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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 13, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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this owner is for all the small businesses who survive during this pandemic. the countdown is on two june 15th when california fully reopens tonight, the anticipation and the excitement is building across the state. 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. california less than 48 hours from dropping most covid-19 restrictions. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. the reopening gets rid of most of the health and safety guidelines that have been in place now for more than a year. ktvu greg liggins tells us how one barry county is celebrating. we welcome people in on june. 15th county supervisor david canada is showing us the lay of the land at a plaza off el camino real near the coma bart station, where he and 400 others so far have already rsvp'd to celebrate. the tuesday event will have a 19 twenties theme
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with classic cars and costumes, paying homage to the roaring twenties. come back. following the flu pandemic that ended in 1919. it's a symbolic event to recognize. while we just think that we were in this pandemic, there are others that have come before us cannabis as during the free event with barbecue and entertainment, they'll honor heroes like firefighters, medical workers covid survivors, small businesses and others. the owner of antigua coffee shop in south san francisco, is among the honorees. he immigrated from mexico two decades ago started the business in 2014 feared he'd lose it during the pandemic, but held on. i feel so excited, and i think this owner is for small businesses who survive during this pandemic. so what victor represents. is all those small businesses and the struggles they've gone through. we need to follow the science on the vaccines honoree dr monica
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gandhi as someone canopy refers to as the star of the show, the bay area infectious disease specialist has tirelessly appeared on local and national outlets, educating and advising on how to safely maneuver through the pandemic, and she praised the county's approach. i am really honored. to be honored by san mateo county. i think we had a similar philosophy you can still save lives be science based, but also put the entire pandemic in the setting of what holistically is going on in society, canopus says. there will be something serious included in the festivities and on site vaccination clinic and dr gandhi says her celebratory speech will address that topic to embrace the effectiveness of the vaccines, which i think that san matteo is done and what i mean by that is if. in the delta variant when we talk about these fearful variant, the vaccines work, the free event is scheduled for tuesday. june 15th 11 a.m. until 2 30 pm and everyone is welcome greg
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wigan's ktvu, fox two news starting this week, the california state capitol will allow more visitors during the pandemic. the capital was only open to the public on days when lawmakers were in meetings or holding public hearings. starting june 15th, the capital will be open to the public, regardless of the less if the legislature is in session. capacity will be limited to 500 people on the first week, but the following week, capacity will double to 1000 people. a federal judge in texas has thrown out a lawsuit that sought to overturn vaccination requirements for employees. workers at houston methodist hospital system, argued the coronavirus vaccines are experimental and dangerous. they compared the requirement to forced medical experiments at concentration camps. in her ruling, the judge said. vaccination requirements are not coercion as employees can choose to work somewhere else. the coronavirus pandemic
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continues to take a devastating toll worldwide despite the progress that some nations are making with their vaccination programs. a wall street journal analysis of data collected by johns hopkins university says almost two million covid-19 deaths have been reported this year. that's already more. coronavirus deaths than all of last year. public health officials are asking countries to step up their vaccination efforts. the longer takes rest to vaccinate the longer the pandemic goes on for us. covid infections and parts of asia and latin america are making up a significant share of global covid-19 deaths. the biden administration says it plans to help bring down the death rate by providing a half billion doses to other countries. beyond the 80 million. it's already committed to back here at home, a yorkie who was stolen from his owner's car in san francisco is back home tonight. his owner thought she would never see her dog again. but that all changed today. gate abuse. azenith smith joins
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us live tonight with more on the story as myth. well, mike, the owner tells me she was cleaning the shattered glass from her car this afternoon when she got a text from sfpd, telling her they may have her dog. she raced over and calls it a miracle. please are tears of joy sunday night in the parking lot of san francisco police headquarters after jacqueline's volley of stockton was reunited with their for baby leo. he was just dancing jumping everywhere, the cry we. we know it was him worth worrying about the reunion comes less than 72 hours after leo, a 10 year old multicolored yorkshire terrier was stolen from jacqueline's white lexus near fisherman's warf thursday night. jacqueline her husband were in san francisco celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary on the last night of sightseeing. and after a busy day of tours, jaclyn left
