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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 10, 2021 12:00pm-12:58pm PDT

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against covid-19, president biden makes his first overseas trip as our president, he promises to refresh relations with the uk and offer hundreds of millions of vaccines to the world. the state is fighting a ruling that overturned a ban on assault weapons. the governor and attorney general are staying firm on some of the toughest gun reform laws in the country and a new push to get coronavirus vaccines to children. federal regulations consider the idea of that. vaccinating kids as young as five years old. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. president biden is promising. the u. s will take a more active role in vaccinating the world for covid-19. good afternoon, everyone i'm frank mallicoat mike mibach is off today. i'm gasia mikaelian president biden has announced. the u. s. is making the single largest purchase and donation of covid-19 vaccines worldwide. ktvu magus has been following the president's trip overseas estimate. and er in chief. she joins us live this noontime
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emma garcia. president biden spoke about the need to rebuild the global economy and save as many lives as possible. he said both of those goals could be achieved by expanding covid-19 vaccine distribution, he said. america has a responsibility and a humanitarian obligation to help, the president said america will be the arsenal of vaccines in the fight against covid-19, noting that last month. he announced donating amy million us doses to the global vaccine supply, and now he's quote unquote supercharging that amount. and today we're taking a major step that will supercharge the global fight against this pandemic in my direction. united states will purchase an additional half billion doses from pfizer, pfizer vaccine that will donate nearly. one 100 low and lower middle income
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countries. they will be the beneficiaries. yeah the u. s will provide 500 million pfizer doses to 92 nations that are considered low income countries and economies, which includes african union member states, the 1st 200 million doses will be distributed this year starting in august, and the rest will go out in the first half of 2022. additionally, the president's meeting with british prime minister boris johnson went well today, president biden reaffirmed the special relationship between. the united states and britain and will be meeting with more world leaders. when the g seven summit starts tomorrow, reporting live demagogues ktvu fox two news, emma. thank you. the vaccine donation from the u. s. comes as a global health leaders are increasingly concerned about more contagious variant of the coronavirus. jonathan syria reports out of atlanta what researchers have learned about this newest variant united states will be
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purchasing 500 million doses. pfizer's vaccine to be delivered around the globe by june of next year. the announcement comes as public health officials grow concerned over a highly contagious covid-19 variant, the delta variant first detected in india has spread to at least 60 countries, including the us and uk, the world health organization is asking countries to step up their vaccination measures over the course of last summer. cases gradually rose in younger age groups and then moved into older age groups. let's not make that mistake again, nearly 64% of american adults have received at least one vaccine shot, but the u. s is expected to fall short of president biden's goal of giving 70% of adults a first dose by july. 4th public health officials say they're concerned low vaccination rates could further the spread of variants the longer takes rest to vaccinate the law. under the pandemic
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goes on for us. the longer we know we don't have. a relatively normal lives. meanwhile fda advisers are meeting today to discuss the safety of covid-19 vaccines in children under 12, the agency says it will require drug makers to make a strong case for authorizing vaccine use in children. the risk benefit consideration will likely be different. not only compared to those for adults, but also there may be different for younger brazil's older paediatric age group. and today, moderna announced it has asked the fda to approve its vaccine for use in children as young as 12 in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news, an fda committee is meeting right now to discuss the next steps for potentially offering the covid vaccine to children under the age of 12. fda vaccine advisers are meeting to figure out exactly what information the agency should ask companies that want to get approval for vaccinating children, fighter and modern
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are testing their vaccines and children ages. 5 to 11. results from the studies expected by september modern announced today it has asked the fda to expand its emergency approval of the covid-19 vaccine. this expansion would be for children ages. 12 to 17 moderna said its data indicate the two dose vaccine is both safe and effective in that age group, of course last month fighter receive similar approval for children as young as 12. there has been a lot of confusion about when and where californians have to wear masks when the state reopens next tuesday. the governor had originally said that starting. on june, the 15th mass would not be required in most situations for anyone who is fully vaccinated. well then cal osha said mass would be required it work settings if even one person is not fully vaccinated. cal osha board held an emergency meeting last night and withdrew that requirement until it meets again one week from today. so many people say they're looking forward to not need a mess, but some people we spoke with, say they're not ready to stop wearing them. i
