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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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favorite park his second harm about 50 people are here family and friends to honor the young boy's life and just within the hour his father spoke about the outpouring of community support. this vigil was organized by a group of family friends who say they're all shocked by this week's turn of events. last month, the hiker discovered liam's remains on a train. and mountain springs, nevada, and for a while that boy was referred to as john little zion dope until earlier this week, when police and the fbi made the connection the remains belong to a missing persons case out of san jose. liam's father had called police saying he hadn't heard from liam or his mother on tuesday. police arrested mother samantha moreno rodriguez in a denver hotel at tonight loved ones of liam and his and his father are grieving together just to see that. everybody come together in las vegas, everybody to come together and denver everybody
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to come together here. it's just it's just really almost overwhelming. but i appreciate it all i know he does. he was such a great boy. and i just want everybody to know that he was amazing. okay? and you can hear it in the father's voice. just very emotional tonight. liam's father has said he has been overwhelmed by all of the kind words and donations and his heart and mind are flooded with grief and pain. and he calls what happened a nightmare and he adds, knowing that someone liam trusted could do something like this is unforgiving. give herbal. of course, we'll have more on tonight's vigil tonight at 10, julie. yeah, your heart just breaks for or that father hearing him speak about his son. and what happened? azenith smith we learned anything more about why the
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mother did what she's accused of doing, okay now, motive is unclear, but we do know liam was autistic. he had special needs. and, you know, perhaps the struggles of parenting, someone who has autism. um you know, she might have reached her breaking point. we just don't know. yeah, it's just. it's just sad story. alright azenith smith reporting live for us tonight. thanks, azenith smith. we're learning new details about the work history of the vita employee who killed nine people at the light rail yard just over two weeks ago. ktvu jesse gary, with the disciplinary file on sam cassidy, including at least one verbal altercation that left a fellow vita employee frightened. mhm. vita officials say there are no records and accused gunman sam cassidy's personnel file showing disciplinary action for threatening behavior. but the 20 year employee was involved in four separate incidents
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spanning 16 months that required management involvement. i would say that's more than normal. certainly, i think. perhaps one off handed incident, perhaps or to, um, at an extreme would be normal, but i think for would be something to look at the two most egregious conflicts took place six months apart in july. 2019 cassidy was suspended without pay for two days, vita officials say he refused to follow policy for signing out a radio used for work in january of 2020. cassidy got into a verbal altercation with another employee. the incident was reported and the second employee told the manager quote he scares me. if someone was to go postal it be him. well that would be something worthy of looking into. and i don't know frankly of the vita did look into it. that would be a warning sign. to me. that would be a reason for concern. may 26th sam cassidy allegedly shot and killed nine co workers at
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the vita guadalupe light rail yard. he took his own life as sheriff's deputies and san jose police officers approached him. be to officials say there was nothing in the 57 year olds file to support concern over the go. postal comment the matter was ultimately referred back to cassidy's department manager, dr robert albright, who co authored a book on workplace conflict resolution says violence can happen after a pattern or a string of encounters. workplace violence isn't. typically something that happens on an impulse i e. and one day it's more of a process the two other hr incidents were minor one for refusing to attend a mandatory training session. another for an unexcused leave, vita officials say they're continuing to investigate the go postal verbal altercation incident to see if they're more relevant documents to review in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. california has formally appealed a federal judge's
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ruling that overturned its 32 year old ban on assault weapons. the governor and attorney general came to the bay area today vowing to fight for gun gun control more now from our political reporter, greg lee. and we need to call this federal judge out. he will continue to do damage mark my word governor newsom didn't mince words while criticizing a federal judge's decision to overturn the state's three decade old ban on assault weapons. he's a wholly owned subsidiary of the gun lobby and the national rifle association read these decisions. judge roger benitez ruled the ban unconstitutional thursday, attorney general rob bonta announced the state has filed an appeal criticizing the judge's decision. particularly is comparison of an a r 15 to a swiss army knife and the reasoning such as equating assault weapons to swiss army knives and false claims that covid-19 vaccines have killed more people than mass shootings
