. i looked in the front to see them. my heart just fell because it was gone. don't ever
5:46 pm
let the ones we love out of your sight like. you might not ever get a second chance and tell them you love them, you know? as for the investigation, san francisco police say they received a tip that the dog had been sold in the city of oakland. the buyer called police after seeing news reports about the theft. so far, no arrests have been made. okay we're waiting on the heat. that doesn't happen tomorrow, but it does start to show up noticeably on wednesday, especially inland and then clicks in on thursday as the hardest day and stays around friday. here's the trend. i bring it up course it's not tomorrow, but i bring it up because this is going to have significant impacts on power on the on the western grid, and we haven't seen a real heat event like this in a while. we're vegas, phoenix. everybody's involved. los angeles record temperatures all time record temperatures over numerous days some of the vegas numbers in phoenix numbers are up around 121 125 degrees, some near all time or all time records could be broken. so with that, you
5:47 pm
realize you're going to have a lot of people kicking on air conditioners, so that's for mainly for thursday. that's when the advisories go into effect. but that will be a really hot day, and it will continue into friday in a little bit into saturday in those inland bay valley, so just a heads up on that i want to. i can't say for sure if they'll do brownell train like that. but this is the this is the footprint or this is the look of when you do get brown house when you have this kind of a forecast. the current temperatures are running behind where they were last night. at this time, winds are blowing the right way. and that's the other thing with this. this this big heat up, we're going to continue to have onshore winds, so the cooler coast will always be there. so if you're freaking out, and you don't like 104 in antioch on thursday, just drive 30 40 miles to the east, even around the bait in berkeley and oakland will be not substantially cooler, but they'll be well no, there will be substantively cooler, right? oakland in the eighties, something like that so much nicer, 21 mile an hour wind right now in hayward, you can see the satellite loop and you but you're looking at here is.
5:48 pm
a few showers showing up here from reading and i've actually seen some thunder storms as well. let's see. we can pick it up for us, not let's see if it's there. you should see a lightning pop in here somewhere. there it is just up above lakehead. so we have seen some lightning. it's you know, not a good time of year for lighting, certainly, but it's a very weak system. it brought us drizzle this morning. we saw. up to 507 inch of drizzle in some places. 5070.5 point 01 and many others, so it seemed like rain in some places. reports like they were like, oh, it's raining, but it was really just a heavy mess and drizzle in relation to that system. so the forecast tomorrow there's the fog kind of hanging at the coast inland numbers where you'd expect them to be. so we're looking at upper eighties low nineties. nothing unusual, unusual starts. kinda on wednesday afternoon into thursday, unusual is going to be thursday in terms of potential records for central valley towns. these are the forecast highs from also this quite pleasant, so that's some good news as we head into
5:49 pm
wednesday that 88 in antioch will turn into a. 97 95, which is again isn't completely out of the ballpark. but by thursday that antioch number is a book four buck five or something like that. that's the plan and again. we've seen this before. it's not for us. it's not super unusual. these temperatures we're looking at. but what is unusual? and not every day is when you see the whole western grid getting impacted by some massive heat for numerous days with the potential for a place like phoenix to have an all time record high, which that's hard to do in phoenix have an all time record highs, so we'll be watching it closely for you, but that's sort of the big weather story around here tomorrow. a lot like today wednesday, little warmer, bam thursday friday saturday really starts to heat up, especially inland still stays cool at the coast. yeah, that is a stretch of hot days, bill, we'll check back with you a little later. thank you, lego. and celebrated its grand opening today in silicon valley on the eve of the states, reopening a ribbon cutting ceremony was held this
5:50 pm
morning at the legoland discovery center at the great mall in milpitas, the 31,000 square foot center includes an interactive ride. there's a movie theater showing three d lego movies and, of course, a lego cafe. the centerpieces mini land, which is a re creation of bay area landmarks, all in legos. it's a million and a half bricks that took a team of 45 model builders over 7000 hours to put it together, and it is amazing centerpiece of our attraction. organizers plan to open the new lego land in april of 2020, but the coronavirus put that on hold tickets cost $23 and up annual passes are also available. live music starting to make a comeback, and fans are ready to roll right into those concert venues. more than 1000 people lined up yesterday, hoping to buy tickets for a foo fighters concert down in southern in california. the band is playing at canyon agora hills tomorrow, the same day as the states reopening the small concert is part of the band's 26th anniversary. and so tickets were actually being sold for just $26. then you can't
5:51 pm
operate at full capacity but full capacity. it's just 610 people, meaning some people left the box office empty handed. from what we've heard. it said it sold out, but we're still hoping, okay, we're not going anywhere for a while. i'm hoping maybe david at the food fighters will add another show. you know, they're going to be a madison square gardens five days later. maybe they'll add something people buying. those tickets did have to show proof of vaccination. the foo fighters are also headlining a number of festivals this summer, including napa's bottle rock. there was a familiar face at the 145th westminster dog show former giant star barry bonds was in attendance. his dog rocky, competed in the show he owns rocky with his sister in admits that she does do all of the work to train rocky, the miniatures browser did not win his breed. but bond said he's just happy his dog qualified for the big show and the best in show winner of this year's westminster dog show was wasabi. the pekinese, his breeder david fitzpatrick, says the three year old celebrated the big win with a nice filet.
