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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 10, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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suit, and the governor made it clear today this case. have major implications, saying a lot is on the line. and we need to call this federal judge out. he will continue to do damage. mark my word. governor newsom didn't mince words while criticizing a federal judge's decision to overturn the state's three decade old ban on assault weapons. he's a wholly owned subsidiary of the gun lobby in the national rifle association, read these decisions, judge roger benitez ruled the ban unconstitutional thursday. attorney general rob bonta announced the state has filed an appeal criticizing the judge's decision particularly. his comparison of an a r 15 to a swiss army knife and the reasoning such as equating assault weapons to swiss army knives and false claims that covid-19 vaccines have killed more people than mass shootings was shocking. pocket knives were not invented to kill as many people as possible. my
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pocket knives don't tear family support, flanked by gun control advocates, newsome and barter announced the appeal at san francisco general hospital. their trauma surgeons have cared for victims wounded by gunfire from a ar fifteens and causes absolute devastation to the human body. it is if. bomb went off in the tissues of the patient's gun rights group, the firearms policy coalition helped get the lawsuit to court. they called newsom's comments outrageous and said they'll take every action to defend the courts legally and historically correct decision up to and at the u. s supreme court. we know that the supreme court is going to take more gun control cases that they likely will strike downmore of these gun control measures. we don't know if this case is one of those cases. now when judge bennett has made his ruling friday night, he ordered a stay for dirt 30 days to allow the state to appeal. a g barter is asking the court of appeals to extend that stay for the duration of this process, which would keep the ban in
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place until a decision is made. in the newsroom. gregory ktvu fox two news, julie and any idea how long it could take to make a decision in this case, julie just to give you some context to the state is also appealing. a decision by benitez from 2017. that case is still in the appeals court. if that gives you any idea of how long these processes can last, yeah, they can play out for years. all right, greg lee reporting live for us tonight, greg. thank you, day the valley transportation authority shed new light into the work background of accused mass murderer sam cassidy, the documents show cassidy had what one expert says is a high number of contacts with human resources. ktvu south. the reporter, jesse gary has details. vita officials say there are no records and accused gunman sam cassidy's personnel file showing disciplinary action for threatening behavior. but the 20 year employee was involved in four separate incidents spanning 16 months that required management involvement.
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i would say that's more than normal. certainly, i think. perhaps one off handed incident, perhaps or to, um, at an extreme would be normal, but i think for would be something to look at the two most egregious conflicts took place six months apart in july, 2019 cassidy was suspended without pay for two days, vita officials say he refused to follow policy for signing out a radio used for work in january of 2020. cassidy got into a verbal altercation with another employee. the incident was reported and the second employee told the manager quote he scares me. if someone was to go postal it be him. well that would be something worthy of looking into. and i don't know frankly of the vita did look into it. that would be a warning sign. to me. that would be a reason for concern. may 26th sam cassidy allegedly shot and killed nine co workers at the vita guadalupe light rail yard. he took his own life as
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sheriff's deputies and san jose police officers approached him. vita officials say there was nothing in the 57 year olds file to support concern over the go. postal comment the matter was ultimately referred back to cassidy's department manager, dr robert albright, who co authored a book on workplace conflict resolution says violence can happen after a pattern or a string of encounters. workplace violence isn't. typically something that happens on an impulse i e. and one day it's more of a process the two other hr incidents were minor one for refusing to attend a mandatory training session. another for an unexcused leave, vita officials say they're continuing to investigate the go postal verbal altercation incident to see if they're more relevant documents to review in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news, san francisco police. are investigating a shooting that left a man with life
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threatening injuries. that shooting happened just after 10 o'clock this morning at market street and mcallister not far from civic center, two police officers who were on patrol just around the corner, heard the gunshots and ran to where the man was. they say they that he had been hit a couple of times. officers ran to the scene on jones street and located an adult male victim suffering from gunshots, the officers immediately rendered aid and some and medics to the scene. police say the victim is in his forties. the shooter was gone when the officers arrived on the scene, investigators interviewed witnesses and are checking for surveillance video, a motive for today's shooting is still not known. san francisco is considering what to do with the great highway and whether to continue to keep it close to cars in place since last spring. ktvu kristen. captain joins us live along great highway christian. there are people on both sides of this issue. yeah that's right. the road here closed in april
