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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 11, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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climate change and a mask coronavirus testing site in san francisco about to shut down cases continue to fall as the city's vaccination rate climbs. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. president joe biden on his first overseas trip as commander in chief for the g seven summit. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian everyone i'm frank mallicoat mic is off today. ktvu is elissa harrington has been following the president's busy schedule in the uk and joins us now live alyssa. that's right. you know, it's been a jam packed day in president joe biden has said that he plans to work with allies to try to promote a more inclusive global economy. president joe biden met with other world leaders in the united kingdom to kick off the first full day of the g seven summit. the group of seven consists of the world's major economies. the united states, canada, the uk, germany,
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france, italy and japan. leaders are meeting in the uk to discuss global issues like climate change, the global tax rate and the pandemic. british prime minister boris johnson started the conversation at a round table. we need to make sure that we learn the less since from the pandemic, we may need to make sure that we don't repeat some of the errors that we doubtless made in the course of the last 18 months or so, and we need to make sure that we now allow our economies to recover. the event has also attracted protesters. are activists demanding protection for the world's oceans. the group held rallies on the beach, demanding g seven leaders take action and get the issue to the top of their agenda. hello, one. they're scared of dad earlier today, first lady jill biden and the duchess of cambridge toured a school. it was the first meeting for the first lady and
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the duchess they visited with foreign five year olds met the class bunny. and talked about the importance of early childhood education because i really do feel the best investment for our future health and happiness lies in the first five years of life. first lady joe biden has been a teacher for decades. i met some wonderful teachers and principals and most of all the children who were so inspiring and so well behaved. i know i couldn't get over it. mhm. there will be another visit with the royal family tonight and a surprise announcement, the queen of england said that she's actually going to travel to the area of the g seven summit to meet with leaders during a reception tonight reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news, alyssa thank you new at noon, house speaker nancy pelosi in san francisco today as part of house democrats care economy week of action. speaker pelosi was at the mission neighborhood centers new head start youth center there to talk about the importance of
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investing in caregiving. this comes as work continues in washington on the american jobs plan and american families plan, speaker pelosi says investing in care for children and families will help people get back to work support small businesses and grow the economy. we will build back better when we recognize the human infrastructure. part of this that it involved education and training for more people to qualify. for the jobs if it recognizes that people have to be have the freedom to go to work, the big investment in childcare, the american rescue plan recently passed by congress includes $45 billion for childcare speaker pelosi says it was mostly related to covid and that more money is needed. now vice president kamala harris visited a childcare center this morning in washington, d. c. she was there to highlight the biden administration's efforts to expand childcare and relieve the financial pressures of
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parenthood vice president said the american rescue plan offers real solutions for working families and the child care should be more accessible and more affordable. this is the point here, affordability and accessibility. and i believe this is some of the most important work we can do. you know, we say we care about families. well then let's get in there on the details of what helps and makes families actually work and function as a family. the biden administration says 39 million families will benefit the two trillion covid relief will be benefited by the $2 trillion covid relief package passed earlier this year. irs payments to those families begin next month. what are the mass coronavirus testing sites in san francisco is set to close the city, says the embarcadero testing site. located appears 30 32 will close on tuesday, the same day the state fully reopens testing site provided
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more than a half a million tests in the last 14 months, city's public health department says more than 68% of people in san francisco are now fully vaccinated, smaller city run testing sites and clinics will continue to provide coronavirus test so as testing sites close health leaders are concerned about the slowing vaccination rate here in the united states reporter jonathan siri has more on the. national vaccine supply. global leaders are making plans to get the world vaccinated by the end of next year. the leaders of the g seven plan on committing to share one billion covid-19 vaccine doses with poorer countries. half of those are expected to come from the us the pledge comes as the highly contagious delta variant first detected in india. spread to more than 60 countries. the aim is to get the world vaccinated by the end of 2022. if we can do that will be making a real step forward in dealing with the pandemic globally here in the us, the
