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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 13, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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i think we all learned we miss socializing. after all, dining out is like theater, and the show must go on. i want to give a special thank you to our fox stations across america that made this show possible. i'm rosanna scotto. thank you for watching. ♪ ♪ news on ktvu box to parts of the bay area will see triple digit heat this week as the drought worsens and more communities implement restrictions. i lived in the bay area all my life, and we've had so many droughts that it just doesn't make sense to have these green lush lawn. much of the bay area is experiencing an extreme drought in this week's scorching temperatures won't
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help. good evening. i'm julie julie haener anna mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. let's take a look at where we can expect triple digit temperatures later this week, the national weather service says east based cities like concord in livermore will likely have temperatures over 100 degrees and as we head into the summer season, the drought remains a very big concern. healdsburg. is the latest community to mandate drought restrictions. commercial customers need to cut back by 40% residential customers are being told to use no more than 74 gallons of water purpose in per day, and sprinklers are restricted for everyone. ktvu demagogues joins us live from livermore and emma the city there now encouraging people to cut back water usage by 10. yes mike, and that volunteering 10% water reduction here is rather lenient compared to the man. tutorial water cuts not just coming from healdsburg but also from santa clara county's largest water agency, non
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sprinklers in all forms of irrigation are now off limits in healdsburg as the city implements a 74 gallons per person daily limit on water, use the strictest measures so far as more of the bay area grapples with the drought emergency. let's do all we can to save our water. a mandatory 15% water reduction is now in place for santa clara valley water district customers and in the greater livermore area, the tri valley water agencies are asking for voluntary reductions, noting that the bulk of residential water is going towards outdoor landscaping. lys nursery in livermore has survived seven california droughts. the owner tells me this is the year more people are switching out their lawns for this proper mulching a good thick mulch around plants will conserve up to 50% of the water, she says. customers are coming in daily seeking lawn conversion advice. multiple times a day. i think it's well worth it zone seven water, the agency serving the greater
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liver more pleasant in dublin and san ramon area offers 100% cost rebates on lawn conversion for pre approved projects. evey mud and valley water pay up to 2000. dollars in rebates for homeowners who swap out their lawns. we've had so many droughts that it just doesn't make sense to have these green lush lawns. i wish it would cause they're beautiful, but it makes more sense to have, um, dropped tolerance type of garden. and the santa clara valley water district is now asking silicon valley cities to pass rules such as limiting landscape watering to no more than three days a week or risk potential fines. mike, already conservative at our house, all right, emma cost there live for us tonight, emma. thank you, the santa rosa fire department says a small grassfire near middle school was sparked by a lawnmower. firefighters arrived just after 11 40. this morning. this fire burned in a large field right near hilliard, comstock middle school, several fences and shed were damage.
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nobody was injured and in southern california in riverside county, a fire burning in the santa rosa mountains has now forced evacuations. the flats fire is burning off of highway 74 near the community's opinion. crest pinion in alpine village officials say it is now charged 420 acres, fire crews have stopped the forward spread, but high heat, gusty winds and rocky terrain are creating challenges for firefighters to homes have been destroyed. right, and one firefighter has been injured. that fire started at about 11 this morning, and right now it's about 10% contained no word yet on what started this fire and as a reminder you can always. app for hourly updates on this week's high heat, chief meteorologist bill martin will have our updated forecast coming up in just a few minutes. new at 10 80 people have been displaced after a fire burned a building used to house the homeless. this fire started around 5 30 tonight at the national hotel on mark street near seven. this is video from
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citizen app. the fire was under control by about 6 30. san francisco supervisor matt haney says no one was hurt the red cross and the san francisco department of emergency management are helping residents find housing and other resources. the count as the countdown is on two june 15th when the state fully reopens, and one bay area county says it is throwing a party to celebrate. ktvu is greg liggins says the details now on sam mateo counties, roaring 20. these themes celebration. we welcome people in on june, 15th county supervisor david canada is showing us the lay of the land at a plaza off el camino real near the coma bart station, where he and 400 others so far have already rsvp'd to celebrate. the tuesday event will have a 19 twenties theme with classic cars and costumes, paying homage to the roaring twenties. come back. following the flu pandemic that ended in 1919. it's a symbolic event to recognize. while we just think
