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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 10, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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on some of its masking rules at the workplace, but there is still a lot of confusion. from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm alex savage. and i'm heather holmes the fourth of july now less than a month away, but authorities already cracking down on illegal fireworks, especially given the current dry conditions are crime reporter henry lee is here now with what police and firefighters are doing, henry to try to keep people safe. well heather every year. first responders warn people about the dangers of illegal fireworks around the fourth of july, and every year people get hurt and others are tormented. so police and fire say this is a message that bears repeating. just a small fireworks that lands in someone's got her. but within a few minutes that little canister causes a big fire, that's all it takes is that small firework in that small amount of fire can extend
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into your home and it can quickly escalate into a structure fire. thankfully, this is just a demonstration by contra costa county fire a reminder of how dangerous fireworks can be. but this fire on memorial day in antioch was no simulation. a man threw fireworks into a few deal, which nearly destroyed two apartment buildings up to 30 residents lost their homes lost their apartments as a result of this one act of use of illegal fireworks. james sossamon, a convicted felon, was arrested and charged with arson. contra costa county d a dyna beckton said the board of supervisors passed a new ordinance this week. property owners can now be held accountable if illegal fireworks are used on their property. sheriff's deputies can issue tickets that come with fines. they still $100 and they can increase from there, depending on the number of incidences in richmond, the cities offering a 25 $100 reward for every report that leads to an arrest or a fine for illegal fireworks. law enforcement has already made sizable fireworks. plus, these
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are just some of the fireworks seized by police authorities are girding for more ka booms this year. if last july 4th was any indication, there was an unprecedented level, uh of use of almost commercial grade five. works and with the specter of losing limbs and agitating pets and those with ptsd, fire officials say, it's just not worth it. it happens. it's real, these fireworks are dangerous. uh and they shouldn't be used period. now though, police say they may not be able to respond to all reports of illegal fireworks. they still want complaints to be called in. many cities have dedicated tip lines. heather yeah, they're all making adjustments, trying to do what they can to keep us and our homes and neighborhoods safe. henry lee, thank you. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that left a man with life threatening injuries. this happened just after 10 o'clock this morning at market street and mcallister not far away from the civic center, two police officers on patrol just
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around the corner heard the gunshots and they ran to where the victim was. he'd been shot a number of times. officers ran to the scene on jones street and located an adult male victim suffering from gunshots, the officers immediately rendered aid and some and medics to the scene. police say the victim is in his forties. the shooter was gone when police got to the scene investigators now are interviewing witnesses, and they're checking for surveillance video in that area, a motive for today's shooting is not yet known. we're learning more about the disgruntled worker who shot and killed nine of us co workers in that mass shooting last month at the vita rail yard there in san jose, the valley transportation agency today released more than 200 pages of documents and emails from sam cassidy's personnel. file the documents show four occasions where he was brought into a manager's office in the last three years for disciplinary action. the incidents include a
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verbal altercation with a co worker in january of 2020 insubordination for refusing to follow company policy in signing out a two way radio refusal to attend a mandatory cpr, re certification class an excuse leave after leaving work without permission last november and improper radio communication. no motive has been revealed for why cassidy killed his co workers. the vida says it is still reviewing other documents related to his disciplinary history and behaviour. cal osha, the state's workers' safety watchdog, has decided to take another look at its workplace covid safety regulations, but those new rules won't be in place before the state reopens. next tuesday. ktvu tom vacar joining us now live with more on how all of this is creating a lot of confusion, tom. a lot of confusion now in california reopens in just five days from now there's going to be some rules, but which ones? the
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california chamber of commerce, the powerful lobbying arm of the state's business community, says it's glad something not yet finalized, but something solid will come out clarity and consistency for businesses. so we know what's coming and when it's coming, the bay area council, a consortium of the region's largest employers, says osha's rules needed work. they at least on first blush were not consistent with, uh, with what the state public health department and cdc was recommending. what business. want to rules that match up with california and federal cdc guidelines dropping all master requirements for fully vaccinated employees clarifying how employees can prove that they've been vaccinated and eliminating the need to stockpile expensive n95 masks. kell osha's new worker, covid rules will be announced on june the 17th. two days after the state's official reopening and by law won't be effective for
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10. days after that, were obviously a little disappointed that it's happening so late they could have aligned on june 3rd with the governor. instead they proposed regulations that actually were more restrictive than we've ever had since the beginning of covid, and still, some employees may want safety rules to remain. we are not out of the pandemic. the california nurses association says. we only got to this point by minding health rules and now is not the time to ditch them. we know the variants are running rampant. we still don't know how much protection will get with these vaccines. there's just still a lot that we don't know about this covid-19. the plan won't be final until late this month unless the state's leadership steps in what we're asking right now is the governor can always do an executive order he can always override cal osha he can align. everything include. businesses along with what's going to happen on june 15 now
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nonetheless, many folks will just keep on masking rules notwithstanding, why to stay healthy because we hardly had a flu or a cold season this year. al expect you? yes it's true. not many people have been sick, tom, you know, i think a lot of people are asking the question. you know, we knew the state was going to fully reopened on june 15th. why didn't cal osha sort out the guidance on mask wearing in the workplace in time for this reopening date. no excuse, including they had an earlier meeting that was supposed to take place in may, which they didn't they did they had it scheduled, then they just cancelled it. so then they couldn't meet until later and by then they certainly knew what the pressure was on them, and they decided to go ahead and do this. there will be a lot of after criticism about this and well, there should be because this really should not have happened. especially after all we've put into it. yeah, it certainly feels like it all should have been settled by this point. alright tom vacar.