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of last year. you can see some people walking along right now. now some want to keep this road closed and others have been saying open it up. san francisco's upper great highway running along the western edge of the sunset district has been car free since april of 2021 of the city's slow streets created as a place for people to safely recreate during the pandemic now the city is considering a possible two year pilot program extending that ban. we are considering and proposing and feeling that the best way to move forward is to design some kind of piloting effort. um where we work with a, you know, full or partial car free condition for great highway. yes i'll be calling rolf the city's recreation and parks department and san francisco municipal transportation agency are considering a number of ideas. ranging from fully returning the road to a four lane highway to continuing the full ban on motor vehicle traffic or various compromises. luke born heimer from kids safe,
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sf says he would like to see the highway remain car free. we've seen an incredible expansion of this space, a public space where people are connecting kids are learning to bike and scoot, and we want to see this space stay as is, but some neighbors like lewis and cabral, who have lived in the area for 30 years, say closing the rate highway. has pushed more traffic into the neighborhood. it's not good, it's a really dangerous walking around, you know, so we're not for it, but we'll just have to wait and see what the politics do and, you know, see how they change things. the city says. it's added stop signs and speed bumps to slow and reroute traffic from neighborhood roads to busier streets, and cabral says the idea of a walk only great highway made sense at the height of the pandemic, i think safety wise it's seen its time because i know the fire to car we have a station that's up here on 45th, and they are frustrated. i believe i think i see them being frustrated trying to go through the city streets there and not have this
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access road as easily to get from one end of this area to the other backers of the plan to make the great highway permanently car free say there needs to be a compromise. we see this as an amazing opportunity for the city to lead by saying this is a space for people, and we understand that there might be concerns about car commutes, and we're going to address those car can new concerns. the city says it's still considering how it will proceed and will likely move forward with some kind of pilot program in the fall, reporting live at the great highway in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. alright, christian. thank you so much. big confusion over the changing guidelines on face coverings. many business owners say they are frustrated as they try to figure out what to do next week when the state fully reopens that story coming up tonight at 5 30 plus. live. look now at a vigil for a young south bay boy whose body was found outside las vegas. his
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mother now behind bars. we will get a live report from that vigil coming up after the break. president biden announcing plans to help vaccination efforts in nearly 100 countries. i'm carolina shively all had that story coming up. and i'm keeping an eye on the weather gorgeous day in the bay. but what does the weekend hold? i'll have details. your weather
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[goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ the south. they found dead near nevada hiking trailer holding a vigil for him. the boy's mother, samantha moreno rodriguez, is accused of murdering her son. she was arrested in colorado and is being sent back to vegas
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to face charges in his death. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary's live in south san jose with more on this evening's vigil, jesse andre people started arriving early here at law cleanup park here in south san jose, and they started setting up pictures, candles and you can see in blue the word, liam, you see the gentleman hugging right there. that is nicholas, who said that is liam's dad. so he's hugging someone right there, and that's been happening over and over for the past 15 minutes. people are coming here. some bringing their own children and just lots of hugs. and i guess pretty much that's all you can do is hug and this heartbreaking story. let's go ahead. take a look at our video. seven year old liam, who said. uh was found dead may 28 his body was near a hiking trail about 30 miles west of las vegas. investigators in san jose, nevada and colorado say liam left the south bay four days prior to his death. his mother is 2007 dodge caliber 35
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year old samantha moreno rodriguez packed all of their belongings and left a message. for her ex nicholas saying liam and she were both moving. they drove first to southern california, then on to nevada. detectives believe the boy's body was dumped near the trailhead a day before it was discovered tuesday. denver police arrested rodriguez at a motel near interstate 70. she's charged with murdering her son, but investigators have not released a motive for the crime. and even if they do come up with a motive, it does little to stem the grief here of these people, family and friends. his seven year old boy who was murdered allegedly by his own mother. it is heartbreaking to watch and see how these people try to cope with this level of grief. hopefully if they're able will have some comments for them from them coming up in later newscasts. now we're live in south of san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll
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head back to you. no doubt a tough day for family and friends, the sudden death of this symbol. boy, jesse. thank you. yeah, the latest inflation data out today shows consumer prices have jumped compared to the year before consumer prices in may rose by 5% a year ago. that is the fastest pace in nearly 13 years. prices for used cars are up 7.3% from last month, food, clothing and airline tickets, also costing more. the biden administration sees the spikes as temporary. we're making progress. and what? we're seeing some inflation. i don't believe it's permanent, but we will watch this very carefully. the federal reserve chair says it's unlikely to raise interest rates this year, seeing higher prices as transitory. on wall street investors weren't too troubled by the inflation report, the dowrose 19 points, nasdaq gained 108 and the s and p
