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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 11, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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oakland's maxwell park, neighborhood residents surveillance camera captured footage of two cars pulling up to the families honda accord soon they lift the car up to get at the catalytic converter. fernando's father heard the noise gond threw a chair. in iraq over spence to try to stop them. in response, one of the thieves opened fire through the fence. it's greenie, but in the video, you can see muzzle flashes that slow where they hit the bullets. oh yes, that's the first one and the bullet when the other one went inside. i don't know where it hit. the father wasn't hit, but fernando was family friend says a bullet went through an open doorway where he was standing in into the boy's right foot. the kid was right behind him kind of seeing what was going on and unfortunately got him. i was sleeping, and i'd like it woke me up pop, pop pop pop and then squeal. i heard like squeal car taking on the surveillance video shows both cars peeling away. fernando's father took him to the hospital. oakland police responded. they recovered evidence, including
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this bullet and the jack that would be thieves left behind his mother, yesica. chavez speaking through an interpreter, says her son was strong right after getting shot and that she was the one who needed comforting, however, now that he's back from the hospital, um he has drama. he's asking why he was they shot him. he's only again 12 years old. we have a little boy to who's five. so we just couldn't believe it. when we heard that he was shot was just heartbreaking to hear this, you know, the family tells me this was the second time in two weeks that their honda was the target of catalytic converter thieves. the first time they were scared off. it's not clear they're the same ones involved in this morning's shooting. reporting live. henry lee ktvu fox, do me and hopefully, police in tracked them down with that tool that they left behind. henry. thank you so much, california has now administered more than 39 million doses of covid-19 vaccines, according to the latest data, there are now an average of 146,000 shots a day being given in the state. that's more than 25,000 above the daily average at the
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beginning of the week, more than 54% of california's are now fully vaccinated and 11% more have received at least one dose. today governor newsome took part in the second drawing of california's vaccine lottery. 15 more people were picked to win $50,000, including five right here in the bay area. gateways and ruben joins us now live with how the state is going to be notifying those winners and. yeah if you are one of today's lucky winners, you may have already received a call. scammers however, are also already making calls. and so experts want you to be very careful with your personal information. sense of what was it real? that was what 17 year old nancy gutierrez wanted to know when the phone rang last week. the message that she won $50,000 through the state's vax for the win lottery. they called my mom and my mom came in and was like nancy, you don't believe it, and i was like we didn't believe it at the beginning, but i think after a few more phone calls,
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we were like, okay, i think this might be true. it was she was one of the lucky ones. i think it's confirmed jealous of some 15 winners were announced last week. another 15 today. but today we are picking 15 $50,000 winners and i'm so excited in the newly chosen two winners from santa clara county and one each from san francisco, san mateo and alameda counties. but as the checks go out, the scammers apparently come out. the state says they've been notified of several so far. you should be skeptical when you get a call like that, experts say, use caution. try calling back the institution they claim to be phoning from. and remember, don't give out your social security number or bank information. they ask for personal information. that should be a red flag if they ask you to click a link. that should be a red flag. your your best bet is to again verify who's there. tony another of the winners took some convincing to i got the call last friday. at first i thought it was a joke, and i ignored it. officials say. don't do that. for the new winners.
