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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 12, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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ot drunk and planted marbles? who do you think made him do that? gloria, all due respect, i think the big guy has better things to worry about than two sexy, you know -- i'm gonna change into something a little more secular. (praying in spanish) is the last saturday before the state opens up and already people are getting used to life with fewer covid-19 restrictions. we've been waiting this moment for you know, the last year it feels really good. i think it just kind of makes us feel really optimistic. well you remember one year ago, the streets were empty. most people were wearing a face covering but if you were out today, you probably notice
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that's all changed. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm jana katsuyama in for christina, california will be fully opened in just a matter of days and will no longer have colored tears, a mask mandate or capacity limits. ktvu is candese charles was in san francisco this afternoon in kansas. what were people saying about all the changes that there was really excited to be back out in the streets? everyone was out, the sun was out. it was definitely an exciting day, and as you can see, folks still are out. they're all getting ready to get back to a sense of normalcy on tuesday. you no, it's been nearly a year since this historic carousel took a go around shut down due to the coronavirus. all these little kids, they want to go on it over and over again. makes me more happy. thank you. jackson snyder runs the carousel at golden gate park, kicking off his first day as a conductor, welcoming excited writers back on opening day really excited. i'm not do that orange, kitty.
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this will be her second time on the carousel, so she's really particular. about what animals she wants to get on. she's remembered it since last year last year, this park was nearly empty. now, with the sun shining and the state's official reopening day, just around the corner. the crowds can't stay away. we've been wearing this moment for you know the last year and we just got vaccinated both of us and then you know it's been she's been enjoying herself, and it's been awesome. and for many parents who have been inside with their little ones all year a day at the park kids a little more special for a long time we had to stay off playgrounds. just figure out how to play in the grass and on the rocks. and so ithe playgrounds back on tuesday, june 15, california will officially reopenedmaking y birthday. so my parents gonna be in town, so i'm going to go ahead and go to dinner, maybe inside, which will be nice for a change in the sunset district businesses already picking up
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we're keeping it at full capacity at 12.5, but it's you know, we're looking forward to being open on tuesday and everybody's coming back in as we inch closer to the finish line barrier, residents are remembering the marathon. that was last year and looking forward to sprinting into the future and i feel like we're creating a safer world. then it's gonna get better. now, if you go out this weekend, you may start to see less people with a mask on but come tuesday, you're likely to see a lot more people without mask on as people were vaccinated will be able to have the choice to keep masked up or not. so again. we open on tuesday, june 15th and will definitely be an exciting day for us all for now, reporting live in san francisco. i'm candese charles ktvu fox in is a lot of changes. thanks so much candese charles. look at the latest data in california, nearly 55% of residents eligible for the covid shots are fully vaccinated. now 11%
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are partially vaccinated. the positivity rate is at 110.8% nationwide deaths are slowing, but the overall death toll is expected to hit 600,000 in the coming days. the white house says the number of vaccinations is on the rise. after recent declines, the covid-19 data director, says 1.6 million doses where. ministered on friday. that's the highest single day total in two weeks, and that includes half a million people who are getting their first vaccine dose. the white house has set a goal of getting 70% of all americans, at least partially vaccinated by the fourth of july. some silberg news now doctors in china say the delta vary into the coronavirus is producing more severe cases of covid 19. the new york times reports, the doctor say the symptoms are more dangerous than those they saw when the virus first started spreading in wuhan. patients are all so getting worsening symptoms more quickly. 12% of patients with the delta variant became severely ill within 3 to 4 days. that number has been around 2
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to 3% within the past versions of the virus. now doctors say hi vaccination rates can keep the varied from spreading. the race against time is to get everybody vaccinated as quickly as possible. because what you're trying to do is you're trying to reduce the pool of people that are susceptible. that means not vaccinated, not protected. you're trying to reduce it because you want to have less opportunity for this virus to mutate. the most important takeaway, though doctors say the vaccines appear to be effective at protecting against the delta, vary it tonight. firefighters remain on the scene of a three alarm fire at a recycling plant in west oakland. they're watching for any flare ups at the california waste solutions site. the fire was reported at about two pm on pine street between 10th and 11th. 55 firefighters were called in to put out the fire that spread across two buildings. neighbors told us they are concerned about the release of toxic chemicals from the fire and having an industrial site so close to neighborhood homes. don't want