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vaccination rate continues to slow, according to the wall street journal. the cdc is suspended shipments of new johnson and johnson doses. after an 11 day pause caused a backlog of the vaccine to speed up the country's roll out. state and local leaders are getting creative by creating pop up clinics and vaccinating people at their home or business. our goal right now with this program is to make sure that we take away any barrier that's making people not get vaccinated right now, so if you call us, we'll come to you, no matter where you're at and get you vaccinated. meanwhile israeli researchers say new data show the effectiveness of mass vaccination. the study published in the journal nature medicine finds as more adults get vaccinated in a community the number of unvaccinated children testing positive for covid 19 dropped by about half. researchers say those who are unvaccinated are less likely to encounter the virus as more people get the shots in atlanta johnson siri ktvu, fox two news,
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the fda is forcing johnson and johnson and throw out tens of millions of doses of its coronavirus vaccine. over contamination concerns. the fda says production issues at a plant operated by the maryland company emergent bio solutions has made 60 million doses unusable. 10 million doses produced at that plant are acceptable, but the fda will require j and j to include a warning with those problems first came to light two months ago issues that the emergent factory. also contaminated tens of millions of doses of astrazeneca vaccine, which is also produced there. more people, including some here in the bay area, are about to receive thousands of dollars for getting the covid vaccine. another 15 people were selected this morning in california's vaccine lottery to win $50,000. it's part of the states $160 million vax for the win incentive program. 15. other winners were chosen last week. governor newsom says the incentives are helping to get more people vaccinated. since
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we announced, uh, these drawings a few weeks back, california's laid claim to be just one of a handful of states in the country that's actually seen an increase week over week in vaccines being administered. this program appears to be working the big drawing his next tuesday. that's when 10 people will be selected to each win $1.5 million. now there were five winners from here in the bay area in this morning's drawing. two of them were from santa clara county. and from alameda county, one from san francisco and one from san mateo county. the winners were identified by anonymous numbers and the county they live in. they will be notified by the state. public health departments across the state are asking for more money for next year's budget proposal. the governor's budget proposal includes $300 million for public hospitals and government funded health insurance for low income adults. the proposal does not include assistance for health departments, a coalition of county health department is now asking for $400 million to be set aside to help them with
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staffing shortages and other costs associated with the pandemic. nearly a billion dollars in federal funding has been restored for california's high speed rail project. the department of transportation finalise negotiations with the state to restore that grant money for the rail project, the trump administration rescinded all that funny back in 2019 governor, newsom says they've restored money will create jobs, but experts say it will take billions more to complete the high speed rail project. right now, the state is focusing on completing a 165 mile stretch between bakersfield ember said. the bar border directors has approved a budget for fiscal. year, 2022 that will allow for better service $2.4 billion budget will pay for additional train service with more frequent trips and extended hours. budget does include funding for car and station cleaning and allows for more safety staff system wide. it also makes important investments to reduce long term costs and maintain critical
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infrastructure. not to a developing story that we're following when it comes to traffic. slowly recovering on 80 in the eastbound direction in pinole following an overturned big rigs. we said sky fox up ahead. we can see that a wood chipper truck overturned at the on ramp to 80 from fitzgerald drive. this was the scene starting at about 9 45 this morning. here we are just past noon in the chp says at this point, all but one lane of the freeway is gradually being reopened. other cars were also involved, but again quite a mess as there was an overturned big rig started blocking lanes on 80 eastbound right around 10 o'clock this morning. san francisco supervisor aaron peskin says that he has entered rehab for alcohol treatment. the supervisor made this announcement on twitter yesterday said in part quote, i stand by my long legislative and civic record, but must also take full responsibility for the tenor that i've struck in my public relationships for that. i am truly sorry. supervisor peskin statement
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came just one day after the chronicle published a story about his recent behavior. more than two dozen people told the newspaper supervisor peskin had bullied colleagues use profane language. and accused the department head of corruption in a public meeting. many people also said that he appeared to be drunk coming up members of congress increasing their scrutiny of tech companies. the actions being considered to temper amazon's reach online and from milk to paper towels. you may have noticed that the average trip to the grocery store is now costing you more how food banks are scrambling to adjust to the higher costs and let's take you outside a live look at san francisco and another beautiful day here in the bay area, we've got to warm up coming. and the big weekend as well. rosemary's big weekend as well. rosemary's got your forecast when we come sometimes they say, "it might work, it might not work." and so i ask myself the question, like, "why even get the vaccine, if it can also harm you?"