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notification began immediately by phone with a live caller from a department of public health number, and officials say vax for the wind is working in california. 13% more people got vaccines this week than last. this program seems to have been effective in encouraging more people to get vaccinated. 40 million vaccines administered so far. 15.9 million more than any other state and governor. gavin newsom hopes that number goes up before the next lottery drawing on tuesday. encourage people that maybe on the fence take advantage of getting vaccinated so they can take advantage of the opportunity to win a million a half dollars. yeah so that big drawing is on tuesday, where 10 winners will be chosen and instead of winning $50,000 each, they will be winning 1.5 million each. state officials expect there will be a few extra people trying to get their shots between now and then. heather holmes why i imagine if anything is a motivator. it certainly is cash. all right,
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thanks so much. and ruben reporting live for us tonight and thank you well on tuesday, california will fully reopen without restrictions and say goodbye. to the color coded tears. they've determined our activities for more than a year now, as the state prepares to move into this new phase of the pandemic on june 15th governor newsom made the changes official today. jana katsuyama joins us with the tails on the executive orders new some signed today. jenna andre, the governor, signed two executive orders this afternoon and then the department of public health also issued a new order reflecting the state's progress against covid-19. the new public health order basically focuses on places where masks are still required, regardless of vaccination status. those include public transit prisons and inside at k through 12 schools. it also outlines rules for the so called mega events, which has large attendance and as for the governor's executive orders, those starting on june 15th will officially end the
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stay at home order that went into place 15 months ago. it also removes all restrictions on business. this is as it relates to those color tears systems that included physical distancing and occupancy requirements. it sets a timetable as well for winding down the 58 covid related executive orders that the governor issued, for example, uh, at one time it was hard to find hand sanitizer while the waivers that he ordered for businesses who wanted to make sanitizer will expire on june 30th. newsom says about 90% of those executive actions will be lifted by the end of september. mm. officially move this state out of the restrictions and modifications occupancy modifications and restrictions, not just the physical distancing pursuant to that blueprint. that blueprint will no longer exist next tuesday, pursuant to these two executive orders one winding things down another lifting and rescinding, uh, that blueprint, which has
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been in effect just over 40 weeks. here in the state of 40 long weeks will now despite the lifting of many orders, the governor will not end the covid-19 state of emergency, which gives him broad powers to issue executive orders that's been criticized by many of his opponents, especially those involved in the recall. newsom defense the decision, saying the virus is still out there and also because some of the orders have not yet ended. now, there have been a lot of questions about the cal osha guidance around masking in the workplace. newsom said that he would not hesitate to issue another executive order to bring cal osha in line with the state and cbc. we'll just have to see where that plays out. reporting live from the newsroom jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news that has been a bone of contention for a while. many people want clarification on that, jenna. thank you, al speaker nancy pelosi in san francisco today, stumping for president biden's two big spending plans. speaker pelosi was at the mission neighborhood
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centers head start youth center today, she says the american jobs plan and the american families plan will help people get back to work support small businesses and help to grow the economy. we will build back better when we recognize the human infrastructure part of this that it involved education and training for more people to qualify. for the jobs if it recognizes that what people have to be have the freedom to go to work. the big investment in childcare, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says republicans have not given up hope for a bipartisan infrastructure deal with the biden administration, but major details especially over the cost, still need to be worked out. well today, the leaders of the world's wealthiest nations promised to help poor countries fight covid-19 by sending out one billion. vaccines as madeline rivera tells us the pandemic response is likely to dominate the g seven summit,
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which is now underway in england. a night with royal family, capping off the first meeting of g seven members on friday, the gathering of leaders of the world's wealthiest democracies in cornwall, marking a return to elbow bump diplomacy after last year's summit was canceled because of covid-19. global health emergency. has shown us what a. truly borderless crisis looks like to avoid a repeat the g seven is rolling out a global vaccination plan. they and guest countries will give more than one billion covid-19 vaccines around the world. with the united states leading the charge providing 500 million doses. we need to make sure that. we now allow our economies to recover the donation. also seen as a way to curb china and russia's political influence. both are sending vaccines abroad even as pressure intensifies for china to increase its transparency as
