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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 10, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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small decisions make a world of difference. ikea. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. embraced by family and friends as they mourn the death of seven year old liam, who's dead who authorities say was killed by his mother. he was such a great boy, and i just want everybody to know that he was amazing. tonight liam's father spoke at an emotional vigil at the boy's favorite park in san jose. good evening. i'm andre
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senior and for frank, and i'm julie julie haener. it's been almost two weeks now since the remains of the seven year old boy were found near a trail near las vegas on tuesday. liam's mother was arrested or put into custody for his murder. live coverage now from ktvu s as a smith in san jose, with how the young boy is being remembered as net. julie liam's father wanted tonight to be solely on lamb, not the investigation, not the mother, liam described as a normal kid with more energy than most smart, mischievous and full of love, an outpouring of love at la colina park in san jose thursday night for seven year old liam posted a vigil in his honor at his favorite park. mourners brought with them balloons, flowers and pictures of liam's unforgettable smile. the first thing i told him when i. all this stuff this morning was, uh, look how much become many people love you. nicholas, who? stead. liam's father loved
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him the most. he had a special bond with his son, who was autistic. nicholas now grappling with liam's sudden and tragic death when he calls a nightmare. he did not deserve any of that. and that's what i wanted him to know is that he was a good boy. he didn't do anything wrong, authorities say liam's mother, samantha moreno, rodriguez, killed her son back on may 28th. they are not releasing how he died. liam's remains were found near a hiking trail west of las vegas. nicholas who stead says the last time he saw his son the night of may, 23rd before liam's mother left san jose with liam. normally i'm in bed holding his hand and i did it needs the type of things that i'll never get back when nicholas returned home from work, a message from liam's mother saying she was leaving him and she was sorry she didn't want to do it this way. liam was a very happy boy enjoyed life enjoyed being here and enjoyed this park. that's
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why that's why we're all gathered here. this was the second home like most seven year olds, liam loved the playground loved to swim, loved pizza and pasta for nicholas, who said he loved being liam's dad. he says that was stolen from him. and that's the hardest part is knowing that i, uh i wasn't there to protect him. and part of lambs. weekly routine at the park was to run up a hill here, and that's what liam's dad did today in honor of his son, william's mother was arrested in denver at a denver hotel and is awaiting extradition to las vegas. julie it is heartbreaking to think that his dad is going through azenith smith. thank you, authorities in the east bay are searching for a missing teenager tonight. the alameda county sheriff's office says 15 year old naevia anderson was last seen on monday, leaving her home in hayward. they say she may have left for a friend's house in oakland. the girl was last seen in a dark t
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shirt and blue jeans and carrying a small black backpack. if you see her, you're asked to call authorities in alameda county. we are learning more tonight about the man who shot and killed nine of his co workers in that mass shooting last month at the b to rail yard in san jose. today. the agency released over 200 pages of documents and emails from same cassidy's personal filed and it's ktvu jesse gary reports. there is a record of at least one verbal altercation that left a coworker frightened. vita officials say there are no records and accused gunman sam cassidy's personnel, fi oh, showing disciplinary action for threatening behavior. but the 20 year employee was involved in four separate incidents spanning 16 months that required management involvement. i would say that's more than normal. certainly, i think, uh, perhaps one off handed incident, perhaps or to, um, at an extreme would be normal, but i
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think for would be something to look at the two most egregious conflicts took place six months apart in july. 2019 cassidy was suspended without pay for two days, vita officials say he refused to follow policy for signing out a radio used for work in january of 2020. cassidy got into a verbal altercation with another employee. the incident was. reported and a second employee told the manager quote he scares me. if someone was to go postal it be him. well that would be something worthy of looking into. and i don't know frankly of the vita did look into it. that would be a warning sign. to me. that would be a reason for concern. may 26th sam cassidy allegedly shot and killed nine co workers at the vita guadalupe light rail yard. he took his own life as sheriff's deputies and san jose police officers approached him. be to officials say there was nothing in the 57 year olds file to support concern over the go. postal comment the matter was ultimately referred