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thank you. facebook will be giving its employees the option to keep working from home if they can do their jobs, and their managers approve it. facebook is planning to fully reopen offices nationwide before the end of october, ceo mark zuckerberg said he personally expects to keep working remotely for at least half of the year, and it's spending more time with his family has made him quote happier and more productive at work. well, it is one of the hottest debates in san francisco. should the great highway reopen and remain car free. the action the city is now considering and last week a judge struck down california's long standing ban on assault weapons. how california state attorney general is now fighting back. and we have had a beautiful day in the bay. we've got a little bit of a cloud activity that's going to roll in. i'll have details for you stay with us. your weather's next
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judge that overturned the state's ban on assault weapons. that decision last friday will lift california's 32 year old restrictions on military style guns. the judge equated assault weapons with swiss army knives and called the ban failed experiment that violates the constitutional right to bear arms. governor newsom attorney general rob bonta and san francisco mayor london breed announcing that filing earlier today at san francisco general hospital. that's where trauma surgeons treat gunshot victims daily and the leaders slam the judge's decision, calling it disturbing. the decision was disappointing. and the reasoning such as equating assault weapons to swiss army knives and false claims that covid-19 vaccines have killed more people than mass shootings was shocking, in many ways, the opinion. was disturbing and
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troubling the consequences of this decision that are not intellectual. it's not politics, but our emotional and personal the family members who lost their lives of their loved ones shameful, shameful, bonta says he's asking the u. s ninth circuit court of appeals for a stay, which means the current law would be left in effect during the appeals process. let's talk more now about the legal fight ahead with david levine, constitutional law professor threat. you see, hastings, thank you so much for being here is the federal judge correct in this case is california's ban on constitutional? well judge benitez says so. and i guess we're going to find out heather, the state attorney general is going to be has filed the notice of appeal, and then we'll be following up with the substantial paperwork and so we'll find out what the ninth circuit has to say, at least temporarily pretty quickly because we'll see if the ninth circuit is going to extend the
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stay, which is currently in place pending resolution of the whole case. and then ultimately, we'll find out because one way or another, the supreme court will be weighing in on the second amendment issue. now, this judge david said that that that the ban deprives law abiding californians of weapons that are commonly allowed in most other states. how do you how do you look at that argument? well, the. i mean, i think it's it is misleading. i think, at least in the ninth circuit, it's not going to prevail because the idea is that each state ought to be able to regulate according to what they need for their own local conditions, and so what might be appropriate, say in the ranches of montana is completely inappropriate. for los angeles or san diego or san francisco, but we'll see what the supreme court has to say about it. now the firearms policy coalition david, which
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lead plaintiffs who won at the trial level, had argued in part that assault weapons are no more deadly than some other weapons that are not banned by the state. so what do you make of that argument? does that make legal sense? it would depend on how strictly the courts are going to construe the second amendment. um, certainly. judge benitez. uh opinion makes it seem as if is assault rifles are just the safest thing in the world, and it's just like somebody's hunting rifle if they want to go out and shoot deer or something like that, he makes it sound very benign, and he makes nothing of the concern that what these weapons are excellent for is killing a lot of people in short in short time periods, and that's really what the band is all about is to prevent that use of this particular weapon, as opposed to legitimate uses that hunters might want to make or even people who want to protect their homes with the hunger with a handgun now, david, i know that constitutional law is
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your expertise, but this same group is really upset with the governor and in the comments that he's making in particular about this judge, they called them outrageous and callous personal attacks on the judge saying, quote that newsom's verbal assault on a long respected member of the judiciary shows his deep and continuing disrespect for the rule of law, the judiciary. the constitution and the human rights of california citizens against this is what that group says. do do they have a point here? well, i think what governor newsom and the attorney general need to do is to focus on the strength of the arguments the judge beneath us made in his opinion, and they should certainly refrain from any personal text now. i haven't heard every single word that our leaders have said, but the ones that i have heard i think are directed at the line. object of the opinion. just the first sentence the judge beneath to start it off with is the idea that a swiss army knife is essentially the same
