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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 11, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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my $6.99 triple bacon cheesy jack combo. busy friday night out in pleasanton tonight and a sense of hope and optimism toward the pandemic as california prepares to lift its coronavirus restrictions. if the state feels like it's time and it's safe to open up. i'm going to listen to that. i'm gonna go ahead and accept it. governor newsom, making it official today, signing executive orders to lift most pandemic restrictions effective tuesday. good evening, everyone and heather holmes in tonight for cristina rendon and i'm andre senior. it's been nearly 15 months since the first stay at home order when coronavirus cases were surging and silver little was known about the virus. but now vaccinations are widely available. demand is easy. santa clara county announced its closing four of five mass vaccination sites over the next few weeks, county health officials say nearly 80%
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of eligible county residents are vaccinated and large sites are no longer needed. san francisco is already there. mayor london breed announcing today that 80% of eligible san franciscans have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, she said. the san francisco is the first major city in the country to reach such a high percentage. denied comes work from cal osha that vaccinated workers will soon be able to drop their masses proposed rules out tonight. closely aligned with guidance from the state and c d c and just need a formal vote next week. ktvu i'm agus begins our coverage. now she is live in downtown pleasanton, emma, many business owners welcome the guidance, but they say they're not ready to lose those mass yet. yes andre, that's right. the expectation is that the cal osha board will vote next thursday to approve the plan, but food and restaurant workers tell me they won't be removing their masks, even if they're allowed to officially, governor newsom set the wheels in motion friday ahead of
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california's big reopening day officially rescinding the shelter in place order and lifting california's blueprint for a safer economy. that blueprint will no longer exist next tuesday. pursuant to these two executive orders, and cal osha published a draft of their new proposal more in line with the cdc's relaxed mask wearing guidance for employees who are fully vaccinated under this revised text, unlike the last week version. you will have vaccinated workers not having to wear masks in just about every situation. social distancing at work would also be relaxed if the board passes this proposal next week, the new workplace policies likely won't take effect until june. 28 making he's at pairings wine bar in downtown pleasanton. their mask policy is staying in place for the long term, and we want to keep your stuff safe. so, um, i know some of them was like, oh, we were title the mass, but i said, listen. listen let's follow output for the next six months, and once
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we get there, and then we'll figure it out. but for right now we do going to keep the mask on a costco employee who facilitates the sample stations said the samples are back in stores, but she'll stay remote. i'm not ready for that yet because it's too still too personal. it's food. i'm cooking your food, and i'm handing it to you. i don't know if that's the right thing to do yet. others are eager to return to the office. today is the first day. that i have been able to meet my coworkers. this liver. more man says he's fully vaccinated and will be allowed back to in office work part time starting next month. i've seen them over over zoom for the last year, and it's i'm in a state of shock. he's seeing people, uh, hugging people. cal osha draft proposal also states that unvaccinated workers are required to still wear masks when working indoors, andre alright, new rules are coming and magus reporting for us live,
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emma. thank you now, while the state is reopening next week, one testing site in san francisco was shutting down behind volume. covid-19 testing site appears 30 and 32 was quiet today, health officials say, with infection rates dropping, they will be closing this location on the embarcadero. june 15th, with so many people vaccinated, they say they will. shift to more targeted testing going forward. what we're doing is we're shifting our focus to those places in the city where we've seen the most case rates and so we are actually expanding hours, for example, an alum 85 then continuing our neighborhood sites. health officials say going into the fall and winter, the city will continue to test for covid 19 mass vaccination sites in the mosconi center are still open, with no appointments, needed businesses and attractions at san francisco's fisherman's warf say they are already seeing a steady increase in visitors. but they hope that tuesday statewide reopening will bring an even bigger boost gauge museum really live now
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for us in the city with the changes amber that tuesday will bring to a number of attractions. heather appeared. 39 is pretty quiet right now compared to earlier when there is a lot more people before sunset. people here tell me they waited a long time for full reopening. you can experience the summer of love 1968 is alive and well right here, madam to those wax museum at san francisco's fisherman's warf is preparing for the summer of 2021 with full reopening just days away each week has seen a steady increase in attendance. so that's good news for us. matt gunter, the attractions manager, describes the return to normal as being slow and steady on june 15th no more social distancing and no limit on the number of patrons.d to wear a mask. push buttons, props, such as being able to put a hat on or a sweatshirt while you're riding with the t over the moon. those types of
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things we're going to slowly reintroduced over the course of the summer. gutter says his staff is fully vaccinated. city officials say 80% of san franciscans have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. one resident tells me she will continue to wear her mask. some of my family members has gotten it and. it's not a joke. it's really not. it's scary. nearby workers for the blue and gold fleet are setting up for a wedding. they say it's the first charter crews since the shutdown, 70 laid off workers will be returning monday to prepare for june 15th. it's exciting to hear that they're kind of pulling the band aid off and we're going to be able to open all the way up the blue and gold expects the july 4th holiday, with san francisco holding its annual fireworks, so to bring in a lot of business. it's gonna be crazy down here, bug. it's going to feel good to feel crazy. again. the aquarium of the bay was busy friday and says the number of visitors saw a substantial increase.