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global leaders pushed to investigate the origins of covid-19 when your own intel starts leaking out. something is afoot at the end of the president's trip comes a one on one meeting with russian president vladimir putin. it'll take place as the country deals with a rise in russian based cyber attacks that have targeted colonial pipeline and meat producer jbs, but the president did not share details. mr president, what's your message to putin? you have to deliver it. despite the president's vague response, his national security advisor says the uptick in ransomware attacks will 100% be appointed discussion when the president and putin meet on wednesday in washington. mulder rivera fox news. vice president kabul, harris visited a childcare center today in washington, d. c. she was there to highlight the biden administration's efforts to expand childcare and relieve some of the financial pressures on parenthood. the vice president says the american rescue plan offer solutions for working families
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to make child care more accessible and affordable. this is the point here, affordability and accessibility. and i believe this is some of the most important work we can do. you know, we say we care about families. well then let's get in there on the details of what helps and makes families actually work and function as a family. the biden administration says 39 million families will benefit from the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, which was passed earlier this year. irs payments to those families are set to begin next month to sign that san francisco is winning the battle against covid-19. there was or is now louisville to no virus in the city. it's able to close one of its mass testing sites coming up tonight at 5 30. what health officials will focus on now and as passenger traffic picked up the t s a is filling positions but slowly
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coming up next. what airports around the country are now doing to try to keep up with the growing crowds warmer day around the bay area and temperatures will continue to climb as we get into the weekend. better details after the break. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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pandemic levels. the tsb reports say. yesterday nearly two million people pass through security checkpoints. that's about four times the number that passed through the security lines at airports last year. at the same time, the numbers are still pretty or down significantly from 2019 levels, but passenger levels have been on a steady rise now for months now, because of that
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rise to say is making are asking some of its behind the scenes employees to volunteer on the security lines at more than 100 airports. the t s a agency appears to be having trouble staffing security lines, especially at peak periods. ktvu tom baker joins us from oakland with what bay area airports look like now, tom, yeah, this is generally a problem around the united states. but for the bay area airports, the phrases so far so good. as summer air travel increases daily. some airports find themselves swamped in a new title wave of pandemic weary travelers. t. esa hopes to reach its goal of hiring 6000 new screeners by labor day and is offering up to $1000 in bonuses to sign up. but right now t s a is asking for some of its non certified employees. to assist screeners for six weeks or so at more than 100. big airports will assist with the moving of bend, assisting the passengers and knowing what
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they need to remove from their bag, making sure people are in the correct line to go through the security checkpoint. those are positions that don't require any type of certification. don't require any type of security training. that leaves are certified security officers to carry out that security mission. what about bay area airports of the nation's largest airports by passenger volume. san francisco, oakland and san jose are all in the top 50, and all of them say they can handle their traffic as we just set a new pandemic record yesterday with over 38,000 passengers, but that's still over 50% below are pre pandemic levels. that's because international and business travel continued to lack sends a airport officials say. it's currently adequately staffed and can assist if necessary. oakland airport back to 70% of pre pandemic normal days says sometimes it uses its own people and often helps with non security line monitoring and been running a long time
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practice. there are some airports across the u. s that have already exceeded their pre pandemic numbers. tourist meccas such as orlando in las vegas are already under pressure. only 50% of your trips. start at your home airport. so when people are traveling, it's important to know what's happening at the city that you're returning from, whether it's a large airport or a small airport. now that many of those airports one thing is true, and that is there no longer saying be here two hours early. many of them are saying for safety sake and for security sake, be here three hours early reporting live tom vacar ktvu fox tuning. yeah, that just highlights how serious a shortage really is with the t s a tom. thank you. new government data shows that job opening soared to a record 9.3 million in april, and many businesses say they are still having a hard time hiring. workers several companies are now offering cash incentives. marriott is offering $1000 sign on bonus and taco bell is
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giving managers up to 12. weeks paid leave. some economists say the enhanced unemployment benefits are encouraging too many people to stay home. we've got a whole whole group of people, particularly young people, but washed a year of their careers. we need to get them back into the workforce. now some states or even offering cash incentives to get people back to work. for example, montana is offering a one time bonus of $1200. the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits has now fallen for 1/6 straight week. the labor department says 376,000 americans filed jobless claims last week. that's 9000 less than the week before, but claims are still at historic highs before the pandemic week. weekly application numbers were in the low 200,000 levels. well brush fire in marin county is now under control. the fire scorched land near the community of wood acre located west of novato. crews from the nevado and marin county fire
