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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 14, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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burned at a large field near hilliard comstock middle school, several fences and one shed were damaged. the good news, though, is that no one was hurt. well, our state will reopen its economy and drop many covid restrictions tomorrow. one bay area county is throwing a party to celebrate. ktvu greg liggins has details on san mateo counties roaring twenties celebration. we welcome people in on june. 15th county supervisor david canada is showing us the lay of the land at a plaza off el camino real near the coma bart station, where he and 400 others so far
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have already to celebrate. the tuesday event will have a 19 twenties theme paying homage to the roaring twenties. come back. following the flu pandemic that ended in 1919. it's a symbolic event to recognise. well we just think that we were in this pandemic. there are others that have come before us cannabis as during the free event with barbecue and entertainment, they'll honor heroes like firefighters, medical workers covid survivors, small businesses and others. the owner of antigua coffee shop in south san francisco, is among the honorees. he immigrated from mexico two decades ago started the business in 2014 feared he'd lose it during the pandemic, but held on. i feel so excited, and i think this owner is for small businesses who survive during this pandemic. so what victor represents. is all those small businesses and the struggles
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they've gone through. we need to follow the science on the vaccines honoree dr monica gandhi as someone can up. it refers to as the star of the show. the bay area infectious disease specialist has tirelessly appeared on local and national outlets, educating and advising on how to safely maneuver through the pandemic, and she praised the county's approach. i am really honored. to be honored by san mateo county. i think we had a similar philosophy you can still save lives be science based, but also put the entire pandemic in the setting of what holistically is going on in society, canopus says. there will be something serious included in the festivities and on site vaccination clinic and dr gandhi says her celebratory speech will address that topic to embrace the effectiveness of the vaccines, which i think that san matteo is done and what i mean by that is you. in the delta variant when we talk about these fearful variant, the vaccines work, the free event is scheduled for tuesday.
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june 15th 11 a.m. until 2 30 pm and everyone is welcome greg wigan's ktvu fox two news. the number of positive covid-19 tests in the united states has dropped to its lowest point since the start of the pandemic, the cdc says less than 2% of tests have come back positive during the past seven days compared to 13% positive during the winter search. the country's positivity rate has been dropping since april and is now at its lowest point since march of last year. san francisco 49 ers in santa clara county announced today. levi stadiums mass vaccination site will end covid vaccination operations next week as covid cases are dwindling in vaccination rates are increasing. that site will close on june 24th two churches in the south bay plan to keep masking and social distancing requirements in place even after our state lift those covid restrictions tomorrow. bible way christian center will hold in person services this
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sunday for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, people will be asked to wear their masks and remains six ft. apart from one another alum rock christian church, which has been holding in person services since march, will adjust safety guidelines, depending on how many people in the congregation are vaccinated. apple stores will no longer require vaccinated customers to wear a mask starting later this week. this, according to a report from bloomberg, apple employees are not expected to ask for proof. relax social distancing requirements. the changes are scheduled to go into effect as early as tomorrow, happening today. sonoma county public health officials will discuss the current state of the covid spread and vaccinations in the community just ahead of tomorrow's lifting of covid restrictions in california. health officials will urge people to remain cautious as the virus is still spreading and sonoma county although there's been a dramatic reduction in the case rate, the brief will be streamed live on sonoma counties. facebook page, you'll see it at 3 30 this afternoon. health officials are
