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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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include public transit prisons and the inside of k through 12 schools. it also outlines rules for so called mega events as. the governor's executive orders starting on june 15th one officially ends the stay at home order that went into place 15 months ago. it also removes all restrictions on businesses as it relates to the colour tier system that includes physical distancing and occupancy requirements. the other one sets a timetable for winding down some 58 covid related executive orders that the governor has issued. for example, remember when it was hard to find that hand sanitizer the governor had ordered waiver. is that allowed businesses who want to make sanitizer the ability to do that now that will expire on june 30th governor newsom says about 90%of those executive actions will be lifted by the end of september. officially move this state out of the restrictions and modifications
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occupancy modifications and restrictions, not just the physical distancing pursuant to that blueprint. that blueprint will no longer exist next tuesday, pursuant to these two executive orders, one winding things down another lifting and rescinding, uh, that blueprint, which has been in effect just over 40 weeks. here in the state of now, despite the lifting of many orders, the governor will not end the covid-19 state of emergency that gives him very broad powers to issue executive orders, and critics have said that that he should give up those powers many of its opponents, especially those who have been involved in the recall. newsom defends the decision. he says the virus is still here. and because of that some of the orders aren't ending so he should retain those powers. we do want to tell you about some breaking news that just came into the newsroom. there have been lots of questions about cal osha's guidance around masking in the
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workplace. well, cal osha just released the text of what they will vote on next week, and it aligns with the cdc guidelines. basically people who are vaccinated will not need to wear masks at work, except in certain circumstances. unvaccinated people will need to wear masks, but the cal chamber of commerce spokesman that i spoke to just about 15 minutes ago says they were very pleased to see that alignment and also some language that removes some of the physical distancing requirements. now the vote by the cal osha standards board is scheduled for next thursday. june 17th. basically they will take this document vote on it and if they do vote to approve it would have 10 days before it takes full effect. weather. okay, that would sort of clear up some of the confusion that a lot of people have right now. jana katsuyama in the newsroom with those late details. really appreciate it, janet. thank you, governor. newsom also taking part in the second drawing for california's vaccine lottery today. 15 lucky winners, including five right
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here in the bay area or selected to win $50,000 each. suzanne rubin tells us how the state is getting the word out to those winners and also warning them about scammers. a sense of what was it real? that was what 17 year old nancy gutierrez wanted to know when the phone rang last week. the message that she won $50,000 through the state's vax for the win lottery. they called my mom and my mom came in and was like nancy, you don't believe it. i was like we didn't believe it. at the beginning, but i think after a few more phone calls, we were like, okay, i think this might be true. it was. she was one of the lucky ones. i think it's confirmed jealous in some 15 winners were announced last week. another 15 today but today we are picking 15 $50,000 winners and i'm so excited the newly chosen two winners from santa clara county and one each from san francisco, san matteo and alameda counties. but as the checks go out, the scammers apparently come out. the state
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says they've been notified of several so far. you should be skeptical when you get a call like that, experts say, use caution. try calling back the institution they claim to be phoning from and remember. don't give out your social security number or bank information. they ask for personal information that should be a red flag if they ask you to click a link. that should be a red flag. your your best bet is to again verify who's there. tony another of the winners took some convincing too. i got the call last friday and fresh. i thought it was a joke, and i ignored it. officials say. don't do that. for the new winners. notification began immediately by phone with a live caller from a department of public health number, and officials say vax for the wind is working in california. 13% more people got vaccines this week than last. this program seems to have been effective in encouraging more people to get vaccinated. 40 million vaccines administered so far 15.9 million more. more than any other state and governor. gavin newsom hopes that number goes up before the next lottery
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drawing on tuesday. encourage people that maybe on the fence take advantage of getting vaccinated so they can take advantage of the opportunity to win a million a half dollars, so the big drawing is tuesday, and 10 winners will be chosen, but this time instead of $50,000 each they'll be getting $1.5 million each. state officials expect there will be a few extra people trying to get shots between now and then. and reuben ktvu. fox two news now private vaccine passports could soon be a thing in california state health and human services secretary mark galli says he believes the state may not be implementing a vaccine passport, but there are apps or other credentials for people to prove they are fully vaccinated. we're also very cognizant. dead. uh we'll see apps on our phone things created so that those who want to have their vaccine verification on their fingertips. they can. they can have it. dr galley spoke to the public policy institute of
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california, he says, like the federal government right now, california is not moving toward a statewide vaccine. passport concept a just days from fully reopening san francisco has set up vaccination milestone. mayor london breed announcing today that 80. percent of eligible san franciscans have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. nearly 70% are fully vaccinated. san francisco is the first major city in the country to achieve this milestone milestone comes as the city announced it will close one of the nation's first mass testing sites. as ktvu christian captain tells us tonight, health officials say it has served its function. the once busy high volume testing site appears 30 and 32 on the embarcadero, just south of the bay bridge was quiet friday, health officials say, with covid rates dropping, they'll be closing this testing site june 15th. what we're doing is we're shifting our focus to those places in the city where we've seen the most case rates and so we are actually