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really don't feel comfortable going into a crowded in interior with a lot of people in a small office. there was a lot of people i think would be just like i've been restored. i'd still wanted the social distancing and maybe we're a mask for a while. unvaccinated people are expected to continue wearing their mask. however federal and state guidelines require everyone to still wear masks public transportation that includes trains, buses and commercial airlines in kindergarten through high school and a childcare facilities as well as in healthcare setting shelters and correctional facilities. california still looking for two of the 15 winners from the first backs for the wind, drawing. each winner is getting a $50,000 prize from that drawing that happened last friday. the state is conducting cash prize drawings for people who've received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. vaccinated people also have a chance at $1.5 million grand prize. the next drawing happens tomorrow. health rules set by cities and counties could be
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tougher than what the state says. san francisco says that some workers will have to be vaccinated city health officials say if you work where people live together closely, you have to be fully vaccinated. this includes working at skilled nursing homes, acute care hospitals, homeless shelters in jails. officials didn't say what will happen if a worker refuses to be vaccinated. the rule takes effect after the fda fully approves the covid vaccine. right now, all the vaccines are being used under emergency authorization. looks like facebook will give its employees the option to keep working from home if they can do their jobs, and their managers approve it. facebook plans to fully reopen offices nationwide before the end of october, the ceo mark zuckerberg, he said he personally expects to keep working remotely for at least half of the year, instead, spending more time with his family has made him happier and more productive at work. we're following a developing story of a shooting in san francisco police say a shooting took place shortly after 10 o'clock this morning at market and mcallister, not too far from civic center. officers say they
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were patrolling the area when they heard the gunshots. police say a man in his forties taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. police are interviewing witnesses and trying to identify a suspect anyone that might have information hurts to give san francisco police a call due at noon. california is appealing a federal judge's ruling that overturned the state's ban on assault weapons. the judge's ruling last friday would lift california's 32 year old ban on military style. guns a judge equated assault weapons with swiss army knives and called the ban a failed experiment that violates the constitutional right to bear arms. this morning, governor newsom attorney general rob bonta and the mayor of london breed held a news conference at sf general hospital. they say the ban saves lives and called the judge's decision disturbing. the decision was disappointing and the reasoning such as equating assault weapons to swiss army knives
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and false claims that covid-19 vaccines have killed more people. than mass shootings was shocking. in many ways, the opinion was disturbing and troubling. bonta says he is asking the u. s ninth circuit court of appeals first day, which means the current law would be left in effect during that appeals process, new report shows california had the nation's largest drop in college enrollment this spring. that's according to a national student clearinghouse research center enrollment across the nation. dropped 3.5% nationwide, the percentage decline was 5.3% the report found the drop both in the state and across the country, was largely due to a steep decline in community college students who have particularly struggled during the pandemic. experts tell the la times recruiting efforts are underway to boost retention for the upcoming semester. plenty of tenants are still facing troubles paying the rent every month. the state is trying to
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make it easier to provide some relief. plus as a community. we look out for each other. and um, we have to have each other's back. the lgbt community is the target of many of the reported hate crimes in san francisco. what city leaders are trying to do about it also will take you outside on this thursday afternoon at the golden gate bridge, not a cloud in the sky. but boy, it is still cooler than you think out there. you see the flags blowing in the wind will have a full look at your bay area forecast coming. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. sometimes they say, "it might work, it might not work." and so i ask myself the question, like,
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program, making it easier to apply ktvu elissa harrington reports. many renters say they're still waiting for assistance and are demanding that rent protections be extended. we are here today yet again, waiting to know if the state is going to provide the help that we need to stay in our homes. struggling renters throughout california like patricia mendoza met for a virtual news conference pleading for extended rental assistance as eviction protections are set to expire at the end of the month. mendoza is with ace alliance of californians for community empowerment. she said. they're calling on the state with three demands. one protect tenants from debt to improve the emergency rental assistance program and three extend sp 91