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pushing countries to ramp up their vaccination efforts as covid infection rates are rising in certain parts of the world. as jonathan syria, reports the white house is planning to step in to make sure other countries hav the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a devastating toll worldwide. despite the progress some nations have made with their vaccination programs. official count indicate that globally more people have died from covid 19 already this year than in all of last year, a wall street journal analysis of data collected by johns hopkins university. says almost two million covid-19 deaths have been reported this year. public health officials are asking countries to step up their vaccination efforts no longer takes rest to vaccinate. the longer the pandemic goes on for us. wealthy nations are reporting low cases and declining deaths due to mass vaccinations. however, covid infections and parts of asia and latin america are pushing the number of global deaths higher. president biden says
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the united states will do all it can to bring the worldwide covid-19 death rate down. i committed that we would provide half a billion half a billion beyond the 80 million. we've already done it. meanwhile the u. s has hit yet another milestone when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine. the centers for disease control and prevention reports. the country has now administered more than 300 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine. the u. s also has sent out over 374 million vaccines to distribution sites more than 143 million people are now fully vaccinated and more than 173 million people have received at least one coronavirus shot despite its progress and vaccination efforts, the u. s is expected to fall short of president biden's goal of delivering a first dose. 70% of american adults by july, 4th in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. yup dozens of people heard at a
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drivers compete to see you can make it the farthest down a mud field pit. the car slammed through a guard rail and into the crowd at the track and faith. evans about 30 miles southeast of el paso. five people were taken to the hospital. staying in texas. one person is in custody, and police are looking for another person after a mass shooting in austin. police say one of the 14 victims who was shot 25 year old douglas counter died yesterday from his injuries. he was a tourist visiting from new york. the shooting happened just before 1 30 saturday morning in a busy part of downtown austin filled with bars and restaurants. vigil was held in las vegas last night, paying tribute to a seven year old boy from san jose, who authorities say was killed by his mother, the organizer of the village of the vigil did not know little liam, who steps family before this event, but said she felt compelled to support them. reporter lauren martinez was there and brings us this story. i just want say thank you to everybody in this, uh in las vegas,
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clutching liam's favorite blanket. nicholas hosted along with william's godfather, flew in from san jose to personally think las vegas at sunset park. you know, the hardest part was knowing that that he was left behind when he was never by himself, you know, and so to know that the community was the right there for him, you know really means a lot to me. friends and family pay tribute to seven year old liam last week in the bay area on sunday, dina lynn and others from las vegas coordinated a balloon and bubble released to honor liam's memory, and it affected me so deeply that i felt the least that i can do is show up and just show my into tent and my heart, family, friends and strangers gave their condolences to hosted. lynn hopes that the love from the valley will get him through this pain. lauren martinez reporting. now, investigators say the little boy's mother, samantha moreno, rodriguez, killed him on may 28th. his
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body was discovered near a hiking trail west of las vegas. investigators have not released how the little boy died. his mother was arrested last week at a hotel in denver here at home and happening today, the oakland city council president will announce her proposals for the city budget. bqe fortunate. abbas says her spending plan will focus on modernizing policing and will help officers prioritized the most effective strategies to solve crimes. mayor libby chef has already announced her proposed budget, and the council is expected to announce proposed changes. the council will hold a special budget meeting on thursday morning. the city must adopt a final two year budget by the end of this month. all right, let's get outside on this monday afternoon because boy kyla grogan there are some changes coming. there are and it's not exactly the most fun changes right? especially when you consider that a lot of people. the bay area don't have air conditioning and inland is going to get exceptionally hot this week. however, today i'm going to start off with. some good news, which is to say that