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closed at an all time high today with a gain of 19 points. shares and pfizer were up more than 2% as healthcare stocks led the market higher. president biden and british prime minister boris johnson are pledging to donate at least one billion coronavirus vaccines with other nations. the announcement comes ahead of the g seven summit on friday. as caroline shyly reports leaders saying they hope to help bring an end to the pandemic and address the equity inequities rather in the supply chain. about a good first full day here in the uk president biden in england, announcing the u. s will donate 500 million pfizer vaccines to lower income countries in the hopes of putting an end to the pandemic and halting any growing influence from china and russia. we know that raging covid-19 in other countries holds back global growth. raises instability and weakens governments earlier in the day, the president held talks with british prime minister boris johnson. my grilled country
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many times, but this is the first time as president united states, the two leaders agreed to a new atlantic charter, which aims to strengthen the two countries' relationship and focus on issues like climate change. cyber threats and trade. i'm very pleased that in a very high profile way he and prime minister johnson are coming together. it is a very global. this agenda, as opposed to two sovereign countries making an agreement and that's where the worry is here at home. lawmakers are anticipating another high profile meeting next week when the president meets with russian leader vladimir putin. this conversation with president putin is going to be direct. it's going to be candid he's going to talk about he's going to raise our issues of concern, including these cyber attacks from outfits who are based in russia. president biden is set to meet with g seven leaders on friday. a likely topic will be how to lift travel restrictions between countries. caroline shively fox news. well we had a lovely day out there, and it started with the fact that our
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marine layer really gave us the brakes. we've got some sunshine at at the coast to which is very nice. i'm sure for everyone out there we are starting to see a little bit of wind now that is picking up, but it's not going to be as intense as the last two days and in fact should start to ramp down. you know, as we get into the evening, it shouldn't be bad at all. let's take a look at our peaks right now. you can see it's not terribly heads right, so the highest number of their 26 mph big rock ridge, this is still an onshore flow that we are experiencing. so it's certainly that cooler, moister air mass. those cool temperatures that with us again today, although a little bit warmer, but were gusty out there, nevada right now. 26 mph staying with fairfield. you see oakland right now, the wind blowing sustained at 23 mph and certainly sfo getting some of that gusty wind as well. san jose now 30 mile per hour gusts, so you're going to feel that it's gonna be around for the next couple of hours. beautiful look outside, though, it's just been a glory. this day in san francisco and around the bay in general, as we've had, you know, seasonally below average temperatures. there's no other way to put it. we've kind of been in the stretch of lovely cool temperatures right now. 57
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in san francisco, santa rosa 69. we're in the mid sixties in oakland upper sixties in liver more and in san jose, so we have been relatively cloud free today. got some few a few out there, but not bad at the coast and you can see on the left hand corner of your screen. that's where the next system is going to be rolling in so low pressure system that's been delivering the cool temperatures track. packed off to the east. now we have another one that is up in the gulf of alaska. that's going to start dropping down and that one is going to influence or whether of the next 24 hours and start to bring some clouds in. unfortunately no rain, but tonight we're gonna have things be a little bit more mild than last night. temperature wise, so i think those north bay valleys that's awesome thirties this morning should see low forties tonight not quite as chilly and tomorrow we will start off the day with some clear skies in the early part of the day, but then later in the afternoon about 34 o'clock, we'll start to see the clouds roll in, but in the meantime, temperatures will go up a few degrees yet again tomorrow, so you know, it's kind of a mixed forecast. um er the highs around the bay. you're gonna be about upper sixties out at the
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coast. we'll see about 60 degrees in inland will work our way a little higher. so today we're kind of low to mid seventies. tomorrow will be mid to upper seventies as we head into the inland communities and the next big picture is going to be the slow pressure system moving through that, unfortunately, doesn't bring us any rain just clouds. i wish that it did there. is a chance of a sprinkle in the furthest northern reaches of sonoma county. but that is about it. however the bigger story coming our way is that we are going to start warming up next week. high pressure is going to build up and we could see eighties and nineties somewhere around the neighborhood of the middle of next week, so i will have that when i come back in a bit with your extended forecast, for now, enjoy the lovely cool temperatures guys back to you. alright, kyla. thank you before the july is less than a month away, but you may have already heard illegal fireworks in your
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neighborhood coming up next authorities in one east bay county show off the dangers of fireworks and explain what they're doing to keep people safe. coming up on ktvu news at six. hackers steal valuable information from redwood city based ea sports what was taken. in that data breach, plus san francisco supervisor aaron peskin takes to twitter to issue an apology as he announces plans to enter rehab for alcohol ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. in business, it's never just another day.
