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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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vacation packages. from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four and welcome to the four everyone. i'm frank mallicoat in for alex savage. and i'm heather holmes as of today, 72% of california adults have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine, and governor newsom says vaccine incentives are working, and now the governor is sweetening the deal with the chance for vaccinated. california's to win a dream getaway. ktvu tom vacar has more now on the big announcement the governor made today in san francisco. yeah. we are confident these vaccines incentives have worked, and that's why we want to continue in that spirit. it's a spirit of california can do. we're not done. this is not spiking the football tomorrow. it's not mission accomplished tomorrow. this virus is not going away tomorrow. this pandemics now behind us tomorrow tomorrow, 10 lucky californians will be randomly drawn to receive $1.5
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million each. then on july 1st, california will draw for what's called the wind, california. your dream vacations giveaway. six randomly selected vaccinated. california's will receive one of six different luxury vacation packages for four to anaheim. palm springs, los angeles, san diego or san francisco, plus $2000 to offset travel expenses. but wait, there's more. anybody that gets vaccinated will get a $50 gift card. uh not in the mail, but on your email. or on a text message. the governor says incentives need to continue because the level of vaccinations very wildly throughout california's 58 counties there places like lassen county that have last i looked about 26% of their population that county vaccinated. you're over 80% here in san francisco, 88 plus percent in marin. 83 plus
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percent in san diego tomorrow will not be anything goes, especially at businesses or other private venues. businesses can require verification businesses can require mask wearing and it will mostly be on the honor system. if you haven't been vaccinated and your public or you're in a large, indoor setting, we encourage mask wearing, newsom says, because of strict health policies. california is outperforming rivals florida and texas, the economy in the state of california. not contract as much as those states and we had better health outcomes. now ask for those vaccine verifications. the governor says the state expects to announce details in the coming days on an electronic card that people can use to show that they are indeed fully vaccinated. the governor said today that having it will not be a req the paper n card from the cdc. so as the state reopens its economy and
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drops many covid restrictions tomorrow one bay area county is throwing a party to celebrate. ktvu is. greg liggins has details as cemetery counties roaring 20 celebration gets underway. we welcome people in on june 15th county supervisor david canada is showing us the lay of the land at a plaza off el camino real near the coma. bart station where he and 400 others so far have already rsvp'd to celebrate. the tuesday event will have a 19 twenties theme with classic cars and costumes, paying homage to the roaring twenties. come back. following the flu pandemic that ended in 1919. it's a symbolic event to recognize. well we just think that we were in this pandemic. there are others that have come before us cannabis as during the free event with barbecue and entertainment, they'll honor heroes like firefighters, medical workers covid survivors, small businesses and others. the owner of antigua
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coffee shop in south san francisco is among the honorees. he immigrated from mexico two decades ago started the business in 2014 feared he'd lose it during the pandemic, but held on. i feel so excited, and i think this owner is for well small businesses who survive during this pandemic. so what victor represents. is all those small businesses and the struggles they've gone through. we need to follow the science on the vaccines honoree dr monica gandhi as someone can up. it refers to as the star of the show. the bay area infectious disease specialist has tirelessly appeared on local and national outlets, educatin the pandemic, and she praised the county's approach. i am really honored. to be honored by san mateo county. i think we had a similar philosophy you can still save lives be science based, but also put the entire pandemic in the setting of what holistically is going on in
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society, canopus says. there will be something serious included in the festivities, an on site vaccination clinic, and dr gandhi says her celebratory speech will address that topic to embrace the effectiveness of the back seats, which i think that san matteo is done and what i mean by that is you in the delta variant when we talk about these fearful variant, the vaccines work, the free event is scheduled for tuesday. june 15th 11 a.m. until 2:30 pm and everyone is welcome greg wigan's ktvu fox two news, well, business owners are certainly happy that california is finally fully reopening tomorrow. there are concerns, especially among those in the restaurant industry that is not fully out of the woods just yet. earlier today i spoke with san francisco. chef david nay, felt he owns the popular k fico restaurant. the pandemic, of course, wiping out a huge swath of sales for the restaurant industry. phil tells me that he is hopeful for a quick recovery, but adds. it is going