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her to be breathing all this stuff from coming over. if you look at the side of the house, you can see the stuff. that's it inside. the house is coming into, you know from the cracks, so they shouldn't have that kind of a fluid coming out of here. it should really tighten up to iraq, officials say one firefighter suffered a minor shoulder injury. so far, there's no word on what caused the fire to san jose, where police have arrested a man they say was driving drunk when he plowed his pickup truck into a crowd of outdoor diners. as ktvu greg liggins tells us to tonight. the crash left one person dead and two others injured just after nine o'clock. a first responder was seen doing chest compressions on one of the three victims injured after being hit by a truck. it was a harried scene outside san jose's agave sports bar and grill on west alma avenue. police say the driver of a white 2000 and 17 chevy silverado parked in the lot accidentally put the vehicle in reverse. and ran over a woman and two men dining outside it's devastating, devastating. all
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three victims were transported for treatment, but the lone female was pronounced dead at the hospital. two men were reported to have non life threatening injuries, police say. 32 year old alex moreno of san jose was the man behind the wheel and is accused of being impaired. he's been booked into the county jail, charged with felony dy and gross vehicular manslaughter. female companion in the passenger seat was not injured and not charged. the restaurant owner mentioned to reporters the couple had been in the restaurant briefly prior to the accident. that's my place right there, so i can see in the back parking lot, you know, a woman living nearby who said she feared giving us her full name told us she's unhappy with the business, accusing it of having loud rowdy patrons well into the night, she says. it's been such a problem for her. she's relocating. i just can't wait to move. i'm out tomorrow. i'm flying out tomorrow night at 5 52,
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colorado and i just feel bad for my landlord trying to rent this place next next to this establishment. san jose police were unavailable to comment on the case or any previously reported problems at the restaurant and the restaurant owner didn't want to be interviewed by saturday afternoon. a broken fence at the restaurant had already been repaired, and once again people were outside dining again. so far, authorities have not released the names of the victims. greg wigan's ktvu, fox two news. in sonoma county. two teenagers were injured and another teen is in custody after a shooting at a park last night. police say it happened in windsor at michael hall park just before six pm the 2 15 year old victims were taken to the hospital. they are expected to recover. windsor police released this photo of the crime scene. they say officers arrested the suspect, a 15 year old windsor boy shortly after the shooting. all right. none of the nation's latest mass shooting. this one took place in austin, texas, around 1 30
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this morning crime scene tape and heavy police presence there on the scene. the shots rang out in an area brimming with people enjoying the nightlife. this was just one. in fact of three mass shootings in the us overnight. there were also incidents in chicago and georgia. the gun violence archives says there have been more than 267 mass shootings so far this year. fox's christina coleman has more on all the mass shootings that have taken place across the country this weekend. it was a dangerous and deadly weakened in multiple cities across the country, and downtown austin, an area known for its fun, nightlife, bars and restaurants, became a place of chaos when someone opened fire on sixth street early saturday morning, authorities arrested one of two suspects for that shooting. police believe it was an isolated incident between two parties. we have two victims that remain in critical condition. um and then we have 12 victims that right now are in stable condition. almost all of those victims are innocent bystanders
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just hours earlier shooting in savannah, georgia, left at least one person dead and eight others injured, including a two year old and a 13 year old authorities are still gathering information on suspects and a motive. there's a bullet holes and people's front doors. they have screen door shot out. so um, i'm just upset at this moment and we get to try to find a way to make some kind of sense out of it. and in chicago. multiple people were shot, at least one fatally, when two gunmen opened fire along a thriving business district in the city, south side but down, actually got to know her, bob. i looked up at the crowd that was in front of me, not seeing people scattering like this not seem like two people hit the flow. christina coleman fox news. today people gathered to remember victims of the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando just five years ago. yep hurt second, home, family
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and friends gathered for a remembrance ceremony today. they read the names of each of the 49 victims who were killed that day. they were. to ring bells. 49 times to remember 49 angels, whose precious live for unexpectedly tragically violently taken from them from us from their families from our community. today ceremony also included survivors of the shooting in first responders. the event was among several memorials held in florida to mark the anniversary. president biden released a statement marking the fifth anniversary of the pulse nightclub track. tragedy, part of the statement reads. we must create a world in which our lgbtq plus young people are loved, accepted and feel safe in living there. truth the president says he plans to sign a bill passed this week designating the nightclub as a national memorial. well still to come. drought restrictions in wine
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country, the city that's now taking action to conserve water and four fires intentionally set in the berkeley hills tonight. a 12 year old has been arrested for starting them at a very, a weather weekend, starting off on the warm side a little bit of some cooling in your sunday forecast, but the real heat the intense, he returns. next week. we're talking about triple digits and will have your forecast coming up. also ahead. assigned bart is recovering from the pandemic that 10 30 how the agency is wrapped this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them.
