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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that's little person, uh, and the bullet when the other one went inside. i don't know where it hit. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four and welcome to the four. i'm jana katsuyama and i'm andre. senior in for alex. heather will join me for the five o'clock edition of ktvu news now. well a 12 year old boy is recovering after being shot early this morning by catalytic converter thieves in oakland, ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke to that boy today and his family and henry, how is he doing? well, andre. thankfully, he'll be okay. but the shooting is an unfortunate example of how violent crime and property crime sometime go hand in hand. the guy started shooting it and it bullet hit my leg 12 year old fernando melendez is recovering at home in oakland, just hours after he was shot in the foot by a catalytic converter thief. i heard him but that it hurt it a little bit, not how much it happened at about three friday morning
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near the corner of rawson and brookdale in oakland's maxwell park, neighborhood residents surveillance camera captured footage of two cars pulling up to the families honda accord soon they lift the car up to get at the catalytic converter, fernando's father heard the noise got up and threw a chair. in iraq over spence to drive stop them. in response, one of the thieves opened fire through the fence. it's grainy, but in the video, you can see muzzle flashes that slow where they hit the bullets. oh yes, that's the fresh one, and the bullet when the other one went inside, i don't know where it hit. the father wasn't hit, but fernando was family friend says a bullet went through an open doorway where he was standing in into the boy's right foot. the kid was right behind him kind of seeing what was going on and unfortunately got him. i was sleeping, and i like it woke me up pop, pop pop pop, and then squeal. i heard like squeal car taking off the surveillance video shows both cars peeling away. fernando's father took him to the hospital. oakland police responded. they recovered evidence, including
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this bullet and the jack that would be thieves left behind his mother, yesica. chavez speaking through an interpreter, says her son was strong right after getting shot and that she was the one who needed comforting, however, now that he's back from the hospital, um he has drama. he's asking why he was they shot him. he's only again 12 years old. we have a little boy to who's five so we just couldn't believe it. when we heard that he was shot is just heartbreaking to hear this, uh, now the fan he tells me this was the second time in two weeks that their honda was the target of catalytic converter thieves the first time they were scared off. it's not clear if they are the same ones involved in this morning shooting reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios close call for that family, henry. thank you, governor gavin newsom sign two executive orders today officially rescinding the state shelter in place and the tiered covid-19 reopening plan. the system, which ends on tuesday, has been in place for nine months. that blueprint will no longer exist next tuesday.
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pursuant to these two executive orders one winding things down another lifting and rescinding that blueprint, which has been in effect just over 40 weeks here in the state of california, and again that could not happen had it not been for all of your hard work, your resilience. we are also hearing that cal osha is expected to make an announcement today to align workplace mask. deals with cdc guidance and we will bring that to you as soon as we get it, governor newsom also took part in the second drawing for california's vaccine lottery. 15 lucky winners were selected to win $50,000 each. number 47 alameda county alameda right over there towards the coast. it's already got a yellow ball on it. the announcement did not identify the winners by name but by the counties where they live. the bay area had five winners, one from alameda county, as you just heard there,
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one from san mateo county, one from san francisco and two from santa clara county. ktvu san ruben joins us live now with how the state has been getting the word out to the winners and also a warning about scammers and. yeah if you're one of today's lucky winners, you may have already received a call, however, scammers have already started making calls to and so experts want you to be really careful with your personal information. was it real? that was what 17 year old nancy gutierrez wanted to know when the phone rang last week. the message that she won $50,000 through the state's vax for the win lottery. they called my mom and my mom came in and was like nancy, you don't believe it, and i was like we didn't believe it at the beginning, but i think after a few more phone calls, we were like, okay, i think this might be true. it was she was one of the lucky ones. i think it's confirmed jealous, and some 15 winners were announced last week. another 15 today. but today we are picking 15 $50,000
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winners and i'm so excited the newly chosen two winners from santa clara county and one each from san francisco, san mateo and alameda counties, but as the checks go out, the scammers apparently come out. the state says they've been notified of several so far. you should be skeptical when you get a call like that, experts say, use caution. try calling back the institution they claim to be phoning from. and remember, don't give out your social security number or bank information. they ask for personal information. that should be a red flag if they ask you to click a link. that should be a red flag. your your best bet is to again verify who's there. tony, another of the winners took some convincing to i got the call last friday and fresh. i thought it was a joke, and i ignored it. officials say. don't do that. for the new winners. notification began immediately by phone with a live caller from a department of public health number, and officials say vax for the wind is working in california. 13%