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expanding hours, for example, in almaty. i've been continuing our neighborhood sites, health officials say when this site opened in april of 2020, it was among the first mass testing sites in the nation at that time, close to 13.5% of tests came back positive. compare that to now, when only 0.6% of the tests are positive for covid 19 health leaders say the city's strategies of testing and now vaccinations are working. we are really looking at increasing our vaccine rates continuing to further those efforts and then targeting our testing to those places where there might continue to be under vaccination. city leaders announced that san francisco has officially reached 80. partial vaccination 70% of the city are fully vaccinated. that means once bustling mass vaccination sites like mosconi are quiet as well, but they're still open and operational looking to reach the remaining unvaccinated population. those who've been vaccinated say it's given them a sense of relief. i think i waited until it was my age group. um i just wanted to
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be able to hang out with my parents and feel safe about it wanted to go back to work and feel safe about it. city health leaders say they learned hard lessons that will make them better prepared for the next pandemic, and they say going into the fall and winter, the city will continue to test for covid-19 even as flu begins to spread through the city fathers generally works through the flu season. is that as you know, we get into the winter season and there's a lot of different viruses circulating. generally the healthcare systems do tests for different viruses and, you know, it's expected that covid will be one of those viruses that get tested for this high volume testing site is conducted nearly a half million covid-19 tests in the city, says 99% of those patients got the results in just 36 hours. health experts say that that quick turnaround was a critical step in slowing the spread of the disease in the city in san francisco, christian captain ktvu fox two news at the same time, santa clara county's closing four out of five mass vaccination sites over the next few weeks. any health officials
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say with nearly 80% of eligible county residents now vaccinated, large sites are no longer needed. the mass sites closing are those at levi stadium, the county service center in san jose gilroy high school and at the mountain view community center. vaccines are still being given out at the santa clara county fairgrounds, pop up mobile sites, pharmacies and healthcare clinics. well, nude 60 local days say they will host vaccination clinics at all remaining home games this season. the clinics start on monday, and we'll offer pfizer and johnson and johnson vaccines. the team will also suspend can also who get the vaccine will also be given a voucher for two tickets to either that day's game or an upcoming game at the coliseum. the clinic will take place at the east side club near the bart ramp and will operate through the fifth inning. no appointments are necessary. the mask mandate on the house floor has now lifted portfolio vaccinated member of congress. the office of the attending physician announced the new protocol today because the majority of lawmakers are fully
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vaccinated. some gop lawmakers who have previously been fine for not wearing a mask on the house floor, applauded the move. lifting the mask mandate on the house floor comes nearly excuse me a month after vaccinated americans were told that they, too, could ditch their masks. there is no mask requirement in the u. s. senate chamber. well today, president biden held his first in person meeting with allies that take off the g seven summit in england. as madeline rivera tells us covid-19 is at the top of the list of issues the group is expected to tackle a night with royal family, capping off the first meeting of g seven members on friday, the gathering of leaders of the world's wealthiest democracies in cornwall, marking a return to elbow bump diplomacy after last year's summit was canceled because of covid-19. global health emergency has shown us what a truly borderless crisis looks like to avoid a repeat. the g seven is rolling out a global vaccination plan. they
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and guest countries will give more than one billion covid-19 vaccines around the world. with the united states leading the charge, providing 500 million doses. we need to make sure that. we now allow our economies to recover the donation also seen as a way to curb china and russia's political influence. both are sending vaccines abroad even as pressure intensifies for china to increase its transparency. as global leaders pushed to investigate the origins of covid-19 when your own intel starts leaking out, something is afoot at the end of the president's trip comes a one on one meeting with russian president vladimir putin. it'll take place as the country deals with a rise in russian based cyber attacks. have targeted colonial pipeline and meat producer jbs, but the president did not share details. mr president, what's your message to putin? you have to deliver it despite the president's vague response, his national
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security advisor says the uptick in ransomware attacks will 100% be appointed discussion when the president and putin meet on wednesday in washington. mulder rivera fox news. the values that the shooting and it bullet hit my leg. a 12 year old boy shot as his father tries to stop a catalytic converter theft. after the break. we hear more from that boy about the incident and new crime data out of san francisco. some crimes are down to pre pandemic levels, but others are on the rise. at a bay area weather. we're tracking a frontal system moving into northern california. you may have noticed a few high clouds moving into portions of the bay area. what about that shower? chance we'll have more on your forecast, coming up. also had this evening. more and more people are hitting the airports, but say is having a hard time keeping up at 6 30. what's being done to address this labor shortage? okay, let's head outside and see if people are hitting the roads on this friday night, and as we give you a live look in the east bay here on interstate 80
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and boy they are. traffic is heavy in both directions.