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was shocking. pocket knives were not invented to kill as many people as possible. my pocket knives don't tear family support flanked by gun control advocates, newsome and bata announced the appeal at san francisco general hospital. their trauma surgeons have cared for victims wounded by gunfire from a ar fifteens and causes absolute devastation to the human body. and as if. bomb went off in the tissues of the patient's gun rights group, the firearms policy coalition helped get the lawsuit to court. they called newsom's comments outrageous and said they'll take every action to defend the courts legally and historically correct decision up to and at the u. s supreme court. we know that the supreme court is going to take more gun control cases that they likely will strike down more of these gun control measures. we don't know if this case is one of those cases when judge benitez made his ruling he ordered a 30 day stay on his order to allow the egg to appeal. aged bata is asking the
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court of appeals to extend that stay for the duration of that appeal, meaning the band would remain in place. gregory ktvu box to nerves san francisco police are investigating a shooting that left a man with life threatening injuries. the shooting happened just after 10 o'clock this morning at market street and the callous ter not far from the civic center, two police officers who were on patrol just around the corner heard the gun. shots they ran to where the man was, they see had been shot a number of times officers ran to the scene on jones street and located an adult male victim suffering from gun. the officers immediately rendered aid and some and medics to the scene. police say the victim is in his forties. the shooter was gone when the officers got to the scene, investigators interviewed witnesses and checking for surveillance video their motive for the shooting is not yet known. san francisco supervisor aaron peskin is going to rehab for alcohol
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treatment. the supervisor made that announcement on today i announcement today rather on twitter, saying in part i stand by my long legislative and civic record, but must also take full responsibility for the julie haener that i have struck in my public relationships for that. i am truly sorry. this comes one day after the chronicle asked him about complaints over his behavior. more than two dozen people told the newspaper peskin bullied colleagues used profane language and accused department head of corruption in a public meeting. many said he appeared intoxicated. mayor london breed says disrespect berating and accusations by elected officials are completely out of line. no word if anyone will be taking over for peskin while he is in rehab as we get closer to the date, california set to fully reopen sonoma county sliding backward in coronavirus cases. the county is in the orange chair of the state's color coded system. but over the last few days, it's numbers have edged closer toward the red tear, the county reported 76 new cases on
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tuesday and its first covid-19 related death in two weeks. the person who died was on vaccinated and between 65 75 years old county officials say. despite the setbacks county is prepared to fully reopen june. 15th cal osha, the state safety watchdog is taking another look at its covid safety regulations for job site, but any new rules won't be in place before the state fully reopens. ktvu is tom baker tells us that's creating a lot of confusion. the california chamber of commerce, the powerful lobbying arm of the state's business community, says it's glad something not yet finalized, but something solid will come out clarity and consistency for businesses. so we know what's coming and when it's coming, the bay area council, a consortium of the region's largest employers, says osha's rules needed work. they at least on first blush were not consistent with, uh with what the state public health
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department and cdc was recommending. what business wander rules that match up with california and federal cdc guidelines dropping all master requirements for fully vaccinated employees clarifying how employees can prove that they've been vaccinated and eliminating the need to stockpile expensive n95 masks. kell osha's new worker, covid rules will be announced on june the 17th two days. after the state's official reopening and by law won't be effective for 10 days after that, were obviously a little disappointed that it's happening so late they could have aligned on june 3rd with the governor instead, a proposed regulations that actually were more restrictive. and we've ever had since the beginning of covid and still some employees may want safety rules to remain. we are not out of the pandemic. the california nurses association says. we only got to this point by minding health rules and now is not the time to ditch them. we