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more people got vaccines this week than last. this program seems to have been effective in encouraging more people to get vaccinated. 40 million vaccines administered so far 15.9 million more than any other state. and governor gavin newsom hopes that number goes up before the next lottery drawing on tuesday. encourage people that maybe on the fence take advantage of getting vaccinated so they can take advantage of the opportunity to win a million a half dollars. so that big drawing is on tuesday, 10 winners will be chosen each of them receiving instead of $50,000.1 million dollars each, and state officials do expect there will be more people going to get those shots between now and then. janna okay, good advice there on the scams. and thanks so much. or just days from fully reopening just days from fully reopening. san francisco has hit of vaccination milestone. mayor london breed announced today that 80% of
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eligible san franciscans have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine and nearly 70% of fully vaccinated. san francisco is the first major city in the country to achieve this milestone. when the south bay four out of santa clara's five mass vaccination sites are closing in the next few weeks, county health officials say the large sites are no longer needed because nearly 80% of eligible county residents are now vaccinated. the mass sites closing are the ones that levi stadium, the county service center in san jose gilroy high school and the mountain view community center. vaccines are still being given out at the senate, clara county fairgrounds, pop up mobile sites, pharmacies and healthcare clinics. well statewide more than 39 million doses of covid-19 vaccine have now been administered. according to the latest data. there are now an average of 146th shots a day being given out here in california, and that is more than 25,000 above the daily average at the beginning of the week, and more than 54% of californians are now fully vaccinated and 11% more have received at least one
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dose. joining me now is dr peterson hung, an infectious disease specialist at ucsf doctor. thank you so much for joining us in providing your insight. now the improving vaccination rates are encouraging. in your opinion, does the closing, though these large vaccination sites makes sense makes sense. at this point, it makes complete sense. andre, i think we're shifting from, uh, one size fits all approach, um to an individual and personalized approach because the folks left to vaccinate come from a variety of different walks of life and very different reasons for not getting the vaccine. so now there is a shift to mobile and pop up sites. are you concerned that the urgency to get the vaccine might not be there? or do you see this as a natural progression? now i think it's a natural progression. we have already addressed the low hanging fruit when the vaccine was like getting a gucci bag or the next best, uh, you know, ironic food. now it's actually
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very hard work to get the rest of. the population vaccinated people may have mistrust people, maybe on the fence. i think that would be the easiest group to address. people may not have the time or the convenience and maybe worried about costs. i think those groups would probably need another approach. that's not just, you know, lotteries, but like you said, pop up clinics we can schedules 24 hour. walgreens these kinds of things so like in san francisco, right now, we just mentioned there at 80% vaccination. in santa clara county, nearly 80% so reading their herd immunity now in those areas just to confirm i think we're ready there, andre the reason why is because you add vaccine immunity to natural immunity? people have been infected in winter search who haven't been vaccinated yet. they have some immunity. we don't know how long that will last. that's why we're encouraging everyone to get a vaccination. and as you bring up that topic, let's talk about
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this. the delta variant, how concerned. are you about its spread? i'm very, very concerned for those who have not been vaccinated, and that's because it's even more transmissible than the u. k e 117 or alpha very and, um and not only that it's potentially some vaccine evading, so we know that you need two shots of the vaccine. if you thinking fights in madona before you can really approach 80% of, uh or 90% of immunity after one does. it's only about 30% against the delta virant. now it's accounting for what 60% of u k cases. okay, so if the delta very were to show up in a place like san francisco or santa clara county, and we're we have 80% or near 80% in santa clara county's case vaccinated, this will not proliferate is what you're saying. yes it probably will bounce off right now, but again because we have that group of folks who have
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immunity from natural infection who have have been vaccinated as that immunity wins, and we don't know how long that will last week. the vaccine immunity is much more reliable. uh that will set up. you know, a target, probably around winter time for some variance to take, you know, spread of foot if we don't sort of, like, move on it. so you're saying we should also have our air to the ground about possible other variants coming up later this year? definitely we have to be flexible. we have to look at the data. i think it's appropriate what we're doing now. uh but just, you know, particularly again for unvaccinated folks, um and especially in other parts of the country. i think we are a little bit more blessed here in the bay area, but again that may not last forever. something to think about. i'm glad you mentioned that we you know we are getting over things now, but we also have to look to the future because this virus definitely commuted as we see with the delta delta very into this virus. alright, doctor, peter chin hung. an infectious disease specialist. see ucsf
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thank you so much for your insight today. thanks so much and ring. coming up. your trip to the grocery store likely has become more expensive recently as the economy recovers from the pandemic, how an increase in food prices is also taking a toll on local food banks and focus on families and childcare more on nancy pelosi's message today during a trip to san francisco. around the bay area this afternoon, a little bit of a breeze. temperatures warmer today and climbing into your weekend. we'll check it on your current conditions and show you what you can expect for tomorrow. coming up. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day.
