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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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diners, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. and we begin tonight with this breaking news in san jose, a pickup truck has crashed into the outdoor seating area of a restaurant. police say that one person was killed outside of the agaves sports bar and grill there on west alma avenue. we're told that two other people were injured. this happened just about nine o'clock tonight. police say the driver was arrested and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence. hello again, everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina and i'm andre. senior california is set to reopen on tuesday and tonight, cal osha announced that vaccinated workers will soon be able to drop their mass. the proposed rules closely aligning now with guidance from, but as ktvu xem, agus tells us, some business owners say they're not ready to lose those face coverings, a officially
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governor newsom set the wheels in motion friday ahead of california's big reopening day officially rescinding the shelter in place order and lifting california's blueprint for a safer economy. that blueprint will know. longer exist next tuesday, pursuant to these two executive orders, and cal osha published a draft of their new proposal more in line with the cdc's relaxed mask, wearing guidance for employees who are fully vaccinated under this revised text, unlike the last week version, you will have vaccinated workers not having to wear masks in just about every situation, social distancing at work would also be relaxed if the board passes this proposal next week, the new workplace policies likely won't take effect. until june. 28 making easy at pairings wine bar in downtown pleasanton. their mask policy is staying in place for the long term, and we want to keep our stuff safe, so i know some of them is like, oh, we titled the mass. would i said, listen, listen, let's
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follow up for you know, for the next six months, and once we get there, and then we'll figure it out. but for right now we do going to keep the mask on a costco employee who facilitates the sample stations said the samples are back in stores. but she'll stay remote. i'm not ready for that yet because it's too still too personal. it's food. i'm cooking your food, and i'm handing it to you. i don't know if that's the right thing to do yet. others are eager to return to the office. today is the first day that i have been able to meet my coworkers. this liver. more man says he's fully vaccinated and will be allowed back to in office work part time starting next month. i've seen them over over zoom for the. last year, and it's i'm in a state of shock. he's seeing people, uh hugging people. the cal osha draft proposal also states that unvaccinated workers are required to wear masks when working indoors, reporting in downtown
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pleasanton. emma goes ktvu, fox two news. san francisco, meantime, has hit a vaccination milestone. mayor london breed announcing today that 80% of eligible san franciscans have now received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. nearly 70% are fully vaccinated. she said that san francisco is the first major city in the country to reach such a high percentage. san francisco also released a new health order that is mostly in line with state rules on the coronavirus. it includes a recommendation that schools should reopen in full in the fall. the city will also require organizers of large indoor events of more than 5000 people to verify that attendees are vaccinated or else require them to wear masks. people who work in high risk settings such as nursing homes will also have to be vaccinated. after long pandemic, san francisco's tourist attractions are seeing an increase in visitors, and they expect to see even more once the state officially reopens on tuesday. ktvu zambelli live
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appeared 39 tonight without businesses, they're getting ready for the influx. amber andre, there is a lot of excitement and relief people running the attractions here. tell me they've waited a long time for june 15th and they're ready. you can experience the summer of love 1968 is alive and well right here, madam to those wax museum at san francisco's fisherman's warf is preparing for the summer of 2021 with full reopening just days away each week has seen a steady increase in attendance. so that's good news for us. matt gunter, the attractions manager, describes the return to normal as being slow and steady on june 15th no more social distancing and no limit on the number of patrons. but visitors will be required to wear a mask. push buttons, props, such as being able to put a hat on or a sweatshirt while you're riding with the t over the moon. those types of things we're going to slowly reintroduce over the course of
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the summer gutter, says his staff is fully vaccinated. city officials say 80% of san franciscans have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. one resident tells me she will continue to wear her mask. some of my family members has gotten it and it's not a joke. it's really not. it's scary. nearby workers for the blue and gold fleet are setting up for a wedding. they say it's the first charter crews since the shutdown, 70 laid off workers will be returning monday to prepare for june 15th. it's exciting to hear that they're kind of pulling the band aid off and we're going to be able to open all the way up the blue and gold expects the july 4th holiday, with san francisco holding its annual fireworks, so to bring in a lot of business. it's gonna be crazy down here, bug. it's going to feel good to feel crazy. again. the aquarium of the bay was busy friday and says the number of visitors saw a substantial increase. memorial day. come tuesday.