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as an ar 15 is there to, you know, to troll people to get them upset? so that's what i would focus on is the logic the use of precedent and how the judge dealt with the factual record that's appropriate. to discuss it is not appropriate to go after the judge personally in any way, and we don't have a lot of time left david but again walk us through what happens in the meantime, while this appeal process is being played out, sure, the quick the quick is that the, uh we're going to see if the ninth circuit will issue a stay. i would expect that they will it would in normal course of things as it would take a year or so for the ninth circuit to reach this decision. now the kicker is the u. s. supreme court has a case that they've taken from new york. the first one they've done in about 10 years on the second amendment, and that will be decided by june 2022 that one will probably have a substantial effect on whether or not the california assault weapons ban will be able to stay in effect.
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so i see these as a kind of parallel tracks, and so until we hear from the supreme court, we really won't know about the california assault weapons ban. all right. constitutional law expert david levine really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. it's great to see you. san francisco supervisor aaron peskin is going to rehab for alcohol treatment. the supervisor made the announcement today on twitter saying, in part quote, i stand by my long legislative and civic record, but must also take full responsibility for the tenor that i have struck in my public relationships for that. i am truly sorry. this all comes a day after the chronicle asked him about complete over his behavior. more than two dozen people told the newspaper that supervisor peskin bullied colleagues use profane language and accused the department head of corruption during a public meeting. many said he appeared intoxicated. mayor london breed, says disrespect berating and accusations by elected officials are completely out of line. there's no word if anyone
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will be taking over for peskin while he's in rehab. also in san francisco, the future of the great highway is up for debate the city's rec and park to park movement and the sf mta are holding a public hearing this afternoon on whether or not to reopen that road to traffic. the stretch between lincoln way in slow boulevard has been closed now two cars since april to allow for social distancing near ocean beach. some residents and businesses wanted to be reopened, signing public safety concerns and congestion on nearby streets. others, though, wanted to remain car free. we see this as an amazing opportunity for the city to lead by saying this is a space for people and we understand there might be concerns about car commutes, and we're going to address those car commute concerns on streets that are meant to be carrying those cars and we're going to keep this space full time for people. the city is looking at two pilot programs. one would keep the great highway close to cars, the other would open the north beyonce side to traffic. we
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will have a live report with more on this ongoing debate coming up for you at five. alright, let's talk whether this is one of those days where, you know, look, hey, it's june and we are having some lovely temperatures below average. the wind kind of calm down a little bit today, so pretty nice if you got outside for a walk, we are starting to see that wind picked back up now take a look at the peaks. it's not bad at all. you could see the highest number here in my map is 24 mph at big rock ridge so. not too bad, but notice we take it down to the service. it's a little gusty in spots and nevado, santa rosa, you're starting to see that wind kick up fairfield as well. so we're going to have that for the next couple of hours, but then it's going to continue to ramp down again. this is just kind of that afternoon push that we've been getting into the early evening, but this should be not too bad. so it's fo right now about 31 mph gusts live look outside, though, and it has been a gorgeous day out there. the marine layer did mix out pretty early for us today, so we got a lot of sunshine across the bay even out at the coast for people who have i've been dealing with a lot of clouds right now in oakland, 66
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degrees 57 in san francisco, but we're still at 70 in santa rosa 71 in livermore and san jose close to that 70 degree mark two at 69. take a look at storm tracker here. you can see our beautiful blue skies but notice the top left hand corner of your screen. you also start to see some of the clouds rolling and that is ahead of another low pressure system. so the one that had cool this down brought us some wind that's going to attract over towards idaho. but then if you look off to the top left corner there, you you can see that that is the new low pressure system that's going to be heading our way so that one is going to bring up some clouds tomorrow and we'll start to see that you know the overnight it could pick up a little bit of it, and i think that's going to help us. stay a couple degrees warmer, but tomorrow is when they'll really start to move in later in the day, and you could see temperatures, though, will improve a little bit tomorrow, so we're going to keep that continued progress that we've been making the last couple days of warming up little by little still below average, but kind of working our way towards where we should be. seasonally so you know, yesterday we had