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to be continued fight to try to stay in business. the pandemic itself created a lot of supply constrain, and there's also other kind of, you know, circulating factors that are going to make the next couple of years very challenging. but i mean, i don't think we've even seen all of the different things that will arise yet and so i'm very, um, you know, i'm very optimistic, but i think that we're going to be dealing with a lot of different things popping up and i think everybody needs to really have their eye on the prize and recognized that we're not out of this thing. so when you talk about challenges going forward, explain what some of those might be. and i also know david, that you are approaching this in a different way. and you were actually asking customers to pay an additional fee when dining at the restaurant right, so there's a number of things that kind of play into that number one is before this ever started the restaurant industry, particularly in california, and in san francisco. uh was not a
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sustainable business model to be in in terms of as an operator, and it wasn't a sustainable model to be working in as a labor force and. i think that myself and a number of other peers of ours here in the city and throughout california have decided to make changes to make our business models more sustainable for us as operators but also more sustainable for folks that want to work within it, uh, raising wages, making sure that we're taking care of folks and also enticing people to stay in our industry and recognize that this industry has a kind of a verticality to it in terms of. you know your ability to create wealth for yourself, or at least a savings. um and i think that recognizing that the pandemic really, i think laid that bare you no more so than created it right? and then when you when you add the layers that the pandemic kind of created. it also added debt, and i think debt is something that we have to all of us are
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going to have to be very mindful of, because a lot of restaurants in particular were not able to open up enough to spend their p ppe appropriately or different grants like that that converted to debt, and a lot of restaurants were not able to get the restaurant revival ization fund that the independent restaurant coalition fought for. yet right? and so we're going to need the government to refill that fund, and that's going to be incredibly important to do to see us make it out of the other side. do you think david that the federal government and even local officials have done enough to support you and others who were in the restaurant industry? not by a long shot. um and the truth is, i think there's been a lot of, uh, signaling about that and people love to campaign about their support of small business. but the truth is, uh, you know, unfortunately, what hasn't actually occurred is a really thoughtful, um, approach to helping small business. not just now, but recognizing that
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this is going to be a number of years process. we have certain, um, you know, supervisors here in san francisco who feel like. there's you know, just the bare minimum is acceptable, and i think that there are certain other supervisors that have been working very hard for us. i think the mayor of san francisco london breed. um really does care about small businesses, and i think she gets it and i think the number of people within her administration get it. i think that. it would be really great to see the board of supervisors in san francisco all come together and support her and support small businesses because i think right now they need to recognize that we're not getting out of this thing. just because tomorrow people can come into our restaurants and masks are up. we have accrued so much debt and we have accrued and we are going to continue to accrue debt, right? and if we, by the way, if we want to pay people more, we're going to have to charge more. we're going to see a fallout from that guests or not. universally going to be accepting of that, and that's something that we as operators need to take into account. but
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we also just need to recognize the fact that if the costs of everything has risen, then the price about everything also needs to rise. and that's simple. economics one on one david as we wrap up this conversation, though, your overall message to those who love their local restaurant who want to support you know the vibrancy, especially in san francisco. what is your message to people as california finally does open and they get the chance? to, you know, go back and have a seat there at k. fico. i would say my overwhelming message to people would be three main things. one is be patient, right? um, i know that nobody wants to be patient after a year, but recognize that whatever year you've been through a small businesses have. probably been through a little bit tougher of one right? because if you got to work from home, a lot of these small businesses did not, and they weren't able to make it. the second one is be kind and recognize that the folks that are there have been essential employees and those are the people who risked going out to work evee that you had to
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food or that you had groceries or you had any of those things delivered to you. and then third. spend your dollars along with your values right and recognize the fact that when you vote for something like higher wages when you vote for something like health care when you vote for something that, um we all want people to have. you should be voting with your dollars as well. when you see a business that is paying their employees well when they're buying things from local places like farmers, markets and working with local farms. and they're providing you with that, then your integrity should dictate the fact that you spend your dollars in those places. very important reminders there, especially about being patient being kind now given the new economic reality chef mayfield started adding a dining in surcharge. that's a 10% fee that will apply for those who dine inside. he tells me that this is a clear way to explain what it cost for you to dine indoors, the table, the real estate, the server, and, he says about 80% of people so far say they understand and are supportive.