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is declaring a drought emergency and has put restrictions on water use to conserve supplies. residential customers are being told to use no more than 74 gallons of water per person per day. commercial customers are required to cut back 40% there's also a ban on running
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sprinklers and drip irrigation. car washing and planting new landscaping or grass. the city says people could face fines of up to $1000 per day if they ignore the restrictions. well, california is working to get people prepared for wildfire season and they want to make sure the message reaches as many people as possible. as reporter marcela dela cruz tells us the state has now put out videos in several languages to get people ready. sig light, vicky essentials things like important documents. your favorite photos of me things that you're gonna need an emergency videos with emergency information in six languages are now available statewide. i think it's a great idea, especially if there's a lot of people that don't speak very much english, and it would be very helpful for them, least of california prepared a multi lingual emergency preparedness campaign to help families prepare for natural disasters. effort that john lee is happy to hear about as his business
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in south sacramento sees a variety of customers daily. it's our story in general, we get like spanish speakers we get like long, loud. the ocean speakers killed speak cambodian, chinese vietnamese. i mean, that's the prado. our story long gets pretty proved diverse, but just let me add that if you mom or anyone else needs to know the five be ready steps and adds that well, it's a good first step to address wildfires earth. quakes or floods. there's a lot more that can still be done. i would try to get him the other languages. english speaking people here like like in the spanish or indian or mongol. also try your best to get hit all the all the spots really aside from english and spanish, currently. chinese tagalog, vietnamese and korean or among the top languages spoken across the state. it's so important that our community look out for each other's maricela dela cruz case theory three. news for your friends, callous. so, which oversees the
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state's electric power system, is warning californians that the hot weather expected next week could put additional stress on our power grid. southern california is preparing for an excessive heat watch next week. at this time, there are no plans for rolling brownouts, but flex alerts could be issued across california. in coming days, depending on temperatures and how much electricity californians will be using. oh and it does look like some pretty intense heat headed our way, especially for the inland spots as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday and the most intense heat will be in central and southern california. so lots of track as we head toward mid week highs from today in the seventies and the eighties, even lower nineties out toward fairfield actually felt a bit humid, a bit muggy out there was some moisture moving in, but still too temperatures on the warm side throughout the day today, not excessively hot, but that will be changing in just a few days. fact was interesting. we actually have some clouds and showers streaming up to our north up towards southern oregon approaching the extreme portions of northern california
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right now, though, we still have this low clouds and fog near portions of the coastline and the low clouds will gradually work their way back into the bay as we head into the overnight hours. it was a warm day. it's still have pretty warm evening. take a look at these numbers for the for the 10 o'clock hour. lots of sixties out there for santa rose up. livermore 64 san jose 65 degrees and look at this beautiful camera shot above san francisco. there you go at the bay bridge span out there in the distance. and so, yeah, we have some fog back in the picture for tonight near the coast near the bay shoreline forecast models kind of picking up on that. the pattern first thing tomorrow morning clouds will clear back to near the shoreline and with a little bit of a stronger onshore breeze, we're going to cool off those temperatures from today's readings, but still, the warm spots could be in the lower eighties for your saturday excuse me sunday afternoon. 84 in fairfield, livermore, 80 san jose 78 san francisco skies becoming partly sunny 66 degrees, but the real intense heat the next big weather development that moves in the five day forecast. we'll have that coming up with your full forecast in just a few minutes.