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upper sixties low seventies today. we're looking out for this low seventies and then tomorrow movie and kind of low seventies to mid seventies, so that's the progression so tomorrow we will start off with a little bit of a low cloud. then we'll get probably a little sunshine in there and then we will start to see the clouds moving later in the day, but about 60 at the coast 68 around the bay and 77 island. i'll be back in just a little bit. we'll talk a little bit more about this low pressure system and i warm up a major warm up. we've got coming our way next week. but for now, i'll send it back to alex. i hear it's gonna get hot, kyla. thank you. businesses all across the country are continuing to struggle to find workers, and that has more and more employers offering incentives to try to get people back to work. foxes clara panetta's tells us how one company in san diego is trying to attract. new workers. my original amount of people i laid off 700 people in a day. general manager steve thomas says he will never forget the day when the state went under lockdown for covid-19. i've got
4:22 pm
pictures that i'll never forget, you know of just lines of employees like you see back in the 19 twenties era great depression stuff after a difficult year. now thomas is facing another challenge getting people back to work. i've had a hard time hiring, you know, there's a lot of people that they're not coming back to work like they thought they would before we schedule your orientation in order to get those positions filled, belmont held two day hiring fair. i'll take your resume, and then i'll get your application with an incentive program that could earn new employees some extra cash if you come down and you work 300 hours between june 4th and september 4th you get a pool a piece of that 20,000 bucks. jenny wilson with kelly services, a job placement company says it will not be uncommon to see employers now offer incentives. sign on bonuses retention bonuses, monthly bonuses in places. that we've never typically seen it, kelly. but thomas says belmont park isn't the only one
4:23 pm
struggling to hire surrounding businesses are, too when you see some of these restaurants across the street not open in june on a tuesday, it's a big deal. that means that there's a huge staffing problem for them with just a few days left of the stay under restrictions, wilson says. employers need to rethink how they're going to retain employees in a very competitive market. employers that are typically not willing to look at wage increases sign on bonuses or the additional kirk's and flexibility are going to have to look at that today to the team, and we're happy to have you healed. see you soon. and that was fox's clara benitez reporting. instances of harassment and discrimination. house san francisco is still grappling with hate crimes against the lgbtq community and what city leaders are
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make headlines. but even in san francisco, members of the lgbtq community face harassment and hate crimes this pride month. we're looking at the city's efforts to raise awareness and build relationships with people who are victimized. ktvu is evan sernoffsky learned what police are doing to make it easier to report instances of hate. the spirit of pride is alive and well in san francisco's castro district. there may not be a parade this year, but the pall of the coronavirus is lifting off this community. we still we are now celebrating in our way, and i'm very proud of it, but it's thousands flood into the city for pride month, residents remain wary of troubles. they've always faced a lot of people think san francisco is this safe haven for the lgbtq community? um. but even within our city, there are incidents of harassment or prejudice or hate crime type incidents.
4:27 pm
officer catherine winters works as the sfpd liaison for the lgbt community. some of the incidents of hate crimes against lgbt community shows us that we have to be constantly vigilant that we can't just relax because it is san francisco records show that over the last five years more than 30% of hate crimes in san francisco were against members of the lgbt community, making them the most targeted group and numerous studies show that almost 90% of lgbt folks in the city have faced harassment or other prejudice that often goes unreported. the sfpd recently changed reporting requirements for prejudice based incidents, even if it doesn't rise to the level of a crime. they want to know about it. but having that data and knowing what's going on in our communities can help us head off problems before they lead to violence before somebody gets hurt, as life returns to normal in the castro
4:28 pm
residents and business owners want to make one thing clear. as a community. we look out for each other, and, um, we have to have each other's back in san francisco evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news and we have a series of reports and conversations throughout the month of june celebrating pride, and you can see those reports anytime by visit. ktvu dot com slash pride. the c d c is monitoring cases of heart inflammation in some teenagers and young adults who've gotten the covid-19 vaccine coming up here on the four today we'll talk live with the bay area doctor about whether or not parents should be concerned, and $100,000 worth of designer purses gone in just a few seconds coming up next. the high end heist under investigation there at the stanford shopping center.