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that we were in this pandemic, there are others that have come before us cannabis as during the free event with barbecue and entertainment, they'll honor heroes like firefighters, medical workers covid survivors, small businesses and others. the owner of antigua coffee shop in south san francisco, is among the honorees. he immigrated from mexico two decades ago started the business in 2014 feared he'd lose it during the pandemic, but held on. i feel so excited, and i think this honor is for well, small businesses who survive during this pandemic. so what victor represents. is all those small businesses and the struggles they've gone through. we need to follow the science on the vaccines. honoree dr monica gandhi as someone can up. it refers to as the star of the show. the bay area infectious disease specialist has tirelessly appeared on local and national outlets, educating and advising on how to safely maneuver through the pandemic,
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and she praised the county's approach. i am really honored. to be honored by san mateo county. i think we had a similar philosophy you can still save lives be science based, but also put the entire pandemic in the setting of what holistically is going on in society. cannabis says there will be something serious included in the festivities and on site vaccination clinic and dr gandhi says her celebratory speech will address that topic to embrace the effectiveness of the vaccines, which i think that san matteo is done and what i mean by that is you. in the delta variant when we talk about these fearful variants, the vaccines work. the free event is scheduled for tuesday. june 15th 11 a.m. until 2 30 pm and everyone is welcome greg wigan's ktvu fox two news. a couple churches in the south bay plan to keep mask and social distancing requirements even after the state. let's covid-19 restrictions later this week bible way christian
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center will hold in person services for the first time since the start of the pandemic next sunday. now people will be asked to where their mass and remain six ft. apart from one another and alum rock christian church, which has been holding in person services since march, says it will adjust safety guidelines depending on how many people in the congregation are vaccinated apples. doors will no longer require customers to wear a mass starting later this week that, according to a new report from bloomberg, the company has also relaxing social distancing requirements. employees have also been told, according to the report that they won't be required to ask customers for verification of vaccination. the changes are scheduled to go in effect as early as tuesday. the u. s is nearing a grim milestone, the cdc now says the coronavirus death toll is more than 597,000. just shy of 600,000. the u. s has also reported more than 33 million cases since the start of this pandemic more than any other
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country. as for vaccinations, the cdc says more than 64% of adults have received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine, the number of positive covid-19 tests in the us has now dropped to its lowest point since the start of the pandemic, the cdc says less than 2% of tests have come back positive during the past seven days compared to 13. and during the winter surge, the country's positivity rate has been dropping since april and is now at its lowest point since march of last year, and health officials are pushing countries to really ramp up their vaccination efforts as covid infection rates are rising in certain parts of the world, and as jonathan's area reports, the biden administration is planning to step in to make sure other countries have enough vaccine. yeah. the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a devastating toll worldwide. despite the progress some nations have made with their vaccination programs. official counts indicate that globally more people have died from covid 19 already this year than in all of last year. a
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wall street journal analysis of data collected by johns hopkins university. says almost two million covid-19 deaths have been reported this year. public health officials are asking countries to step up their vaccination efforts no longer takes rest to vaccinate. the longer the pandemic goes on for us. wealthy nations are reporting low cases and declining deaths due to mass vaccinations, however, covid infections in parts of asia and latin america. are pushing the number of global deaths higher. president biden says the united states will do all it can to bring the worldwide covid-19 death rate down. i committed that we would provide half a billion half a billion beyond the 80 million. we've already got it. meanwhile, the u. s. has hit yet another milestone when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine. the centers for disease control and prevention reports. the country has now administered more than 300 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine. the u. s also has sent out over 374 million
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vaccines to distribution sites more than 143 million people are now fully vaccinated and more than 173 million people have received at least one coronavirus shot despite its progress in vaccination efforts, the u. s is expected to fall short of president biden's goal of delivering a first dose. 70% of american adults by july 4th in atlanta. jonathan serrie, fox news police in austin, texas, say one of the 14 victims of a mass shooting there over the weekend has now died. they say 25 year old douglas john cantor died today from his injuries. he was a tourist visiting from new york. the shooting happened just before 1 30 saturday morning in a busy area of downtown austin filled with bars and restaurants. one person is been arrested and police are looking for another suspect back here in the bay area. one person is dead and another injured in two separate