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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closing bell on this friday. stocks ended the day in positive territory as traders shook off concerns about inflation, tech and financial companies saw some of the biggest gains. the dow ended up
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13 points ahead of yesterday. also the nasdaq ended higher with again of 49 points and the s and p set another record at the close today, finishing the day eight points higher than yesterday's record. speaking of. money the price of many consumer products is increasing partly as a result of the pandemic. as ktvu candese charles explains more expensive groceries is also having an impact on local food banks. we are serving a lot of people seven days a week despite the state opening up soon, the food bank of contra costa and solano county continues to serve 100,000 more people each month than prior to the pandemic. that's 270,000 bay area residents a month. the latest inflation data shows food prices are up and will likely continue to ride so for this food bank is important now more than ever to shop smart so they can meet demand. we are buying in bulk whereby at the lowest prices that we can source. consumer prices rose 5%
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last month, the biggest up in more than a decade. i look at a £40 case of chicken went from about $40 to $130 in two weeks. that's food cost is you can't deal with whether it's food banks or restaurants. every aspect of the food industry is struggling to deal with the lingering problems from the coronavirus for some food banks. cost increases are stemming from a surgeon. man so not only does food cost more, but more people are also in need of assistance. obviously a lot of us are getting back to life like pre pandemic a little bit little by little, but for a lot of folks that still means food insecurity friday morning, the alameda county food bank said that even moderate income households are facing food insecurity. they're concerned cost increases could worsen the issue. unfortunately with the surge in food prices comes a surge in the clothing airlines and arlo industries inflate is impacting food banks in more ways than one fuel costs, you
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know, transportation costs that trickles down to every piece of everyone's business, including the nonprofit in space for food banks, so we're just always trying to maximize the dollars that we have donated to us to make sure that we're translating that into as much food as we possibly can. so if you can donate to food banks now is definitely a good time to do so now despite inflation concerns, there is some good news you guys. biden administration says that this will not likely be something that continues. and the federal reserve says that they will not be included increasing interest rates for now reporting and conquered. i'm candese charles ktvu fox students, house speaker nancy pelosi is in san francisco today as part of house democrats national effort called care economy week of action this morning speaker pelosi was at the mission neighborhood centers new head start youth center. she talked about the importance of investing resources in caregiving. work continues in washington on the american jobs plan. an american families plan. pelosi says. investing in care for children and families can
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play a big role in helping people get back to work, supporting small businesses and growing the economy. we will build back better when we recognize the human infrastructure. part of this that it involved education and training for more people to qualify. for the jobs if it recognizes that people have to be have the freedom to go to work, the big investment in childcare, the american rescue plan recently passed by congress includes $45 billion for childcare, but speaker pelosi says it was mostly related to covid and more money is needed. now republicans have opposed including so called human infrastructure costs in their infrastructure negotiations. vice president kamala harris visit. did a childcare center today in washington, d. c she was there to highlight the biden administration's efforts to expand childcare and relieve some of the financial pressures
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of parenthood. the vice president says the american rescue plan offers solutions for working families to make child care more accessible and affordable. this is the point here, affordability and accessibility. and i believe this is some of the most important work we can do. you know, we say we care about families. well then let's get in there on the details of what helps and makes families actually work and function as a family. the biden administration says 39 million families will benefit from the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, which was passed earlier this year. irs payments to those families are set to begin next month. the lanes of interstate 80 enrichment are back open after being blocked for hours today by an overturned big rig. now you can see from sky fox, and it flipped on its side and spill its large load of logs on the eastbound lanes. now this is that fitzgerald driving pinole near the richmond parkway and.