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leo in the car, knowing he was cold and tired, like let's just put him in his carrier, and he can go to sleep. we put the windows down a bit. we put him in the carrier. i talked him under the dashboard. an hour later, they returned to their car parked at the corner of north point near powell streets and found windows smashed their luggage. dog carrier and beloved leo gone. i looked in the front seat in my heart just felt because it was gone. jacqueline took to social media offering a $1000 reward. sunday afternoon. san francisco police texted her this photo and she knew right away from his signature sad face. it was leo police had received a tip the dog had been sold in oakland. the first one who bought leo. he looked at leo, i think you saw the story. it was like, i think this is the dog as a pd picked up leo right away. jacqueline feels incredibly lucky to have leo back in her arms, warning others not to get careless. don't ever let the ones you love out of your sight. like. you might not ever
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get a second chance and told you love him, you know? yeah. and that owner she can't think the community enough for bringing leo home. as for the person who sold leo san francisco police have not yet made any arrests. i'm adam smith, ktvu fox two news azenith smith. thank you for that. a fire at a building used to house the homeless has displaced 80 people. this fire started around 5 30 tonight at the national hotel, located on market street near seven. this is video from citizen app. the fire was under control by about 6 30 supervisor matt haney says no. one was heard and the red cross and san francisco department of emergency management are helping residents find housing and other resources. extreme temperatures are headed our way later this week, with some areas bracing now for triple digit heat. at the same time, some bay area water districts are urging or requiring significant reductions duee rsem agus. she's
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in livermore tonight with more on the drought restrictions. emma julie reduce. seeing water output is still voluntary here in livermore, but in healdsburg and in most of santa clara county, it's not mandatory, lawn sprinklers in all forms of irrigation are now off limits in healdsburg as the city implements a 74 gallons per person daily limit on water, use the strictest measures so far as more of the bay area grapples with the drought emergency. let's do all we can to save our water a mandatory 15% water reduction is now in place for santa clara valley water district customers and in the greater livermore area, the tri valley water agencies are asking for voluntary reductions, noting that the bulk of residential water is going towards outdoor landscaping. listen nursery in livermore has survived seven california droughts. the owner tells me this is the year more people are switching out their lawns
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for this proper mulching a good thick mulch around plants will conserve up to 50% of the water, she says. customers are coming in daily seeking lawn conversion advice. multiple times a day. i think it's well worth it. zone seven water, the agency serving the greater liver more pleasant in dublin and san ramon area offers 100% cost rebates on lawn conversion for preapproved. pay up to $2000 in rebates for homeowners who swap out their lawns. we've had so many droughts that it just doesn't make sense to have these green lush lawns. i wish it would cause they're beautiful, but it makes more sense to have, um, dropped tolerant type of garden. the santa clara valley water district is now asking silicon valley cities to or past past rules that would limit water usage, such as limiting how much landscape watering you do per week or risk potential
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finds julie demagogues reporting for us live tonight in liver more, emma. thank you. there is increasing concern tonight about a parasite that is killing hundreds of thousands of young salmon in the klamath river. the parasite. it is native to the river and is usually controlled by rushing water during the winter months, but the last two winners have been exceptionally dry, which is allowing the parasite now to thrive in the lower water levels. the iraq tribe monitors the river and tells the chronicle nearly all of this year's juvenile salmon have been infected and more than half of already died. and now they worry it will affect the salmon population for years to come. it's getting ready to heat up around here not tomorrow, but as we head towards the middle end of the week, i'll talk about triple digit heat headed our way and fire season off to a very early start coming up the wildfire burning right now in southern california that has forced evacuations and burned hundreds of acres, also mourning the death of a seven year old boy
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from san jose. today's vigil in las vegas and how people emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe
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during an emergency. feeling sluggish or weighed down? but it will help you it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day. gun violence. people rallied together during a motorcycle and bike show and mama marks park in the del paso heights community organizers say was a way to get people out talking about gun violence and also how to stop it. in our community. it's not that we don't have a lot of hope. what it is, you know, a lot of people has
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passed on that. really really, that cared in this community. we have a lot of fresh eyes now, and a lot of people in this community that want to do. it's not like that. we've lost hope. it's just it's the sign of time. we have a lot of young youth with nothing to do in our community. so as things just as simple as this coming together in the community, we have a lot of community members that care in this community. i know we see a lot of bad things, but actually, in reality, we have a lot of community that is really worried. about what's going on to our youth. today's rally was held as new information was just released about mass shootings in our country so far this year more than 260, mass shootings have taken place in the us that according to the gun violence archive, the group defines a mass shooting is when four or more people are shot. in one incident, a vigil was held in las vegas tonight to pay tribute to the seven year old boy from san jose, who of tonight's event, says she did not know the family or liam homesteads family before