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yesterday, police announcing today that they have arrested a suspect in connection to the shooting that happened in broad daylight. police say that 49 year old leonard lee colvin, shot and killed 43 year old howard dickson around 10 o'clock yesterday morning, it was in the area of market and jones streets at this time. it's unclear if the two men knew each other. authorities say that colvin was out on parole for voluntary manslaughter supervisor matt haney, who represents the area where the shooting occurred. tweeted about the arrest and the victims, saying quote the man who was tragically killed. howard was well known to the community and a participant in neighborhood job training. additional patrols are happening around this where the shooting occurred. that's what your boys recovering from bullet wound. he was struck as
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his father tried to stop a theft. the incident began to unfold around three o'clock this morning as these were trying to steal a catalytic converter from a car at a home in oakland on rawson street, not far from trask street crime reporter henry lease spoke to the victim and his mother and tells us the boy will recover from his injuries. and the guy who started shooting it and the bullet hit my leg. 12 year old fernando melendez is recovering at home in oakland just hours after he was shot in the foot by a catalytic converter thief. i heard it, but that it hurt it a little bit. not so much. it happened at about three friday morning near the corner of rawson and brookdale in oakland's maxwell park neighborhood residents surveillance camera captured footage of two cars pulling up to the families honda accord. soon they lift the car up to get at the catalytic converter. fernando's father heard the noise got up and threw a chair in iraq over his fence to drive. stop them. in response, one of the thieves opened fire through the fence. it's greenie, but in the video, you can see muzzle flashes that slow where they hit the bullets.
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yes, that's the freshman and the bullet when the other one went inside. i don't know where it hit. the father wasn't hit, but fernando was. family friend says a bullet went through an open doorway where he was standing and into the boy's right foot. the kid was right behind him kind of seeing what was going on and, unfortunately got him. i was sleeping, and i'd like it woke me up pop, pop pop pop, and then squeal. i heard like squeal car taking on the surveillance video shows both cars peeling away. fernando's father took him to the hospital. oakland police responded. they recovered evidence, including this bullet and the jack that would be thieves left behind his mother, yesica. chavez speaking through an interpreter, says her son was strong right after getting shot and that she was the one who needed comforting, however, now that he's back from the hospital, um he has drama. he's asking why he was they shot him. he's only again 12 years old. we have a little boy to who's five so we just couldn't believe it. when we heard that he was shot is just heartbreaking to hear this. the
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family tells me this is the second time in two weeks that their honda was targeted by catalytic converter thieves. the first time they were scared off. it's unclear if they're the same ones involved in friday's shooting. henry lee ktvu fox two news crime rates in san francisco are starting now to return to pre pandemic levels, the san francisco chronicle says violent crimes such as assault and robbery are down from where they were before the coronavirus it but they arising from their lowest points of the pandemic, looking now at property crimes, the chronicle finds that burglaries have seen the biggest spike. they're up about 32% above where they were in may of 2019. oh, well, barry weather lots of sunshine today except the past few hours, you may have noticed a few high clouds moving into the north bay and those clouds kind of linked up with the system, producing some rainfall. really not here, unfortunately, but up to our north up towards mendocino county, northern medicine, oh county and up into humble county, so the highest
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from today we have been also talking about a warm up and pretty much it's right on track the warm spots in the lower eighties out toward fairfield in antioch, oakland, 70 san francisco 66 degrees, and here's the plan this weekend. tomorrow morning. we'll have some cloud cover out there clearing skies. it'll be warm inland, and then on sunday, a little bit cooler with some fog in the morning sky is becoming partly sunny into the afternoon hours. look at this. it's kind of exciting to finally show you some rainfall moving into extreme northern california so this system will really fizzle on out by the time it reaches the bay area. we've been talking about the chance of a few sprinkles or maybe a light shower up in the north bay, especially up in mendocino county, and even approaching portions of sonoma county, especially out toward the coastline. so for this evening, we do have that chance with that. the shower activity just to the north of the region, even right around fort bragg as well, the rest of the region we have clear to partly cloudy skies and current numbers for the six o'clock hour right now, actually fairly mild kind of on the warm side of this system sixties and seventies, as you