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happened about 9 45 this morning, the chp says at one point, all but one lane on the freeway was blocked. several other cars were also involved in this, but it's unclear what caused the truck to overturn. well. brush fire in marin county is now under control. the fire started near the community of wood acre west of novato. crews from the nevado and marin county fire departments work together to stop the fire from spreading. firefighters state burned five acres. no word on how. fire started. oh i've got some rain over northern california, but none for us. in fact, we're going to warm things up as we get into your bay area weekend temperatures this afternoon. little warmer than yesterday and still a bit about below the seasonal average. we'll talk about that in just a moment, having a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge as we look towards the marin headlands again. we do have a partly cloudy skies in the forecast for today and into the weekend, and there's a look at that system where you can see northern california seeing some rain all the way over towards
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eureka, and it moves even a little bit farther south than that. in fact, let's get in a little bit closer. see how far south it is coming. just north of ukiah, and it will remain there. in fact, it will probably take a hike a little bit farther north, getting into the weekend for us. the onshore breezes with us fairfield reporting wind gusts to 30 mph, oakland sustained 17 nevado gusting to 20 so the onshore breeze and another breezy day around the bay area temperatures are warmer, though up by seven degrees in nevado around the bay up by foreign oakland in the east bay up by four livermore half moon bay up by four half moon bay right now. 63 degrees we have mid sixties reported in san francisco. you go inland. it's a nice 1 77 conquered in the north based 72 right now over areas of santa rosa. temperatures are right about average a little bit below, even with the warm up this afternoon, if you're going out to the coliseum to see the aids play today a partly cloudy skies 65 degrees expected at game time. and the westerly breezed about 15 mph getting
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into the evening hours. the low clouds will work their way back through and we are looking at partly clear skies to partly cloudy getting into tomorrow morning. there's a look the timestamp seven o'clock then, as we get into the afternoon, it breaks away to mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. better details on the warm up the temperatures you can expect for tomorrow in the extended forecast coming up. well he made history by becoming the first senate confirmed openly gay cabinet member in the united states. up next we'll hear from pete good. a judge his message to lgbtq youth this pride eq pride, and today we are
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hearing from the first openly gay cabinet level member in the united states to be confirmed in the u. s. senate alex michaelson talked with transportation secretary pete buddha judge and alex the secretary has always been very open about talking about his husband talking about being a gay politician from the midwest,
4:25 pm
and i'm wondering what did he tell you about the significance of this month for him? yeah well, i mean, we talked about a lot of things for the issue is including infrastructure and vaccine. but he perhaps got the most personal when talking about pride, and i asked him what does this month mean to him? take a look. congratulations buddha judge is one of america's first openly gay cabinet secretaries now serving during lgbtq pride month. what does pride mean to you? well, right now i'm thinking about the journey we've been on, you know, not that long ago. somebody who was out would have been unimaginable as a cabinet officer, or, you know, even as a federal employee. we got a long way to go. but what pride means to me is that there there really is a chance to stand up for each other in the name of compassion in the name of equality and make life better and my being here is one small
4:26 pm
piece of evidence of that, and i know there's a lot of young people out there wondering whether they fit. they know they're different, and they don't know whether america has a place for them. and i'm here to say that there's a lot of people rooting for you. in fact, pretty beautiful message there from the secretary of transportation. he's busy these days. janna trying to negotiate this big infrastructure bill, the president wants to pass something more than $2. trillion is a lot of back and forth going on with republicans in the senate on that, he says that we got to pursue multiple tracks. one of those past, maybe just democrats doing and on its own, but he's busy with that. trying to see. uh you know if a deal can't in fact be made. we've certainly seen moderates step up there into that gap and try and close it. thanks so much, alex appreciate your time today and you can catch the issue is and alex this weekend. it airs at 5 30 sunday morning, right here on ktvu. the first day of the g
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seven summit concludes with the queen's first meet up with president biden. i'm mala rivera in washington with more on the days highlights coming up. the department of justice, seizing democratic lawmakers, cellphone debt are under the trump administration. we will talk live to congresswoman jackie speier about this shocking revelation.