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back to cassidy's department manager, dr robert albright, who co authored a book on workplace conflict resolution says violence can happen after a pattern or a string of encounters. workplace violence isn't. typically something that happens on an impulse i e. and one day it's more of a process the two other hr incidents were minor one for refusing to attend a mandatory training session. another for an unexcused leave, vita officials say they're continuing to investigate the go postal verbal altercation incident to see if they're more relevant documents to review in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, san francis cisco supervisor aaron peskin is going to rehab for alcohol treatment. the supervisor made the announcement today on twitter saying in part i stand by my long, legislative and civic record, but must also take full responsibility for the tenor that i have struck in my public
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relationships for that. i am truly sorry. this comes one day after the chronicle asked him about complaints over his behavior. more than two dozen people told the newspaper peskin bullied colleagues used profane language and accused it of the head of corruption in a public meeting. many said he appeared intoxicated. mayor london breed says disrespect berating and accusations by elected officials are completely out of line. no word if anyone will be taking over for peskin while he is in rehab five days before california set to reopen sonoma county is sliding backward in coronavirus cases. counties in the orange terror of the state's color coded system. but over the last few days, it's moved closer to the lower red tear, the county reported 76 new cases on tuesday and its first covid-19 related death in two weeks. the person who died was unvaccinated and between the ages of 65 75 years old. despite the setback, officials say the county is prepared to fully reopen on tuesday. the
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cdc is warning about a rare case are rare cases of heart inflammation in young people getting the second dose of a covid vaccine. the agency reports at least 275 cases in 16 to 24 year olds after receiving a second dose of fighters or moderna's vaccine. preliminary data shows. the cases typically occurred in young men, most patients responded well to treatment. the agency advises. people to look out for symptoms, including chest, pain and shortness of breath. and the u. s has extended the expiration date now for the johnson and johnson vaccine. the fda has approved a shelf life of 4.5 months for the one dose shots. the original shelf life for the vaccine was three months and millions of unused shots are set to expire at the end of june. expiration dates are based on how long the shots stay at the right strength. regulators are reviewing shelf life as drug companies test various batches with the bay area preparing to fully reopen on tuesday. they are signs of
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life to venues in san francisco's chinatown. he promised to bring nightlife back to the heart hit historic district. ktvu is amberleigh is live in the city with their soft opening tonight. amber andre tonight i spoke with the people behind both venues. they tell me nightlife and live entertainment are much needed as we emerged from the pandemic. matthis cricket. yeah, thursday night is a soft opening for great star theater in chinatown. this is the first time i'll be performing in front of a live audience in 14 months, and there is a magic beauty to the interaction that happens, the magic of a live audience in this new venue housed in a building that was once the stage for chinese opera in 1925. the plan is to offer western and chinese entertainment. i see this as a bridge an opportunity for those
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two cultures who talked with each other limited capacity now under 100 people, but the staff is preparing for the state's june 15th reopening as well as the theaters. official grand opening next week when it can host more than 400. that's going to be full capacity master still encouraged but not required. nearby the lines den bar and lounge is another new business. it opened on march 13th. they were probably descendants of railroad workers who settled here and co founder steven lee shows me the tribute wall illustrating the history of chinatown clubs and performers of the past. but he has his eye on the future, the dj place behind the screen. lee says plexi glass partitions to protect against the spread of covid 19 will stay up indefinitely a big change for june 15th customers will be allowed to sit at the bar. oh, my god, it's just, uh, relief because i won't be so stressed. as for great star theatre
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performers say returning to the stage and the promise of june 15th is limitless to finally get out from under this dark cloud, and i know that. it's just a date, but it feels like a release date from prison. this is amazing. it's going to be. it's going to be a little emotional tonight. yeah hand moving great star theater's grand opening is one week from friday. both the theater and lines den say starting tuesday, they will no longer have to limerick capacity. but they don't anticipate large turnouts right away, andre a lot of people waiting to get back out. there are at amberleigh reporting for us. live a amber. thank you. organizers of the state vaccine lottery have chosen to alternate winners of friday's $50,000 prizes. officials say they could not reach two of the 15 winners, so they move to the next two alternatives. one of the other winners is speaking out, a man named tony said he got the call last friday. he ignored it at