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bread county has reached a big covid milestone for the first time in more than a year. there are no career oh, no virus patients at any hospitals in marin county health officials say hi vaccination rates in the county of dramatically decreased both cases and hospitalizations. last time marin county didn't have any covid hospitalizations back in may of 2020 89% of eligible people aged 12 and older in the county have now received at least one dose of the vaccine at 80% are fully vaccinated. for the town of paradise to the golden gate bridge. 260 mile walk by some young climate activists came to an end today, the message that they were trying to send with their long journey and no watering outdoor plants with a sprinkler at all the strict new rules that one fairy community as we head into an especially dry summer, and it's been a little bit breezy, but a beautiful day out in the bay, but we have some heat
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grass fire in san jose started just before noon today, silicon valley road in basking ridge. cal fire says the wind driven flames quickly spread to 35 acres, helicopters and air tankers were used to try to help stop the forward. progress of this fire. a bulldozer was also used to carve out some firebreaks. one structure was threatened, but no evacuations were ordered. and in an update just about 15 minutes ago, cal fire said that there is some good news here. this fnocontains finished there more than 250 mi change. march began almost three weeks ago in a town badly daged by wildfire. ktvu is rob ross spoke with the marchers about where there are hoping their
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efforts will lead. um, ride the golden gate bridge was among the last few miles. marches were letting their feet do the talking in a campaign. into combat climate change for some of the march began 18 days in 266 miles ago in paradise, the butte county community devastated by wildfires in 2018, my body is a little tired, but i feel so good and i'm so proud of everything that we've done little to. guthrie was one of seven people who began the journey in paradise. i'm the hardest thing was probably the heat. we walked through a heat wave. the first week there were we were in like 108 degree weather at one point, which was really hard, but it may and the reason that we're walking like so much more real 15 miles a day takes a little bit of a toll on your body. viana la decima of san diego felt it was time to do something waiting for change wasn't working. it's time for me to really step up and do anything it takes to stop this climate crisis because we don't have time to wait anymore. marchers are part
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of an organization called the sunrise movement. another group is marching 400 miles from new orleans to houston. the activists are pushing for congress to pass president joe biden's american jobs plan, which includes funding for a civilian climate corps that would create jobs in green energy and other sectors. time and time again. i've seen my leaders, especially democratic leaders, that my generation helped elect, i've seen them promise that they'll fight for us, and we'll give us jobs and they'll stop the climate crisis, and then they fail us again and again and again. the marchers stopped in front of the san francisco homes of senator dianne feinstein and house speaker nancy pelosi, urging them to fight harder, both elected official support the plan, pelosi's office issued a statement saying quote the courage and resilience of the young climate activists marching for climate justice is an inspiration if i don't step up, and my generation doesn't step up and fight the climate crisis and provide jobs that we need to do that, then nobody will be the marchers. are also
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plenty. another demonstration this one in washington, d c later this month. they've also requested an appointment with president biden. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. as we head into the summer season. the drought, of course, is a big concern. hilts berg is just the latest community to mandate drought conditions. drop restriction. excuse me. commercial customers need to come back by 40% residential customers are being told to use no more than 74 gallons of water per person per day, and sprinklers are restricted for everyone. katie was a magus has more now what communities across the bay area are doing to try to conserve water. qanon sprinklers in all forms of irrigation are now off limits in healdsburg as the city implements a 74 gallon per person daily limit on water, use the strictest measures so far as more of the bay area grapples with the drought emergency. let's do all we can to save our water. a mandatory
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15% water reduction is now in place for santa clara valley water district customers. and in the greater livermore area, the tri valley water agencies are asking for voluntary reductions, noting that the bulk of residential water is going towards outdoor landscaping. this nursery in livermore has survived seven california droughts. but the owner tells me this is the year more people for this proper mulching a good thick mulch around plants will conserve up to 50% of the water, she says. customers are coming in daily seeking long conversion advice, multiple times. a day. i think it's well worth it. zone seven water, the agency serving the greater liver, more pleasant in dublin and san ramon area offers 100% cost rebates on lawn conversion for pre approved projects every mud and valley water pay up to $2000 in rebates for homeowners who swap out their lawns. we've had so many droughts that it just doesn't make sense to have these green lush lawns. i wish
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it would cause they're beautiful, but it makes more sense to have, um. drop tolerance type of garden. all right, let's take a look at our weather. of course, everyone's probably heard now, right? we are looking at a warm up as we head throughout the week, but not today. today. it's been gorgeous out there a little breezy, though, in spots, no doubt about it. take a live look outside right now. this is looking towards. diablo walnut creek area where you can see plenty of blue skies out there today and temperatures pretty moderate. really um, you know, right now in the east bay, in fact where we're looking right now, you can see berkeley's about 69. oakland's about 72 wanna creek about 76 so not bad at all. a little bit warmer if you had to conquer their sitting at 80 degrees for your field at 83 san francisco 65, but a lot of seventies around pretty comfortable a little bit warmer, but then yesterday were pretty comfortable. we are breezy, though, and it has really picked up. you can see it's an onshore flow. but nevado right now and napa, both over 30 mph fairfield, same