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mark. thank you, berkeley. police say a 12 year old girl is in custody for allegedly setting four fires in north berkeley. the fires were reported between 10 o'clock yesterday morning 37 30 last night that you can see the smoke from one of the fires in this photo from twitter investigators. tell berkeley side that witnesses helped lead them to that girl. she was taken to the alameda county juvenile hall. now the four fliers were all in the area of cedar street and liver dish road. fire crews say there were they were in grass or leaves, and the fourth was a structure. the 12 year old girl reportedly visiting family in berkeley at the time, knew at 10 san mateo. police say a 16 year old is under arrest following a carjacking in san mateo that led to a brief chase. police released video of the scene. take a look. they say the victim was pistol whipped and pepper sprayed. his car was stolen near east santa ynez avenue at around nine p.m. last night. officers then spotted the stolen car and that led to a short chase. they say the
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suspect lost control drove into the curb and hit two parked cars on folkestone avenue before running off the video shows the records was one car. they're completely flipped over. a chp helicopter spotted the teen on a roof and took him into custody. police and you. and city broke up a. sideshow early this morning, a witness says a sideshow with about 100 people was involved. word walt here took place around four o'clock this morning. admission boulevard and whipple road, police responded, they were able to break up the crowd. within a few minutes. the union city police department said earlier this week that has seen an increase in reckless driving in sexual activities in oakland this weekend. police are planning a dedicated enforcement effort to crack down. on illegal sections to be outside. it's the most pure way to spend time, stefan asia curry giving back to the oakland community, how they help to rebuild an elementary
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school playground later in sports. how mental mistake by the national health the giants become the first team to 40 wins in the national league. but first g seven leaders gather in person for the first time since the pandemic started. how france's president praised the united states and the push to address c
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this summer's olympic games to move forward. the white house says that the president met with japan's prime minister yoshida suda, and discussed a number of topics, including the games. president biden says he supports the tokyo olympic games proceeding as planned as long as public health measures are taken to protect athletes, staff and any spectators. there have been growing calls to cancel the games in recent weeks as covid cases rise in japan, president biden and other world leaders discuss tensions with china during two day two rather of the g seven summit. peter deuces in england traveling with the president and tells us that president biden is urging pushback against china. it's the first end person gathering of the g seven nations since the pandemic started, and the leaders of the world's biggest economies are not wasting any time the second day of the summit in cornwall, included back to back discussions on the covid 19 pandemic, climate change and tensions with china,
10:25 pm
among other topics, president biden urged his fellow world leaders to call out china's authoritarian practices. but there was no agreement on how exactly to take action. later on the commander in chief and the french president, emmanuel macron met for their first formal in person meeting, the two leaders thanked each other for their mutual support and cooperation, and macron declared, the u. s is back. things are going, i think well. and we're, uh whereas we saying back in the states were on the same page, so thank you. i think it's great to have. uh us president part of the club, and, uh, they willing to cooperate. the second day of the summit also saw protests both on the sea and on the streets. hundreds marched near the g seven media center to try and push climate change to the top of the agenda. they have been drowning us. in promises
10:26 pm
and not delivering, so we're here to say to them. it's time to actually take action. the president and first lady are expected to meet queen elizabeth 40 sunday before president biden heads to brussels for a nato summit. and at the end of this trip, he'll sit down face to face with vladimir putin in geneva in cornwall, england. peter doocy fox news. nevada's governor, has signed a new law giving the state the first presidential primary in the country. the election primary in the country starting in 22. 94 the state will vote on the first tuesday in february. now the move up ends decades of political tradition, and it's likely to prompt pushback from other early states like new hampshire and iowa, that water retain their places on the calendar. now the national political parties still need to agree on the changes. republicans have indicated they opposed the move. while democrats have not signaled whether they support it. in washington. lawmakers from both parties are taking aim at big tech, they say giants like amazon, apple, google and facebook have too
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much power and hurt small businesses and consumers. yesterday a bipartisan group in the house rolled out five antitrust bills. the measures could force companies to spin off businesses that present a conflict of interest. they would also make it easier for users to move data from one company to another. travel is rebounding after the break the number of people flying this weekend and how bart is adjusting to increasing ridership and a second year without an in person graduation. how santa clara university celebrated its graduates virtually and no parade this year, but people are still celebrating pride month we take a look at this weekend's festivities in southern california. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato.
