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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 10, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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to that next at 11. so does beer, milk and the meat products for sure. and then all the other little a coachman cereal. prices are on the rise at the grocery store and beyond, with new numbers, confirming one of the biggest spikes in years, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now from bacon and eggs to use cars, prices are rising. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm andre senior in for frank somerville. the jump in may was the biggest and more than a decade ktvu jana katsuyama slob with how the economic recovery is driving higher. prices, jenna andre, many companies scaled back dramatically during the past year of the pandemic shutdowns. and so now the labor department's consumer price index report that was released today shows that there was another month of price
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increases been noticing a trip to the grocery store can come with serious sticker shock. i have noticed the prices have gone up, and it does dairy and other items are rising. even the vegetables i'm paying, you know $3 to buy a package a lettuce, so it's kind of difficult prices for corn and grains have hit a high not seen since 2012 and companies that make other consumer goods such as diapers, ti toilet paper are raising prices to offset raw material increases. in wood, pulp and plastics. on thursday, the u. s department of labor released data showing consumer prices increased 5% over one year ago. economists say the causes pent up demand as people emerge from pandemic restrictions and face supply shortages as companies tried to ramp back up after shutdowns. i've got off roading jeeps at the sigma auto group lot and conquered. they've seen a 35% increase in business
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prices and demand for used vehicles surged a record 10% last month as a shortage of semiconductor ships decreased supplies of new cars. there have been a shortage of new cars out there recently due to the chips, which has driven the prion market up, i would say, uh, pretty significant amount and as more people travel airline fares have increased 7% gas prices hit a seven year high. treasurys the economy readjust from the past year, we're making progress and what we're seeing some inflation. i don't believe it's permanent, but we will watch this very carefully. one thing that does not appear to be rising is interest rates. the fed has indicated that even with the rising prices they don't anticipate putting anytime soone jenna, thank the
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inflation report. the dow was up 19 points, the nasdaq gained 108 points and the s and p closed at a new all time high of 19 points. starbucks is dealing with a nationwide shortage. the company is running short on ingredients such as oat milk, peach and guava juices. some stores are also running out of iced and cold brew coffee, breakfast foods and even cups lids and straws. starbucks says this is due to a national supply shortage but will not impact prices, according to the company, amazon employees will not have to work in their offices full time, even after coronavirus restrictions are lifted in a block. post today, the company said corporate and tech employees can work nd for four weeks a year. the new policy follows backlash have too work full time once states
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reopen the pandemic is likely going to be more challenging for lower income californians, people of color and younger workers to the public policy institute of california says those groups are far more likely to be unemployed. floyd than the average worker while families making $100,000 a year or more have nearly recovered in terms of unemployment, one bright bill, the group says the gender gap has mostly closed as unemployment has fallen faster for women, then for men, new at 11 tonight. plaster county sheriff's investigators need the public's help in solving a homicide and an attempted homicide. texas want to speak to the approaching a home on wemewood. last saturday. detectives say they arrived at the home and found 70 year old robert gray sport dead from a single gunshot wound. his wife was also a victim in that attack, and according to family members, she is now in the hospital and
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is unresponsive in the i c u. well tonight, family and friends gathered in san jose to remember a seven year old boy whose body was found near a trail outside of las vegas. ktvu zaza smith was at tonight's vigil and has the emotional message from the love at la colina park in san jose thursday night for seven year old liam posted a vigil in his honor at his favorite park. mourners brought with them balloons, flowers and pictures of liam's unforgettable smile. the first thing i told him when i saw this stuff, this more i think it was, uh look how much look how many people love you. nicholas houston, liam's father loved him the most. he had a special, who was autistic. nicholas now withe any of that, and that's what i wanted him to know is that he was a good boy. he didn't do
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anything wrong, authorities say liam's mother, samantha moreno, rodriguez, killed her son back on may 28th. they are not releasing how he died. liam's remains were found near a hiking trail west of las vegas. nicholas who stead says the last time he saw his son the night of may, 23rd before liam's mother left san jose with liam. normally i'm in bed holding his hand and i did it needs other type of things that i'll never get back when nicholas returned home from work, a message from liam's mother saying she was leaving him and she was sorry she didn't want to do it this way. liam was a very happy boy enjoyed life, enjoyed being here and enjoyed this park. that's why that's why we're all gathered here. this was the second home like most seven year olds, liam loved the playground loved to swim, loved pizza and pastor for nicholas, who said he loved being liam's dad. he says that was stolen from him, and that's the hard. this part is knowing that i, uh i wasn't there to protect them.