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protections until employment numbers return to what they were before the pandemic. one of the speakers, jackie loughery, from antioch, said her family members all lost their full time jobs during the pandemic, and now they're at serious risk of losing their home. i'm a breast cancer survivor. i take care of my twin six year old granddaughters. i can't even fathom the thought of losing my home right now. but it can be a reality. if sp 91 does not get extended and loopholes closed. larry said she applied for rental assistance months ago and is still waiting. if there is no extension, landlords across the state will fill the courthouses on july 1st two file unlawful detainers. there will be massive evictions, causing another health emergency in this. officials with california's covid-19 rent relief program just announced changes to the application process. the goal is to streamline the process and encourage more people to apply. this has been the key element
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of the california comeback plan with $5.2 billion in rental assistance that governor newsom has proposed. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. on the peninsula. police are looking for thieves who stole more than $100,000 and handbags. it happened monday night at palo alto at the louisville thanh store that is at the stanford shopping center group of 11. young people ran into the store and swipe some 36 designer handbags and then ran off. now police are trying to determine if the same group stole the same from neiman marcus last month, where a group of at least 10 people stole 43 handbags worth $150,000. that literally gives me the chills. that's like crazy. i can't even wrap my mind around that this is such a nice shopping center where you don't really hear things like that happening, so it's just shocking to me. police say the suspects escaped in five different cars. nobody was injured and no weapons were
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used. advocates for people who are homeless in san francisco are fighting back against the city for towing cars that have unpaid parking tickets. protesters told ktvu henry leave that for many homeless people living in their cars and vehicles. the city policy is unfair, julie haener can you tell us that back? protesters gathered outside sfm to headquarters on wednesday. they're upset because san francisco will once again tow cars for unpaid parking tickets, which they say unfairly targets the homeless. yeah, we're here today to tell the mta to stop telling people's homes stop poverty toes. protesters say the city had suspended these types of toes during the pandemic, but we're once again tow cars with five or more unpaid tickets. in a couple of weeks, people have no place to live but the vehicles and they have no place to park those vehicles because the empty i won't stop giving them tickets and towing their homes away. feeling their belongings. cities decision to resume poverty tones. it's shameful
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and it acts as a barrier were low income communities of color to get back on their feet during shelter in place. city officials say they are sympathetic to those who have to sleep in their cars. in a statement, the city attorney's office said in part, homelessness is a difficult issue that the city works tirelessly to address every day at the same time, homeless or not, if you have a car and park it on city streets, you have to park it legally, the same rules apply to everyone. these aren't for the health and safety of the community. these are for debt collection. these are, um not essential to the functioning of the city. tory larson is one of the attorneys representing the coalition on homelessness, which is a pending suit against the city over the towing issue, she says, towing cars belonging to the homeless is a violation of the fourth amendment against unlawful seizure. she's seeking a court order barring the practice. we're not asking them to apply the law unequally were saying that nobody deserves to lose their vehicle for this reason, even if your house even if you have the means to big of a punishment for a non crime, the same he says there are payment alternatives for those who can't afford to pay their tickets and that just letting them pile up isn't an option.
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san francisco resumes towing cars with unpaid tickets on june 21st henry lee ktvu, fox two news, check the weather now come with us in and there she is. she's ready to go on what was kind of a chilly start out there. yeah, no doubt about it. you guys, i felt it up here in the north bay, and in fact, some spots actually got down to the thirties this morning. not that many. but. enough that i think some people might have had their heaters kick on this morning for a few minutes, at least, but we are now having a beautiful day out there, but a look at some of the thirties. um occidental got down to the freezing mark bennett valley and freestone at 34 west petaluma 36. you can see upper thirties and cameron and kelsey ville and forties there and felton in woodside. so it was a chilly start. but look at all this beautiful sunshine is to take a live look down the oakland estuary just a gorgeous day out there. there are a few low clouds, no doubt about it, and certainly some of them are hanging out in santa rosa about 67 degrees there. san francisco the 57 63 in oakland, 67 in
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livermore in san jose, right now, at 65 degrees, so a look at storm secretary shows you, you know, we had a few low clouds that were kind of hanging out at the coast. but even that has started to mix out as we've gotten into our afternoon and this afternoon is just going to be a gorgeous, gorgeous day. so the low pressure system that was bringing us cooler temperatures and some wind last night has kind of moved over to where you see boise, idaho, is there on the map, and they've got some stormy weather, but we have a second one on its heels. that right now is in the gulf of alaska. not really affecting us quote yet, but it will so today, similar yesterday only a degree or two warmer and we'll still have some breezy conditions, but not as breezy as yesterday, although it will pick up as we get later in the afternoon, so let's sixties out of the coast seventy's around the bay and probably low to mid seventies as we head inland. here's the wind right now. it's lovely out there. i mean, right? this is what i like to see everybody under that 10 mile per hour range. it is still an onshore flow to kind of that westerly breeze. and you can see that there. about 16 mph at sfo. so here's a look at the pattern that we're going to see over the next 24 hours. so the