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brush fires burden near the community of wood acre this is northwest of sandra fell. this is a time lapse view from p. j. nis wildfire camera on top of mount birdal. nevada fires confirmed that it is on scene right alongside marine county fire. we're still working to get accurate information on how large the fire is and whether or not any homes or buildings might be threatened. we'll bring you new information just as soon as we get it, family members and friends gathered in san jose last night to mourn the death of seven year old liam, who's dead. they brought balloons and flowers and pictures of the little boy to
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the vigil at the child's favorite park. investigators say the little boy's mother killed him nearly two weeks ago. his remains were discovered near a hiking trail west of las vegas, william's father says he and his son shared a very strong bond. well, he did not deserve any of that. and that's what i wanted him to know is that he. was a good boy, and he didn't do anything wrong. authorities have not yet revealed how the child died. two revealed a specific motive. his mother, samantha moreno rodriguez, was arrested in denver this week and is now awaiting extradition to las vegas to face murder charges. the price of many consumer product is increasing partly as a result of the pandemic as ktvu candese charles explains, more expensive groceries are having a big impact on local food banks. we are serving a lot of people seven days a week despite the state opening up soon, the food bank of contra costa and solano county
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continues to serve 100,000 more people each month than prior to the pandemic. that's 270,000 area residents a month. the latest inflation data shows food prices are up and will likely continue to ride so for this food bank is important now more than ever to shop smart so they can meet demand. we are buying in bulk. we're back. at the lowest prices that we can source. consumer prices rose 5% last month, the biggest up in more than a decade. i look at a £40 case of chicken went from about $40 to $130 in two weeks. that's food cost is you can't deal with whether it's food, banks or restaurants. every aspect of the food industry is struggling to deal with the lingering problems from the coronavirus for some food banks. cost increases are stemming from a surgeon. demands so not only does food cost more, but more people are also in need of assistance. obviously a lot of
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us are getting back to life like pre pandemic a little bit little by little, but for a lot of folks that still means food insecurity friday morning, the alameda county food bank said that even modern income households are facing food insecurity. they're concerned cost increases could worsen the issue. unfortunately, the surge in food prices comes a surge in the clothing, airlines and auto industries. inflation is impacting food banks in more ways than one fuel costs, you know, transportation costs that trickles down to every piece of everyone's business, including the nonprofit in space for food banks, so we're just always trying to maximize the dollars that we have donated to us. to make sure that we're translating that into as much food as we possibly can. so if you can donate to food banks now is definitely a good time to do so now, despite inflation concerns, there is some good news you guys. biden administration says that this will not likely be something that continues, and the federal reserve says that they will not be included increasing interest rates for now reporting and conquered. i'm candese charles
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ktvu fox students. well some good news. the oakland zoo is announcing changes is california fully reopens next tuesday, the oakland zoo tell ktvu that starting on the 15th all vaccinated visitors will no longer be required to wear a mask while they're outdoors in the park. everyone will still have to wear masks while during some indoor facilities at the zoo capacity will gradually increase tickets can only be sold online. a lovely afternoon to spend at the oaklands or the san francisco zoo or in your backyard rosemary oroczo. it's just so nice out there. yes in the weekend is upon us. garcia. hello to you? hello, frank. it's all of you out there. we are looking at a partly cloudy skies to partly sunny along the coastline a given you a gorgeous view across san francisco towards the golden gate bridge and the marin headlands there in the backdrop. just take a look at that. never get tired of that shot, just watching the clouds just kind of drift into the bay. we do have a mix of sun and clouds along the coast and around the bay and we're mostly clear
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inland. today temperatures are up, but we're still a little bit below average for this time of year. here's a look after the onshore breeze still moving through areas of the delta fairfield reporting 21 mph sustained in oakland at eight and napa reporting a southerly wind at 14 mph. so some nice weather out there. very pleasant. how about the temperature is 62 degrees right now in san francisco. little cool at half moon bay 61. chico inland, and we're into the low seventies right now, brentwood into the north based 70 over santa rosa, r south based 68 san jose, and i can show you the 24 hour temperature change and you can see we are a bit warmer, especially inland areas like livermore up by six degrees this afternoon. you're noticing the difference by three in santa rosa and around the bay sfo reporting four degrees of warming, even areas over half moon bay where we're in the low sixties, still a little bit warmer than yesterday. at this time. here's a look at the system that is going to keep us with this pleasant way. other as we head in toward the weekend temperatures will continue to climb. do not expect any rain