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. as young as 12 years of age. as foxes jonathan sarah tells us this comes as the fda has extended the expiration date on the johnson and johnson vaccine. moderna says it has asked the fda to authorize its covid-19 vaccine for use in children as young as 12 clinical trial showed the vaccine was 100% effective. if approved, it would give students another option for getting vaccinated before the fall. as the older population gets vaccinated. where can the disease spread? where can covid spread it will spread now among
4:32 pm
more among the younger people. cdc advisors say the number of heart inflammation cases in 16 to 24 year olds was higher than expected after receiving a second dose of fighters or moderna's vaccine. preliminary data show the cases typically occurred in males, with most responding well to treatment. the agency advises people to look out for symptoms, including chest pain and shortness of breath. there are more reports after dose to compared to dose one. slightly more after fighter than moderna, but there has been slightly more fizer vaccine doses administered. meanwhile, johnson and johnson says the expiration date on its vaccine has been extended an extra six weeks. the original shelf life was about three months. cdc data show nearly 11 million j and j doses delivered to states. have not been administered. california texas and florida account for more than a quarter of those unused doses, even if we're more slow at getting more
4:33 pm
immunizations, you know, trickling through. i think that is still progress. at this point. the u. s. has not expected to reach president biden's goal of getting 70% of american adults a first dose by july. 4th in atlanta talking serrie, fox news and as jonathan just mentioned a moment ago preliminary day. from the cdc has shown a higher than expected number of cases of heart inflammation in young people who'd recently received their second dose of the fighter or the moderna vaccine. to get some perspective on this issue. we're joined this afternoon by dr john schwartzberg, professor of infectious diseases and vaccine ology at uc berkeley school of public health doctor schwartzberg always appreciate your time. so we are expected there would be some cases of myocarditis that this heart inflammation. this was. affected, but not this many. so how serious is this? well typically expected would be about 100 cases in the time
4:34 pm
period looked at, and we've seen a little over 200 cases, so it it does appear that there are there's a signal here that there may be something associated with the vaccine. and myocardial is particularly in younger males, but not exclusively, so it is significant, but it also has to be put into perspective. and that is for giving millions of doses of this vaccine and we're seeing this event occur. perhaps related to the vaccine, but it still remains very rare. so and again, as you pointed out, most of the cases are in young men. is it is it clear why that is the case? no it's not clear at all. um and it made. it may turn out not to be the case when we look at the data much more carefully. right now, all of this is very preliminary. and again, i really want to emphasize that this is also a very rare event. these 200. i think it's 226
4:35 pm
cases that the city she reported today. um that's a fraction of the number of people who have been vaccinated this small, small fraction, something like the chances of being hit by lightning, and obviously it sounds as though most of these patients with his heart inflammation conditions are expected to make a full recovery. but is there a cancer? turn about long term effects. well there's always a concern about long term effects when the heart gets inflamed the vast majority of people with my oh card itis from any cause get well, but there are some people where it can cause lasting damage to the heart. we don't know anything about that. at this point, we do know that as you said the majority of the vast majority of, uh. people who get mario kart myocarditis. they get well very quickly, just with the use of even over the counter anti inflammatory drugs. there have been, though
4:36 pm
a few cases of people, few situations where people have had to be hospitalized. all right, so let's talk about the broader implications here of this recently released preliminary data from the cdc, because obviously we're looking at beginning to potentially vaccinate children under the age of 12. obviously the clinical trial still ongoing for that. approval still outstanding, but but what are the implications here? should we learn more about these cases of heart inflammation before we open up the vaccine to younger children? well, i think we know that this is a very, very rare event. um it's been picked up by the surveillance system just like the blood clotting problem, um associated with low platelets had been picked up by our surveillance system. we also know that it just doesn't occur didn't show up in his a signal in the trials, which had thousands of people, so we're talking again about a very, very rare event. that's that's
4:37 pm
only going to be seen when you started to vaccinate millions of millions of people. to put that in perspective, the risk of covid remains far greater. even now, and even here in the bay area where we have such lower low numbers, the risk of covid remains far greater than this very small risk of my own card itis. so right now, um, the advice would be to please get vaccinated. um you're much more likely to suffer serious consequences from covid than you are from. getting a complication from this vaccine, including my own card itis. alright, well, we always appreciate you putting things into perspective. dr john schwartzberg from uc berkeley school of public health. thanks as always, for your time. thank you, president. biden held talks with prime minister british prime minister boris johnson on the first full day of his overseas trip. foxes carolina timely tells us the president also announced a major donation of vaccines. to try to help other nations