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system that was influencing us now is kind of tracked off to the east. that's brought us a few coastal clouds and again as i mentioned, we will get a little breezy this afternoon, but i think we'll stay under 20 mph, and it shouldn't last too long. it'll be later afternoon early evening and then friday into saturday, this late season cold front is going to track through. but unfortunately while will bring rain to you know, northern california up by eureka, nukaya as you can hear future cast. it just doesn't hold together enough to bring us any rain. the best we can look for would be maybe a few sprinkles light shower along the northern reaches of sonoma county. i think that's probably the best we can. we can see that's going to be there, and in fact, the models will show. you know all of the rain staying far to the north and again. this is kind of a late season pattern, so it's not unusual, but it would be nice right to pick up any rain that we can, as we do have the drought monitor that updated today. no surprises here. we are still looking at exceptional drought for majority. of the bay area. you see there in the dark red area and then extreme drought, as you see in the brighter red area. so again, no change,
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really for us, but just again, a reminder that we've had a bit of a rough ride and we are entering the summer season at a deficit here and with very dry fuels out there, so. it's going to be beautiful today. i think you want to get outside and take a walk. it's a great day to do that. i'm going to do that myself. it will warm up a little more on friday. it's kind of be like today only with a few more clouds and then those clouds continue to increase as we get towards the weekend as that second system passes us by and what you don't see here is that next week midweek, wednesday, thursday, it looks like we're going to heat up and we could see england nineties yet again, so yeah, get out and enjoy it. if you want to take a walk today, it's a great day stores there. he does a perfect days to be out. kyla. what a change! thank you. coming up in a minute. here. it's now costing even more to build a house in california how a shortage of construction workers and resources both putting a crunch on home prices construct enough t
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the man ktvu is tom vacar tells us about the programs right here in the bay area to train workers in a booming industry, though the pandemic slightly slowed down construction work, worker shortages remain rampant. the situation is dire. there was a worker shortage tom before. the pandemic and before our tragic fires from three years ago, it was bad then as a problem now it's a full fledged crisis. this will slow down housing growth there's very few weeks ago by that our organization doesn't hear from
12:25 pm
our 1000 plus members about workers. do you have any workers entry level experience? they are really in short supply. many parents discourage their children to take up construction careers, and there are far too few women, though some contractors will hire to train the builders exchange has two programs to get people shovel ready in an industry where the pace starts higher and goes up quicker. for every five workers retiring. only one is coming in exchange workforce development director robin barf alot heads up the north bay construction corps of. program for high school seniors building skills that we know are really important to any entry level employee. and so we work with them over the 4.5 to 5 months to instill those basic skills like how to read a tape measure. basic construction math how to use power tools. the exchange also works very closely with santa rosa junior
12:26 pm
college to teach more sophisticated skills, techniques and technologies to speed placement and career advancement. would pay. a ridiculous amount of money to get a qualified person in here. i would hire 15 people today, but contractor michael wolff says ads produced no results and many qualified workers prefer to stay at home on stimulus or double dip by working under the table unless you have a strong work ethic and a desire to get out there and do something, why would you. and so the shortage will last for quite some time, and that would give advantage to people who get in now to become senior earlier as others backfill later, tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. yosemite national park is proposing a fee increase for overnight camping to help keep up with the rising cost of camp operations. 70 says that fee hikes would allow the park to make upgrades to restroom and shower facilities. restore native plants, park wide and repair and replace signs. the
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proposed fee hikes range from 4 to $25, depending on the campsite and the size of your group. the proposed fee increases are set to take effect in october, coming down bipartisan groups of lawmakers are trying to work through roadblocks on infrastructure talks. how soon a deal may make its way through congress and up to the white house. also businesses are preparing for the state's full reopening on tuesday. some owners plan to keep some capacity restraints in place while others say they can't wait to get back to normal. quite frankly, miss the sound of pins crashing so we can't wait until the day that oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do.