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out of that. in fact, here's a look at the future cast for you picking up on it nicely there you can see off the pacific northwest coast and farther into canada. as we get into saturday, stopping it for you into the afternoon notice that continues to the north. unfortunately no rain for us here and then, as we get into sunday, kind of more of the same, we are going to get into a warm up and the next week it looks like we will actually turn hot, especially for inland cities. saboteurs for your afternoon today 74 in santa rosa low 60, san francisco upper sixties oakland upper seventies livermore and san jose s 75. i'll have a better look at this afternoon highs what you can expect for the rest of the weekend and the extended forecast coming up. thank you. rosemary. dry conditions have firefighters especially concerned about illegal fireworks this summer how authorities
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you'd never want leftover food residue on your surfaces. but that's what you could be doing with a used dishcloth. so, switch to bounty for a more hygienic clean. unlike used dishcloths that can redistribute residue, bounty keeps your surfaces cleaner. bounty, the quicker picker upper. likely being heard in your neighborhood, if not close by ktvu crime reporter henry tells us how authorities are working to crack down. just a small fireworks that lands in someone's gutter, but within a few minutes that little canister causes a big fire, that's all it takes is that small firework in that small amount of fire can extend into your home and it can quickly escalate into a structure fire. thankfully, this is just a demonstration by contra costa county fire a reminder of how dangerous fireworks can be. but this fire on memorial day in
12:24 pm
antioch was no simulation. a man threw fireworks into a few deal, which nearly destroyed two apartment buildings up to 30 residents lost their homes lost their apartments as a result of this one act of use of illegal fireworks. james sossamon, a convicted felon, was arrested and charged with arson. contra costa county d a. dyna beckton said the board of supervisors passed a new ordinance this week. property owners can now be held accountable if illegal fireworks are used on their property. sheriff's deputies can issue tickets that come with fines. they still $100 and they can increase from there, depending on the number of incidences in richmond, the city is offering a 25 $100 reward for every report that leads to an arrest or a fine for illegal fireworks. law enforcement has already made sizable fireworks bus. these are just some of the fireworks seized by police authorities are girding for more ka booms this year. if last july 4th was any indication, there was an unprecedented level, uh of use
12:25 pm
of almost commercial grade five. works and with the specter of losing limbs and agitating pets and those with ptsd, fire officials say, it's just not worth it. it happens. it's real. these fireworks are dangerous. uh and they shouldn't be used period, although police say they can't respond to every report of fireworks, they still want complaints to be called in. many cities have dedicated fireworks tip lines. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. oakland police say they've taken more illegal guns off the streets, police say yesterday community resource officers were following up on a criminal investigation when they discovered to illegal firearms are martin luther king jr way they also arrested two suspects. later they also recovered a firearm at lake merritt. so far this year, opd says it has recovered 500 illegal firearms, new video of a brazen theft, they sit to louisville thanh store in palo alto. it shows a group of thieves running away from the store. at the stanford
12:26 pm
shopping center and the viewer who sent us the video says a security guard you see in the video did not intervene, palo alto police say there were 11 thieves who got away with 36 handbags worth $100,000. authorities say they may be connected to several other bay area retail thefts. there's movement on capitol hill on an infrastructure deal. how soon a bill may go up for a full vote, and cars haven't been on the great highway in san francisco and more than a year the ongoing neighborhood debate on whether it should stay that way. we see this as an amazing opportunity for the city to lead majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california.
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workers and that mass shooting last month at the vita rail yard in san jose. the agency has released more than 200 pages of personnel, documents and emails and as ktvu, south bay reporter jesse gary explains, there is a record of at least one verbal altercation that left a coworker frightened. vita officials say there are no records and accused gunman sam cassidy's personnel file showing disciplinary action for threatening behavior. but the 20 year employee was involved in four separate incidents spanning 16 months that required management involvement.