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part of liam's weekly routine at the park was to run up a hill here. that's what his father did tonight in honor of his son. william's mother was arrested in denver and is awaiting extradition to las vegas in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. hmm san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting in the city's mid market neighborhood. that shooting happened just after 10 o'clock this morning at market street in mcallister, not far from the civic center, two police officers were on patrol , heard the gunshots and ran to where the man he had been shot several times. the shooter was gone when the officers arrived on the scene. police say the victim is in his forties, but did not release his identity. a motive for the shooting is not yet known. we're learning more about the disgruntled worker who shot and killed nine co workers and that mass shooting last month at the vita railyard in san jose. today, the valley
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transportation agency released over 200 pages of documents and emails from sam cassidy's personnel file. documents show four occasions where he was brought into the manager's office in the last three years for disciplinary action. the incidents involved a verbal altercation with a co worker. this was in january of 2020 insubordination for refusing to follow company policy and signing out a two way radio refusal to attend a mandatory cpr recertification class unexcused leave after leaving work without permission last november, an improper radio communication. no motive has been revealed for why cassidy killed his co workers. the beach. he says it is still reviewing other documents related to his disciplinary history and behaviour. no one should be waiting further local city or water retailer to tell them to save water. the drought is only getting worse. coming up. a look at the latest drought monitor plus easy ways you can save venues, bringing
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back music and entertainment to the neighborhood. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. venues in the area are vowing to bring nightlife back to the district. as ktvu is amber lee tells us, they say live entertainment and nightlife are much needed as we emerge from the pandemic, man, clinton or year thursday night is a soft
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opening for great star theater in chinatown. this is the first time i'll be performing in front of a live audience in 14 months, and there is a magic and of beauty. to the interaction that happens, the magic of a live audience in this new venue housed in a building that was once the stage for chinese opera in 1925. the plan is to offer western and chinese entertainment. i see this as a bridge an opportunity for those two cultures with each other limited capacity now under 100 people, but the staff is preparing for the state's june 15th reopening as well as the theaters. official. when itn host more than 400, the lion's n bar and lounge is another new business. they were probably descendants of railroad workers co founder steven lee shows me
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the tribute wall, illustrating the history of chinatown clubs and performers of the past, but he has his eye on the future. the dj plays behind the screen. lee says plexi will stay up indefinitely a big change for june 15th customers will be allowed to sit at the bar. oh, my god, it's just, uh, relief because i won't be so stressed. as for great star theatre performers say, returning to the stage and the promise of june 15th is limitless. it feels like a release date from prison. this is amazing. it's going to be. it's going to be a little emotional tonight. great start theaters, grandma. opening is one week from friday. both the theater and lines then say, starting tuesday, they will no longer have to limit capacity, but they don't anticipate large turnouts right away in san francisco, chinatown amberleigh ktvu fox teenies. okay the back
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and forth the over mask wearing rules for workplaces has led to a lot of confusion among business owners at academic coffee in downtown san jose. all of the baristas are wearing face coverings as they take customers' orders. the sign out front makes it clear no mask can whether fully vaccinate following the requirements is one thing, but then also probably the biggest challenge is trying to explain to customers why we want to keep having mass on even though the state is saying that if you're vaccinate you don't have to many business owners say they're hoping cal osha will decide to align with the cdc and california department of public health guidelines. those will allow anyone who is fully vaccinated new film is premiering about how the covid 19 pandemic hits san francisco south of market neighborhood.