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if you can't afford your medicine, civilian climate corps. the group started in butte county. they'll finish on monday in san francisco. today, they're continuing south into marin. the civilian climate course, part of president biden's infrastructure plan, and it would create thousands of jobs. the c c c would hire young people to work in parks, forests and on public lands, much like the conservation corps after the great depression. having a program in which we can fund and we can have good paying union jobs to stop. the climate crisis is so important in this country. they walk up to eight hours a day, mostly camp out as they pass
12:31 pm
through rural areas. the marchers will also meet with other activists and politicians in their journey, the long delayed in controversial keystone pipeline project may be ending for good. the project owner. tc energy says it will end the proposed 1200 mile pipeline after president biden canceled its us permit. the pipeline was intended to move oil from canada to nebraska, but was delayed due to opposition from environmental groups and first nation tribal leaders. lower ranking members of congress are trying to figure out how to get an infrastructure bill passed after talks broke down between the white house and republican negotiators. lauren blatche reports from washington on the latest conversations now on capitol hill. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says talks on an infrastructure deal have hit a roadblock as progressives in the democratic party continue to push the white house to leave republicans behind on a range of issues we haven't given up. i think it's an important thing for the country, but it needs to be crafted in such a way that it's actually about infrastructure earlier this week, the president cut off
12:32 pm
talks with a group of republican senators, though new discussions are underway with a bipartisan group. but some, including washington, congresswoman pramila jayapal says they don't need the gop. she tweeted in part, quote. we know mitch won't be coming around on a deal. time to go big, bold and alone. for now, the white house says it's still committed to a bipartisan solution. his only red lines here tony are in action and raising taxes on people making less than $400,000 a year. we're going to see what can come out of these negotiations president biden is looking for at least a trillion dollar deal to help repair america's roads, rails and bridges. plus money for other initiatives that so far republicans have not been on board with the latest republican offer of $928 billion, which included repurposed coronavirus funds was rejected by the white house for two little new spending, a bipartisan group in the house has unveiled a $1.2 trillion package, but it's unclear if the senate will go along with it, lawmakers from both parties say they want to move forward and cut a deal, but the price has to be right. you've got to
12:33 pm
pay for it, and you've got to make sure that what we're paying for is absolutely essential. the house proposal calls for about three quarters of a trillion dollars in new spending around 400 billion more than the senate republicans offered in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. at home bicyclist in oakland want the city to stop a proposal that would alter some protected bike lanes. the city currently has knee high barriers to protect the bike lane on telegraph avenue, the city's transportation department wants to replace those barriers with painted lines. a bicycle group is launching a social media campaign, saying the proposal could lead to more accidents. some businesses want to remove those barriers to improve traffic flow. their state scheduled reopening just around the corner. many business owners on the peninsula say they're excited to reopen at full capacity. but as ktvu is amber lee reports, some businesses plan. to keep some safety measures in place. classic bowling center in daly city is now operating at 50%
12:34 pm
capacity. the business scored a strike with this patron who bowls here once a week since it finally reopened, may 3rd after the long pandemics. shut down. i'm all for getting back to the normal seeing everybody again. come june, 15th, the owner tells me he'll be able to fill every lane with bowlers. you can get back to the things that we like to do like hosting group parties and corporate events because there's such a large facility 50,000 square feet with 60 lanes, the owner says plastic partitions will remain and employees will be required to wear a mask for the foreseeable future. ria montessori house, a daycare facility in south san francisco. the owner tells me she's teaching six children half the number prior to the pandemic, she says. the return to normal will be gradual. we're going to transition into our usual activities. that means adding
12:35 pm
one additional child a month into the daycare children will still be required to wear a mask. an in person. graduation is planned for the end of july, and special events such as halloween may resume. i'm being positive about looking at a brighter future. parents picking up their children are not allowed inside, and that's not likely to change until fall. if you don't take baby steps, we can get a full blown outbreak again. san mateo county are vaccination rate. is it about 86% border supervisors, president david cannabis, says june 15th marks a new chapter two goals and covid or getting there to stimulate the economy back at classic bowling center. the weight for elaine can take up to an hour but at 100% capacity, the owner hopes that will change quite frankly miss the sound of pence crashing so we can't wait until the day that these lanes are all full