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seven summit in england as foxes madeline rivera tells us covid-19 is at the top of the list of issues the group is
4:30 pm
expected to tackle a night with royal family capping off the first meeting of g seven members on friday. the gathering of leaders of the world's wealthiest democracies in cornwall, marking a return to elbow bump diplomacy after last year's summit was canceled because of covid-19 the global health emergency. has shown us what a truly borderless crisis looks like to avoid a repeat. the g seven is rolling out a global vaccination plan they and guess countries will give more than one billion covid-19 vaccines around the world with the united states leading the charge, providing 500 million doses. we need to make sure that. we now allow our economies to recover the donation. also seen as a way to curb china and russia's political influence. both are sending vaccines abroad even as pressure intensifies for china to increase its transparency as
4:31 pm
global leaders push to investigate the origins of covid-19 when your own intel starts leaking out. something is afoot at the end of the president's trip comes a one on one meeting with russian president vladimir putin. it'll take place as the country deals with a rise in russian based cyber attacks. have targeted colonial pipeline and meat producer jbs, but the president did not share details. mr president, what's your message to putin? so you have to deliver it despite the president's vague response, his national security advisor says the uptick in ransomware attacks will 100% be appointed discussion when the president and putin meet on wednesday. washington mother rivera, fox news. in washington. an internal investigation is underway into revelations that the justice department seized phone data from east bay congressman eric swalwell and southern california representative adam schiff. both congressmen say apple notified them last month that their metadata was subpoenaed
4:32 pm
and turned over to the justice department in 2018 family members. phone data was also seized, the trump administration reportedly was trying to track down the source of alleged leaks to the media. both swallow and ships are on the house intelligence committee, which was investigating former president trump's ties to russia at the time. in the end, the data did not connect shift or small well to those leaks. in a statement, congressman swalwell said, quote like many of the world's most despicable dictator's former president, trump showed an utter disdain for our democracy and the rule of law. this kind of conduct is unacceptable, but unfortunately on brand for a president, who has repeatedly shown he would cast aside our constitution for his own personal gain and joining us now to talk more about this as congresswoman jackie speier. thank you so much for joining us today. great to be with you. so, congresswoman, first of all, you've been a long time member of the house intelligence committee as well and i'm wondering, is there any legal precedent or justification that
4:33 pm
you know of here for such subpoenas. zero now, if in fact there was evidence of criminal conduct, and that was taken to the grand jury, that would then requests a subpoena. that would be one thing, but it appears from what little we know at this point that it was purely a fishing expedition. and there is and the constitution the protection of separation of powers, the co equal branches of government. and what is called the speech and debate clause, which gives members of congress the right to do fact finding and investigate. in addition to doing the speech and debate that goes on on the house floor, so. there are protections protections put in place for a reason. our founding fathers didn't want the executive to be able to intimidate members from doing their job or have a hostile judiciary that would come after
4:34 pm
them. it appears here that they were getting getting direction from former president trump to spy on. members of the house intelligence committee because we were in the process of doing an investigation to determine whether or not the president should be impeached. this smacks of the of the dirty tricks that richard nixon engaged in as well. and congresswoman. one thing that i think is disturbing to some people is that in this case, apple shared records of 12 people, and it wasn't just the congress members but their families as well. what is your reaction to that? well, you know, there's new, her information coming out that suggests that it was much more than that. it was over 70 email, uh, sites and 36 phone numbers, and now there's word coming out that that request was also made of microsoft. and maybe google. we don't know that perfect. so this was a net that was drawn.
4:35 pm
very large and it really appears that it was, uh one in which they were also looking for absolutely anything the subpoena, it appears asked for all data dating back to the inception of that email address, or that telephone number very could have been before it could have been before the members or even members of congress. and you represent the bay area where tech is a. big industry here. what are your thoughts in terms of any actions that congress might take or something that the companies themselves should do in order to address these issues of privacy right now? i think we have to get to the bottom. um why the justice department? what was the predicate upon which they went to a grand jury, which is secret by the way, and which then issued the
4:36 pm
subpoena. no. many times. the subpoena is requested by the justice department from a judge. judge has legal training. a grand jury does not so they won't appreciate the finer elements of the constitution as it relates to speech and debate and a separation of powers. so uh, there's so much that we don't know. and i do think this is the tip of the iceberg. i think we're going to find out that the corruption was not just in doj. it was probably in every department in the federal government in which donald trump had an interest in either scrap. watching someone's back or promoting his own businesses, and we do understand that the justice department's internal watchdog organization is now taking a close. look at this. so i imagine that will probably be returning to this topic very soon. congresswoman jackie speier. thank you so much for your time. great to be with you. former vice president mike pence is set to headline two
4:37 pm
events next month in iowa. the announcement is raising questions into whether pence is considering a run for the white house in 2024, iowa, is schedule to be the first state to vote in the 2024 presidential primary elections during his upcoming visit. pence will be the headliner of a fundraiser for iowa congresswoman or congressman rather randy fence trip. he's also expected to be the keynote speaker at the family leadership summit in des moines. the california state capitol will soon allow more visitors during the pandemic. the capital is only open to the public on days when lawmakers were in meetings or holding public hearings. but starting june 15th. capital will be open to the public, regardless of whether the legislature is in session. capacity will be limited to 500 people on the first week, but by the following week capacity will double to 1000 people today is never to be outdone like this. this is going to be the talk of until the end of time. wish come true for sacramento boy
4:38 pm
suffering from a rare medical condition look at his face and the community came together to put on a special parade just for him. i'm tracking a warm up in time for your bay area weekend. i'll show you you can expect for the weekend and when temperatures are expected to temperatures are expected to really heat up in the extende triple bacon chee... how's that song coming along? that's for me? oh no, you're making music, i don't want to get in your way. oh c'mon man. oh. hang on a second. my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us.