12:30 pm
i would say that's more than normal. certainly, i think. perhaps one off handed incident, perhaps or to, um, at an extreme would be normal, but i think for would be something to look at the two most egregious conflicts took place six months apart in july, 2019 cassidy was suspended without pay for two days, vita officials say he refused to follow policy for signing out a radio used for work in january of 2020. cassidy got into a verbal altercation with another employee. the incident was. reported and the second employee told the manager quote he scares me. if someone was to go postal it be him. well that would be something worthy of looking into. and i don't know frankly of the vita did look into it. that would be a warning sign. to me. that would be a reason for concern. may 26th sam cassidy allegedly shot and killed nine co workers at the vita guadalupe light rail yard. he took his own life as
12:31 pm
sheriff's deputies and san jose police officers approached him. vita officials say there was nothing in the 57 year olds file to support concern over the go. postal comment the matter was ultimately referred back to cassidy's department manager, dr robert albright, who co authored a book on workplace conflict resolution says violence can happen after a pattern or a string of encounters. workplace violence isn't. typically something that happens on an impulse i e. and one day it's more of a process. the two other hr incidents were minor one for refusing to attend a mandatory training session. another for an unexcused leave, vita officials say they're continuing to investigate the go postal verbal altercation incident to see if they're more relevant documents to review in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. new at noon. house lawmakers are exploring the idea of forcing amazon to split into two companies or sell some of
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its assets. wall street journal is reporting that a bill targeting amazon is gaining bipartisan support. it's expected to be formally announced as soon as today. amazon has been accused of antitrust behavior by selling third party items and also competing against them with its own in house brands at lower prices. paper also says that congress may target other big tech companies such as apple, facebook and google. a group of bipartisan senators says it has reached an agreement on an infrastructure bill. but as lauren blanchard reports from washington, the bill could still have trouble making its way through congress. a deal on a new infrastructure bill is gaining steam here in washington, utah senator mitt romney announcing a tentative agreement wednesday, a $1.2 trillion deal negotiated by a bipartisan group of 10 senators. that's the same amount as the bipartisan house bill offered earlier this week. it calls for about $600 billion of new spending, but without tax hikes to pay for it. just trying to popularize it. take the
12:33 pm
temperature of people. let's see what they're interested in. it's paid for, and so that's i think real threshold issue for a lot of people, but it's gonna build a lot of bridges and a lot of roads. the white house signaling initial support for the agreement. writing in a statement quote the president appreciates the senators work to advance critical investments. we need to create good jobs, prepare for our clean energy future and compete in the global economy, but the deal is far from done, the spending will be most limited to core physical infrastructure potential nonstarter for progressive democrats who have been urging the president to go it alone with an even bigger bill, focusing on issues like climate change and tax reform. those priorities plus the price tag could also make it difficult to get conservative republicans on board. our democratic friends have taken to using infrastructure as a code for a growing wish list of unrelated liberal spending. there's no hard deadline for a fun. agreement but lawmakers
12:34 pm
say they'd like to make a deal by the fourth of july in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news, texas says it will build its own border wall with mexico, the governor greg abbott, says the state will begin setting up barriers to identify more people crossing the border. the state legislatures also promising to fund more law enforcement to assist on border patrol. not so much the unaccompanied minors, very dangerous people who involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking people that have you encounter you don't know if you're gonna walk away safely from you should not have to face that danger in your community changes needed. opponents of the plan question whether a state has its own authority to build a wall. immigrant rights groups say they will file lawsuits to stop that idea. first north american crews since the pandemic began returns to st maarten tomorrow after two passengers tested
12:35 pm
positive for covid 19 the celebrity cruise ship celebrity millennium is wrapping up a seven day trip through the caribbean. all passengers had to prove they were fully vaccinated before getting aboard the ship. two infected passengers share room and are now in isolation. everyone else on board will be able to disembark tomorrow. san francisco was considering what to do with the great highway, which has been closed to cars since last spring. ktvu christian captain tells us some neighbors aren't happy with the prospect of keeping it. shut down, san francisco's upper great highway running along the western edge of the sunset district has been car free since april of 2021 of the city's slow streets created as a place for people to safely recreate during the pandemic. now the city is considering a possible two year pilot program extending that ban. we are considering and proposing. i'm feeling that the best way to move forward is to design some kind. kind of piloting effort. um where we work with a, you
12:36 pm