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it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. already a constant in many neighborhoods around the bay area. it is a reminder that the fourth of july is less than a month away, and authorities have already started to crack down our crime reporter henry lee joins us now with what police and firefighters are doing to keep people safe, henry well, julie every year. first responders warn people about the dangers of illegal
5:23 pm
fireworks around the fourth of july, and every year people get hurt and others are tormented. police and fire say this is a message that bears repeating just a small firework that lands and someone's got heard, but within a few minutes that little canister causes a big fire, that's all it takes. is that small firework in that small amount of fire can extend into your home and it can quickly escalate into a structure fire. thankfully this is just a demonstration by contra costa county fire a reminder of how dangerous fireworks can b. but this fire on memorial day in antioch was no simulation. a man threw fireworks into a field, which nearly destroyed two apartment buildings up to 30 residents lost their homes lost their apartment. as a result of this one act of use of illegal fireworks. james saw simon, a convicted felon, was arrested and charged with arson. contra costa county d a. dyna beckton said the board of supervisors passed a new ordinance this week. property
5:24 pm
owners can now be held accountable. if illegal fireworks are used on their property. sheriff's deputies can issue tickets that come with fines. they started $100 and they can increase from there, depending on the number of incidences in richmond, the city is offering a 25 $100 reward for every report that leads to an arrest or a fine for illegal fireworks. law enforcement has already made sizable fireworks. plus these are just some of the fireworks seized by police. authorities are girding for more ka booms this year. if last july 4th was any indication, there was an unprecedented level of use of, uh, almost commercial grade fireworks and with the spectrum, losing limbs and agitating pets and those with ptsd, fire officials say, it's just not worth it. it happens. it's real. these fireworks are dangerous. uh and they shouldn't be used period. although police say they may not be able to respond to all reports of illegal fireworks, they still want
5:25 pm
complaints to be called in, and many cities have dedicated tip lines reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios, all right, henry. thank you well after multiple attempts to sort out the state's masking future, kell ocean needs to meet again coming up next what california business leaders are hoping for when a decision is finally made, plus water levels in bay area reservoirs are low. and still dropping still to come tonight. the north bay counties that may ask water users to cut back then plenty of people still having problems paying rent every month, and now the state is trying to make it easier to provide some relief
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inching higher tonight. the state reports more than 54% of eligible people are fully vaccinated and another 11% are partially vaccinated to date. nearly 40 million shots have now been administered to californians. but even as vaccination rates rise, california continues to see an increase in the number of covid cases, the state has reported 3.8 million coronavirus infections, including 856 new cases over the past day. have also been more than 63,000 deaths here in california from covid-19 right now, nearly 1300 people are hospitalized with the virus. kell ocean, the state's worker safety watchdog, has decided to take another
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look at its covid regulations because many of the state's businesses complained that the rules were too strict. ktvu tom vacar joins us now live and tom even when regulations are finalized, they won't take effect until at least 12 days after the june 15th reopening. yeah. this was part of the confusion and it's going to keep being confused until we get well out of this when california row pins and that's just five days from now there will be rules. the question is which ones? the california chamber of commerce, the powerful lobbying arm of the state's business community, says it's glad something not yet finalized, but something solid will come out clarity and consistency for businesses. so we know what's coming and when it's coming. the bay area council, a consortium of the region's largest employers, says osha's rules needed work. they at least on first blush were not consistent with, uh, with what the state public health department and cdc was recommending. what business is
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one of the rules that match up with california and federal cdc guidelines dropping all master requirements for fully vaccinated employees clarifying how employees can prove that they have been vaccinated and eliminating the need to stockpile expensive n95 masks. kell, osha's new worker, covid rules will be announced on june the 17th two days after the state's official reopening and by law won't be effective for 10 days after that were obviously a little disappointed. that it's happening so late. they could have aligned on june 3rd with the governor instead, a proposed regulations that actually were more restrictive than we've ever had since the beginning of covid, and still, some employees may want safety rules to remain. we are not out of the pandemic. the california nurses association says. we only got to this point by minding health rules and now is not the time to ditch them. we know the variants are running rampant. we still don't know
5:31 pm