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♪ with triple the beef. triple the cheese. and triple the bacon... i call this burger the perfect triple threat. but you can call it the triple bacon cheesy jack. my $6.99 triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. of all three in a special parade put on just for him by the make a wish foundation reporter olivia de janeiro has that story from sacramento. well, this has definitely been a celebration fit for a hero, and today's hero happens to be a 10 year old boy named devin. damaged damaged every student at herman leinbach elementary school lined the sidewalks, holding signs to cheer on one
4:41 pm
of their classmates. devin wade has a genetic condition he's been battling since birth. he's certainly had difficult moments along his journey, but seeing law enforcement vehicles always brings. a smile to his face. anytime you hear sirens, whatever he's doing at that moment stops and whatever i'm doing has to stop and we have to look out the window to see. oh, and today, the make a wish foundation brought the lights and sirens to devin. so what do you think about getting in with your dad into one of the special sheriff's cars. do you want to ride in the parade with us? what do you guys all things should he ride in the parade with? oh, i'll get today from the school parking lot and through the streets of south sacramento. the parade brought devin to the courtland fire station where he got another big surprise or wish to have a cough uniform and a bike is coming true. his parents tell
4:42 pm
us, devin already patrols their home. i buy him fake handcuffs all the time and literally hell, right, get him a little sticky note with pens, and he'll write his tickets in, handcuff us and say were arrested. but now he'll be able to put on his own uniform and take his own police motorcycle out on the streets of his neighborhood today is never going to be outdone like this. this is going to be the talk of until the end of time. it's very emotional, and i'm so happy that this is happening for him, and it's not only going to be a day he'll never forget, but i'll never forget today as well. mm in south sacramento, olivia de janeiro fox news, the oakland zoo is announcing changes as california fully reopens next tuesday. the oakland zoo tells ktvu that starting on the 15th all vaccinated visitors will no longer be required to wear masks while outdoors in the park. everyone will still have to wear masks while at any indoor facility of the zoo
4:43 pm
capacity will gradually increase and tickets can only be sold online. all right tonight. oracle park in san francisco will hold a movie night in honor of pride, people who head to the ballpark will see the new movie in the hikes. that's the new lin manuel miranda musical down theaters and tomorrow night it will be the movie everybody's talking about jamie. now the movies will be shown on the center field screen admission. by the way, start to $20 per and gates open at 6 30 tonight as the state prepares for its full reopening on tuesday. ktvu amber lee took a look at how to venues in san francisco's chinatown are promising to bring nightlife back to the area. matthis creaking or yeah, thursday night is a soft opening for great star theater in chinatown. this is the first time i'll be performing in front of a live audience in 14 months, and there is a magic and a beauty to the interaction that happens, the magic of a
4:44 pm
live audience in this new venue housed in a building that was once the stage for chinese opera in 1925. the plan is to offer western and chinese. entertainment and i see this as a bridge an opportunity for those two cultures talk with each other limited capacity now under 100 people, but the staff is preparing for the state's june 15th reopening, as well as the theaters. official grand opening next week when it can host more than 400. that's going to be full capacity master still encouraged but not required nearby, the lion's den bar and lounge is another new business. they were probably descendants of railroad workers co founder steven lee shows me the tribute wall, illustrating the history of chinatown clubs and performers of the past. but he has his eye on the future. the dj place behind the screen, lee says plexi glass partitions will stay up indefinitely a big
4:45 pm
change for june, 15th customers will be allowed to sit at the bar. oh, my god, it's just, uh, relief. because i won't be so stressed. as for great star theatre performers say returning to the stage and the promise of june 15th is limitless. it feels like a release date from prison. this is amazing. it's going to be, it's going to be a little emotional tonight. great start theater's grand opening is one week from friday, both the theater and lines then say starting tuesday, they will no longer have to limit capacity, but they don't anticipate large turnouts right away. in san francisco, chinatown, amberleigh ktvu fox. t news, all around the bay area this afternoon. partly cloudy skies a little bit of an onshore breeze and temperatures warmer today but still a little bit below average for this time of year. that's going to change as we get into your bay area weekend. temperatures will be
4:46 pm