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can't see in the current the current temperature map. here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco for this evening, and we are tracking a few high clouds moving in from the north. unfortunately in terms of the real significant rainfall, it remains up to our north for tonight and into your saturday we're waking up to some clouds, with skies, becoming partly sunny into the afternoon hours. eventually temperatures really heat up, especially england, and we'll have more on that with your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you so much mark appreciate it apart. ridership keeps getting closer to pre pandemic levels this week. reach the highest number of riders since march of 2020 with post covid records breaking each day. the agency has also added 26 new trains to try to keep up with demand yesterday, the bar board of directors approved a $2.4 billion budget for fiscal year 2022. the money will focus on increasing service, hiring dozens more cleaners and other projects to try to enhance the writer experience. if you're heading out to oracle park to
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watch the giants play later this month, the fairy might be a good way to get their san francisco bay ferry is bringing ferry service back to oracle park beginning on friday. june 25th. that's just in time for the giants bay bridge series with the oakland a's. there will be direct pre and post game service connecting oracle parked of olio, oakland and main street, alameda. heart. so beloved fourth of july tradition is returning to san francisco. tonight's message from the mayor about the city's independent state firework show. yeah, also ahead tonight. it's no secret. the pandemic impacted mental health for so many. we'll talk about the new study that shows just how distressing it's been for teens
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its coronavirus vaccine over contamination concerns. the fda says production issues at a plant operated by the maryland company emergent bio solutions has made 60 million doses unusable. 10 million doses produced at the plant are acceptable, but the fda will require johnson and johnson to include a warning. the problems first came to light two months ago. new federal data shows that teen suicide attempts increased during the pandemic. the cdc says that mental help related emergency room visits among teenagers. 12 to 17 increased by 31% compared with 2019. the study also found that teenage girls are reporting
6:25 pm
more severe distress during the pandemic. the boys ask for experts point to distance learning and social distance orders as possible factors. vice president kamala harris visited the childcare center today in washington, d. c. she was there to highlight the biden administration's efforts to expand childcare and relieve some of the financial press. a parenthood, the vice president says the american rescue plan offers solutions for working families to make child care, more accessible, end affordable. this is the point here, affordability and accessibility, and i believe this is some of the most important work we can do. you know, we say we care about families. well then let's get in there on the details of what helps and makes families actually work and function at. a family. i'll see you later. the biden administration, says 39 million families will benefit from the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, which was passed earlier this year. i arrest payments to those families are set to begin
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next month, santa clara university graduates had an in person commencement celebration today and while graduates had their chance to walk in, get their diplomas, it was still look very different scene compared to pre pandemic times. the undergraduates had to schedule a time to walk across the stage, and only their families were there to cheer them on. there is a virtual commencement ceremony happening tomorrow at noon. that ceremony will include guest speakers, student awards and also a valedictorian address. all right, coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 travel is picking up air travel, at least in t s say it is lagging behind why they have been forced last some back office employees to volunteer on the security lines and coming up a little later in sports. the stanford cardinal baseball team trying to punch their ticket to the college baseball world series are sports director market banias. we'll have highlights from today's super regional game. and just in time for the weekend. the oakland museum has rio putting that it looks different when it closed last
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year. the new editions after the break, just was such a welcoming space, uh, to be able to just come and sit in and hang out and that i can't tell you th in business, it's never just another day.