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full capacity closed. interactive exhibits will be open and behind the scenes tours will resume. the ceo says the pandemic shutdown was costly staff was needed to care for the animals, even when the aquarium was closed that you survived. come out stronger and leaner, looking to a better ending to a 2021 workers here at fisherman's warf say now is a great time for barrier folks to visit while the crowds are relatively small, they anticipate that it could take a few years for the number of visitors to reach pre pandemic levels due to the lack of international travelers. andre good idea to visit while the crowds are not here yet, all right, amber, thank you so much. a's say they will host vaccination clinics said remaining home games this season. the clinics start on monday it will offer fighter in the single shot johnson and johnson. the team also says fans who get the vaccine will be given a voucher report two tickets to either that day's
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game or an upcoming game at the coliseum. the clinic will take place at the east side club near the bart ramp and will operate through the fifth inning. no appointment is necessary. a way to prove your vaccination status could soon be a thing here in california state health and human services secretary mark galli says that he believes the state may not be implementing a vaccine passport but that there may be apps or other credentials for people to show others that they are, in fact fully vaccinated. we're also very cognizant. dead. uh we'll see apps on our phone things created so that those who want to have their vaccine verification on their fingertips. they can. they can have it and they'll probably dr galley spoke to the public policy institute of california, he says, like the federal government right now, california is not moving toward a statewide vaccine passport crn fairfield stopped a brush fire that was burning dangerously close to a school. the forest. started around 5 30 this
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evening there markley road and vanden high school. fairfield fire officials say bird about five acres to shorten outbuilding to the fire also came close to home, but crews were able to stop it from spreading. now crews will remain on the scene, cleaning up and checking for hot spots. no word yet on how this fire started, and fire crews of iran county also contained a small fire there today that fire started late this morning near the community of wood acre west of novato. crews from the nevado and marin county fire department work together to stop the fire from spreading. firefighters state burned five acres. no word on how this fire started either new at 11 tonight is innova county, windsor. police are now investigating a double shooting that injured two juveniles. it happened at michael hall park just before six tonight. the two victims were taken to a hospital with injuries that are not believed to be life threatening. a person of interest we're told is in custody. now we go to oakland tonight. we're 12 year old boy there is recovering from a bullet wound. it happened at
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about three o'clock this morning near rosten and brookdale in oakland's maxwell park neighborhood, a surveillance camera captured footage of two cars pulling up to the families honda accord, they lifted the car to try to steal the catalytic converter. the boy's father heard the noise and then threw a chair and iraq over his fence to try to stop them. and that's when one of those thieves. opened fire. that's low, where they hit the bullets. yes, that's the first one and the bullet when the other one went inside. i don't know where it hit. i heard it, but that hurt it a little bit. not that much. the 12 year old fernando was hitting the right foot. when a bullet flew flew through an open doorway. oakland police recovered evidence, including a bullet and the jack that those would be thieves left behind police in san francisco, asking for the public's help to find a small dog that was stolen from a car. leo is a 10 year old multicolor york interior. he was taken from a car that was
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parked on north point street near powell around 10 15 last night, police say when the dog's owner returned to the car, a window was smashed. the dog gone and the suitcases. one suitcase in that car was gone as well. leo's owner tells us that he is a vital part of her family and that she just wants him to come home. now. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. coming up movie night at oracle park, all in celebration of pride tonight showing with ticket sales, benefiting san francisco's pride organization and up next, a hiring spree at the airport. the sudden need for t s a agent says travelers
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i don't want to get in your way. oh c'mon man. oh. hang on a second. my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. volunteer at the security lines at more than 1 100 airports during a staffing shortage. ktvu tom vacar tells us how that's affecting bay area airports. as summer air travel increases daily. some airports find themselves swamped in a new title wave of pandemic weary travelers. t. esa hopes to reach its goal of hiring 6000 new screeners by labor day and is offering up to $1000 in bonuses to sign up. but right now t s a is asking for some of its non certified employees. to assist screeners for six weeks or so at more than 100. big airports will assist with the moving of bend, assisting the passengers and knowing what
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they need to remove from their bag, making sure people are in the correct line to go through the security checkpoint. those are positions that don't require any type of certification. don't require any type of security training. that leaves are certified security officers to carry out that security mission. what about bay area airports of the nation's largest airports by passengervolume. san francisco, oakland and san jose are all in the top 50, and all of them say they can handle their traffic as we just set a new pandemic record yesterday with over 38,000 passengers, but that's still over 50% below are pre pandemic levels. that's because international and business travel continued to lack sends a airport officials say. it's currently adequately staffed and can assist if necessary. oakland airport back to 70% of pre pandemic normal days says sometimes it uses its own people and often helps with non security line monitoring and been running a long time