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know the variants are running rampant. we still don't know how much protection will get what these vaccines. there's just still a lot that we don't know about this covid-19. the plan won't be final until late this month unless the state's leadership steps in what we're asking right now is the governor can always do an executive order. he can always over wide cal osha he can align everything, including businesses, along with what's going to happen on june 15th. nonetheless, many folks will keep masking rules notwithstanding. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. well, one of the first vaccine lottery winners here in california is coming forward. now the man named tony said he got the call last friday, the day of the first lottery drawing, saying that he had won $50,000 but he ignored it at first because he thought it was a joke. he says he is grateful, though, for that money. it's been a rough year, a year and a half for me and for everybody else out there,
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so it's nice to have this extra money. come in. i basically lived off my savings for the past year now. well, he also encouraged other people to get their vaccinations now 15 more $50,000 winners will be drawn tomorrow. on tuesday, 10 people will win $1.5 million each. coming up. hackers steal valuable information from redwood city based ea sports what was taken in the data breach and hundreds of millions of dollars, the new estimate from the state department of finance on how much an election to recall the governor will cost california taxpayers and a barrier whether another round of lots of sunshine today out there tomorrow we're tracking a weak system that may produce a sprinkle way up north. we'll talk more about that some changes that will move in by the week. plus it's the annual demonstration of the dangers and destruction of illegal fireworks. and we will tell you how much the fines will
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actually cost you this year. taking a live look at conditions on the san mateo bridge this thursday evening traffic flowing smoothly in traffic flowing smoothly in both directions. ktvu news at attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. around the bay area. it's a reminder that the fourth of july is now less than a month away. our crime reporter henry lee tells us that authorities have already started to crack down. just a small fireworks that lands in someone's gutter, but within a few minutes that little canister causes a big fire, that's all it takes is that small firework in that small amount of fire can extend into your home and it can quickly escalate into a structure fire. thankfully this is just a demonstration by contra costa county fire a reminder of how dangerous fireworks can be. but this fire
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on memorial day in antioch was no simulation. a man threw fireworks into a few deal, which nearly destroyed two apartment buildings up to 30 residents lost their homes lost their apartments as a result of this one act of use of illegal fireworks. james sossamon, a convicted felon, was arrested and charged with arson. contra costa county d a dyna beckton said the board of supervisors passed a new ordinance this week. property owners can now be held accountable if illegal fireworks are used on their property. sheriff's deputies can issue tickets that come with fines. they still $100 and they can increase from there, depending on the number of incidences in richmond, the city is offering a 25 $100 reward for every report that leads to an arrest or a fine for illegal fireworks. law enforcement has already made sizable fireworks. plus, these are just some of the fireworks seized by police authorities are girding for more ka booms this year. if last july 4th was any indication, there was an unprecedented level, uh of use
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of almost commercial grade five. works and with the specter of losing limbs and agitating pets and those with ptsd, fire officials say, it's just not worth it. it happens. it's real. these fireworks are dangerous. uh and they shouldn't be used period, although police say they can't respond to every report of fireworks, they still want complaints to be called in. many cities have dedicated fireworks tip lines. henry lee ktvu fox two news, california is already experiencing an increase in wildfires compared to last year, according cal fire as temperatures rise and summer nears, there's been a 26% rise in wildfire activity and the 58% increase in the number of acres burn compared to the same time in 2020, and some tense moments for homeowners in roseville as flames crept dangerously close to homes. check it out there. this is long taylor road, which is right off interstate 80. but as you can see, firefighters were quick to respond and able to douse those flames. they are
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still on the scene, continuing to mop up and monitor any hot spots. how it seems like with a fire story each and every day in the newscast just a reflection of even though we don't have high fire danger, these fires are still flaring up, and unfortunately, we could be talking about some more heat as we head into next week. as far as high as from today, some neighborhoods a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. we've been kind of dealing with this cool to mild weather pattern. you can see highs from this afternoon sixties in san francisco seventies inland a few eighties out toward fairfield and antioch this afternoon says you can't c cool coast side are relatively mild coast side and pretty warm inland. we're not talking about any extreme heat. kind of nice to show you a frontal system up to our north and some green approach to the north coast. so that's the front. we have been tracking over the past few days. that unfortunately, is not going to be much of a rain producer for us, maybe a few sprinkles up in sonoma county as we head into a friday night and into saturday morning. her number is out there. we'll show you some of the wind speeds.