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orders today officially rescinding the state's tiered covid-19 reopening plan. the governor says the state's blueprint, which has been in
6:30 pm
effect now for more than 40 weeks, will no longer exist next tuesday in san francisco leaders announced the city has officially reached 80% partial vaccination and 70% full vaccination. it's reportedly the first major city in the country to achieve this milestone, and this comes as a city plans to close its mass testing site. pier, 30 and 32 on the embarcadero, june 15th next tuesday. the side has conducted nearly a half million covid-19 test since it first opened in april of last year, 12 year old boys recovering at home in oakland after getting shot by someone who was trying to steal a catalytic converter around three this morning, the voice father saw the thieves around the family's car, so he threw a chair and iraq over the fence to try to stop them from stealing the catalytic converter, but the thieves fired a gun and one of those bullets hit the 12 year old boy. the foot. police are searching for those suspects. you're watching ktvu fox two news tonight at 6 30 in a summer air travel picks up the t s a is seeing a shortage of workers to staff. those
6:31 pm
security lines. yeah, they're asking some behind the scenes employees to volunteer on the security lines at more than 100 airports. katie's tom baker looked into the situation at bay area airports. as summer air travel increases daily. some airports find themselves swamped in a new title wave of pandemic weary travelers. psa hopes to reach its goal of hiring 6000 new screeners by labor day and is offering up to $1000 in bonuses to sign up. but right now t s a is asking for some of its non certified employees. to assist screeners for six weeks or so at more than 100. big airports will assist with the moving of bend, assisting the passengers and knowing what they need to remove from their bag, making sure people are in the correct line to go through the security checkpoint. those are positions that don't require any type of certification. don't require any type of security training that leaves are certified security officers to carry out
6:32 pm
that security mission. what about bay area airports of the nation's largest airports by passenger volume. san francisco, oakland and san jose are all in the top 50, and all of them say they can handle their traffic as we just set a new pandemic record yesterday with over 38,000 passengers, but that's still over 50% below are pre pandemic levels. that's because international and business travel continued to lack sends a airport officials say. it's currently adequately staffed and can assist if necessary. oakland airport back to 70% of pre pandemic normal days says sometimes it uses its own people and often helps with non security line monitoring and been running a long time practice. there are some airports across the u. s that have already exceeded their pre pandemic numbers. tourist meccas such as orlando in las vegas are already under pressure. only 50% of your trips start at your home airport. so when people are
6:33 pm
traveling, it's important to know what's happening at the city that you're returning from, whether it's a large airport or small airport, and it's some of those other airports. passengers are being advised to show up. not two hours early, but three hours early. tom vacar ktvu fox two news bay area food banks are still feeling the impacts from the pandemic easy even as restrictions start to loosen up the food bank of contra costa and solano county. continues to serve 100,000 more people each month in prior to the pandemic. that's 270,000 people a month, the alameda county food bank said that even moderate income households are facing food insecurity. obviously a lot of us are getting back to life like pre pandemic a little bit little by little, but for a lot of folks that still means food insecurity. food banks are also facing an increase in food prices last month, consumer prices rose 5% that is the biggest job. in more than a decade. well for the first time
6:34 pm
in more than a year, the oakland museum of california is welcoming back guests inside as ktvu rob roth found a lot has changed since the last time it was open. at the oakland museum of california. friday was opening day or rather reopening day magnificent great museum for the first time in 15 months, the doors to the popular museum swung open to its members through the weekend. museum director laurie fogarty says. it's nice to see actual people inside again. it feels like the first day of school in some ways. you know, i went out of my house today with my lunchbox and felt like, okay, we're back. some familiar faces are still here. and some new ones like these depression, arab portraits from famous photographer dorothea lange. i was just so excited to be able to come and see all the changes. it just was such a welcoming space to be able to just come and sit in and hang out and that i can't say that that was
6:35 pm
the case before the museum has done some rima modeling. it's opened up its green space and planted a native california garden. but for many of the 2000 people expected over the weekend, the museum represents more than its exhibits. it's an east bay cultural touchstone that wasn't available during the covid lockdown. now that it's reopening, it feels to some, as if life is moving that much more toward the way it once was. we took a bus here, so that's our first best ride in a year and a half. and, uh, you know, so, yeah, it's first it's being able to walk in and they're back, and it's better before the pandemic the museum do about 400,000 visitors a year, making it the largest cultural institution in the east bay. but for the time being, the museum will be open at half capacity out of covid health concerns. visitors should book tickets online arrival times are staggered the general public and come for free next friday through sunday, the whole socialization and just seeing the work. not only are they happy to come