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we do have some lovely temperatures out there right now, and we are expecting an absolutely beautiful day out there, so temperature is gonna be sixties out of the coast seventy's around the bay and eighties inland, but low eighties so kind of cool to warm temperatures throughout the day. today should just be sunny and nice and something for everybody to get out and enjoy. if you have a chance, maybe to take your lunch outside or take a little walk. i think it's a good day to do that, because a it's beautiful and be it's not going to last. so today, 60 six in san francisco, about 71 in oakland, will get up to about 78 in santa rosa and also down in san jose. you see a few eighties on the map. they are inland, but you know, nice. low eighties, right conquered and livermore just at 80 degrees 82 in fairfield, 84 in antioch. it should be really nice. and if by the way you happen to be heading out to a baseball game tonight as the oakland a's take on the angels, it should be a really nice time for baseball as well. we're looking out for about 66 degrees. mostly sunny skies a little bit of wind out there so out of the west, but again, it should. be a lovely day to be outside. now comes
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the not so fun news, everybody. we have a little bit of a heat snap coming our way. bit of a heat bubbles and what i like to call it right. so it looks like it's going to peak on thursday, and we will see some of our inland valley communities in particular. get up into the 100. so this is going to be a little bit of a run. we will start to cool down as we get towards the weekend. the reason this is happening is high pressure that's been making things nice and hot in the desert southwest, where they expect the kind of heat right we get this time of year. it's moving on into california, and as that builds up, it will bring us high pressure and also very warm temperatures. now that will weekend that will start to break down as working to friday and saturday by sunday. we're looking a lot better, but take a look at this so. for example, on wednesday or in santa rosa. it's 94 on thursday, 96 on friday, conquered, as you can see by wednesday, already hitting triple digits, pushing it up to 14 as we get into thursday and then pulling back to 98 san francisco in the seventies. now the coast will
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be cooler, but because of the onshore flow, but still 74 in san francisco is a pretty warm day. fremont looking to get up into the nineties in san jose. as well. so it is basically wednesday thursday friday with thursday being the day that the heat peaks that we are going to be on the lookout for this, and of course, when we get warm temperatures like this with all of the dry fuels out there, it does increase our fire danger. so just to give you an idea today conquered 80 degrees 14 on thursday. livermore 80 today 13 on thursday. san jose, you'll go from upper seventies to low nineties and as i mentioned santa rosa beautiful day today, upper seventies becomes 100 degrees on on thursday. so let's take a look and put it all together in our extended forecast, and you can see the warming begins a little bit as we get into tomorrow but still inland only getting into the upper eighties. we'll get to the upper nineties on wednesday rocket up to triple digit heat on thursday. pull back a touch on friday, but still an exceptionally warm day. and then as we get towards the weekend, we'll start to feel a little more normal, albeit
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above average, as we get into sunday, so that is the forecast. take a deep breath. enjoy the beautiful day and just be prepared for a little heat coming our way. i'll get back to you, kyla. thank you coming up. israel has a new prime minister for the first time in more than a decade, will discuss his ties to the bay area. then as we begin to emerge from the covid pandemic, several industries are looking to hire employees. we'll tell you who's hiring and what the competition looks like need better sleep?
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are putting out the help wanted signs on the windows and even more job listings are popping up online as ktvu clotting. wong reports career experts say there is reason to be optimistic about the job market. rough road when it comes to jobs. and while we aren't out as taken a one in this situation now is really good. people have every right to feel optimistic and hopeful jobs were added for four straight months, although the number of jobs added in april, did miss expectations. the numbers in truth, paint a complicated picture. when monster .com did an annual future of work survey earlier this year, 82% of employers were looking to hire latest job numbers show why job openings in april hit 9.3 million. that's a record for the most new jobs added since the bureau of labor statistics started keeping track more than 20 years ago. unemployment is at
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5.8% but overall hiring is only up 4% which means employers are having a tough time filling positions, especially in sectors like leisure and hospitality. that industry was slammed last year and now they are rebuilding. they can't rebuild fast enough. there's actually a labor shortage, so that's one is the leisure and hospitality, built logistics and manufacturing and the solar and environmental industries are also hot markets while hiring continues in tech and healthcare sectors, but just because there are a lot of jobs out there, it doesn't mean there isn't competition, especially when you were talking about recent college graduates from monsters annual future state of the graduate survey. we know that 45 percent of college grads from last year are still looking for a job, so it is competitive. so monster says here are the top three things employers are looking for. interview presence, resume and work experience. and if the last year caused a gap in your