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department work together to stop the fire from spreading, firefighters say burned about five acres. no word on how it started. oh well around the bay area this afternoon. we are looking at warmer conditions and warming getting into your bay area weekend. we have hot weather coming in the extended forecast, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. let's talk about what's happening right now out senators at this hour a live look here over san francisco where it's a beautiful day. we do have mostly clear skies over areas along the coast around the bay and inland and another strong breeze pushing through the bay area this afternoon. here's a look at storm tracker too. you can see some rain there over northern california and then farther north into the pacific northwest. we've got a little bit going on. we're moving closer. most of this is north of u k a and not expected to really make an impact on us in the way of wet weather. i guess we could squeeze out maybe a few sprinkles over lake county, maybe the north edge of sonoma county. but that's about it and has kept the onshore breeze
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blowing through the bay area right now. fairfield reporting a sustained winds at 20, oakland, sustained us 16. and over santa rosa august 2 24 mph so little brisk a little breezy once again out there today, but temperatures are warmer by several degrees sfo, hayward and nevada all up by seven degrees. meanwhile napa is up by six. san jose's up by four. and here's the view of some of those afternoon highs out there for you now, 65 degrees in san francisco around the bay upper sixties berkeley, low seventies and free month. in the east bay a mild one even warm fairfield 80 degrees for you there 76 conquered in the north based 75 in napa. if you're going to see the a's play a little bit later today, 65 degrees with that westerly raised about 15, mph and cooling off into the evening hours, so perhaps an extra layer or two, maybe even a jacket. game time there, 6 40. for us here as we get going to nine, and it's tomorrow morning notice. we do have an increasing cloud cover will call for submitting high level clouds in addition to a little
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bit of fog out there to start your morning when i come back, i'll have a look at the temperatures for the start of your saturday morning plus in the extended forecasts winner inland cities will reach into the nineties coming up. rosemary thank you. well, saying goodbye to the organization that he's run now for seven years and to the bay area as a whole coming up next we talked to the president of the san jose naacp. about why, he says it's time to move on. then on ktvu news at six, bart is rebounding ridership is slowly inching back to pre pandemic levels of the agency plans to keep up with that growth. and san francisco police are making an arrest in a deadly shooting in broad daylight. what we are learning about the suspect who was out on p
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. reverend jethro more analysis a short time ago that he's moving to atlanta. his departure is
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part of the bay area exodus, saying that is partially due to the high cost of living. we get more tonight from ktvu south reporter jesse gary. i must go where it's gonna. the news is tough to choke down even while savoring some of the best of south based soul food friday, san jose naacp president jethro more met with his executive team, telling them this day would be his last one with my family originally came to san jose. we came for housing, education and job opportunities. that's pretty much not here anymore. for 13 years more has guided this civil rights bill weather organization he's championed cause is ranging from housing to jobs to education, but the high cost of bay area living took its toll, according to the california policy lab, the out migration from santa clara county was up more than 19% in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year, largely due to rising expenses. more says it's more acute in the black
5:25 pm
community, which continues to see its ranks dwindle as he detailed back in february when i drive around or or i go out someplace, it's like we're left out of this community, and there was superior. any organization when you when you lose leadership that can have an impact. dr. robert sanders is an expert on non profits and organizational structure. he says. the san jose and the akp losing its voice at the top means a transition to a new way of fighting for multiple causes. if that person is. uh persona becomes the organization. then, when that person's persona disappears, part of the organization's outward facing structures. can go with it after more says he's leaving the organization in good hands, vice president bob nunez will assume the presidency until elections in 2022, some south bay leaders are reacting via email and text to fox to reverend moore has been bending the moral arc of the universe towards justice
5:26 pm
for our community, with grace, right supervisor cindy chavez. reverend moore has spent his life acting with drive and determination to bring racial justice to our community, says district attorney jeff rosen. and san jose state professor sean fletcher rights more has been a champion and voice for the historically muted and marginalized, his legacy will continue through those he empowered. i want to go live someplace where i can thrive and i can enjoy life and have some things to do. and that was our jessie gary reporting. obviously some big shoes to fill their in the south. certainly well, proof that san francisco is getting the upper hand on covid-19 coming up next one of the key tools in the fight will be closing its doors next week, plus back open again. finally 15 months after they were forced to close their doors, the oakland museum of california welcoming back guest today. and those who came boy. they were thankful for this opportunity. also ahead this evening, the cdc's schedules an emergency meeting following higher than expected cases of
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heart inflammation and young people, including teenagers who get the vaccine. we talked to an expert about what should happen next. another day, another chance. it could be the day you break the sales record, or the day there's appointments nonstop.