know, full or partial car free condition for great highway. yes i'll be calling rolf the city's recreation and parks department and san francisco municipal transportation agency are considering a number of ideas ranging from fully returning the road to a four lane highway to continuing the full ban on motor vehicle traffic or various compromises. luke born heimer from kids safe. sf says he would like to see the highway remain car free. we've seen an incredible expansion of this space, a public space where people are connecting. kids are learning to bike and scoot, and we want to see this space stay as is, but some neighbors like lewis and cabral, who have lived in the area for 30 years, say closing the rate highway has pushed more traffic into the neighborhood. it's not good, it's really dangerous walking around, you know. so where. not for it, but we'll just have to wait and see what politics do it and, you know, see how they change things. the city says it's added stop signs and speed
12:37 pm
bumps to slow and reroute traffic from neighborhood roads to busier streets. and cabral says the idea of a walk only great highway made sense at the height of the pandemic. i think safety wise it's seen its time because i know the fire department. we have a station that's up here on 45th, and they are frustrated. i believe i think i see them being frustrated trying to go through. the city streets there and not have this access road as easily to get from one end of this area to the other backers of the plan to make the great highway permanently car free say there needs to be a compromise. we see this as an amazing opportunity for the city to lead by saying this is a space for people, and we understand that there might be concerns about car commutes, and we're going to address those car commute concern the city is saying it is still working out exactly how will proceed, but it will likely have some kind of pilot program in the fall. in san francisco at the great highway, christian captain ktvu fox two news, southwest airlines will be starting new nonstop service to
12:38 pm
bellingham, washington out of oakland international airport service to bellingham international will begin november the seventh with two flights every day southwest, offering a promotional airfare out of the gate of 40 bucks each way if you book a flight from november, the seventh to january, the fifth san jose's airport is starting to look more like life before the pen. endemic now coast to coast flights resuming at mineta international for the first time since the outbreak, jeb blue again flying at a san jose to boston's logan airport nonstop, mineta's airport director says resuming this daily flights symbolizes welcome return to normalcy our state is getting ready for its full reopening on tuesday. ktvu is amberleigh. has a look at how to venues in san francisco's chinatown are promising to bring nightlife back to the area in a year. thursday night is a soft opening for great star theater in chinatown. this is the first time i'll be performing in
12:39 pm
front of a live audience in 14 months, and there is a magic and beauty to the interaction that happens, the magic of a live audience in this new venue housed in a building that was once the stage for chinese opera in 1925. the plan is to offer western and chinese entertainment. now i see this as a bridge an opportunity for those two cultures who talked with each other limited capacity now under 100 people, but the staff is preparing for the state's june 15th reopening, as well as the theaters. official grand opening next week when it can host more than 400. that's going to be full capacity master still incurring. but not required nearby. the lines den bar and lounge is another new business. they were probably descendants of railroad workers co founder steven lee shows me the tribute wall, illustrating the history of chinatown clubs and performers of the past. but he
12:40 pm
has his eye on the future. the dj plays behind the screen, lee says. plexi glass partitions will stay up indefinitely a big change for june, 15th customers will be allowed to sit at the bar. oh, my god! it's just of relief because i won't be so stress. as for great star theatre performers say, returning to the stage and the promise of june 15th is limitless. it feels like a release date from prison. this is amazing. it's going to be. it's going to be a little emotional tonight great star theater's grand opening is one week from friday, both the theater and lines dense they starting tuesday. they will no longer have to limit capacity, but they don't anticipate a large turnouts right away in san francisco, chinatown, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news up next trump conditions are plaguing much of our statehouse. some local agencies are asking people to conserve water before forcing them to cut back. quick
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i'm not sure if there's andanything i can sayrstars. to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced.
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hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪ customers to reduce their water use, ktvu rob roth shows us some simple ways. people are already implementing changes in their water usage, starting in their own backyard. the nicasio
12:44 pm
reservoir in marine county. water levels are approaching record lows for this time of year and getting lower. it's one illustration of how dire the drought is our storage capacity. is it about just about 45% typically, for this time of year, we see levels at about 90% marine water was the first utility to impose mandatory rationing. the biggest savings can always be found outdoors through irrigation cutbacks. that is why the cnn native plant nursery in mill valley is see more people interested in drought tolerant landscapes. people are buying a lot of california native plants. yes i think the business has increased, owner dan duffus e says. the native plants are built for dry climates. these plants are designed to be in the ground on very low water, you know, irrigation drip systems for the first two seasons, and then after the first two seasons, these plants are completely off on their own, and they don't require any water at all. the u. s drought monitor thursday included that
12:45 pm