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you can see fairfield out of the southwest at about 21 miles an hour each and every day. we're also talking about some winds that gusted in right around sfo gusting to over 30 miles an hour temperatures right now in the sixties and the seventies as we head into who are thursday evening, and here's our live cameras. you can't see and we still have mostly clear skies over a good portion of the region now, tomorrow morning, not as cold as this morning, so it has been pretty chilly overnight. most areas will be the four to the lower fifties and then into the afternoon hours. we are expecting partly to mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds approached the north bay by afternoon. we'll talk more about that and a major warmup headed our way with your full forecast in just a few minutes, alright, mark. thank you knew at six tonight. redwood city video game making company electronic arts says it has been hacked. the company says the attackers stole a massive amount of data, including source code for various games, but the company said no player data was stolen in the breach. news of the hack was first
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reported by news site bys. electronic arts is one of the largest games companies in the world. it counts battlefield star wars. jedi fallen order. the sims and titan fall among the titles it develops or publishes the latest inflation data out today shows consumer prices have jumped across the year before compared to the year before, rather. super prices. it may rose by 5% a year ago, the fastest pace in nearly 13 years. prices for used cars are up 7.3% from last month. food clothing and airline tickets also costing more. the biden administration sees a spike as temporary. we're making progress and what we're seeing some inflation. i don't believe it's permanent, but we will watch this very carefully. the federal reserve chair says it's unlikely to raise rates this year, seeing higher prices as trent transitory. still ahead tonight, an elaborate welcome and
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fireboat escort for a world war two submarine this morning as it returned to pier 45 in san francisco, but first after the break, harassment and hate crimes against members of san francisco's lgbt community, a look at the troubling numbers and what is being done about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. but even in san francisco, members of the lgbtq community
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face harassment and hate crimes this month pride this pride month. rather, we're looking at the city's efforts to raise awareness and build relationships with people who are victimized. ktvu evan sernoffsky learned what police are doing to make it easier to report. incidents of hate. the spirit of pride is alive and well in san francisco's castro did. correct. there may not be a parade this year, but the pall of the coronavirus is lifting off this community. we still you know, celebrating in our way, and i'm very proud of it. but as thousands flood into the city for pride month, residents remain wary of troubles. they've always faced. a lot of people think san francisco is this safe haven for the lgbtq community, but even within our city, there are incidents of harassment or prejudice. this or hate crime type incidents. officer catherine winters works as the sfpd liaison for the
6:25 pm
lgbt community. some of the incidents of hate crimes against lgbt community shows us that we have to be constantly vigilant that we can't just relax because it is san francisco records show that over the last five years more than 30% of hate crimes in san francisco were against members of the lgbt community, making them the most. targeted group and numerous studies show that almost 90% of lgbt folks in the city have faced harassment or other prejudice that often goes unreported. the sfpd recently changed reporting requirements for prejudice based incidents, even if it doesn't rise to the level of a crime. they want to know about it, but having that data and knowing what's going on in our communities can help us head off problems before they lead to violence before somebody gets hurt as life returns to normal in the castro residents and business owners want to make one thing clear.
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as a community. we look out for each other, and, um, we have to have each other's back in san francisco evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and we have a new series of reports and conversations throughout the month of june. celebrating pride. you can see those reports any time by visiting ktvu dot com slash pride. are coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 keeping san francisco's great highway car free. it is one of the hottest debates in the city. why opponents say it's creating unsafe conditions for nearby neighborhoods and later in sports. dwayne kipper speaks publicly for the first time since his chemotherapy announcement. sports director marco baniyas will have with the popular play by play, giants announcer said. was a new estimate from the state department of finance on just how many hundreds of millions of dollars likely election to recall governor newsom could cost california
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and this year, iihs has awarded a top safety pick+ to all 2021 volvo models. park in san jose tonight, remember seven year old liam, who's dead? the boy from san jose was found dead may 28 near a hiking trail about 30 miles west of las vegas. his mother is now in custody for his murder. so far, investigators have not released a motive for the crime. we're learning more about the disgruntled worker who shot and killed nine of his co workers last month at the bt
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railyard at san jose today, the agency said. sam cassidy was brought into a manager's office for times in a span of 16 months for disciplinary action. none involved threatening behavior, though there was one verbal altercation with a co worker. california is appealing a federal judge's ruling to overturn a 32 year old ban on assault weapons. governor gavin newsom and attorney general rob bonta vowed today to fight for gun control and criticize the judge's ruling. bonta has also formally filed an appeal. watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. san francisco is considering what to do with the great highway. it's been close to car since last spring. that's random. ktvu christian captain tells us the question is whether whether to keep it closed to cars and open for pedestrians, bicyclists and recreation. san francisco's upper great highway running along the western edge of the sunset district has been car free since april of 2021 of the