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more than two million passengers were screened yesterday at airports nationwide. it was the first time in 15 months that the number of screenings has served past two million in a single day. still, that number is only 74% of the volume compared to the same day in 2019. bart ridership is also on the rise today, bart began adding more trains to it's saturday schedule. ktvu is elissa harrington tells us just how many more trips to expect and some other change. on the way, bart shared this video on social media showing the gates rising at a station entrance that has been closed since october. entrances are back open, and starting today, more trips have been added changes. bart calls significant in the agency's recovery efforts from the covid 19 pandemic, so we've added 16 train trips for saturday, beginning today, and we've done it because we want to be ready for when the state fully reopened, bart spokesman jim allison said saturday. ridership is growing even faster than weekday ridership.
10:31 pm
most of added trains will be on the yellow line. that's because bart has found many people heading back and forth between the city and the east bay on weekends, but it's slowly starting to pick up. so we're hoping that once the state fully reopens, more people come back to public transit, and we're beefing up our schedule to meet that need mask enforcement is still in place. service is still nowhere near where it was pre pandemic, allison said. saturday's are at about 27% of where they would normally be last saturday. we had 42,000 people and before the pandemic began, we would expect to have about 155,000 on saturday in june, the last saturday trains leave at nine pm bart plans to add more trains and extend its hours back to almost pre pandemic service. august 30th i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. santa clara university celebrated the class of 2021 with the virtual graduation as well as a limited in person celebration. the university
10:32 pm
gave diplomas to 1468 seniors who came from 41 states and 12 countries yesterday about 1200 were able to walk in cap and gown across the stage, the speeches and awards were streamed online today, valedictorian haley howard encouraged appears to envision their future with radical hope. how will you use the knowledge that you have gained as a student at santa clara university? will you perpetuate current realities and expectations? or will you be courageous enough to live from a place of radical hope can honestly say the university also gave a special shout out to their women's soccer team. the broncos, who won the national championship in the midst of the pandemic. a playground at oakland's franklin elementary school, received an assist from stuff and aisha curry. why stephanie asia's eat, learned play foundation contributed to rebuilding the playground, which had its ground opening today, the couple and their children joined volunteers to
10:33 pm
put on the finishing touches this morning. the space includes a new garden and a play structure with slides and climbing areas. steph curry says local. artists were invited to create. the murals. we are in oakland. yeah you know, it's a hub of culture and energy and inspiration, so we want to try to infuse that into the space as much as possible. and most appropriately, steph curry put his signature on the back boards for the new basketball court. the school district has students also had a hand in helping with the design. vice president kamala harris. she mark. she's in washington, d. c. the pride parade there today, happy pride high, so harris walked in the capital pride parade along with her husband, doug em off. both wore t shirts showing their support for the l g b t q. plus community. the couple reportedly dropped into march
10:34 pm
in the parade as this was not on harris's official schedule. the parade kicked off in dupont circle and made its way to freedom of plaza. in a typical year, the pride festival in los angeles attracts more than 50,000 people. but pride 2021 has brought many changes to the event as reporter christie fajardo tells us even though there's no parade this year, people in la are still celebrating. people are wearing their pride on their heads and on their clothes in west hollywood. and although this year go go dancers are masked cables. social distance. santa monica boulevard is looking more like a pride weekend of years past. i think that's amazing for anyone that wants to have fun and have a good time to support the cause, and we took a very long time we took a very cautious approach, but you know we're doing it now and as long as you do it safe, it should be all right. crowded boulevard is a far cry from last year, when all in person pride events were cancelled in
10:35 pm
west hollywood, and even though there's no parade on the boulevard and have a limo even got a limit them people are dressing up anyway. high school kids they didn't have a problem, so we're gonna have one for them. today. i keep saying, this is the one year where? i don't think you have to have a parade because people have been cooped up for a year and they're just looking for any excuse to come out. matt your audit ski opened his eatery. marinate during the pandemic, like nine months of ghost town, and then last month, and it happens every weekend. better. better better. now he has more customers than he can handle. it has been a very positive, happy popular just so happy to have human contact. and on tuesday when the state fully reopened for the first time in more than a year, hotspots will refer tonight clips, not covid. and again, that was christie fajardo reporting ktvu .com has a special section devoted to pride month just had two ktvu dot com slash pride where you'll find a series of reports and conversations on the topic.