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tonight, but says she felt compelled to support them. reporter laura martina was there was there and brings us the story now i just want to say thank you to everybody in this, uh in las vegas, clutching liam's favorite blanket. nicholas hosted along with william's godfather. flew in from san jose to personally think las vegas at sunset park. you know, the hardest part was knowing that that he was left behind when he was never by himself, you know, and so. to know that the community was the right there for him, you know really means a lot to me. friends and family paid tribute to seven year old liam last week in the bay area on sunday, dina lynn and others from las vegas coordinated a balloon and bubble release to honor liam's memory, and it affected me so deeply that i felt the least that i canw my intent and my heart, family, friends and strangers gave their condolences to host it. lynn hopes that the love from the
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valley will get him through this pain. it was lauren martinez reporting, investigators say the little boy's mother, samantha moreno, rodriguez, killed him on may 28th. his remains were discovered near a hiking trail west of las vegas. investigators are not releasing how he died. the mother was arrested last week in a hotel in denver in riverside county, a fire burning in the santa rosa mountains has forced evacuations of 100 homes, the flats fire burning off highway 74 near the communities of opinion crest opinion in alpine villages now burned 420 acres forward spread has been stopped. but the heat that bill's been talking about they have winds down there in the rocky terrain continue to present challenges for the firefighters to homes have been destroyed and a firefighter was injured. fighting this fire. this fire started around 11 o'clock this morning. it's 10% contained no word on the cause of the fire, callous. so which oversees the
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state's electric power system, is warning california into the hot weather expected this week could put additional. us on our power grid. southern california is preparing for an excessive heat watch this week. at this time, there are no plans for rolling brownouts for now, but that could change. flex alerts could be issued across california in the coming days, depending on temperatures and how much electricity californians are going to be using. how well it's my points out the power concerns that's i think the big story is going to be because it's basically las vegas. it's phoenix, los angeles. it's baker sells modesto at sacramento. the big cities in the southwest and all the way up through the central valley are going to be hit hard with big heat for multiple days. air conditioners are going to run and we're going to have well, you don't know for sure. but it seems pretty, um, consistent that when we have that kind of heat over that many days, we do see some some power issues, so we'll look into that. that doesn't start tomorrow or tuesday gets going
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on wednesday, thursday and friday guessing thursday would be or thinking thursday would be the most volatile of the time. because we're going to see heck that we're looking at phoenix could go. i saw some numbers down there. not phoenix. um, yeah. phoenix in vegas are looking at like low one twenties. some areas down there. maybe 1 25 breaking all time records. so there's a lot going on this week, and the real big story is going to be south in east of here, i think is going to phoenix vegas in bakersfield in those areas because again what do we talk about all the time? there's the warm up heat is of all the weather events. flooding tornadoes. hurricanes name it heats. wanted it takes out the most people. that's the most dangerous to human beings. so, um, as we get a heat wave that's going to cover a third of the country went out at third, but a pretty large portion of this country with some big population centers. it's going to be worth watching for us. we're in an interesting spot because we have this onshore flow that's going to continue through this whole event because the event is really not about offshore flow. it's about. heat building out
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of the desert southwest coming up from the southwest. and so the bay and areas around the bay are going to have a sea breeze from time to time in the fog at the coast as well, so of course that keeps things cooler. so we're sort of right in the middle or the tipping point. so we will have areas. this is tomorrow's forecast. we will have areas that end up with temperatures in the low one hundred's. this can be fairfield. fact of it is gonna be a far eastern cities. livermore eastern livermore, eastern conquered areas like that. antioch, brentwood but around the bay like tomorrow you can see the greens. it's going to remain relatively mild to cool to warm. so with that in mind, i didn't want to do that. with that in mind, we are looking for temperatures to generally, um get pretty darn hot around here. so what i want to do now is move forward here. uh let's see what we can do here. you can't do that. let's try it out, ok? and there's the forecast highs from does is the highest from today. um, we are looking at the i got my computer, little backed up here
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and get through to the five day forecast. sorry about that, um. and so, with that in mind, it's going to be hot fire dangers of concern, right, but it's not a wind event. it's more of a heat and low humidity event. okay so here's the five day forecast. sorry about that snapper, you guys. there he goes, and you see the heat really shows up thursday and friday kind of lingers a little bit into saturday and sunday but cools off but again, big story starts wednesday, mainly central valley and out towards vegas. and in l a. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. yeah and it looks like it's going to last for several days. all right, bill. thank you. we'll see you tomorrow. israel's parliament narrowly approved a new coalition government today, ending the historic 12 year rule of prime minister benjamin netanyahu. neftali bennett, a former ally of netanyahu turned rival became prime minister by a razor thin margin. the vote today was 62 59 bennett, whose parents immigrated to israel from san francisco promised to try to heal it. divided nation.