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story, but we're gusty, also opened. santa rosa conquered and take a look at what's happening at sfo. they've been really gusty now. 39 mph, so the wind is certainly with us as that on shore, breeze continues, and it has to do with the low pressure system that is to the north of us and off the coast. but even though we just have some clouds that are being driven and buy it, you're i might go to the top of the screen here. it's actually kicking up some thunderstorms around weaverville and reading with a little lightning heading towards lake head right now, so that's the instability that that low pressure is causing. but what we're going to be under the influence of soon enough is high pressure, which is actually over the four corners right over the desert southwest tonight, though, mostly clear those breezy conditions stick with us temperatures in the forties and fifties. so real. relatively warm and then as we get into basically the wednesday thursday friday time frame, we're going to see the heat rocket up for inland communities. now it does get warmer for those of you in san francisco. it does not so much warm up for you as it does inland, obviously and certainly here at the coast. also not
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going to see a huge huge difference, but this is tomorrow. pretty nice day out there. coast 62 degrees 77 around the bay. about 87 inland as we have mostly sunny skies, so a lot like today only a little bit warmer. this is where the problems kind of start coming into play for our inland communities. take a look at my thursday. santa rosa looking at 100 degrees one of foreign conquered even san francisco, which usually stays pretty mild 76. you can see nineties and fremont and 95 in san jose. i'll be back in a little bit with your extended forecast, and we'll talk about when all of this heat finally wraps up, frank back to you. all right, kyle s sounds good. today, president biden wrapped up a visit to nato. it's all part of his trip to europe for the g seven summit as foxes. benjamin hall tells us that 30 country nato allowance focused on how to handle security threats posed by both russia and china. nato stands together. that's how we met every other threat in the past, president biden reaffirmed the united states' commitment to nato on monday. his comments came after a meeting with nato countries where they addressed
4:23 pm
climate related security challenges and the growing threat of russia and china were facing a. once in a century global health crisis. the same time the democratic values that undergird our alliance are under increasing pressure. both internally and externally. russia and china are both seeking to drive a wedge in our transatlantic solidarity. in a lengthy message, nato allies called on russia to drop its designation of the u. s and czech republic as quote unfriendly countries. they also committed to provide funding for the kabul airport and troop withdrawal in afghanistan. as for china, the alliance declared the country as a global security challenge. leaders agreed that we need to address such challenges together. asked alliance. and that we need to engage with china to defend our security interests. monday's summit is one of several meetings leading up to president biden sit down with vladimir putin on wednesday in geneva. the two are expected to discuss recent cyber attacks against american
4:24 pm
companies. the russian leader dismissing allegations russia was behind the attacks. we know it well. we have been accused of all kinds of things. election interference, cyber attacks and so on and so forth tomorrow, president biden will participate in the first us eu summit. 2014 in brussels. benjamin hall, fox news, a vigil organized by a stranger coming up next. how a community in las vegas came together to remember a seven year old bay area boy who investigators say was killed
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this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us. and this year, iihs has awarded a top safety pick+ to all 2021 volvo models.
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♪start spreading the news♪ ♪i'm leaving today♪ ♪i want to be a part of it♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪it's up to you♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪new york♪ the seven year old boy from san jose, who authorities say was killed by his mother, the organizer of the visual did not know the little boy, liam liam, who stead or his family before the event, but that person says she felt compelled to support them. reporter lauren martinez was there and brings us the story. i just want to say thank
4:27 pm
you to everybody in this, uh in las vegas. clutching liam's favorite blanket. nicholas hosted along with william's godfather, flew in from san jose to personally think las vegas at sunset park. you know, the hardest part was knowing that that he was left behind when he was never by himself, you know, and so to know that the community was right there for him, you know really means a lot to me. friends and family pay tribute to seven year old liam last week in the bay area on sunday, dina lynn and others from las vegas coordinated a balloon and bubble released to honor liam's memory, and it affected me so deeply that i felt the least that i can do is show up and just show my intent and my heart, family, friends and strangers gave their condolences to host it. lynn hopes that the love from the valley will get him through this pain. it really is so nice what they did there that was lauren martinez reporting,
4:28 pm
investigators say the little boy's mother, samantha moreno rodriguez, killed him back on may 28th. his body was discovered near a hiking trail just west of las vegas. investigators are not releasing how the little boy died. the mother was arrested last week at a hotel in denver. still ahead here on the floor, another vaccine with promising results, but with more people already vaccinated, why it may be too late. also a lot. suit over an employer requiring staff to get the covid-19 vaccine coming up next what a judge decided.