10:36 pm
still ahead tonight. consumer prices on the rise, including the cost of building supplies, how it's impacting the construction industry and a very weather another mild night tonight with some areas of fog already developing near the coast in your portions of the day, little bit cooler for tomorrow, but some intense heat, especially for the inland spots, returns in our five day and we'll have that coming up. and stolen guitars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have been recovered how santa cruz been recovered how santa cruz police were able to track down triple bacon chee... how's that song coming along? that's for me? oh no, you're making music, i don't want to get in your way. oh c'mon man. oh. hang on a second. my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box.
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and triple the bacon... i call this burger the perfect triple threat. but you can call it the triple bacon cheesy jack. my $6.99 triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. recovered in the city last week. the classic instruments were stolen from a storage unit in marina del rey last year, investigators learned some of them were being sold online. well. on tuesday, detectives recovered nine guitars at three different locations. so far, no one has been arrested. construction and remodeling projects nationwide have slowed some even coming to a standstill. one reason is a huge increase in lumber prices as fox news reporter steve kagan explains. lumber prices are up by almost 400% in some areas. we connected with the contractor working on this house. he says. his clients they're rebuilding this home. they wanted to make it look
10:40 pm
like a boat. that's because check out their view overlooking puget sound. after the distance, you can probably see it coming now because of this crunch in terms of material availability and its price, it means. everybody is getting exactly what they want. there's just a lot of little things were sacrificing in order to make this project hopefully fit within the budget. ryan babbit says his construction companies had to get creative to achieve his client's goals as raw materials become more expensive. the prices of what we quoted last year are no longer sustainable as this year, he said. some of his clients that have downsized the scale there were model. just wait for prices to fall, hopefully, supply and demand start to balance out a little bit, but they're saying that in 22 all the sales that are saying no right now are going to get backlogged and we're going to see another frenzy. pepper says. the client for this project has been flexible has seen how rising material costs have dashed some clients plans for their dream home. homeowner has to sell the house
10:41 pm
and then the contractor gets a legal proceeds of the sales at the closing so they can cover their costs. and then the homeowner is the one that suffers the most, the contractor says. we're not likely to get out of this mess until the demand side meets with the supply side, plus a looming issue in the construction industry he talks about is the number of older folks retiring of the business. they're not being replaced as fast as younger people entering as well and still come. steve kiggens. there's a moment we didn't think we're going to have. an emotional reunion in southern california coming up by a mom had to wait over a month to hold her baby girl and parts of the bay area. prepare for hot weather coming your way. meteorologist mark tamayo has details in your five day fo
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tourist attractions are seeing an increase in visitors, and they expect to see even more once the state officially reopens on tuesday. ktvu is amber lee went to pier 39 in san francisco to see how businesses there are getting ready for the influx. you can experience the summer of love 1968 is alive and well right here, madam to those wax museum at san francisco's fisherman's warf is preparing for the summer of 2021 with full reopening just days away each week has seen a steady increase in attendance. so that's good news for us. matt gunter, the attractions manager, describes the return to normal as being slow and steady on june 15th no more social distancing and no limit on the number of patrons. but visitors will be required
10:45 pm
to wear a mask push buttons, props, such as being able to put a hat on or a sweatshirt while you're riding with the t over the moon. those types of things we're going to slowly reintroduce over the course of the summer gutter, says his staff is fully vaccinated. city officials say 80% of san franciscans have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. one resident tells me she will continue to wear her mask. some of my family members has gotten it and it's not a joke. it's really not. it's scary. nearby workers for the blue and gold fleet are setting up for a wedding. they say it's the first charter crews since the shutdown, 70 laid off workers will be returning monday to prepare for june 15th. it's exciting to hear that they're kind of pulling the band aid off and we're going to be able to open all the way up the blue and gold expects the july 4th holiday, with san francisco holding its annual fireworks, so to bring in a lot of business. it's gonna be crazy


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