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memorial day. come tuesday. full capacity closed. interactive exhibits will be open and behind the scenes tours will resume. the ceo says the pandemic shutdown was costly staff was needed to care for the animals, even when the aquarium was closed, but you survived. come out stronger and leaner, looking to a better ending to a 2021 people running the attraction. syria fisherman's war say now is a great time for barea folks to visit while the crowds are relatively small, they anticipate that it could take a few years for the number of visitors to reach pre pandemic levels. due to the lack of international travelers live in san francisco, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. we want to get to some breaking news right now we're getting word from san jose police that a suspected drunk driver has crashed into the outdoor dining area of a restaurant and killed one person. this happened around
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nine p.m. at the, uh gabi sports bar in west alma avenue. we're told two other people were injured. police say the driver was arrested and booked for dy. we will bring you more to 10. bills as we learned police in san francisco. we're asking for the public's help to try to find a small dog that was stolen right from a car. leo is a 10 year old multi colored yorkshire terrier. he was taken from a car that was parked on north point street near pal around 10 15 last night, police say when the dog's owner returned to the car, they found a window smashed the dog gone as well as a suitcase. leo's owner tells us that he is a vital part of her family and that she just wants him to come home. anyone. with information is asked to call san francisco police well, 12 year old boy is recovering from a bullet wound. he was struck as his father tried to stop the theft. the incident began to unfold around three o'clock this morning as thieves were trying to steal a catalytic converter at home on oakland in oakland, rather on rawson street, not far from trask street, ktvu crime
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reporter henry lee spoke to the victim and his mother and tells us the boy will recover from his injuries. the guy started shooting it and it bullet hit my leg 12 year old fernando melendez is recovering at home in oakland, just hours after he was shot in the foot by a catalytic converter thief. i heard it, but that it hurt it a little bit, not how much it happened at about three friday morning near the corner of rawson and brookdale in oakland's maxwell park, neighborhood residents surveillance camera captured footage of two cars pulling up to the families honda accord soon they lift the car up to get at the catalytic converter, fernando's father heard the noise got up and threw a chair. in iraq over spence to drive stop them. in response, one of the thieves opened fire through the fence. it's greenie, but in the video, you can see muzzle flashes that slow where they hit the bullets. oh yes, that's the first one and the bullet when the other one went inside. i don't know where it hit. the father wasn't hit, but fernando was. family friend says a
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bullet went through an open doorway where he was standing in into the boy's right foot. the kid was right behind him kind of seeing what was going on and unfortunately got him. i was sleeping, and i like it woke me up pop, pop pop pop, and then squeal. i heard like squeal car taking on the surveillance video shows both cars peeling away. fernando's father took him to the hospital. oakland police responded. they recovered evidence, including this bullet and the jack that would be thieves left behind his mother, yesica. chavez speaking through an interpreter, says her son was strong right after getting shot and that she was the one who needed comforting, however, now that he's back from the hospital, um he has drama. he's asking why he was they shot him. he's only again 12 years old. we have a little boy to who's five so we just couldn't believe it when we heard that he was shot is just heartbreaking to hear this. the family tells me this is the second time in two weeks that their honda was targeted by catalytic converter thieves. the first time they were scared off. it's unclear if they're the same ones involved in friday's shooting. henry lee ktvu, fox two news.
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firefighters in fairfield stopped a brush fire that was burning dangerously close to a school. that fire started around 5 30 this evening near markley road and band in high school. fairfield high fail fared fire. excuse me. officials say it burned about five acres and destroyed one outbuilding. the fire also came very close to a home, but crews were able to stop it from spreading crews will remain on the scene, cleaning up and checking out for hot spots. no word tonight on how that fire started. barrier. weather temperature is a little bit warmer for today, but the real warming moves in next week we're talking about triple digits and will have your forecast coming up and coming up tonight at 10 30 vax for the win california's vaccine lottery 15 new winners and the evidence officials point to that this big money giveaway is working. end up next pride movie night at oracle park, san francisco. pride pivots for a francisco. pride pivots for a second year.