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it's a whole new world out there. at 90% effective rate for its new vaccine, but as david lee miller tells us, this comes as the pace of vaccines is beginning to slow down, and it's unclear just how many skeptical people will sign up for their shots. infections hospitalizations and deaths due to covid 19 are now at their lowest point since march of 2020. but the pandemic isn't over yet, and a new vaccine could soon be available to help contain it. novavax releasing data from its large scale us study, showing strong effectiveness against the virus, especially the many covid variants now spreading across the country. overall we had 90% efficacy, which is very high, particularly at a time when there are many variants circulating, in fact, mostly various circulating during the trial. the announcement comes as the pace of vaccines is slowing. we're averaging about a million shots a day in the u. s down from a peak of more than
4:32 pm
3.3 million cities and states are now creating even more incentives, including a new referral bonus program here in new york. community groups getting a donation of up to $100. for every person they sign up for a shot. they're going to use their reach to bring people in. they're going to get rewarded for it in a way that will then put resources back in the community. the climbing vaccination rate, prompting more americans to get out and about, the faa says on friday they screened more than two million people, the most in a single day since the outbreak started, but they're also reminding travelers it's still possible.. even if you're vaccid only 50% of your trips start at your home airport. so when people are traveling, it's important to know what's happening at the city that you're returning from the says they're swinging about 75% more passengers than at the same time last year in new york, david lee miller fox news. a major legal battle is brewing
4:33 pm
in texas. the judge has dismissed a lawsuit that was filed by more than 100 hospital employees challenging a mandatory vaccination requirement from their employer. their legal team, though, is planning to appeal the ruling and take their case to the supreme court. if necessary. we get more now from fox's casey steagall in dallas. we simply wanted more time to wait till it's fda approved till a time tested, and that's really the main thing behind it. hospital employees in texas vocal about their opposition to a mandatory vaccine policy from their employer, houston methodist health system more than 100 employees banded together and filed a lawsuit against the hospital, arguing their vaccine requirement is illegal. but on saturday, a federal judge dismissed their case. saying their claims that the vaccine is quote, experimental and dangerous, were quote, false and irrelevant. in his decision, judge lynn hughes wrote. this is not coercion
4:34 pm
methodist is trying to do their business of saving lives without giving them the covid-19 virus. it is a choice made to keep staff. patients and their families safer. judge hughes also said texas law only protects employees from wrongful termination if they refused to commit an illegal act. meantime hospital employees vowed to keep on fighting and appeal. if we don't stop this now and do some kind of change, everybody's just going to topple. it's going to create a domino effect. everybody across the nation is going to be forced to get things into their body that they don't want more than 100 employees missed the hospitals vaccine. deadline and have been suspended. they have until june 21st to get a jab or face termination. that's the latest from dallas. casey stegall fox news earlier today i spoke with u c. hastings law professor dorit rise about this case, and here is why, she said the challenge was unsuccessful from the start. one real plausible
4:35 pm
issues that they have is to say. maybe their emergency use authorization acts doesn't allow mandate. it's a plausible issue because there is it's a new situation. there's never been a vaccine given to the whole population under the emergency is act and the akwa vision has a clause that says that the secretary of health has to inform people that they can accept or refuse the vaccine. so some people say if you can accept or refuse the vaccine, that means no mandate, so it has some case, but there's accounted to that. which is the act talked to the secretary of health, not to private employers. this lawsuit took that little argument and enclosed it in an argument that says coordinating vaccines are unsafe, which isn't true and. requiring covid-19 vaccine for work is exactly like the experiment the doing that's not a good way to present this one issue. okay and what about for
4:36 pm
folks here in california? i mean, can employers here in our state require that you get vaccinated and require that you share that information? but with only 10 require vaccines. only question here is really the same question that was rejected in this lawsuit because of vaccines are under an emergency use authorization. does the emergency use act prevent requiring the vaccine, and as i said, there's a little bit of legal uncertainty on here because it's a new area. this court found that the law the law doesn't speak to private employers it all and i think that's a very strong argument and other courts are likely to follow so likely employers can require. covid-19 vaccines. okay with however it two exceptions, they need to give employers likely have to give medical exceptions to people with real medical reasons not to vaccinate under the american disabilities act and may have to give religious
4:37 pm