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he will preside over a diverse and fragile coalition comprised of eight parties with deep ideological differences. but the 71 year old netanyahu made it clear he has no intention of leaving politics. many expect the new ruling coalition to work together to reduce the tensions with the palestinians. president biden is now in brussels, where he is scheduled to attend two days of summits with nato and the european union. but all eyes are focused on his first face to face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. the high price high profile sit down is scheduled to take place wednesday in geneva. president biden says he will confront the russian president on several issues, including russia's interference in the most recent presidential election. coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap after winning his 19th grand slam championship, novak djokovic makes a dream come true for one lucky fan. we'll hear from djokovic on why he gave his racket to this young boy. but first after the break
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30% of hate crimes in san francisco are against the lgbtq community how police
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crimes, even in the city of san francisco, and during this pride month, we are taking a closer look at the city's efforts to raise awareness. ktvu is evan sernoffsky found out what police are doing to make it easier to report. incidents of hate. the spirit
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of pride is alive and well in san francisco's castro district. there may not be a parade this year, but the pall of the coronavirus is lifting off this community. are we still we're now celebrating in our way. and uh, i'm very proud of it, but it's thousands flood into the city for pride month, residents remain wary of troubles. they've always faced. a lot of people think san francisco covers this safe haven for the lgbtq community, but even within our city, there are incidents of harassment or prejudice or hate crime type incidents. officer catherine winters works as the sfpd liaison. for the lgbt communityy shows us that we have to be constantly vigilant that we can't just relax because it is san francisco records show that over the last five years more than 30% of hate crimes in san francisco were against members
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of the lgbt community, making them the most targeted group and numerous studies show that almost 90% of lgbt folks. in the city have faced harassment or other prejudice that often goes unreported. the sfpd recently changed reporting requirements for prejudice based incidents, even if it doesn't rise to the level of a crime. they want to know about it, but having that data and knowing what's going on in our communities can help us head off problems before they lead to violence before somebody gets hurt as life returns to normal in the castro residents and business owners want to make one thing clear. as a community. we look out for each other. and um, we have to have each other's back in san francisco evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. dramatic dashcam crash in pontiac, michigan, wherve ejected from her car. she was trapped under
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the vehicle with only part of her legs sticking out and she was unconscious. the driver of the other car somehow climbed out of the passenger side of the car and ran away. deputies quickly realized they couldn't wait for any kind of mechanical assistance to pull the woman to safety. look at the right side of your screen and watch what happens next. they realized this was life and death. she's under the car. they couldn't wait for any kind of record assistance or any kind of, you know, the jaws of life probably would even be functional. it had to be some kind of hydraulic lift, or paul and she didn't have the time to wait. so get as many bodies there as fast. because we could lift the car and pull her out. the woman and her two year old child were pulled to safety and are expected to be okay. police also reportedly arrested the other man, a 30 year old man who was driving that other car. what an incredible story so thankful that woman and her baby are expected to be okay, mike. great to have you with us
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tonight and thanks everybody for joining us, great to have you sports wrapped with joe and jason is straight ahead. good night, everybody. giants hang one
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despite their bats going cold in washington. i think we have
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a better brand of offense in us want offense look no farther than the two maps. poulson smokes wonder right, and that babies god, how chappy and only delivered big time for the a's. number 19 for novak djokovic is crowned in paris and the all time slams mark is in his sights. thank you, chris, paul and the sons bring out the brooms, while the big three in brooklyn could be down to the big one. sports raft making dreams come true sleep with that rad and delivering the best in show in the sports category. it's all next. box two sports wrap starts now. hello we'll get everyone welcome to another sunday night. sports wrap joe fonzi and our ktvu studios jason appelbaum in his home studio, jason. it's another weekend in which


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