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stabbings in the city of san jose. police say they responded to a call of a man with stab wounds just before 2 30 this morning donizetti court in the berryessa neighborhood, the man later died. there was another stabbing just about 1 45 this morning that story road and king road. the male victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but is expected to recover so far. no arrests have been made in either case. the bay area's first in person. college graduation at 10 30 how stanford graduates and their families were able to celebrate their commencement. is significant heat in the forecast not tomorrow or tuesday, but beyond that into the middle end of the week. it's gonna get real hot, especially inland. we'll look at that when i see you next and an emotional reunion in san francisco. a dog stolen from a vehicle back with its owner after three days of being apart still to come, the owner tells us how leo was found looking at. you know his photos and looking at this dog bones stuff. i just felt like a crazy person
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thinking like a story we first bu
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last friday, a woman from stockton thought she would never see her yorkshire terrier again. the little dog was stolen from her car last thursday in san francisco. but tonight the two were reunited. ktvu is azenith smith joins us now live with more on how the dog was found azenith smith. well julie, the owner says she
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never plans to lose sight of her 10 year old yorkshire terrier named leo again, calling the last three days absolutely. terrifying tonight. she is filled with relief an immense gratitude. tears of joy sunday night in the parking lot of san francisco police headquarters after jacqueline's volley of stockton was reunited with her for baby leo. he was just dancing, jumping everywhere and then crying. we. we know it was him like worth worrying about the reunion comes less than 72 hours after leo, a 10 year old multicolored yorkshire terrier was stolen from jacqueline's white lexus near fisherman's warf. thursday night. jacqueline her husband were in san francisco celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary on the last night of sightseeing. and after a busy day of tours, jaclyn left leo in the car, knowing he was cold and tired, like let's just
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put him in his carrier, and he can go to sleep. we put the windows down if it would put him in the carrier. i talked him under the dashboard. an hour later, they returned to their car parked at the corner of north point near powell streets and found windows smashed their luggage. dog carrier and beloved leo gone. i looked in the front to see it in my heart just fell because it was gone. jacqueline took to social media offering a $1000 reward. sunday afternoon. san francisco police texted her this photo and she knew right away from his signature sad face. it was leo police had received a tip the dog had been sold in oakland. the first one who bought leo. she looked at leo, i think you saw the story was like i think this is the dog as a p d picked up leo right away. jacqueline feels incredibly lucky to have leo back in her arms warning others not to get careless. don't ever let the ones you love out of your sight. like. you might not ever get a second chance. told you love them, you know? and
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that owner can't think the community enough for bringing leo home. she plans to take leo to the vet, she says. for the most part, he's in good spirits. as for the person who sold leo san francisco police have not yet made any arrests. we're told the investigation is ongoing. julie that reunion tonight was so adorable that little dog just see how excited he was to be back in her arms. that's such a happy ending. asthma. thank you. you will expanded train service is said to be back on track for the san francisco giants games. caltrain special south found train for night games at the ballpark will run again tuesday night when the giants host the arizona diamondbacks. the extra train will lead the san francisco station at fourth and king about 15 minutes after the final out, it will then make all the stops down the peninsula to the caltrain station in downtown san jose and golden gate transit started expanding its service today it's adding bus service between sandra fell in san francisco,
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as well as its lines between santa rosa and san francisco. that includes some additional evening service during the week and too late night trips on the weekends live music starting to make a comeback, and fans are ready to roll more than 1000. people lined up today, hoping to buy tickets for a foo fighters concert down in southern california. the band is playing at canyon agora hills on tuesday, the same day as the states reopening small concert is part of the band's 26th anniversary. and so tickets were actually being sold for just $26. the venue can operate at full capacity, but full capacity is only 610 people, meaning some people today left the box office empty handed it. from what? we've heard. it said it sold out, but we're still hoping, okay, we're not going anywhere for a while. i'm hoping he knows. maybe david. the food fighters salt, add another show, you know they're going to be a madison square gardens five days later. maybe the lad something people buying tickets today did have to show a proof of vaccination. the foo fighters are also
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headlining a number of festivals this summer, including napa's bottle rock. alrighty we're looking at the temperatures from today. it was just a bit cooler than yesterday. but the story this week is going to be pretty high temperatures possible record setting temperatures in the central valley and in the desert southwest. those temperatures will bleed into our inland bay valley saddle happens on wednesday, thursday and friday. listen is vegas could break some all time records. we're looking at numbers like 1 21 25 down in las vegas over the next. you know, starting on wednesday, all the way through saturday, reading could hit 113 sacramento, 107 108. it's going to be real hot, but this is going to be an inland event. there's a heat excessive heat watch, in effect for the far inland bay valleys and the central valley. the big value. that's where the real he's going to be. that's because this system is building out of the southwest, so we also have the concern with this as you look at the highs from today of brownouts right because you're going to see really significant pressure on the power grid from