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triple bacon chee... how's that song coming along? that's for me? oh no, you're making music, i don't want to get in your way. oh c'mon man. oh. hang on a second. my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. yep, it's a special movie night at oracle park in san francisco for the first of two pride movie nights in place of the traditional weekend festival. ktvu deborah villalon is here
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now with how pride month has pivoted yet again this year depth? yeah heather, no big parade second year cancelled due to covid and movie nights are a substitute that at least bring people together. dykes on bikes. san francisco's iconic motorcycle club let off pride movie nights circling the field at oracle park. this idea in the works since winter. we're lucky we are unexpectedly heading into a reopened city. but that's not exactly what we were anticipating when we started planning this event a few months ago and still exiting the pandemic, covid precautions are in place a capacity limit and tickets sold in pods. anyone not in a vaccinated section, people with proof of vaccination had more options on field seats reserved for them. it is definitely a smaller number than what we're used to at 10,000 people. movie nights don't begin to rival the annual pride parade with 50,000
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marchers. 100,000 spectators and another 700,000 enjoying the full weekend festival. and it's more than a giant party. it's also an opportunity for us to be with family and to see ourselves and those around us appropriate then the movie choice in the heights is about another vibrant, diverse community, new york's washington heights commemorate the crowd making the flight for so many policy and the honor of the hero. whole big part of this nation's over the decades. i'm i'm just really excited to have some pride event this year. um, i was really sad to not have one last year, so it feels good to get back out. even if you don't have a formal parade. that's fine. i'm still you know, just so i can go out of my friends and enjoy that's that's enough for me. sf pride is 50 and frame line, the lgbtq film festival. 45 it's amazing. we're just so thrilled that we could celebrate pride. the festival teamed with pride and
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the giants to score this venue. we're stronger together, and we're so thrilled that the three organizations could partner together to just bring on something amazing to celebrate pride in the best way that we can and at almost 11,000 square feet. this scoreboard is one of the biggest video screens in the country, a communal experience and this year's pride theme all in this together after a really challenging year. for many of us, you know, this is an opportunity for us to show that we've got each other's back. tomorrow night's movie is everybody's talking about jamie. it's also a musical. it's also at eight pm at oracle, heather seats are still available, and they start at just 20 bucks. fun and affordable and also highlighting the really important work that everyone there s a pride does. thanks so much, deb. appreciate it. well now we go to reno were cruz unfortunately had to repair damage that was done to a rainbow pride month crosswalk. right under the city's iconic arch. this is what that
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crosswalk looked like when it was completed sometime, though late tuesday, city officials say a driver left burnout tire marks right there on the crossing cruise, then cleaned off the tire marks and freshened up the paint. police are looking at security camera video to see if they can find the person who did the damage. and ktvu dot com has a special section devoted to pride. just head to ktvu .com slash bride where you'll find a series of reports and conversations on the topic. well some house lawmakers want to crack down on big tech companies. a new bill targets a structure of facebook, google, amazon and apple. it could break them up and make it harder for tech companies to buy smaller competitors. the bill as a result of a house investigation that says tech giants have been abusing their market power by charging big fees, imposing tough contracts and extracting valuable data. the companies have rejected lawmakers claims and say market intervention would hurt businesses and consumers know oakland police say that tips from the community led to a
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forgery, drugs and weapons bust. investigators say that officers first responded to a shot spotter call and the alan dale neighborhood on may 30th and recovered about 20 casings, police say a residence that was hit by gunfire had been the focus of several drug hotline calls. well, they served. warrant which led to arrest and the seizure of equipment to make fake ieds and checks along with meth, cocaine and four unregistered guns. san francisco police announced an arrest today in a shooting that left one man dead yesterday. police say that 49 year old leonard lee colvin, shot and killed 43 year old howard dickson around 10 yesterday morning in the area of market in jones streets at this time, it's unclear if active parole for voluntary manslaughter supervisor matt haney, who represents the area where the shooting took place tweeted about the arrest and the victims, saying, quote the man who was tragically killed.