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first because he thought it was a joke. he says he is grateful, though, for that money. it's been a rough year, a year and a half for me and for everybody else out there, so it's nice to have this extra money. come in. i basically lived off my savings for the past year and a half well, he also encouraged other people to get their vaccinations. 15 more $50,000 winners will be drawn tomorrow. on tuesday, 10 people will win 1.5 million each from cars to groceries to travel. consumer prices are on the rides after the break a look at the latest numbers and why they may just be temporary. and a barrier weather. lots of sunshine today a bit of a cooler weather pattern this week where we're talking about a warm up a little bit of a warm up in your friday forecast, and we'll have that come here. and paying tribute to the community leaders who went above and beyond during the pandemic. at 10 30, the documentary that was released tonight, showing the
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nasdaq gained 108 and the s and p closed at an all time high today with a gain of 19 points. shoppers know it now the new numbers from the federal government confirmed consumer prices are up. they rose 5% last month that is the biggest jump. in more than a decade. ktvu jana katsuyama is here now, with the impact on people's pocketbooks as the economy recovers from pandemic shutdowns, janna. julie it looks like the price increases might continue for a while. big companies such as procter and gamble and coca cola say they plan to increase prices soon, but this labor department report really shows how the consumer price increase has really led to higher prices, not just in one area, but across many industries nationwide. shoppers say they've been noticing a trip to the grocery store. 175 can come with serious sticker shock. so does beer, milk and meat
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products for sure, it's all adding up and we spend more and more every time across the aisles, prices for meat, dairy and other items are rising. just in this last week. i just noticed, especially with serial cereal had really gone up. prices for corn and grains have hit a high not seen since 2012. and companies that make other consumer goods such as diapers, tissues and toilet paper are raising prices to offset raw material increases in wood, pulp and plastics. on thursday, the u. s department of labor released data showing consumer prices increased 5% over one year ago. economists say the causes pent up demand as people emerged from pandemic restrictions. and face supply shortages as companies tried to ramp back up after shutdowns. i've got off roading jeeps at the sigma auto group. lot in concord. they've seen a 35% increase in business prices and demand for used vehicles surged a record 10% last month as a shortage of semiconductor ships
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decreased supplies of new cars. there have been a shortage of new cars out there. recently due to the chips, which has driven the prion market up, i would say, uh, pretty significant amount and as more people travel airline fares have increased 7% gas prices hit a seven year high and restaurants such as chipotle are increasing prices to offset higher wages and costs. i look at a £40 case of chicken went from about $40 to $130 in two weeks. that's food cost is you can't deal with. the treasury secretary janet yellen, however, says she expects the inflation will be temporary as the economy readjust from the past year. we're making progress and what we're seeing some inflation, i don't believe it's permanent, but we will watch this very carefully. the federal reserve has said that it does not anticipate putting
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on the brakes an increasing interest rates unless inflation continues to rise steadily over many months. reporting live janikowski on my ktvu, fox two news, state leaders announced changes to the covid-19 relief program today, making it easier to apply. the goal is to streamline the process and encourage more applicants. but renters and advocates for renters say they want more protections. they are asking the state to protect tenants from debt, improve the emergency rental assistance program and extend eviction moratoriums past june 30th when they are set to expire. if there is no extension. landlords across the state will fill the courthouses on july 1st two file unlawful detainers. there will be massive evictions, causing another health emergency. now this all comes as governor, gavin newsom has proposed spending more than $5 billion on rental assistance. federal funding for california's high speed rail project has now been
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restored tonight. the u. s. department of transportation and the states say they have finalized negotiations that restore nearly $1 billion in grant money for that project, the trump administration rescinded the funding back in 2019 governor, newsom says the move will create jobs, but experts say the project needs billions more dollars. in order to be completed. oh and a barrier weather another day of sunshine out there. i've just been patchy cloud cover lots of sunshine across a good portion of the region looks like temperatures will be treading up a little bit near friday and into the weekend, so this cooler weather pattern will soon be fading away. take a look at the highest from this afternoon. not too hot. you can see the warm spots right around 80 degrees out toward fairfield in antioch, oakland, 65 san jose 71. and some sixties in san francisco. here's the satellite. what's interesting tonight? we actually have a little frontal system up here, producing some clouds and even some green on the radar. you know, that means some rainfall.