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practice. there are some airports across the u. s that have already exceeded their pre pandemic numbers. tourist meccas such as orlando in las vegas are already under pressure. only 50% of your trips. start at your home airport. so when people are traveling, it's important to know what's happening at the city that you're returning from, whether it's a large airport or a small airport, and it's some of those other airports. passengers are being advised to show up. not two hours early, but three hours early. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. more than 3.3 million volkswagen customers have been impacted by a data breach. volkswagen's has a third party access personal information about customers and prospective buyers from a vendor that is used for digital sales and marketing, volkswagen told regulators that most customers only had phone numbers and email addresses, possibly stolen. cutting edge technology is coming to yellowstone national park. the park is rolling out a driverless electric shuttles they carry up
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to eight passengers under the pilot program, the shuttles give free rides between different lodges and camps. crowds there at yellowstone. they're likely to be popular. yellowstone set a record for visitors during the month of may, with more than 650 visits well, china has released new photos of the surface of the mar of mars taken from its rover. four photos were released by china's national space administration, and they show the martian landscape interview of the road were taken by a remote camera. china landed at space craft on mars a month ago. it's the second nation to carry out that feet after the u. s. china also plans to send the first crew to its new space station next week. we'll a new mask policy at walt disney world in florida. the changes announced today that will not apply to disneyland in southern california. up next, though well, unique night at oracle park in san francisco will take you to tonight. first ever movie night in celebration of
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oracle park in san francisco, the first of two pride movie nights. ktvu deborah villalon tells us it's aimed at bringing people together in a place of the in place of the usual parades and celebrations. i don't dykes on bikes. san francisco's iconic motorcycle club let off pride movie nights circling the field at oracle park. this idea in the works since winter. we're lucky we
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are unexpectedly heading into a reopened city. but that's not exactly what we were anticipating when we started planning this event a few months ago and still exiting the pandemic, covid precautions are in place a capacity limit. and tickets sold in pods. anyone not in a vaccinated section, people with proof of vaccination had more options on field seats reserved for them at 10,000 people. movie nights don't begin to rival the annual pride parade with 50,000 marchers, 100,000 spectators and another 700,000 enjoying the full weekend festival. and it's more than a giant party. it's also an opportunity for us to be with family and to see ourselves and those around us appropriate then the movie choice in the heights is about another vibrant, diverse community, new york's washington heights. i'm just really excited to have some pride event this year. i was really sad to not have one last year, so it feels good to get back out. even if you don't have a formal parade. that's fine. i'm still you know, just so i can go out of my friends and enjoy that's that's enough
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for me. it's amazing. we're just so thrilled that we could celebrate. pride frame line, the lgbtq film festival, teamed with pride and the giants to score this venue. we're stronger together, and we're so thrilled that the three organizations could partner together to just bring on something amazing to celebrate pride in the best way that we can and at almost 11,000 square feet. this scoreboard is one of the biggest video screens in the country, a communal experience. this year's pride theme. all in this together after a really challenging year. for many of us, you know, this is an opportunity for us to show that we've got each other's backs in san francisco deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news and ktvu. com has a special section devoted to bride just go to k t v dot com slash pride and you'll find all of our pride reports this month. well more people, including some here in the bay area are about to receive thousands of dollars for getting covid vaccinations. another fifth
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california's vaccine lottery to win $50,000. it's part of the states $116 million vax for the win incentive program. governor newsom says the incentives are helping to get more people vaccinated. since we announced, uh, these drawings a few weeks back, california's laid claim to be just one of a handful of states in the country that's actually seen an increase week over week in vaccines being administered. this program appears to be working, and the next tuesday 10 people would be selected each to win 1.5 million and there were five winners from the bay area in this morning's drawing. there were two from santa clara county, one from al meet a county, one from san francisco and one from san mateo county. the winners were identified by anonymous numbers and the county. they live in a disney world is dropping most of its
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starting tuesday. people who have been vaccinated against covid-19 no longer have to wear face coverings indoors at the florida theme park mask will still be required, though on disney transportation, including buses and gondolas. the change, though, does not. affect disneyland here in california. how we'll throw a cooler start to the week temperatures have been trending up over the past couple days, and we'll continue with that pattern as we head into the weekend. eventually, though, we're talking about triple digits here across portions of the bay area, primarily for the inland spots as you would expect. here's the plan this weekend, though, for you saturday, clearing skies. it'll be warm inland. and then on sunday, we are expecting temperatures to maybe cool off just slightly with partly sunny skies. interesting satellite and radar. look at that rainfall to the north of the bay area. we did see some measurable rainfall and portions of mendocino county. just point. oh one closer to closer to uk earlier today, or trace amounts. i should say so. some clouds some showers,