how much protection will get with these vaccines. there's just still a lot that we don't know about this covid-19. the plan won't be final until late this month unless the state's leadership steps in what we're asking right now is the governor can always do an executive order. he can always override cal osha he can align everything, including businesses, along with what's going to happen on june 15th. nonetheless many folks will keep on wearing those masks. the rules notwithstanding. why because they work, and they pretty much prevented a cold and flu season. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news, all right, we'll see what happens, tom. thank you. well the back and forth over those mask wearing rules for workplaces has led to a lot of confusion among business owners and calls for more relaxed guidelines. ktvu is alex savage joins us now live with more on how businesses are response. funding to cal osha's
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decision making process, alex well, julie across the board, business owners are simply asking for more clarity when it comes to mask wearing in the workplace, and there was also quite a bit of frustration without slowly. cal osha is moving on this issue at academic coffee in downtown san jose. all of the baristas are wearing face coverings as they take customers' orders and the sign out front makes it clear no mask, no service owner frank win is anxiously awaiting a final decision from cal osha. on whether fully vaccinated employees will still have to wear masks in the workplace. he understands if the state's workplace regulators do opt for a more cautious approach, but he just wants some clear guidance. following the requirements is one thing, but then also probably the biggest challenge is trying to explain to customers why we want to keep having mass on even though the state is saying that if you're vaccinate you don't have to. but many other business owners are hoping the cal osha
5:33 pm
will decide to relax its current mask rules and then aligned with the cdc and the california department of public health guidelines, which will allow anyone who's fully vaccinated to ditch their mask after next tuesday, and it's just reported a moment ago. we talked today with the president and ceo of the california retailers association. and she said to us the california isn't fully reopened unless fully vaccinated. workers are allowed to remove their masks on the job. we are going to follow the science. if we are going to follow the cdc and the state department of public health and the governor's office, this should have been a no brainer. the fact that cal osha couldn't get their act together to really provide the clarity which they knew. governor newsom has said since may. this is what's going to happen on june 15th. we all knew this. everyone. he made it very clear and disappointed body who's not responsible to any voter. they should have had plenty of time
5:34 pm
to come up to align their guidance with that that's coming out of the state department of public health. rachel michelin points out that cal osha still has the same workplace mask rules in place that were implemented during the height of the pandemic, not taking vaccinations into account. she and her organization's members all across the state, including national chains and independent businesses are hoping for that updated guidance on mask wearing and hoping it takes effect. by the end of this month, julie yeah, it's clearly something that has a lot of people frustrated and confused, alex. thank you. sure we'll all young people 18 and under in san francisco will be able to ride muni busses and trains for free this summer. no application required noon is expanding its free youth program. it was initially available only to children in low to moderate income households. it is being expanded with the help of $2 million in the upcoming city budget. london breed says she hopes this will foster a new
5:35 pm
generation of munich writers. 16 months into the pandemic. still, many problems are the same for people, including the inability to pay rent. state leaders have just announced new changes to the covid-19 rent relief program, making it easier to apply. but as ktvu is, elissa harrington explains, many renters say they are still waiting for assistance and are now demanding that rent protections be extended. we are here today yet again, waiting to know if the state is going to provide the help that we need to stay in our homes. struggling renters throughout california like patricia mendoza met for a virtual news conference pleading for extended rental assistance as eviction protections are set to expire at the end of the month. mendoza is with ace alliance of californians for community empowerment. she said. they're calling on the state with three demands. one protect tenants from debt to improve the emergency rental assistance program and three extend sp 91
5:36 pm
protections until employment numbers return to what they were before the pandemic. one of the speakers, jackie loughery, from antioch, said her family members all lost their full time jobs during the pandemic, and now they're at serious risk of losing their home. i'm a breast cancer survivor. i take care of my twin six year old granddaughters. i can't even fathom the thought of losing my home right now. but it can be a reality. if sp 91 does not get extended and loopholes closed. larry said she applied for rental assistance months ago and is still waiting. if there is no extension, landlords across the state will fill the courthouses on july 1st two file unlawful detainers. there will be massive evictions, causing another health emergency in this. officials with california's covid-19 rent relief program just announced changes to the application process. the goal is to streamline the process and encourage more people to apply. this has been the key element
5:37 pm
of the california comeback plan with $5.2 billion in rental assistance that governor newsom has proposed. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. anti semitic crimes are on the rise in the u. s, and even appear to have intensified over the last month. well, coming up next what the federal government has planned to help stop them, plus another legend of college football, now accused of hiding decades of sexual abuse by a team doctor, including allegations from the coaches own son.