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that 80% of residents have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, she said. it's the first major u. s city to reach that milestone. 90% of people 65 older have at least one dose. the city's case
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rate is 1.4 per 100,000 residents that is a 96% decrease since january. test positivity is at a half a percent and hospitalizations are at their lowest point since the pandemic began with 14 people hospitalized. well touted as one of the nation's first mass vaccination of testing site. san francisco will be shuttering the site appears 30 and 32 on tuesday. get to be as christian captain george us now live in christian city. health officials say they can make this move because it's really served its function now. yeah that's right. if you take a look, you can see that this high volume testing center is open for now, if you vehicles starting to leave, but with so many people vaccinated in san francisco, the city is saying it can begin a more targeted approach to testing rather than mass like this one, the once busy high volume testing site at piers, 30 and 32 on the embarcadero, just south of the bay bridge was quiet friday, health officials say. with covid rates dropping, they'll be closing this testing
5:31 pm
site june 15th. what we're doing is we're shifting our focus to those places in the city where we've seen the most case rates and so we are actually expanding hours, for example, an alum 80 and then continuing our neighborhood sites, health officials say when this site opened in april of 22 20. it was among the first mass testing sites in the nation at that time, close to 13.5% of tests came back positive. compare that to now, when only 200.6% of the tests are positive for covid 19 health leaders say the city's strategies of testing and now vaccinations are working. we are really looking at increasing our vaccine rates continuing to further those efforts and then targeting our testing to those places where there might continue to be under vaccination. city leaders announced that san francisco has officially reached 80% partial vaccination 70% of the city are fully vaccinated. that means once bustling mass vaccination sites like mosconi are quiet as well, but they're still open and operational
5:32 pm
looking to reach the remaining unvaccinated population. those who've been vaccinated say it's given them a sense of relief. i think i waited until it was my age group. um, i just wanted to be able to hang out with my parents and feel safe about it wanted to go back to work and feel safe about it. city health leaders say they learned how hard lessons that will make them better prepared for the next pandemic. and they say going into the fall and winter. the city will continue to test for covid-19 even as flu begins to spread through the city fathers generally works through the flu season. is that as you know, we get into the winter season, and there's a lot of different viruses circulating. i'm generally the healthcare systems do tests for different viruses, and, you know, it's expected that covid will be one of those viruses that get tested for this high volume testing site is conducted nearly a half million covid-19 tests and the city, says 99% of those patients got the results in just 36 hours. health experts say that quick turnaround was a critical step in slowing the spread of disease in the city. and
5:33 pm
there's one more good news piece of good news that the mayor just tweeted out about an hour ago, she said. in a tweet that there will be a live firework show in san francisco this year for july, 4th so certainly a lot to look forward to this summer, and certainly months ahead. hopefully we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. great way to celebrate the milestone that san francisco's reached christian. thank you so much. meantime four out of five mass vaccination sites in santa clara county. you're closing with nearly 80% of eligible county residents vaccinated there. the temporary emergency sites, including the side at levi stadium. well they're no longer needed. people who still need to get vaccinated can do so at pop up or mobile sites, retail pharmacies and healthcare clinics decided. santa clara county fairgrounds. well, that will remain open well with the state's grand reopening day. almost here, people have a lot of questions. let's welcome back to the show tonight, dr monica gandhi and infectious disease doctor there at ucsf and always a pleasure
5:34 pm
to see you a doctor. will it be business as usual here in california? come the 15th. you know, i think there'll be two major differences. one what you just reported on as we will be doing testing for a new virus. essentially the stars kobe to covid virus. when we go into the winter will be tested in like rsv like influenza. there'll be places that have not as high vaccination rates that we will have to treat covid. but yes, i mean this kind of level of population immunity means. business goes back to normal and it should. there will be still masks around, and that will be have to be sorted out over time. right now. the rule is, um vaccinated. people don't have to wear masks and unvaccinated do you mentioned about the testing sites closing, but you also mentioned that testing efforts will continue. why is that still important? you know, we don't think that we're going to eradicate this virus, but what we've done is created a situation where it becomes a routine low love are low level
5:35 pm
virus that we can live with. so compare it more to measles, for example, which you haven't even heard of for a while, but we think about an infectious disease and influenza. i don't even think it's going to be like influenza because i think our vaccine is going to last longer than the influenza vaccine. but every year, seasonal viruses happened more in the winter. and if someone comes in and they're sick, and they have a respiratory infection, we're going to test them for influenza for respiratory syncytial virus for lots of other things, and covid will be one of them. and then we in the health care system will treat appropriately and it depends on if we can get even more vaccination. we're not going to see a lot of it. honestly if people don't we don't have pockets of unvaccinated 80% 1st dose in san francisco is as good as it gets. yeah, that certainly is remarkable there in the city. i want to move on now to reports of heart inflammation. and young people after receiving their second dose of the vaccine. what do you make of this preliminary data? so really? it was yesterday when we got a better look at this