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howard was well known to the community and a participant in neighborhood job training. additional patrols are happening around the area where the shooting occurred. well crime rates in san francisco are starting to return to pre pandemic levels. the san francisco chronicle reports violent crimes such as assault and rape. robbery are down from where they were before the coronavirus hit, but they are rising from their lowest points of the pandemic, looking at property crimes, a chronicle finds that burglaries have seen the biggest spike. there are 32% above what they were back in may of 2019, we'll barria weather a bit of a warmer day. today that forecast is right on track with the warming into the weekend, but what's interesting? we've been tracking some rainfall primarily up to our north, but as you can see those amounts actually adding up if you had a bit too extreme northern california so it's hard to believe lots of sunshine today. at the same time, we have some rain up in northern california. take a look at some of the totals up in extreme northern california crescent city, 0.90. so
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approaching an inch of rain. there are qaeda close to eureka. just a 0.29 mend aceto, though 0.12 when you call i up to see a couple light rain reports in mendocino county earlier this evening, registering 0.1. here is the main track, though at the rainfall. unfortunately, it's kind of missing the bear. areas, so that systems kind of fizzling out of that moves out to the north into the east. and right now we just have some clouds in place, especially favoring the northern half of the bay area. so right now partly cloudy skies even mostly cloudy skies up in portions of the north bay. here's a live camera. check it out. san francisco, you get the idea just by looking at this picture that we do have some patchy fog trying to resurface so we'll wake up to some gray first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and near the bay. in fact, forecast models did a nice job on showing you that, at least are thinking first thing tomorrow morning, and then the clouds clear back to near the coastline. as you can see for your saturday afternoon sunday. eventually some major heat
10:22 pm
headed toward parts of the bay area. we'll have more on that, with your full forecast in a few minutes, all right, we'll be ready for that heat. thanks so much mark. appreciate it. apple announcing a change in howard response to legal request for user data this after revelations that the justice department ceased phone data from two california congressman and up next day one of the g seven summit as a pledge to fight the coronavirus by sharing back seen doses around the world. ♪ talking about that, ♪ hey jason, try to catch on of my chocolate croissant bites in your mouth. jack, you gotta stop clowning around. oh... i didn't mean it like that. wow bro. jack, that came out wrong. my chocolate croissant bites. only at jack in the box. this unplugged device is protecting
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some people are even saying they're addicting. as if that's a bad thing? my new $1.99 chocolate croissant bites. only at jack in the box. world's wealthiest nations, including the us promised to help poor countries fight covid-19 by sending out one billion vaccines. as madeline rivera tells us the pandemic response is expected to dominate the g seven summit underway in england. night with royal family, capping off the first meeting of g seven members on friday, the gathering of leaders of the world's wealthiest democracies
10:25 pm
in cornwall, marking a return to elbow bump diplomacy after last year's summit was canceled because of covid-19 the global health emergency. has shown us what a truly borderless crisis looks like to avoid a repeat. the g seven is rolling out a global vaccination plan. they and guest countries will give more than one billion covid-19 vaccines around the world. with the united states leading the charge, providing 500 million doses. we need to make sure that. we now allow our economies to recover the donation also seen as a way to curb china and russia's political influence. both are sending vaccines abroad even as pressure intensifies for china to increase its transparency as global leaders pushed to investigate the origins of covid-19 when your own intel starts leaking out. something is afoot at the end of the president's trip comes a one on
10:26 pm
one meeting with russian president vladimir putin. it'll take place as the country deals with a rise in russian based cyber attacks that have targeted colonial pipeline and meat producer jbs, but the president did not share details. mr president, what's your message to putin? you have to deliver it. despite the president's vague response, his national security advisor says the uptick in ransomware attacks will 100% be appointed discussion when the president and putin meet on wednesday in washington. mulder rivera fox news. vice president kamala harris visited a childcare center today in washington, d. c. she was there to highlight the biden administration's effort to expand childcare and relieve some of the financial pressures of parenthood, the vice president says the american rescue plan offers solutions for working families to make child care more accessible and more affordable. this is the point here, affordability and accessibility. and i believe this is some of the most important work we can do. you know, we say we care
10:27 pm
about families. well then let's get in there on the details of what helps and makes families actually work and function as a family. the biden administration, says 39 million families will benefit from the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, which was passed earlier this year. i are risk payments to those families are set to begin next month. i want to go live someplace where i can thrive. a south based civil rights leader calling it quits. what's driving his decision to leave the bay area and california, atlanta in sports. the oakland a's lead the majors in walk offs. sports director mark bodies will tell us how they managed to seal the deal tonight against the royals. up next, though california's vaccine lottery meet a 17 year old winner and find out how to tell the difference between a legitimate call from the state.