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city's slow streets created as a place for people to save. rec create during the pandemic. now the city is considering a possible two year pilot program extending that ban. we are considering and proposing. i'm feeling that the best way to move forward is to design some kind of piloting effort. um where we work with a, you know, full or partial car free condition for great highway. yes i'll be calling rolf the city's recreation and parks department and san francisco municipal transportation agency are considering a number of ideas ranging from fully returning the road to a four lane highway to continuing the full ban on motor vehicle traffic or various compromises. luke born heimer from kids safe, sf he would like to see the highway remain car free. we've seen an incredible expansion of this space, a public space where people are connecting. kids are learning to bike and scoot, and we want to see this space stay as is,
6:32 pm
but some neighbors like lewis and cabral, who have lived in the area for 30 years. say closing the rate highway has pushed more traffic into the neighborhood. it's not good, it's really dangerous walking around, you know, so we're not for it, but we'll just have to wait and see what, uh, politics do it and, you know, see how they change things. the city says. it's added stop signs and speed bumps to slow and reroute traffic from neighborhood roads to busier streets. and cabral says the idea of a walk only great highway made sense at the height of the pandemic. i think safety wise, it's seen its time. time because i know the fire department. we have a station that's up here on 45th, and they are frustrated. i believe i think i see them being frustrated trying to go through the city streets there and not have this access road as easily to get from one end of this area to the other backers of the plan to make the great highway permanently car free say there needs to be a compromise. we see this as an amazing opportunity for the city to lead by saying this is
6:33 pm
a space for people, and we understand that there might be concerns about car can be it's and we're going to address those car commute concern the city is saying it is still working out exactly how will proceed, but it will likely have some kind of pilot program in the fall in san francisco at the great highway, christian captain ktvu fox two news. some young people in san francisco will have an opportunity to learn and make some money at the same time this summer this morning near london breed help to kick off the summer 2021 opportunities for all program it provides paid internships throughout the summer to 13 to 24 year olds in sandwich. the skill where breach says it also gives young people access to explore and reach career and educational goals. that's what opportunities for all is about. it's about your future. it's about making sure money is not a barrier to success it to make sure that you're exposed to everything the city has to offer since its inception in 2018, the opportunities for all program has provided more than 3200 paid internships to young
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people in san francisco. work is now underway on a new walking route in richmond ground was broken yesterday on the yellow brick road. it will be in richmond's iron triangle neighborhood. city officials say it will be a safe today. austrian and bike route that will connect schools, parks, stores, churches and other key community places. the yellow brick road will include extended curbs, elevated crosswalks and roundabouts. the project is backed by $13 million in funding from the state and caltrans and state leaders announced changes to the covid-19 rent relief program today, making it easier to apply. but as ktvu is, elissa harrington explains, many renters say they're still waiting for assistance and are demanding that rent protections be extended. we are here today yet again, waiting to know if the state is going to provide the help that we need to stay in our homes. struggling renters throughout california like patricia mendoza met for a virtual news conference
6:35 pm
pleading for extended rental assistance as eviction protections are set to expire at the end of the month. mendoza is with ace alliance of californians for community empowerment. she said. they're calling on the state with three demands. one protect tenants from debt to improve the emergency rental assistance program and three extend sp 91 protections until employment numbers return to what they were before the pandemic. one of the speakers, jackie loughery, from antioch, said her family members all lost their full time jobs during the pandemic, and now they're at serious risk of losing their home. i'm a breast cancer survivor. i take care of my twin six year old granddaughters. i can't even fathom the thought of losing my home right now. but it can be a reality. if sp 91 does not get extended and loopholes closed. larry said she applied for rental assistance months ago and is still waiting. if there is no extension, landlords across the state will fill the
6:36 pm
courthouses on july 1st two file unlawful detainers. there will be massive evictions, causing another health emergency in this. officials with california's covid-19 rent relief program just announced changes to the application process. the goal is to streamline the process and encourage more people to apply. this has been the key element of the california comeback plan with $5.2 billion in rental assistance that governor newsom has proposed. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. new details now on the likely recall election of governor newsom, the state department of finance estimates it will cost about $250 million elected officials say the state will cover the expense, not the county's organizers collected 130,000 signatures beyond the amount needed to qualify for a recall election and they're still being verified. the election could be held in late august or early september.