north bay coast in the exceptional drought category. that's the worst designation added, includes seven bay area counties san mateo and santa clara counties are in the next highest category. marines on 11% dip in water use last week the water agency would like to get closer to 40% not a great number, but we were, we would definitely work on it in sonoma county, the water agency there is asking most county residents for a voluntary 20% cutting consumption for now that. will soon change as the drought conditions continue to worsen. water officials are expected to cut allocations from the russian river by 20% voluntary measures are expected to become mandatory by next month. no one should be waiting for their local city or water retailer. to tell them to save water. we are in a severe drought, the senate clara valley water district has imposed a 15% cut in water usage. the san francisco puc and east pay mud
12:46 pm
have not imposed any restrictions. at least not yet. rob rock, ktvu fox two news. california is not the only western state worried about wildfires. arizona's governor, calling a special session of the state legislature to address the two major wildfires east of phoenix. these fires started at the beginning of the month that have already combined escort some 245 square miles and are only about half contained. these wildfires are devastating. telegraph in mass. cal fires together have already burned over 150,000 acres, an area the same size as chicago governor of arizona declared an emergency, which freed up nearly a half a million dollars for firefighter aid. california is already seeing more wildfires this year compared to last. cal fire says there's been a 26% increase in wildfire activity and a 58% increase in the number of acres burned compared to this time last year,
12:47 pm
researchers at u. c. berkeley say that california is encouraging homeowners to rebuild in areas that are prone to huge wildfires when it should be doing the exact opposite. it's new report says, focusing on defensible space and evacuation plans misses the mark. when it comes to fire safety. researchers say that people should be steered away from fire prone areas help reduce the number. of dangerous wildfires in the future. well we could use some rain and we got some coming. but you've got to drive. what a couple 100, miles north, i guess to see it over the weekend. white rosemary? yes northern california going to get some rain the pacific northwest farther into canada, but not for us. in fact, we're looking at a pretty robust warm up getting into about midweek wednesday. between now and then we have some enjoyable weather coming our way, and here's a beautiful picture at the golden gate bridge. just half hour ago we watched as low clouds moved right through the gate. and now we are looking at mostly clear skies, so a mix of sun and clouds out there for today, the
12:48 pm
onshore breeze continues and we are looking at temperatures coming up from yesterday but still a little bit below the seasonal norm. in most cases, partly cloudy for today in onshore breeze that will keep us very pleasant for the weekend. here's a look at the system. that is bringing us this nice weather. you can see again. northern california, the pacific northwest and into canada. we've got some there but get closer to home and we are looking at partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. the entre research liver, morris reported august about 16 mph, and we do have a nice breeze blowing through the delta. so our inland cities enjoying upper seventies to low eighties for today. that will begin to change down the road. the atlas peak in our hills in the north bay reporting 24 mph in mount diablo sustained at 10. here's a look at your temperatures outside and low sixties to low eighties expected for the second part of your day right now, 63 at half moon bay low sixties san francisco go inland. we've got 73 in livermore and in the north based 67 over nevado. south based san jose 68
12:49 pm
your afternoon high for today. 75 for the east bay shore 72 redwood city. you're looking at 72 as well or actually 72 hayward, i should say didn't finish my sentence and into the north based 75 over napa in her east bay, antioch, you're one of the warm response for today. going about 80 degrees for the second half. who's going to see the a's play later today? game time 6 40 temperatures will be cooling off mid sixties expected over areas near the coliseum. under partly cloudy skies and a westerly breathed about 15 mph. so you might want the extra layer. it's not going to be too bad, but that breathes definitely brings a chill to the air getting into the early evening hours. here's the view of your extended forecast notice. temperatures are up in time for the weekend. we'll go with sixties at the coast upper seventies to about 80 degrees around the bay and low eighties expected inland. not much change on monday, perhaps a little bit cooler, and then we warm it up on tuesday with even hotter weather expected by wednesday, back to you. thank you, rosemary, the first time
12:50 pm
filmmaker from san francisco shining a spotlight on healthcare workers during the pandemic. the new documentary that's paying tribute to them. is o
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
waterfront, the uss pompa neto is a submarine the patrol the pacific and fought the japanese ships during the war. they retired the 300 ft sub. it underwent report repairs rather in alameda after it was damaged last january by windstorms at san francisco's pier 45. it's hard to believe that what they went through in world war two to be in such a confined space. uh it's. all inspiring really, to what those men did back then. that it is submarine is now a national historic landmark. it hosted more than 100,000 visitors over time
12:54 pm