12:36 pm
with people in san miguel county. there are few restrictions to full reopening, and they include large concerts and the airport in daly city, amber league, ktvu, fox two news, do it, dude. some san francisco teenagers will have a new opportunity to learn and make some money over the summer this morning. mayor linda breed helped to kick off the summer 2021 opportunities for all program and provides san francisco youth who have paid internships throughout the summer. the mayor says it also gives young people access to career and educational exploration. that's what opportunities for all is about. it's about your future. it's about making sure money is not a barrier to success it to make sure that you're exposed to everything the city has to offer. i always looked forward to since its inception in 2018 the opportunities for all program has provided more than 3200 paid internships to young people in san francisco. well,
12:37 pm
they don't always make the headlines. but even at san francisco, members of the lgbt community faced harassment and hate crimes. june of course, is pride month and we're taking a look at the city's efforts. to raise awareness and build relationships with people who have been victimized. ktvu evan sernoffsky learned what police are doing to make it easier to report incidents of hate. the spirit of pride is alive and well in san francisco's castro district. there may not be a parade this year, but the pall of the coronavirus is lifting off this community. we still you know, celebrating in our way, and i'm very proud of it, but his thousands flood into the city for pride month residents remain wary of troubles. they've always faced a lot of people think san francisco covers this safe haven for the lgbtq community. um but even within our city, there are incidents of harassment or prejudice or hate crime type incidents. officer catherine
12:38 pm
winters works as the sfpd liaison. for the lgbt community. some of the incidents of hate crimes against lgbt community shows us that we have to be constantly vigilant that we can't just relax because it is san francisco records show that over the last five years more than 30% of hate crimes in san francisco were against members of the lgbt community, making them the most targeted group and numerous studies show that almost 90% of lgbt folks. in the city have faced harassment or other prejudice that often goes unreported. the sfpd recently changed reporting requirements for prejudice based incidents, even if it doesn't rise to the level of a crime. they want to know about it, but having that data and knowing what's going on in our communities can help us head off problems before they lead to violence before somebody gets hurt as life returns to normal in the castro residents
12:39 pm
and business owners who want to make one thing clear. as a community. we look out for each other. and um, we have to have each other's back in san francisco evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news, and we have a new series of reports in conversations through the month of june for you celebrating pride, you'll see them any time when you go to ktvu .com/ pride up next, authorities are bracing for what could turn out to be a particularly dangerous wildfire season. the new system that will be used to streamline communication and during an evacuation also will take you back outside and a peek at the city and the oakland estuary. lots of blue out there, up and above. we'll talk about when temperatures are warm back to where we expect them to be for this time of year. stay
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low that house votes are being pulled off the lake lake oroville is up in butte county. it's a 37% capacity due to the drought, two of the lakes for boat ramps have already closed because of the low water level. state officials expect all the lakes ramps will be closed for the first time ever in august, lake mead, the reservoir created by hoover dam at the nevada arizona boundary, has also sunk to its lowest level ever. the biggest bay area county now has new water restrictions after a vote by the santa clara valley water board. the board has declared a water emergency and ask the companies that by its water to set restrictions on their
12:43 pm
customers customers are expected to be asked to cut 15% of their water use compared to 2019 levels as water allocations are low, the cost of buying outside water is sky high. well, the bay area knows how to well that when a wildfire erupts every second counts ktvu meteor. biologist mark tamayo tells us about a new system to get life saving information to bay area communities during emergencies. the parched hillsides are already showing more than a hint of an extremely challenging fire season at our doorstep. i don't like being that doomsday guy, but in my 30 plus year career, this is the most uncomfortable. i felt going into a fire season as dry conditions lead to growing fear a new tool is emerging to help first responders and the public. they can actually put a point on the map. have used the current weather and get an estimate of where the fire will go. charlie crocker is the ceo and co founder of zone haven, a real time internet platform that is designed to be the go
12:44 pm