6:36 pm
back to the museum, they're happy to have a place where they can kind reconnect with their own humanity, and i think it even takes on a new level of just gratitude. the museum plans to return to its normal pre pandemic schedule of wednesday through sunday, beginning in august. rob roth, ktvu fox two news, a san francisco tradition will be back this fourth of july. mayor london breed tweeted today that the fireworks show will be back this year. she didn't give any details, but said more information would be coming soon. typical years. tens of thousands of people gathered to watch this at 25 minutes show. no word on if there will be crowd limits this year, though, coming up apple turns over phone records of lawmakers and their family to the justice department. we'll tell you about the investigation now underway and how some democrats say former president trump is involved in an unexpected departure, while the president of the san jose naacp is leaving the organization after running it for 13 years.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe phone data from east bay congressman eric swalwell and burbank congressman adam schiff, among others. the congressman say they recently learned their data and others, including family members were turned over to the justice department by apple back in 2018. the trump administration was reportedly trying to track down the source of leaks to the media congresswoman jackie
6:40 pm
speier told us on the floor that this appears to be a fishing expedition, directed by the former president. now there's word coming out that, uh, that request was also made of microsoft and maybe google. we don't know that perfect. so this was a net that was drawn very large. now swalwell and shift both sit on the house intelligence committee, which was investigating former president trump's ties to russia. now in the end that data, the data did not connect, swallow or shift to any leaks and in a statement, congressman swalwell said, quote like many of the world's most despicable dictator's former president, trump showed an utter disdain for our democracy and the rule of law. this kind of conduct is unacceptable, but unfortunately on brand for a president, who has repeatedly shown he would cast aside our constitution for his own personal gain. japan's prime minister is hoping to gain support for the upcoming olympic games at the g seven
6:41 pm
summit. those games are now just six weeks away, and officials have been facing pressure to cancel the games because of rising covid cases in japan. british prime minister boris johnson says he welcomes japan's efforts to hold the olympics but that some details still need to be worked out. including whether local spectators will be allowed to attend. and if there will be penalties for anyone who violates testing protocols, going he did. we do need to take thorough measures for a safe and secure games, so there are scenarios where we may need to set rigid rules for the athletes of the most important is that the olympic games are taking place. this is what we are. we are concentrating on and have been concentrating on. the international olympic committee says that out of the 11,000 athletes competing more than 80% are expected to be vaccinated by the start of the games. and a barrier whether we continue to track those showers
6:42 pm
to the north of the bay area, but eventually we're talking about a warming trend. eventually some hot temperatures. england will have your updated forecast coming up, and here's jana katsuyama. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu, plus jenna, andre cal osha just released their proposal for workplace masking for a vote next week. new at seven reaction from the california chamber of commerce about why they're pleased with the changes and one item they did not expect, plus more companies are hiring a closer look at businesses across the country that are offering big signing bonuses and other incentives to get people excited about returning to work those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu for us, thank you, janna looking forward to that, but first after the break up, posted a prestigious award for the young woman who took the infamous video of derek show, even kneeling on george floyd how she was honored today, but first giving you a live look outside at the beautiful san francisco skyline. lots of blue out there today, really a clear
6:43 pm
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recorded floyd by minneapolis police won a special pulitzer citation today, darnell a. fraser was just 17 when she took that cell phone video. the pulitzer committee said that her action highlights quote the crucial role of citizens and journalists quest for truth and justice, frazier said on the anniversary that if she had not recorded the arrest, quote the world might not have known what happened on the corner of 38. in chicago, the civil white staple in the south, very known as reverend jethro, more announcing today he is moving to atlanta. his departure is part of the bay area exodus, saying it's partially due to the cost of living ktvu stuff.