accommodation to people with sincere religious objection to the vaccines. okay, i know that you'll be following those other cases, including one at least one here in california. any prediction on how the what the outcome of that particular one might be. yes, the california one is a lawsuit by employees in the los angeles united school victory district against the district. i think that lawsuit is unlikely to succeed for the same reasons as the texas one failed that the vaccines are safe and that there is good reason to interpret the u a act to allow employers to do this. there's also a question it's not clear to me that they los angeles school district is actually mandating vaccines at this point, and if it's not, then the lawsuit is not going any yeah. great legal perspective from dorit rise, professor of law there. you see, hastings. so have you rented a car lately? in some cases they've riddle is costing more than the hotel and
4:38 pm
the plane ticket combined up next. we'll tell you the reason why, and we'll have some tips on how to save money if you need a rental car on that vacation, all right in the bay area interior locations we are bracing for a little snap of heat coming our way. i will tell you just how warm we will get. more importantly when. it
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
tomorrow, with covid restrictions being relaxed and was some are now just a week away. it has many thinking about perhaps a long vacation're renting a car prices have skyrocketed. earlier today i spoke with chris elliott, a transportation at tech columnist about why rental cars are such a hot property. it's a variety of reasons. first of all, you have a chip shortage and you also have the car loan companies that during the pandemic decided to downsize
4:41 pm
their fleet, so now they don't have enough cars. and you have more demand now than people were anticipating. so all that is inspiring to create this car rental shortage. well, how bad is it? i was tucking off camera with you. i had a coworker back from hawaii six days. 1200 bucks. it's pretty bad. it's terrible. yeah i interviewed someone for my story in the washington post, and she had spent more money on her rental car than she had on her airline ticket. and some people are even spending more than on their entire vacation just to get around when they when they get there. wow. so i know there's options out there. what can you tell us? phyllis sent. yeah, i mean, apart from the traditional car rental companies, which are as we noted, very, very expensive this summer, you have car sharing companies. so for example, a company like a veil, which is owned by allstate, include all the insurance. they're pretty new. you also
4:42 pm
have get around in turo. those are traditional car sharing companies. so you're driving someone else's vehicle. then you know, you also have as i mentioned b't consider when they're on vacation, such as mass transit. yes, mass transit. it still works. it's still there and taxis. people are using those and get this to u haul people are renting u hauls to get around. even though it's not intended for that purpose, but you know there are less expensive. really people are getting new house. you're you're going to houston or whatever. get a u haul. we'll get around. that's right. well and a in hawaii. i've heard about a couple of cases. in fact, i spoke with someone for this article who said he rented a u haul. and he got it at a pretty good rate. you know, people weren't thinking about. you know, they're thinking outside the box. and so he got a u haul and it worked out, okay. just maybe wasn't as comfortable as he was used to,
4:43 pm
but it was okay if it gets you from point a to point b. um well, let's talk about advice for families yet. it's been a long time since we've all been on vacation. and finally, you know, the restrictions are are lessening it and we can't wait to get out there. what advice would you give people that just they want to rent a car? yeah if you want to rent a car, the best advice is to think about that right now. so if you're planning a vacation sometime this summer, don't wait until the last minute. most of the time. a rental car is an afterthought. it's something that you think of either just before you leave if you're flying somewhere or when you get there by then it's way too late. so think about it when you're booking the airline ticket. also think about the rental car. and then also consider some of these other options that i mentioned before. uh they they actually are. they can be up to 20% less than a traditional car rental company, which is still a lot but 20% is 20. yeah. money saved. so to to
4:44 pm
buy new cars. but there is a that ship shortage that i mentioned is a problem because you can't you can't go out and buy hundreds of cars. um, they're also looking at buying used cars, which presents another problem because. now you've got high mileage cars that maybe don't smell so good. and you have complaints from consumers about that. but i think from what i've been able to tell in talking to other experts in the car run on industry, it's probably gonna be a year, maybe more before everything goes back to what we would consider to be normal. wow. well, normal, uh, sounds pretty good right now. that's christopher led to travel and technology columnist with some sound advice, i guess book early. that's the bottom line, right?ely all right. hey, chris. thank you so much. right, let's turn our attention to the weather. now we've had a pretty nice day out there. but of
4:45 pm
course, you know if you've been talking to anyone about the weather, you've probably heard that we're going to get some heat later this week, and i think that's what's on everyone's mind. so i wanted to go straight to that and get right into it. which is to say that wednesday, thursday friday or where we're going to see the heat, so heat advisory has been put out by the national weather service. you can see it's for a good portion of the bay area starting wednesday at 11 a.m. until thursday at 11 a.m. and it is our interior valleys. for the most part, you don't see it in san francisco. you certainly don't see it right around the day anywhere on the water kind of escapes it, but this is the area that is the excessive heat warning. so this kicks in thursday at 11 and these are the areas that i see the worst of it. in other words, right so this is the north bay mountains, the east anterior valleys, east bay hills, the diablo range the santa lucia mountains and you know again, that is places that are going to probably see triple digit heat. so again that kicks in thursday at 11 a.m. to friday at one pm because we could see temperatures upwards of 105 degrees. i'll get a little more specific on that in just a