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approach to the north coast of california, not for us, but some of these clouds will be moving into especially the north bay by a friday, especially by friday afternoon and into friday night current check on the temperatures out there most areas right now for the 10 o'clock hour in the fifties, with partly cloudy skies still some mostly clear skies and a few spots. here's a live camera beautiful looking out toward the golden gate bridge from san francisco, so probably right around this scene will have some patchy fog near the coast and near the bay shoreline. first thing tomorrow morning, all overnight. we'll start out your friday morning already friday, and most areas will be in the forties to right around 50 degrees, not as not as cold as this morning's. that chilled is beginning to lose its grip as well. here's the forecast models showing you some of the clouds out there and then into the afternoon hours. we are expecting those high clouds to seep into the north bay, especially sonoma county. most areas little bit warmer for tomorrow. but the real warming that that this shows up in the five day forecast and beyond eventually we're talking about triple digits in the neck. week and
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we'll have more on that. but that hot forecast headed our way. all right, mark, we'll see in a bit. thank you. a floating piece of history is back on the water along san francisco's embarcadero, the uss pomp, anita returned to the city with a fireboat escort. the world war two submarine underwent repairs in alameda after it was damaged by storms back in january. the sub carried out six patrols in the pacific during world war two. her crew of 80 men sank six japanese ships into damaged for others while living inside the 300 ft long vessel well coming up tonight we have new video of a high priced heist, a dozen thieves making off with $100,000 worth of designer purses. plus, we have to be constantly vigilant that we can't just relax because it is san francisco. believe it or not 30% of hate crimes in san francisco are against the lgbt community. police are addressing these troubling numbers and an effort to
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. told you about this? the video shows the group running away from the louisville thanh store, located the stanford shopping center. the viewer who sent us this video says the security guard nearby did not intervene, palo alto police say there was a total of 11 thieves. they got away with 36 handbags worth $100,000. authorities say they may be connected to a string of retail thefts around the bay area. even in san francisco, members of the l g b tt q. community face harassment and hate crimes this pride month. we are looking at the city's efforts to raise awareness and build relationships with people who are victimized. ktvu evan sernoffsky found out what police are doing to make it easier to report. incidents of
10:25 pm
hate. spirit of pride is alive and well in san francisco's castro district a pe coronavirus lifting off this community. are we still you know, celebrating in our way, and i'm very proud of it. but it's thousands flood into the city for pride month, residents remain wary of troubles. they've always faced a lot of people think san francisco was this safe haven for the lgbtq community, but even within our city, there are incidents of harassment or prejudice or hate crime type incidents. officer catherine winters works as the sfpd liaison. for the lgbt community. some of the incidents of hate crimes against lgbt community shows us that we have to be constantly vigilant that we can't just relax because it is san francisco records show that over the last five years more
10:26 pm
than 30% of hate crimes in san francisco were against members of the lgbt community, making them the most targeted group and numerous studies show that almost 90% of lgbt folks. in the city have faced harassment or other prejudice that often goes unreported. the sfpd recently changed reporting requirements for prejudice based incidents, even if it doesn't rise to the level of a crime. they want to know about it, but having that data and knowing what's going on in our communities can help us head off problems before they lead to violence before somebody gets hurt as life returns to normal in the castro residents and business owners want to make one thing clear. as a community. we look out for each other. and um, we have to have each other's back in san francisco evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and we have a series of reports and conversations throughout the month of june celebrating pride.
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you can see those reports any time by visiting ktvu dot com slash pride are still to come tonight the battle over a ban on assault weapons how california is fighting back against the judge's decision to overturn it, and why governor newsom says a lot is on the line. and later tonight, a bipartisan group of senators reaches an agreement on infrastructure, but it is far from a done deal. later in sports. the athletics have struggled at home this season sports director mark baniyas will tell us that they were able to capitalize on the slumping broyles. at first it takes the hood to save the hood, the documentary that honors the san francisco community leaders who helped at risk youth during the pandemic. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill.