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phoenix. vegas sacramento to modesto and fresno and bakersfield. so these are the highest from today. highs tomorrow are going to be about the same, so no big changes. the trend is this. temperatures are going to go up. you'll see the bill curve come up. that's on wednesday. temperatures in the inland valleys in the mid nineties thursday temperature in the inland bay valleys in the low one hundreds and friday about the same maybe 1415 in a place like clayton or out towards the eastern liver more to be right on the edge is we still have a sea breeze? we still have the fog at the coast and mild temperatures in places like san francisco and oakland. could be interesting. we'll come back. we'll take a look at the complete forecast, but just know if you have travel plans into the interior of the state over the next couple of days or in the desert southwest, get ready for the heat. it's going to be on. oh yeah, 120 in vegas, that's going to be a hot one. bill. thank you. we'll point reyes national seashores, providing extra water to
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molly's point. tooley elk reserve during the drought, there are nearly 600 tooley elk in the park. some natural water sources continue to be available, but they could dry up of this year becomes the worst drought on record for marin county marine county declared a drought emergency last month with the lowest rainfall during the past 16 months in more than 140 years. the park is 3 250 gallon water troughs in the elk reserve. they will stay in place at least until the rains return next winter. a group of young climate activists have scheduled across the golden gate bridge tomorrow they will be the final leg of their 266 mile protest march to san francisco. the youth led sunrise movement says it's trying to bring attention to climate change and is urging lawmakers to form a civilian climate court to fight the effects of global warming. the march began more than two weeks ago in paradise, the beauty. county town that was destroyed by the campfire in november of 2018 vendors fear the san jose
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flea market could be lost to a new development the demands they have before the site is built and later in sports. novak djokovic goes for his 19th career grand slam sports anchor joe fonzi with all the highlights plus as president biden meets with world leaders in europe, preparations are underway for his summit with russian president vladimir putin. in geneva this coming week. i'm greg palkot this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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windsor castle today after the greeting the guard of honor gave a royal salute to the bidens. the three had tea together inside the castle. president biden is now the 13th u. s president to meet the queen 1951. she met president truman when she was then princess elizabeth. after that meeting, the president did travel to brussels, where he is scheduled to meet with nato
10:25 pm
leaders. but as greg palkot reports, there's even more focused on president biden's upcoming summit in geneva with russia president vladimir putin. we just wrapped up collaborative and productive meeting the g seven. president biden is now in brussels ahead of meetings with nato leaders, but all eyes are focused on his first face to face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. preparations are underway for the high profile sit down, which is scheduled to take place wednesday in geneva. harsh words from the u. s and russian presidents leading to a new stand up between moscow and washington in march. president biden, referring to his russian counterpart as a killer, who has no soul and president, putin replied. directly to president biden's comments, observations to conserve awaits. it takes one to know one and that's not just the children saying or a joke. the heated exchanges part of what the biden administration claims is a realignment of its russia policy. it came after the public release of a new intelligence report confirming putin directly authorised interference in the 2020 presidential election.
10:26 pm
president biden says he will confront moscow on this and other issues. it's about making myself very clear what the conditions are to get a better. relationship are with russia. we're not looking for conflict. we are looking to resolve those actions, which we think are inconsistent international norms, but some critics say the timing is wrong and the u. s should be confronting china, not russia. it all seemed a bit childish to me. what matters for the united states of america is preserving our freedom and security. the long anticipated meeting with president putin comes at the end. president biden's first international trip since taking office in windsor, england. greg palkot, fox news tonight we're learning that apple informed former trump white house counsel don mcgahn that the justice department had sapyta information about his accounts belonging to him back in 2018. the news comes just days after to house lawmakers disclosed that they, too had their information secretly subpoenaed. it's not clear yet
10:27 pm
why the trump administration sought mcgann's records, but others were part of a leak probe related to the investigation of russian election interference. it's the news was first reported by the new york times. it has taken it want to eat. this situation now is really good people have every right to feel optimistic and hopeful sense of optimism as we begin to emerge from the pandemic coming up here. why some career experts say it is a great time for people who are looking for work. for the first time in 12 years, israel has a new prime minister later tonight, his ties to the bay area, but first, the caps and gowns were out at stanford university here from the new grads who attended the school's first in person graduation ceremony in two years.