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when i think of soma, i think about the resiliency of the people we have survivors here. well. the documentary focuses on how volunteers rally to provide thousands of pounds of food and make delivery drivers available for the homebound tonight. the of the staff and volunteers who went above and beyond during the past year. the fourth of july is still weeks away, but illegal fireworks are already causing problems. the latest enforcement efforts in the east bay and a very weather and tracking a little frontal system that could send in a few clouds not much in the way of rainfall, but eventually we're going to warm things back up in the five day we'll have that coming up after the break, plus a look at a wedding, you could say is fit o new drought monitors
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worsening conditions around the bay area. it comes as more local water districts are asking their customers to reduce rob rock tells us about some simple ways you can cut back on water. the nicasio reservoir in marine county. water levels are approaching record lows for this time of year and getting lower. it's one illustration of how dire the drought is our storage capacity. is it about just about 45% typically, for this time of year, we see levels at about 90% marine water was the first utility to impose mandatory rationing. the biggest through irrigation cut back. that is why the cnn mill valley is see more people interested in
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drought tolerant landscapes. people are buying a lot of california native plants. yes i think the business has increased, owner dan duffus e says. a native plants are built for dry climate. these plants are designed to be in the ground on very low water, you know, irrigation drip systems for the first two seasons, and then after the first two seasons, these plants are completely off on their own, and they don't require any water at all. the u. s drought monitor thursday included that north bay coast in the exceptional drought category. that's the worst designation added, includes seven bay area counties san mateo and santa clara counties are in the next highest category. marines on 11% dip in water use last week the water agency would like to get closer to 40% not a great number, but we were, we would definitely work on it in sonoma county there is asking most cou for a voluntary 20% cutting consumption for now that. will soon change as the drought conditions continue to worsen.
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water officials are expected to cut allocations from the russian river by 20% voluntary measures are expected to become mandatory by next month. no one should be waiting for their local city or water retailer. tell them to save water. we are in a severe drought, the senates imposed a 15% cut in water usage. the san francisco puc and east bay mud have not imposed any restrictions. at least not yet. rob rock, ktvu fox two news, california is already experiencing an increase in wildfires compared to last year, according to cal fire as temperatures rise in summer nears, there's been a 26% rise in wild wildfire activity and a 58% increase in the number of acres compared to the same time in 2020. the sounds of illegal fireworks are already a constant in many neighborhoods around the bay area with the
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fourth of july less than a month away, authorities say they are already getting a lot of calls and in some cases, fireworks have already caused destruction. officials say wouldn't fire in antioch on memorial day was caused by a man who threw fireworks into a field. that's this one here. damage to apartment buildings? james sassaman convicted felon was arrested and charged with arson. 30 residents lost their homes lost their apartments as a result of this one act of use of illegal fireworks. so this week, contra costa supervisors passed a new ordinance that property owners can be held accountable if illegal fireworks are used on their property and enrichment. the city is offering a 25 $100 reward for every report that leads to an arrest for a five or find rather for illegal fireworks a warming trend that will kick in by the weekend. nothing too major. until next week. that will be the next weather development. we're tracking by wednesday and
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thursday of next week. so we have a few days to prepare. but what's interesting tonight on the satellite? we actually have a nice little frontal system fairly weak, but still kind of exciting for this time of year approaching, northern california says you can't see. there's that cloud band moving in and some green showing up on the radar, indicating some rainfall up along the north coast closer to cape mendocino, at least for us right now, we have clear to partly cloudy skies. let me tracking that system over the next 24 hours. current numbers for the 11 0 clock hour we had cooled off into the fifties. the mornings have been pretty chilly tomorrow morning should not be as cold. here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco or it looks like we have mostly clear skies. probably some patchy fog trying to resurface near the coast and your portions of the bay first thing tomorrow morning morning'. just not as cool as this morning across most neighborhoods, so the forecast models bringing in some patchy fog or the bay shoreline tomorrow morning, and then some high clouds approach to the north bay neighborhoods, especially sonoma county, napa