5:36 pm
because they were circulating reports but yesterday essentially what there was an fda meeting where what's called the v e. r s. the vaccine adverse effect reporting system put all the cases together. there have been 460 reports of heart inflammation and young people after the vaccine, but actually 226 of them look like they were real. they are real. they do happen more in young people. they are more than the expected heart inflammation that we see around this time. so there is an elevation in young people in young men. young boys and especially after the second dose. so the chip, which is the cdc is going to meet on friday. the 18th and there are five possibilities. what will happen? one is likely not to happen. they're not going to suspend vaccination young people, but they may go to one dose like israel did. they may reduce the dose and discuss that because it's the same dose he used for young people is used for adults. they may put a warning label on it,
5:37 pm
or they may um uh, extend the duration between the two doses. i think they're going to do something because this is a true signal. yeah obviously many things for them to go through, but they also have several options to deal with it. final question for you, doctor parents out there who may be hearing this news who might now be concerned about getting their children vaccinated? what is your message to them. you know, we still want to vaccinate children. um the issue is in these younger groups. just the 12 to 15. we may want to extend the dose or do one does, so let's see what they say next week, but vaccinating this group eventually is important for the pandemic because the more we get immunity. the more we're just going to get rid of this thing, and then later we'll do trials and we're doing the trials, but we'll see what happens with a very young kids before rolling it out. okay, we'll have to wait and see what happens next week at that meeting, dr monica gandhi really appreciate it. have a
5:38 pm
nice weekend. thank you. the vaccination rate continues to slow here in the us the wall street journal reports, in fact, that the cdc has stopped new shipments of johnson and johnson's covid-19 backseat. now it comes after 11 day pause caused a backlog of the single shot. state and local leaders are now getting creative and creating pop up clinics like santa clara county and vaccinating people at their home or even businesses our goal right now with this program is to make sure that we take away any barrier that's making people not get vaccinated right now, so if you call us will come to you, no matter where you're at and get you vaccinated. the fda has now extended the expiration date for johnson and johnson vaccines as millions of doses go on. he used all right tonight. oracle park in san francisco, kicking off the first ever pride movie night. it's two nights of fun there at the ballpark with movies shown right there on the screen in center field. there will also be live in virtual entertainment. and, of course in popcorn tonight, it is the
5:39 pm
premier of in the heights if you haven't heard about this movie, it is the talk of the town real. tomorrow night. it is the movie everybody's talking about jamie also getting a lot of buzz and mission at the ballpark starts at $20 a person and by the way, the gates open at both 6 30 tonight and tomorrow we'll tonight's prime movie night as i mentioned will show one of the summer's most anticipated films, a gala celebrating the movie was held in the same new york city neighborhood where much of that film was shot. i'm talking about washington heights. the broadway play was about this about this neighborhood and the hopes and dreams of people that live here, which other hopes and dreams of every immigrant with new york, lifting many of its covid-19 restrictions in the heights kicked off the tribeca film festival. the event featured all of the film stars, including lin manuel miranda, jimmy smith says you just heard from and also marc anthony. i
5:40 pm
never get to see stars in this area, the hood, so i mean, you know, it's like really work. anthony and lin manuel. i mean, this is beyond anything i ever seen in all my years living here. the film is based on the lin manuel miranda tony award winning musical of the same name. it's about a street corner in washington heights, where residents many of them immigrants, dream of a better life. the director is jon m. chu. you know him, he directed crazy rich asians. well lanes on interstate 80 in richmond blocked off for hours when a big rig overturn this morning are now back open. now you can see in this video here from sky fox, and it flipped over on its side and spill its load of large logs in the eastbound lanes. now this is that fitzgerald driving pinole near the richmond parkway. this all happened just before 10 a.m. the chp says at one point, all but one lane of the freeway was blocked. several other cars were also involved, but it's unclear what caused the truck to overturn. we are buying in
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bulk. we're buying at the lowest prices that we can source well, but it is still does not matter. inflation, sending everything, including food prices through the roof, and that's having a big impact on local food
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prices are rising fast. some of this can be blamed on the pandemic. as ktvu candese charles explains, it's the rising grocery prices that are really having an impact on local food banks. we are serving a lot of people seven days a week despite the state opening up soon, the food bank of contra costa and solano county continues to serve 100,000 more people each month than prior to the pandemic. that's 270,000 bay area residents a month. the latest inflation data shows food prices are up and will likely continue to ride so for this
5:44 pm