4:38 pm
continued the fight against the coronavirus. we've had a good first full day here in the uk president biden in england, announcing the u. s will donate 500 million pfizer vaccines to lower income countries in the hopes of putting an end to the pandemic and halting any growing influence from china and russia. we know that raging covid-19 in other countries holds back global growth. raises instability and weakens governments. earlier in the day, the president held talks with british prime minister boris johnson my grip country many times, but this is the first time as president knighted states, the two leaders agreed to a new atlantic charter, which aims to strengthen the two countries' relationship and focus on issues like climate change, cyber threats and trade. i'm very pleased in a very high profile way he and prime minister johnson are coming together. it is a very good globalist agenda, as opposed to two sovereign countries making an agreement and that's where
4:39 pm
the worry is here at home. lawmakers are anticipating another high profile meeting next week when the president meets with russian leader vladimir putin. this conversation with president putin is going to be direct. it's going to be candid he's going to talk about he's going to raise our issues of concern, including these cyber attacks from outfits who are based in russia. president biden is set to meet with g seven leaders on friday, likely top. but will be how to lift travel restrictions between countries. caroline shively fox news with a year spent under lockdown some may be considering going big this summer with a trip overseas up next here on the floor. we'll talk live with a travel expert in italy about what travelers should keep in mind and these lovely cool below average temperatures aren't going to last forever. i will have details in your extended forecast and when we can expect a warm up.
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covid-19 remains an issue in some parts of the world. italy for example, is a very popular destination, but there are still restrictions in place. joining us now live to talk about travel. there is travel expert angel castano's thank you so much for being here. i want to first start with your flight to italy. how was it? you know it was a little unusual because there were some requirements in order to enter italy. so this was deemed one of the covid tested flights, and those are flights operated by american united or delta into either rome or milan in the three basic requirements are that you have to take a covid test before boarding the plane. have to fill out and eat passenger locator form and then you have to test again upon arrival in either rome or milan. okay so you really have to plan accordingly. here? oh oh,
4:43 pm
absolutely. and one of the smartest things that i did do is actually book an appointment for my covid test when i arrived in rome. for example, delta takes care of that for their customers. but other airlines united and american don't so it was really up to me to try to skip the queue and make sure that that was all sorted. but once that negative test comes in, you're essentially footloose and fancy free in italy. okay that flight, though, was it a pretty full flight? uh it was about 30% full it it's still was was not at capacity, and i can tell you it was mostly italians. returning back to italy. i really solidified my philosophy that right now is a golden opportunity for any american wishing to travel in italy for leisure to be here because there is no mass tourism. i haven't heard american english really spoken on the streets of rome or florence throughout my trip. okay, talk a little bit more about what it's like to be
4:44 pm
an american in italy right now. what's open. what's not. while certain museums are requiring reservations, especially on the weekends, but as of monday, certain regions within italy are going into what they call a white zone, meaning that curfew will now be lifted and restrictions are a little bit more like we're experiencing in america, there is still a mask mandates. social distancing is still being practiced, and everyone is really taking care to be safe and healthy during this time, ok, so you mentioned though, that that it is sort of a golden opportunity to travel there. but for those who might be a little leery, what do you say to them? i say, you've got to seize the opportunity, because if you look at my social media, you see how empty some of the sites are in some of the streets are and what i've been doing is hiring local guides. to really help me with the ends and outs of what is
4:45 pm
open. and what isn't open. they're the ones who have the boots on the ground and have a clear idea of when things are being much easier when it comes to travel. you know, i've had an amazing time because i've hit the major cities like rome, florence bologna, and now i'm in beautiful lake coma, which is. ideal for social distancing and outdoor activities. all right, will really appreciate it totally jealous of your adventures. wish i was there with you wish i could be there with you and beautiful italy. thanks again for talking with us live from there really appreciate your insight. thanks for having me heather. appreciate it, okay. all right. so we had a beautiful day out there. hopefully you were able to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine and the kind of nice temperate below average but lovely temperatures. we are starting to see some of the wind kick up a little bit as we get into the afternoon live. look outside there, though, shows you we still have lots of sunshine out in san francisco,
4:46 pm