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lottery. 15 lucky winners, including five here in the bay area were selected to win $50,000 each ktvu zan rubin tells us how the state is getting the word out to the winners and warning them about scammers. a sense of what you wanted wasn't real. that was what 17 year old nancy gutierrez wanted to know when the phone rang last week. message that she won $50,000 through the state's vax for the win lottery. they called my mom and my mom came in and was like nancy, you don't believe it, and i was like we didn't believe it at the beginning, but i think after a few more phone calls, we were like, okay, i think this might be true. it was she was one of the lucky one. i think it's confirmed jealous and some 15 winners were announced last week. another 15 today but today we are picking 15. $80,000 winners
10:31 pm
and i'm so excited the newly chosen two winners from santa clara county and one each from san francisco, san mateo and alameda counties, but as the checks go out, the scammers apparently come out. the state says they've been notified of several so far. you should be skeptical when you get a call like that, experts say, use caution. try calling back the institution they claim to be phoning from and remember. don't give out your social security number or bank information. they ask for personal information that should be red flag if they ask you to click a link. that should be a red flag. um your your best bet is to again verify who's there, tony, another of the winners took some convincing to i got the call last friday. at first, i thought it was a joke, and i ignored it. officials say, don't do that for the new winners. notification began immediately by phone with a live caller from a department of public health number, and officials say vax for the win is working. in california 13%
10:32 pm
more people got vaccines this week than last. this program seems to have been effective in encouraging more people to get vaccinated. 40 million vaccines administered so far 15.9 million more than any other state and governor. gavin newsom hopes that number goes up before the next lottery drawing on tuesday encourage people that maybe on the fence take advantage of getting vaccinated so they can take advantage of the opportunity to win a million a half dollars. so the big drawing is tuesday, and 10 winners will be chosen, but this time instead of $50,000 each bill be getting $1.5 million each. state officials expect there will be a few extra people trying to get shots between now and then. and ruben ktvu, fox two news. the fda is forcing johnson and johnson to throw out tens of millions of doses of its coronavirus vaccine over contamination concerns. the fda says production issues at a plant operated by the maryland company emergent bio solutions
10:33 pm
has made 60 million doses unusable. 10 million doses produced at that blander acceptable, but the fda will require johnson and johnson to include a warning. the problems first came to light two months ago. the mask mandate on the house floor is now lifted for fully vaccinated members of congress. the office of the attending position announced the new protocol today because the majority of lawmakers are fully vaccinated. some gop lawmakers had previously been fined for not wearing a mask on the house floor, and they applauded the move. lifting the mask mandate on the house floor comes nearly a month after vaccinated americans were told that they could ditch their masks. there is no mask requirement in the senate. chamber, the justice department is conducting an internal investigation. his wife, phone data was seized from east bay congressman eric swalwell and burbank congressman adam schiff, among others. the congressman say that apple turned over their data and others, including those of
10:34 pm
family members to the justice department. back in 2018. now the trump administration was reportedly trying to track down the source of leaks to the media. peninsula congresswoman jackie speier told us on the floor that this appears to be a fishing expedition, directed by the former president. now there's word coming out that that request was also made of microsoft. and maybe google. we don't know that perfect. so this was a net that was drawn a very large. swalwell and shift sit on the house intelligence committee, which was investigating former president trump's ties to russia. in the end of data did not connect swalwell or shift in any leaks. now in a statement, congressman swalwell said, quote like many of the world's most despicable dictator's former president, trump showed it audio disdain for our democracy and the rule of law. this kind of conduct is unacceptable, but unfortunately on brand for a president who has repeatedly shown he would cast aside or constitution for his own personal gain. well
10:35 pm
apple says it is now changing its policy on its response to legal requests. the company is limiting how many individual identified as it will accept per request, such as email addresses or phone numbers, apple said the subpoena it received from a federal grand jury back in 2018 had no information on the nature of the investigation. it says information is released included names, address and email addresses a south based civil rights leader is now leaving his post. the akp's reverend jethro, more announcing today. that he was moving to atlanta as ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us tonight more blames the bay area's high cost of living must go. where is the news is tough to choke down, even while savoring some of the best of south based soul food friday, san jose naacp president jethro more met with his executive team. telling them this day would be his last one with my family originally came to san jose. we came for housing, education and job
10:36 pm