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resume, don't worry, focus more on how you can market your skills and experiences to be the right fit and fit is changing with remote hybrid and freelance options. in addition to traditional full time jobs, experts say, you can look beyond your zip code and beyond all the numbers. experts say the one key component to the job market today. is optimism. you know, they call it in real estate right? the buyer's market of the seller's market. whose market is it right now? i think it's everyone's market right now. claudine wong ktvu fox two news. a new report finds. california's real estate industry has recovered from the pandemic research shows 2.9 million people in our state are now employed in jobs tied to real estate, due mostly to the recent boom in home sales. that's just shy the employment level right before the pandemic, and it's actually higher than the recovery rate of california's other major
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industries. executives from google and amazon are topping the list of witnesses for this week's antitrust hearing before a senate panel during congressional testimony last year. or the ceo of so knows, accused both google and amazon of using its dominance in online retail to subsidize the smart speaker market. a top representatives from speaker maker so knows will also testify tomorrow. coming up at noon. the pandemic created distance between many loved ones and their home families just ahead how the health crisis has created even greater barriers for children in foster care, plus summer camps returned this year. but some families say there is still a struggle over covid-19 vaccine guidance. when we return, we'll tell you what this means for your children
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have these green lush lawns. i e beautiful, but it makes more sense to have, um, dropped tolerant type of garden. seven water, the agency serving the greater liver, more pleasant in dublin and san ramon area offers 100% cost rebates on lawn conversion for pre approved project east bay mud and valley water pay up to $2000 in rebates for homeowners who swap out their lawns. as we enter the heat of fire season, pigeon is warning customers to prepare for power outages, utility officials say with 80% of the state in extreme drought conditions, the fire danger is extremely high, especially with the high temperatures we expect later this week. pigeon is reminding people that high hot winds can blow branches and debris into power lines, and that contact can start a fire. it's encouraging customers to clear 100 ft. of space around their homes removeds. the
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agency that oversees the state's electric power system is warning californians the hot weather forecast for this week could put additional stress on our power grid, southern california is preparing for an excessive heat watch right now, cal. i also doesn't have any planned rolling brownouts. but flex alerts could be issued across california in the coming days, depending on how much electricity californians use during the hottest hours. the state of california officially reopens tomorrow on june 15th and people across the state are now eager to put those covid-19 lockdown measures behind them and enjoy a summer of fun. golden gate park was very busy this weekend ahead of the planned reopening tomorrow. many parents who brought their children to the park said they're now getting the feeling that the pandemic may finally be over soon. starting tomorrow.
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there'll be no more physical distancing rules here in california inside and outside the capacity limits on nearly all businesses will be lifted in california's color coded reopening system will be coming to an end. a federal judge in texas has thrown out a lawsuit that sought to overturn vaccination requirements for employees. workers at houston methodist hospital system, argued coronavirus vaccines were experimental and dangerous. they compare the requirement to forced medical experiments at concentration camps. in her ruling, the judge said. vaccination requirements are not coercion as employees can choose to work somewhere else. a new poll shows how political party plays a role in vaccination efforts. according to a cbs news yougov poll. 30% of republican said they're not planning to get the coronavirus vaccine compared to 5% of democrats who gave the sames 52% of republicans are at least