5:52 pm
fitzpatrick's other dog, maliki was sabes, grandfather won best in show at the same event back in 2012 bill to come. an uptick in violence leads to a march in the east bay. what they're calling for following a recent shooting right near the community center and coming up new at six tonight new figures are out on t s a screenings over the weekend. what they tell us about the state of post pandemic air travel and disneyland makes a key change in its covid
5:53 pm
[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪
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restrictions. it's all because of the spread of the delta variant, the prime minister says. the next opening is being delayed by four weeks until july 19th, he said. it is sensible to wait just a little
5:55 pm
longer. the government believes that by july 19th the two thirds of the adult population will have both of their vaccinations under the government's plan for coming out of the lockdown, all restrictions on gatherings were going to be lifted next monday. grocery store cashier has been killed in a shooting and three others wounded after an argument over where wearing a face mask at an atlanta area supermarket was allowed. the shooting happened in a suburb of east atlanta. now, the sheriff says a man was arguing with the cashier over wearing the mask when he apparently pulled out a gun and shot the cashier, deputy working store security, returned fire and shot the man. the sheriff says that deputy the suspected shooter and one other person were wounded. today was the first day of summer school in richmond and some parents and community leaders used the day to speak out against defunding the police department. they walked in caravan to a school this morning, they went past the location of richmond's most recent homicide, they say in the wake of an uptick in gun violence. this is not the right time to cut the department's budget. safety is crucial here
5:56 pm
in our community. we want speed bumps on chesley. we won't crosswalks on are safer after school. that's important to us. there's a spike in violence and we know we cannot afford to defend our police department, the richmond city council is considering making nearly $6.5 million in cuts to the police department's budget, the increase in mass shootings in cities across the country, including san jose in several just this past weekend, is raising a lot of questions and concerns. madeline rivera as the latest on the uptick in violence sweeping the country and what's being done in downtown austin, texas, an area known for its fun nightlife became a gathering for emergency personnel and police officers saturday after shots were fired into a crowd, killing at least one and hurting several others. this is one of the more significant incidents that we have ever had happen in our city. it's one of multiple violent incidents that broke out across the country over the week. again in chicago.
5:57 pm
at least one person was fatally shot and several more hurt after a mass shooting in the city's south side and a similar scene in georgia, where a shooting in savannah has left at least one man dead and many others recovering. it's disturbing and it's senseless. the spike in crime is raising alarm for city officials and local business owners who are looking to welcome back crowds and customers this summer asked covid-19 restrictions, relax and how can we expect people to want to frequent us and support us? when we can barely keep ourselves safe as police prepare for a busy season, law enforcement officials say communities should work together to curb the violence. the higher numbers of crime and violence throughout the country. um it is out of control and we need to start doing what all we can to attract. train and retain the best and brightest saturday marked five years since 49 people were killed and the pulse nightclub massacre in florida. president biden used
5:58 pm
the moment to call for the senate to pass gun legislation to address what he calls a public health epidemic of gun violence in washington. mala rivera fox news. this is katie fox two news at six. governor newsome announces a new round of incentives to get more people vaccinated as the state prepares to fully reopen tomorrow. anybody that gets vaccinated will get a $50 gift card. cash isn't the only thing being offered. the state is upping the ante, offering a half dozen luxury vacations, all forgetting people vaccinated. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville ktvu tom vacar has more on these latest incentives from the state ahead of tomorrow's big reopening day. we are confident these vaccines incentives have worked, and that's why we want to continue in that spirit. it's a spirit of california can do. we're not done. this is not spiking the
5:59 pm
football tomorrow. it's not mission accomplished tomorrow. this virus is not going away tomorrow. this pandemics not behind us tomorrow tomorrow, 10 lucky californians will be randomly drawn to receive $1.5 million each. then on july 1st, california will draw for what's called the wind, california. your dream vacations giveaway. six randomly selected vaccinated. california's will receive one of six different luxury vacation packages for four to anaheim. palm springs, los angeles, san diego or san francisco, plus $2000 to offset travel expenses. but wait, there's more. anybody that gets vaccinated will get a $50 gift card. uh not in the mail, but on your email. or on a text message. the governor says incentives need to continue because the level of vaccinations very wildly throughout california's 58 counties there places like lassen county that have last i
6:00 pm
looked about 26% of their population that county vaccinated. you're over 80% here in san francisco, 88 plus percent in marin 83 plus percent in san diego tomorrow will not be anything goes, especially at businesses or other private venue. businesses can require verification businesses can require mask wearing and it will mostly be on the honor system. if you haven't been vaccinated in your public, or you're in a large indoor setting, we encourage mask wearing, newsom says, because of strict health policies. california is outperforming rivals florida and texas. economy in the state of california did not contract as much as those states and we had better health outcomes. and he says the last month 38% of the entire nations job growth as well as 41% back in march, came from california, tom vacar ktvu, fox two news.


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