6:46 pm
a reporter jesse gary, reports from the acp. headquarters in milpitas, the news is tough to choke down even while savoring some of the best of south based soul food. friday san jose naacp president jethro more met with his executive team, telling them this day would be his last one with my family originally came to san jose. we came for housing, education and job opportunities. that's pretty much not here anymore. for 13 years more has guided this civil rights bellwether organization he's championed causes ranging from housing the jobs to education, but the high cost of bay area living took its toll, according to the california policy. lab. the out migration from santa clara county was up more than 19% in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year, largely due to rising expenses. more says it's more acute in the black community, which continues to see its ranks dwindle as he detailed back in
6:47 pm
february. when i drive around or or i go out, some places like were left out of this community and their recipe or any organization when you when you lose leadership. that can have an impact. dr. robert sanders is an expert on non profits and organizational structure, he says the san jose naacp losing its voice at the top means a transition to a new way of fighting for multiple causes. if that person is. uh persona becomes the organization. then when that person's persona disappears, part of the organization's outward facing structures. can go with it after more says he's leaving the organization in good hands, vice president bob nunez will assume the presidency until elections in 2022, some south bay leaders are reacting via email and text to fox to reverend moore has been bending the moral arc of the universe towards justice for our community, with grace, right supervisor cindy chavez.
6:48 pm
reverend moore has spent his life acting with drive and determination to bring racial justice to our community, says district attorney jeff rosen. and san jose state professor sean fletcher rights more has been a champion and voice for the historically muted and marginalized, his legacy will continue through those he empowered. i want to go live someplace where i can thrive and i can enjoy life and have some things to do. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. how well the weekend is almost here. it looks like our warming trend will continue as we had into at least saturday with a little bit of a cool down by sunday, but if you've noticed the sky changing over the past few hours, the few high clouds moving in all linked out linked up to a system producing some rain up to our north, so it's pretty active, but radar will show that to you in a little bit first, we'll show you the weekend forecast for your saturday. clearing skies. it'll be warmer with most areas in the sixties seventies and eighties. definitely warming things up england and then on sunday, some cloud cover in the
6:49 pm
morning becoming partly sunny and a little bit cooler as we head into a sunday, but look at this, a satellite and radar showing you pretty active weather pattern, especially for this time of year, and we do have some rainfall up to our north right around eureka up toward creston city, and as you can see here, it's a kind of approaching portions of mendocino county so closer to you, kaaya. now for tonight, there is the possibility of some light. shower activity up in mendocino county. there's even a chance down in portions of sonoma county, especially out towards the coast and the northern portions of a sonoma county. basically it's almost there. as you can see cloverdale just to the south of that rain line. so interesting in the next few hours, we could be tracking a few raindrops, or at least some sprinkles for the northern sections of the region. right now, there are lots of clear skies down toward the central portions of the bay in the south bay, and current number is still fairly mild. in fact, we're kind of the warm end of this patterns and temperatures. right now. in the sixties and the seventies. here's our live camera this evening looking out towards san francisco, where we do have a few high clouds working their
6:50 pm
way back into the picture for tonight, and we're checking out the forecast model. i wish it would bring the rain fall down to the south, but it's just kind of kind of holding it up up to our north, but still we're tracking that chance for tonight, tomorrow, starting out the day with some cloud cover and then skies, becoming partly to mostly sunny. into the afternoon hours, except we could have some areas of fog right near the immediate coastline overnight lows actually fairly mild, mainly in the fifties. and here's that front nice to a trace in a cold front, especially this time of year, with the shower activity to the north of the region, and then what's developing is the area of high pressure so a little bit warmer into your saturday, but the real warming the intense warming, especially england, that's expected next week, wednesday and thursday, and the temperatures of at least a focus for the interior could be in the upper 90. used to right around 100 degrees for wednesday into thursday, possibly beyond still warming up around the bay, but not nearly as warm for that timeframe. forecast ties for tomorrow will be in the sixties
6:51 pm
seventies. warm spots will be in the eighties as you can't see out toward fairfield and antioch weekend is almost here's looking fairly nice, a minimal changes as we head into monday, but then we'll definitely heat up those temperatures by tuesday, but especially by wednesday and to thursday, so the heat, eventually making a comeback. but not for this weekend. all right, mark, thanks up next in sports and giant. excuse me. excuse me. the giants relied on some spectacular defense tonight in our nation's capital sports director market bonuses up next to show us if was with yy
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
night. the vinyl room mad the giants without a doubt. biggest surprise in all of baseball. nobody thought they'd be in first place 16 games over 500. think about it, though they're not doing with smoke and mirrors and a whole lot of luck, solid pitching and defense back in d c tonight, first before game series up against max scherzer, the naps he had to leave that that's a so apparently sustaining a groin injury after just 12 pitches, so take over and. the disk alfonsi of the giants, who whatever outdueled anybody on gombe, meet lamonte wade jr.