to place for sending out and receiving information during hazardous events during an actual event, there's every city and county is putting out different press releases. you've got news channels coming in. you know, stuff gets out of date communication gets missed. how can we have one place? one common operating picture? one alert scenario where people can go and find out what's happening while the platform was initially rooted in wildfire evacuations, it is equipped to deal with different hazards ranging from earthquakes to tsunamis to flash floods. the key to pushing out the targeted information relies on a zone system during a wildfire. a specific zone is linked to critical messages that may include evacuation orders. traffic management and update to community warning systems we bring in a huge amount of data, geography, historical weather patterns historical disaster patterns, number of structures, population traffic flow simulations. all that stuff we bring in. nate armstrong is a deputy chief with cal fire and
12:45 pm
felton. his introduction to zone haven with during a firefight last summer. this easy, you august lightning complex. we had approximately 77,000. residents evacuated between san mateo and santa cruz counties. the paper map has been the starting point for first responders to devise a firefighting plan. that map is now on a screen and chief armstrong walks us through a simulation in the next one hour. the systems expecting that fire to impact these two zones, and that gives us a population, a total acreage and the number of structures in there the projections lead to quick decisions that could trigger evacuations. this animation shows the growth of the seas. eu august lightning complex and red dots and the expansion of evacuation zones in red boxes. people rapidly became familiar with it. they were getting into the system registering with it, finding out what zone they live in, and they were watching that daily, although zone haven was in its infancy during last year's fire season. it was an
12:46 pm
instant game changer. a new fire season could lead to new opportunity and zone haven is expanding its presence. mark brown is the executive director for the marine wildfire prevention authority zone haven is new to marin and will soon be live. we also only had our wildland urban interface areas mapped and zone haven is coming in and mapping our entire county. this map shows the areas result haven is already live. the coverage will be quickly changing as more counties come on board this summer zone haven will be that tool because, you know fires don't care about jurisdiction. they just go over county lines as zones continue to roll out over the coming weeks. it is crucial to find the zone that you live in. this could be the first line of defense if a large wildfire flares up, which unfortunately, could be a reality, and that was mark tamayo reporting, if you'd like to register was zone haven and find the zone that you live in. you can find it at our web page. go to the web link section at ktvu dot com.
12:47 pm
alright certainly it's been sort of the three bears territory a little bit too cool couple days ago. it's going to be way too hot soon, but kylie grogan is here to tell us that right now it's just about perfect. yeah i think we're kind of in the sweet spot here, guys. see, i'm not gonna lie to you because the wind is being relatively calm, although it's going to pick up a little bit this afternoon temperature is going to be a little bit warmer than yesterday, but not too warm, certainly well below average for this time of year, in fact, take a look at the difference in temperatures between 24 hours ago, and right now we're pretty much even or a little warmer across the board, and that's what's been expected. you know, we'll have a pretty mild day now. notice that we take a look at this camera. did you see a little bouncers? we are going to get a little windy as we go into the afternoon, but not to the degree that we did yesterday or certainly not to the degree that we did on monday live. look at the oakland history and hey, look at those beautiful blue skies. they are gorgeous out there 60 degrees right now in san francisco, 63 in oakland. we do see a few seventies on the map. fremont just hit 70 degrees 75 50. killed but we're pretty
12:48 pm
nice out there pretty mild and you take a live look at storm tracker so you can see we had just a few clouds that kind of piled up along the coast and they have pretty much relented as well. so nice for our watchers out on the coast. you finally got a little sunshine, too. i know that can get difficult and we get into this june gloom kind of thing that starts happening. so the low pressure system that cool this down that's moved over towards idaho. now there's another one in the gulf of alaska. that's going to continue to influence our weather over the next 24 hours. so still that onshore flow but notice you know it's much reduced, although again as i mentioned, we'll get a little push in the afternoon. but right now, you know 60 mph is the highest number i have on the map there at s f o. not bad, not bad at all. temperatures are going to be a touch warmer, but still very nice and you know, well below average, so it's gonna be a beautiful day to get outside and maybe take a walk and enjoy the great outdoors. and again compared to average santa rosa looking out for 72 today, which normally they'd be 80 will be low sixties in san francisco instead of mid sixties oakland, you'll be a little cool to there, but we'll hit the
12:49 pm