food bank is important now more than ever to shop smart so they can meet the man we are buying in bulk were by at the lowest prices that we can source. consumer prices rose 5% last month, the biggest jump in more than a decade. i look at a £40 case of chicken went from about $40 to $130 in two weeks. that's food cost is you can't deal with whether it's food, banks or restaurants. every aspect of the food industry is struggling to deal with the lingering problems from the coronavirus for some food banks. cost increases are stemming from a surgeon. demands so not only does food cost more, but more people are also in need of assistance. obviously a lot of us are getting back to life like pre pandemic a little bit little by little, but for a lot of folks that still means food insecurity friday morning, the alameda county food bank said that even moderate income households are facing food insecurity. they're concerned cost increases could worsen the
5:45 pm
issue. unfortunately, the surge in food prices comes a surge in the clothing, airlines and auto industries. inflation is impacting food banks in more ways than one fuel costs, you know, transportation costs that trickles down to every piece of everyone's business, including the nonprofit in space for food banks, so we're just always trying to maximize the dollars that we have donated to us. to make sure that we're translating that into as much food as we possibly can. so if you can donate to food banks now is definitely a good time to do so now, despite inflation concerns, there is some good news you guys. biden administration says that this will not likely be something that continues, and the federal reserve says that they will not be included increasing interest rates for now reporting and conquered. i'm candese charles ktvu fox students. yeah. an exciting day at the oakland museum of california for the first time in 15 months, it is back open for business like the first day of school. in some ways, you know, i went out of
5:46 pm
my house today with my lunchbox and felt like okay, we're back coming up next. this is more than a reopening for those who have missed these cultural establishments over the last year. i'm tracking a warming trend in time for your bay area weekend, followed by a bigger heat up in the extended forecast more on this after the break i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. taking dovato with dofetilide can cause serious
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recovery in the east bay for the first time in more than a year, the oakland museum of california removed the closed sign and began welcoming, welcoming people inside, as katie's rob roth found a lot has changed since the last time it was open. at the oakland museum of california, friday was opening day or rather reopening day magnificent. it's a great museum for the first time in 15 months, the doors to the popular museum swung open
5:49 pm
to its members through the weekend, museum director laurie fogarty says. it's nice to see actual people inside again. it feels like the first day of school in some ways. you know, i went out of my house today with my lunchbox and felt like, okay, we're back. some familiar faces are still here. and some new ones like these depression. arab portraits from famous photographer dorothea lange. i was just so excited to be able to come and see all the changes. it just was such a welcoming space to be able to just come and sit in and hang out and that i can't say that that was the case before the museum has done some rima modeling. it's opened up its green space and planted a native california garden. but for many of the 2000 people expected over the weekend, the museum represents more than its exhibits. it's an east bay cultural touchstone that wasn't available during the covid lockdown. now that it's reopening, it feels to some, as if life is moving that much more toward the way it
5:50 pm
once was. we took a bus here, so that's our first best ride in a year and a half. and uh, you know, so, yeah, it's first it's being able to walk in and. they're back, and it's better before the pandemic, the museum to about 400,000 visitors a year, making it the largest cultural institution in the east bay, but for the time being, the museum will be open at half capacity out of covid health concerns. visitors should book tickets. online arrival times are staggered. the general public can come for free next friday through sunday, the whole socialization and just seeing the work. not only are they happy to come back to the museum, they're happy to have a place where they can kind. reconnect with their own humanity, and i think it even takes on a new level of just gratitude. the museum plans to return to its normal pre pandemic schedule of wednesday through sunday, beginning in august. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. and on tuesday when california reopens changes are
5:51 pm
also coming to the oakland zoo. next the zoo officials tell us that starting on the 15th all vaccinated, visitors will no longer be required to wear masks while outdoors in the park. everyone will still have to wear masks while at any indoor facility at the zoo. capacity by the way, will gradually increase and tickets can still be bought, but only. online beautiful day around the bay area a bit of a breeze out there, but things like that has been what we have seen lately. the winds are expected to taper off just a little bit getting into your bay area weekend and temperatures are going to warm up eventually will be in the nineties. i'll show you that in the extended forecast, let's take a look at what's happening outside our doors at this hour. we have a beautiful view for you there over san francisco, san francisco and their sixties this afternoon here's a look at storm tracker to and you can see the pacific northwest, as well as northern california. getting in on some wet weather. unfortunately, we're not likely to see any of this. it still remains north of you. kaaya may
5:52 pm