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stanford campus, the university held an in person commencement ceremony, the graduates had to wear masks and social distance, but at the same time they were able to celebrate with their families together as one in today's ceremony marks the first in person college graduation in the bay area since the start of the pandemic, ktvu is elissa harrington. as the story. it's a scene that didn't seem possible just a few short months ago, stanford stadium filled with students and their family members, the class of 2021 commencement ceremony was held in person. i'm happy i was able to come and saw some of my friends again for the first time, one more because mama graduate arlene aleman said she feels proud and accomplished for making it through a tough year. like no other. the pandemic. four students to keep distance from friends, they adjusted to zoom classes. face
10:31 pm
masks and stay at home orders. everybody just dealing with different circumstances. different home, um, setups during the pandemic, making classes more difficult and really feeling the zoom fatigue every day. but at the end of the day we made it. graduates wore traditional caps and gowns, some for costumes, part of a stanford tradition called the wacky walk. this is the covid health check that we do every day, and this is for wacky walk. it's like a costume. that we have to do for graduation, stanford announced plans for an in person graduation as covid positivity rates started to fault and the graduation comes just days before california fully reopens. each graduate was allowed to guests, those guests had to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 tests in order to get inside. everyone wore a mask your social distancing inside inside the stadium. all the graduates are social distancing. it's strange times we're living in right now. and so many of our friends their
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children didn't have had only virtual graduation. so this was fabulous. i mean, i commend stanford for putting up pulling it off. really, really happy. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. ch school districts nationwide are preparing for a surge in enrollment for kindergarten this fall, many districts are hiring more teachers in anticipation of what could be one of the largest kindergarten classes ever. educators are also prepare. hearing for many students to be less prepared than usual due to lower preschool attendance rates. research found the number of four year olds enrolled in preschool fell from 71% before the pandemic to 54% during the covid crisis, many restaurants and shops are starting to put up those help wanted signs on their windows, and even more jobless scenes are being posted online as ktvu claudine wang reports, career experts say there is reason to be optimistic about the job market. no doubt it's been a rough road when it comes to
10:33 pm
jobs. and while we aren't out of the woods yet, what a difference a year makes it has taken a one in this situation now is really good. people have every right to feel optimistic and hopeful jobs were added for four straight months, although the number of jobs added in april, did miss expectations. the numbers in truth, paint a complicated picture. when monster .com did an annual future of work survey earlier this year, 82% of employers were looking to hire latest job numbers show why job openings in april hit 9.3 million. that's a record for the most new jobs added since the bureau of labor statistics started keeping track more than 20 years ago. unemployment is at 5.8% but overall hiring is only up 4% which means employers are having a tough time filling positions, especially in sectors like leisure and hospitality. that industry was slammed last year and now they are rebuilding. they can't rebuild fast enough. there's
10:34 pm
actually a labor shortage, so that's one is the leisure and hospitality, field, logistics and manufacturing and the solar and environmental industries are also hot markets while hiring continues in tech and healthcare sectors. but just because there are a lot of jobs out there, it doesn't mean there isn't competition, especially when you were talking about recent college graduates from monsters annual future state of the graduate survey. we know that 45 percent of college grads from last year are still looking for a job so it is competitive. so monster says here are the top three things employers are looking for. interview presence, resume and work experience. and if the last year caused a gap in your resume, don't worry, focus more on how you can market your skills and experiences to be the right fit and to connect with employers and keep in mind fit is changing with remote hybrid and freelance options. in addition to traditional full time jobs, experts say, you can look beyond your zip code and
10:35 pm
beyond all the numbers. experts say the one key component to the job market today. is optimism. you know, they call it in real estate right? the buyer's market of the seller's market market. is it right now, i think it's everyone's market right now. claudine wong ktvu fox two news, new demands tonight from san jose flea market vendors who are threatened with possibility of losing their sight. the san jose spotlight reports the various of flea market vendors association has sent a letter to market owners asking for five year leases. they also want to have at least three years of notice if the market will be closed or relocated the area where the market is located, is being considered for a mixed use development site that will include offices, apartments and retail. the san jose city council is set to vote on the project on june 22nd. but vendors are asking that the vote be delayed until september. fauci erupted israel