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partially vaccinated compared to 77% of democrats. well the covid pandemic has created additional problems and confusion for children in foster care. the constant changing of restrictions and guidelines is keeping children in state custody for longer periods of time. an associated press analysis from 34 states showed that 23,000 fewer children law left foster care in 2020 compared to the year before. that's been challenging in so many ways, um, because children couldn't hug their parents that couldn't it be close to them and have that reassuring presence and. many court hearings were delayed during the pandemic, bringing even more confusion and anxiety to an already difficult gear. school districts nationwide are preparing for an enrollment surge for kindergarten this . many district hiring more teachers in anticipation of what cou classes ever. educators are also
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preparing for many students to be less prepared than usual due to lower preschool attendance rates during the past year of covid research, found the number of four year old and roll in preschool fell from 71% before the pandemic to 54% during the covid crisis happening today, the city of san jose will begin its annual summertime food program, the city's parks and recreation department will provide free lunches and afternoon snacks to low income children at seven locations across san jose. in all, the city is expected to serve up to 17,000 nutritious meals to children this summer. today. san francisco mayor london breed is launching a summer together program for children in the city. the program provides free in person and virtual learning experiences for some 26,000 public school students this summer summer togetherwas formed by several san francisco community based organizations, non profits and businesses. mayor breed is visiting one of the sites this afternoon. right across the bay, the city of
12:35 pm
oakland, teaming up with several local community groups from what's being called a youth civic engagement day. it's designed to encourage young people to take a more active role in shaping their community. the food delivery company doordash is providing a total of $15,000 in gift cards to oakland teenagers who participate in local civic or community events. well now to an incredible reunion that felt like an impossibility just days ago, a stockton woman who thought she might never see her yorkshire terrier again was reunited with her beloved pet. the dog, leo was stolen from her car while she and her husband were visiting san francisco. ktvu is azenith smith explains how the dog was found. me tears of joy sunday night in the parking lot of san francisco police headquarters after jacqueline's volley of stockton was reunited with their for baby leo. he was just dancing jumping everywhere, the cry we. we know
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it was him like worth worrying about the reunion comes less than 72 hours after leo, a 10 year old multicolored yorkshire terrier was stolen from jacqueline's white lexus near fisherman's warf. thursday night. jacqueline her husband were in san francisco celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary on the last night of sightseeing. and after a busy day of tours, jaclyn left leo in the car, knowing he was cold and tired. let's just put him in his carrier, and he can go to sleep. now we put the windows down a bit. we put them in the carrier. i talked him under the dashboard. an hour later, they returned to their car parked at the corner of north point near powell streets and found windows smashed their luggage, dog carrier and beloved leo gone. i looked in the front seat in my heart just spell because. it was on jacqueline took to social media offering a $1000 reward. sunday afternoon. san francisco police texted her this photo and she knew right away from his signature. sad face. it was leo
12:37 pm
police had received a tip the dog had been sold in oakland. the person who bought leo. he looked at leo, i think you saw the story was like i think this is the dog as a p d picked up leo right away. jacqueline feels incredibly lucky to have leo back in her arms, warning others not to get careless. don't ever let the ones you love out of your sight. like. you might not ever get a second chance. so if you love them, you know. sir azenith smith reporting their expanded train service for san francisco giants fans gets back on track this week. caltrain special south bound train for night games at san francisco's oracle park begins running again tomorrow night. that's when the giants host the arizona diamondbacks. the extra train will leave the san francisco station there at fourth and king about 15 minutes after the final out, and then we'll head south down the peninsula. golden gate transit has expanded its service. it's added bus service between sandra fell in san francisco, as well as its lines between santa rosa and san francisco.
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as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. enjoy family. enjoy. he looks smaller in person. i heard that. he looks smaller in person. is now under new leadership. it's new prime minister naftali bennett has a bay area tie his parents moved to israel from san francisco in 1967 as trade yanks reports from jerusalem.