so it's looking pretty good right now. 59 degrees in san francisco, where at 66 in oakland, still some seventies out there on the map, you can see where the heat was. fairfield 77, brentwood 76, santa rosa. 70 in san jose sitting right now at 69. so this is a little warmer than we were this time yesterday, and if we look here, you can see it's anywhere between about 2 to 8 degrees warmer, so that slow step towards normal temperatures, right is what we're kind of working on. look outside a storm tracker. two very clear skies, but there are some clouds offshore and that is part of another low pressure system that ultimately is going to be rolling our way, but it's really more we get into tomorrow that will start to see some the effects of that later in the day. the one that we had affecting our weather that's already tracked off and is sitting over idaho now, so we are still getting a little bit of onshore wind from that, and certainly we felt that pick up this afternoon and that will be with us for the next couple of hours before things start to ramp down, but we've got gusts upwards of 20 mph in spots right now, and certainly sfo is one of them. half moon bay getting some of that to hybrid right now. 22 mph winds. so
4:47 pm
tonight we're gonna call it mostly clear because those clouds will likely stay offshore until tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will be a degree or two warmer if you are inland and some of the spots it got really chilly. like the north bay last night. i don't think we'll see any thirties. this time around. we should stay in the low forties, and then tomorrow we'll start off with some low boarding clouds in san francisco. then we get some breaks of sunshine and a little bit clearing as you work away through the day, but by the time we get to the late afternoon, that's what we could start to see. some of the clouds come in. in that second low pressure system and notice san francisco expecting your temperatures to bump up a couple of degrees as well. so tomorrow i'm going to call it partly cloudy. this is one of those. it's hard to call because it's like a few clouds the morning sunshine in the afternoon more clouds coming in the evening, but temperature wise, it should be pretty nice again and below. average day you can see we're going to have low seventies and upper sixties kind of around the bay. you move inland will see some upper seventies in places like concord, antioch liver more, probably mid seventies for you tomorrow, but all in all, a pretty nice day. now
4:48 pm
unfortunately, this system that's going to be coming our way does not bring us any rain. so let's take a look at future cast. i'm gonna roll it through and just show you. this is that classic, you know, pattern that happens where eureka gets rain. maybe uk gets a little rain and we look in the north bay and say, yeah, maybe we gotta sprinkle in northern reaches of sonoma county if we're lucky, but probably not even and as you can see here in future cast models are picking up on us getting absolutely nothing from the system. then we've got a real pattern change coming, but this doesn't happen until midweek next week. i just want to show you this once that low pressure system rolls through, which is going to bring us some increasing clouds and some slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow. we've got high pressure building in the four corners. now this is a classic patterns. we start to move towards summer. where we get warm inland temperatures from this and then we stay cooler at the coast because we've got a little onshore flow. that's what's kind of coming down the pipe for us. so if we look at our extended forecast again, you can see going to warm up through the weekend. we'll have some clouds with us that will cool down a little bit sunday
4:49 pm
into monday, and then as we start to get the latter half of next week, i'm seeing possible nineties inland, so a big difference from where we are today. that is where we're heading. but the weekend itself looks pretty nice, a little bit warmer, a few clouds around, but i think it'll be just fine if people want to get outside and enjoy. so that is where we are now, and that's where we're going for now i'll send it back to the desk. all right, we will be ready for the heat. kyla. thank you. a spectacular sight in the sky as people in the northern part of the world got a chance to view the ring of fire. solar eclipse the ring shaped eclipse with the moon passing directly in front of the sun began over ontario, canada. i traveled across greenland and the north pole to siberia, parts of north america and europe were able to enjoy a partial eclipse where it looked like the moon was taking a bite out of the sun, but it wasn't visible here in the bay area, the next solar eclipse is expected to happen in 2024. how so? pretty all right, a floating museum with a lot of
4:50 pm
history coming up next. the triumphant return of a world war two era submarine to its dock in san francisco more than r
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
handbags. this happened monday night in palo alto at the louis baton store in the stanford shopping center, a group of 11 young people ran into that store and swiped 36 designer handbags and then took off. now police are trying to figure out if the same group stole from neiman marcus last month, where a group of at least 10 people stole 43 handbags worth a total of $150,000. that literally gives me the chills. that's like crazy. i can't even wrap my mind around that. this is such a nice shopping center where you don't really hear things like that happening, so it's just shocking to me. police say the thieves escaped in five different cars. no one was hurt and no weapons were used well, saying young people
4:53 pm