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recognizes community heroes. it's called it takes the hood to save the hood. ktvu is deborah villalon is here now, with tonight's premiere, deb. okay julie. it's an effort from a first time filmmaker in san francisco, impressed by what he saw happening all around him south of market. when i think of soma, i think about the resiliency of the people. we have survivors here. rudy corpus is one of five people profiled in a new film now debut ng. it looks back on how the pandemic hit the south of market neighborhood at how volunteers rallied to provide whatever people needed. for example, thousands of pounds of food and delivery drivers for the housebound community organizations had to pivot as people panicked. now they're unemployed, and they don't know what that means. they don't know how to do e d. d. they don't know how to do rent, so we kind of just i figured everything out as it came along
10:31 pm
the audience for this premiere includes many of the staff and volunteers who went above and beyond themselves in the past year. coming out this pandemic. i hope we can keep that solidarity and you needed together. corpus is an ex felon, now a leader in violence prevention. he rallied others who'd served time to help the vulnerable around them. there ain't no more bigger responsibility and given in your life for somebody else's life because we all know there was a lot of people who actually died from the pandemic and had no money to bury day people and they were scared. they know what to do. the mini documentary looks at the neighborhoods, resilience, past and future like the folks that left all the techies are left like, i don't know what that means for them, but we'll still be here and will continue to be here. and while those profiled didn't seek recognition, thank you so much for making us all look beautiful on the screen, knowing what they accomplished during crisis feels good, but to be acknowledged for doing something positive for our
10:32 pm
community and the people and greeted in this way man is priceless. y'all about to see like the hood really stepped up and took care of the hood like each and every one of the people that you harvey lozada, who made the 30 minute movie says it still needs some tweaks, and then he hopes to enter it in film festivals and make it widely available. but you can watch it on the livestream of the event tonight. we've got a link for you at ktvu .com. under web links, julie yeah, so good to see people who stepped up during tough times, deborah. thank. you well at a gala event tonight, the latino community foundation honored the essential workers who they call the heroes of this pandemic. the foundation honored small business owners, nurses and doctors who cared for the sick and farm workers who made it possible for the nation to have food on the table amid the pandemic. in addition, several state dignitaries and governor newsom thank latinos for giving their all all during trying
10:33 pm
times for california. thank you for leading the way in our toughest moments. thank you for serving on the front lines as nurses, doctors, farm workers, teachers, small business leaders, entrepreneurs. thank you for your steadfast commitment to meet this moment in so many other moments with the grit and determination that i think defines the best. of california. latino leaders say that as the state reopens tuesday, more must be done to ensure that latinos are vaccinated against covid-19, according to public policy institute of california only 60% of latinos have reported being vaccinated, but the latino community foundation is working to increase that number. well governor gavin newsom and state attorney general rob bonta we're in the bay area today to formally appeal a federal judge's recent ruling that overturned the state's ban on assault weapons as ktvu. political reporter greg lee tells us they vow to fight for gun control, and we need to call this federal judge out. he
10:34 pm
will continue to do damage. mark my word. governor newsom didn't mince words while criticizing a federal judge's decision to overturn the state's three decade old ban on assault weapons. he's a wholly owned subsidiary of the gun lobby in the national rifle association, read these decisions. judge roger benitez ruled the ban unconstitutional. thursday attorney general rob bonta announced the state it has filed an appeal criticizing the judge's decision, particularly his comparison of an a r 15 to a swiss army knife and the reasoning such as equating assault weapons to swiss army knives and false claims that covid-19 vaccines have killed more people than mass shootings was shocking. recognized were not invented to kill as many people as possible. pie pocket knives don't tear family support, flanked by gun control advocates, newsome and bata announced the appeal at san francisco general hospital. their trauma surgeons have cared for victims wounded by
10:35 pm
gunfire from a ar fifteens and causes absolute devastation to the human body. it is if. bomb went off in the tissues of the patient's gun rights group, the firearms policy coalition helped get the lawsuit to court. they called newsom's comments outrageous and said they'll take every action to defend the courts legally and historically correct decision up to and at the u. s supreme court. we know that the supreme court is going to take more gun control cases that they likely will strike down more of these gun control measures. we don't know if this case is one of those cases when judge benitez made his ruling he ordered a 30 day stay on his order to allow the egg to appeal. aged bata is asking the court of appeals to extend that stay for the duration of that appeal, meaning the band would remain in place. gregory ktvu box to nerves. oakland police say they took more illegal guns off the streets today, police say community resource officers were following up on a criminal
10:36 pm
investigation when they discovered to illegal firearms on martin luther king jr way. they also arrested two people, and later they also recovered a firearm at lake merritt. so far this year, opd says it has recovered 500 illegal firearms that's around three guns seized every day. coming up. tesla unveils its latest model, and ellen must boast that it is faster and safer than any other car on the market, added whether i'm tracking a frontal system approach in northern california with the chance of maybe a few showers approaching portions of the north bay. we'll talk about those chances with your forecast coming up, plus a summit on border security, the state that says it will build a wall along its border with mexico.