10:36 pm
after the country's parliament voted in favour of a new coalition government coming up here more on the person who is replacing benjamin netanyahu as prime minister, and we are tracking the heat. it's coming our way. not tomorrow, though it'll be here most likely wednesday towards the end of the week. i'll have the details on the five day forecast coming up and the new poll that shows how political preferences playing a role and who is getting and not getting the
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10:39 pm
answer. the same poll found 52% of republicans are at least partially vaccinated compared to 77% of democrats. israel is now under new leadership and its new prime minister, naftali bennett, has a bay area tie. his parents moved to israel from san francisco back in 1967 and as trade yanks reports from jerusalem. the prime minister is promising to heal a divided nation. after more than 12 years. israel now has a new prime minister, naftali bennett will lead the jewish state and a newly formed coalition government go. the vote of confidence taking place tonight here in jerusalem at the israeli parliament, outgoing prime minister benjamin netanyahu was visibly upset in his final moments in office after bennett was sworn in reaction started to pour in from around the world. president biden was the first world leader to release a statement saying he congratulated the new leader along with your love pete, who will rotate and as prime minister in 2023. bennett and biden also spoke over the phone discussing the alliance between
10:40 pm
israel and the united states, according to a statement provided to fox by an aide to the israeli leader, israel's 13th prime minister spoke shortly after being sworn in saying this law to commercial the hardship of forming a new government is behind us. and now the citizens of israel are all looking at us and the burden of proof is on us. this government has a paper thin margin receiving 60 votes in the hunt. 20 seat knesset. it's a coalition with politicians from across the political spectrum, including an arab party. this means huge compromises will have to be made in order to keep it together and avoid sending israel to another round of elections. right now, israel is facing a number of issues such as foreign threats from places like iran and domestic issues like the economy in the wake of covid-19. officials who worked for prime minister naftali bennett, an alternate prime minister. your lipid have told fox news separately. they're looking for a coalition government that will bring the israeli people together rather than divide them in jerusalem. tray angst, fox news, at least
10:41 pm
12 people are dead and more than 150. others are injured following a gas explosion in central china. authorities say that blast happened in the city of xi'an early this morning. officials worry more people are still trapped in the rubble. authorities say vendors at a food market were among the first victims that cause of that explosion is still under investigation tonight. barry bonds back in the game, but not baseball. he was out at the westminster dog show, and we are going to see a big time warm up this week, especially for those of you who lived inland chief meteorologist bill martin. we'll have the forecast for your neighborhood coming up.
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after being held virtually last year. the festivities included live music, drag queen performances and skating. but organizers say the most important aspect of today's event was to let people know they are supported. we have just a phenomenal group of volunteers who come out every year, um people coming to the festival that it is so important, especially this time after covid that we do let. especially our young people know that they matter they belong and they are part of this community and so the l g b t q community and all our allies working beautifully together. people who attended today's event also enjoyed rainbow crosswalks that were painted around the venue earlier this month in honor of pride. water parks are reopening to large crowds in the city of sacramento. as of now, there are still some covid-19 related restrictions, but come tuesday when the state reopens that could all change
10:45 pm
as reporter liz a. mitri tells us hundreds of people showed up for this weekend's grand opening at raging waters, families lined up for the water slides in roseville at golf, land, sunsplash and in sacramento at raging waters. opening day yesterday region water says it had about 1100 visitors come through, although not all at one time with covid restrictions right now only 750. people can be in the park at once, and reservations are required. i'm excited. we came yesterday a little bit late, and they were super super pac. so we just got here early today. just make sure we got here on time. tom cook and debbie robleto also came early, saving some seats in the shade for their family. people being home. it's just it's a lot to take in just trying to get out to socialize with people feels good. i mean, i'm vaccinated. she's vaccinated, so it feels good to be out. that's something we heard a lot. it didn't matter if they were speeding down a slide or relaxing in the lazy river.