in san francisco will have an opportunity to learn and also make some money this summer. this morning. mayor london breed helped to kick off the summer 2021 opportunities for all program it provides paid internships throughout the summer to 13 to 24 year olds in the city. mayor breathes says it also gives young people access to explore and reached career and educational goals. that's what opportunities for all is about. it's about your future. it's about making sure money is not a barrier to success it to make sure that you're exposed to everything the city has to offer. i always looked forward to her since its inception in 2018, the opportunities for all program has provided more than 3200 paid internships to young people in san francisco, all young people 18 and under in the city will also be able to ride mew knee buses and trains for free this summer. no application required. mew knee is expanding its free youth program. it was initially available only to children and
4:54 pm
low to moderate income households. it's being expanded, though, with the help of $2 million in the upcoming city budget. mayor breed says she hopes this will foster a new generation of uni writers. a floating museum is back on the water after restoration in the east bay, the uss pampa neto suffered some storm damage back in january at pier 45 along the embarcadero. it's been undergoing repairs and preservation. work at base ship and yacht in alameda. and today, the submarine returned to san francisco with a fireboat escort. the 300 ft long vessel carried out six patrols in the pacific during world war two. her crew of 80 sank six japanese ships and damaged four others. it's hard to believe that what they went through in world war two to be in such a confined space. uh it's all inspiring really, to what what those men did back then. the submarine is now a national historic landmark
4:55 pm
before the pandemic it hosted over 100,000 visitors every year. the wife of mexican drug lord el chapo, pleading guilty today to her role in helping her husband from the sinaloa cartel. i'm david lee miller in new york more on that coming up.
4:56 pm
if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself... 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva®. serious allergic reactions like low blood pressure, trouble breathing, throat tightness, face, lip, or tongue swelling, rash, itching, or hives have happened. tell your doctor about dental problems, as severe jaw bone problems may happen, or new or unusual pain in your hip, groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. speak to your doctor before stopping, skipping, or delaying prolia®,
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as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium, serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. don't wait for a break. call your doctor now and ask how prolia® can help you. be in prison for a very long time after entering a guilty plea earlier today as foxes david lee miller tells us, she admitted to helping run the day to day operations of el chapo's cartel while he was in prison. emma coronel a sparrow, the wife of mexican drug lord el chapo, pleading guilty thursday in federal court in d. c for her role in helping her infamous husband run the sinaloa drug cartel. she's excited to move on with her life. disappointed that this is how this had to happen, but.
4:58 pm
she's happy to get over 31 year old was arrested in february at dulles airport in d. c. prosecutors say she aided and abetted the cartel's operations and smuggling thousands of pounds of drugs into the united states and that she served as an intermediary to deliver messages to cartel members on her husband's behalf after he went to jail. she also admitted to helping her husband plan and coordinate his escape from a mexican prison in 2015. cornell is borough is a former beauty queen in mexico. she's now facing a potential life sentence and a $10 million fine for conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine, meth and marijuana in the united states. she also faces charges for money laundering and narcotics trafficking. got a fair judge. we've got fair prosecutors and i was hoping for fairness, which is all we ever a judge said her sentencing for september. 15th her husband has already serving a life sentence at a federal prison in colorado
4:59 pm
in new york. david lee miller fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts. now this is not an a r 15. this is a pocket knife. they are different. this is not a weapon of mass destruction at ar 15 is california formally appeals of federal judge's ruling to overturn its 32 year old ban on assault weapons, the governor and attorney general vowing to fight for gun control now the appeal comes in response to a judge's ruling last week. good evening to you. i'm andrea senior in for frank, and i'm julie julie haener. the decision came from the u. s. district court for the southern district of california today. the governor pulled no punches. ktvu political reporter greg lee was at the news conference and he joins us now live with more of the state's argument. greg julie. good evening. california has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. in fact, it was the first state in the nation to ban assault weapons in 1989
5:00 pm
other states have followed suit, and the governor made it clear today this case. have major implications, saying a lot is on the line. and we need to call this federal judge out. he will continue to do damage. mark my word. governor newsom didn't mince words while criticizing a federal judge's decision to overturn the state's three decade old ban on assault weapons. he's a wholly owned subsidiary of the gun lobby in the national rifle association, read these decisions, judge roger benitez ruled the ban unconstitutional thursday. attorney general rob bonta announced the state has filed an appeal criticizing the judge's decision particularly. his comparison of an a r 15 to a swiss army knife and the reasoning such as equating assault weapons to swiss army knives and false claims that covid-19 vaccines have killed more people than mass shootings was shocking. pocket knives were not invented to kill as many people as possible.y


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