warming up and eventually our inland cities getting into some hot weather right now. the time frame looks to be wednesday more on that in the extended forecast, let's take a look at what is happening outside our doors, and at this hour you can see over san francisco a beautiful day there to temperatures in the sixties over areas of san francisco. here's a look at storm tracker, too, and we actually have some rain moving through northern california. take a look at that. pacific, northwest canada, seeing some of this and all the way down, it looks like to just north of uk a seeing some some rain and scattered shower activity. not for us. we are going to remain dry. we do have the onshore breeze, though, and that is. helping to keep things really pleasant around the bay area. fairfield reporting augusta 30 mph conquered the gusts to 21 napa, sustained us 17 santa rosa gusting to 21. so even though the temperatures feel quite nice, it's a little breezy, a little brisk out there for many temperatures are up anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees around the bay area, even seven degrees warmer right now in nevada or where we were. yesterday at this time, and here's a view of some of these
4:47 pm
numbers 65 in san francisco 74 in walnut creek and in the north based 72 over areas of santa rosa, the feature cast model here will show you as we get into tomorrow morning. we are going to wake up with muslim cloudy skies along the coast around the bay and even inland. but it doesn't last we pull away to mostly sunny skies away from the coastline into the afternoon. notice the coast, though kind of remains socked in just a little bit over areas of a pacifica half moon bay senators capitola, you've got some sunshine coming your way into the overnight hours of 56. degrees expected for san francisco tomorrow, 56 over areas of livermore starting your morning in santa rosa. little cool, not bad 51 expected for you there. again the afternoon highs for tomorrow. coming up and just about average in most spots. we have 81 degrees for santa rosa upper sixties san francisco low seventies in oakland, low eighties in livermore in 80, degrees over san jose. so many areas just within a few degrees of the seasonal average. a better look at some of these
4:48 pm
numbers. just a nice day out there. it's going to be warm inland 85 for concord. in the north bay 81 over santa rosa. meanwhile around the bay very comfortable for you there. 77 san mateo, 77 fremont and by the coast 65 under partly cloudy, partly sunny skies for pacifica. here's a look at your extended forecast. not much change on sunday. so if you like this kind of weather near repeat for the back end of the weekend. not much change on monday, we do begin to warm it up on tuesday and by wednesday are inland communities into the nineties, perhaps upper nineties low eighties around the bay still remaining, very cool, too comfortable along the coastline with sixties in the forecast back to you, thanks so much for us, man. well, a big honor for golden state warrior player wants us cano anderson the recognition he's getting for a rally he organized after for a rally he organized after the death
4:49 pm
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vaccination rate here in the united states. reporter jonathan serrie has more on the national vaccine supply. global leaders are making plans to get the world vaccinated by the end of next year. the leaders of the g seven plan on committing to share one billion covid-19 vaccine doses with poorer countries. half of those are expected to come from the us the pledge comes as the highly contagious delta variant first detected in india spreads to more than 60 countries. the aim is to get the world vaccinated by the end of 2022. if we can do that will be making a real step. forward in dealing with the pandemic globally here in the us, the vaccination rate continues to slow, according to the wall street journal. the cdc is suspended shipments of new johnson and johnson doses after an 11 day pause caused a backlog of the vaccine to speed up the country's roll out. state and local leaders are getting creative by creating pop up clinics and vaccinating people at their home or
4:52 pm
business. our goal right now with this program is to make sure that we take away any barrier that's making people not get back. vaccinated right now, so if you call us will come to you, no matter where you're at and get you vaccinated. meanwhile israeli researchers say new data show the effectiveness of mass vaccination, the study published in the journal nature, medicine, finds as more adults get vaccinated in a community the number of unvaccinated children testing positive for covid 19 dropped by about half. researchers say those who are unvaccinated are less likely to encounter the virus as more people get the shots in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news, a golden state warrior is among five finalists for the nba's first social justice champion award want us cano anderson, who is from oakland, has been selected as a finalist for the award, which is named after basketball legend kareem abdul jabbar. it will be given to the player who best embodies the hall of famers. message of
4:53 pm