10:46 pm
mostly people say they're just happy to be out. we're excited. we wanted to be here last year, but obviously we did the best we could hunker down and didn't leave the house last year. there wasn't too much to do so we're happy that things are opening. the state is slated to lift more covid restrictions in just two days. but the general manager says he still has to wait and see what exactly that will mean for mask rules. and capacity limits at the water park. that was liz a mitri reporting their raging waters in san jose also reopened this past weekend. the summer olympics are entering a new era without one of the megastar swimming for us gold for the first time since 1996. the u. s. olympic trials were held today without us swimmer michael phelps. phelps first debuted at the summer olympics in 2000 as a 15 year old. he was the youngest to make a u. s. olympics. swim team in nearly 70 years, felt told all time records for a total of 23
10:47 pm
olympic gold medals and 28 olympics medals overall. there was a familiar face at today's 145th westminster dog show. former san francisco giants star barry bonds was in attendance. his dog rocky, competed in the dog show he owns rocky with his sister in the midst that she does all of the work to train rocky, the miniature snatcher did not win his breed. but bond says he's just happy that his dog qualified for the show. okay we're looking at the weather this week. the next couple days monday and tuesday are going to look like this kind of like it was today, but then rapid increase in temperatures as we get into wednesday, thursday and friday. that's going to create that big heat in the inland bay valleys that excessive heat advisory or watches, in effect, it will turn into could've easily turned out excessive heat warning for the central valley because of the way that high shot builds in from the southwest. so that sets you up wednesday through friday, a little bit of saturday as well. but where's the big heat? you notice where it is? it's all
10:48 pm
kind of right. it's all vegas, phoenix, los angeles, bakersfield, sacramento. most of the heat is in the southern part of southwestern part of the of the state. and so that's going to cause problems for the for the power grid, right. we've seen that so i wouldn't be surprised if we had somewhere in this area between phoenix and bakersfield in sacramento. i wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of a brownout or something like that which we often see or have seen. not often, but it does occur when you get too many people using too many air conditioners. the forecast for tomorrow will be a lot like today. current temperatures are on the mild side 67 out in the brentwood area 65 out towards the liver more we got a nice little bit of a sea breeze. that's pleasant, and that's got the fog pushing inland. so with that, tomorrow morning, they'll be low clouds and fog as you would expect. and then with this system sliding through, you see a few scattered showers to the north that will deliver. perhaps a drizzle event maybe up to bodega bay. maybe point raise something like that. just
10:49 pm
a little bit of drizzle. that's in the morning when we see a few clouds, so see how the cloud cover. this is a computer model. now that's the cloud car for tomorrow morning. put it in motion clouds burn off clouds and fog burn off. temperatures warm, but look where the heat is. it's in the central valley. now, when this heat gets going, turns the middle end of the week. we're still going to see the big heat in the central valley. we're going to have a sea breeze so places like pacific and half moon bay in san francisco and san jose and oakland are going to stay much cooler than, say, conquered or say, fairfield. so these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. you can see it about where they were today. maybe a degree cooler in some places. and then the five day forecast. so what we have here is another couple of days like this. the big story will be that big heat in the far inland bay valley is gonna be one of those weird deals. it's not an offshore wind event, so we're not going to see big heat in san francisco or oakland, but we will in those inland valley far inland valley areas, and so that will get you most likely excessive heat warning for
10:50 pm
sacramento, maybe up to red bluff and down to bakersfield, and maybe we could see one in fairfield as well. but most of the bay area should be out of the advisory realm. so with that tomorrow like today, tuesday like today, and then boy the heats on in the valley starting on wednesday after ned beatty, who has starred in the hit movies, deliverance and superman has died. beatty passed away today of natural causes at his home in los angeles, surrounded by loved ones. he earned an oscar nomination for his role in the 1976 film network. he also created memorable performances as in atlanta businessman starring alongside burt reynolds and john void in deliverance, and as lex luthor's sidekick in the 1978 film superman and a statement, his family said baby was an iconic and legendary talent. who will be missed by all he was 83 years old. coming up in sports the oakland a's slugged their way through the royals. joe fonzi is up next with
10:51 pm
sports, then on the 11 o'clock news, a vigil for the seven year old boy from san jose, who authorities say was killed by his mother. his body was found on a trail in nevada. how the las vegas community is now showing support for the boy's family.
10:52 pm
this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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happening tonight in sports. the bay area still has to first place baseball teams, but only one of them was a winner. today social distancing still practice by the spectator, some of them at the oakland coliseum. no shortage of offense by the team that occupies that stadium, matt chapman in the first inning off the royals, christmas bouvet, or that one looks good. sounds good. it's the seventh homer of the year for chapman is up to one thing. start three to oakland when matt olsen came different late leading off the third. olson's been doing a lot of this.