4:46 pm
moment. let's talk about where we are right now, which is it's so comfortable, lovely out. it's kind of hard for me even to talk about 100 degree temperatures because take a look 65 in san francisco 78 in santa rosa. we're about 75 in san jose east bay, couple of eighties out there. not bad, though 80 degrees right now and conquered and in brentwood as we zoom out, there still is a low pressure system that is off the coast. it is still influencing northern california right now, in fact, starting to see thunderstorms to the north of us, we are looking nice and clear, but you know if you head up to reading right now they're seeing thunderstorms pop up even with a little lightning, and that is courtesy of that front that is tracking through but for us, you know we're going to stay relatively calm tonight. it should be mostly clear, with the exception of the coast, which, of course, has had some clouds out there. so if you are heading out to the little baseball, perhaps we got mostly sunny skies about 66 degrees, and they threw out the first pitch tonight as the a's take on the angels about 6 40 pm little breezy, though, so 15 mile per hour wind out of the west, they have to take that into account. they're really good at thinking of those
4:47 pm
things in baseball. that's something that bill barton, by the way, i think has done some research on very interesting stuff. but tonight a little coastal fog temperatures will be mostly in the fifties. love a few forties out there in spots like santa rosa and napa, but pretty comfortable and then things start to change because high pressure is going to dominate our forecast as it starts to build up in the four corners, knocking that low pressure out of the way. strengthening and that is what is going to allow us to heat up. it's like we borrow some of the heat from the desert southwest and bring it to california interior california not tomorrow. this is tomorrow, another beautiful day, a little bit warmer, a little bit above average for sure. 70 degrees in san francisco 86 a rose 85 in napa. we get into the upper seventies in san jose, mostly sunny skies, but this is where it really gets a little bit much. wednesday thursday and friday in particular, thursday, where you can see santa rosa expecting 100 degrees 104 in concord, 76. in san francisco, low nineties and fremont and
4:48 pm
san jose about 95. now you see on friday, we do pull back a couple of degrees i wouldn't call you know 98 degrees relief, frankly, but if we look at our extended forecast. i'll show you where it's coming. so here we are. we see the run up in heat. we start to pull back just the tiniest bit on friday saturday a little bit more and then comes sunday when i think we're going to really be able to exhale and say, okay, we're done with this. it's still going to be slightly above average, for sure, but certainly going to be far enough away from triple digit heat to where you can. probably open your windows again and take a break. so that's what we have coming our way. so just be prepared for it again. wednesday thursday friday, the big dome of heat that's going to arrive and the cool down coming later in the weekend, guys back to you. all right. tyler will be there. thank you so much. a dog stolen from a car in san francisco reunited with its owners, where police track the
4:49 pm
this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us. and this year, iihs has awarded a top safety pick+ to all 2021 volvo models. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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♪ ♪ impossibility just a few days ago as stockton woman who thought she might never see her dog again, is reunited with her beloved pet. that dog was stolen from her car while she and her husband were celebrating their anniversary, visiting san francisco. kate who's azenith smith explains how the dog was found. please are tears of joy sunday night in the parking lot of san francisco police headquarters after jacqueline's volley of stockton was reunited with her for baby leo. he was just dancing jumping everywhere, the crying we. you know it was him worth worrying about the reunion comes less than 72 hours after leo, a 10 year old multicolored yorkshire terrier was stolen from jacqueline's white lexus near fisherman's warf. thursday night. jacqueline her husband were in san francisco celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary on the last night of sightseeing and
4:52 pm
after a busy day of tours, jaclyn left leo in the car. knowing he was cold and tired, like let's just put him in his carrier, and he can go to sleep. now. we put the windows down if it would put him in the carrier. i talked him under the dashboard. an hour later, they returned to their car parked at the corner of north point near powell streets and found windows smashed their luggage. dog carrier and beloved leo gone. i looked in the front seat in my heart just felt because. it was gone. jacqueline took to social media offering a $1000 reward sunday afternoon. san francisco police texted her this photo and she knew right away from his signature. sad face. it was leo police had received a tip the dog had been sold in oakland. the person who bought leo. he looked at leo and you saw the story was like i think this is the dog as a pd picked up leo right away. jacqueline feels incredibly lucky to have leo back in her arms, warning others not to get careless. don't ever let the ones we love out of your sight. like. you