opportunities. uh that's pretty much not here anymore. for 13 years more has guided this civil rights bellwether organization. he's championed causes ranging from housing the jobs to education. but the high cost of bay area living took its toll, according to the california policy lab, the out migration from santa clara county was up more than 19% in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year, largely due to rising expenses. more says it's more acute in the black community, which continues to see its ranks dwindle as he detailed back in february when i drive around or or i go out someplace, it's like we're left out of this community and there was a p or any organization when you when you lose. leadership that can have an impact. dr. robert sanders is an expert on non profits and organizational structure, he says. the san jose and the akp losing its voice at the top means a transition to a new way of fighting for multiple causes. if that person is. uh persona
10:37 pm
becomes the organization. then when that person's persona disappears, part of the organization's outward facing structures. can go with it after more says he's leaving the organization in good hands, vice president bob nunez will assume the presidency until elections in 2022, some south bay leaders are reacting via email and text to fox to reverend moore has been bending the moral arc of the universe towards justice for our community, with grace, right supervisor cindy chavez. reverend moore has spent his life acting with drive and determination to bring racial justice to our community, says district attorney jeff rosen. and san jose state professor sean fletcher rights more has been a champion and voice for the historically muted and marginalized, his legacy will continue through those he empowered. i want to go live someplace where i can thrive and i can enjoy life and have some things to do. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. toxic
10:38 pm
chemicals of california military basis coming up the new legislation looking to spend $10 million on cleaning up such sites and a barrier whether we have a mild night tonight, but warmer temperatures in your saturday forecast, but the real heat moves england next week coming up when we could be talking about triple digits. and in just two minutes, the delayed summer games now just six weeks away, how japanese officials are pushing back on cost to postpone the olympics once again. if you wanna be a winner then get a turkey footlong
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♪ jack in the box. ♪ yes! that song is going make my roost fries famous. that's what i'm talking about! now all i need is for you to wear this! i'm not putting that on. ♪ all i want is roost friiiies. ♪ my new roost fries. only at jack in the box. my new roost fries. commencement celebration today, and while graduates had their chance to walk and get their diplomas, it was still a very different scene compared to pre
10:41 pm
pandemic times. the undergraduates had to schedule the time to walk across the stage, and only their family was there to cheer them on a virtual commencement ceremony will happen tomorrow at noon. the ceremony will include guest speakers, student awards and also a valedictorian address. japan's prime minister is hoping to gain support for the olympic games at the g seven summit. those games are now just six weeks away, and officials have been facing pressure to cancel the games because of rising covid cases in japan. british prime minister boris johnson says that he welcomes japan's efforts to hold the olympics, but some details still need to be worked out, including whether local spectators will be allowed to attend. and if there will be penalties for anyone who violates testing protocols, we do need to take thorough measures for a safe and secure games, so there are scenarios where we may need to set rigid rules. well, the athletes of the most important is that, uh, the olympic games
10:42 pm
are taking place. this is what . the international olympic committee says that out of the 11,000 athletes competing more than 80% are expected to be vaccinated by the start of the games. new attend senator alex padilla is introducing legislation to clean up toxic chemicals around military facilities, including some here in the bay area. the bill authorizes a one time $10 billion investment to clean up those facilities that are contaminated with the toxic forever chemical known as p fast, padilla says in california alone, there are 62 facilities. with a known or suspected release of this chemical, including travis air force base in alameda and naval air station, alameda, you know for too long, toxic pfs chemicals have been plaguing service members, military families and their neighbors and often without their knowledge. uh senator podia
10:43 pm
says the synthetic chemicals can cause health issues like decreased fertility and cancer. a funeral was held today for a san bernardino county sheriff's deputy kill. hold following a pursuit. today's ceremony included a riderless horse and the release of 17 doves. that was one for each year. the sergeant dominic vodka, served the sheriff's office. sergeant vodka was shot and killed a memorial day when deputies say a motorcyclist that they were pursuing started shooting at them. was hit by the gunfire. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters are coming up the oakland museum of california reopens its doors. why the museum director was so excited to show off all those changes and we will have a look at your weekend forecast coming at your weekend forecast coming up right after this break triple bacon chee... how's that song coming along? that's for me? oh no, you're making music, i don't want to get in your way. oh c'mon man. oh. hang on a second. my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box.