10:54 pm
that's his 17th homer of the year. 42 a's nice little twist on bill king's signature call, olsen came to the plate again in the fifth with boob. it's still on the mound for the royals. this time he times of breaking pitch in hits another no doubter some nice numbers for the a's and their 6 to 3 win. they have now won nine of their last 11 18 homers for olson. that's second in the american league and today's winning pitcher chris bassett has won seven straight. most important, the a's remained two games. games in front of second place. houston this weekend was a good news. bad news story for the giants in washington. the bad news is they managed just three runs in four games. but the good news is that they somehow managed to get two wins out of that. the offense again a no show today's series finale. we told as kids. you weren't supposed to do that. this was all the runs the nationals would need it against johnny cueto. kyle schwarber, the first batter, quito faced and just like that, the giants
10:55 pm
and one whole schwarber did the same thing leading off in yesterday's first game, and here's a schwarber replaying his next at bat. this time, two runners aboard as he goes up and gets a high pitch from quito. that's 12 homers on the year for schwarber nationals on their way to have five win. the giants scored just three runs in a four game series in washington. still won two games, their lead over the second place dodgers trimmed to a single games, the top of the mountain when it comes to men's tennis evolves in every major tournament finals of the french open today with 1/5 seed stefanos to tip us taking on the top seed novak djokovic, djokovic had to dig deep for this one to keep us is in the near court in a hard fought first set to keep us wins the point and the set 76. he dominated the second set 62 so djokovic had to age, a dramatic comeback and that he did. he won sets three and 4/5 said here. djokovic in the fire court somehow gets to the ball and turns it into a winner. and
10:56 pm
he's in the near court now at match point and overhead cross court winner will win it for the deciding set. 64 djokovic wins the french for the second time in his career. that's his 19th grand slam win, not just one away from the two guys tied for the most roger federer and rafael nadal. all who each has 20. the nba's western conference says half of its pairing for the conference championship series chris paul and the sun is trying to make it a clean sweep over denver and this year's mvp nikola jokic, the veteran paul still trying to go where he's never gone, paul with a nice little move on yokich to fake a past and pull up for two of his 37 points. the suns led by six after a quarter by eight at the half. denver trying to narrow the gap, yokich misses his shot thinks of should have been called the winds up to try and slap the ball out of the hands of cameron payne draws a foul pain was hit in the face. the two teams exchange and a little pushing and shoving. devin
10:57 pm
booker inserts himself. they reviewed the whole thing. jokic got a flagrant two, which meant he was ejected. booker gets a technical yokich with an apology to paint as he was exiting. the nuggets tried to rally without their m v p, but the sons had the plays when they needed them. paul to the hoop with the benefit of a screen by booker booker at 34 points to go with paul's 37 the sons 1, 25, 1, 18 winners and finish this week, they'll now await the winner of the jazz clippers series, which utah leads two games to one. kevin durant in the honest andronico po, two of the headliners for today's game four between the nets and bucks one point game in the second quarter, yana spots an opening in the lane slices to the who, for two of his 34 points. milwaukee of one that makes jj what. happy guy in the stands. this play could determine the eventual outcome of this series. kyrie irving. it's too inside, but rolls his ankle on the way down. you can see that he lands on the foot of onto the co po irving left the game and did not return the
10:58 pm
nets, already operating without the injured james harden. the bucks building on the lead in the third quarter through holiday with a slick pass through the legs of kevin durant is onto the capo gets to go more to go on with his 12 rebounds. the bucks bounced back from a two nothing deficit even that series at two games after winning 17 96, it's back to brooklyn for game five on tuesday, and for the second weekend in a row. the best women's golfers in the world were playing in greater san francisco lake, mercer said, socked in this weekend for the meta he'll tournament just as olympic club was last week for the women's open. you have to trust us that matilda castro in is out there on the par 5/5 hole. and how about this shot where it is? it's up castro that close to a double eagle would make her eagle pipe cast ring started the day two shots off the lead, but birdied her first three holes that made that eagle at number five. min lee was the leader when the day
10:59 pm
began this kind of round for her this putt for eagle at 18 to earn a share of the lead. she comes that close and settles for birdie cast. rinne made it a moot point when first scored, 18 was wrapped up with birdie of her own and a 65 on that short putt stuff. first tournament title for castro, who becomes the first player from finland to win an lpga event and carly lloyd and the women's u. s soccer team taking on jamaica in houston in the summer series. it took the u. s 24 seconds to get on the board. roosevelt crosses to lloyd, who does the honors the u. s rules to the four winds piling up more impressive numbers. the us women are undefeated in 41 straight matches, 55 in a row on american soil. on wednesday, the u. s will play hard. nigeria in boston. that's it for now, jason appelbaum and i will see at 11 30 for sports at all right. we will see you then, joe. thank you. next at 11. i feel so excited, and i think
11:00 pm
this owner is for all the small businesses who survive during this pandemic. the countdown is on two june 15th when california fully reopens tonight, the anticipation and the excitement is building across the state. 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. california less than 48 hours from dropping most covid-19 restrictions. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. the reopening gets rid of most of the health and safety guidelines that have been in place now for more than a year. ktvu greg liggins tells us how one barry county is celebrating. we welcome people in on june. 15th county supervisor david canada is showing us the lay of the land at a plaza off el camino real near the coma bart station, where he and 400 others so far have already rsvp'd to celebrate. the tuesday event
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