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5:40 pm
front is what's needed to stop the attacks. steve rapp report has more now from new york. harassment hate and violence. that's the new normal for many jews in the us in a month of may, we actually saw an 80% increase in anti semitic attacks. uh and incidents, the american jewish committee says there's a link between that increase in the recent conflict between israel and hamas. but it's not the only cause, noting there's been a steady rise in anti semitic attacks over the past five years. last month, the president denounced the new wave of anti semitism, writing in a statement quote these attacks are despicable. conscionable un american, and they must stop. but some american jews are looking for more from the white house, asking president biden to put a bigger focus on stopping religiously motivated attacks. we're really grateful for the administration, taking a tough stance on it on anti semitism. we do believe, though, that there are many things the administration can can do, and can continue to do. the president has directed the justice department to deploy
5:41 pm
more resources to combat the surgeon hate crimes, according to the anti defamation league, anti semitic events in the u. s hit an all time high in 2019, and they remained high last year as well with more than 2000 incidents reported. community leaders now say public awareness and the united front are key. we've seen incredible efforts by non jews. my allies on their social media, you know, condemning the anti semitic attacks, saying that this is, you know, not okay, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell introduced a bill to combat the rise of anti semitic eight crimes, but it's unclear when or if it will be considered by the senate. in new york. steve rapoport, fox news, new allegations tonight against the legendary college football coach is accused of turning a blind eye towards sexual assault allegations against the team's former doctor, and some of those allegations are coming from the late coaches own son, matt shambolic. sam bechler is the son of the legendary university of michigan football coach bo sham bechler mat and two former
5:42 pm
players say they told his father they were molested by the team's long time. don after one player says the coach told him to toughen up. matt was just 10 years old when he says the abuse happened. he says his dad punched him in the chest and anger when he told him about it. the three are among hundreds of people who say they were abused. coach schembechler died in 2000 and six the university is now deciding what to do with the statue outside a campus building that also bears his name. this time of the year, and it's only getting worse. the message is clear for people who live in the north bank. no one should be waiting for their local city or water retailer to tell them to save water. we are in a severe drought coming up next. the water cutbacks, water agencies are going to be asking for. and another low pressure system is going to be heading our way as we head towards the weekend. i'll have details and
5:43 pm
what your forecast looks like
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about covid-19 vaccines. this summer this morning near london breed helped to kick off the summer 2021 opportunities for all program it provides paid internships throughout the summer to 13 to 24 year olds in san francisco. mayor breach says it also gives young people access to explore and reach career and educational goals. that's what opportunities for all is about. it's about your future. it's about making sure money is not a barrier to success is to make sure that you're exposed to everything the city has to offer since its inception in 2018, the opportunities for all program has provided more than 3200 paid internships to young people. exane francisco, the u. s drought monitor today expanded its exceptional drought designation to include more of the north bay ktvu is rob roth. tells us that many
5:46 pm
people are now looking for ways to cut back on water usage in their own backyards. the nicasio reservoir in marine county water levels are approaching record lows for this time of year and getting lower. it's one illustration of how dire the drought is our storage capacity. is it about just about 45? typically for this time of year, we see levels at about 90% marine water was the first utility to impose mandatory rationing. the biggest savings can always be found outdoors through irrigation cutbacks. that is why the cnl native plant nursery in mill valley is seeing more people interested in drought tolerant landscapes. people are buying a lot of california native plants. yes, i think the business has increased, owner dan duffus e says. native plants are built for dry climate. these plants designed to be in the ground on very low water, you know, irrigation drip systems for the first two seasons and then after the first two seasons,
5:47 pm
these plants are completely off on their own, and they don't require any water at all. the u. s drought monitor thursday included the north bay coast in the exceptional drought category. that's the worst designation added, includes seven bay area counties san mateo and santa clara counties are in the next highest category. marin son 11% dip in water use last week, the water agency would. like to get closer to 40. it's not a great number, but we were, we would definitely work on it. in sonoma county, the water agency there is asking most county residents for a voluntary 20% cut in consumption. for now, that will soon change as the drought conditions continue to worsen. water officials are expected to cut allocations from the russian river by 20% voluntary measures are expected to become mandatory by next month. no one should be waiting. further local city or water retailer. tell them to save water. we are in a severe drought, the senate clara