civil rights and racial equality. just cano anderson's journey to achieve foundation helps people have color in the bay area and in mexico. he also speaks to schoolchildren about bias and breaking through barriers. it's not easy to articulate how meaningful and significant this nomination is to me. someone who aspires not only to change greatness like kareem, but also make a difference off the court in my community and around the world, also a career best 20 former warrior harrison barnes, who now plays for sacramento, is also one of the five finalists with toscano anderson. the winner will be announced later this month. boston starbucks is seeking the right to use its name on stadiums and training facilities. the coffee giant filed an application with the u. s patent. and trademark office. if approved, starbucks could join other big name companies such as chase and levi's who sponsor stadiums and arenas. many companies are willing to spend top dollar on these sponsorships. last year, amazon reportedly spent between
4:54 pm
304 $100 million for the naming rights for an arena in seattle, now called climate pledge arena. mcdonald's is one of the latest major corporations to have its data compromised. the company says hackers stole. business and employee data in the u. s. south korea and taiwan. the data included customer email addresses, phone numbers and other addresses. mcdonald says that the hack did not affect its operations and the hackers did not demand any ransom. the company has warned employees to be on the lookout for phishing email scams. the summer olympics begin in just six weeks. but there are still some questions over whether the game should be held. i'm jeff paul in los angeles
4:55 pm
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questions as to whether the games should be held as foxes. jeff paul tells us japan's prime minister hopes to gain support for the olympics at the upcoming g seven summit in europe. despite calls to cancel this summer's olympics, japan is getting some much needed support for the games from g seven leaders. british prime minister boris johnson welcome japan's efforts to ensure the olympics are held safely. japan's prime minister says he hopes to get other leaders to do the same, but the tokyo taking three to have we will thoroughly implement infection control measures and realize is safe and secure tournament. i would like to explain these things and gain their understanding, but some details still need to be worked out. including whether local spectators will be allowed to attend organizers saying anyone who does enter japan for the olympics will undergo frequent testing and monitoring by smartphone gps penalties for violating protocols are still up for discussion going to did we do need to take thorough
4:58 pm
measures for a safe and secure games? so there are scenarios where we may need to set rigid rules, japan is ramping up its vaccine rollout ahead of the games, but it still lags behind other kind. countries this week, the international olympic committee announced about 75% of perspective, olympic and paralympic athletes have had or are scheduled to have their shots more than 80% are expected to be vaccinated by the start of the games for the athletes of the most important is that, uh, the olympic games are taking place. this is what we are. we are concentrating on and have been concentrating on the olympic organizers say about 11,000 athletes are expected to compete in next month's games in los angeles. jeff paul fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now i was sleeping, and i'd like it woke me up pop, pop, pop pop and then squeal. i heard like
4:59 pm
squeal car taking off one of those bullets struck a 12 year old boy. thankfully, he's going to be okay and is talking with us about that terrifying experience. the people who fired those shots were trying to steal the catalytic converter from the family's car early this morning. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. i'm andre senior. thank you for joining us at tough little kids said getting shot only hurt a little bit. as you can imagine, though, mom and dad still shaken up by this ktvu henry lee talked to that family and witnesses who live nearby. henry well, andre, this boy is extremely lucky, and he's taking it all in stride. he actually was more worried that his dad had been shot and relieved that he wasn't. the guy started shooting it and it bullet hit my leg 12 year old fernando melendez is recovering at home in oakland just hours after he was shot in the foot by a catalytic converter thief. i heard him but that it hurt it a little bit, not how much it happened at about three friday morning near the corner of rawson and brookdale in oakland's maxwell park,
5:00 pm
neighborhood residents surveillance camera captured footage of two cars pulling up to the families honda accord soon they lift the car up to get at the catalytic converter. fernando's father heard the noise got up and threw a chair. in iraq over spence to try to stop them. in response, one of the thieves opened fire through the fence. it's greenie, but in the video, you can see muzzle flashes that slow where they hit the bullets. oh yes, that's the first one and the bullet when the other one went inside. i don't know where it hit. the father wasn't hit, but fernando was family friend says a bullet went through an open doorway where he was standing in into the boy's right foot. the kid was right behind him kind of seeing what was going on and unfortunately got him. i was sleeping, and i'd like it woke me up pop, pop pop pop and then squeal. i heard like squeal car taking on the surveillance video shows both cars peeling away. fernando's father took him to the hospital. oakland police responded. they recovered evidence, including this bullet and the jack that would be thieves left beh


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