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primarily just up to our north and right now we have clear to partly cloudy skies. it is a mild friday night. take a look at those numbers right now. summit neighborhoods, most neighborhoods, in fact, in the sixties out toward walnut creek, san jose, checking in 62 looks like we are in the fog with our live camera looking out in san francisco, so we actually had clear at least not clear skies but partly cloudy skies about a half hour ago. looks like the glow clouds back in the picture already overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning with some areas of fog near the coast near the bay shoreline. most areas in the fifties and the sixties and here's that front. we have been watching with the showers primarily to the north of the bay area. this area of high pressure wants to build in a little bit for tomorrow, but more pronounced as we head into next week, and that will lead to hot forecast for the inland spots easily into the upper nineties could be right around 100 degrees. this is wednesday and thursday of next week for tomorrow is a warm one out there temperatures in the sixties, the seventies and the eighties. some clouds in the morning, clearing back to near
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the coastline, so beaches partly cloudy skies slightly cooler on sunday, minimal change into monday, and they're going to crank up the heat. it's back in the forecast and get ready, possibly some triple digits as early as wednesday. yeah, those are some really hot temperatures will be ready for it. mark thank you. all right, coming up both the a's and the giants hanging around in first place. that's something nice to talk about. sports director market baniyas. we'll have highlights from a good day for bay area baseball fans as we try to walk off friday night, the right way we'll be right back. feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption
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siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. buttery, flaky croissants filled with a warm, chocolate center. some people are even saying they're addicting. as if that's a bad thing? my new $1.99 chocolate croissant bites. only at jack in the box. both sides of the bay and you know something special about the a's when they get to the bottom of the last inning, and it's tied or even if they're behind a runner to their that
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walk off specialists, and they do it on a special friday night, it's glenn burke friday night, and we're gonna just fast forward to the key players of this game. 33 ball game in the eighth inning, lou trevino on the mound for the a's hunter dozer kind of dumps one into center field, mark canha. comes up throwing adam have been intend. e was running all the way from first and he is called out at the plate. look at the replay. they review it and the call stands up. andrew bennett, trendy is a gunner, and that means we go to the bottom of the ninth inning scores still tied. aides have two on one out. elvis andrus stings it to right field. around comes matt chapman, and he gets the call. he is safe. they don't even bother to review it. sixth walk off of the year for the a's that leads the major leagues. and, of course, the bath has to come with it. welcome to oakland, elvis and 43 your
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final alright the giants back in the nation's capital, then deal with the eight back shirt, sir, but not for long. he left after 12 pitches with a groin twins fourth innings, so it's scoreless buster ticket to ride picks on a big curve ball right there. watch the catch out in the bullpen by the bullpen catcher. nice snag number 11 for buster one, nothing. anthony gal funny would make that thing. hold up. what a brilliant ball game he pitched, but that's not to say disco. tony did need some help. juan soto thought he had it gone to left. but the giants. have mike talk went out there doing miraculous business. remember it was two weeks to the night that he took a home run away from albert pool host out of dodger stadium to save a game and he helps this one. stay one. nothing to hit shutout for disco funny, the second of the season. giants win it one nothing first of four against
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the nets, and they're still in first place. best record in baseball. let's go to the nba playoffs. let's go to denver, where nikolai yokich picked up his n v p trophy picking that would pick the nuggets up his two brothers from serbia on hand didn't change a thing in this series. devin booker will get it to drop, not the outside shot. he's got the drive to a floater. he had 28 points fourth quarter under three minutes left the sun's up 14. the ball is wing darryl there and into the capable hands. chris paul from the corner. 27 points, eight assists. yokich had a triple double 32 points. 20 rebounds, 10 assists not good enough denver trails the sons 30 in this series down in the l. joel embiid against trae young of the hawks and take it fast forward. third quarter ben simmons visualizes a connection with them be and it happens. 27 points for him, and the sixers have taken a 21 lead in that
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series that is the sporting life. az and giants both victorious guys. all right, mark, thanks so much. have a mark, thanks so much. have a good night. everyb one, two, three, four. and skip, two, three, four. and turn, two, three, four. i don't like this part. well, honey, if you spot the wall, then you won't get dizzy. here, watch daddy, okay? oh. how cool would it be if you turned into wonder woman right now? can't even talk about it. (telephone rings) oh, it's the adoption agency. oh, my gosh. it is?! it is?! it is?! cam, you need to stop doing that. (ring) last time, they were just calling to confirm our billing address. hello. uh-huh. "uh-huh" what? yep. really? (whispers) "really" what? (gasps) that--that mother from calexico, she picked us. she did? uh-huh. she went into early labor. she's having the baby today. she is?! uh-huh. we have to go to calexico right now. we do?! just assume everything i say is the truth. (whispers) okay, yeah. okay. oh, okay, yes. well, thank you so much. okay, bye.


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