5:48 pm
valley water district has imposed a 15% cut in water usage. the san francisco puc and east bay mud have not imposed any restrictions. at least not yet. rob rock, ktvu fox two news. resources right? it's never a bad idea to be smart about how you utilize your resources, so something to think about their let's talk about whether today we did have a beautiful day out there another below average day with some nice temperatures across the day we got up to 62 in san francisco. some lovely seventies out in the east bay conquer mated up 75. morgan hill 73 for you, even pacifica made a little improvement. there are 61 degrees, got some sunshine out of the coast to taking a live look outside. you can see there's still plenty of sunshine out. there are few clouds of out and about but you know, it's been a very nice clear day and current temperatures right now. very comfortable. we are 59 in san francisco and out at half moon bay, but sixties and seventies across the rest of the bay, and that is warmer than we were this time yesterday, so it's
5:49 pm
been this gradual climb as we work our way back to more average temperatures because we've been well below average this whole week. here's a look at storm tracker to it shows you those beautiful clear skies. i was talking about see some clouds at the top left hand corner of your screen, trying to kind of work their way in, and that is from the next low pressure system that's going to be affecting or whether you can see it. it is up there in the gulf of alaska starting to roll towards the coast already starting to bring a little bit of moisture to places like oregon and washington. for us, it's just going to help us get a little enhanced wind as we go throughout the night tonight, you can see we're in nevada, where gusty 26 mph 23 mile per hour wind in oakland right now. a little gusty out at the coast as well. sfo right now. 29 mph in san jose just really picked up in the last hour. they have gusts 30 mph, so that's that's a little windy out there tonight forecast lows, we're going to see a little bit of an improvement. if you were in the north. they work on very chilly last night, we got into the upper thirties and a few spots. i think it'll be low forties for you tonight 50 in san
5:50 pm
francisco, and you can see san jose about 49 degrees, so tomorrow is going to be interesting day because we're going to start off with a few low cloud. at the coast, right? and then we're going to work our way up into the afternoon. get some nice sunshine going, but if you're in san francisco, you'll probably keep that sunshine for good portion of the day. if you're in the north bay, you're probably gonna start seeing clouds from that low pressure system that i just showed you starting to roll in as we get into the early afternoon, so what it means is we will heat up a little bit more tomorrow at a few more degrees towards working our way towards normals, the san francisco looking out for 64 degrees, we'll see low seventies around the bay and starting to see some of those mid even to upper seventies as we work our way inland and i'm calling a partly cloudy. this is a really hard one to say what the cloud cover is because check this out in future gas. we start off with lots of beautiful sunshine. i don't think the marine layer is much of a problem tomorrow. this is four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. now notice rain well to our north in eureka, but the cloud cover starting to work its way down into the north bay and then it eventually makes its way down to the rest of the day, so that's going to be happening
5:51 pm
now, looking even further ahead. i want to take you past what we're going to see tomorrow with some of those increasing clouds later in the day. and talk about some high pressure that's going to be building up in the four corners, which is going to start to send us into more of a summer pattern. will we start to see very warm temperatures inland and then we have a little onshore flow that keeps us cooler at the coast. now you can see through the weekend, we warm up to kind of average temperatures, but notice we get to tuesday inland going up to 89, frankly, as we get later into the week next week, it looks like we get even warmer than that. so a big difference in our weather coming. after this weekend, and so i'm ready to enjoy the cool temperatures for a little bit longer, andre and oh, yeah, me too, for sure. thank you so much. kyler well, the college football playoffs that's taken the first step towards expanding from 14 to 12, the college football playoff management subcommittee presented a proposal today and it calls for a bracket to include the six highest ranked conference champions, plus the six highest ranked teams determined by the college
5:52 pm
football playoffs selection committee, the college football playoff management committee will consider that proposal next week when it meets in chicago. coming up. moderna asked to use its covid vaccine on children as young as 12, and it comes on the same day that the fda is taking another look at the numbers of heart inflammation cases in young adults following their second dose of the vaccine coming up on ktvu news at 61 of california's first vaccine, lottery winners is coming forward. after winning $50,000 why he first ignored the calls from state officials, plus harassment and hate crimes against members of san francisco's lgbtq community. look at the troubling numbers and what's being done