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county throughout the afternoon hours on your friday here is that to nice front. you can see it's showing up nicely on this animation that's going to approach the bay area now. the forecast models keeping the shower activity to the north as we had into friday, but close of a light shower up in portions of the north bay, especially toward northern sonoma county up in the mendocino county as well, but eventually there's that warming trend, especially they into hence heat england for next week could be approaching 100 degrees. here's the forecast model. here we are, dear friday and there is that the system really targeting portions of northern mendocino county and the humble county. but once again, there is that chance of a sprinkle up in the sonoma county by maybe tomorrow, temperatures will be trending up. that will be the beginning of a warming trend that will continue into saturday, a little bit cooler and his son day and then we
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definitely ramp up those temperatures into next week. by wednesday, a few spots could be approaching 100 degrees and the heat is making a comeback. all right, well, get ready for it. thank you. mark get ready. yeah. wedding bells rang at chase center last night. angelina and raul had their ceremony was held outside the stadium, and the receptn they e to take some pictures on the court and around chase center. congratulations to the newlyweds. pretty cool stuff, all right up next in sports athletics have struggled at home this season sports director market baniyas will tell us if they were able to capitalize on the slumping royals, but first an interactive four story sculpture came to live today in palo alto. it's called high, which is the hebrew word for life. the sculpture is also an instrument that's controlled through a website and is
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available for all visitors to access. pretty cool stuff. there you are watcnghe 11 o'clock news here on ktvu channel two and we will be right back. room tonight. bottomh
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the giants and hazel finish the night in first place. the giants had an unexpected day off their game against the nats back in washington was rained down double header for them. on saturday. the a's, too, despite a little dancing going on by elvis andrus. he's came out looking pretty good against kansas city, a team that had come in having lost four in a row themselves. jed lowry goes deep right hand switch hitters. his fifth of the year. one nothing lead frankie montag's
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lead the notes a love. come on, you don't need a cheap, cheap. he did better without it. he was cruising along, then he looks at that stuff, and a dozer gets him for an r b. i shot the left up. chapman's glove might have been a playable ball. it's 1 hitter. look at kelvin. good tears admit it hard right up the end of the bat seen single to center. it's going to play the pair. and later the bullpen would give in three more runs. 61 final kensi wins, eight had only three hits, and there's only one game above 500 while they're at home. warrior fans. don't you miss it, man? the intensity of the playoffs two straight years golden state missing out on all the fun like they were having up in utah tonight. there are 98% capacity up there. 18,000 rudy gobert gets his defensive player of the year award, and they are mi, sidestepave
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clipped courts. you know they were going to come back pat beverley with the steel. it'll find its way to reggie jackson downtown three l a all the way back to lead by two. jackson had 29 steve bomber goat bonkers, the owner of the clippers, but look at this 14 2 runs cap. stuff here. where's the defense? they fell asleep, joe ingles says. yeah, you give me that. i'll take it. he pops from outside. 1 17 1 11 to lead for the jazz going to l a now and back east milwaukee 86 save you three over cade's brooklyn nets there in on that series, two games to one got some international soccer to talk about. little friendly for the women's team usa against portugal tonight, scoring was no easy chore. as a matter of fact, it was nil nil into the 76th minute usa corner kick. kristen press perfect of class for sam mewes and the header is
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their top drawer, the only goal of the game one mil. team usa in the friendly winds up, winning it one to nothing. all right, we've got some fun stuff to check this out. if you didn't see this earlier, it's nice to have fans back in the stands, and it seems like every night they're making a show of it. how about joey votto of the red sitting the ball into the bleachers and right center and. cincinnati but watch this kid when you're that young, you're not thinking about getting hurt, right? nope he makes a fantastic catch. he's feeling good, but mom's like, come here, baby. i'll take care of you. he's like mob. come on. hello what's up? don't start taking selfies either. okay, that was a sensational grab right there. beautiful stuff. that's the sporting life at this hour, guys. thanks, mark. got it. alright market, so thank you.
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and thanks everybody for joining us. good night, andre. goodnight, julia. goodnight, mark. see itease, please. okay, what is this? we're making sure i'm tall enough to ride all the rides at disneyland. without having to spike up my hair. buddy... (tape measure retracts) i have been waiting for this day ever since the doctor pointed to the ultrasound of your mom's womb and said, "either that's a fifth limb, or you got a boy." okay, no. gross. oh. all right... (can hissing) i want everybody to eat" is also home to the most expensive churro on earth. come on. this is gonna be awesome. who doesn't love a day at disneyland? can't you and mom go without me? you're the kid. i think we need you to get in. it couldn't come on a worst day. the technology sector is tanking. we're doing a stock market project in school, and today's the last day. we all get a thousand fake dollars to invest, and as the market closed yesterday, i'm in the lead. i may not be the tallest or the most athletic,


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