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of the original model s sedan at its factory in fremont tonight, ceo elon musk drove up to the stage in the car, he told the crowd. the model s plaid is the quickest production car ever made. the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 in under two seconds. it has a range of almost 400 miles on an all new electric battery pack and a top speed of 200 miles an hour. plaid model s what you have is a car that is a faster then than quicker than any sports car. uh like faster than any any porsche safer than any volvo in the same car and now. the plaid will sell for 123,000 must said the 1st 25 cars are now ready for sale, and they expect to produce several 100 cars per week. quote soon but
10:40 pm
as an increasing number of electric cars hit the road, a new report says california must build more charging stations for drivers to plug into when they're away from home. the california energy commission says the state will need nearly 1.2 million public and shared chargers by 2030 to meet fuelling demands. currently the state only has 73,000 governor newsom has proposed $500 million in budget surplus money to help build those charging stations, the governor of texas said today the state will build a border wall governor greg abbott made the announcement during a border security summit that would approve the state budget includes more than $1 billion for border security, and also includes a task force to target border security. abbott did not say how much the wall would cost or when construction would actually begin. senators from both parties announced today they have reached an agreement on infrastructure legislation to fix the nation's roads and bridges and modernized energy technologies. the lawmakers now
10:41 pm
hope the plan will win support from the white house and congressional leaders to make their proposal law. senators say the plan would be fully paid for and not include tax increases. the white house spokesperson said the administration would work with the senators in the coming days on a path forward. battling the coronavirus was the first item on the president. his agenda on his first full day in the uk, the president biden announced the u. s. will donate 500 million doses of the pfizer vaccine to be distributed to poor countries where vaccine supplies are lagging. the first shots are set to go out in august, president biden predicted the us doses would supercharge the global vaccination campaign and said the shots are being given with no strings attached. our vaccine donations don't include pressure for favors or potential cassette concessions were doing this to save lives to end this pandemic. that's it, period. gorgeous. i don't want to go home tomorrow. the g
10:42 pm
seven nations are set to match the $500 million vaccine donation or 500 million vaccine donation from the united states. well, bart approves it $2 billion budget, how they'll use the money for cleaner and more frequent trains, plus great highway has been car free for over a year. the debate over whether the city should keep it that way. and will our mind mild june weather continue. meteorologist mark tamayo is back after the break with your complete in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. at worksman cycles, we've been building bikes for a hundred years.
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directors approved a budget for fiscal year 2022 that will allow for better service the $2.4 billion budget will pay for additional train service with more frequent trips and extended hours. the budget extends funding for car and station cleaning and allows for more safety staff system wide. it also makes important investments to reduce long term costs and maintain critical infrastructure to keep the bay area moving. munich is expanding its free youth program. all young people 18 and under in san francisco will be able to write mew knee buses and trains for free this summer. no application is required here. it was initially available only to children and low to moderate income households. it is being expanded now, with the help of $2 million in the upcoming city budget. mayor london breed says she hopes this will foster a
10:46 pm
new generation of money riders. the future of san francisco's great highway is up for debate. ktv. use christian captain tells us while some people want it want to see it remained car free. the city is now looking toward a compromise, san francisco's upper great highway running along the western edge of the sunset district has been car free since april of 2021 of the city's slow streets created as a place for people to safely wreck create during the pandemic. now the city is considering a possible two year pilot program extending that ban. we are considering and proposing. i'm feeling that the best way to forward is to design some kind of piloting effort. um where we work with a, you know, full or partial car free condition for great highway. yes i'll be calling rolls, the city's recreation and parks department and san francisco municipal transportation agency are considering a number of ideas ranging from fully returning the road to a four lane highway
10:47 pm