12:41 pm
the prime minister is promising to heal a divided nation. after more than 12 years. israel now has a new prime minister, naftali bennett will lead the jewish state and a newly formed coalition government soda. the vote of confidence taking place tonight here in jerusalem at the israeli parliament, outgoing prime minister benjamin netanyahu was visibly upset in his final moments in office after bennett was sworn in reaction started to pour in from around the world. president biden was the first world leader to release a statement saying he congratulated the new leader along with your love pete, who will rotate and as prime minister in 2023. bennett and biden also spoke over the phone discussing the alliance between israel and the united states, according to a statement provided to fox by an aide to the israeli leader, israel's 13th prime minister spoke shortly after being sworn in saying this law to commercial the hardship of forming a new government is behind us. and now the citizens of israel are all looking at us, and the burden of proof is on us. this
12:42 pm
government has a paper thin margin receiving 60 votes in the hunt. in 20 seat knesset. it's a coalition with politicians from across the political spectrum, including an arab party. this means huge compromises will have to be made in order to keep it together and avoid sending israel to another round of elections. right now, israel is facing a number of issues such as foreign threats from places like iran and domestic issues like the economy in the wake of covid-19. officials who worked for prime minister naftali bennett, an alternate prime minister. your lipid have told fox news separately. they're looking for a coalition government that will bring the israeli people together rather than divide them in jerusalem. tray angst, fox news. much of our state is experiencing extremely dry conditions, including southern california. reporter ed last, coz explains from santa clarita. people living there have already seen a handful of wdfes this year. it's pretty scary. we get them all the time, and we have to be really careful. she's talking about wildfires and the
12:43 pm
upcoming hot summer months that make them more likely to ignite. we've already seen several and it's likely that would increased drought conditions, the potential for brush fires is exacerbated. the brush is so dry. the brush. you know, we're talking about 10 inches below normal rainfall. um so we're looking at tinder dry fuels out there. there's nothing we can do about the weather or the existing landscape. but people who live in fire prone areas can certainly be prepared. like pedro rodriguez. we have installed some sort of like sprinkler system in our home. so in case like the temperatures do we get a little bit too hot? luckily like in the backyard and also on the front area, the sprinkles were turned on in case like there's like some sort of sense of fire the summer heat. in many areas will be extreme well into triple digits in some cases, heightening the risk of fire, the hot weather and the winds and the conditions are all right for fires. i mean, i think we've already had three or four already, and it's not even hot yet. this isn't really
12:44 pm
hot anyways, for out here it usually gets like 100 and 10. and then when you add the wind to it, it's just it's a problem and there's no roads to really get out. so when you need to get out if you wait till the last second and panic, then you're stuck in a traffic jam. traffic jams, which in turn can create problems for emergency vehicles, and inspector ferguson says there'll be more resources standing by this summer, waiting to respond well, bringing on extra strike teams will place those in known fire corridor areas, so typically will place a strike team, which is five engines led by battalion chief in the santa clarita valley. or in malibu, for example, and what that does, it gives us an opportunity to put more boots on the ground that much faster at last, coz reporting there now the los angeles region has had below average rainfall for six of the last 10 years, according to the almanac, certainly dry here in the bay area as well. and as we think about checking whether again with ktvu media all just kyla grogan getting word about it. a fire burning right now in
12:45 pm
south san jose. it's not that hot yet, but still, it's a dangerous situation. right. i mean, always a dangerous situation, mostly because we've had such a dry rain season that you know we have incredible dry fuels out there. they can spark fires very quickly. if something starts it, so that is a problem. i will tell you right now in san jose, thankfully, uh, you know, it's about 72. degrees got about 60% relative humidity and the wind is out of the north northwest about 12 mph. so that's the one sticking point is the wind but other than that, it is pretty decent firefighting weather right now, so hopefully they'll be able to get some containment on that we do have beautiful day on tap today, would you have heat in our future, but not today? take a live look at the oakland estuary. just beautiful blue skies as far as the eye can see a few high clouds out there, but you know it's going to be a really nice day today, and temperatures are going to be just mild and lovely. so we do have some clouds at at the coast and certainly a little bit cooler out there today. but for the most part, you know it's going to be a really nice day across the bay. we're expecting about 64 degrees out of the coast.