6:55 pm
laying out to make a beautiful full extension catch much to the appreciation of his pitch. you wanna pick up that guy's butt? nice play in the early part of the scape or scoreless in the fourth inning, buster ball game continues. to stick it to ride on a regular basis. his 11th solo bullpen catcher out there made a nice play with the left fielder couldn't problem crispino victimized by bustard. now look at the other side of the coin, seventh inning, brilliance behind disco, tony juan soto. fadi had it out of the park, meet mike tuckman. two weeks to the day since he did that to albert pool halls at dodger stadium up and above the call of duty. soto can't believe it's sensational friday night special, but stockman helps preserve desk al fannies two hit shutout. that's his second of the season no less and third of his career giants get only that one run and win
6:56 pm
it one to nothing. great play. you know, the giants obviously have left the ideals for this season, as does the. stanford cardinal in collegiate baseball, trying to get to the collegiate world series in omaha, first of the three game series. lovitt texas is the place first inning, stanford starts 10 off. it's tim power who's been great in the postseason crash. barely fair down the line and left off chase. hampton gets them off to a good start. seventh inning, stanford pulling away up six to cody, tough catcher with a two run shot off the wall and left that's going to school. were a couple of course, the cardinal cruising at this 0.8 to two stanford defense comes into play in the seventh inning, drew baker will strike out ball gets away. the catcher huffs throw wide. nick brewster with a beautiful clay right there. that's five stars to keep that as an out for stanford and the starter appreciates that that would be branded back. yeah,
6:57 pm
the good stuff working for him today as he goes seven and a third gave up only six hits, too. rugs and a career best 13 strikeouts 15 3 wipe out for stanford game to tomorrow against texas tech and you know what? you're in the vital room. we always like to give shout outs to the locals, and we've got a team from lafayette, california do in the bay area proud did this past week back in cooperstown, no less full props to the scrappy kids from the east bay. they're called the reservoir dug. here's the final out there of their wind and special under 13 wouldn't bat tournament in cooperstown 32 overachieve from houston, texas, first ever 13 and under cooperstown, all star village would bet champions congratulations to them and their coach. tony, dude way to go, and we've got another sign of normalcy hitting us. how about a packed house on a friday afternoon at wrigley
6:58 pm
field and bill murray singing take me out to the ballgame. this is what it feels like to be 100% yeah, it's kind of like ground hog day in a good way, right? and here's the thing about that when he started singing there, the cubs were down 5 to 1. after that, they came on and scored seven runs and wound up with. in the ball game. 8 to 5. way to go bill murray, thanks for helping us take another step back towards normal. see everybody. that's the sporting life. yeah, they might want to think about inviting bill murray to every game. yeah. ha ha! good step. take care, guys. good one big bang theory is next, and the news continues over on ktvu news continues over on ktvu plus with better
6:59 pm
you'll never believe what happened to me at work today. hmm? this old guy was choking on his food, and i saved his life. you're kidding. did you heimlich him? no. i said, "oh, my god, i think that old guy's choking," and then one of the busboys heimlich'ed him. you're a hero. yeah, that was the point of the story. oh, yeah, speaking of work, do you know if you have thursday night off? um, i think so. why? what do you mean, why? it's valentine's day. oh, right. yeah, we can do something. you could be a little more into it. no, i'm into it, i'm into it. just, there's so much pressure to make the night special, and it never works out. okay, well, this time it's going to be different. because i am like a romance ninja. you don't see it coming, and then bam! romance, watch out, hearts, kisses, love, ooh-ya! you know, sometimes i think i've made you so much cooler than you used to be, and then you go and do that. so, in conclusion, i believe the painful sensation felt
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