4:53 pm
might not ever get a second chance and told you want, you know. yeah, a reunion like that doesn't happen very often. glad to see it, though, and good work by sfpd. that was our azenith smith reporting for us. well, there was a very familiar face at the 145th westminster dog show former giant star barry bonds was in attendance. his dog rocky actually competed in the show. he owns rocky with his sister and admit she does all the work to train rocky, the miniature schnauzer didn't win his breed. but bond said, it's just happy the dog qualified for the show and the best to show winner of this. there's westminster dog show was wasabi. some pekinese is breeder david fitzpatrick says the three year old celebrated the win with some filet mignon. why not fitzpatrick's other dog maliki, wasabi, his grandfather, by the way, won best of show at the . we'll live music is starting to make a comeback, and fans are
4:54 pm
ready to rock and roll one more time more than 1000 people lined up yesterday, hoping to buy tickets for the foo fighters concert. down in southern california the band is playing at canyon agora hills tomorrow, the same day as the state reopens. the small concert is part of the band's 26th anniversary. and so tickets were being sold for just 26 bucks. the venue can operate at full capacity, but full capacity is only 610 people, meaning some of those people left in line there came up empty handed. from what we've heard. it said it sold out, but we're still hoping, okay, we're not going anywhere for a while. i'm hoping he knows maybe david at the food prices will add another show. you know, they're going to be a madison square gardens five days later, maybe they'll add something. people buy tickets had to show proof of vaccination. the foo fighters are also headline in a number of festivals this summer, incl as israel's new government gets
4:55 pm
to work, benjamin netanyahu, the country's longest serving prime minister, vows to challenge it. i'm trey angst in w
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
vote over the weekend, political opponents ousted long serving prime minister benjamin netanyahu from power proxies. trade yanks reports from jerusalem it says he's not going quietly. israel's new government is getting to work a day after sweeping changes to its parliament unseated prime minister benjamin netanyahu and in his historic 12 years of service in the role. naftali bennett or one time ally of netanyahu was elected to become the country's next prime minister and a razor thin 62 59 vote. the 49 year old immediately sworn into office, came to uphold the values of the state of israel and its laws to wholeheartedly fulfill the duties of prime minister
4:58 pm
this shifting 71 year. old netanyahu into the role of opposition leader saying he was cheated out of power. the longtime leader showed no signs of backing down, vowing to oust the newly seated governing coalition. we have a strong opposition united and strong to topple this dangerous left wing government. the fraud government will fall quickly. he's going to be very aggressive, very assertive, and his main goal was to make sure that this government is a very, very short lived one. israel's new government will not only be challenged by netanyahu. it will also face pressure on the global stage. especially when it comes to the israeli palestinian conflict, and the iranian american agreement. bennett opposes efforts to restore the international nuclear deal with iran, netanyau blasted president biden for his plan to return to the understandings. let me call a prime minister in israel must be capable of saying no to the united states president on matters that endanger our existence and to back that up with massive action in the congress, the senate and in
4:59 pm
public opinion in the great democracy, which is the united states. president biden called bennett sunday night. to congratulate him and pledged his ongoing support to strong us israeli ties in jerusalem. tray angst. fox news ktvu fox two news at five starts. now we're not done. this is not spiking the football tomorrow. it's not mission accomplished tomorrow, but tomorrow is the day the state reopens, and it's also the day 10 lucky californians will become instant millionaires all because. they got vaccinated. and with that today, the state also announced even more incentives for people to get vaccinated. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville, and i am julie julie haener, the governor says those cash incentives have worked to get more people vaccinated. now the state is offering more than just cash. you now have a chance to win a dream getaway. ktvu is tom baker has more now in the governor's big announcement from san francisco, tom well, indeed, you know, though, we've come a long, long way. unfortunately it's not nearly far enough. we are
5:00 pm
confident these vaccines incentives have worked, and that's why we want to continue in that spirit. it's a spirit of california can do. we're not done. this is not spiking the football tomorrow. it's not mission accomplished tomorrow. this virus is not going away tomorrow. this pandemics not behind us tomorrow tomorrow, 10 lucky californians will be randomly drawn to receive $1.5 million each. then on july 1st, california will draw for what's called the wind, california. dream vacations giveaway. six randomly selected vaccinated california's will receive one of six different luxury vacation packages for four to anaheim palm springs, los angeles, san diego or san francisco plus $2000 to offset travel expenses. but wait, there's more. anybody that gets vaccinated will get a $50 gift card. uh not in the mail, but


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