seventies and liver where that's 10. degrees below. average for you. liver more 72 70 in san jose. so here's what's happening. that low pressure system the one that's been influenced us influencing us now tracking away that's what brought us a few of the coastal clouds this morning. and that's what we'll also continue to kind of kick in a little bit of that breeze. and then the second system is going to roll in as we get into tomorrow and tomorrow we'll kind of be a repeat of today only add a few clouds as this system comes through now, i wish that i could say we're going to get some rain, northern california extreme northern california will get some rain as you look at future cast. you can see eureka. likely uko will see a little bit of rain, but it doesn't really hold together enough to give us anything significant at best. i think the sonoma county coastline are this point north might get. i know a shower or two, maybe a little sprinkle, but that's about it. so tomorrow pretty good looking day two. we're going to continue the warm up as we head towards the weekend on saturday. we will have clouds with us. we'll pull back a little sunday into monday, but what you don't see on the map is, by the time we get to next wednesday, thursday, it looks like we're going to have high
12:50 pm
pressure build up and we're going to see those temperatures start flying yet again, so get out and enjoy the beautiful day today in the big guys back to great advice, kyla thank you much plenty of couples to late getting married during the pandemic. 2020 how wedding venues and other businesses are looking forward to, uh, very busy summer. stay right majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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since landing on mars last february. it's driving to a location where its cameras will be able to see the oldest features of the year. zero crater for the next few months. perseverance will roll across an area about just a little larger than one square mile. nearly four billion years ago. the area was covered by water, which may have supported life at the microbial level. in las vegas. live shows are coming back, and the performers say they are more than ready. cirque du soleil on july 1st is
12:54 pm
hosting live unrestricted performances, casino tables, arenas and business conventions. also coming back to las vegas, booking in the a
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
scoring three runs. the d backs pitcher left the game had an injury is what check one more run on in the seventh. hannah lowry in olson, the r b i men in the game as the a's beat the d backs four to nothing in the north bay event planners are getting ready for the return of weddings to sonoma and napa wineries. ktvu rob roth tells us it looks like it's going to be a very busy summer. come this bride to be spent much of wednesday with her parents. sampling potential menu items for her upcoming wedding. oh my gosh, it's to die for it really is. katherine moresco booked her wedding for november at visa to the winery in st helena. my fiance and i have been together seven years, so it's time. mariska her groom in many other couples are making
12:57 pm
up for time lost to the pandemic. shut down the wedding industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the napa and sonoma county economies was reduced to almost nothing the past year, but with restrictions now lifting weddings are returning in visa to, he says. they are no longer reserved for weekends only august through early november. we do have weddings booked, often four o a week each week, one event planner says about 90% of the wedding scheduled for 2020 are being rescheduled for this year and into next, and the guest lists are growing from what they've been the past few weeks. but folks that are planning going forward into the summer and into the fall we're seeing headcounts are climbing appreciably because everyone's happy to get together. other larger events are also returning, but not as quickly, according to the sonoma valley chamber of commerce, corporate meetings, anniversaries. other events, things along those lines as well. um those a lot of the time end up being indoor meetings, so they are coming
12:58 pm
back a little bit slower because i think there's a little bit of hesitance from people too. gather with large crowds indoors. one problem hampering the recovery is a labor shortage cater that might have been able to do five events over weekend now is finding they can stack up for two county health departments currently require mask wearing indoors and proof of vaccine or a negative covid test. within 72 hours of the event for each guest, but what about after june 15th. california's restrictions will loosen to align with the c d. c. many in the industry don't expect to return to pre pandemic days until next year. rob roth, ktvu fox two news artists from california and new york are revealing a four story art installation that's also an experimental sound instrument. this interactive sculpture is called high, which is the hebrew word for life. it was
12:59 pm
funded by a grant and is the center bees centerpiece of the top correct campus for jewish life in palo alto. the unique instrument was controlled through a website that's available for all visitors to access. we decided to make a an instrument that everyone could play. from from the kids to professional artists. people are can play with it. people can interact and we're really excited because this is a community space and so people are going to be able to interact in a community way. the artist completed the public work despite the pandemic, and even a wildfire that burned down their studio. the sculpture is meant to reflect and support the intergenerational nature of the campus and j. c c. after seeing outside during weather and the astra where i think it's time to, uh. maybe go play a little. let's do it. let's get out. lace up those tennis shoes, drinking some of the sunshine before things get way too hot again very soon. thanks so much for joining us. good to have you here as always back tomorrow. all right, we'll do it. and our news is always on
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