squeeze out a little sprinkle or two over lake county. maybe the very north edge of sonoma county. but it's not going to be a big deal and it's definitely not enough. for what we need. meanwhile the onshore breezes with us as a result of that system there, livermore reporting a wind gust to 25 mph san jose coming in from the north 24 mph sustained over sfo at 14 mph into our hills mount diablo reporting 27 middle peak for 22 mile seen halina 25 so brisk one out there and if you're going to see the aids play a little bit later today that west freeze. at the coliseum, so make sure you bring an extra layer or jacket. here's a look at the future cast into tonight. we do begin to see some cloud cover move in and then tomorrow morning, waking up with partly cloudy skies, little bit of fog out there before we break away to mostlyny skies away from the coastline, the coast will remain with the possibility of some fog. santa cruz capitola area, you'll have some sunshine for the afternoon. has a look at the temperatures outside right now. we came up several
5:53 pm
degrees today, still a little bit below average in many areas. 65 san francisco upper sixties in berkeley for the inner east bay 76 right now in concord tomorrow morning, low fifties in santa rosa to upper fifties in san mateo, too low sixties in antioch cell relatively mild start and then as we get into the afternoon temperatures again, we'll be climbing above today's highs. here's a little bit of a comparison. anywhere from 3 to 6. degrees of warming expected over most areas and to look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow. 7900 with city they enter east bay 86 in antioch in in the north bay 81 expected in napa your extended forecast there, not a lot of change on sunday. we do get into some hotter weather inland in the tuesday wednesday timeframe back to you. the summer olympics begin in just six weeks, but there are still some questions over whether the game should be held. i'm jeff paul in los angeles and i've got the details coming up also coming up at six, a unique commencement ceremony in the south bay how santa clara
5:54 pm
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is growing support to split amazon into two companies are forced to sell off some of its assets. now, the wall street journal reports bill targeting amazon and other big tech companies is gaining bipartisan support. amazon has been accused of antitrust behavior by selling third party items and also competing against them with its own in house brands at lower prices. the paper also says the bill may also target companies like apple, facebook and google. the tokyo olympics
5:57 pm
are now just a few weeks away, but there are still a lot of questions as to whether those games should even be held as foxes. jeff paul tells us japan's prime minister hopes to gain some support for the olympics at the g seven summit in europe. despite calls to cancel this summer's olympics, japan is getting some much needed support for the games from g seven leaders. british prime minister boris johnson welcome japan's efforts to ensure the olympics are held safely. japan's prime minister says he hopes to get other leaders to do the same, but the tokyo taking three to have we will thoroughly implement infection control measures and realize is safe and secure tournament. i would like to explain these things and gain their understanding. but some details still need to be worked out, including whether local spectators will be allowed to attend organizers saying anyone who does entered japan for the olympics will undergo frequent testing and monitoring by smartphone gps penalties for violating protocols are still
5:58 pm
up for discussion. we do need to take thorough measures for a safe and secure games, so there are scenarios where we may need to set rigid rules, japan is ramping up its vaccine rollout. ahead of the games, but it still lags behind other countries. this week. the international olympic committee announced about 75% of perspective, olympic and paralympic athletes have had or are scheduled to have their shots more than 80% are expected to be vaccinated by the start of the games for the athletes of the most important is that, uh, the olympic games are taking place. this is what we are. we are concentrating on and have been concentrating on the olympic organizers say about 11,000 athletes are expected to compete in next month's games in los angeles. jeff paul fox news. this is k. tv fox two news at six. or you could say it's officially
5:59 pm
official. now california will fully reopen on tuesday. today, governor newsom signed executive orders rescinding the state's shelter in place order. that blueprint will no longer exist next tuesday. pursuant to these two executive orders, the state is not coming back. it's coming roaring back. after more than 40 weeks. california's blueprint for a safe economy will officially be retired. good evening to you. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes in for christine. avoid as a long time coming, this will mean no physical, distancing no capacity limits and no color tiered system. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with more on today's executive orders, janna. heather and andre. this really gets the state teed up for next week, the governor signed two executive orders this afternoon, and the department of public health issued a new order reflecting the state's progress against covid-19. now let's start off with the new public health officer ordered that focuses on places where masks are still required, regardless
6:00 pm
of vaccination status. those include public transit prisons and the inside of k through 12 schools. it also outlines rules for so called mega events as. the governor's executive orders starting on june 15th one officially ends the stay at home order that went into place 15 months ago. it also removes all restrictions on businesses as it relates to the colour tier system that includes physical distancing and occupancy requirements. the other one sets a timetable for winding down some 58 covid related executive orders that the governor has issued. for example, remember when it was hard to find that hand sanitizer the governor had ordered waiver. is that allowed businesses who want to make sanitizer the ability to do that now that will expire on june 30th governor newsom says about 90%of those executive actions will be lifted by the end of september. officially move this state out of the restrictions


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