to continuing the full ban on motor vehicle traffic or various compromises. luke born heimer from kids safe. sf says he would like to see the highway remain car free. we've seen an incredible expansion of this space, a public space where people are connecting. kids are learning to bike and scoot, and we want to see this space stay as is, but some neighbors like lewis and cabral, who have lived in the area for 30 years, say closing the rate highway has pushed more traffic into the neighborhood. it's not good, it's really dangerous walking around, you know. so where. not for it, but we'll just have to wait and see what politics do it and, you know, see how they change things. the city says it's added stop signs and speed bumps to slow and reroute traffic from neighborhood roads to busier streets. and cabral says the idea of a walk only great highway made sense at the height of the pandemic. i think safety wise it's seen its time because i know the fire department. we have a station that's up here on 45th, and
10:48 pm
they are frustrated. i believe i think i see them being frustrated trying to go through. the city streets there and not have this access road as easily to get from one end of this area to the other city is saying it is still working out exactly how will proceed, but it will likely have some kind of pilot program in the fall in san francisco at the great highway, christian captain ktvu fox two news, all right, and i know it's been windy around the great highway over the past few days with the blowing sand of the gusty conditions out there, so yeah, tomorrow we're still talking about it. bit of a breeze out there as well. but if actually the next week, this is what we're beginning to watch. still a few days away, but still looking long range here. but wednesday and into thursday, we're going to work things back up, especially for the inland spots. temperatures in the mid to upper nineties could be right around 100 degrees and fire danger with a pattern like this will be increasing as well. but thankfully we have the microclimate. so the entire bay area we're not going to experience that that intense heat but still temperatures
10:49 pm
trending up across the entire region into next week. interesting tonight. so we're actually tracking a nice little frontal band on the satellites and right up in the pacific northwest, some green showing up on the radar. it looks like the bulk of the activity in terms of a shower chance will be to the north of the bay area, especially toward humble county. as we head into a friday and into friday night, here's a live camera looking out if you can't see and we do have a temperatures in the fifties around 53 to 55 to 57 degrees, starting to cool off for tonight, as you would expect tomorrow morning. not as cold as this morning, but still somewhat of a chill in the air, and we could actually have some patchy fog in the picture once again near the coast, near the bay shoreline. you will see what happens, though that system dropping in from the north that will bring in a few extra high clouds, especially up in sonoma county by tomorrow afternoon, so it's kind of fun to its racing a cold front, especially this time of year. i wish we could be talking about real rainfall, but here it is on the satellite as it does move to whether you're south as you can see into tomorrow, so
10:50 pm
the bulkley shower activity is to the north of the bay area. then once that system moves on out a little bit of a warm up as we head into the weekend, nothing too major. but the intense heat there were starting to track for the inland spots, especially into next week for wednesday and into a thursday so still a few days to prepare to get ready for that event into a next week. in terms of the heat. here's the forecast model. you can see what happens into your friday some cloud cover in the morning and they were watching that shower activity to the north. now there is a slight chance of a sprinkle or light shower into a northern sonoma county. maybe you're right near the immediate coastline of the north bay. but as you can see, we're just picking up a few clouds and some clouds to start things off into a saturday morning for tomorrow. partly sunny skies more sunshine, though in the south bay and temperatures a little bit warmer than today. we're thinking the warm spots on track to reach the mid to upper seventies. look ahead. your five day forecast a little bit of some warming into saturday, but then more warming into next week by tuesday, and especially by wednesday and
10:51 pm
into thursday. i really wish i could add that rain clouds in the forecast. tomorrow night, but it would be nice to least track a few sprinkles and portions of the north bay by this time tomorrow. alright mark. thank you so much, well, san jose international airport is starting up coast to coast flights for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began tonight, jetblue will begin offering flights from san jose to boston's logan airport for the first time since april of last year. san jose airport director john eakin said, resuming daily long haul service symbolizes a welcome return to normalcy. coming up in sports. that heated exchange between kevin durant and p. j. tucker and the nets and bucks game sports director marco baniyas. we have all the highlights from the nba playoffs, then on the 11 o'clock news, a disturbing homicide near lake tahoe that left a 70 year old man dead. the new surveillance video of the person was with you tonight e
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