6:37 pm
still to come. president biden wraps up his first full day in the uk after talks with the prime minister. they're discussing issues like climate change, cyber threats and trade at starbucks is now facing an ingredient shortage ranging from non dairy milks to breakfast sandwiches and even coffee beans. we will tell you why.
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of his overseas trip. fox news caroline shively tells us the president also announced a major donation of vaccines to help other nations bite the coronavirus. we've had a good first full day here in the uk president biden in england, announcing the u. s will donate 500 million pfizer vaccines to lower income countries in the hopes of putting an end to the pandemic and halting any growing influence from china and russia. we know that raging covid-19, another country's holds back global growth. raises instability and weakens governments. earlier in the day, the president held talks with british prime minister boris johnson. my grilled country many times, but this is the first time president knighted states. the two leaders agreed to a new atlantic charter, which aims to strengthen the two countries' relationship and focus on issues like climate change, cyber threats and trade. i'm very pleased in a very high profile way he and prime minister johnson are coming together. it is a very good
6:41 pm
globalist agenda, as opposed to two sovereign countries making an agreement and that's where the worry is here at home. lawmakers are anticipating another high profile meeting next week when the president meets with russian leader vladimir putin. this conversation with president putin is going to be direct. it's going to be candid he's going to talk about he's going to raise our issues of concern, including these cyber attacks from outfits who are based in russia. president biden is set to meet with g seven leaders on friday, likely top. but will be how to lift travel restrictions between countries. caroline shively, fox news are so blow to coffee lovers. starbucks is dealing with a nationwide shortage. the company is running out of ingredients such as oat milk, peaches, guava juices. some stores are also running out of iced and cold brew coffee, breakfast, food, even cups lead straws. starbucks says this is due to a national supply shortage, but this will not have an impact on prices set the company. and a
6:42 pm
barrier whether another breezy day out there some changes for tomorrow that slight chance of showers to the north of the bay area and a big time warm up next week. we'll have more on your forecast coming up and let's go to katie's kids use alex savage, now in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus salix, andre. thank you, the fda is top adviser says children need to be vaccinated against covid-19 despite the low risk that they'll become seriously ill coming up in tonight's covid conversation, we'll talk live with the bay area. infectious disease experts about what parents need to know here. also oakland public libraries are set to return to pre pandemic hours when the doors should reopen and the changes you can expect if you drop by one of the branches, those stories and much more coming up tonight, live at seven over on ktvu. plus alright, alex's you then but first after the break taking action as the drought worsens across our state, the
6:43 pm
landscaping changes some bay area residents are making to accommodate water.
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to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. are looking to customers to reduce their water use amid the state's drought, but it's ktvu is rob roth tells us there other simple ways to reduce water usage right in your own backyard. the nicasio reservoir in marine county water levels are approaching record lows for this time of year and getting lower. it's one illustration of how dire the drought is our storage capacity. is it about just about 45% typically, for this time of year, we see levels at about 90% marine
6:46 pm
water was the first utility to impose mandatory rationing. the biggest savings can always be found outdoors through irrigation cut back. that is why the cnn. native plant nursery in mill valley is see more people interested in drought tolerant landscapes. people are buying a lot of california native plants. yes i think the business has increased, owner dan duffus e says. the native plants are built for dry climate. these plants are designed to be in the ground on very low water, you know, irrigation drip systems for the first two seasons, and then after the first two seasons, these plants are completely off on their own, and they don't require any water at all. the u. s drought monitor thursday included that north bay coast in the exceptional drought category. that's the worst designation added, includes seven bay area counties san mateo and santa clara counties are in the next highest category. marines on 11% dip in water use last week the water agency would like to get closer to 40, not a great number. um, but we were, we
6:47 pm