12:46 pm
seventies around the bay and just low eighties inland. in fact, some spots up in the north bay will only get into the upper seventies east. they'll get a little bit warmer today. you should make it into some of those low eighties but sunny and nice and temperatures very seasonal. so 66 today expected in san francisco, oakland about 71. you can see those eighties on the map will be conquered. livermore antioch, fairfield, morgan hill. some of the usual suspects right when we warm up. but you know north bay. not bad. sandra fell. 76 napa 78 redwood city down around a 78 as well as i mentioned pacifica about 64. so that's where the sixties are today. certainly out of the coast. we've got a little onshore flow in those clouds hanging out heading to see the baseball game today. well about 6 40 pm when they threw out the first pitch, it should be nice 66 degrees. mostly sunny, a little bit of wind as i mentioned out there about 15 mph, but it should be pretty nice. then comes the big headline, which is that we are about to see an inland warm up that pretty extreme this week as we hit some hundreds on wednesday and thursday, um,
12:47 pm
doesn't start really. until wednesday. we will warm up a little bit tomorrow. but nothing extreme. now the reason this is happening as high pressure that's been building over the desert southwest is moving on up into california. that low pressure system. that kind of kept us cool. the last few days has moved on that was keeping this high pressure. from bumping into california, and now that is happening. so what does that mean by wednesday, santa rosa will be about 94 degrees thursday. 100 friday 96 checkout conquered. you can see triple digit heat by wednesday already, then push even higher on thursday at about 14 before relenting to 98 on friday, u c san francisco looking out for seventies. through this heat snap, or we could see some nineties in places like three month and san jose. so it's really gonna be a wednesday thursday friday timeline with the heat peaking on thursday, and then it will pull back just a tiny bit on friday. you know not enough to call it cools down, frankly, until we get towards the weekend, of course, exacerbate any fire danger of hh
12:48 pm
temperatures and dry fuels out there. thankfully not an offshore flow with our wind, which would make it even worse. but, you know, take look at this 80 and conquered and living where becomes 14 and 13 by thursday, 78 in san jose and santa rosa becomes nineties and even triple digit heat, so you know it's something just to be prepared for as we go through this week, but again today is gorgeous. so if you want to get out and maybe get anything done that you need to get done outside. it's a great day to do it tomorrow. the warming begins, but it won't be extreme. it will go above average. by wednesday. that's what our inland communities are really going to be feeling it and then thursday is the worst of it. friday we start to pull back a touch, and as you can see, as we head towards the weekend, we do ramp down, but we don't get any real significant relief until we get into sunday. that's when i would say, you know, you can breathe a sigh of relief and you mig to be a littt of a rough ride. as we go througck to you. it will be a lg week. kyla grogan. thank you. water parks are reopening to large crowds, and now there are still some covid related restrictions. but come tomorrow
12:49 pm
when our state reopens that could change. as reporter lisa mitri tells us hundreds of people showed up for this weekend's grand opening at raging waters in sacramento. families lined up for the water slides in roseville at golf, land sunsplash and in sacramento at raging waters on opening day yesterday, raging water says it had about 1100 visitors come through. although not all at one time with covid restrictions right now, only 750. people can be in the park at once, and reservations are required. i'm excited. we came yesterday a little bit late, and they were super super pac. so we just got here early today. just make sure we got here on time. tom cook and debbie robleto also came early, saving some seats in the shade for their family. people being home. it's just it's a lot to take in just trying to get out to socialize with people. it feels good. i mean, i'm vaccinated. she's vaccinated. so, um. it feels good to be out, right? that's something we heard a lot. it didn't matter
12:50 pm
if they were speeding down a slide or relaxing in the lazy river. mostly people say they're just happy to be out. we're excited. we wanted to be here last year, but obviously we did the best we could hunker down and didn't leave the house last year. there wasn't too much to do so we're happy that things are opening. the state is slated to lift more covid restrictions in just two days. but the general manager says he still has to wait and see what exactly that will mean for mask rules and capacity limits at the water park. it was a mitri reporting raging waters in san jose, by the way, also reopened over the weekend, the first in person college graduation ceremony in the bay area was held over the weekend. this year has really tested our brazilians as a class and as individual people coming up the graduate reflections on their
12:51 pm