vinyl room. well, non scheduled but probably not unwelcome day off for the san francisco giants back in washington. they were scheduled to take on the nats. but it rained back there. maybe go out, see the sights. they're gonna have to play a doubleheader, though. on saturday as for the other first place team in the bay area, the oakland a's it happens. sometimes it's just the dud, and that's what it was. despite elvis dancing in the dugout aids come in, having won seven out of eight. they get some nice defense early from chapping ups to get salvador perez's liner frankie montas, appreciating that, in the a's get off to a one nothing lead, thanks to jed lowry picket to ride batty, right added switch hitters got his fifth of the year came off mike minor played with the a's last year won
10:55 pm
nothing but frankie don't always pay attention to the notes. go with your gut, you know, no cheat sheet, huh? because with the time runner at second he checked all that stuff. and hunter dozer winds up with the show. not passed third chapman out of shot at it. app ties it up the next hitter kelvin gutierrez, with the absolute definition of a scene, i single up the spy of the diamond two runs are gonna score, making a 31 lead and they scored. three more. 61 is the final kansas city at the first of four comes on to beat the a's who had only three heads. and oddly enough to sweep the fact they're in first place. they have only a 19 and 18 record in oakland in no jokes about the home field advantage for their look and believe, all right, you see all the passion from the fans and the intensity of the players hard to believe it's been a couple of years since the warriors were in the playoffs, missed that stuff, so we're relegated to watching everybody else have the fun like up in utah. where the jazz going 98%
10:56 pm
capacity 18,000 you see rudy gobert, awarded with its defensive player of the year award, second quarter, donovan mitchell, what a half side step three up 30 ft at half and he was on the way to 35 points. clip push back, though, as pat beverley with the steel finds its way to read you, jackson do it. the three he led the clippers with 29. they go up to steve bomber going buzzer, the owner of the clippers, he wouldn't like this. keen to run by utah on the fourth. no defense joe engle says, yeah, i mean, i got to guard me up the pop three as a knack from out there and say the least he had 18 points. 1 17 1 11, utah. they're up to o as the jazz go to los angeles for a couple of games there and, uh, well must game from milwaukee, and they must have one because k d eight to happy. p. j. tucker gets physical with them. and please
10:57 pm
distribute the double technicals their separate everybody and get back to basketball business tied at 84th quarter under 1/30 or so, durant pack that pull up and the nets go up 32 thinking. yeah that's kb, then that's going to take this thing under a minute, though, the bucks down one true holiday transition spin, laying. milwaukee is alive up there. they feel they can come back to ticks left the nets down three lab. ditch effort. kd contested. mm no, not going to go 86 83 defensive game to say the least, bucks now, down only to one, and at least they've got a shot at it. all right. you talk about what's going on in college softball for the women shout out to them. this was a most entertaining world series and the final game today back in oklahoma city. it's all on
10:58 pm
the line. the decider against florida state and oklahoma sooners deciding game first the player of the year. oklahoma's justin lin. allah she goes deep, daniel watson and the solo homer as the sooners up one. nothing now a 51 lead. fs you, sydney sheriff thought she had extra bases. mackenzie donohoe with a great grab out there, much appreciated by the pitcher dezell warez. final out. she takes care of herself. she throws a complete game manufacturer was five and o during the tournament and congratulations to the sooners. that's the school's fifth championship nationally in women's softball. alright team usa vs portugal in a women's friendly, we got nil nil into the 76th minute usa got the corner kick working. christophe press. perfect don't cross for sam mewes. on the header and up
10:59 pm
on top of the net. it goes top drawer. the gold, the only one of the game one mil final two in usa over portugal. they did have one goal called back, all right. we got some defense to show you one from a guy who gets paid to do it and another who is just there on a pleasure. busy. you got to check this out. this is mookie bet in right field for the dodgers. chi tom hit it. the catch is good. the throw is amazing as in like, willie. amazing right. there gets his guy at the plate. erin gonzalez. out, and that's just something to seat. that's an incredible throw. 63 is the final coming up in about 25 minutes or so we'll show you, a young fan who made an unbelievable catch for free. that's the sporting life for now, get it back to you, audrey! age mark look forward to that next at 11. so does
11:00 pm
beer, milk and the meat products for sure. and then all the other little a coachman cereal. prices are on the rise at the grocery store and beyond, with new numbers, confirming one of the biggest spikes in years, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now from bacon and eggs to use cars, prices are rising. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm andre senior in for frank somerville. the jump in may was the biggest and more than a decade ktvu jana katsuyama slob with how the economic recovery is driving higher. prices, jenna andre, many companies scaled back dramatically during the past year of the pandemic shutdowns. and so now the labor department's consumer price index report that was released today shows that there was another month of price increases. shoppers say they've been notic


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