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first time in more than a year, as ktvu rob roth found they use the shutdown as an opportunity to make some changes at the oakland museum of california friday was opening day or rather reopening day magnificent great museum for the first time in 15 months, the doors to the popular museums swung open to its members through the weekend, museum director laurie fogarty says. it's nice to see actual people inside again. it feels like the first day of school. in some ways, you know, i went
10:47 pm
out of my house today with my lunchbox and felt like, okay, we're back. some familiar faces are still here. and some new ones like these depression era portraits from famous photographer dorothea lange. no, it was just so excited to be able to come and see all the changes. it just was such a welcoming space to be able to just come and sit in and hang out and that i can't say that that was the case before. the museum is done some remodeling. it's opened up its green space and planted a native california garden, but for many of the 2000 people expected over the weekend, the museum represents more than its exhibits. it's in east bay cultural touchstone that wasn't available during the covid lockdown. now that it's reopening, it feels to some, as if life is moving that much more toward the way it once was. we took a bus here, so that's our first best ride in a year and a half. and uh, you know, so, yeah, it's first. it's speaking. able to walk in
10:48 pm
and they're back, and it's better before the pandemic the museum drew about 400,000 visitors a year, making it the largest cultural institution in the east bay. but for the timeen at half capacity out of covid health concerns. visitors should book tickets. online arrival times are staggered. the general public can come for free next friday through sunday, the whole socialization and just seeing the work. not only are they happy to come back to the museum there have you have a place where they can kind of reconnect with their own humanity, and i think it even takes on a new level of just gratitude. the museum plans to return to its normal pre pandemic schedule of wednesday through sunday, beginning in august. robert ktvu, fox two news. how well barry whether the weekend's almost here in temperatures will be treading up a little bit. and your saturday just for reference. you can see some of the highest from this afternoon across t. lots of sixties lots of seventies in
10:49 pm
the warm spots, a couple 80 sprinkled on the maps out toward toward antioch and out toward fairfield. so here's the plan this weekend saturday, we'll have some cloud cover clearing back to near the coastline, so partly cloudy skies to the beaches and then on sunday, we'll have some cloud cover to start things off once again and sunday will cool thing. was off just a little bit. here's the satellite the radar once again. we're kind of excited to show you what the rainfall, which has been following up to the north of the bay area, even up into mendocino county, at least for us right now we do have those clouds beginning to kind of move into portions of the north bay for tonight, and we step out of the way in the reset the weather computer really quick. excuse me for that, and we'll come in closer right now and there we go, and we're showing you some of the clouds moving into a sonoma county. so right now we have mostly clear skies for the south bay. a few extra clouds up in the north. and right now it looks like we have some patchy fog trying to resurface in san francisco. that's kind of our thinking. we're gonna have some low clouds to start out your saturday morning. it is a mild evening temperatures right now in the fifties and the sixties
10:50 pm
in the forecast model, showing you some of the clouds tomorrow morning. clouds will clear back to near the shoreline. so with that the beaches like we mentioned partly cloudy skies, temperatures for afternoon highs. we're going to warm things up inland, and that will lead to us some more eighties for your saturday afternoon. here's his front we have been watching over the past few days. we initially a few days ago thought this could bring in some real rainfall. these some light rainfall proportions of the north bay and we have been tracking some rain up in mendocino county throughout the evening hours today, that's going to scoot on out a little bit of a warm up in the saturday but the real hot temperatures inland move in next week not only here in the bay area but also down towards central and southern california. they already have a heat. watch out. look at that temperature range 102 to 112 degrees, so we are heating up away from the coastline next week, so the beaches as you can see, not nearly as hot still warm around the bay, but temperatures inland 95 to 100 degrees. that's still a few days away. we're going to prep for that
10:51 pm
and also get ready for an increase in the fire danger once again tomorrow. have the cloud cover the morning clearing back to near the coastline with partly to mostly sunny skies sunday, a little bit cooler. not too much change in your monday and then get ready for the heat, especially inland by wednesday, upper nineties whenever have 99. it's usually right around 100 degrees just played on triple digit heat, possibly as early as wednesday of next week. but the heat, not a big part of our forecast this weekend. wow that is, that is definitely jump in temperature. mark. thank you so much. coming up next to giant relied on some spectacular defense nod in our nation's capital sports director mark barton is up next to show us if it was enough, and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news breaking news, a south bay restaurant turned crime scene after a suspected dui driver slams right into people who were eating outdoors.