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festival was held in person after being virtual last year. the festivities featured live music, drag queen performances and skating organizers say the most important aspect of the event was letting people know they're supported. people who attended the event yesterday also enjoyed rainbow crosswalks that were painted around the venue earlier this month in honor of pride. happening today, the president of san jose state university will introduce the school's new athletic director, jeff konia, will replace marie two d, who was criticized for her handling of sexual abuse claims by members of the spartan women swim team. cognac has previously served as athletic director at northeastern university and cal state bakersfield. it was an exciting day on the stanford campus as the university held in person commencement ceremony. the ceremony marked the first in person college graduation in the bay area since the beginning of the covid pandemic. ktv is
12:55 pm
elissa harrington brings us this story. it's a scene that didn't seem possible. just a few short months ago, stanford stadium filled with students and their family members, the class of 2021 commencement ceremony was held in person. i'm happy i was able to come and saw some of my friends again for the first time, one more because the mama graduate, arlene aleman said she feels proud and accomplished for making it through a tough year. like no other. the pandemic. four students to keep distance from friends, they adjusted to zoom classes, face masks and stay at home order. everybody just dealing with different circumstances. different home, um, setups during the pandemic, making classes more difficult and really feeling the zoom fatigue every day. but at the end of the day we made it. graduates wore traditional caps and gowns, some more costumes, part of a stanford tradition called the wacky walk. this is the covid health check that we
12:56 pm
do every day, and this is for wacky walk. it's like a costume that we had to do for graduation, stanford announced. plans for an in person graduation as covid positivity rates started to fall, and the graduation comes just days before california fully reopens. each graduate was allowed to guests. those guests had to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 test in order to get inside. everyone wore a mask your social distancing inside inside the stadium, all the graduates of social distancing. it's strange times we're living in right now. and so many of our friends their children didn't have it only virtue. well, graduation. so this was fabulous. i mean, i commend stanford for putting up pulling it off. really really happy. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. for the millions of children who missed out on summer camp last year this summer is offering them the chance to make up for that mistime. the same goes for the camping industry. actually, strom our reports. let's switch
12:57 pm
days here. oakland a's by the way, because we need to stay on top of this incredible team in the east bay. the ayes remain at the top of the american league west after the two mats on the a's had a powerful game against the royals. let's start with the first inning here. matt chapman hit a solo homer to give the a's a one. nothing lead. matt olsen had two solo shots of his own one in the third, another in the fifth. olson now has 18 homers on the year, the aids went on to win the 63. they'll host the angels tonight. first pit scheduled for 6 40. well the a's bats were hot. the giants were not in the first, the nationals, kyle schwarber hit a solo homer of johnny cueto. then in the second schwarber does it again, this time with two men on base to give the nats of for nothing lead. washington goes on to win five. nothing but san francisco still has a one game lead over the dodgers in the national league west, the giants are hosting arizona tonight. there
12:58 pm
was a familiar face at the 145th westminster dog show, former san francisco giants star barry bonds was in attendance. his dog rocky, competed in the dog show. now he owns rocky with his sister and barry bonds admits that she does all of the work to train rocky. the miniature schnauzer didn't win his breed. but bond said, look, he's just happy his dog qualified for the show. all right, let's get to the show itself. i do hope you watched at least part of it yesterday, right here on ktvu. do you see this little puffball, right? little fluffy, best in show winner of this year's westminster dog show is wasabi, the little pekinese, his breeder david fitzpatrick, says the three year old celebrated the best way to doug can, and that is with a delicious dinner of filet mignon. fitzpatrick's other dog maliki, maliki won best in show at the same event back in 2012, so i'm guessing he got a steak dinner as well. but there's a lot of fun to watch a nice diversion from the
12:59 pm
heat that's coming our way a year plus a pandemic living westminster dog show a little bit different time of the year. but again a lot of entertainment. and, of course, the first thing i think of probably your thoughts as well looking at that dog on your screen. what about all the shedding all the vacuuming right? all all the couches and carpets covered with hairs, so i hope you had a fun time joining us this noontime. i appreciate your joining us. we have news for you at ktvu dot com and on the ktvu news at any time. the weather is changing. we just heard from kyla grogan that it's going to heat up quite a bit. the latter part of this week thursday. if we can get through thursday, things start to cool down but triple digit temperatures plus in the inland areas, starting on wednesday, really hitting us on thursday? don't wear don't worry or whether team is with you all the way. thank you again for joining us have a marvelous monday. nice and mild out there right now. news is on next at four. and we'll see you for dr oz in a minute. mhm.>> r.
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