5:53 pm
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nationwide labor shortage. kroger says it needs to fill 10,000 jobs the retail company is raising the average wage for workers from 15 50 to $16 an hour. amazon is looking to hire 75,000 employees and is offering $1000 signing bonuses to some people to do so. despite these incentives, labor secretary marty walsh says the enhanced unemployment benefits are not a major contributing factor to the labor shortage. i don't believe that $300 is keeping the entire eight million people out of the workforce. i don't believe that we're paying people not to work. i think we're paying people were trying to support people's livelihood during a pandemic. kroger walmart and amazon are competing with thousands of companies across the country looking to fill
5:56 pm
positions right now, starbucks is also dealing with a shortage, but we're talking about a shortage of ingredients and supplies. coffee lovers across the country are noticing shortages of key ingredients. things like oat milk, peach and guava juices and also a lack of ice and cold brew coffee, brexit breakfast foods and even cups lids and straws. starbucks says they're running out of these things because of a national supply shortage. the company says this won't have an impact on prices. the wife of a mexican drug boss, el chapo, pleaded guilty to drug charges today, admitting she helped run the day to day operations of his cartel while he was in prison. emma coronel, a spiro was charged in federal court in washington d c with conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine, meth and marijuana here in the u. s prosecutors say the 31 year old aided and imbedded the cartel's operations. she also admitted to helping her husband plan and coordinate his escape from a mexican prison back in 2015. she's excited to move on
5:57 pm
with her life. disappointed that this about this had to happen, but. she's happy to get on. got a fair judge. we've got fair prosecutors and we're just hoping for fairness, which is all we ever. the spirit is facing a potential life sentence in a $10 million fine. the judge set sentencing for september 15th joaquin el chapo guzman is serving a life sentence at a federal prison in colorado. another covid-19 vaccine could soon be available for children as young as 12 years old. box news. jonathan serrie tells us this comes as the fda extends the expiration date on the johnson and johnson covid back vaccine. moderna says it has asked the fda to authorize its covid-19 vaccine for use in children as young as 12 clinical trial showed the vaccine was 100% effective. if approved, it would give students another option for getting vaccinated before the fall. as the older population gets vaccinated. where can the disease spread? where can covid
5:58 pm
spread it will spread now among more among the younger people. cdc advisors say the number of heart inflammation cases in 16 to 24 year olds was higher than expected after receiving a second dose of fighters or moderna's vaccine. preliminary data show the cases typically occurred in males, with most responding well to treatment. the agency advises people to look out for symptoms, including chest pain and shortness of breath. there are more reports after dose to compared to dose one. slightly more after fighter than moderna, but there has been slightly more fizer vaccine doses administered. meanwhile, johnson and johnson says the expiration date on its vaccine has been extended an extra six weeks. the original shelf life was about three months. cdc data show nearly 11 million j and j doses delivered to states. have not been administered. california texas and florida
5:59 pm
account for more than a quarter of those unused doses, even if we're more slow at getting more immunizations, you know, trickling through. i think that is still progress. at this point. the u. s. has not expected to reach president biden's goal of giving 70% of american adults first dose by july, 4th in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. this is katie fox two news at six. well, tonight, family and friends are gathering in san jose to remember a seven year old boy whose body was found near a trail outside of las vegas. the mother of liam husted is now in custody. accused of murder. good evening. i'm andre senior and for frank, and i'm julie julie haener. an emotional vigil is taking place right now in san jose to honor little liam ktvu is azenith smith is there and she joins us now, with the latest. azenith smith well, julie, it has been a somber scene out here at la colina park, liam, who said
6:00 pm
favorite park his second harm about 50 people are here family and friends to honor the young boy's life and just within the hour his father spoke about the outpouring of community support. this vigil was organized by a group of family friends who say they're all shocked by this week's turn of events. last month, the hiker discovered liam's remains on a train. and mountain springs, nevada, and for a while that boy was referred to as john little zion dope until earlier this week, when police and the fbi made the connection the remains belong to a missing persons case out of san jose. liam's father had called police saying he hadn't heard from liam or his mother on tuesday. police arrested mother samantha moreno rodriguez in a denver hotel at tonight loved ones of liam and his and his father are grieving together just to see that. everybody come together in las vegas, everybody to come


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