would definitely work on it. in sonoma county, the water agency there is asking most county residents for a voluntary 20% cut in consumption. for now, that will soon change as the drought conditions continue to worsen. water officials are expected to cut allocations from the russian river by 20% voluntary measures are expected to become mandatory by next month. no one should be waiting for their local city or water retailer. tell them to save water. we are in a severe drought, the senate clara valley water district has imposed a 15% cut in water usage. the san francisco puc and east bay mud have not imposed any restrictions. at least not yet. rob rock, ktvu fox two news. oh and i wish i could bring some rain clouds to the barrier forecast. but unfortunately really not the case. there's a frontal band that could produce some rain a little bit up to our north, but it'll fizzle out by the time it
6:48 pm
reaches the bay area, so we know how much water we have right now. it's not a lot, so if we can just try to change up just kind of change what we do to conserve water basically over the coming weeks and over the coming months, because we'll definitely need that's a change to help us out as we kind of wait for more rain as we head toward the upcoming winter, and that's not even guaranteed as well. take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon. you can see the warm spots a little bit warmer compared to yesterday, right around 80 degrees, conquered 75 san jose 71 look what's developing next week. so we're still about a week away here for wednesday and thursday, but definitely a warmup, especially inland. we could be talking about triple digits as early as wednesday, but probably a better bet into thursday of next week, and as a result, fire danger will be increasing, especially for the hills and for the inland spots. here's a satellite kind of a refreshing sight to see with some out and even some green approach to the north coast of california for us by by this time tomorrow, we'll have a few extra clouds moving into portions of the north bay and is becoming closer and his breezy in my
6:49 pm
neighborhood right now it's breezy on the maps as well. we're showing you those winds from around 21 to a 23 miles an hour. sfo that's a wind gust to over 30 miles an hour, checking out our current temperatures upper fifties to the sixties to the seventies for the six o'clock hour, and here is our live cameras. you can't see some patchy oclock. cover out there, so we'll probably wake up to some patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and right around the bay shoreline temperatures in the forties to the fifties, so probably not as cold as this morning, but still temperatures a little bit warmer and then a big band of high clouds moving in from the north by tomorrow afternoon. so here's that frontal band. i wish i could paint in some real rainfall, but the chance of a few sprinkles. maybe some drizzle approaching mendocino county. maybe place like yukiya, and they even for the coastal hills of tsunami. county, but here's the developing headline a bit warmer in your friday and saturday forecast, but the real intense heat england that moves in next week by wednesday and into thursday as far as the
6:50 pm
forecast models showing you what the cloud cover moving in up in the north bay, especially from sonoma county, north, and then you can see the shower activity mainly focused up to our north up along the north coast up in humboldt county temperatures for tomorrow will be the sixties and the seventies. partly cloudy for the north bay, mostly sunny for the south bay and seven here's a little bit warmer. the warm spots close to 80 degrees. we will continue to warm things up into the weekend and then into next week more pronounced warming as you can see by tuesday and wednesday, all right, mark. thank you now to san francisco, where a floating museum is back on the water along the embarcadero today, the submarine returned to the city from alameda with a fireboat escort the uss pompa neto sustained storm damage appear 45 back in january, workers at base ship and yacht did the repairs during world war two. the sub carried out six patrols in the pacific. her crew of 80 sank six japanese ships and damaged for others all while living inside the 300
6:51 pm
ft vessel. it's hard to believe that what they went through in world war two to be in such a confined space. uh it's all inspiring really, to what those men did back then. the submarine is now a historic or a national historic landmark. before the pandemic it hosted more than 100,000 visitors a year. voice of the giants baseball. dwayne kipper recently announced he will be undergoing chemotherapy up next sports director market baniyas will have more as we hear from will have more as we hear from kiper after my car accident, wondnder whahatmy c cas. will have more as we hear from kiper so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. youour cidedentase e woh than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. yoyou ght t beurprpris call the barnes firm now tafter my car accident,
6:52 pm
when you're born and raised in san francisco, yoyou ght you grow up wanting to make a difference. i wondered what my c that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you.
6:53 pm
thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. chase first banking. a debit card and app for kids, and tools for you to teach them good money habits. set account alerts, savings goals, allowances and chores from your chase mobile app. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking.