before the pandemic. mcdonald's is one of the latest major corporations to have its data compromised. the company says hackers stole business and employee data in the united states, south korea and taiwan. the data included customer email addresses, phone numbers and actual addresses, mcdonald says the heck didn't affect its operations and that the hackers didn't demand a ransom. the companies employees to be on the lookout for phishing email scams here at home. redwood city video game maker electronic arts says it's been hacked, the company says attacker stole a massive amount of data, including source codes for various games, the company said no player data was stolen in the breach. a is one of the largest video game companies in the world. some of its most popular games include madden, fifa and battlefield. the owner of an aviation company in southern california says has come up with an environmentally friendly solution for people who hate to be stuck in traffic in los angeles, archer aviation is introducing an urban air taxi service. the aircraft can take off and land like a helicopter, but flies like a
12:55 pm
plane with little to no emissions. this runs on batteries, not fuel. in los angeles every day, there's 50 million daily trips, of which over five million take over an hour. and what we're really trying to do here is move that traffic. it's having trouble on the ground into the air. the company plans to charge customers 3 to $4. a mile production is set to begin next year, with the first aircraft set to go up in 2024 in the los angeles and miami markets. tesla is now delivering its new high performance version of the company's flagship electric sedan. ceo elon must unveiled the new model s plaid yesterday at the tesla plant in fremont. he says this car. is the fastest production car ever made. car can go from 0 to 60 in under two seconds has a range of almost 400 miles an hour and all new electric battery pack and a top speed of 200 mph as more electric cars hit the road, california will need more charging stations, california energy commission says. the state will need a
12:56 pm
little over one million public and shared chargers by 2030 to meet demand right now, the state has 73,000 stations rather than 73 stations. there we go. a new documentary from first time filmmaker in san francisco recognizes community heroes during the pandemic. it's called it takes the hood to save the hood. ktvu is deborah villalon has a look at what inspired the documentary. when i think of soma, i think about the resiliency of the people. we have survivors here. rudy corpus is one of five people profiled in a new film now debut ng. it looks back on how the pandemic hit the south of market neighborhood at how volunteers rallied to provide whatever people need it. for example, thousands of pounds of food and delivery drivers for the housebound community organizations had to pivot as people panicked. now they're
12:57 pm
unemployed, and they don't know what that means. they don't know how to do e d d. they don't know how to do rent, so we kind of just figured everything out as it came along the audience for this premiere includes many of the staff and volunteers who went above and beyond themselves in the past year. coming out this pandemic. i hope we can keep that solidarity and you needed together. corpus is an ex felon now a leader in violence prevention, he rallied others who had served time to help the vulnerable around them. there ain't no more bigger risk. possibility to give it in your life for somebody else's life because we all know there was a lot of people who actually died from the pandemic and had no money to bury day people and they were scared. they know what to do. the mini documentary looks at the neighborhoods resilience, past and future like the folks that left all the techniques that left like i don't know what that means for them, but we'll still be here and will continue to be here. and while those profiled didn't seek recognition, thank you so much for making us i look beautiful.
12:58 pm
the screen knowing what they accomplished during crisis feels good, but to be acknowledged for doing something positive for our community and the people and greeted in this way, man. it's priceless. y'all about to see like a hood really stepped up and took care of the hood. harvey lozada, who made the 30 minute movie says it still needs some tweaks that he hopes to enter it in film festivals and make it widely available, but you can watch it on their event stream. we've got a link at ktvu. com under web links. in san francisco, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news well tonight, oracle park in san francisco will hold a movie night in honor of pride, people head to the ballpark tonight we'll see the new movie in the heights tomorrow night. it will be the movie everybody's talking about jamie. the movies will be shown on the center field screen mission starts at $20 a person. gates open at 6 30 tonight at oracle got a series of reports and conversations throughout the month of june celebrating
12:59 pm
pride and you can see those reports any time by visiting ktvu dot com slash pride. the oakland museum of california has reopened to members today. museums been closed for more than a year. now it's facing a number of budget challenges. people will have a chance to see the museum's renovated gardens for the first time, the museum will open to the general public next friday and is free for the next three days. this is a gem in oakland. if you haven't been frank, i highly recommend it. i have never been. i like the idea that it's free to yes, i like that, as well. free is good. it's good and the weekends here. big plants. um i may be going to the oakland museum of california. there you go doing something outside for sure. hope you have the same plans. make sure to join us back here for more news. at four o'clock. you can always get our news at ktvu. com and, of course, the ktvu news that have a wonderful afternoon we'll meet you back here for our next newscast.
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dr. oz: coming up next, patricia heaton opens up about life during the pandemic and why it might be the right time to start your second act. then, inside the terrifying disease causing almost instant paralysis in children. why experts are worried this medical mystery could have a resurgence this fall. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: today, two-time emmy award-winning actress known for her iconic role on everybody loves raymond, patricia heaton is revealing how she found her second act in life and why right now is the time to reinvent yourself.


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