10:52 pm
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my $6.99 triple bacon cheesy jack combo. tonight. friday night, it is and elvis has left the building in the bottom of the ninth as you will see as the a's with their friday night special. the walk off, they lead the major leagues in that category, 1/6 and it happens on glenn burke pride night in oakland doing a big and that big did some key plays in this game. like matt chap running a country mile here to take the pop in foul ground offthe bat of andrew ben in 10 v of the royals head trip over that mound, got to get rid of those just like they did in san francisco. that could be dangerous. we moved out of the fourth one out one on that brown unloading. he's right up there in the rookie categories for home runs. that's his ninth and a three now the lead keep play, though
10:55 pm
in the eight blue trevino on them. around 100 dozer with a little bluefin to center field. mark canha comes up throwing, but ben intend e again. he was running all the way from first he is out at the plate on the tag from a ramos garcia, watch the replay. they reviewed it, and again, the call holds up much to the chagrin. the royals. he's out, it stays tied bottom of the ninth inning 33211 out elvis to right field with the stinger. he's got himself a game when he hit his chat with a beautiful slide. the a's get the call. they don't even review that thing. it's walk of time, 43. oakland wins at sixth time they have done so. this year, and of course, it wouldn't be complete without the gatorade back there for elvis. sorry, the magic carpet ride continues for this year's version of the san francisco giants, but they're not doing it with smoking mirrors. they have the best record in the
10:56 pm
major leagues there in first place, and they're doing it very solidly as you'll see max scherzer they worried about facing him didn't need to do it for long, 12 pitches. he leaves with a groin injury. second any anthony davis, cal, funny for the job? it's john gombe and meat lamonte wade jr in right field. full extension, beautiful catch. and what an acquisition. that guy has turned out to be offensively and defensively, bursa will and all that fourth inning scoreless. buster picket to ride the right field. he's got 11 already seems like that's more than he hit the last two or three years. one nothing and pablo, a spino victimized there a nice play out there by the bullpen catcher. so what's the flip side of that seventh inning for the nets? brilliance for disco? tony as they call them? one soda thought that ball was gone, but two weeks to the night exactly. mike talk with. when he robbed albert
10:57 pm
pool holds the dodgers stadium does it again to keep it scoreless that holds up desk out funny goes the distance to hit shutout struck out eight. that's his third career shutout, and it is a one nothing final first of four in our nation's capital. alright another bay area baseball team with some lofty goals. the stanford cardinal, they want to make it to the collegiate world series in omaha, first of the three game series in ncaa super regional, lubbock, texas, the place stanford starts right in manti and off tim tower, what a post season, he said bears down the left field line by a couple of inches. it looked like that's his 11th in post season and it is a quick lead. stanford up six. it's cody huffer shot to left off the boards out there. he's got himself a double that's going to play two pair and the cardinal cruising at that 20.8 tops. it, too, and on the mound,
10:58 pm
their starter brendan back at the good stuff tonight back to career high 13 strikeouts went seven and a third loud, only two runs a 15 3 wipe out texas tech game to tomorrow in that series. it's been a long time since the phoenix suns have made it to the nba playoffs. 10 years to be exact, and they look like they plan on sticking around for a while, as they have gone into full control mode. against denver and the mile high. nikolai your kitchens, the m v p. accepts his trophy with his two serbian brothers on hand in denver. it didn't work to psych him up. didn't change a thing. devin booker still smooth and he's got that quick stroke and the floater 28 points in the fourth quarter under three minutes. sons up for ball is movement winds up in the capable hands of chris paul looking like a series m v p at 27 points, eight assists for him get this. yokich had. 32 points. 20
10:59 pm
rebounds. 10 assists triple double, not nearly enough, as the sons have taken complete control of that series, three games to nothing down in the tl. the marquee names joel embiid for the sixes. trae young, of course for the atlanta hawks. third quarter fast forward there. philly up a doesn't seth last name, curry gets a little hook shot to drop. six is up 14 he had 12 did curry still in the third? ben simmons visualizes connection with them beat make it happen. big fella. 27 points, nine rebounds, eight assists and keep that guy healthy. 1 27 1 11 to 1 serious lead in that series for the sixers over the atlanta hawks, and that is the sporting life at this hour. we'll have more for you in about 25 minutes. that's the sporting life for now, get it back to you, andre and heather. thanks so much mark breaking news in the south. but to tell you about one person killed when a suspected
11:00 pm
drunk driver slams into outdoor diners, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. and we begin tonight with this breaking news in san jose, a pickup truck has crashed into the outdoor seating area of a restaurant. police say that one person was killed outside of the agaves sports bar and grill there on west alma avenue. we're told that two other people were injured. this happened just about nine o'clock tonight. police say the driver was arrested and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence. hello again, everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina and i'm andre. senior california is set to reopen on tuesday and tonight, cal osha announced that vaccinated workers will soon be able to drop their mass. the proposed rules closely aligning now with guidance from, but as ktvu xem, agus tells us, some business owners say they're not ready to lose those face coverings, a officll


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