6:54 pm
vinyl room. san francisco giants. theoretically we're supposed to be playing right now back in our nation's capital, mother nature had a little something to say about that rained out, they'll play a doubleheader on saturday. it was kind of cool because it gives us a little extra time to talk about duane caper, the san francisco giants announcer who might have been actually doing the game today as you'd expect a huge outpouring of love and concern for the immensely popular giants broadcaster drink. piper after it was made
6:55 pm
public earlier in the week. that pipe is going to begin chemotherapy treatment for recently diagnosed medical issue, and he spoke publicly for the first time in a giants podcast along with his son. cool and alex pavlovich. and i think the important thing is to know that we're going forward to try to beat this. each day. i find that i start going well, it is my voice. is it weaker now? can i do this? what's going on? we're going day to day. and, uh and that's basically the best way we can do it right now. that guy is what's known as a good dude. certainly hope he has a speedy recovery. hey, we got to give a shout out tonight to women's softball all over the country, but in particular this collegiate world series just immensely entertaining, and they had the final game today.
6:56 pm
back in oklahoma city, it was florida state versus oklahoma. and man some good, entertaining ball deciding game player of the year. oklahoma's jocelyn alec goes deep and gone to get it going up. danielle watson won nothing. sixth inning. sooners now lead 51 fs. huge sydney, sheryl thought she had extra basis beautiful catch by mackenzie donahoe out there and continuing the absolute momentum in their favor. giselle juarez on the mound, she'll make the catch herself complete game. victory in fact, she was five and o during the world series term with pile it on. she was named outstanding performer and that for oklahoma is their fifth national title. i don't know a lot of college students that would just be. driving to go to omaha, nebraska, but i'll tell you
6:57 pm
what, everybody at the stanford university is trying to get there with regard to their baseball team. they have a chance to get the college world series. but first the super regional against texas tech tomorrow and down in lubbock, texas. it's a three game series and the goal, of course to get to omaha and their coach. david esseker, who has some experience as a player himself in getting their talks about the journey for the stanford cart, but thank you been fortunate enough to go to omaha is a player twice and as an assistant coach at stanford and lucky enough to take a team when i was the head coach at cal, and so that is that is a goal to come back to my alma mater and take them to omaha and hopefully delivered the same experience i had as a player, which was to win a national championship. so that will be for tomorrow for them, and hopefully the giants will be able to play. meanwhile we did have some baseball this afternoon. check this out. it's kind of old hat. now fans are back in the stands, but yet it seems like every day they give us a little something to talk
6:58 pm
about. here is a home run off the bat of joey votto of the reds and take a look at the catch by the young man diving snag it lands on his back, and i guess he's pretty happy. but mom seems more concerned. like, uh, she's oh, mom, come on. are you really going to take the camera do yeah. alright and i just love this. look at that. i know where mom and dad are. but the little infant toddler. they're trying to get up the stairs. protective dog. he's like, no, no, no. come on. now. wait. wait for mom and dad. doggy instincts right there. keeping keeping the toddler from going up the stairs right there. and that is the sporting life for right now. get it life for right now. get it back. you pay for it. i don't know why i avoided the harry potter books for so long.
6:59 pm
these are great. i just started number six. that's a good one. dumbledore dies in that one. yeah, i know, i didn't see it coming, either. why would you say that? you brought up the subject. i contributed an interesting fact on that subject. it's called the art of conversation. okay, your turn. that was a huge spoiler. good. what is wrong with you? if i did that, you'd bitch about it for weeks. oh, really, leonard? are you going to have another one of your hissy fits? hissy fits? i have hissy fits? yes, and i have a theory why. because of your lactose intolerance, you switched over to soy milk. soy contains estrogen-mimicking compounds. i think your morning cocoa puffs are turning you into a hysterical woman. you are unbelievable. i don't know why i put up with you.
7:00 pm
you're controlling, you're irritating... there you go again-- nag, nag, nag. you're only proving my point, little lady. you know what? screw you, sheldon. you are the most annoying person i have ever met. what? i'm annoying? you criticize my behavior all the time. "sheldon, don't talk about your bowel movements over breakfast." "sheldon, when the president of the university "is giving a eulogy at a funeral, don't yawn and point at your watch." "sheldon, don't throw away my shirts 'cause you think they're ugly." you're impossible. that's it. i don't... i don't have to put up with this. actually, i have your signature on a roommate agreement that says you do. aw. here's what i think of your roommate agreement. (gasps) you pick that up right now. no. roommate agreement, section 27, paragraph 5: the roommate agreement, like the american flag, cannot touch the ground. i don't care. i don't have to do anything you say because...


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